Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello, Toronto!

Jake Gyllenhaal has arrived in Toronto and is already down to the business of promoting Prisoners, which will premiere on Friday night.

Trailer Addict has interviews with the cast and crew, as well as some B-roll:

The raves continue: B


UltraViolet said...

From twitter and FB:

Plus, I am having serious déjà vu. Started off this years #TIFF13 the same as last years, by interviewing #JakeGyllenhaal. Funny interview.

And that's a wrap on #TIFF13 Day One. Shout out to @RealHughJackman and Jake Gyllenhaal for making it so easy.

Interviewed Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal today. Both are fucking brilliant. Look out for that when Prisoners opens September 20th.

UltraViolet said...

Deana Sumanac ‏@deanasumanac 24h
I hereby compose the moniker "Gylleneuve" to connote the bromance between Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve #cbcarts #cbcTIFF #TIFF13

Best name combo EVER!!! #TIFF13

Thanks Melissa, I'm just a little proud of myself

possibly the best one I've heard yet! May need to borrow that one! May I? Tardemark it!

Deana Sumanac ‏@deanasumanac 36m
@NFB_Melissa Please do! Go right ahead, Melissa! Good nicknames are there to share--I told Jake G. about it today and he liked it, too

FP said...

Alicia Malone ‏@aliciamalone 7m

Prisoners: Oh. My. Gosh. This film is intense, enthralling, amazingly paced, outstanding performances. Commence Oscar buzz.

Prisoners: Didn't know what was going to happen, needed to pee but couldn't leave! Hugh Jackman & Jakey Gyllenhaal are great #TIFF13

FP said...

Denis about Jake!

Prisoners marks Gyllenhaal’s second collaboration with Villeneuve, along with the José Saramago adaptation Enemy, which has its world premiere Sunday at TIFF. The actor also explores new territory, alternating between tough top cop, young keener out of his depth and open-faced and sympathetic everyman.

“We very quickly bonded,” Villeneuve said. “We had a lot of things in common, as artists and men. We became, very quickly, close friends. Our relationship is born out of the will to see the truth and be authentic. We’re super straightforward (with each other), like brothers.

“It was a bit scary for the crew, because we can say harsh things to each other, be angry and yell at each other, hate each other, then love each other again. But we loved working together so much on Enemy that I felt there was a chance to go much further with Prisoners.”

Translator said...

You leave this blog for a day, go to work, live life, and come back to a bevy of reviews, tweets, sightings. UltraViolet – you're doing a hell of a job! And everyone else here.

Awesome "Gylleneuve" nickname – hopefully one that will leave its cinematic mark.

FP – It's the gist of what Jake said about Villeneuve in the video posted by UltraViolet: "I love him and he pisses me off too – and he can say the same thing". Jake's admiration and affectionate regard for Denis is mirroring Denis admiration and affectionate regard for Jake. By the end of TIFF "Gylleneuve" bromance will be the talk of the town, hopefully soon of Hollywood.

On to more reviews:
From "The title, of course, harbors many interpretations: the literally trapped girls and suspects, Keller’s inability to protect his kin, Loki’s frustration with a dead-end case (he’s cracked every other one to date), the wives stricken by grief (a touch that all but sidelines Bello and Davis). All of this angst is complemented well by Jóhann Jóhannsson’s foreboding score and captured starkly by Roger Deakins’ cinematography, itself casting a worthy winter’s chill over the proceedings as each character is pushed to physical and emotional extremes.
Jackman and Gyllenhaal serve as two sides of the same coin, with the former delivering a positively feral performance while the latter conveys the more oppressed frustrations of being hamstrung by due process and dwindling clues.
Still, rarely a moment is ever wasted, a consequence ignored, and though the climax is a corker, the final shot is even better. “Prisoners” requires and rewards your attention in equal measure. Be ready."
SCORE: 8.4/10

You gotta wonder: why 8.4? why not 8.5?

