Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No exit

Someone posted this, presumably a piece of Enemy marketing. Would love to see more.

There have been many thoughtful reviews of the surreal Enemy, but:


So many great photos this week. Let's leave the analysis for later and look at some favorites, from professionals and posters:

Jake, Alfonso Cuaron and Denis Villeneuve; Jake and Lupita Nyong'o at Entertainment Weekly’s Toronto Must List cocktail party.

#jakegyllenhaal falling asleep from my boring stories lol

The last one was posted by the Nightcrawlers producer wh captioned it:

We need Jake in motion, too, of course. This brief instagram video is a quick highlight reel of Jake at the Enemy Q&A.

Jake giving a straightforward answer to what Enemy is about:

Footage of Jake and Hugh at the Prisoners premiere, along with attempted social commentary. you get a good idea of the crazy crowd. You can also see Alyssa a little after the nine-minute mark. I think the premiere footage ends right after that; the rest is amateur philosophizing. (I do think there are interesting social observations to be made about crowds like that and the cult of celebrity, but these messengers are not the best :)

That also led to this quick clip from last year's End of Watch Q&A. I don't remember the story, but it's funny.

Jake talking about working with Denis and being on the Yankees:

Jake on the cover of VMan magazine:


Hagen said...

I like that "Enemy" poster. :-) It seems to be the poster of the Canadian distributor Entertainment One. BTW it would be great, if Pathé International, Pathe UK and Rhombus Media cared about "Enemy" and tweeted anything about the TIFF premiere or the Playlist review. The Spanish producer is the only one who is up to date: M. A. Faura

Another positive review of "Enemy" (9 out of 10 stars): Complex Pop Culture

FP, we finally get to know what the spider is about: In a dazzling opener that recalls the chilly sexual innuendo of Eyes Wide Shut, a bearded man (Gyllenhaal) joins others in an underground gentleman’s club where live sex theater is the attraction. There is the Buñuelian touch of a silver serving dish, whose cover is whisked away to reveal a fat, hairy tarantula. It’s something of an anti-climax when it’s sadistically crushed under a woman’s high heel. The whole scene has a dreamlike quality. (The Hollywood Reporter).

Apparently "Enemy" is only very loosely based on the book.

UltraViolet said...

I like the poster, too. There's a Hitchcock feel to it, and I think the movie has a little of that, not just because of the icy blondes. Something about the pace at times and the music.

The great reviews are wonderful! I'll be happy to answer questions once I'm home tomorrow, if anyone has any.

It's SO frustrating that they aren't pushing it more. And that we haven't heard of a US deal yet.

Another account of the Enemy party:

Yet another example of sweet celebrity coupledom: Jake Gyllenhaal and girlfriend Alyssa Miller spent the Hugo Boss–hosted after-party for psycho-thriller Enemy holed up in a booth on the fifth-floor terrace at The Chase, the new financial district hot spot and popular festival hub. Co-star Isabella Rossellini hung out nearby, laughing with friends, while director Denis Villeneuve schmoozed with Dallas Buyers Club director (and fellow French Canadian) Jean-Marc Valée. Back to the good stuff: Gyllenhaal held Miller’s hand while she kept warm in his coat and both (unsurprisingly) demurred on the buttery lobster rolls (you don’t get a body like that eating cream and sugar!). “He eats fish,” a publicist informed the waitstaff, who later brought along a bounty of (presumably pescatarian) options.

Apologies if that was posted already.

FP said...

Boy, this one's quite the twizzler. This is the other Denis Villeneuve/Jake Gyllenhaal collaboration (the first being the more high profile Prisoners) and it's ... something else. As I type, I saw this movie 22 hours ago and I still don't know what to make of the final scene. It's one of the most bizarre, confusing and scary last scenes that I've ever seen.

The premise sounds like a wacky comedy: Gyllenhaal plays Adam Bell, a Toronto college professor who, while watching a movie, notices that one of the minor characters -- billed as "Bellhop #3" -- looks exactly like him. Bell then tracks down his doppelgänger, Anthony Clair, and the results are ... really, really weird. When I interviewed Gyllenhaal earlier in the festival, he told me to "put my thinking cap on" before I saw Enemy. Well, I did and it didn't work. Regardless, this movie is fascinating and is one of my favorites of the festival.


"FP, we finally get to know what the spider is about:"

Hagen Jack has finally become Spiderman!

Of course in his artistic donnie darko complicated way! :)

I can not wait for this movie!

FP said...

