Thursday, September 2, 2010

Poster ChildMan

Because Jake Gyllenhaal is no boy in this poster for Love & Other Drugs!

Thanks to Prophecy Girl and I'm Stalking Jake poster Mel for the scoop. We'll have to wait to see how long it is before Fox releases the poster online. In the meantime, enjoy :)

In case you haven't heard, L&OD has been given an R rating for "strong sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, and some drug material."

Sounds good to me! Need another glimpse?

Let's take a look back at a sampling of Jake's movie posters through the years:

I didn't include any that didn't really feature Jake (TDAT) or ones that make me wince. Okay, I switched the link to the English Rendition poster, but did have to include this, from Zodiac:

How on earth could they have chosen any of those photos for the poster?

So what's your favorite? And where would you rank L&OD on the list?

(All movie posters courtesy of IHJ except for L&OD, which is courtesy of I'm Stalking Jake.)


FluorescentLamp said...

Always loved the Jarhead poster myself. Mostly because it's Jake's best acting, but also because I loved the cinematography of that film.

Jake's legs look great in the LaOD poster. Not sure I understand the 'Speak No Evil' gesture of it though. Or why Anne Hathaway is on the poster at all. Thought this was Jamie Reidy's story. I can't even crop her out of it since she's all entwined with him. She gets full face and Jake doesn't? I get it now. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I think my favourite poster is Jarhead :) Close second Donnie Darko. I think the LaoD poster is very very nice of Jake ;) but it sort of reminds me of a Jennifer Anniston esq. "rom com". I don't think a poster like that would appeal to many guys, but i suppose its only the poster. :)


PS Does this - - mean Jakes on TV again tomorrow!?!? Or have i been totally confused and this was from last year? :S :P

Anonymous said...

PPS Whoops. My mistake. It's a re-run.


Paula said...

Wow! What a nice surprise! It's both sexy and romantic. I don't know the point of him doing the Speak no Evil thing either and the poster doesn't hint at the serious subject matter, bur still, Wow!!!

Thanks P. Girl @ I'm Stalking Jake and to UV and for posting!

My favorite posters is a tie between DD & BBM.

bobbyanna said...

'Nother vote for the Jarhead poster. It's also one of my favorite Jake roles.

I'm not sure I like this poster all that much, and it's because of they way they've positioned Jake in it.

I have no problem at all with seeing a picture of Jake in bed with a strategically placed pillow, but this pose makes him look silly, IMO.

The way Anne's posed, it looks like he's her mascot, or her charge or something.

Maybe I got up too early. It's a hot poster, but the concept lost a little something in the execution.

Heading to my first Paralegal class now!! Legal Research 101. :)

mary said...

i think my favorite would be the bbm poster

Chica said...

Jarhead is my favorite poster too and he gave a wonderful performance.

The poster has a cutesy feel and look and I think it's misleading because it looks like your run of the mill rom-com.

Both Jake and Anne look sexy and it does grab your attention and it's Ok, but not great IMO.

Anonymous said...

Usually, I think, they can have more than one poster for a movie.
This was suppose to have a "silly edge" to it.
Lets don't decide everything is lost before the real publicity, etc. starts sometime in a month or so.

Carla said...

My favourites are also the Donnie Darko and Jarhead poster. Love the creepiness of the DD one.

I am also - yes, lets say it - disappointed with the poster. From what I have understand the film should be a smart dramedy telling Reidys story and the love story as a part of it. Now it looks (at least according to the poster) that it is mainly a romcom and with that hand gesture a silly one.

Sorry for my ranting, but I had expected something really sexy especially with the films R-rating.

Monica said...

The poster is not what I expected to see for a dramatic comedy. And for a movie that is trying a place in the awards. But I understand that FOX wants to sell it as a comedy because it is the only way to attract large numbers of people.

Jake and Anne look wonderful in the poster.

The only problem in hand is that it contrasts with the sweet look of Anne.

Anonymous said...

It's out at the end of November. People will be seeing in articles and reviews, interviews etc. what the movie is about.
I doubt if the only info. people are going to get is from one poster.
How much info. does a poster actually give. Want to see him working in the Pharma. industry or see them having sex..or..I don't know.
Before long the talk will be no one will want to see the movie because of the stupid poster...
Just give it time.

