Monday, June 13, 2011

Bro time

Jake Gyllenhaal spent some time with brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard in Los Angeles on Sunday, noshing and jogging. The usual family activities.

The jogging pictures were sort of uninspiring, but I do like these two optically illusional shots:

Jake looks half cyborgian there.

An old Jake interview from the Source Code junket, with some new questions. Interesting perspective on whether Jake feels proud of his work:


UltraViolet said...

Apparently Jake is visiting Adam on the set of his show tonight:

fine ass Jake Gyllenhaal is on the set of The Voice..goodness he can get it! #fineass

He was also spotted at Gelsen's supermarket. There were a few weekend spottings, too, one at Fedex.

bobbyanna said...

Some Tweets are pure poetry! LOL!

Have to agree about Green Lantern/Ryan Reynolds. I don't think it'll do as well as they need/expect it to do. But I do think they will hype/spin it to seem like a triumph. Perception is everything. : (

UltraViolet said...

Hee. So true about twitter, Bobbyanna. I saw one today that said God must be an art-lover because s/he created Jake Gyllenhaal :)

Sadly, perception does become reality. I think Jake is dealing with that right now. Hope he can work his way through it and get some more good roles.

mary said...

thanks UV love seeing jake and peter together and reading all the tweets some are really funny wish i had twitter to keep up with jake but i have you guys to do it for me:)

Lola said...

wooo, new post. Jake looks good in these new photos, im glad he's not wearing those baige pants he always wears. I love that tweet from that girl, too funny. Boy does peter look thin, I saw him on conan it was very good, but i always thought he was a little chubby though?

The Green Lantern looks like crap, and i don't really like ryan renolds. I have no idea what women see in him, and sometimes to me he comes off a little cocky or smug.

UltraViolet said...

LOL. It's been a while, lola! Peter has been chubby at times. I don't know if it's running or a role that has him so thin.

I like Ryan R, though he can seem a little cocky at times. But his ascendancy as the It Boy is annoying.

That's what we're all here for, Mary. Thanks to all of you for keeping up during my continuing convalescence.

On a separate note, WDW posted a Polish interview with Jake; a photo of Jake and the interviewer was included. And I think a mystery solved: doesn't the reporter, Yola Czaderska-Hayek, look like the infamous dalmatian woman behind Jake in all those 2006 Oscar photos.

Or maybe it's just me :)

UltraViolet said...

Another possible sighting, not sure of the details:

Hahah holy shit. Playing pool with Jake Gylenhaal. Losing horribly. Who cares. Chicks everywhere

Chica said...

Jake looks good but a bit grumpy here, love the jogging pics with Peter! Peter usually has a bit more meat on him but he looks thin here, has to be all the running.

I think you are spot on UV, that does look like that same woman dressed like Ms. Deville from 101 Dalmations in that pic with Jake from '06, LOL!!!

I'm afraid that G. Lantern will probably make more $$$ than Pop:( It's really bad and the response from the others in the audience at the preview was the same.

Jake playing pool? I would love to se pics of that!

Josie said...

I love pics of Jake and Peter, thanks so much for posting!

Jake looks so serious and boy did his hair grow back really fast.

Love all the tweets and sightings, I watch The Voice and Adam is great on it, how cool that Jake showed up for the taping.

That pool tweet is from someone in AZ, although he couls be in L.A. if the tweet is legit.

I don't get Ryan Rynolds appeal, he's goodlooking but that's it.

Yeah UV, I think that is that weird woman stalking Jake at the 2006 Oscars!

Anonymous said...

they look great running together. Isn't Peter in that movie, can't remember the name right now, about that runner (they thought Jake would be part of that movie too)

Remember when Jake was in CO with Peter, I think last year (my memory is definitely going)

I didn't know Jake plays pool, I'd love to see pics of that, I remember a pic of him and Heath standing in front of a pool table, now seeing them play together would have been awesome


sheba said...

Yep, Lily that got me thinking too. It does seem Peter is streamlining for that running movie. Always wonderful to see Peter and Jake together. Jake has the furrow going on so he's probably annoyed at the intrusion. Still good to see them.

And although Green Lantern does look rubbish, it probably will make a shed load of money and yes, not a patch on PoP judging by the trailer alone. But I will reserve judgement until I see it in cinemas on the big screen (just for Peter, I know he'll steal the show). Glad you're on the mend UV.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I forgot about that running movie that Peter was attached to,I think the runner runs barefoot. Both Jake and Peter look great and I always like seeing them together.