From "And while ‘Prisoners’ is very much a film with two leads (Jackman and Gyllenhaal) the first half of the film really works as a disturbing portrait of a man refusing the facts in front of him – and how this refusal changes him.
The ‘Prisoners’ script, written by Aaron Guzikowski does a lot of things right. Its elliptical portrait of Gyllenhaal, the detective who always gets his man, is top notch. There are quick references to a troubled childhood in group homes, oddly placed tattoos and a not-too-overdone facial tick. From the inertia of a thousand cop movies you get that he is a troubled, dedicated soul – this movie feels no need to get too specific about it.
As such, the moments between a desperate Jackman and by-the-book (but crying-on-the-inside) Gyllenhall are outstanding.
They speak at one another, not to each other, and this is amplified by director Dennis Villenueve’s (‘Incendies’) knack for either holding shots or cutting away as dialogue plays on the soundtrack – often to a tangentially related montage."

If only the blogger knew that Loki's quirks and details – troubled childhood, oddly placed tattoos, facial tick – weren't in the script, they were added by Jake. We should direct him to Total Film interview from IHJ.

Anonymous said...

"The ‘Prisoners’ script, written by Aaron Guzikowski does a lot of things right. Its elliptical portrait of Gyllenhaal, the detective who always gets his man, is top notch."


FP said...

If only the blogger knew that Loki's quirks and details – troubled childhood, oddly placed tattoos, facial tick – weren't in the script, they were added by Jake. We should direct him to Total Film interview from IHJ.

Translator, for me, it is so frustrating at times that Jake rarely gets the credit it deserves :(

Anonymous said...

I don't like how WB is playing up Hugh's good reviews-turning into the Hugh show at TIFF:

WB Pictures Canada ‏@WBPicturesCan4h
"Hugh Jackman gives what may be the most intense and satisfying performance of his career." @THR reviews #Prisoners:

Anonymous said...

there's only anything on Twitter about Jake at TIFF-Hugh prefers to himself as the "underdog" in the film.

Well at least Hugh fans will be happy.

FP said...

Wow, anon you're really killing my enthusiasm here, but I guess you're right, unfortunately:(

FP said...

But let's be positive!

tweet this, it made me laugh

BADBOYALEX ‏@supercutedad 9m

that movie prisoners looks like taken but with actually good actors


Chica said...

Thanks so much UV for being so quick with updates! I'm bowled over with the reviews, they have been amazing so far.

Can't wait to see all his interviews and I hope he wears a tux at the premeire tomorrow:)

Monica said...

Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal Talk 'Prisoners'

Christine Russell ‏@889christine 10m
Had a beauty spotting of Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal tonite @ShangriLaTO #TIFF

UltraViolet said...

There's kind of a spoiler in that ET story, FYI.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a real person. #TIFF

Great turnout at Toronto Life party at @ShangriLaTO. Jake Gyllenhaal swung by for a micro visit.

Donna Freydkin ‏@freydkin 32m
A nice hug is a hug given by jake gyllenhaal. He gives good hugs

UltraViolet said...

Also, folks, let's not get too negative. It is annoying that WarnerBros Canada and US have a Hugh photo and nothing of Jake. But it's early days yet.

Mary said...

Thanks for all the tweers loving all the reviews.

Went to see The Butler today didn't have a prisoners trailer:(

UltraViolet said...

Translator, I was really struck by Jake's saying he loves Denis and he can piss him off. Don't think I've ever heard Jake talk about a director like that. He came close with Duncan. But this seems like a real brotherhood/friendship.

Jake doesn't have a brother, obviously, so it's probably nice to have that kind of relationship.

I was thinking perhaps DV is younger, but he's 45.

UltraViolet said...

Another post, sorry. But this will be fun. I am looking forward to seeing Hugh and Jake interact.

Requested tickets to go to Katie Couric's show because Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal 💕😍

Anonymous said...

Jake doesn't have a brother,

Yes he does-Peter S, Jake has said before he considers Peter his brother. I would like to think of Denis as Jake's mentor for film making. I hope one day Jake directs-very soon.

Anonymous said...

"Wow, anon you're really killing my enthusiasm here, but I guess you're right, unfortunately:("

Didn't mean to, just disappointed but maybe this will bode well for Jake ..maybe that WB's strategy to push Hugh as the lone lead but Jake does not seem bothered by it in the least.

Anonymous said...

"Again, Jake doesn't have a brother."

I guess Jake lied then....he considers Peter his brother.

UltraViolet said...

LOL @ silly anons who feel the need to correct even when they are not correct.

Let's just try to enjoy the ride, folks. It's too early to obsess over this.

