Monday, June 27, 2011

Prince of Bloopers

In September, despite the fact that I had already bought Prince of Persia on DVD, I downloaded a copy to my iPad. I was away and thought it would be fun to watch. But the download took forever, and I never got around to it, preferring to watch it on our big-screen TV. Imagine my surprise when I casually clicked on it the other day and saw that there was a digital bonus: about 90 seconds of outtakes. I'm not technically adept enough to figure out how to rip it from iTunes. So I did the only thing I could. I recorded it with my camera. Hence the poor quality but (hopefully) still fun video below:

Apologies if you've already seen it in better quality. If you have, please link us!

I had wanted to do a PoP retrospective on Memorial Day. But I was recovering and unable to put anything together. Consider this a less comprehensive attempt. I've included some photos I haven't seen and/or posted before, as well as some favorites. I really love the way Jake looked in the movie and for all the promotion. I enjoyed so much of PoP: the funny promo interviews, the great red carpet shots, the scope and the richness of the film itself, especially seeing Jake in an epic. I really hope the perceived poor reception of the film doesn't prevent us from seeing Jake in big screen glory like that again.

One of my favorite interviews from the PoP junkets. Feel free to link or mention your own:

There you have it - a hodgepodge, but a beautiful one:


UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

Crabfest was were Joel Mchale and Jake Gyllenhaal sitting at a table on either side of me. Yum!

Crabfest sounds awful, but the company sounds yummy!

And this is funny, but no details on location:

My first public encounter with Jake Gyllenhaal was pleasant. Why? Because I only assumed it was a look-a-like. Oh those eyes...

mary said...

thanks UV i love crab:)

Sheba baby said...

I'm so glad that you finally got to see the bloopers UV, aren't they fun!!

I loved Jake's Pop tour too, the highlight was his trip to Russia.

Pop wasn't the greatest film but It was fun and I enjoyed Jake's and Gemma's performances.

Love that last encounter:(

Viv said...

haha!!!The POP bloopers is so cute.Everyone is so cute in the video.XD

I wonder when they start to shoot EOW.Does anyone know?

bobbyanna said...

Great finds, UV!!! He is such a cute, flirty guy. I loved his interview and the bloopers were a lot of fun.

My favorite pic is him sitting, with the black polka dot tie. I even noticed the socks and shoes.
(No, I'm not obssessed.)

I loved the length of his hair
when he was doing press for PoP and SC. PoP did well, ($335+ M) especially compared to some very recent tentpole efforts. I would've loved a sequel...with a different director. : )

UltraViolet said...

I like crab cakes, Mary! I don't mind crab, but a whole meal of it would be too much. Apparently, this is an annual event at a restaurant called the Hungry Cat. Someone on Facebook mentioned that Jake was there. (At least they didn't serve crab in the deseert!)

So you've seen the ouutakes before, Sheba baby? I don't think they were on my DVD. Maybe on the blu ray?

Russia was definitely the highlight. I got annoyed last week seeing all the coverage that Transformers 3 Too Many received for their Moscow premiere.

UltraViolet said...

Viv and Bobbyanna, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hadn't seen them before. It was fun. I especially like Guitar Hero Jake!

I think EoW begins shooting on July 6. I've seen that date listed a few places.

We know you aren't obsessed, Bobbyanna :) Loved Jake's PoP promotion look. And his outfits.

There's talk of a Green Lantern sequel, even though it will probably not end up making as much money as PoP and it cost the same/more to make. And it has inflated 3d ticket income.


Of course, if we got a PoP sequel, we'd have to deal with all the PoP jibes and sarcasm. So maybe it's better to leave it alone. I just want to see Jake in another epic like that.

sass said...

TY UV, I've never seen POP on DVD ...maybe later. Does anyone know how much a studio loses when a movie makes most of its money out of the USA?! POP made 335 million dollars around the world. Crab, which I love and Jake together, in one place, would be way too much for this girl. This may get to be a regular thing again *WOOT*

Chica said...

