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After some overthinking, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman sit down with Peter Travers of Rolling Stone. Jake has high praise for Hugh:

Snippets from a post-screening Q&A at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:

Odds and ends from the past couple of weeks:

Jake making faces and then running into Hugh Jackman at Sirius XM:

Jake making funny face for Hugh Jackman at Katie Couris:

Jake's face:

This one just cracks me up, because it looks like Jake looks is holding a laser gun: right hand on the grip;left hand on the laser:


Reposting for Translator said...

From the end of the last post:

Interesting about Harvey and Argo, FP.

And Hagen, I agree that even Harvey wouldn't have made Enemy an Oscar contender. It would have been interesting to see what he would have done with it, however.

I hope Jake can still get some independent award recognition for it.

Saw this tweet from a film type today:

Saw a private screening of #Enemy this morning. #JakeGyllenhaal's best performance and worth the watch.

Interesting take from Empire Online. I read in some (translated) Spanish press for Enemy that Denis could tell which character Jake was playing merely by the way he walked.

Mary said...

Boy Jake sure is staying under the cover usually when in LA he gets paped alot good for him but bad for us:) Guess he's busy with nightcrawlers.

Monica said...

I was wondering if the filming of Nightcrawler has already begun. Many productions begin footage a week before.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this enemy trailer?

bobbyanna said...

Loving all these gorgeous photos, UV. The video clip from the Academy screening and the Q & A was fun, too. I hope that Denis, Roger Deakins, Hugh,and Jake will be given serious consideration for their outstanding work.

FP said...


Jake Gyllenhaal is the perfect detective in 'Prisoners', writes James Franco:

Prisoners is awesome. I loved, loved, loved it. The atmosphere, the pacing, the framing, the acting, and the subject matter are all so good. I love that my man Jake Gyllenhaal is back as a hard-hitting actor. His portrayl of Detective Loki is mysterious, empathetic, tough, and believable—all without a backstory. All we know about Loki is that he spends Thanksgiving alone at a Chinese restaurant and that he has never foiled a case. He is the perfect engine for this contemporary noir where each turn (well, almost each turn) in the narrative is believable and gripping. But more than that, he embodies the “complex simplicity” that Thoreau speaks of. He tells little with words but tells so much with presence and clues. Clock my man’s crazy tattoos and the erratic blinking he does whenever he is thinking hard about something. Scope his shirts buttoned esse-style, all the way to the top. These are the signals of a confident and searching actor and they signify to viewers that Detective Loki is a force to be reckoned with in his world. Even though Loki has a shadowy backstory, these little clues are all we need to fall in love with him.

And just in case it isn’t clear: I LOVE this film. It is so dense with atmosphere and full of questions about who we are and what we believe in. It is so rich that it feels like a novel. I kept asking myself as I watched it: How did the screenwriter and director jump straight past conventional literature and create literature for the screen? Maybe someone will just have to do a book adaptation of this film. It’s that good.
But back to the man of the hour and why I like this movie so much: Check out Jake walking around all the creepy basements. Love it! Check out his computer-bashing rage scene. Love it! Check out the way he questions motherfuckers, holding his gun like a real gumshoe, and races the girl back to the hospital with blood running down his face like a champ. Love it!

Still, one last question: What was up with the mazes? Why mazes? Just asking...

Realist said...

"and races the girl back to the hospital with blood running down his face like a champ. Love it!"

Sort of a spoiler. He did the same thing with Ryan Gosling's last movie and it was over the top almost as if he was jealous of Ryan. I kind of question Franco's motives with his actor's review of an actor.

FP said...

and LOL!

James Franco ‏@JamesFrancoTV 12h


Hagen said...

There's an article about "Enemy" and "Prisoners" on Flickering Myth with a somewhat spoilerish, but probably helpful explanation of "Enemy".

I like that new still from "Enemy" with Jake and Isabella Rossellini on IHJ.

Monica said...

Kathleen York ‏@KathleenYork1 1h
Yay. Working on the new #JakeGyllenhaal film Nightcrawler. It's a great role for him (written by Dan Gilroy).

Twitter said...

Just rode the subway for about 20 mins with Jake Gyllenhaal standing over me. Brb. Gotta go change my pants.

No it wasn't a dream! That HAPPENED to me. My face was pants level with Jake G.

FP said...