That said, I'm sure Katie will have Hugh on first, so get prepared now.

FP said...

is different, however, because Peter is also and above Maggie's husband and the father of his beloved nieces, with Denis looks more like a meeting of artistic souls, and elective affinities, I like the idea of ​​the mentor but their seems to be a relationship of equals

FP said...

maybe that WB's strategy to push Hugh as the lone lead

Anon,I just don't understand how this thing"lead actor supporting actor it works". How can be consider, that of Jake supporting role? He is absolutely on par with Hugh here, just as you could not consider Michael Pena's role in EOW supporting role, He was lead as Jake.
And to say that Jake's in BBM was a supporting role is like saying that Di Caprio was supporting role in Titanic

UltraViolet said...

It's just the way of the awards world, FP. Thelma and Louise put both actresses in the lead, but most dual lead movies pick one for supporting.

I absolutely agree that Jake was a lead in BBM. But because people unfairly undervalue his work in it, he never would have been nominated.

Looks like youtube will be live streaming the Prisoners press conference.

I don't think the impression is actually in the clip:

Jake Gyllenhaal does a GREAT impression of director Denis Villeneuve's accent. See more of my interview w Jakey here

There's also a report about Canadian directors using some of the same clip at the end of this show. You can fast forward to the 53-minute mark or so. Worth it maybe for a brief glimpse of JAke on set.

Monica said...

Katie sits down for an exclusive interview with the cast of the film "The Prisoners," starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Broadway World

I hope they will be interviewed together.

UltraViolet said...

From Maria Bello's twitter:

Want 2 go 2 #Prisoners LAPremiere w Hugh J Jake G & me? Highest $ donor to by Mon @ 9am gets 2...

Stupid site has no embed code. interview with Jake. She's interviewed Jake a bunch of times. There's more Gylleneuve love. Both Denis and Hugh talk about Jake in their interviews. And Paul Dano and Melissa Leo mention Jake, as well.

UltraViolet said...

Another unembeddable clip, just a short one.

Added an on set interview with Jake, and the Trailer Addict link for lots of cast and crew interviews, plus some pretty boring B-roll.

bobbyanna said...

Prisoners news conference at the link UV posted, starts in 24 minutes...and I have to leave for the doctor for my annual check up... : (

UltraViolet said...

It's on Saturday, Bobbyanna :)

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Well. Then I guess I should be OK...

Extra said...

Lots of goodies to catch up on, this is so exciting, thanks UV!

FP said...

Alicia Malone ‏@aliciamalone 2m

Apologies to my Aussie TV show @FoxtelMovieShow, my chat with Jake Gyllenhaal was less "interview", more "shameless flirt". Love him #TIFF13


FP said...

Jake Gyllenhaal & Denis Villeneuve Push Each Other Into Haunting, Bold, New Territory For ‘Enemy’

Two striking films are hitting the fall film festival circuit in a matter of days: “Prisoners," an emotionally bruising crime thriller about family, loss and sin, and “Enemy,” an adaptation of José Saramago’s novel, “The Double," which is an enigmatic psychological drama about identity, the subconscious and the male ego. The connection? Other than both films' dark, disturbing tone, they represent the work of two collaborators – French Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve and actor Jake Gyllenhaal --who, as occasionally happens with director/actor pairings, seem to have unlocked something exceptional while in each other’s company.

“Prisoners” has already met with rave reviews out of the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado last weekend (read ours here), but it’s “Enemy,” an intense psychological doppelgänger mindbender with provocative psychosexual undertones, that actually came first and spawned what has already become an exciting collaboration, one that arguably has pushed each man to create his best work thus far. Happily, throughout the course of film history, attuned wavelengths have sometimes found one another, and both men seem to believe that's what happened here -- Gyllenhaal, in our recent interview with the pair, called it fate.

