Thursday, September 26, 2013

British invasion

Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman (above with Lorraine from ITV) made the rounds across the pond to promote the UK release of Prisoners. Here's a roundup of photos, videos and audio. First up, from Total Film, the bromance continues: Jake and Hugh gush about each other; Denis chimes in, as well.

And here he is watching a parody Miley Cyrus video made by the DJ, who really got on with Jake:

Jake goes meta:

Jake and Hugh with MyMovies/Virgin UK. I can't remember who that is with Jake above, but we'll pair it with this video. They are pretty funny in this one:

(What did they do to Jake's voice in the film clips?!)

Audio of Jake on the Mgic Breakfast, where he reveals vague plans to be on the NY stage next fall.

Audio from Jake's very entertaining KissFM interview.

Not UK, but Canada is still in the commonwealth, yeah? More from Alicia Malone with Jake, Hugh and others. She's recruited Hugh to her efforts to become Mrs. Gyllenhaal:

In unembeddable news: Another straggler from TIFF. And the AP also interviewed Jake and Hugh.

Jake and Erin Gerasimovich, who plays Anna Dover, Hugh Jackman's onscreen daughter. From an interview with her mother:

There were so many highlights in making this film it’s hard to know where to begin. The lifelong friendships Erin and I have made, the incredible honor of being in the presence of so many incredibly talented people working together, the delicious catering (I think that would be Erin’s first answer). Hugh [Jackman] would hand out lottery tickets on Fridays to all the cast and crew, and one Friday Erin won $2! Jake [Gyllenhaal] gave us a gift of cookies and cupcakes and when Erin wrote him a thank you she gave him our home number, just in case he wants to call and say “Hi.” The director Deni [Denis Villeneuve] was fabulous. He was so good with Erin and would tell me how happy he was with her. Erin wrote Deni a thank you note [after production wrapped] and signed it “Your favorite, Erin” and he loved it!

Erin is a smart girl!


UltraViolet said...

You can listen to Jake on another radio show, Greg James on BBC 1. I think he'll be on at 5:00/noon Eastern.

Keep forgetting to ask Monica if you've seen this, a Brazil entertainment clip on the LA Prisoners premiere.

And here's footage of Jake at TIFF, signing autographs.

UltraViolet said...

That was a hilarious interview. So glad no one interrupted me at work. Someone threatened at one point, but I managed to usher them out in time!

You can see the part where he watches a Miley Cyrus parody video the DJ made - embedded in the post.

Got a good reaction on twitter:

#BBCR1 laughing out loud on the way home from work to James and Jake Gyllenhaal, nearly giving an old lady a heart attack oops!

I think I might be in love with Jake Gyllenhaal after this @BBCR1 interview.

In hysterics on the train listening to Jake Gyllenhaal commentary of @gregjames Wrecking ball video! The man next to me isn't impressed!

I've been in love with Jake Gyllenhaal since I was like twelve, I cannot cope with this interview hELP

Sat in my kitchen listening to radio 1 waiting to hear the beauty of jake Gyllenhaal's voice

Instagram said...

BBC Radio 1 ‏@BBCR1
Wanna see how Jake Gyllenhaal reacts to Greg's #WreckingBall video? Oh ok then...

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Keep forgetting to ask Monica if you've seen this, a Brazil entertainment clip on the LA Prisoners premiere.


Hugh on Jake

Did anything surprise you about working with Jake?
I didn’t really know Jake at all. He’s amazingly versatile in all the things he’s done. He’s a phenomenal actor.

I learned a lot from him, actually. I find him someone who is very prepared. Incredibly prepared. We talked a lot, we rehearsed, we’d think.

Then, on the day, he has the unusual ability of letting it all go. Not letting his head get in the way. He’s very instinctive as an actor. It’s very unusual for someone who’s so cerebral when he’s preparing.

