Friday, September 20, 2013

Clip show/Cop Show

Fans of long-running sit-coms know the phenomenon: As a show goes into its later years and the ideas dwindle, you end up with the clip show, thirty minutes of highlights. Inside the Actors Studio gave us a version of that last night: An hourlong series of clips from Jake Gyllenhaal's career, interspersed with questions from ITAS host, James Lipton, and answers from Jake on his life, his movies and his costars, including, most touchingly, Heath Ledger.

Plus baby photos!

Like a good clip show, we got to appreciate the talent on display, laugh at some of Jake's recollections and gasp or cheer at others. Sadly, like all clip shows, it had too many commercials and left viewers wanting more. Luckily, the folks at Bravo have posted segments that didn't make the show.

Maybe someday, they'll release the full shows on DVD. It was great to spend that hour with Jake but it would have been even better to see the uncut version. Meanwhile, you can watch clips of the show here, as well.

Don't forget that Prisoners opens today. After you see it, come back and leave a review.

Nice feature in USA Today. In case you missed it, there's a funny video of Hugh and Jake accompanying the story.

It's been great to watch the Jake and Hugh show, especially this second clip where Hugh and Jake read back what each has said about the other:

Not only are Jake and Hugh hilarious with each other, but Jake realizes that he's probe to GyllenBabble!
Jake imitating Denis Villeneuve on set:


UltraViolet said...

Thanks to Bobbyanna for finding that Bravo link with all the clips. There are more on that page than they show on the tweeted extras page, not sure why.

Lily's review said...

I saw Prisoners today. It certainly was an edge of your seat thriller. Both Hugh and Jake did a wonderful job. I didn't see how it ended coming. I do agree that the pacing was slow. The weather added to.the mood of the movie.

Well worth the wild ride

Mary said...

Thanks for all the extra clips glad Bobbyanna found thme.

I will be able to see prisoners today my daughter won't be out to late tonite so my mother and sister r going with me I'll let you know what I thought of it.

bobbyanna said...

On my way to see Prisoners. Will report back later this evening.

UV, Maybe people can contact James Lipton's producers and ask if we can get a "Directors Cut" of Jake's interview. I absolutely loved his baby pictures. Thanks for posting them.

The advertising was very frustrating, and I was mystified why those clips we found weren't part of the show.

Would've loved to hear more stories from his movie sets, or about his directors or co-stars.

I wanted to just give him a hug when he was struggling so hard to talk about Heath. Five years, and it's still an open wound.

I get angry all over again remembering the monstrous, despicable people who felt they had the right to intrude on his privacy, and impose on his kindness, demanding proof, because his grieving wasn't obvious, or "public" enough for them.

UltraViolet said...

Hope you enjoy the film, Mary. Glad you can see it today.

Jake appeared on EW's SiriusXM radio show. You can listen to a clip there. They say the whole show is available on demand for the weekend, but I didn't see the link. I'll check back.

Loved this exchange:

#Prisoners is the best film I've seen in a LONG time. Great writing, stellar direction & fantastic acting. Hard to breath it's so tense. 5/5

the last 30 seconds drove me absolutely bananas (in a good way)

ME TOO!!! My mind was blown. Driving home I was shaking.

Movies all Oscar talk aside, Jackman and Gyllenhaal were excellent

Both Oscar worthy! Gyllenhaal was both reserved & straight forward in emotion at times which was amazing & Jackman... Damn!

If people give the movie shit for the pacing or running time, I think they missed the point. #ItNeededToBeThatLong #Tension

I can't think of a moment that could be cut, and the pacing I thought was very steady, never slow

I loved how in their arcs there's no defining moment of change. Every scene feeds the next


I do think the film could be a little tighter, but I love the way the movie has people talking.

UltraViolet said...

ITA, Bobbyanna. I won't hold my breath waiting for their apologies/corrections. I'm sure they think it's insincere.

I read the Bettermost poll (?!?!) on whether Jake's "silence" changed people's opinions of him and was re-enraged at the arrogance and presumption some people displayed.