REVIEW: There are so many things that are interesting about ENEMY, not the least of which is the fact that it's director Denis Villeneuve second film to play TIFF this year, with PRISONERS being the other. To watch ENEMY, you'd never know that the same guy directed both movies. PRISONERS is a sweeping, epic thriller, with heavy doses of terror and heartbreaking drama. ENEMY on the other hand is a ninety-minute mindf**k that evokes a weird hybrid of the two David's; Cronenberg and Lynch. -


Noah McKeown ‏@NoahMcCutie 4h

Helped Jake Gyllenhaal today get his home brew set up started so that was pretty cool

bobbyanna said...

What an exciting time!!!UV I'm so glad you went to TIFF and got a chance to see Enemy. I hope I'll get a chance to see it, too. Sure wish they'd announce a USA distributor. It sounds very "art house." it's wonderful that you actually got to see a Q&A involving Jake & Denis, too.

I was invited to go away for a long weekend with my brother's family and had absolutely NO internet access. It drove me nuts. I think I'm an addict. LOL!

FP said...

Hollywood Reporter ‏@THR 1h

#Handsome overload! #HughJackman & #JakeGyllenhaal in our #TIFF13 video lounge http://instagram.com/p/eGHm7mw_-l/

UltraViolet said...

LOL - it IS hot here today:

By mid-Tues, Toronto's going to look a lot like it did in ENEMY, the tense, atmospheric and smoggy new film by Denis Villeneuve at #TIFF13.

It's funny to drive around Toronto and compare it to the dull, oppressive version in Enemy. I've dubbed it "Fifty Shades of Drab."

This Toronto blogger LOVED Enemy. If you go to his feed, he's talked about ti alot. Some highlights:

ENEMY: Unbelievable how much Villeneuve does with so little. A clinic on minimalism and pacing. Not a single moment wasted. #TIFF13

ENEMY: Gyllenhaal's never been in the same league b4. That score by Bensi & Jurriaans (SIMON KILLER, MARTHA MARCY). THAT FINAL SHOT. #TIFF13

ENEMY: Gyllenhaal's never been in the same league b4. That score by Bensi & Jurriaans (SIMON KILLER, MARTHA MARCY). THAT FINAL SHOT. #TIFF13

ENEMY: Villeneuve nailed Toronto to a T w/ those organic blueberries. Made city's hideously generic architecture strangely alluring. #TIFF13

ENEMY: Contains three of the greatest images known to man. Perfectly encapsulates anxieties of men & modern existence on the whole. #TIFF13

If there's any film at #TIFF13 that deserves the absurd hyperbole treatment, it's Villeneuve's ENEMY. No praise can eclipse the experience.

At the end of the day, films are cumulative products, and endings make or break. ENEMY is the concept's Exhibit A. #madeit #TIFF13

As abstract and head-scratching as it is overall, it's mind-boggling how tight, focused, and easy to follow ENEMY remains. #how? #TIFF13

ENEMY's ending might be the boldest high-risk/high-reward move I've ever seen a filmmaker pull. Yes, I'm taking it there. #TIFF13

UltraViolet said...

That's a nice photo, FP. And thanks for posting those reviews. So nice to read all the praise and fun to read all the WTFery. Hee.

Glad you're back, Bobbyanna. I hope we all get to see Enemy on the big screen.

FP said...

HitFix ‏@HitFix 6m

From the set of 'Prisoners': Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal spar in heavy human drama http://po.st/Q2VrEV

The unpredictable elements to the very real human drama of missing children are the authorities working the case. And in this case, it’s Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki, who looks upon all parties suspiciously, acting as the “audience’s eyes,” as he explained it.

“I do skepticism relatively well. We're in the perfect environment for it right now,” he smiled, fresh from a scene where he further questioned the Dover and Birch parents (and a newly hospitalized key to the puzzle). “When everyone is a mystery of some sort, you get to be the audience's eyes. Therefore, it'll be a more interesting film to watch 'cause you see in a way the case unfolds through Loki’s eyes… in that way I think there's a relative amount of paranoia and skepticism that every audience member kind of walks into when they're being [told] a story, when they're being entertained that I weirdly revel in.”

Gyllenhaal was described as being upbeat between scenes, and a good, stoic sparring partner for the other actors. He could be seen laughing and smiling between scenes as Jackman’s Keller skulks in his muted colors in a livid nightmare.

“It's been a dream really to have this cast. And Jake, who's so silly in between, and then he gets so serious because all of us are suspects,” Howard said. In missing persons reports, “parents are the first suspects. So Jake, not-shooting-Jake is the funniest thing. And then he turns into this cop, and he doesn’t give you anything.”

Loki plays his part as an objective policeman; Keller’s moral compass disorients into a sleep deprived psychopathy. Both did their research and homework into these circumstances. Both have to lead their characters down into appropriately dark roads.