Feeling introspective, and at a crossroads in his career, the actor packed up from Los Angeles, moved to New York, grew a beard and threw himself into Off-Broadway stage productions. So when he met Villeneuve for a drink on a fall afternoon in Manhattan to discuss the Academy Award nominee's “Enemy” script, he was looking for something new and challenging. After a discussion over a couple of glasses of wine which apparently made them both disproportionately drunk, he found it. The two instantly clicked and not just because of the script: “When we met it was as if I'd met an older brother,” Gyllenhaal said. “Like I had met somebody who had so much more experience in their life and at the same time was contemplating similar questions that I had: what is it to be a man and how do you become a man?” Villeneuve, described by the actor as "charismatic and loving and a bit of a seducer," said simply "It was the beginning of a beautiful collaboration."
“Enemy” went so well that when Villeneuve started prep on “Prisoners” he instantly thought of working with Gyllenhaal again for the role of Loki, a resolutely determined detective who questions everyone’s truths. “It was more than a collaboration: it was the birth of a friendship, a real one." said Villeneuve. "And it's more like brothers, a love and hate relationship meaning that we are bound together." So it's not necessarily easy:"Often actors need a sort of ego stroke," admitted Gyllenhaal" because we're so sensitive as a breed. [But] what I find to be really comforting is a sort of brutal honesty. I know sometimes it's not easy to hear but [with Denis] it's an open conversation, one where I've never felt afraid to be my best self and my worst self… Great directors know how to get in there -- it's like breaking a horse.”
“Whenever I've tried to describe it I've always said, “I wonder if you would even call it a movie,’” Gyllenhaal confirms. “In a way you would call it an experience.” However the next time they work together (which really seems to be an inevitability with Villeneuve declaring at one point "I would love to make all my movies with Jake") they'll have a heavier weight of expectation to face. Perhaps they'll want to subvert it and do a knockabout comedy? "A musical, that's our next project." Gyllenhaal laughed. Villeneuve begged to disagree: "I think it's going to be a dark violent film about the unconscious again." Which, on the evidence of "Prisoners" and "Enemy," is absolutely fine by us.


UltraViolet said...

Wow. We really need to see Enemy.

UltraViolet said...

FP, we did it again! LOL.

FP said...

Well UV at this point, I say
Great minds think alike! LOL! :)))

SPOTTED: Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal having a bromantic evening at Momofuku Daishō

Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, who co-star in director Denis Villeneuve’s new film Prisoners, stopped by a private event at Momofuku for dinner last night, prompting at least a couple of nursery-rhyming punsters to attempt “Jack and Gyll” jokes. Jackman posed for pics with restaurant patrons and staff, while Gyllenhaal strolled past the Toronto Life Most Stylish bash also being held at the Shangri-La.


UltraViolet said...

Aww, Hugh trying to horn in on the Gylleneuve love. "Jack and Gyll" is pretty funny.

We should try to get Alicia Malone to do a post here:

Apologies to my Aussie TV show @FoxtelMovieShow, my chat with Jake Gyllenhaal was less "interview", more "shameless flirt". Love him #TIFF13

did you introduce yourself as 'future wife' again?

SEVERAL TIMES. The intvw is just us talking about being married

is this interview going to take the place of the blubbering UK guy who asked out Mila Kunis? I'd be down for that

Haha it was just as awkward. I told him I had a Jake tattoo on my lower back. And mentioned my pee. Oh dear.


...And then I rode the lift with Jake Gyllenhaal. He told me I was intimidating. OH MY GOD. #TIFF13

How long was the ride???

A Few floors. His publicist was egging me on, I said "when he comes to his senses he'll be down with the Aussie way" hehe

Twitter said...

#toronto #bay street #starbucks omg jake gyllenhaal is at Starbucks on Bay Street near the ttc station just chilling with a friend !

FP said...

Rave from The Guardian

French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has made an English language thriller both gripping and mysterious

The increasingly abhorrent actions of a desperate father are contrasted with those of local police inspector Loki, a brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal. Another character with two conflicting sides, he is the town's detective supreme, one who has never failed to bring home a case and adheres strictly to the principles of policework. At the same time, his features are permanently haunted, with big black rings around his eyes. He has a nervous tic and scratchy home-made tattoos. We are never told why. The contrast between Loki and Dover, the gap between what they stand for and what they are willing to do, provide a gripping moral tension at the heart of the film.

