Friday, June 17, 2011

The train is still running

Found a few more photos of Jake Gyllenhaal from the Railroad Revival Tour. Jake is shown with Ephraim Owens, an Austin jazz musician and bandleader, who played with Mumford and Sons on the tour. The photos were posted on his Facebook page.

This photo of Jake playing trumpet also came from his FB page:

Monica posted a link to this 2004 photo of Jake in the comments of a previous post, but in case people didn't see it:

Monica also found this link to the deleted scenes in Love & Other Drugs. I'd never seen the car scene before or the full hotel room seen. So thanks for the find, Monica!

Here's the link, if the embed doesn't work.


bobbyanna said...

Great find, UV!! I couldn't access the link, but on my DVD, I remember deleted scenes for LAOD involving a scene in a car, a hospital scene, and a bedroom scene.

Sheba baby said...

The Revival Tour is the gift that keeps on giving, these photos are great UV!! He looks like he had so much fun on that tour.

The link doesn't work for me either but I these scenes are on the LAOD DVD. That movie was flawed IMO, but Jake and Anne were fantastic.

I wasn't going to see The Green Lantern but a few of my co-workers mentioned they wanted to see it after work and I said that I would join them.

It's been getting shitty reviews but that has never stopped some movies from making money at the BO.

mary said...

let us know what you think of the movie

i will be seeing U2 again tonight they are playing at angel stadium in anaheim

bobbyanna said...

(((mary!))) How sweet to be able to see U2!...again : )

Anonymous said...

WOW great pics, I'm glad that he shared those. loved the 2004 shot, I wonder where Jake was. and of course the LAOD vid.

thanks Monica!


Monica said...

loved the 2004 shot, I wonder where Jake was.
Monkeyland Audio Studios.

Source Code worldwide box office: 118 million!!

Chica said...

Thanks Monica, I love that shot of Jake and the monkey!

What a great find UV, I love all the pics from Jake's adventure, I'm so glad that these news pics were posted on FB, love the one of him playing the trumpet:)

I remember seeing the deleting scenes on the DVD as well, I can't get the video to work :(

118 milion WW for SC, YES!!!!

UltraViolet said...

Here's a photo of a t-shirt Jake signed and personalized for an auction for the National Dance Institute. Not sure if it was already sold or will be sold. There are photos of other celeb shirts, as well.

UltraViolet said...

That deleted scene link is slow but it does eventually load and it's worth trying to wait it out. I did try to download it myself, but it's too slow to rip.

Mary, I'm so jealous. I've seen U2 many, many times but not on this tour. Hope you had a great time.

Hopefully more pics of Jake on the RRT tour will continue to pop up here and there. It's fun to see them.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The link works for me UV, thanks and thanks so much for finding these photos of Jake, the first one is classic!

This tour was filmed for a documentary and I'm sure Jake will show up in it, I can't wait!

That is a cute pic of Jake and the stuffed monkey:)

SC has done really well, Duncan and Jake must be so excited and proud.

sass said...

Great pics of Jake having a blast. TY UV! Monica, I'm loving that WW BO! GO JAKE! My son is off to see early AM GL...way cheaper spite of its bad reviews. :lol Kids...who knew:)

Anonymous said...

YAY I finally got to see the LAOD deleted scenes. It took a LONNNGGGG time to load but I saw them. I wish they had left in the scenes from the hotel. I think it was pretty pivotal to showing the conflict between them. Jamie wanting to help Maggie and her not wanting him to.

Thanks for the pics from the RR tour. I'm glad Jake had a great time.


Chica said...

I love Jake's personilzed National Dance Institute shirt for auction, what a great cause. Like the other celeb shirts as well!

FL said...

Clarence Clemons died tonight. So so so sad. RIP Big Man. You will be missed.

mary said...

had a great time at the concert U2 gives a great show Lenny Kravritz was the opening act he was great too.

RIP clarence

UltraViolet said...

Oh, what a sad, sad way to end what was such a happy day here in Boston. I'm blasting Born To Run and remembering all the wonderful times I saw Bruce and the Big Man. I can't believe we'll never see them perform together again.

