Monday, June 6, 2011

Back - sort of

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Bear with me - hope to be rolling again soon. Thanks to everyone who's been posting sightings, articles and other fun tidbits. Keep them coming!

In the meantime, finally: a photo of Jake at the LAPD Medal of Valor ceremony:

You might have seen this - an interview Jake did when he was in Berlin:

I thought this was a nice quote from Vera Farmiga about Jake. She was a little standoffish about him in some interviews, but this made me smile:

Her limited time working with Jake Gyllenhaal created a bond that remained even after he left the set. "Working with Jake Gyllenhaal was effortless," she says. "He's easygoing, he has an incredible sense of humor, and he's a good sport. He has a warmth and a humor and a relaxation about the process, and a confidence that you just draw upon. It's just a pleasure to be around him and to invent with him."

Found these two old photos of Jake on tumblr. Not sure where or when either was taken, but I thought they were cute:

(LAPD ceremony photo courtesy of LA Police Foundation>)


bobbyanna said...

You'll get there, UV!


Thanks for the updates. The last pic looks fairly recent because of his hair...and the tight jeans.

(Jake looks all badass with his sunglasses on! LOL! Hope we can find more pics frm that event.)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I was hoping that a photo of Jake at this event would show up, what a great find UV! He looks like a CIA agent here except for the brand of sunglasses!

That first fan pic of Jake looks like it was taken when Jake was visiting some schools in '04 when he was campaigning for Kerry.

More love for Jake from his castmates, we didn't here that much from Vera when the cast was promoting SC, thanks so much for posting this interview.

Hope that you sre feeling much beter today UV.

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to say how much I loved Vera's comments, too. I'm so glad you found those.: )

Chica said...

He looks super cool at the LAPD function! He will probably shave his head again when filming of EOW starts.

It was nice to hear Vera's comments about Jake, she worked with Peter in The Orphan, a film that was so creepy on so many levels!

The first fan pic looks to be several years old, but you are right Bobbyanna, the other one looks more recent as you pointed out:)

Take care of yourself (((UV)))

mary said...

take care UV thanks for the new pics

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better, UV. Wonderful pic of Jake at the medal ceremony. He sure knows how to dress up so well (yum)


Extra said...

Hope you feel better UV.

I like this look Jake had here, very serious and badass!! We don't get to see him in a suit and tie that much anymore, even when he is doing promos for his movies.

Love the fan pics of Jake and some very lucky young women!

Love the SC interview with Vera, thanks for posting:):)

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Thanks UV. Jake looks good!

I love the pictures of Jake with the fans.

Hope you're feeling better!

Lola said...

Thanks for the new older pic from the police event. I hope you fully recover soon. That last pic is actually from some time in 2006 maybe 2005, i remember seeing it on WDW a couple of years ago, i cant forget that shirt! i don't know about the first pic i've never seen it before.

bobbyanna said...

I guess Doug Liman finally got his project up and financed:

"Variety reports that Paramount has officially greenlit Doug Liman's long-in-development moon movie Luna. Skydance Pictures and New Regency are also onboard to co-finance.

Originally, Jake Gyllenhaal was attached to star in the movie, which is about renegade scientists attempting to steal an energy source from the moon by building a spaceship from spare parts. Lately, however, Liman has been meeting with Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans and Andrew Garfield."

sass said...

Morning babblers,
(((((UV))))) Please get well and take care of you!! Jake's photo rocks; I hope his new movie comes out soon. I'm starting to nose around the blogs more and will visit more often to check on you:):)
Looking forward to Source Code's VOD 7/8/11 debut.
Vera Farmiga is one of my favorite actors and now of course I love her to pieces because of her wonderful Jake compliment.

Tweety said...

I'm really bummed about the news about Luna. Of all the rumored Jake projects, I was really looking forward to this:(

And if I remember correctly, it sounded like Jake would be on board as one of the producers as well.

