Sunday, September 8, 2013


A quick video recap from the Toronto Prisoners promotion so far, plus some Instagram photos of Jake.

Long interview with Denis Villeneuve - could be spoilery. I didn't watch:

Jake Hamilton interviews the Prisoners crew.

If, like me, you missed it, here's the Prisoners press conference from yesterday:

Jake signing autographs:


FP said...

TIFF Party Report: Gyllenhaal and Jackman, Pitt and Fassbender Battle for Best Bromance

Speaking of Soho House …

Across town there was an equally awesome bromance brewing between Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman.

Following the TIFF premiere of their film "Prisoners," Hugh and Jake stopped by Grey Goose's party on the Club Floor of Soho House.

Jackman, 44, and Gyllenhaal, 32, hung with a group of agent types while unwinding after a busy night. The duo looked like they were having a blast together. You can tell the "Prisoners" co-stars genuinely enjoy each other's company.
Hugh posted a photo from Friday evening's festivities on Saturday morning, captioning the pic: "Backstage at TIFF premiere. Fun night. Up way past my bed time!"

However, there were a slew of other stars at the Grey Goose bash.

OMG Yhaoo

Meghan Eansor ‏@meg_eansor 43m

Heyyyyyy Jake! Best spotting of the weekend. #regram #tiff13 #jakegyllenhaal @HaleyT17 @regcan

Hi UV! :)

FP said...

CTV Toronto ‏@CTVToronto

LIVE @ 5 ET: Jake Gyllenhaal, Denis Villeneuve red carpet for film 'Enemy': @TIFF_NET #TIFF13

fried chicken ‏@traaceybui

Waiting for Jake Gyllenhaal. Expect pictures and lots of tweets.

FP said...

Natalie Kalata ‏@natalie_kalata 2m

Fans waiting for Jake Gyllenhaal, Isabella Rossellini#tiff2013 #cbcto #sl

Monica said...

3 minutes ago
Jake Gyllenhaal, no zoom! #babe #TIFF13

Anonymous said...


Looks like they're a lot of people

FP said...


Monica said...

Becks ⚓ ‏@bkstgurl 16m
Yup that very sexy man in the black suit is Mr Jake Gyllenhaal!!! So gorgeous!! #TIFF13 #Enemy #Ryerson

sarah ‏@sarahlaguff_ 15m
The fact that jake gyllenhaal is 10 meters away from me makes me want to cry #getatme #hi

Emily Michelle ‏@emfata 15m
I got Jake Gyllenhaal's autograph! *dances haphazardly in excitement*

Mufasa ‏@juliabamber 10m
Hi Jake Gyllenhaal �� #tiff2013

k li ‏@k_leerob11 5m
So Jake Gyllenhaal in the flesh HAPPENED

eOne Films ‏@eOnefilms 5m
Jake Gyllenhaal just arrived on the red carpet for the #TIFF13 premiere of #Enemy!

Adrian Ghobrial ‏@adrianghobrial 4m
Jake Gyllenhaal more than happy to see @colinjustin on the #TIFF13 #RedCarpet @EntCity

Frederic Guarino ‏@fredericg 3m
World premiere of Denis Villeneuve's ENEMY starring Jake Gyllenhaal #tiff2013 @ Ryerson Theatre

Graeme O'Neil ‏@GraemeONeil 2m
We meet again, #jakegyllenhaal! Second premiere for jake at #tiff13. #enemy #etctiff

Adrian Gentili ‏@adriangentili 2m
Just got Jake Gyllenhaal's autograph! So excited for this world premiere to get started! #Enemy #TIFF13

Mark Stier ‏@cndngoose 2m
Jake Gyllenhaal at #tiff

Monica said...

Josh Horowitz ‏@joshuahorowitz 29m
Interviews wrapped. Checking out premiere of ENEMY with Jake Gyllenhaal. Tomorrow catching up with Daniel Radcliffe! #TIFF

ET Canada ‏@ETCanada 11m
JAKE MANIA!! Jake Gyllenhaal steps out for his second film #Enemy at #ETCTIFF

julia brevetti ‏@JuliaBrevetti 10m
Jake gyllenhaal 😍

Deven Knill ‏@devenknill11 7m
Jake Gyllenhaal at TIFF to premiere his movie "Enemy"!! #tiff #ryerson #celebrity #fangirling #inlove

Jake Gyllenhaal just arrived on the #redcarpet for the #TIFF13 premiere of #Enemy! via "@eOnefilms

Frederic Guarino ‏@fredericg 5m
Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve at the world premiere of ENEMY at #tiff2013 @ Ryerson Theatre

Courtney † ‏@CourtneyT95 5m
Jake Gyllenhaal 😍 #jakegyllenhaal #enemy #tIff13

Alicia ‏@alicia_rowley 3m
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal right in front of me... in the flesh. He spoke to me... just sayin #dying #TIFF13 #nozoom

Sarah ‏@sarahmcleann 1m
Jake Gyllenhaal is even better looking in person. Wow

Monica said...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Katie Couric

When: 9:00 AM
Where: New York, NY
Age: 16 +

Guests: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis

Enemy: review

fp said...