Actually, I was most shocked about what we had in common. I walked into his trailer, by accident, three times and stayed in there. The same TV channels were on…it was everything, apart from a pack of cigarettes.

The first time I was in there going…someone’s smoking in my trailer?

Jake walked in, and he’s like, “Uhhh...Hugh?”

FP said...

Jordan Karkoulas ‏@JordanKarkoulas 33m

Thought of The Day - If Prisoners came out 6 months ago Jake Gyllenhaal would've been cast as Batman.

DAMN so true!

Anonymous said...

So Jake us still smoking.

UltraViolet said...

LOL - that's all you got out of this whole post, huh?

UltraViolet said...

Also, since movies are filmed months in advance, we have no idea if he's smoking a pack a day or hasn't had a cigarette in months.

Thanks for that snippet, Monica. Was just about to post it myself :)

UltraViolet said...

Some more tweets from the BBC interview:

Francesca Carr ‏@Francesca_Carr 1m

Didn't think it was possible but I ❤ jake gyllenhaal more and more #radio1 #interview

@BBCR1 @gregjames Jake Gyllenhaal should be a regular feature on your show! He was lovely! Rediscovered love for him #nicedrivehomefromwork

It's sort of sad to see Hugh in Paris and Berlin at a premiere. I don't know why Jake didn't go to these things.

Great photo of Hugh in that Esquire article.

This is funny: How to get the Loki.

Anonymous said...

"Erin wrote him a thank you she gave him our home number, just in case he wants to call and say “Hi.” "

That is so sweet. So I supposed Prisoners will not be part of the New York Film festival?

bobbyanna said...

It was fun listening to Jake give out advice on the radio. Although, on that last call he didn't seem as sympathetic to the caller as he was to her problem BFF, who professed his love. Jake was clearly sensitive to the guy's feelings.

Hugh & Denis look lonely in Berlin. : )

That article on how to get Jake's hair from Prisoners, I had to LOL!
Hair wax? Hair spray?

FP said...

Gregorio Belinchón
Gregorio Belinchón

Periodista de cine de EL PAÍS

Madrid ·
'Prisioneros', que está n.1 en taquilla USA, es un thriller clásico, potente, que esconde una joya: la actuación de Jake Gyllenhaal. Ufff

"Prisoners' locker is No. 1 in USA, is a classic thriller, powerful, hiding a gem: Jake Gyllenhaal's performance"

El Pais is one of the largest popular and influential Spanish newspapers

FP said...

Watch: Mélanie Laurent Is Followed By Jake Gyllenhaal In New Clip From ‘Enemy’

Twitter said...

Empire Magazine ‏@empiremagazine 8h
Prisoners' Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal talk teddy bears and tattoos:

UltraViolet said...

I saw that link, as well, but couldn't get the video to play yesterday. It works today. Love seeing Jake and Hugh together. I wish Jake had gotten to do more of the Euro promo so we could have seen more.

Apparently, Enemy is predicted to win the top prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival. That would be really cool.

loco for loki said...

I hope it happens for Enemy. I think maybe Jake wanted to give Hugh his moment alone since he was being honored although it would have been nice to have Jake present Hugh the award at the festival. Also to give Denis and the other stars their moment with Enemy, Jake does take attention away in foreign markets too.

Or maybe Jake is just lazy lol. Jet lag is no joke.

Mary said...

I'm sure it was business that kept Jake from attending any more promotion in Europe Nightcrawlers starts filming in about a week and a half so they must be in the pre prepreduction part

bobbyanna said...

Last night, I saw Prisoners for the second time, and enjoyed it even more. The person I was with had never seen it before.

I loved her reaction to it. She said she's definitely seeing it a second time to try to pick up on the clues she missed.

According to Deadline, Prisoners experienced a 51% drop, and will probably come in 3rd for the weekend.

Funny how Nikki Finke rationalizes other movies' performances by including their foreign box office numbers, but with Prisoners, which is opening in foreign markets this weekend, she seems to overlook it. So far, Prisoners box office is about $38M.