Enjoyed watching that new/old SC interview. I love how he says that he is relieved when the film turns out great, sort of like your fans Jake!

If I see Green Lantern it will be for Peter, not Ryan.

We know Jake bowls now we know he plays pool, I remember that photo of Jake and Heath posing near a pool table, I think it was fot the EW shoot.

Anonymous said...

Variety say Anna Kendrick will play Jakes wife in EOW. I have never heard of her and had to look her up on IMDB.

Chica said...

Anna Kendrick was in Up in the Air and I think she was nominated as BSA along with Vera.

I loved her in Up in the Air, and she has done a lit of theater as well.

I like this casting!

bobbyanna said...

Anna Kendrick? I saw her in Up In the Air and I saw a few of her interviews, and came to the conclusion she wasn't acting! I would have never thought of her.
She's not an actress I'm very enthused about, in general. Jake usually has input so he must have seen something that worked for him.

bobbyanna said...

Well, the article says "in negotiations." I like Natalie MArtinez. She was very good in Detroit 1-8-7, which was well done, and sadly, got cancelled.
Did I read that article correctly? Did that article say Anna is part of the Twilight crowd? Please say I'm wrong.

Chica said...

No you are reading right, she is a part of the Twilight series.

When I said that I liked the casting I was pointing to her theater credits.

Twilight is clearly being done for $$$$, she is an interesting choice.

Lola said...

LOL bobbyanna Anna really didn't do that much of actng in up in the air. She also seems very young, but then again i think Jake looked much younger with the shaved head so it could work.

oops, i totally forgot about Jake talking about Peter and how he likes to run barefoot. He probably started doing that in the last year or so and thats why he now looks so trim.

I don't think i'll catch green latern, but im hoping in the next week or so i'll get to see super eight. i just adore Elle fanning, she is so adorable. I'm also interested on how Dakota fanning will do with the whole child actor transition to adult actor. Has anybody here seen super eight? Is it good?

bobbyanna said...

I'll be taking a pass on Green Lantern. Maybe I'll catch it on cable...I'm sure Peter will do well and probably had fun with the character. He won't miss me. : )

Monica said...

Anna Kendrick is very similar to the description of the character. And she did a good job in Up In The Air.

Congratulations Natalie Portman!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I liked Kendrick in Up in the Air but I haven't seen her in anything else so I can't really judge if she is right for the part.

Congrats to Natalie and her fiance on the birth of their son!

bobbyanna said...

OMG! Natalie had her baby!!!
She just turned 30 on June 9th. What a great birthday gift!

UltraViolet said...

I definitely don't associate Anna Kendrick with Twilight. Of course, I've never seen any of the Twilight movies, so that explains it.

I wasn't crazy about her in Up in the Air, but I think she and Jake could look good together. Various blogs seem to think it's a good casting move, so that's nice, I guess.

Hi to chica, Josie, Lily, OONP, bobbyanna, lola and Monica. And sheba :) Nice to see you.

I wouldn't see a movie just for Peter, so I definitely won't be seeing TGL. Someone on twitter said she knew where Jake and Peter were going to be today at 4:30, but she wouldn't say. "omh I don't want to lose my job! It's like the greatest secret ever!"

I never saw anything more about that.

Tweety said...

LOL @ the last pic of Jake, he does look sorta like a cyborg!

I have no interest in seeing Green Lantern because I'm not a fan of the character.

Anna Kendrick is a very low-key actress IMO, you don't hear much about her unless she is promoting her movies.

The fan reaction has been positive so that's good.

Congratulations to Nat!!

mary said...

congrats to natalie

FL said...

Someone on twitter said she knew where Jake and Peter were going to be today at 4:30, but she wouldn't say. "omh I don't want to lose my job! It's like the greatest secret ever!"

Uneducated guess based solely on her saying she could lose her job...they'll be visiting Natalie and new baby at the hospital. :-)

Tweety said...

I think that's a pretty good guess FL:)

bobbyanna said...

Isn't Natalie in NYC? Last pics I saw @ end of May, she & Ben were walking around in New York.

(waves to FL!)

mary said...

i thoght she was in NYC city too bobbyanna last i saw they usually dont let you flyin your last month but who knows unless thjake and peter flew to NYC probably hear soon where jake is

FL said...

New York you say? Never mind.

sass said...

Yep babblers, Natalie is here, had a boy and is happy as she can be. Jake may visit her with the family.