Prophecy Girl said...

UV, thanks so much for the comment (and the credit! Lord, I think the last time I posted anything first on internet, it was when Ramona was born)! I'm so excited about this movie and I gotta go against the grain here and say I love the poster! I love the retrospective you did, too...I'll throw in another vote for BBM, with Donnie Darko and Jarhead tied for a close second. ;)

Prophecy Girl said...

Oh, and I should have said that my reasons for loving the poster are exactly what Monica said. Rom-coms make money and I have no problems with them simplifying the promotion to get people in the theaters. I want this to be big for Jake!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I think the poster has a 90's look to it and since LAOD takes place in that era, maybe that's what Fox is going for?

Agree that they are pushing the romantic angle to the story for a wider audience.

I like it, it's fun and sexy and i'm jealous of the pillow that is covering Jake!!

My favorite Jake movie posters are in this order: BBM, Jarhead and DD.

UltraViolet said...

I like the poster. I would have loved a really cool concept poster, too. But I think it's sexy and fun.

Silver, I think straight men are supposed to find Anne the draw from the poster. And I think she does look good.

Before long the talk will be no one will want to see the movie because of the stupid poster...

We can only hope "you" won't be here to post annoying, condescending anonymous comments when that, of course, doesn't happen.

Hi PG - thank you for posting as soon as you got it! I might have yelped a little. It must be fun to have a scoop that isn't going to cause a paternal breakdown :)

I like the poster, too, especially if it gets butts into seats. And how could it not, with Jake looking like that.

UltraViolet said...

I can't even crop her out of it since she's all entwined with him.

That made me laugh. I know Anne isn't a favorite, FL. Sorry for the entwining.

My favorite poster is probably also Jarhead, then BBM and PoP.

Bobbyanna, good luck in class. I had no idea you were taking paralegal courses. Did you go full-out and get a whole new back-to-school wardrobe? :)

Anonymous said...

Another one here who likes the poster. The Jarhead poster has to be my favorite one though.

FluorescentLamp said...

Okay, I get what Fox is trying to do...but did they have to go with the poster that obscures 50% of Jake's face? That seems cruel. And unfair. And mean. And cruel.

I wouldn't mind the Anne-entwinage so much if we could just see ALL of HIS face and her face with the hand over her mouth. It's not her movie, dammit!

UltraViolet said...

It is criminal, FL. But Jake's body looks great, and I do like his goofy faces. Maybe we'll get another one, with roles reversed. Or with a more smoldering Jake.

I had to edit the post to add the Zodiac poster, because I don't think enough of you are clearly remembering the horror.

Also, I added the French Rendition poster - the English version is awful, IMO. But I love the way Jake looks ion the French poster. He's almost... French!

FluorescentLamp said...

Don't think I've ever seen the French Rendition poster before. It's nice seeing half of Omar Metwally's face. Ooooh sort of like the LaOD poster!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The French Rendition poster is a lot better than the US poster,I never saw it before.

Hands down, the Zodiac poster is the worst IMO! Not only does Jake look bad (and confused) but Mark and Robert look awful as well, what the hell were they thinking???

Anonymous said...

I like the poster - I have to think about it. It looks like a role reversal, that the ladies' man met his match in Anne's character. ;)

FluorescentLamp said...

Cute kid. I imagine he and Jake being too adorable for words when they were kids.

Monica said...

Who is, FL?

FluorescentLamp said...

Adam Levine. I thought the freckles under his eyes would make him easily recognizable. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Jarhead, Rendition, and BBM are my favorite Jake movie posters.

I just think there's something kind of McCauley Culkins/Home Alone about Jake in this poster. I was hoping for sexy, not puerile. Sorry.

"I had expected something really sexy especially with the films R-rating."

Exactly Carla. And I agree with Monica's point that this is not what I would have expected for a movie that is inspiring awards buzz.

"Lets don't decide everything is lost before the real publicity, etc. starts sometime in a month or so."