The plot now sounds similar to the project Duncan Jones has been working on. Jake and Duncan worked so well together on SC, wouldn't it be great if he decided to work with him on this? Maybe that's why Jake dropped out of Luna, who knows?

Jake looks so serious and cool in this pic, I guess he is hanging with the LAPD in prep for EOW.

Waves to Sass!!

Take care of yourself UV.

It's been a bit slow on the Jake front but I found this:

Now you can crossstich a portrait of Jake!

bobbyanna said...

Tweety, I had mixed feelings. I was kind of excited at first, but the UMP seemed to lack focus or clarity. It's also had a lot of different writers trying to come up with something, so I can understand why Jake finally bailed. He stuck with Liman for about two or three years, tho. Is it going to be a caper movie or a comedy, or a SciFi thriller? Still not sure what to make of it.

Monica said...

I also read that the script of this movie sucks.
Tweety, I thought this could be the first movie produced of Jake, but this film is of the producer Simon Kimberg. I think Jake was doing similar work what he did in Source Code.

Tweety said...

Thanks for that info Bobbyanna and Monica. I was going by what I had read about the original script. Too many cooks in the kitchen will spoil any screenplay, maybe that's why Jake is no longer associated with it.

mary said...

i was thinking the same thing tweety i dont blame jake for pulling out

bobbyanna said...

From FB: A very excited young lady said she saw Jake a coupole of hours ago, at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, where she is vacationing. Lucky girl! : )

If that had been me it probably would have been someone like...Drew Carey.: /

UltraViolet said...

Also just saw this, too, bobbyanna. From twitter:

Leaving Craft w/ HJ and ran into Jake Gyllenhaal. Don't like lambs tongue/still love roasted cauliflower.

Yuck on the lamb tongue!

Sheba baby said...

Lamb tongue? Ewwwwww!!

LOL Bobbyanna, with me it would probably be somebody I don't like like Mark Whalberg!

Jake is really rocking those sunglasses, he looks like he is about to kick someone's ass, ha, ha!

I thought that Doug was no longer associated with Luna either. Oh well maybe it's for the best. It doesn't sound like the same film Jake was attached to at first.

Thanks everyone for all the updates!

mary said...

Yuck is right but i wonder how that person knew what jake had to at?

I never see anyone famous when i go to LA but it would probably be some one i didnt like too if i did

Anonymous said...

hmmm lamb's tongue? I've never had that but I've had cow's tongue.

I would love to go on a foodie tour with Jake. He goes to some interesting spots to eat.


UltraViolet said...

What a relief to know Jake is still getting offers:

When we last saw Jesse Eisenberg, he was wearing a hoodie and weaseling billions out of Ivy Leaguers. Now the "Social Network" actor will be pulling a heist of a different kind, albeit this time with a magic wand instead of a keyboard. Eisenberg is in talks for a role in Summit's "Now You See Me," about a group of magicians who pull of bank jobs during performances, which end with the audiences being showered in stolen money, Variety's Jeff Sneider exclusively reports. Now if we could only get Mark Zuckerberg to do the same ...

UPDATE: Jake Gyllenhaal is also entertaining an offer; though he's more tentative than Eisenberg, who's agreed in principle to take the role.

UltraViolet said...

More from Variety:

Eisenberg's next trick: 'Now You See Me'
Jake Gyllenhaal also has an offer for Summit's magician-heist pic

EXCLUSIVE: After a prolonged casting search, Summit Entertainment and director Louis Leterrier ("Clash of the Titans") have finally found a leading man for their magician-heist pic "Now You See Me," as Jesse Eisenberg has agreed in principal to star and is in early negotiations to work his movie star magic.
Additionally, Summit's "Source Code" star Jake Gyllenhaal has an offer to play the other lead. Studio had previously been courting Colin Firth, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey and Hugh Grant as potential topliners before they decided to cast the roles with younger thesps.