UltraViolet said...

Added a video of Jake discussing Prisoners and veering to Enemy, which he keeps calling An Enemy.

He sadly also makes a Yankees metaphor.

David Ehrlich ranks Enemy fifthout of the 28 movies he's seen at TIFF so far.

His tweet about it:

ENEMY – out of *nowhere* – does in one shot with no money what PACIFIC RIM failed to do with 2 hours and $200 million."

Hagen said...

Toronto Standard ‏@TorontoStandard
Denis Villeneuve's “other” film ENEMY is one of the best at #TIFF13
(Review: Enemy)

Hagen said...

"Enemy" will be screened at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (October 11th - 20th): The Roxbury production company will also be bringing Enemy to Sitges, directed by Dennis Villenueve and starring Jack Gyllenhaal, an intense paranoiac thriller revolving around the myth of the double and based on a story by José Saramago.

Anonymous said...

Eli ‏@eli221981 10m

Jake Gyllenhaal by Hedi Slimane @hedislimanetwit Covers @VMAN #VMAN30 10th Anniversary Issue "Through the Years" pic.twitter.com/fZqEjmZOCw

UltraViolet said...

Jake on the cover of a fashion magazine I've never heard of. Added photo to the post.

@rhombusmedia @JakeGyllenhal - Denis Villeneuve's #Enemy at #TIFF amazing. #Toronto looks macabre and beautiful

UltraViolet said...

I wonder if Jake will attend, Hagen. And still no news on a distribution deal for the US :(

Anonymous said...

Brian Lloyd ‏@BrianMLloyd 6m

#Prisoners - Jake Gyllenhaal's strongest performance to date and a fantastic English language-debut from Denis Villenuve. Unsettling.

FP said...

Denis Villeneuve on Seeing 'Enemy' For the First Time at TIFF and Pushing Hugh Jackman to the Limit in 'Prisoners'

I spent a month with Jake Gyllenhaal; drinking, eating, all that time together having fun talking about life, women, cinema, art, politics, and about about acting, acting and acting. It was
just very inspiring for me, and what I learned on "Enemy" applied to "Prisoners." It's just a matter of relationships


UltraViolet said...

No idea what this means for the movie, but I'm assuming more money is always good news.

Denis Villeneuve talks to Indiewire. I can't believe that was really the first time Denis saw the movie. He said that at the screening but I wondered if he knew what he was saying.

Listening to Prisoners group interview. I think it's different from the press conference.

Hagen said...

I wonder if Jake will attend, Hagen.

Probably not. Jake will be shooting "Nightcrawler" in LA at that time.

Rope of Silicon (Grade: B): 'Enemy' (2013) Movie Review
If a director can manage to manipulate our interpretation of a film while also engaging us with a confounding piece of cinema he/she most certainly has created something I've enjoyed.

Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans - Scoring "Enemy"

FP said...

Jake's great! Sporting just enough stubble, Jake Gyllenhaal oozes intensity and sex appeal -- as usual -- on the 10th anniversary cover issue of VMan magazine. Inside, the Oscar-nominated hunk, 32, expounds upon his craft as an actor -- and how his own method involves taking a long, hard look at the real Jake Gyllenhaal.

"Maybe some people can be fooled but I'm not interested in that. I think it's possible to be intimate in your work. It means asking questions of yourself, it demands trust," muses the star, whose current squeeze is model Alyssa Miller, with exes that include Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift. "And that is scary, because you never know if you are completely safe, and it's not always pretty but I'm pretty damn sure its the only way to go. I'm looking for the roles that will amount to my expressing as much as possible. What I'm looking for is all sides of myself."

One Gyllenhaal fan? Hugh Jackman, his costar in Prisoners, which recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. "What always impressed me about Jake was his steadfast commitment to connection, His work ethic is like mine: he loves to explore, dig and extract every ounce of depth in a scene," says Jackman, 44.

"He has the courage to follow his instincts and helps create an atmosphere where anything is possible. He is open, always striving for truth and complexity. What he has pulled off in Prisoners is extraordinary."


UltraViolet said...

Just added the photo, FP :)

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that you guys should definitely listen to that interview, if you have time. Jake is very funny but also thoughtful. You can see how he is always joking, and that might get on people's nerves, but everyone seems very fond of him. Though we can't see the facial expressions, obviously.

Hagen said...

Russian distributor Caravella DDC has cancelled the release date of "Enemy" (May 15th, 2014). I don't know, if there will be a new release date or if the theatrical release has been cancelled for good. Maybe the distributor thinks the movie is too difficult to market.

UltraViolet said...

Hopefully that is not an omen, Hagen, and is just a delay.

New post with the VMan interview.