Really, Anon! It's quite a leap to "All is lost" from "I'm not that crazy about this poster." You might be surprised to know how many sensible adults post on this site.

"Did you go full-out and get a whole new back-to-school wardrobe? :)"
Not hardly, UV:)! I bought my textbook for class today. $104.95. For a trade paperback. :(

UltraViolet said...

I agree, something sexier would have been nice. But this IS a comedy. I think they want to emphasize the comedy over the drama, because that's a bigger draw.

I don't know.

I do know that Jake's legs look great, a point FL made earlier that I failed to properly ditto.

From FB:

living in LA you see and even know a lot of celebrities. Most of the time they don't phase me. BUT I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal and I almost pooped my pants. He's even better in person. I think we had a connection. :)

UltraViolet said...

Hands down, the Zodiac poster is the worst IMO! Not only does Jake look bad (and confused) but Mark and Robert look awful as well, what the hell were they thinking???

Exactly, OONP. Everyone looks awful. And the composition is off - it's not stylistically appealing at all. Just terrible.

WDW has the Empire scans - nothing too exciting. Kind of a silly picture of Jake casually holding a gun on someone as he dials his phone. The news is that the mag says SC will be out on 3/11. I don't know if that's UK only or US, too.

It's depressing to think of SC being dumped in March - like Zodiac. Not the best time for movies, though Alice In Wonderland did come out in March this year.

Not that I want to wait longer to see it, but I really want the film to do well.

Also, Jake had better get to work. After SC, there's nothing in the pipeline!

Anonymous said...

Anne's legs look great. I agree, it's emphasizing the comedy over the serious. It's a very light- hearted poster, like Anne's character knows how to play the game better than he does. ;)

Tweety said...

Any poster that has a half-naked Jake on it is fantastic!!!

I really like the poster, could it be sexier or more serious? Yeah, but as it has already been pointed out they are going with the romantic comedy angle.

And Jake's legs do look mighty fine, Anne's too!

I think the Jarhead poster is the best, followed by DD and BBM.

Agree with OONP and UV, the Zodiac poster was just awful.

SC in March? True AIW was a blockbuster but it's rare that a movie does well when it opens then, like Zodiac.

Anonymous said...

My favorite movie poster of Jake's has always been Brokeback Mountain. I do like the French poster for Rendition too, and all of the magical Prince of Persia ones.

Extra said...

The poster has a naughty/sexy vibe going for it and it works for me.

Jake and Anne looks gorgeous and sexy!

BBM, Jarhead and Pop are my favorite posters.

Least favorite: Zodiac, the US version of Rendition and Brothers.

I don't know wehre the LAOD poster would fit in, maybe in the middle with DD.

bobbyanna said...

Don't know how I could forget PoP, but I like that poster a lot, too!

And I agree. The Zodiac poster was gruesome! Ugh!

I will say that I lean towards anything that indicates Jake's character is a grown up. Yes. Gorgeous legs. They go with that body! :)

suvee said...

My favorite posters (in no particular order) are BBM, PoP, Jarhead and Donnie Darko.

Least favorite, no contest, is Zodiac. It's criminal to make Jake pretty much unrecognizable (in a bad way), but they did the same thing to Mark R. and RDJ.... 2 actors I also love. Horrible!

I'm not sure what I think about the L&OD poster yet. Need to, um, study it a bit more. :)

Lola said...

"Any poster that has a half-naked Jake on it is fantastic!!!

I really like the poster, could it be sexier or more serious? Yeah, but as it has already been pointed out they are going with the romantic comedy angle."

Oh, I completely agree with everything you said here. I actually love it, but my favorites would be BBM,the french rendition poster,(I like that you included this one over the awful american one!)and then either Jarhead or this LOAD poster I'm not sure which i like better. Definitley the zodiac poster is the worst, I think everyone can agree on that!

mary said...

i really like the LAOD poster too they are definitely going for the rom/com and yes jake has great legs cant wait for this movie to come out

FluorescentLamp said...

Another LaOD screening tonight in LA.

