Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prisoners and Enemy territory

Prisoners promotion moved across the pond to the UK. But Stateside, Warner Bros. is letting American audiences know who's number one:

Some photos from the Apple store event in London Monday. Hands on your knees, boys:

Jake seems skeptical:

I'll take it from here, Hugh:

I'm not crazy, I swear!

A short instagram video. And a youtube clip.

And a new poster, for Brazil.

This is from TIFF, I think. You've heard some of this before from Jake, on how he went about creating his character. But the interviewer really gets into it, and so does Jake. Some funny, insightful stuff:

This interview is funny, because Jake gets lost in his own babble:

In typical Jake Gyllehnaal fashion, during this onslaught of Prisoners promotion and goodness, we are goven the first official peeks at Enemy, poster, short scene and teaser trailer:

Enemy director Denis Villeneuve and star Sarah Gadon attended the San Sebastian Film Festival:

Oh, how nice it would have been to see Jake in that beautiful setting. A shame he did not go.

Some reaction to the film from Spain:

Late tweet: The Enemy is fantastic... The film every film student wants to make. Gyllenhaal is great... And a killer ending. Sleep tight.

Translated, from RTVE:

Little more can be said without spoiling Enemy for those who have not seen it. The plot development comes through shocks and and symbols, and makes you revisit the movie backwards, looking for some reassuring interpretation. Sexual desire and family are issues that weigh heavily on an atmosphere of unreal, yellow Toronto.

Virtually all the media, except those who were at TIFF last week saw Enemy for the first time at the screening last night. And it played well. In recollection, the film earns its structure and introspective, overwhelming aura. Nobody can deny the visual talent of Villeneuve, whether or not you like the movie.

According to this story, the movie was interrupted by applause several times, even though many caution that the film has to be seen and then absorbed. They also called Jake's performance "impressive."

Here's the Enemy poster in San Sebastian:


UltraViolet said...

Will try to post more of the Spanish stories, but it takes a while to do the translation and then try to figure out what they are really saying!

UltraViolet said...

Some badly translated tweets:

Enemy, highly recommended film yesterday at @ Zinemaldia ... intriguing and very interesting plot ... still mulling over # SanSebastian @ CINEMANIA_ES

To all this, what would have been good short Enemy! So intense freak drowning. Or maybe it's that I have not understood. # sansebastian

And while Villeneuve would not talk about the spider ... "Enemy" much clearer

Today in # SanSebastian seen Enemy and people do not understand anything ... At least at # Sharknado we realize all ..

LOL at the Sharknado line.

FP said...

WOW UV such a wonderful post! :)

FP said...

Crewe News ‏@ThisIsCrewe 7m

ENTS: Actor Jake Gyllenhaal latest to join Adam Woodyatt & The Grumbleweeds in the cast of Peter Pan at this years xmas panto at the Lyceum.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Congrats to Jake On his Hollywood film Award! I was hoping to see Prisoners this past weekend but things got a bit hectic. I plan on seeing it this weekend.

I'm thrilled that it's #1 at the BO.

Anonymous said...

He and Hugh do look like brothers!

Twitter said...

@MarlowNYC: Ran into Jake Gyllenhaal at Heathrow in duty free shop.... #london

Anonymous said...

Marlow Stern ‏@MarlowNYC 1h

Ran into Jake Gyllenhaal at Heathrow in duty free shop.... #london

Hagen said...

UV, the Brazilian posted the German poster of "Prisoners". It's not quite as dark as the American one, but just as dull.

Another still from "Enemy" (with pregnant Sarah Gadon)

Anonymous said...

a Chinese girl in NYC got these pics: Jake with his family at a coffee shop


Anonymous said...

Great picture but kind of creepy with Ramona part of the pictures. Maggie reminds me of one of Jake's jealous fans.

bobbyanna said...

Damn these are some great photos, UV!

Anonymous said...

Is that true about Jake doing pantomime at Crewe? Heck that's near me!

FP said...

San Sebastian: Jake Gyllenhaal doubly

The official section of San Sebastian started strongly with a strong candidate for the Golden Shell: 'Enemy' a disturbing and terrifying thriller about the duality of self and identity, directed by Canadian Denis Villeneuve, along with its great narrative gives us a big surprise: Jake Gyllenhaal playing two characters at the same time.