I agree with you, Mary. I 'm sure Jake is really busy preparing to do Nightcrawlers.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I ignore Finke. She is full of her self and is often wrong especially when evaluating Jake.

Prisoners is a tense, disturbing thriller with fantastic performances from Jake and Hugh. Jake is the real stand out as Loki, I think his best performance since BBM IMO.

Good news regarding Enemy! I also thought that the reason Jake didn't attemd San Sebastian was that he maybe didn't want to take the spotlight away from Hugh.

Mary said...

According to Variety and EW prisoners should come in second this weekend

Hagen said...

I'm sure it was business that kept Jake from attending any more promotion in Europe. Nightcrawlers starts filming in about a week and a half so they must be in the pre prepreduction part.

Yes, probably. Though I think Jake could have attended the press screening of "Enemy" in San Sebastián last weekend. He went to the UK afterwards.

According to Deadline, Prisoners experienced a 51% drop, and will probably come in 3rd for the weekend. expects "Prisoners" to drop by 46 percent this weekend, though it dropped 51.5 percent from its opening day to $3.38 million yesterday. That projection might be a bit optimistic. For comparison: End of Watch dropped by 40.6 percent, Zodiac by 50.4 percent on the second weekend.

With Prisoners, which is opening in foreign markets this weekend, she seems to overlook it.

So far box office data are only available for some small countries: "Prisoners" is #1 in Lebanon, #2 in Singapore and in the United Arab Emirates, #4 in Malaysia and #5 in the Netherlands.

Apparently, Enemy is predicted to win the top prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

El País called Enemy "mental masturbation". LOL
Maybe it's a bit too divisive for the top prize. Hopefully it will get some recognition (runner-up, best director or best cinematography). Antonio De la Torre seems to be the clear favorite for the 'Best Actor Award'.

bobbyanna said...

Hagen, I'm aware of the foreign schedule for Prisoners. I should probably clarify what I meant. I was referring to the way Nikki "spins" other movies, martialing her arguments, often before she has any numbers to back it up.

She's very selective in how she uses information. I was not referring to hard numbers. I know there isn't enough data yet to generalize about Prisoners performance overseas.

It seems that along with Antonio Del la Torre as the leading Best Actor candidate. As I real the article at that link, it seemed as if Enemy was leading among most critics for Best Picture. I will be very happy with any recognition it receives.

UltraViolet said...

A 50% drop for Prisoners isn't great unfortunately. It will still do well but it needs a better drop to stay relevant at the box office. I'm surprised and disappointed if that drop holds up. It's not a disaster but its not a breakout either.

Doesn't look like Enemy won anything in Spain.

Fingers crossed for the foreign box office.

Anonymous said...

MarvelGirl ‏@SuperMarvelGirl 27m
Who would like to see Jake Gyllenhaal in a marvel movie ?;) meetings meetings

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like Enemy won anything in Spain.


Its about Kids this weekend-Meatballs is killing everything but next weekend is the space movie with Sandra Bullock, she is the draw not George Clooney which Fenke Fuck would never admit too.

Anonymous said...

MarvelGirl ‏@SuperMarvelGirl

That meeting was months ago.

Skeptic said...

And you know this how?

Anonymous said...

Exhibitor Relations ‏@ERCboxoffice 7m
PRISONERS held up decently, down just -46% w/ $11.2M, $38.9M total.

Realist said...

MarvelGirl ‏@SuperMarvelGirl 27m

Well Skeptic all you have to do it go to the above twitter account and follow the link and goes back to the original twitter of a man's twitter account that was posted in March of this year. Some of Jake's fans even sent the guy questions about the meeting and he replied.

IMO Jake should wait on big box office stuff like super heroes until he's on the other side of 35 and keeping during more iconic acting roles.

Realist said...