Friendly Persuasion: Denis Villeneuve talks about Enemy & Prisoners

"I didn’t want Enemy to look like a visual effects movie. I wanted the double scenes to be shot as if there were really two people in the room.” The man behind the camera notes, “The most important visual effect in this film was the ability of the actor to believe that he was in front of himself. There was another actor who was standing there and was playing Jake’s part. Often Jake was playing in front of nothing. We had floating tennis balls. We had things he was playing against.” The lead performer was able to convey a different inner energy for the roles of Adam and Anthony. “I could feel which character Jake was playing by looking at him in the eyes; he did not have the same vibe or aurora.” Villeneuve remarks, “Jake is such a powerful actor. My job was to try to make the two characters closer to each other because sometimes Jake was making them too much different.”

Extra said...

I love that first photo, he looks so serious and sexy!

Enemy sounds really strange and intrigiung . So far thr reviews of Jake are good. So happy to hear about the continued sucsess of Prisoners but Franco's review is a bit over the top!

Hagen said...

Agenzia Stampa Quotidiana Nazionale: The Schnals Valley glacier (South Tyrol) will be the main set of the new film by Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur (The Deep, Contraband) titled 'Everest'. The film will be shot on the glacier of Schnals Valley between November 4th and December 20th.

Instagram said...

Want to hear about that time I hit on Jake Gyllenhaal (very fun):
...So there I was, front row of my SoulCycle class, and at the last minute, this really cute guy walks in and sits on the bike next to me. So the rest of the class, I'm casually flirting, working my "Tap Backs", but he slipped out early and life went on. Well the same thing happened the next day! But alas, our paths were never to cross again in SoulCycle! So days later, there I was reading my Self Magazine, telling the gays about the guy who looked like Jake Gyllenhaal in spin class I had been flirting with, when I came across a SoulCycle article. Listed at the bottom: "Fans of SoulCycle: Kelly Ripa, Chelsea Clinton, and Jake Gyllenhaal." Yep, that guy who looked like Jake Gyllenhaal was Jake Gyllenhaal...


Translator said...

Hello friends! While I can't be the frequent GyllenBabble guest I'd like to, I'm back with a French interview with Denis Villeneuve from Premiere Magazine.
Translated/adapted by yours truly:

— Between Incendies and Prisoners you made Enemy, a "mental thriller" with Jake Gyllenhaal. Yet Prisoners was released first. What happened?
— I actually signed on for both movies only six days apart. Enemy was in development for a couple of years when, one Friday night, Jake called me to give his OK, he was going to do it. Less than a week later, I got a message informing me that Hugh Jackman has accepted to do Prisoners. I found myself in the position of making 2 movies back-to-back. You got to know that, distribution wise, the release of a Prisoners type of movie is like a military operation. They knew the release date 18 months before. They firmly wanted to present it in Toronto, the schedule was set in stone. The entire making of the movie followed a marketing plan. I've never done that before. Enemy is a completely different thing: a small movie who needs to get its feet wet in festivals, a fragile object who needs more time to be born. It will be released later. March 2014 the earliest.

— I imagine, Jake Gyllenhaal signed on for Prisoners because of your collaboration on Enemy...
— Exactly. For Enemy, I wanted to spend time with an actor, to develop a real artistic relationship, to make a film as a laboratory. Jake was coming off some big studio movies that weren't pleasant experiences for him, and I think I turned up at the right moment with my independent, skint film. For Prisoners, Jackman being a strong actor, I needed someone capable to be his match. I needed Jake.

— He's exceptional in this movie, one of his best performances ever. We really feel that something great is happening between the two of you. Did you find your De Niro?
— We became good "frenemies". We love each other and we hate each other. We know each other really well, there's an intimacy between us that, on set, could seem odd for the rest of the crew. We speak frankly, without a filter. He deeply inspires me. As an actor, he’s in the process of "becoming ripe", maturing in a radical (extraordinary) manner, and he's going to take us by surprise in the future. His best roles are ahead of him.

And what I think is another reference to Jake:
— Are you going to be an "american" filmmmaker from now on?
— If they'll give me the same freedom, I'm ready. Working in Hollywood gives you control and the possibility to make your dreams a reality. For example, I'd love to make a science-fiction movie. And there it's possible...

Also a Belgian interview from Le Soir:
— Jake Gyllenhaal is the star of Prisoners, as well as Enemy. Is it the beginning of a complicity?
— It really is an artistic "love at first sight". When I approached Jake for Enemy, I wanted to make a connection, an experiment, explore cinema and learn about directing actors with an actor. Jake and I, we've created a great complicity. Contrary to the other characters in the [Prisoners] script, who were very well written, the detective was sort of a "sidekick" driving the narrative. In order to properly develop the confrontation between the father and the detective, I needed a powerful actor who could create on camera a real human being. Cause the father was strong. So I needed a strong counterpart. Jake did accept the challenge, to my great satisfaction. I had two actors confronting each other on screen, giving their absolute best, in a demonstration of artistic skill. I was fortunate.