Gyllenhaal used his versatility and mastery of body language to clearly define both. The first, a man full of insecurities, staring and hiding in their own fears. The second, more confident, determined and fearful. Despite wearing the same haircut and the same beard, the public can discern between the two characters thanks to the wonderful performance of the actor. A performance that for the first time in twelve years, he approaches his acclaimed performance in 'Donnie Darko'.
"Enemy is a movie I made with great joy, for love of cinema, and without pressure of public or studies," the filmmaker confessed at a press conference. "I am aware that there are people who like it, and others, like my father, who will hate it," he concluded. Fortunately, I position myself in the first group


I hope the translation grasped the meaning of Article
sorry if there is any grammatical error :)

Hagen said...

Jamie McShane has been added to the cast of "Nightcrawler".

Anonymous said...

Jake and Hugh on Oscar buzz.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, FP, for the kind words on the post. Haven't been on my game with all this Jake news going on, but I did like this one. I especially love the last shot.

Thanks, too, Bobbyanna. It's appreciated when people appreciate the photos chosen or something else specific.

I have no idea what that Peter Pan thing is about. I'm assuming it's a joke?

Someone posted on twitter that there's a rumor Jake is in San Sebastian. No idea if it's true.

Thanks, FP for that article and translation, as well. Some nice words about Jake's performance.

Jake was a-babbling about the Oscars :)

bobbyanna said...

Hugh Jackman will in San Sebastian for an award on 9/27, and they'll screen Prisoners out of competition. It would be nice if Jake was there, too, and can get a break before he gets back to work.
There was that sighting this morning at the duty free shop at Heathrow. Maybe he didn't go back to NYC. I guess we just have to stay tuned. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Photos of Jake at LAX.

Mary said...

Just Jared has pictures of Jake arriving at LAX today so I assume he's in town for Nightcrawlers businees I think they start filming Oct 6.

Thanks UV for all the pics Kate at WDW was able to see Jake and Hugh at the apple store in London and has posted it there .

UltraViolet said...

Hagen, forgot to say thanks for the other poster. I had seen that and then lost it in the avalanche of news and photos.

A Norwegian interviewwith Jake.

Jake talks to CBC about Denis - can't remember if we linked this before.

You guys have probably seen this semi-annoying, semi-aaffirming Grantland piece on whether Jake is a movie star. So much in it is incorrect, but it at least has a good conclusion.

Saw this on tumblr:

I went to a Prisoners Q&A last night with Denis Villeneuve, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. It was an incredible insight into the film, which looks phenomenal. Jake is as good-looking, charismatic and awesome as he always seemed to be. Whilst I wasn’t one of the select few in line to get a quick autograph, it seems for the best that I avoided a rushed and potentially awkward meeting. It was amazing to be at the event and hear about the film first hand.

UltraViolet said...

This spoilery review of Enemy:

We are at the start of the official program but we can say that Jake Gyllenhaal is flawless and either your principal, your photograph or your script (every time I think, I find no crack) should reap some Shell honors, if the jury appreciates a narratively risky . ...

the really exciting is that we have been disturbed, annoyed, surprised, intrigued and launched an intrigue that encourages us to go further. That is film and it always has been. The rest is a succession of images, such as letters passing between the fingers without interest: jack, queen and king, jack, queen and king ... 2013 is finally the year of consecration of this excellent director. proposition and at the same time, exquisite aesthetic level.

This article perpetuates some of the same misconceptions about Jake. But I thought this was interesting:

Now he appears to be back seeking interesting projects with art-house talent (albeit with smaller paychecks).
“I think that Jake, at one point, felt betrayed by the studio system,” says “Prisoners” director Denis Villeneuve.
“I think that unfortunately ‘Prince of Persia’ was not a super-nice experience for him. I don’t know the details, but I feel that after a big, big, big, major studio movie, he needed something going back to his roots and his love of acting.”
Villeneuve and Gyllenhaal have become good friends and also made the forthcoming “Enemy” together. The indie director says he appreciates Gyllenhaal’s honesty.

“It was a bit scary for the crew, because we can say harsh things to each other, be angry and yell at each other, hate each other, then love each other again,” he says.