I think I say I love all my favorite actors :lol:) but I do love Anna Kendrick. I'm happy she is in this movie with Jake. She's a fantastic actress, was great in UP in the Air...better than Clooney.
Did she get an Oscar Nomination for that film?
Anyway, I can't wait for Jake's new movie...the casting is shaping up really well.

Babblers all, I thought Bradley Cooper was the IT boy this year. His PR people are plastering NYC and all the star/actor magazines with his image, his words...I don't like him and he ain't even close to Jake, Heath, Peter,or Will as an actor. Ryan is bit better actor than dear old Bradley, according to my son, though neither of us like the CGI in the GL trailer.

Sitting here and there, today and tomorrow, waiting on pins and needles for NY Legislature to pass our NY Gay Marriage;I can't help thinking BBM had a role in the reversal of some folk's thinking.
Hope the crazies stay away from my state, our Governor is pushing this through... I hope he can make it work!!
love you all...

Chica said...

I thought that Natalie and her fiance were here as well Sass, congratulations to her and her fiance, they must be so excited!

Anna Kendrick was nominated for BSA for Up in the Air, I like the casting too.

They are one vote short from passing the gay marriage bill Sass, it's hard to believe that it may happen finally but it took NYS so long.

Gov. Cuomo has been really great in rying to get this passed!

bobbyanna said...

I SO hope Gov.Cuomo is successful!

Saw this on FB:

"just got cut off my Jake Gyllenhaal!! goshhh hes so SEXY!! me and Sarah were going to make a twitter specifically to tweet him but he doesn't have one :(
about an hour ago · ·

"Was this in Burbank?"

"yesss!! right now! on victory and magnolia!"
about an hour ago.


Extra said...

I'm loving the bro pics, and i have been fangirling big time over Peter lately!

Green Lantern? All depends, the reviews have been awful but that won't stop it from making money at the BO.

I like the additions of Kendrick and Martinez to the cast of EOW and I think Anna will work well with Jake and hopefully they will have some sizzling onscreen chemistry.

I remember reading a tweet last week about someone cutting Jake off or it may have been the other way around, be carefull Jake!!!

That bill in NY is so close, I have my fingers crossed!

Congrats to Natty!

sass said...

Hi everyone and NY girls...Just got back home with my fingers crossed. I double checked my State Senator to make sure he is still a supporter of the bill. Whew, he is.
I read someplace that the producers of Green Lantern refuses to allow the movie to be reviewed prior to opening day--I guess that's 6/17/11. BAD BAD SIGN!
Hope you feel better and better UV :)

mary said...

just jared has pictures of jake out jogging today with michael pena

UltraViolet said...

Yay, Bruins! Congratulations. My mother would have been thrilled.

bobbyanna said...

Yaay! Glad Boston won the Stanley Cup...until we have a chance to bring it back "home." ; )
Sass it's so nice to 'see' you!! Glad you stopped in! : )

Monica said...

I read that Peter Sarsgaard has the best performance of the film.

Peter talks about Born to Run
"We’re going to try to make, you know, a kind of wild dirt magazine sort of version of 'Born to Run' that honors the true free spirit of what a lot of these people are like," Sarsgaard says. "I was drawn to it because I wanted to play Caballo Blanco and then I got drawn into directing it and now I don’t feel comfortable [doing both]."

He finished writing the first draft of the script!

thanks, Mary!

bobbyanna said...

I've read that about Peter's performance, too, monica. Guess Jake was there to support him tonight:

From FB:
"I just got a text from my sister that she's sitting three rows in front of Jake Gyllenhaal at the Green Lantern premier!
44 minutes ago · ·

"Tell Jake I live him!"
27 minutes ago.

"They are at the famous Grauman's Chineese Theatre in Hollywood.
26 min

mary said...

i just checked imdb and they have end of watch staus as in post production?

UltraViolet said...

IMDb gets a lot of stuff wrong, Mary. I've seen July 6 as the production start date in a few places.

Hope Jake manages to enjoy GL; apparently, as Monica said, Peter is one of the best things about it. Jake does not seem to have done the red carpet, no surprise. But maybe we'll get a few pics later.

Thanks for the Born to Run info, Monica. The project sounds very indie. And sketchy.

Thanks for the get well wishes, Sass.

And my fingers are crossed, too, for the NY bill.

Monica said...

I was watching the premiere live. I saw an interview with Peter, always lovely, and with Blake Lively, but don't saw Ryan Reynolds.