FP said...

Variety Festivals ‏@Variety_Fests 23m

‘Mad Men’ Actor Kevin Rahm Joins Jake Gyllenhaal Pic ‘Nightcrawler’: Best known for his role as Ted on “Mad Me...

Translator said...

Using italics, bolds and hyperlinks is quite a time consuming task :-)

Good reviews for Enemy:
Three indie gems we found at TIFF 2013:
Had you asked festival-goers which movies top their lists (and we did), odds are one of them was Prisoners (the ladies love Jake). Little did they know, Gyllenhaal was starring, ironically enough, opposite himself in another Denis Villeneuve-directed mindfuck down the street.
Prisoners, despite being a big-studio production, is a masterpiece, but it still fits into a box. Somewhat neatly tied with a bow. It doesn’t allow the sort of free-for-all creativity that comes with independent filmmaking. With Enemy, there are no rules, no babysitting, and no bows. The entire thing’s a glorious puzzle — one you get to figure out soon, as A24 picked up distribution rights.

TIFF 2013: Enemy:
Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the big-budget suspense Prisoners, and this quiet, intellectual thriller. This duality of two opposite versions of something is at the crux of Enemy‘s plot.
I can’t help but notice similarities to Dostoyevsky’s book The Double from 1846, as well as possible nods to Kafka’s insect imagery, claustrophobia and absurdity. Whatever the influences, it works. In today’s increasingly self-centered North-American society, questions of identity, uniqueness and our selfish desires are more relevant than ever.
Gyllenhaal’s dual performance is elegant, as perplexed Adam and vaguely menacing Anthony.
Villeneuve outdoes himself, as Enemy truly masters the genre of psychological thriller.

Critical praise for Jake from The Arts Desk:
The most interesting character in Prisoners’ superbly cast assembly of victims and victim-predators isn’t Jackman’s shattered vigilante [......] No, the creation that really lingers in the memory is Jake Gyllenhaal’s Detective Loki. The first time you see him, alone in a diner in the working-class Pennsylvania suburb where two children are lost, he seems like the sort of man who might have them. His eyes twitch with tiredness under werewolf-thick brows. He says little, instead simmering watchfully, his damped-down violence occasionally exploding. In a film stuffed with hidden compartments and cages, physical and mental, he plainly has plenty. It’s a great performance, built on stoically silent fury, and a stillness so intense it nearly quivers. Gyllenhaal gives what could be just another brilliant, damaged cop human weight of black hole gravity.

The entire quote from Weinstein. Talk about the press abbreviating statements: "I will tell you that outside of the movies that we made this year and we acquired, I saw the movie that's the best film I've seen this year which is 'Prisoners.'" It is is such an extraordinary work of art. Why I should be promoting a Warner Bros. movie when they tortured me on 'The Butler'...Even I have to say it was painful, torture. Nonetheless they made a great movie and they're good guys. Hugh Jackman and Jake [Gyllenhaal] are amazing in it. It's incredible."

In the Oscar predictions game, IndieWire's Anne Thompson places Jake 2nd in Contenders (no.7). Even better, Awards Circuit's Clayton Davis updated his chart by moving Jake up from Contenders to the first batch of Predicted Nominees (no. 5).

FP said...

Hello Translator! You're like Santa Claus full of gifts for me today!
you rocks! :))

UltraViolet said...

Wow, Translator! I agree with FP. You brought quite a few presents. Thank you so much. Translating and adding all the html code is quite a gift for us GBers.

Love the awards stuff but am still trying to be skeptical. I'm sure we're all hoping for it but trying not to count on it. I did also see that Harvey predicted Hugh would be nominated but didn't mention Jake. So it was nice to read that quote.

Love the Arts Desk blurb especially.

And Hagen, thanks for the Enemy filming info. Jake really is going from one right into another, if he begins filming in early November.

That Flickering Myth article is spoilery but very interesting wrt Enemy. Also LOL at them saying "aurora" instead of "aura." Thanks for posting FP.

And the Soul Cycle story was funny. Thanks, Instagram.

Hagen said...

Thank you, Translator!

For example, I'd love to make a science-fiction movie.

Villeneuve mentioned in an interview that he's considering a very dark science-fiction script.