That clip was fun, thanks UV!!

Pop would have made a lot more money if it was made in 3D but that's water under the bridge now.

I loved him on the Pop tour, he so looked incredible on the red carpet and I loved Gemma's gown when she was in Russia.

sheba said...

I love, love, love love this post. Thank you so much UV. Loved the outtakes but damn, only 1.33 minutes?!

Prince of Persia was for me one of the most fabulous times of my life. I had so much fun watching it develop, take shape then launch iinto the world. As well as being able to share it with friends and family and of course my cyberfamily. It was so healing for me in more ways than one. More than you could ever know <3

I loved that interview you chose UV with Jake so much "Did they hurt my face?". I melt everytime I see anything about Prince of Persia. It looked like fun to make, it was so much fun to watch and I'm still on that ride. Now damnit Disney get your finger out and make a sequel!!

This is also another interview I loved. You really can't blame how giddy the interviewer was.

bobbyanna said...

Sheba thanks for that video link! I'd seen it a long time ago and forgot how charming and sweet she is. What's her name?

"I had so much fun watching it develop, take shape then launch iinto the world."

Ohhh yes! I agree.

Anonymous said...

I've been to a crabfest, it was fun. I couldn't hear the sound on the bloopers. I'll have to try a different computer.

I love all the tweets telling us what Jake is up to


Anonymous said...

now I got to see it :D

I loved the funny interview with that woman asking him about the amazing race.

I wish they'd put the bloopers on the DVD


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Loved air guitar Jake! He worked so hard on that movie and had so much fun as we can all see, pity that there isn't going to be a sequel:(

I know what you mean Sheba, I felt like we were with Jake for the entire time, from the making to the premiere an then of course the big screen.

I can't believe there is talk of a GL sequel, the numbers are horrible and this is with 3-D.

Love crab cakes too!

Tweety said...

Love this post and the outtake clip, too bad it's so short! This movie was a lot better than some others in this genre.

I loved Jake's performance and Gemma made a beautiful leading lady, Molina and Kingsley were fine in their roles. Beautiful sets, costumes and soundtrack. What it lacked was a strong script and as Bobbyanna pointed out a different director.

He looked really good in that suit and the polka dot tie didn't he?

It really was a fun movie, thanks for that video Sheba!

Count me down as a fan of crab cakes too!

UltraViolet said...

Looks like crabcakes will be on the menu for the next GyllenBabble banquet!

Sheba, I remember how much fun you had with all the PoP events and how much your family and friends also loved it. That was special.

I don't know - it was all such a great time but the movie has such a bad rep on the street. It's a shame.

That was a fun video, too. That reporter was giddy and also tried to get Jake to reveal something. He didn't crack, however!

Someone on FB said she saw Jake at Bed, Bath and Beyond in LA yesterday. No details other than he was hot even in sweatpants.

UltraViolet said...

If you haven't, click on that last duet of Gemma/Jake pics. Jake's eyes are so blue. It might be a light trick, but it's gorgeous.

This is a funny anecdote from CrabFest:

random aside: busy philips was having lunch/dinner at a table next to us for crabfest today (an annual crab festival that is apparently the place to be as jake gylenhaal was with her and joel mchale was at the table behind us. anyway, she was walking her kid around a lot and we gave the kid one of the blowup crabs that was around so busy was being nice and chatting. one of my friends complimented her watch and she took it right off and gave it to her to try on. i joked to my friend that she should run now because she had a baby and couldn't chase her to which busy responded, kind of mouthing so her kid wouldn't hear "i will drop this baby so fucking fast and chase you down." quite funny. she also joked about a "friend of hers" who bought a 40K watch. i suggested this was probably a friend we'd all heard of and she concurred. i then asked her to repeat a story she told at the paley fest about james franco and she did. all in all just a pretty fun encounter from someone that was completely down to earth. almost enough to make me want to watch cougar town, but not quite. anyway, just thought i'd share.

mary said...

there are pictures of jake at urth cafe taken today on IHJ

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Mary. Someone on twitter said they'd just missed Jake at Urth. And another person says Jake was eating at Shim BBQ tonight. It's a Korean barbecue restaurant.