Holy fucking shit

TIFF Review: Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Enemy’ Starring Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Haunting Look At Our Dark Desires
Imagine the Paul Thomas Anderson of “There Will Be Blood” making a Brian DePalma movie, or Claire Denis directing Christopher Nolan’s “Memento.” While those superlatives do give you a taste of the striking, sensual disposition simmering in the French-Canadian filmmaker’s engrossing and provocative psychological thriller, it actually does a disservice to Villeneuve’s superb craft and darkened vision that truly has coalesced into something extraordinary this year.
With apologies to David Cronenberg, never has Toronto looked so grand and yet so ill and claustrophobic. Transforming the city into an existential wasteland (clearly influenced by the depressing fringes of Mississauga), cinematographer Nicolas Bolduc’s sickly muted palette envelopes the movie in a distressing, cigarette-stain yellow (the film also boasts some of the most genuinely uncomfortable aerial cityscape shots seen in some time). Musically, the exciting on-the-rise composer duo of Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans (“Martha Marcy May Marlene,” “Simon Killer") bring an atonal A-game of discordant cellos and oblique half notes that would make Jonny Greenwood proud and keeps the movie tilted on its discomfiting axis.
Part existentialist thriller, part psychosexual drama, “Enemy,” like Villeneuve’s earlier festival film, is exceptionally dark, harrowing, and especially engrossing. Those that have seen “Prisoners” can attest to the methodical, hyper-attuned clinician Villeneuve has become in his approach to genre, and “Enemy” has the same quivering pitch of masterful meticulousness. Not only is “Enemy” once again first rate filmmaking, it’s profoundly unnerving. A challenging, sometimes abstract piece of work, “Enemy” doesn’t reveal itself easily, but its coiling Ouroboros quality is fascinating, and spellbindingly disturbing. A riveting examination of intimacy (and the lack thereof), identity, duality and the nether regions of our unconscious desires, “Enemy” is a transfixing grand slam that certifies Villeneuve as the real deal and one of the most exciting new voices in cinema today. [A]

Gyllenhaal obviously carries the entire film on his shoulders, and he delivers with a smoldering internalized performance of torment that is easily his finest work. The conflicted men are distinct, but it’s the nuanced, strange similarities between them and their own personal agonies that make for an remarkably committed turn by the young actor.

FP said...

Oops sorry Monica!

FP said...

Peter Debruge ‏@AskDebruge 1m

"Explaining" ENEMY, Denis Villeneuve says, "It's very simple: This movie is a documentary about Jake Gyllenhaal'a subconscious." #TIFF13

Monica said...

Peter Debruge ‏@AskDebruge 21s
"Explaining" ENEMY, Denis Villeneuve says, "It's very simple: This movie is a documentary about Jake Gyllenhaal'a subconscious." #TIFF13

gregoryellwood ‏@HitFixGregory 5m
Denis Vellenuve's Enemy with Jake Gyllenhaal is an intriguing film that reminds me of Kubrick at times. Lots of questions, few answers #tiff

gregoryellwood ‏@HitFixGregory 3m
Denis: very simple. This movie is about Jake Gyllenhaal's subconscious. #tiff

Sag Actor said...

Whoa, Jake has hit it out of the park with both
Prisoners and Enemy. He should be proud and very happy right now.

EileenF said...

From Hugh Jackman's Instagram

Monica said...

Courtney † ‏@CourtneyT95 27m
JUST MET JAKE GYLLENHAAL SOS SOS SOS 😍#jakegyllenhaal #tiff13

QueenVee ‏@violettb_ 29m
Guys,Jake Gyllenhaal πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸ’š gosh,i feel like il soon faint

ash ‏@_AshSharma 28m
what i learned from tiff today: jake gyllenhaal is going to be the only guy EVER to look good with flow

Julia Meilach ‏@JuliaMeilach 23m
Hi baby😘😍 #jakegyllenhaal #TIFF13 #enemy @ Ryerson Theatre

Grace Chambers ‏@GraceAChambers 22m
SPOTTED! Jake Gyllenhaal at the Hugo Boss / GQ after party#tiffboss13 #tiff @ascpr @ the chase

Tara ‏@tara_taralynn 22m
#tiff13 #jakegyllenhaal #enemy @eOnefilms

etalk ‏@etalkCTV 22m
Jake Gyllenhaal has been all over Toronto during #TIFF13. He's now on the carpet at the GQ party! #etalkTIFF13

Anna ‏@annano 22m
I can't tell if Denis Villenuve and Jake Gyllenhaal hate each other or love each other or both.

Brittany Giles ‏@brittsays 14m
Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve at the world premiere of Enemy. #TIFF13

Adrian Gentili ‏@adriangentili 5m
#Enemy was good, but I had higher expectations for it. At least I got Jake Gyllenhaal's autograph. #TIFF13

truc ‏@trucnguyen 3m
Jake Gyllenhaal sighting at the party for his #TIFF13 movie, hosted by @HUGOBOSS at The Chase. #bearded

FP said...

gills ‏@gillsaurus 4m

#Enemy was phenomenal and suspenseful and had my heart racing and brain confused #TIFF13


Raw video: Jake Gyllenhaal discusses ‘Enemy’ at TIFF: Actor Jake Gyllenhaal discusses the art of growing a bea...