But let's not dwell on that. This is a good day - you're going to see Prisoners. Yay!

Sag Actor said...

I'm off to see Prisoners. I will be back with my review!

Thanks UV and everyone for posting all the reviews and interviews, it's much appreciated!!

bobbyanna said...

OMG. So good. I really enjoyed it.
There were several scenes that had me holding my breath, edge of the seat kind of stuff. Brilliant acting.

It didn't really seem that long, and yet there were a couple of spots where it did drag a bit in the final third. But overall it was exceptionally well done and deserves all the buzz.

Mary said...

I agree Bobbyanna very good and nerve racking too both Jake and Hugh are fantastic,Boy the ending sure came as a surpise didn't expect that.

UltraViolet said...

So glad you both liked it! I thought it was really brutal but really good.Hard to sit through but hard to turn away.

Both Variety and Deadline are predicting Prisoners will do 21 to 22 million this weekend, with a 7.5 or 8 million-dollar Friday.

Both give the credit to Hugh Jackman, as well, with Nikki being her usual hateful self towards Jake. Regardless, this will still help Jake on the business side of things.

Added a funny video at the bottom of the post. More Denis imitation but this time, with a funny on-set story.

This <a href=">Guardian writer</a> wants to give Jake a hug.

Hagen said...

More Denis imitation but this time, with a funny on-set story.

LOL, Jake's French accent is really funny. (BTW I wonder why Canadians don't grow up bilingual.)

A box office of $20+ million for "Prisoners" would be very fine and definitely help Jake's image and maybe even his career.

Variety has published a review of "Enemy", not exactly a rave, but an interesting reading: Denis Villeneuve convinces Jake Gyllenhaal to undertake a journey into the subconscious with “Enemy,” a simultaneously unsettling and exasperating work of speculative fiction different enough in subject, pacing and tone from everything else out there that it should succeed in finding an audience by virtue of sheer oddity alone. Gyllenhaal plays a mild-mannered history prof shocked to discover his doppelganger — that’s about the only thing that can be said with certainty about this loose adaptation of Jose Saramago’s “The Double,” which A24 scooped up in Toronto. To its advantage, “Enemy” is mysterious enough that many viewers will insist on seeing it twice.

In a daring move, Villeneuve radically departs from both the source material (which contains no trace of spiders, for example) and Javier Gullon’s script, complicating the issue of whose subconscious the film is exploring exactly by incorporating improvisatory breakthroughs with Gyllenhaal into the fabric of the film.

So quite a few companies acquired the distribution rights for "Enemy" during the pre-sale, solely based on the script that was radically changed afterwards. ;-)

Hagen said...

Denis Villeneuve, Sarah Gadon, script writer Javier Gullón and the producers attended a screening of "Enemy" in San Sebastián.

Chica said...

Saw it after work yesterday, all I have to say is wow! Intense, scary, uncomfortable and creepy.
Jake is incredible as Loki and Hugh scared the hell out of me.

The film is a bit long and there are some disturbing scenes but the movie is well worth ride.

Hagen said...

Another clip from "Enemy"

"Prisoners" is projected to gross $20.5 million on its opening weekend based on the results for Friday ($7.01 million).

The movie has opened in quite a few countries this weekend. In most countries the movie is distributed by independent companies. Thus its international box office potential is limited. For example in the Netherlands, "Prisoners" will be released on just 31 screens. Other major releases are shown on more than 100 screens.

Monica said...

Prisoners will debut in Brazil on the 28th of October! Will be called: The Suspects.

thanks for the clip!

bobbyanna said...

We've had very few Jake sightings since all the publicity for his films started rolling out, but I just found this on twitter and it seems pretty realistic:

"Jack Serio ‏@SerioKillah 9m
Going to see a play in NYC... and JAKE GYLLENHAAL IS IN THE AUDIENCE"

Sag Actor said...

Prisoners has lived up to all the hype and buzz. The film is not for the fainthearted. As the father of two I felt the pain and anguish of the parents. I certainly wouldn't have taken the extremes Hugh's character took and now I understand one review calling certain scenes torture porn.