During one scene, Gyllenhaal complained that Villeneuve wasn’t pushing him hard enough because the director was too worried about sticking to the schedule. Villeneuve agreed and proceeded to shoot 35 takes.

The only downside of working with Gyllenhaal was that he was too muscled to play an every-man cop. Villeneuve made the actor wear a winter coat in most scenes to hide his bulk so that the audience would feel see him as a man, not a “hero.”

I'd love to hear Jake talk about PoP some day. I hope he has some fondness for it.

Tweety said...

Thanks UV for finding and posting the bits that wer not aired on The Actors studio on the previous post! It'my favorite Jake interview on this Prisoners blitz.
I'm seeing it tonight!

Ha, ha! I love when Jake goes into gyllenbabble :) I don't want to excited about Oscar talk, too early but it's still fun to read.

Thanks for all the Enemy news. Saw the trailer and poster, can't wait for this!

I agree that he is in L.A. to start to prepare to film Nightcrawlers. That and London promo for Prisoners made it hard yo attend Dan Sebastion.

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal 'definitely' wants another theatre role in London

UltraViolet said...

Audio of Jake on Kiss FM UK.

UltraViolet said...

That radio interview had some funny stuff about why Jake can't be on twitter (too distracting he can't babble in just 140 characters, etc.). And some other good bits.

GQ has an interview with Jake. They always do a good job - they manage to ask different questions.

UltraViolet said...

Everyone sleepy out there? :)

A little more info on Nightcrawler from Variety. Amid the business news, we find out Jake's character's name is Lou. Not feeling it. (BTW, did you all see in one of the interviews that Jake said Loki's first name is David. I like that name.)

Repped by Sierra/Affinity, “Nightcrawler” toplines Gyllenhaal as Lou, a freelance cameraman who tracks down crimes in Los Angeles to feed TV news channels. Rene Russo and Bill Paxton also star.

“It’s an original, time-sensitive and inovative concept. It says something meaningful about the backlash effect of U.S. media outlets seeking to get the highest ratings with ever more sensationalist content,” said Tirel, adding that the character of Lou, played by Gyllenhaal, is reminescent of such cult American characters as Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum) in “The Night of The Hunter,” Edward Norton in Fight Club or Travis Bickle (Robert de Niro) in “Taxi Driver”

They say it;s set for a second half of 2014 release in France. So two Jake movies next year?

SOme footage of Jake arriving at LAX mixed among PoP footage. The audio is about Jake's interview where he said he likes to do woodworking with his father. I think.

Also, Prisoners did over $2 million yesterday, which is great news.

Monica said...
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Anonymous said...

Ignore my stupid face, I had just met the two most beautiful men on the planet.

Jake and Hugh

Monica said...

I like these comparisons between Lou and these characters!

THR says he will play Scott Fischer at Everest. I looked on google some pictures of Scott, he had long blond hair and wore earring!

here and here

bobbyanna said...

I've been out running around, but I just wanted to say how much I love the radio interview in London. Jake seemed more himself, very relaxed and having fun.

Looking forward to reading these new treasures.

bobbyanna said...

Anon 5:19 you don't have a 'stupid face". In fact you have a very nice face, and I'm so happy you had a chance to meet Hugh & Jake.
It looks like you were all having a nice time.

Jake with an earring I can see. But as a blonde? Maybe a "dirty" brownish blonde.

FP said...

What are you talking about Anon 5:19? You are stunning girl! :) And also very lucky!

FP said...

I do not know if you've already read this, but WOW just WOW!

Spoiler Alert: Jake Gyllenhaal Will Soon Be Your New Favorite Actor


Translator said...

I haven't left this place. Family obligations kept me away last week, of all times. Proof that real life beats anything else.

Love reading what all of you have to say about "Prisoners" — still have to wait until next month to see it for myself. David is a name I love for personal reasons and David Loki has a nice ring to it.

Love that Jake's take on the Oscars was rather about becoming an Academy member than about him being nominated.

Funny captions for the Apple Store pics, UltraViolet!

Finally some intriguing details on Jake's Nightcrawler character. Impressed with "original and inovative concept" and "cult American characters from Taxi Driver and Fight Club". I also get the feeling of: media hunger for exclusives at all costs.