Thriller follows a group of the world's greatest illusionists, who pull off daring bank heists during their performances, showering the profits on their audience. Eventually, the FBI gets involved, prompting a cat-and-mouse game between adversaries.

Dealmaking with Eisenberg and Gyllenhaal is still in the very early stages, so don't be surprised if one or the other pulls a disappearing act due to scheduling, which is still being worked out.

Sources also tell Variety that "Inglourious Basterds" breakout Melanie Laurent also has an offer.

The mini-major nabbed Boaz Yakin and Edward Ricourt's hot spec script last June and tapped Leterrier to direct in February.

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are producing through their Paper Products shingle, while Paper Products' Bobby Cohen will exec produce with Yakin.

Eisenberg, who's coming off an Oscar nomination for playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network," is set to spend the summer filming Woody Allen's "Bop Decameron." Thesp next stars in Ruben Fleischer's MRC-produced comedy "30 Minutes or Less," which Columbia Pictures releases on Aug. 12.

Gyllenhaal has driven the mid-budget thriller "Source Code" to an impressive $111 million worldwide gross. Thesp is currently attached to star in David Ayer's cop drama "End of Watch."

ICM reps Eisenberg, while CAA and Management 360 rep Gyllenhaal.

sass said...

Hi (((((UV))))) and fellow babblers,
Tweety, I nearly fell of my bed when I saw the cross stitch of Jake. It is gorgeous...I wish I knew how...maybe I should try to learn... now I'm babbling internally:)
Jake is gorgeous as usual...*sigh*
I've had tongue...liked it...not sure now as my taste buds have changed.
Monica, please let me know the script site; I would love to
read it.
Love you guys...hope I can hang again:)

UltraViolet said...

Sass, good for you for trying a little tongue :)

I would probably give it a try, but I'm not much of a lamb fan.

I'm curious about the movie offer. Haven't had energy to research, but it IS a heist flick. The magician part is deeply unappealing to me, but I also hated the ifea of PoP. So I won't dismiss it out of hand.

sass said...

TY UV!!! So happy about this news...a new movie maybe, and it sounds intriguing.

"Gyllenhaal has driven the mid-budget thriller "Source Code" to an impressive $111 million worldwide gross. Thesp is currently attached to star in David Ayer's cop drama "End of Watch."

Love that quote...GO JAKE!!!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, also, The Clash of the Titans director is not an encouraging sign.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, that was a nice line to read about Jake, Sass. Here's a little more about the movie:

Kurtzman and Orci will produce Now You See Me along with Bobby Cohen through their banner Paper Products. The spec script was picked up by Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the phenomenally successful Twilight Saga.

As you may have guessed from the title, Now You See Me has a magic element to it. However, the plot synopsis reveals the art to be employed in a unique way:

“[The story] pits a crack FBI squad in a game of cat-and-mouse against a super-team of the world’s greatest illusionists, who pull off a series of daring bank heists during their performances, showering the profits on their audiences while staying one step ahead of the law.”

Kurtzman and Orci wrote the Star Trek movie, which I didn't see but I do know it got good reviews.

It has a little element of Point Break to it, no?

sass said...

I love love love heist movies and magicians...loved The Prestige...who knows... my babbling is over for now:):)
This is the best news...
back soon

sass said...

Sounds like it...I've seen every version of Point Break from MA to PG13... it was a great movie to me. If this movie is close to being that good...WOW! The MA version was almost too intense for me. Going to read what you posted...TY again. ((((UV))))

mary said...

good news UV the plot sounds interesting to me

bobbyanna said...

It's great to hear Jake may be about to close a deal for another movie. It sounds like a caper movie with strong humorous elements if they were looking at Jim Carrey or Sascha Baron Cohen.

I got a Google alert that they're also talking to Olivia Wilde and Philip Seymour Hoffman for the picture. I hope he lines up ten more film projects. : )

It seems like Jake's people never announce his projects, we just sort of hear about them thru the studio or the producers. I have a feeling this is probably going to go forward.