Jake was solid , one of his best roles. The rest of the cast including Hugh and Bello were spot on abd Dano was convincinly creepy. The ending was a kicker

I give it 3 1/2 stars!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Saw pictures of Jake from yesterday, he is painfully thin and the beard on his face makes it look worse. I know he said he is on a restricted diet but he looks way small.

Monica said...

Empire Magazine ‏@empiremagazine 9m
Join our Jake Gyllenhall webchat tomorrow, Monday 23 September, to speak to, um, Jake Gyllenhall. Put 12.45pm BST into your diaries... now.

Anonymous said...

I'd strongly urge Jake's fans to check out weekend box office results. She takes the opportunity to dump on Jake for no reason. If you can leave a comment disagreeing with her it wouldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I meant to say check out Deadline, and Nikki Finke's column on weekend box office results.

There was no reason for her to dump on Jake. She just felt like it.

Hagen said...

BoxOffice ‏@BoxOffice2m
PRISONERS: $21.43M Weekend (est) / $21.43M Domestic Total / 3,260 Locations / $6,574 Location Avg. #Prisoners

Hagen said...

Prisoners opens #1 this wknd w/ $21.4M. Avg & CinemaScore both good at $6600 & A-. Solid cross gender appeal: 52/48 female.

Anonymous said...

lol Nikki Finke, Jake could win 3 Oscars in the same year and have 5 200 million dollar films in one year and rescue her own puppy and Nikki would call it a failure.

Some people just will never like Jake. And you do notice that most of her faithful can't seem to say anything nice about really good looking actors. Her last name pretty much sums up Nikki.

bobbyanna said...

Anon @ 12:00 and others, yes, you're right about Nikki Finke, but I also agree that we should, whenever we are able, respond when this stuff happens. Whether it's Nikki Finke, or some lunatic fringe harpies on Just Jared, it's important that other viewpoints go on the record, and that theirs aren't the only words people read.

Great news about the Weekend box office. Just to spite Nikki, I hope Prisoners surprises today and goes over the $23M mark. : )

Mary, I meant to congratulate you on your son getting married.

I guess Jake will be heading for London today. Wonder if he will go to any other countries?

Mary said...

So happy for the box office results.

Thanks Bobbyanna the wdding is Oct 13 his fiance is a sweetheart she has a 5 year old daughter who's a darling so along with a daughter in law I get a grand daughter too.

Anonymous said...

"you're right about Nikki Finke, but I also agree that we should, whenever we are able, respond when this stuff happens. "

Totally agree but it seems Jake brings out the shitty insecure parts of people including the BBM board.

Anonymous said...

A Disguised Jake Gyllenhaal Pumps Iron in NYC

UltraViolet said...

What is he disguised as? A ridiculous headline, lol.

So happy to see Prisoners go over the $20 million mark. I have seen more respect for Jake's contribution to the $$ on twitter. So in the words of so many: Fuck Nikki Finke.

Congrats, Mary! All the best to your son and his new family.

Wonder what play, if any, JAke went to see.

Funny clip with Jake unfortunately refusing to sing with Hugh.

Those two are priceless together.

Monica said...

This is great news for Prisoners. I have read great reviews from people who saw the film.

FP said...

Bobbyanna I am totally agree with you, and I posted this comment on Deadline HW

Of course it’s all about Hugh, and luckily this movie seems to be a hit, otherwise Nikki would find a way to blame Jake even for the failure of Baz Luhrmann’s Australia with Jackman and Kidman

seriously Finke,how can you be so unprofessional and uninformed?
Comment by FP — Sunday September 22, 2013 @ 12:56pm PDT Reply to this post

I'm over the moon for Prisoners, I have no words to describe my pride and my happiness!!!

Anonymous said...

How soon Nikki forgets she was one of the first ones last year same time about Jake's EOW beating Clint Eastwood's film last year to take #1. September is a good month for Jake it seems.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...


FP said...

Becca Franks ‏@BeccaFranks22
prisoners literally made Zero Dark Thirty look like Spongebob


Anonymous said...