"Prisoners" is projected to gross $5.7 million this weekend, a drop by 48 percent. I guess the film will end its box office run with a similar result as "Source Code" ($54 million) - a stronger opening weekend, but weaker legs.

bobbyanna said...

I'm loving all this positive reaction to Jake's work. Thanks so much for the translations.

As for the Prisoners box office, I guess this weekend is ALL about "Gravity." They timed the release of Prisoners perfectly to avoid the tidal wave. : )

The way Jake's movies are marketed is often a pet peeve of mine, with a few exceptions. I think they did a good job of marketing Prisoners, but sometimes I feel like they stop advertising too soon.

Seems like they pull back after opening weekend, which is understandable, but in my unscientific opinion : ) they might get a bit more mileage out of it, if they left things in place for just one more week.

Hagen said...

Tomorrow a casting for "Everest" will take place in South Tyrol ( casting call). They're searching for actors and extras for shootings at the base camp of the glacier in Schnals Valley, particularly people of Asian origin.

Monica said...

Well, it's still a good BO to a movie with nearly three hours, apparently without action scenes or special effects, and difficult for some. I'm happy it still in the top 5. And I think can finish the weekend in third.

Thanks, Translator.

Chica said...

Thanks so much translator!!
I think Prisoners is holding up well and as you have pointed out Monica very good for a movie that is really dark and
The length of the film.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, too, monica, Prisoners is holding up very well.

Good to see the casting call for Everest, Hagen. Seems like that shoot is not far off at all.

Next year will be a really good year for Jake. I'm also hoping to see more information down the road about the possibility of Jake returning to the stage in NYC next Fall.

Tweety said...

It's holding up really well it came in at #4. Gravity has awesome visuals and is an emotional trip but the acting is only so-so imo. It's Sandy's film though, Clooney doesn't do anything special.

Realist said...

I disagree with Hagen on Prisoners doing the same BO as SC. If WB's estimate are correct for Prisoners this weekend, it will more than likely surpass Source Code. This is a big studio movie which means the screens will hold up longer than SC. Prisoners is already at $47 in 3 weeks, it took SC 8 or 9 weeks with a lot less screens to reach that. I don't see Prisoners losing more than a 1000 screens in the next couple of weeks but I could be wrong.

Monica said...

I'm so excited to see Gravity. The film looks great!

Clooney doesn't do anything special.

Clooney is always Clooney for me. But I liked him in Descendents and Up In The Air
Will not be surprised if he gets another nomination for best supporting actor!.

bobbyanna said...

Just found this on FB:

Troy Williams
10 minutes ago via Mobile.

"On set shooting with Jake Gyllenhaal."

UltraViolet said...

And looky here:

So my best friend and I went to go get boba and ended up watching #JakeGyllenhaal film an upcoming movie Nightcrawler. #LA #filming #omg #whatanunexpectednight #blurrypic

Jake certainly looks different...

I assume Prisoners will finish ahead of Source Code, as well, but its drops have been bigger than hoped for.

bobbyanna said...

OMG. Is that Jake looking a little bit like Eddie Munster? LOL! Yes, he looks very different. Very thin.(no beard!)

Monica said...

Is that Jake looking a little bit like Eddie Munster?

he looks young!

Anonymous said...

Is that a haircut too? He does seem younger looking like Pilot sort of.

Hagen said...

Screen Daily: Prisoners locks in UK box office lead
Prisoners has retained the number one spot in the UK for the second consecutive week, becoming the first film since Monsters University to do so.

Posting a slim drop of just 17%, eOne’s drama scored a $1.8m (£1.1m) second weekend for a strong early $5.4m (£3.38m) after ten days in play.

Hagen said...

Another review of "Enemy" from Reel Film Reviews (2,5 out of 4 stars): Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, working from Javier Gullón's screenplay, makes his less-than-coherent intentions clear right from the get-go, as Enemy opens with a striking yet baffling sequence that effectively (and efficiently) sets a tone of oddly-engrossing confusion that persists from start to finish. The movie's compulsively watchable vibe is heightened by both Nicolas Bolduc's dark, Fincheresque visuals and Gyllenhaal's impressively subtle performance, with, in terms of the latter, the actor doing a superb job of stepping into the shoes of two vastly different characters. And despite Villeneuve's decision to employ as deliberate a pace as one could envision, Enemy's grip on the viewer doesn't begin to falter until around the halfway mark - as the film is, past that point, increasingly suffused with elements of a head-scratching and downright nonsensical nature. (It is, for example, awfully difficult to accept or make sense of the protagonist's easy acceptance of his doppelganger's malicious actions.) The movie's lack of context, coupled with an ongoing emphasis on oddball images (ie what's with all the spider stuff?), ultimately confirms its place as an art-house thriller that's often too off-the-wall for its own good, although, by that same token, it's hard to deny that the film, which boasts an impressively memorable final few minutes, lingers in one's consciousness long after the end credits have rolled.