Villeneuve's thriller relies less on excitement through unexpected twists than by building a consistent feeling of dread at the pit of the stomach. When a new suspect appears suddenly at a candlelit vigil you are initially reminded of Kevin Spacey's entrance in Seven. The suspect quickly disappears again. Prisoners stands up to comparisons with other memorable thrillers of recent years however and in its slow, sombre, unspoken tone is reminiscent of another David Fincher film, Zodiac.
There is a feeling of a community clinging on by its fingertips, not just in coming to terms with a terrible crime but in making ends meet at all. This is perhaps Villeneuve's greatest achievement. Without having his cast say a word about the "state of things" it offers a portrait of a place that is drained of hope and optimism, full of fear and suspicion. When the mystery is finally solved, we are not left any more encouraged by the resolution

UltraViolet said...

I've been wondering how the UK critics will see Prisoners. Brilliant!

If you'd like to hear Jake do DV's accent, the Prisoners section of this TIFF show begins about 15 minutes in.

UltraViolet said...

From FB:

Sooo my little celebrity update from last night... Jake Gyllenhaal did indeed stop by the Toronto Life Most Stylish event last night.. BUT he was already there all day during our set up, as well as Hugh Jackman. The Shangri-La bathrooms were strategically by our end of the event space, so they just kept on walking by us all day, back and forth, dreamy and more dreamy. It was nice :)

Monica said...

Hugh Jackman ‏@RealHughJackman
Not only a great actor but a great mate. #prisoners #jake #amazingtalent


UltraViolet said...


Not only a great actor but a great mate. #prisoners #jake #amazingtalent

UltraViolet said...

I think we''re all spending too much time together. Now Monica and I just posted the same thing :)

Added the photo to the post.

UltraViolet said...

And LOL:

Awkward moments with Alicia, Jake Gyllenhaal. Part 1...
Jake: Hi Alicia, nice to meet you.

Me: Jake!! Every time I interview you I tell you I'm your future wife. One day you're going to remember me & get it!

Jake: Our morning coffees are going to be awkward, with you always interviewing me...

Me: That is what I dream about EVERY MORNING.

Jake: I love your red lips. And your tatts.

Me: Future husband! You've made my day. #TIFF13

bobbyanna said...

Well, the Prisoners Premiere is @ 9 PM tonight. "12 Years a Slave" 's gala is @ 6 PM. Toronto must be jumpin'. ..(sigh.)

FP said...

Stuart Oldham ‏@s_oldham 7m

Just interviewed Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal before they head off to "Prisoners" premiere! #TIFF

FP said...

Jordan Zakarin ‏@jordanzakarin 3m

Sitting down for a screening of 'Prisoners,' the Hugh Jackman-Jake Gyllenhaal film that's supposedly 2.5 hours of LOL. Packed house! #TIFF13

oh my

bobbyanna said...

Hmmm. I wonder if they're adding screenings. There were supposed to be three scheduled for Prisoners. The Premiere tonight @ 9 PM another screening tomorrow @ noon, and the another screening next week on the 14th I believe.

bobbyanna said...

another nice photo of Jake & Hugh Jackman.

FP said...

Wendy ‏@rikayla 1m

Yonge Street has a crazy amount of Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal fans waiting in front of Elgin & Winter Garden. #TIFF13

FP said...

snippyrider ‏@snippyrider11 1m

#jake #gyllenhaal #TIFF2013 #movie #prisoners #Toronto #film

Translator said...

We have the opportunity to watch the red carpet premiere. CTV News is going to livestream it at 8M:
LIVE @ 8 p.m. ET: 'Prisoners' red carpet with Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman: @TIFF_NET #TIFF13

Last night I lost myself in TIFF research. Today I’m still absorbing the new tweets and videos – and Indiewire’s interview with Jake and Denis on “Enemy” is pure heaven. It’s like opening Christmas gifts to find the best presents ever.
You're so right UltraViolet: Jake respects directors, he even developped a more complex connection with Duncan Jones, but "Gylleneuve" relationship is special on all levels, nothing like it.

FP said...

Winston Sih ‏@WinstonSih 1m

It is a mad house in the Elgin theatre. It's packed! #TIFF13 #Prisoners

Anonymous said...

Alicia Quarles ‏@alicialquarles 3m

and I thought the crowd for Brad was big. Everyone waiting for realhughjackman and #jakegyllenhaal.

Anonymous said...

Well one of the producers or WB execs made it known that Jake created the backstory of his character.

Anonymous said...

Alyssa is there.

Monica said...