Is Jake even in London? They cancelled a webcast he was supposed to sit for with Empire Magazine.

bobbyanna said...

This man tweeted from the City of London:

"Just saw
Jake Gyllenhaal getting out of a car"

52 minutes ago

Hopefully we'll get more sightings from London. It's about 3 PM there.

Anonymous said...

Skint London ‏@SkintLondon
If you're one of the lucky ones going to see Jake Gyllenhaal & @RealHughJackman tonight at the Apple Store, tweet us a pic. #skint

BBC said...

Florence ‏@Flozzyg 1h
Love my job. Who gets to see Jake Gyllenhall on a Monday. He thanked us @ProducerA. #top5

Anonymous said...

"Prisoners" is not the type of movie..rating..length of movie..subject matter.. and mainly one that tons of teenagers are not going to run to to see so it is not going to be a "blockbuster" type of movie. The fact it did as well as it did is excellent. Think it will do well in DVD sales.


Anonymous said...

"not going to be a "blockbuster" type of "

I don't think that was WB's goal for this movie. I think they have high hopes for Awards season but its too soon to think about that. However due to it's length, the movie's success will be measured in the coming weeks. Although for me at least I got my money's worth at the movies.

Total Film said...

Just interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman for #Prisoners. Lovely, lovely chaps. Video interview coming soon!

Hagen said...

"Prisoners" is not the type of movie..rating..length of movie..subject matter.. and mainly one that tons of teenagers are not going to run to to see so it is not going to be a "blockbuster" type of movie.

HSX has confirmed that "Prisoners" attracts a somewhat older audience:

Prisoners: The audience was 52% female and 72% over the age of 25.

End of Watch: 54% of the audience were male and 64% over the age of 25.

"Prisoners" enters the Dutch box office charts at #5 and has grossed a tad less than EoW last year because of the low number of screens:
"Prisoners": €111,728, 31 screens, €3.604 per screen
"End of Watch": €116,242, 42 screens, €2,767 per screen

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal to Receive Acting Honor at Hollywood Film Awards (Exclusive)

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal to Receive Acting Honor at Hollywood Film Awards (Exclusive)

Hagen said...

Jake Gyllenhaal to Receive Acting Honor at Hollywood Film Awards (Exclusive)

I'm happy that Jake's performance is acknowledged. :-)

Anonymous said...

""Prisoners" enters the Dutch box office charts at #5 and has grossed a tad less than EoW last year because of the low number of screens:"

I would like to think EOW's success was due to Jake's international appeal that was buoyed by POP. Just saying POP did a lot for Jake's international box office.

Mary said...

Me too Hagen that's good news about the film award he deserves it.

FP said...

Jo Tomlin ‏@JoTomlin 20m

I'm the Apple store with @RealHughJackman Jake Gyllenhaal, Denis Villeneuve with @edibow #TypicalMonday #Prisoners

Mary said...

Stephanie has posted some pics of Jake leaving the BBC studios in London.

HA! said...

Steven Jackson ‏@sj39 35m

Going to see 'Prisoners', want to join me?

UltraViolet said...

Get the NFL fans going to Prisoners - nice!

Always happy to hear Jake getting an award ") I'm glad it specifies supporting actor for this movie and not in general. I'm not keen of the meme seen some places that casts Jake as a great supporting actor but one who can't carry a film.

I saw some speculation that Jake could win the actor award at the San Sebastian Film Festival, but I have no idea if that's a real possibility.

UltraViolet said...

Funny tweet I saw yesterday:

One thing not solved in #Prisoners: why Jake Gyllenhaal buttons the top button of his shirt for 1/3 of the movie

Monica said...

It's great news. Happy Jake will receive this award.
I think Sandra Bullock will also receive this award for best actress in Gravity!

UltraViolet said...

Hi Monica! A lot of good news these days :)

Thanks to Hagen, FP and everyone else who's been posting links and tweets. Been out of town for a bit and it's hard to keep up!

New post.

LOL :) said...

logan chio ‏@loganchio 33s

"They should have been like here's your ticket and here's your Xanax" 1am convos with @Emily32208 #prisoners