Monica said...

Oh, also, The Clash of the Titans director is not an encouraging sign.
Agree, but the movie sounds interesting.

Bobbyana, it seems that Melanie Laurent is in negotiations to work in this film.
Filming will start in the end of this year.

Gyllenhaal has driven the mid-budget thriller "Source Code" to an impressive $111 million worldwide gross.

This is great line!

Sass, I have not read the script. Just read comments on sites on the script.

bobbyanna said...

Yes, monica, it was Melanie Laurent, Olivia Wilde, and Philip Seymour Hoffman were the names I read. Thanks.

Sag Actor said...

Wow, what great news! I love heist movies and the potential cast sounds great!

mary said...

reading more about this project on imdb said that eisenberg will probably play one of the magicans and jake will probably play one of the FBI agents maybe the head honcho

UltraViolet said...

Oh - that's sort of disappointing. I wanted Jake to be the criminal. Boo.

Of course, this proves that Jake has a versatility so many of his detractors refuse to admit. You can imagine him in either role., while it's very had to picture Eisenberg as an FBI guy.

Comments from Bear Gryllis:

Presently, Bear is gearing up for more “Man vs. Wild” on Discovery, and he confirmed that one of the upcoming episodes would feature a fellow in-shape star – Jake Gyllenhaal.

“He trains hard as well, you know. He’s meant to be the fittest man in Hollywood so I was a little bit nervous taking him on a ‘Man vs. Wild,’ but he was incredible,” Bear said of the episode, which is currently being kept under wraps.

While the reality star wasn’t able to reveal where he went with Jake – rumors on the web suggest it was to Iceland – he did admit it was a tough adventure.

“We were both stretched to our limit, there’s no doubt,” Bear laughed.

mary said...

yea i think jake will make a handsome FBI agent

Monica said...

Sorry bob, I had not seen the name of Melanie in the Variety article.

This pic is new for me: Jake

Chica said...

I prefer him playing the bad guy too UV, but I'll take him as a FBI agent because this sounds like fun!

I can't wait until Jake's episode of Man vs Wild airs!

sass said...

Jake as an FBI agent...Unbelievable... Jake in an under wraps Discovery Channel special with Bear Gryllis...I'm so excited...this is all too much for my heart:):)TY UV. Jake's detractors will have to revise their silly meaningless opinions after Source Code!..This is Jake's best performance in a while..I always love Jake's performances but this movie had me going back for 2 months and it looks like more persons kept attending just as I did.

Last Thursday evening the theater showing SC was 3/4's a Times Square theater so auditorium has to be 150 seats++
see ya,

Monica said...

New release date for Source Code in Brazil: July 29!

Thanks for the info about Bear Grylls, UV.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica, no! That sucks. (And thanks for that pic - I don't remember it, either.)

Sass, I love it that the theater had so many people. SC is definitely a movie that's more fun to see with a crowd.

Couple of Jake sightings at Runyon today. Someone else saw him out earlier this evening:

Been in Hollywood for 2hrs n already ran into jake gyllenhal and james van veek wit @ZAKLONGO !!! I luv LA!!!

bobbyanna said...

I was hoping for a bad guy role too! Oh, well. Looks like their assembling a good cast.

" He’s meant to be the fittest man in Hollywood so I was a little bit nervous taking him on a ‘Man vs. Wild,"

Thanks, UV. I had to smile at this particular quote from Bear. When a Brit says someone is "fit" they mean attractive. Hot. Which ever way he means it, he's right. : )
I can't wait for this episode.

bobbyanna said...

Crap. Monica, you mean the movie won't open until July? That really does suck.

Shondra said...

I can't believe you have to wait until July 29th to see SC Monica, the roll out for this movie overseas has been odd to say the least.