UltraViolet said...

You might want to set your DVRs to tape some Discovery Channel shows. They are running a very funny/cool promo for Jake's Man v Wild episode.

It starts off with BG introducing himself, then Jake does. They are in the wild. Cut to a funny bit with Jake asking Bear where he got his hat. Then they show bear and Jake donning some gear, with BG saying "I'll tell you what, it ttakes balls," to which a somewhat concerned looking Jake dryly replies, "Well, they're in my throat right now."

Then they show the two guys looking over a cliff, with Jake hesitantly admitting he has a fear of heights. Next you see BG halfway across the divide on a rope line. After that, a shot of Jake and Bear woo hooing. I don't know if that means Jake went across, too.

I think there's also a shot in there of Jake tearing at a carcass of some sort.

At the end of the ad, BG is telling Jake to make a big H in the snow, press,ably for the helicopter to see? And Jake asks "uppercase or lower." A humorous touch to end on.

I hope the video is online soon.

Lola said...

thanks UV, i caught the last 12 minutes of deadliest catch and saw it. It looks great. I do enjoy watching man vs wild, and i loved it when Will Ferrel came on, I'm very excited to see Jake on it. And that was him tearing up a carcass. I hope jake doesn't wear his hat too often covering up his shaved hair, i would like to see it more.

Shondra said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane UV, Pop was one of my favoeite films last year, too bad that there will not be a sequel.

The outakes are funny, loved the chemistry between Jake and Gemma:(

My favorite part of the Pop tour wasn't an interview but of the video of Jake dancing with those lucky Russian girls!!

That Man vs Wild promo sounds so funny, can't wait until it airs!

Loved the Jake and Busy encounter, and I agree on her comment on Cougar Town, LOL!!

Monica said...

Great find, UV. It's a fun video of POP. Thank you.

Man vs Wild - Season Premiere:

Tweety said...

Thanks Monica, it looks pretty intense, especially the tearing the carcass bit!

bobbyanna said...

Thank you, monica!!!! I loved it.
Jake looked excited, and in good humor, up for most anything...
but OMG! I actually got weak in the knees just watching Bear shinny that rope across the "abyss." I have a serious fear of heights, complete with physical "paralysis." : )

Even suspension bridges terrify me, I know I couldn't handle a rope, or climbing up the side of a mountain. ...even if I was still in my 30's. : )

(He looked kind of bad-assed tearing up that carcass.)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the link, Monica. I guess Lola and I got the sneak peek :)

The carcass cracks me up. And I'm dying to see if Jake goes over the abyss on that rope! I do not know if I could do that.

I'll put the video up in a new post shortly.

sheba said...

Never tried crab before but willing to for the next Gyllenbabble banquet.

"Sheba thanks for that video link! I'd seen it a long time ago and forgot how charming and sweet she is. What's her name?"

Hi Bobbyanna, it our Lorraine Kelly, she was absolutely smitten. A very genuine Scottish lady, tells it like it is :D You're welcome Tweety.

UV, I hope I helped at the box office a little bit ;D Of course the highlight for me was meeting Jake and being completely dumbstruck. All I could manage was to ask for his signature hehehe :D and as OONP said, yeah, it was a great journey.

I did notice how luminescent his eyes were in that last picture, but believe me, his eyes really ARE that blue.

Thanks Monica for the video link. Now to look forward to Bear Grylls with Jake. Good job I've got the discovery channel on cable.

UltraViolet said...

Good to know it's not just a trick of the light, Sheba :) I forgot that you got to meet Jake, too. Not bad!

Oh, and Shondra, Cougartown isn't bad. I like it. Give it a try!