Finke never address Prisoners in her box office blog today but she did give a pass to Ron Howard but blame Chris Hemsworth for the numbers because he's a superhero and should have brought in more money. People don't go to movies because a certain actor who was virtually unknown prior plays a super hero. They go because of the character, anyone other Chris in that role would have gotten the same result. No one should base the box office appeal on an actor because of a very well known character from comic books or a novel.

On another note I saw Stephen King on the view Friday talking about his new book-sequel to The Shining about Danny. I always thought that Jake could pull off the Jack N role in a remake but he could play the adult son in the sequel. Jake can make those eyes go crazy when he wants.

Chica said...

According to Deadline and Boxoffice Mojo, Prisoners came in @ #2 for the weekend. Looks like it had a decent hold.

UltraViolet said...

Harvey Weinstein praises Prisoners:

On TWC's competition this year, Weinstein praised Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave (a Fox Searchlight title) and, perhaps surprisingly given TWC's public battle with Warner Bros. over the title to Daniels' The Butler, WB's crime thriller Prisoners.
Exempting TWCs own titles, Weinstein said Denis Villeneuve's dark drama starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal "is the best film I've seen all year. I don't know why I'm praising a Warner Bros. movie after what they did to us on The Butler ... but they are good people and they made a good movie," he added.

It's probably all part of some Machiavellian Oscar strategy, but still fun to read.

UltraViolet said...

Skeptic/Realist: For some reason that Marvel tweet came up yesterday on twitter. Not sure why.

I agree that it's probably better for Jake to stay away from superhero roles for a while.

Given all of the praise for Prisoners, I'd like to see his name proposed/sought for a different kind of big name film.

FP said...

It's probably all part of some Machiavellian Oscar strategy, but still fun to read.

LOL! Very true UV :)

bobbyanna said...

Well, bless Harvey Weinstein's twisted little heart! LOL! What a surprise. Gotta say. UV, I too, share your suspicious reaction to HW. But yes, it's wonderful to see him praising the film. Maybe he wants to work with Denis.

UltraViolet said...

Been quiet on the Jake front in LA, but someone posted this on FB:

I like LA bc.... It's sunny the beach, oh and the run ins- Robert Downey Jr Fri night and Jake Gyllenhaal today- I also find the whole "celeb siting" bizarre- you get excited ( y? Mostly bc I saw you on a big screen and I know you make waaaaaayyyy more $ than me and most ppl I know) but you have to act like they're just any one else- you think they're a FB friend? Then you realize they have no idea who u are hah! I'm just also curious to know their temperament- Robert Downey just rolled by- Jake was a sweetie- helped him out at Heath. Anywhoo that concludes story time

She works at Heath Ceramics.

Hagen said...

Screendaily: Prisoners takes top spot at UK box office

Repeating its chart-topping performance in the US, Prisoners has overtaken Rush at the top of the UK box office.

eOne’s drama recorded a $2.2m (£1.4m) debut from its 401 sites at an average of $5,491 (£3,399), landing the distributor their second UK number one in three weeks following the success of Insidious: Chapter 2.

Prisoners’ debut is also ahead of other adult-orientated, award contender dramas such as Argo, which bowed to $2.1m (£1.3m) last year from 331 sites, including $462,000 (£286,045) in previews.

Anonymous said...

Wished Weinstein had gotten An Enemy because A24 has made a deal with Direct TV for VOD before the movie hits theaters, damn shame. If Weinstein was interested it meant it had awards potential.

Hagen said...

Variety: DirecTV Pacts with Indie Film House A24 for Early-Release VOD Titles

DirecTV is officially in the film biz: The satcaster is teaming with indie studio A24 to jointly acquire films for U.S. distribution, with DirecTV getting rights to offer the films on-demand 30 days prior to theatrical release.

The first film for the duo is “Enemy,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, based on Javier Gulon’s adaptation of Jose Saramago’s novel “The Double.” DirecTV and A24 acquired the U.S. rights to “Enemy” at the Toronto International Film Festival for between $1 million and $2 million, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing an anonymous source.