RIP, Clarence!

UltraViolet said...

Mary, I'm so glad you had a good time. Waiting to hear if Bono and the boys pay tribute to CC tonight.

Also, Jake may be there tonight:

Tonite we have seen Rick Rubin, Tom Morello, Jake Gyllenhaal,Quincy Jones, Tony Kanal, Cindy Crawford,Gina Gershon all at U2 Anaheim

bobbyanna said...

Clarence was awesome. I agree. he'll truly be missed.

(((RIP, Clarence.)))

Saw some tweets about Jake being at the U2 concert tonight in Anaheim.

bobbyanna said...

Oops. same time, UV : )

UltraViolet said...

Great minds, Bobbyanna :)

From twitter:

U2 dedicates 'Moment of Surrender' to Clarence tonight in Anaheim. Incredibly moving...

U2 in Anaheim dedicated last song - "Moment of Surrender" - to Clarence and that "beautiful saxophone."

Bono recited lyrics to Jungleland by Bruce Springsteen to honor Clarence Clemons on his passing at end of U2 in Anaheim...

Anonymous said...

Bear Grylls posted a pic of him and Jake.

Extra said...

Love these new/old pics from Jake's excellent journey and I especially love the one of him on the trumpet:)

I wish Ed Zwick had kept these deleted scenes in LAOD, one of my complaints about the movie was the editing, I think it effected the flow of Jamie and Maggie's story.

Thanks anon, we should be seeing Jake's episode real soon!

I would have love to have been at that U2 concert, the tribute to Clemens must have ben so moving.

Good-bye Big Man Clarence, will miss you and your wicked sax.

UltraViolet said...

Nice pic of the Icelandic duo. Can't wait to hear when the actual show will air.

From someone at the concert last night:

BeautyandDirt @theverysimong he had full beard, cap, green shirt, khakis and seemed pretty un-starry unlike others there, you'd love him more
about 3 hours ago in reply to theverysimong

BeautyandDirt @theverysimong he was very lovely, stood next to him at gig & he said hi to me at the after party without me needing to stalk him!
about 3 hours ago in reply to theverysimong

BeautyandDirt @theverysimong tell u when I see you, if I tweet about doing groovy things people just unfollow u, they don't know the ½ of it!
about 3 hours ago in reply to theverysimong

BeautyandDirt @theverysimong just been to very star studded gig & party. Even Jake G said hi to me, Cindy Crawford looked gorgeous & many others to tell u
about 3 hours ago in reply to theverysimong

UltraViolet said...

Extra, I agree that the movie could have used some of these scenes. I also think we needed to see Maggie having more bad days, since it came out of nowhere when she attacks him about why he'd even want to be with her.

Viv said...

Ah~~~~~~I want to see this episode!!!!
I don't know if this episode will show in my country...:(
Still like Jake with hair. LOL

sass said...

Monica, would you please let me know your box office links/source? I use BO MOJO and they are stalled at $111,000,000 total WW! TY

mary said...

darn jake wouold be there the night im not

bono dedicated a song to gabby giffords the night i was there i think it was beatiful day because right before that they showed her husband from when he wasup on the shuttle and he had the words beautiful day spelled out for us to see

maria shriver was there because bono mentioned she was there dont know of any other celebrities there the night i was

Monica said...

Jake looks great in the picture! I'm anxious to see this episode of Man vs. Wild!

Sass, I saw in this site: The Numbers

Sheba baby said...

Jake does look great, can't wait to see his episode with Grylls!

Green Lantern was a big, loud disappoinment. Reynolds wasn't bad and Peter made a creepy villian as Hammond, but that was it.

Tacky looking CGI effects a mess of a "script" and a dull as dishwater leading lady in Blake Lively adds up to a waste of time and $$$.

How lucky for you Mary that you got to see U2, and how wonderful it was for them to give a tribute to Gifford and Clemons.

Sounds like you had a great time, hope Jake did too!

RIP Clarence Clemons.

mary said...

im sure he did it was a great concert

Shondra said...