That's great that SC is still being shown at that Times square theater Sass, it has disappeared from my screens:(

It is one of Jake's performances and I love that blurb about the BO , it has done really well.

The new movie sounds fascinating, and he looks like he has the FBI look down pack looking at the photo from the LAPD event!

I have not seen that pic of Jake either Monica, thanks!

Monica said...

The photo is from 2004 in the studios Monkeyland Audio.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I've learned not to get too excited about any rumored Jake projects , but if it happens then YES!!!

111 million WW for SC is very impressive, so sorry to hear that you still have to wiat until the end of July to see SC Monica:(

That is such a cute pic of Jake Monica!

Anonymous said...

I think this would be a nice role for Jake. Either as a magician or FBI agent. But I won't be holding my breath until I hear a confirmation that he has decided to do the role.

BUT it's great news about SC. Maybe that is why Summit wants to work with Jake again (I hope one day he and Duncan work together again too. I wonder if they keep in touch?)

I am anxious to hear an airdate for Jake's ep of Man VS Wild. They're being rather secretive about that.


bobbyanna said...

OT: OK. So there's an open casting call on Saturday in Pontiac MI, which is about 12 miles from my house, for "OZ: The Great and Powerful", starring James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, etc.
....I'm probably too tall to play a Munchkin, but I think I could play someone's mother....: )...or not.

Anonymous said...

go for it Bobbyanna. Maybe they'll pick you for background.


bobbyanna said...

LOL! Lily, if I was 20 years younger I might go for it. But it's highly unlikely.

Chica said...

If I was in Pontiac, MI I sure would Bobbyanna!! I'm a big fan of the books and the movie:)

bobbyanna said...

You guys! I'm very weak willed. I'll think about it. ; ) Who knows. Maybe a caper movie about magicians might shoot in Michigan one day...

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna Age doesn't matter. It's not like they'd be giving you a speaking role. I think most of these casting calls are for extras and background people.


bobbyanna said...

You're right, of course, Lily. My daughter was an extra once, in a Harrison Ford movie,"Presumed Innocent." She was about 10, and was part of a "family" sitting in a restaurant scene. It took two days, starting at 7 AM. The high point was Harrison Ford stopped by to say hello. Personally, I'm more interested in where they'll stay while they're here. ; )

Anonymous said...

SC overall box office is actually over $113 million per boxoffice numbers which is more up to date than box office mojo. And SC still has new countries in which to premiere.

I think they waited too late to Open SC in here in the states. It lost screens because of the summer movies. April was too close to May, oh Summitt is happy and Duncan seems excited about his new project although he won't budge on any details.

Paula said...

This new rumored film sounds like Oceans 11 with magicians, wish Jake was playing one of the magicians involved in the heist though. We will soon find out if this is just another rumored project or if it will actually get greenlighted.

Remember that movie Jake and Mila Kunis' name was attached too? It was that film noir/Muppet movie that sounded a lot like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I would love for him to do that!

He looks really cool here , a lot like a FBI agent, I assume that he is filming EOW in L.A. at the moment.

Go for it Bobbyanna!!

Hope everyone is keeping cool!

Tweety said...

I think this was at one of Jake's CZ's, the Intelligensita:


3rd jake gyllenhaal spotting today during breakfast. i think this is a sign that he should be my boyfriend (of course with bob's permission)

3 hours ago

I like the sound of Now you see Me, a comedy caper and I really like Jesse Eisenberg.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, poor Jake:

Poor Jakey had to have some oral surgery today. He can’t eat anything but soup for like a week. Luckily his beard hides the swelling heheh.

The poster appears to work at a place called Tender Greens.

UltraViolet said...

That was from Wednesday, btw.

Not Jealous said...

I'm not trying to be snarky because she is in a picture with Jake, but what's up with her ears?

UltraViolet said...

Really? Your only comment is about the ears of the person who was nice enough to post the pic. Classy.

Extra said...