Hagen said...

If WB's estimate are correct for Prisoners this weekend, it will more than likely surpass Source Code.

Well, yes, maybe. To "Prisoners'" advantage films like "Rush", "Runner Runner", "Don Jon" and "Baggage Claim" are currently underperforming at the box office. So I agree that it probably won't drop out of theaters that quickly. On the other hand many of the upcoming releases like "Captain Philips", "The Fifth Estate" and "The Counselor" appeal to similar audiences as "Prisoners". Even "Gravity" skews heavily towards older audiences: 59 percent are older than 35 (a bit odd for a 3D disaster movie with not much dialog). So it won't be easy for "Prisoners" to hold up well.

So far "Prisoners" has already grossed $14.1 million outside of the US. That's roughly as much as End of Watch grossed during its entire box office run.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Remillard ‏@LisaRemillard 1h
I got cast in a movie! Starring the fab Jake Gyllenhaal & Rene Russo. I'm playing a reporter. #Nightcrawler

Lisa Remillard ‏@LisaRemillard 1h
It's a small part. And I could end up on the cutting room floor. But it is an honor to be here. #Nightcrawler

UltraViolet said...

Aww, I hope her part stays in the movie.

From last night:

JeffreyJamesLippold ‏@JJLippold 7 Oct
Working with my team #firemen #medic #JJLippold on set with #jakegyllenhaal

Working on set about 2 feet from #JakeGyllenhaal I like him, he jumps right in and shares his ideas, I love working with #RealActors

Glad to see Prisoners doing well in the UK. And to read more praise for Jake in Enemy, even if the movie review was less enthusiastic.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Wow! Look how young Jake looks at that link on the set of Nightcrawlers vs the photo on this post!

Glad to hear that Prisoners is doing so well in the UK :)

Yeah, it sounds like Enemy is going vto be a tough sell but Jake has been getting praised for his performance.

Anonymous said...

Charles McDonald ‏@CharlesMcD 9m
What happened to 8 hour days? #13hournight #nightwalker #JakeGyllenhaal

bobbyanna said...

Found this on FB, from "10 hrs. ago."

Dominic Alvarez
10 hours ago via BlackBerry Smartphones App.

"Actor Jake Gyllenhal is chillin in my front yard filming his new movie "Nightcrawler""

8 people like this..

Nayely Escobar Where's the pic?!

6 hours ago via mobile..

Hagen said...

On set with #jakegyllenhaal

That could have been a set pic from "End of Watch". I'm curious how these films will compare to each other.

Fortunately "Prisoners" is rolled out world-wide more quickly than "End of Watch". It has been released in France today and will open in Germany tomorrow (a semi-wide release in Germany at 255 theaters compared to 179 theaters for "End of Watch"). I'm looking forward to seeing it on Saturday. :-) And there are even some screenings of "Prisoners" in English at my local theater. For whatever reason the German distributor has already published the cover of the blu-ray before its theatrical release.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Movies ‏@YahooMovies 5m
Why did @FranKranz dress up as Jake Gyllenhaal? Find out in this edition of #Popsessions:

Anonymous said...

GQ Australia ‏@GQAustralia 20m
The new issue is almost here, featuring cover star Jake Gyllenhaal and a whole lot more. Check it out here:

New York said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest celebrity who’s house-hunting this fall. He recently looked at a 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, 4½-bathroom loft duplex at 137 Franklin St. The TriBeCa co-op, asking $6.2 million, comes with a fireplace, private elevator and radiant heat white oak floors. Sadly for Jake, an out-of-town family has swooped in to buy the place. Town’s Andrew Azoulay represented the seller while Town’s Claudia and Mark Fromm represented the buyer.

Anonymous said...

can you please please take out the auto play video? PLEASE :(

Nightcrawler said...

Henie Reisinger ‏@HennArtOnline 16h
Oooh, eat your ♡ out! Just got film notice #JakeGyllenhaal and #ReneeRusso will be next door filming Nightcrawler cc @omgInsider #omginsider

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...
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UltraViolet said...

Leonor, come back!

New post, everyone :)