DirecTV expects to debut “Enemy” in early 2014, with seven-day rentals for early-release VOD titles to be priced at between $10.99 and $12.99.

bobbyanna said...

That's great news, Hagen. Looks like some of us will be able to see Enemy sooner than we expected.

Hagen said...

If Weinstein was interested it meant it had awards potential.

I haven't watched "Enemy", but I guess it's way too weird to be an awards player anyway (and that's fine with me).

Empire Online: But by far the strangest in the line-up was Denis Villeneuve’s companion piece to this weekend’s release, Prisoners. Though it was shot back to back with that film, and also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Enemy (pictured) bears no relation at all to the recent Hugh Jackman kidnap drama. In fact, it bears very little of consequence to anything at all; unusually for Villeneuve – who likes to deal with complex moral issues, as he did in 2010’s Incendies and 2009’s Polytechnique – this is a very freeform and unapologetically surrealistic proposition, feeling much more like a twisted Lynchian nightmare than his usual narrative-driven output...

That Adam and Anthony aren’t just a bit alike – they are exact doubles, down to beards and birthmarks – is something of a giveaway that this isn’t an exercise in realism. Instead, it is more of a mood piece, made extra creepy by the regular allusions to tarantulas that appear in several dream sequences. The ending is a doozy, but, peculiarly, that isn’t what divided audiences at the festival – the main arguments weren’t about whether anything was resolved in the final scene but whether anything was achieved in the scenes leading up to it. Personally, I’m still not quite sure about what I saw; I liked the way its oddness played out, and the washed-out, lived-in fish-tank colours of Nicholas Bolduc’s cinematography certainly created atmosphere. But what’s it about? I do understand the metaphysical implications – it's a story about a man who haunts himself. Other than that, though, I have no idea. And after Villeneuve gets Prisoners out of the way, I really hope to find out more.

Anonymous said...

OMG Brad Pitt stole the Loki haircut.

Hagen said...

"Prisoners" dropped by just 10.5 percent in the Netherlands in its second weekend, best hold in the Dutch box office charts. It would have made sense to give the movie a proper wide release.

Tweety said...

Good news from the UK regarding Prisoners Hagen! I think reviews and word of mouth will give it legs.

Enemy sounds like it's going to be a tough sell and will play in a few theaters.

FP said...

I read this comment on Indiewire article: "Harvey Weinstein Awards 2013 Calls Race" The Most Competitive Season've Ever Seen, "Praises 'Prisoners'"

Anne Thompson | September 30, 2013 12:44 PMReply

He said the same thing last year, the 2012 slate Compared to 1939! Gave a shoutout Argo, old chum directed by Ben Affleck, with whom-he wants to work again someday. Same here with Denis Villeneuve.


Hagen said...

"Enemy" will take part in the "Narrative Feature Comeptition" at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (October 24 - November 2, 2013).

bobbyanna said...

Wow, hardly any sightings of Jake since he arrived in L.A. Wonder how he'll look for Nightcrawlers.

I'm also wondering when he starts training for Everest.

FP said...

jasmin ‏@wtfjasmin 17m

My cousin was sitting at a table right in front of Jake Gyllenhaal in Beverly Hills I think I'm going to kms :-)

UltraViolet said...

Interesting about Harvey and Argo, FP.

And Hagen, I agree that even Harvey wouldn't have made Enemy an Oscar contender. It would have been interesting to see what he would have done with it, however.

I hope Jake can still get some independent award recognition for it.

Saw this tweet from a film type today:

Saw a private screening of #Enemy this morning. #JakeGyllenhaal's best performance and worth the watch.

Interesting take from Empire Online. I read in some (translated) Spanish press for Enemy that Denis could tell which character Jake was playing merely by the way he walked.

Hi to Tweety and Bobbyanna, too. Hope to see you in the new post :)