Glad you had a blast at the U2 concert Mary, i'm so jealous! I'm sure Jake enjoyed himself as well.

I'm a big fan of Springsteen and the E Street band and was saddened to hear about the Passing of Clarence, he will be missed.

My husband got to pick what movie we were going to see this weekend because of Father's Day and he chose the X-Men flick, much to the joy of our sons, LOL!! He is such a big kid.

I don't follow the X-Men but It was fun and they helped explain a lot of things to me.

Good thing he didn't pick Green lantern!

My favorite pic on this post is of Jake playing the trumpet, thanks so much UV for finding these goodies and to you too Monica for the Jake and the monkey pic, that is too cute!

I haven't purchased the LAOD DVD sso these scenes are new to me, thanks.

Jake looks so serious in that photo of him and Bear Grylls:)

bobbyanna said...

Bruce Springsteen posted a beautiful message about Clarence on his website. They were friends and collaborators/bandmates for 40 years!

Found these on twitter:

At Hollywood Farmers Market creepin on a very bearded Jake Gyllenhaal.
5 hours ago

Just squeezed passed Jake Gyllenhaal at the Hollywood Farmers market. Too waspy to snap a picture or say hi. I don't belong in LA.

Shondra, glad you caught X-Men. Heard it was pretty good.

Chica said...

I saw that too about Clarence Bobbyanna, what a beautiful message.

I heard tha GL was a bit disappointing at the BO, made less than had hoped even with 3-D.

Chica said...

OT: I'm watching the Daytime Emmys on CBS and boy what a trainwreck!!!

Wayne Brady is awful, the LV promos are tacky and it looks like they spent $2 on the production!

Next year this time there will be only 4 soaps on the air and I don't see why they would bother to continue with these awards.

It's a shame the genre has pretty much died out, I used to be such a fan, watched everything from AMC, GL, AW, GH, etc.:(

Monica said...

I also saw X-Men - First Class, the film is good, with an extraordinary cast. Emphasis on the great performances from James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. And Kevin Bacon.

I forgot to say that the producer of X-Men, Simon Kimberg, is a friend of Jake. He is the producer of almost every film of Doug Liman, including Moon.
I saw an interview with him and I remembered that we saw him with Jake:: IHJ

UltraViolet said...

Monica, you identified him! I didn't know anyone had ever figured out who he is. Didn't Liman blog about all of them, including Jake, working on the UMP script?

Chica, it was apparently a total train wreck. I missed the One True Lucky winning, but saw it on youtube, and it was a mess. From what I saw and read, the whole thing was like a Las Vegas infomercial. Yuck.

bobbyanna said...

OMG! Monica!!! (((((monica)))) Awesome detective work.
(I also enjoyed looking at that entire series of pics of Jake @ the Lakers game. : ) )Almost wished from some lipreader.: )

I watched Game of Thrones on HBO...which is addictive...(Kit Harington is a cutie.) and The Killing. The ending of The Killing really made me mad. I mean, WTF.

Monica said...

Didn't Liman blog about all of them, including Jake, working on the UMP script?

Yes, blog 30 ninjas. Simon Kinberg is the screenwriter of Moon too. He is the writer of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, X-Men 3, Sherlock Holmes and many other films.

Chica said...

The Daytime emmys were a hot mess weren't they UV? The One True Lucky's Mom, Genie Francis is on Y&R at the moment chewing up the scenery with Tristian Rogers (Scorpio!)

That is great detective work Monica or should I say Nancy Drew!

mary said...

stephanie has posted some pictures in the gallery of jake at the U2 concert saturday night

Monica said...

Bear Grylls Heads To Iceland, New Zealand And Utah For New Episodes Of MAN VS WILD - Premiering Monday, July 11 from 9-10PM ET/PT:

Man vs. Wild

mary said...

thanks monica now i can mark my calendar

Monica said...

New photo: Man vs. Wild

On July 11, the Oscar nominee will appear alongside Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel series 'Man Vs. Wild' with Bear Grylls.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the info, Mary and Monica. I put up a new post :)