Adrian Ghobrial ‏@adrianghobrial 1h
Jake Gyllenhaal has officially arrived at #TIFF13 #prisoners #RedCarpet #Elgin @EntCity

shedoesthecity ‏@shedoesthecity 1h
Crowds are out in hopes of getting a glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal & Hugh Jackman for Prisoners…

shedoesthecity ‏@shedoesthecity 1h
I braved the mob and got Jake Gyllenhaal on video!! #tiff13 #prisoners #eeeeek @wolfblasswines

Monica said...

Andrea Rocco ‏@roccs87 1h
Andddddd... Jake Gyllenhaal!! #TIFF13

Holly ‏@Holly9876543 1h

1 hour ago
The very handsome #jakeGyllenhaal was nice enough to greet everyone. #tiff13 #prisonersmovie

1 hour ago · Elgin And Winter Garden Theatres
Hello, Jake Gyllenhaal. #Prisoners #TIFF13 @EntCityFollow

1 hour ago
Another hottie!!! jake gyllenhaal baby! #woohoo #tiff2013 #toronto #yay #celebs

Entertainment City ‏@EntCity 1h
Jake Gyllenhaal having a laugh with our @colinjustin #TIFF13 #prisoners #RedCarpet #Elgin @EntCity

michelle brewer ‏@michiebrew 1h
just highfived Hugh Jackman and selfied with Jake Gyllenhaal... #neat

Monica said...

ET Canada ‏@ETCanada 1h
Looking good! Jake Gyllenhaal clearly happy to hit the #Prisoners red carpet #ETCTIFF

E! Online Canada ‏@EOnlineCanada 1h
It's two for the price of one at the Prisoners Gala with Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman #TIFF13

Colin McRae ‏@JohnnySkrate 1h
The craziness #HughJackman #JakeGyllenhaal #TIFF13

etalk ‏@etalkCTV 1h

Guess who we just bumped into on the 'Prisoners' red carpet! #JakeGyllenhaal #etalkTIFF13

há 1 hora
So awesome to see #hughjackman & #jakegyllenhaal working the crowd at #tiff! #toronto #filmfestival #prisoners

Hana ‏@hanaxviii 1h
the fact that I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal right in front of my eyes I'M DYING INSIDE OMG. #TIFF
Emily ‏@Emm94 1h

#TIFF13 was so incredible!! Still can't believe I met @RealHughJackman and #JakeGyllenhaal #Prisoners @TIFF_NET

Mia ‏@miar_87 1h

This happening around the corner from me. What is my life. #JakeGyllenhaal #HughJackman

FP said...

shedoesthecity ‏@shedoesthecity 3m

"I apologize, I'm not a Hollywood director, I did not take Xanax tonight." Denis Villeneuve addressing packed Elgin. #prisoners #TIFF13

Oh Holy Jesus, but how many people there?

WB does not show too much love for Jake in his tweets, but who cares, we know how Jake is crucial to the film

FP said...

Ok, WB, have you seen? WB do not mess with me! lol;)

Warner Bros Pictures ‏@wbpictures 5m

All smiles. #JakeGyllenhaal #Prisoners #TIFF13

Monica said...

Globe Arts ‏@GlobeArts 1h
Video: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal praise Denis Villeneuve at TIFF #tiff13

Jake Gyllenhaal at the TIFF 2013 Festival (Toronto)

1 hour ago
A wild #JakeGyllenhaal appears #tiff #tiff13

Monica said...

Jake confirmed Everest, and he also talked about Nightcrawler: Varity

FP said...

Cascade Pictures ‏@Cascadepictures 1h

Still blown away by Jake Gyllenhaal's masterful performance in Prisoners. Toronto off to a great start! #tiff13

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Alyssa is there.

September 6, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Can you tell us where you get your crystal ball? I;ve always wanted one that actually works.

Mary said...

A couple of people that inteviewed Jake tweeted that she was there so I think she is there with him.

SarahLondon said...

Does anybody know when Prisoners will be Premiered in London? Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

There was live coverage of TIFF last night and saw her. There has to be a video.

Hagen said...

VISA Screening Room #TIFF
Selfie with Jake Gyllenhaal #jakegyllenhaal #selfie #tiff #toronto #canada

Anonymous said...

You couldn't miss her doing the live stream before Jake came in.

Jake seems to be proud of this one.

FP said...