It was a black carpet, UV. hehehe
I hope Jake is enjoying the movie. Or the performance of Peter.

sass said...

Will we get GL reviews now that the movie had its premiere, not that I will go to see GL...maybe I will see it later.
Peter is a phenomenal actor. I couldn't watch him for a long time after his performance in...I forgot went looking for the name of the movie(Boys Don't Cry) and found an interview that lauds Peter's acting/comedy chops; poor Reynolds, totally outclassed and rightly so.

Beautiful quote from Peter below, from above linked article, about his wife Maggie!! I do love him for that.

[b]PS: Yeah. I love that. When an actor comes right back at you, and gives you what you want or something different, or whatever it is. It’s like acting with my wife [Maggie Gyllenhaal]. I’ve done two plays with my wife and we were just, that’s the most alive I’ve ever been acting because it was being in a pinball machine. You’re just, you think you’re going that way and then you get slammed this way and then you come back and she’s the absolute best actor I know.
nite nite Babblers...scary feeling this good again..TY GOD!

bobbyanna said...

The New York Assembly passed gay Marriage last night!!!

(((Sass))) I'm so glad to know you're feeling better. Hope you can get out and enjoy!

Peter's comments about working with Maggie were lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Chica said...

Some reviews of GL are coming out and most of them aren't good but they do praise Peter.

The Born to run info does sound sketchy . I think I read somewhere that he had his own production Co, I wonder if it will be produced by his Co.

So happy that Jake was there to support Peter at the premiere, Maggie is in PA filming. I love what Peter said about Maggie, they seem to have a great marriage, thansk for the link Sass and glad that you are feeling better!

One more hurdle and the gay marriage bill will be law in NYS!

Anthony Weiner finally is going to resign, finally!!!

Congratulations to the Bruins!!!

bobbyanna said...

"Anthony Weiner finally is going to resign, finally!!!"

I know. Right at first, I really didn't want him to. But it just kept getting worse. He made the right decision.

When Pelosi & Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D, FLA) called for him to go, I figured it had to be worse than we knew...and it was.

Sag Actor said...

Lola, Super 8 is a fun movie, a real homage to Spielberg's early movies.

I heard that GL was crap so I will be skipping that.

Congratulations on the Boston Bruins win!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I didn't want Weiner to resign either, there are others in Congress, Senate that have done worse and didn't resign, but what really pissed me off was the lying.

My boss was never going to support him, not after that.

Also he wasn't well liked within the Democratic party that has nothing to do with this mess.

Good riddance.

Yay for the marriage equality bill passing in NY assembly!

I think it's one vote shy from passing the Senate and then the Gov will sign it.

GL will make $$$ no doubt despite the reviews, I love the interview with Peter , he and Maggie have one of the few solid marriages in HW.

I am so happy that you are feeling much better Sass!

sass said...

Thanks so much Babblers for all the happiness I find here and thanks for the good wishes from everyone.:)
I've forgotten how to do all that html stuff but I visited IHeartjakemedia...please go there and feel sorry for poor Michael Pena...Jake looks so happy after what looks to be a run (Runyon Canyon maybe)and poor Michael looks as if he is about to die....Jake is such a bad bad boy:lol :lol

back later

sass said...

TY Jake for my big laugh of the day...Enjoy Babblers!! hope you can make this link work...or just got to iheartjake as usual:)
back after a bit.

sass said...

TY Jake for a big big laugh!Forgive me UV and babblers for practicing here xoxoxo

Jake runs with Michael

Extra said...

The looks on Jake and Michael's faces are hilarious,LOL!!! Thanks for the link Sass.

sass said...

Twas a pleasure Extra!:)

bobbyanna said...

Found this on FB:


Anonymous said...

I saw those pics of Jake and Michael and he doesn't look like he can keep up with Jake. Jake looks like he is trying to slow down for him so Michael doesn't pass out (he looks like he is going to in a few shots) He doesn't run as much as Jake and Peter (Peter didn't have any problems keeping up with Jake)

I wonder how far Jake runs?

nice what Peter said about Maggie.

And YAY for my homestate of NY. I guess we'll hear more on Fri when the vote comes up for gay marriage


UltraViolet said...

Lily, there are some hilarious expressions in those running pics.

Sass, you can practice your linking skills anytime - looks like you got the hang of it!

Love the all-caps enthusiasm of the poster, Bobbyanna. Hee.

UltraViolet said...

New post :)