Poor Jake! Being a foodie it's going to be a bitch only being able to eat soup for a week.

She's lucky she got a nice pic of Jake, I like her blog!

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Extra, I checked their menu for soups. I had four widom teeth extracted all at once and had to do liquid diet and very soft foods for a week a few years ago. Not fun.

He blog is very nice, UV, and it was sweet of her to post the picture.

mary said...

yea i wonder if jake had his wisdom teeth pulled thats usually the reson for soup/soft food for awhile my duaghter has to have her wisdom teeth pulled just waiting to hear when had my pulled years ago because of braces. its no fun.

iif jake still has the beard and hair doubt if hes started filming even if imdb states it is filming unless they changed the look of his character

Anonymous said...

Mary I heard EOW is due to start filming in July.


Shondra said...

I love Jake posing with fans, much better than the pap pics where he is obviously annoyed most of the time. You can see that his face is a bit puffy, poor Jake!

I wouldn't trust the info on IMDB Mary, if EOW was filming nowm we would have heard about it.

Tweety said...

She shouldn't call her freind a whorebag just because he asked her for her phone#!!!

Soooo my roomie @VegasHeather is a lucky whore bag. Jake Gyllenhaal went into her place of work and asked for her number.

6 hours agovia web

I think she works at Cafe Luxxe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Twenty, I saw a picture of the girl and I can't beleive he asked for her phone number. She has tatoos up and down her arms and chest (not that there is anything wrong with that). I just wouldn't expect her to be his "type." Anyways, who am I to judge.

Anonymous said...

P.S. She also has a nose ring.

bobbyanna said...

Maybe they want to cast her in EOW...LOL!

T said...

Hey Guys

New pics & looks like a new shirt!!!


Paula said...

I'm still amazed how quick Jake's hair grows back, that said neither he or Peter looked pleased:(

Nothing wrong with tattoos and nose rings if you are into that sort of thing, maybe Jake is trying to expand his type from perky blondes to hipster women!

bobbyanna said...

Saw a recent item in THR, about Frank Marshall/Kathleen Kennedy and screenwriter Gary Ross, (Seabiscuit) regarding Lance Armstrong's biopic.

Couldn't tell if it was old info floating in the ether, or if it was recycled recently. Lance is generating lots of heat from the recent doping investigations.

The article mentions Jake in the past tense, as if he's no longer involved, also mentions Matt Damon as someone who was once interested. Past tense.

Marshall/Kennedy worked with Damon on two Bourne movies, & Hereafter. They said it would be based mostly on Armstrong's book, "It's Not About the Bike."

There've been lots of tweets over the past weeks about Jake hiking or running uphill for his workouts, which makes me think of football, and nothing about Jake cycling as he did when he was more closely involved with Lance.

Chica said...

I can't imagine anyone in HW still interested in doing that Lance bio, but that's just me.

I think Jake is probably getting ready for EOW but he could be prepping for another role. We have'nt heard anything about the Joe Namath pic in awhile though.

I saw a preview for Green Lantern and it's godawful! I like comic book flicks but this just felt dated as did the CGI stuff.
Ryan Reynolds is a stiff and has no onscreen charisma.

Peter faired a bit better but he obviously is just cashing a paycheck.

That said, I expect it to make some $$$$ at the BO.

Anonymous said...

some pics of Jake and Peter from popsugar

I haven't gone to the just jared site yet


Extra said...

More of Peter and Jake:

Monica said...

Thanks for the link of Pop Sugar, Lily.
I saw a picture of them running in Santa Monica on Sunday. Both have incredible legs.

Peter was so adorable on Conan O'Brien last week.

Chica, I agree about Ryan Reynolds.

UltraViolet said...

The Green Lantern looks awful but will probably do better then PoP did, sadly. Jake just didn't get that superhero break.

Sorry to be so late, but I did put up a new post with these now old pics. Thanks for posting all the links, etc.