Make that 3 Jake movies next year! "Enemy" (spring), "Nightcrawler" (second half of 2014) and "Everest" (I'm thinking late 2014, closer to awards season — if done well, could be Oscar contender).

Jake being chosen for Hollywood Supporting Actor Award is fantastic news: 1. he deserves accolades — he was snubbed last year for, at least, Indie Spirit nod. 2. Hollywood Film Awards forshadow future big awards nominees. Like saying: I hear Oscar calling. I know: too early, many surprises. But hope springs eternal.

UltraViolet, thank you for keeping this blog alive and kickin'. No contest: the best, most updated, cleanest, sanest, most honest and unassuming in Gyllenhaal fandom.

Translator said...

FP — It's what Matt Barone's tweet ("Prisoners begins the reign of Gyllenhaal") promised last week. He knocked my socks off!

More praises for Jake:
Jake Gyllenhaal overshadows Hugh Jackman in dandy 'Prisoners':
Jackman plays this like he's in "Taken," stomping around trying to find his daughter. But Gyllenhaal goes for subtlety and gets a much more satisfying performance.
He's got interesting tattoos and a few rings that are never explained, but there could be something stirring in his past that informs "Prisoners" in ways most audiences couldn't imagine.

When "Prisoners" gets into mazes and cults, it promises more than even David Fincher could deliver.
It's not a Hitchcock-level thrill ride. But it is a compelling piece of work, accented by that Gyllenhaal gift.

Bruce's Take: A good thriller, but be prepared to sit. It's two-and-a-half hours long. Keep your eye on Jake Gyllenhaal, too. He delivers a subtle performance that overshadows Hugh Jackman's showy work.

Prisoners Is Great, But Is It Held Captive By Oscar Season:
The argument could be made that Prisoners deserves its awards season opening on the grounds of sheer quality, and that is absolutely true. Aside from boasting a remarkably economical script from Aaron Guzikowski and excellent digital work from master cinematographer Roger Deakins, Prisoners also has what is (for the time being) the ensemble of the year.

The real MVP of the Prisoners cast is the anchor that holds the whole ensemble together, as Jake Gyllenhaal turns in his finest work to date, as much as we love Zodiac and End of Watch. His tortured, lone wolf detective character allows him to exercise remarkable restraint in a role that begs to be overplayed. As Gyllenhaal threads a procedural element through the narrative, director Denis Villeneuve’s ultimate moral gambit comes together in a way that’s hugely satisfying, even as the reveals of a few key twists leave something to be desired.

Hopefully learned the customs: using italics :-)

Translator said...

Just found out that Jake intends to return on NY stage next fall! Thought it'll please many Jake fans, namely the US residents. From the horse's mouth: "Looks like hopefully next fall in NYC". (2nd link on the page, 0:20 sec. mark)

And a lenghty Irish write-up. Overall a complimentary, insightful piece – if you ignore the "sibling rivalry" iffy angle the author plays. Luckily, Jake shuts him down.
Some parts were good though. Like this one: I’m sure people are always coming up to him and asking what the film is really about. “All the time,” he laughs. “What has happened to Donnie Darko is really cool. What’s funny is that, over the years, it’s always people in the same age group that come up to me. It’s always people from 18 to 25. It has become a rite of passage and that’s amazing.”

UltraViolet said...

Translator, good to see you! And not just because you said such nice things about this place :) Thank you, though. It is much appreciated.

And doing links and italics - you're a very good poster!

I can relate to real life overtaking Jake's big week(s). Life does have a way of messing up one's plans. Glad you're aching up, especially with such a good scoop on the play. That as totally ignored in all the UK press, which was about Jake being on the West End. But it sounds like he has NY plans. I guess we'll see.

The Irish Times article was good, though the tone was a little odd. People seem to have a protective feeling about Jake in these articles. I guess we can understand that!

Thanks for all the other goodies, as well. So much out there. Glad we got a follow up to the Gyllenhaal reign tweet.

FP, I had seen that Complex article and never got a chance to post it. Lots of good stuff in there, though if I recall, it's another one that sells some of Jake's movies short. I'll have to reread.

Jake as a blond, huh, Monica? It would be fun to see, I guess!

Also, I think the 5:19 anon was just quoting the instagram caption, not saying it about herself. But you were all very nice about it, anyway :)

UltraViolet said...

New post.