Andrea Pedrosa ‏@StuffAndPlaces 19m

Seriously, what was with that spider? #JakeGyllenhaal #TIFF2013 #enemy

Greg Fox ‏@_GFox_ 54m

But nonetheless it was incredible. I need to watch that again for sure! #Enemy

Vlad Popovic ‏@VladimirPopovic 1h

#enemy - a film student movie with a slightly bigger budget. Slightly. Not my favorite from #tiff. Expect to love it or hate it. #tiff13
Leah Dunbar ‏@leahdunbar 1h

I'm not voting for this film until I get answers!! #enemy #mysteryspiders #seinfeldoffilm #TIFF13

Kathy Jean ‏@citykathy 1h

I want answers! #Enemy #TIFF13

Leah Dunbar ‏@leahdunbar 1h

@katdoingstuff the Q & A was good! Who knew Gyllenhaal was so comedic?! #tiff13

@katdoingstuff it's the #Seinfeld of films #enemy #TIFF13

Kathleen Espiritu ‏@katdoingstuff 1h

Well, erm... the #Enemy was
definitely surreal... #TIFF13

Gavin Graham ‏@gavingraham 1m

Kinda surprised that the first Q in the Q&A after #Enemy wasn’t “Uh…what?” Love Villeneuve’s work so much, though #tiff13

Anonymous said...

Elaine L. ‏@LaineyGossip 54s
Just left Hugo Boss party for Enemy and Jake Gyllenhaal. He and his girlfriend are ridiculously hot together. #infiniteTIFF

FP said...

Elaine L. ‏@LaineyGossip 1m

Just left Hugo Boss party for Enemy and Jake Gyllenhaal. He and his girlfriend are ridiculously hot together. #infiniteTIFF

FP said...

David Feeney ‏@dfeeney529 3m

#Enemy. Toronto never looked so adult. Facinating film and mesmerizing cinematography. @TIFF_NET. #TIFF13

Hannah Gordon ‏@hannah_mariaG 3m

Aaaannndd..... Spider. #Enemy #TIFF13

Matt Rauch ‏@themattrauch 1m

On a follow up, i'm gonna need a few days to digest #Enemy before I can really comment on it. It's definitely making me think! #TIFF13

Hagen looks like the infamous spider is very much still there! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Ben Blanchard ‏@___BEN___ 11m

#TIFF13 film 03: Denis Villeneuve's #Enemy evokes Hitchcock with the paranoia it creates and the foreboding vibe that permeates the script.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal at Enemy Premiere


Ryan Porter ‏@MrRyanPorter 3m
Great party by @hugoboss for Denis Villeneuve's #Enemy. Jake Gyllenhaal and gf Alyssa Miller look very happy

Anisa ♪♫ ‏@ifstars 11m
Jake Gyllenhaal loves Toronto. So much love & appreciation for our city. #TIFF13

Anonymous said...

That suit tonight was not the best choice. Maybe the vest was too much all looked to fitted for that type of material. Cords are should never be a 3 piece. He seemed happy with the fams but not the red carpet. I wonder if they asked him about Alyssa?

Hagen said...

Hagen looks like the infamous spider is very much still there! LOL :)

Oh yes, this tweet made me giggle:

Parker Mott ‏@parkermott
Denis Villeneuve's #Enemy – his use of a spider will give David Lynch's rabbits a run for their carrots. #TIFF13

Thierry ChΓ¨ze ‏@Thierry_SCL
Jake Gyllhenhaal se dΓ©double brillamment dans le troublant Enemy de Denis Villeneuve #TIFF13

A comment on the Awards Watch forums: Enemy has absolutely no mainstream appeal and I can only see something like Radius-Weinstein picking it up, but you all are going to fucking adore it!

I think the producers will be glad that the pre-sale of the distribution rights has been pretty successful, except for the US, Germany, Italy and some other countries. But the distributors will be puzzled how they can market such a movie. ;-)

Hagen said...

Brian Cashin ‏@Briman89
Being at a film where the lead actor in a few rows in front of you is a very strange experience. #Enemy was fantastically strange. #TIFF

Brian Cashin ‏@Briman89
@mermon7 I thought #Enemy was fantastic tonight. Such a strange film. Strangely excellent is how I would describe it.

Hagen said...

Rope of Silicon praises Jake's performance in "Prisoners" (Grade: B+): To top it off, the performances across the board are stellar with Jackman and Gyllenhaal offering some of the best work I've seen from either of them, both worthy of Oscar attention.

UltraViolet said...

Hagen - can you believe Enemy is finally a reality?'

Thanks so much to you, FP, Monica and everyone else for keeping up on a hectic night. I wasn't able to chime in. You'll see why in the new post :)