Bruce Kirkland ‏@Bruce_Kirkland 24m

Great seeing Jake Gyllenhaal take the piss out of his Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve. Clearly there is a bromance. #SunTIFF13 #TIFF13

FP said...

TIFF 2013: Five things we learned at the press conference for Prisoners

1. Denis Villeneuve may be the most humble guy ever.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal probably won’t be having kids anytime soon.When asked how a film like Prisoners makes him feel about starting a family of his own, the actor was rendered speechless with Villeneuve exclaiming, “He’s not ready!” and co-star Maria Bello jokingly offering to babysit.
“That is a loaded question if I ever heard one,” Gyllenhaal sheepishly responded, “and for the first time in my entire career, I am entirely blank.”

4. There’s a serious bromance between Gyllenhaal and Villeneuve.
The director and Gyllenhaal (who also pair up in Enemy) ribbed each other constantly throughout the press conference. When the actor was asked how important TIFF and Toronto was to the festival circuit, Gyllenhaal had nothing but glowing things to say. “Toronto is so artistically inclined,” he enthused. People are desperately trying to bring out the arts.” Villeneuve quickly inserted, “This is the first time he is saying nice things about Canada.”

Monica said...

Bill Paxton Joins Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Nightcrawler’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Monica said...

23 minutes ago · TIFF Bell Lightbox
Jake Gyllenhaal @TIFF_NET #tiff13 at the @WireImage_ent Portrait Studio.Follow

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It's like Christmas and New Years all wrapped up in an awesome package! Not since Zodiac has a film that Jake has been in has received such incredible reviews and I love that the critics are giving equal kudos to Jake.

He looks good but I wish he would ditch those shoes! It looks like Jake and Denis have clicked, I
hope that Leads to further projects.

Thanks so much UV, Monica, Hagen, etc for all your hard work on keeping up with Jake's very busy weekend!

FP said...

Warner Bros Pictures ‏@wbpictures 3m

Photo shoot with #Prisoners star #JakeGyllenhaal. Behind the scenes at #TIFF13.

rave for the movie,Hugh,and a bit for Jake from entertainment weekly

In movies like Death Wish (1974), where Charles Bronson played a walking statue of stoic wrath, vigilante justice is mean and nasty, and it’s also good, clean, righteous fun. But then there’s the kind of movie, like Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs (1971), that salutes lone-wolf vengeance and, at the same time, makes you feel the spiritual toll it takes — the thriller that's exciting, cathartic, and powerfully disturbing. Prisoners is that type of movie. It's rooted in 40 years of Hollywood revenge films, yet it also breaks audacious new ground.

Each of the film's major performances is powerful. As the cop heading up the investigation, Jake Gyllenhaal has a moody, badass danger that all but redefines him as an actor (for the first time, he doesn't seem like too nice a guy), and Melissa Leo, as the suspect's mother, unnerves you with the sinister banality of her homepsun Middle American quirkiness. She's the nightmare mom next door.

In its treatment of torture as a means to an end, Prisoners is very much a post-Zero Dark Thirty movie, even if the sin at its heart is child abduction rather than terrorism. Keller’s remorseless treatment of his suspect echoes America’s treatment of its captives at Abu Ghraib and other hidden locales after 9/11. Only this time it’s personal: a desperate father out to save his daughter. Prisoners takes the mythic simplicity of the vigilante film and adds arresting layers of ambiguity. Watching the movie, we behold Keller’s actions and feel that they may be horribly unjustified — a daring place for a film to put its hero — and we also behold his actions and feel that they may be what true morality demands. It’s a sign of the film’s power that either scenario could turn out to be true, and that each one is just as scary. A,,20483133_20721902,00.html

not so excited by the film critic for Time
not so excited by the film critic for Time

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals Why He Loves 'Mr. Jackman'


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Also, Jake Gyllenhaal just went upstairs to the bar. #Momufuku #TIFF13

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Awfully quiet over here...hope for the best for Jake and Denis. Prisoners needs to be a box office smash like Argo to get the attention in Awards season.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal, 'Prisoners' Star, On His Collaborations With Denis Villeneuve & 'Prince Of Persia'


I love everything I'm reading about Jake and Dennis. I hope they make more movies together.

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Me, too, Monica, and I was a skeptic. Apologies for being off the grid. Some amazing stuff over the last couple of days. Love the EW review.

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