Some reactions from twitter:

Advanced screening of "Love & Other Drugs": 1) I LOVE JAKE GYLLENHAAL (& Anne Hathaway). 2) Great acting. 3) I cried.

Advanced screening of "Love & Other Drugs" aka the story of Justin Hemaidan the 24 Hour Employee. Good movie..Ok, Jake Gyllenhaal is hot ha.

And from ONTD: Linkage

Anonymous said...

Loved the Brokeback Mountain poster the best - but loved Brokeback Mountain!

The LAOD poster comes next, followed by the Jarhead poster - mmmm buff Jake.

I saw that Zodiac poster in the DVD store when the movie was released, and wondered how they could make someone as good-looking as Jake look weird. Not to mention RDJ and Mark Ruffalo. What is in these marketing peoples' heads?


sheba said...

LMAO at the Zodiac poster - disaster. But one of my most favourite films.

I love the promise of the DD poster which is amost as iconic as the BBM poster which tells the whole story (perfection - it's almost unfair to put it in the same category). I have to agree with the majority about the Jarhead poster, there's something real about it. But my hands down favourite has to be Proof. He's sexy, sweet and sincere it that poster. His performance was the only thing that saved that movie though.

Hey, where's the PoP poster (Courage)? That's my all time favourite.

Sorry chaps, I don't like the L&OD poster.

You know, Jake is an actor that gives up his spotlight to his co-stars in order to make a great movie so he doesn't have to be in every scene. Films such as Being John Malkovich where he was hardly in the movie yet you felt his presence overwhelmingly is what springs to mind. I'm so buzzed already by the trailers and with much strained and reserved patience I look forward to a warm winter treat :D

Sheba baby said...

The poster is a bit generic for my taste, it looks like a combination of several other posters that I have seen. Jake does looks hot and so does Anne and I know they are trying to sell this to the widest audience, but it gets just an OK from me.

Another vote for Jarhead as my favorite poster followed by DD BBM and Pop.

Zodiac is the absolute worst!

UltraViolet said...

Sheba baby, I think the PoP poster is there - I picked it as one of my faves.

Thanks for the L&OD screening reports, FL. I didn't get a chance to look last night. Hope we get a few more today. I saw another person who went answer "great movie" but I couldn't read the tweet she was responding to, lol. I'm taking it as a reference to L&OD.

I guess Jake wanted to see what Hurricane Earl has in him. According to a Martha's Vineyward tweeter:

This just in, Jake Gyllenhall buys groceries and is sporting quite the beard!

FluorescentLamp said...

I guess Jake wanted to see what Hurricane Earl has in him.

Man, I'm jealous! They might actually get something of substance down there, albeit a weakened version of Earl. All we're going to get is some rain.

suvee said...

I guess Jake wanted to see what Hurricane Earl has in him.

Yeah, I thought, "What, now he wants to do a little hurricane research?". :)
Heard on NPR this morning that roads are closed on MV.

I thought we would be hearing about Jake sightings on the East Coast now.... U.S. Open?

Tweety said...

So he is in MV!!

There was a tweet the other day of Jake shopping but the person didn't list where she lived but she did mention in an earlier tweet that was on a ferry!

UltraViolet said...

I'm jealous, too, FL. Not much action expected around here, even at the beach.

Maybe Jake will head to the later rounds at the Open, suvee! Would be fun to see him there again.

I don't think I saw that other tweet, Tweety. I guess it's good Jake went shopping when he did, because according to that tweeter, stores are closed at 2PM.

UltraViolet said...

At the AFI, "Five AFI Alums Collaborate On LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS; Speak at the AFI Conservatory Opening Day Seminar."

They have youtube clips, but it's just droning about their careers, nothing about the actual movie.

I didn't see any blog reports or tweets about this either, but I'll keep my eyes open.

Lola said...

Jakes in MV again? Jeez he's been spending alot of time there I know he usually does that during the summer, but I wonder if he's getting a little sick of LA. The more I look at the poster the more I like it, But i never really pay attention to movie posters so I have no idea if this is good for the movie or not.

Carla said...

Playlist has a new (??) International trailer for LAOD. It looks mostly like the first one, some small tidbits added.

Also a new official still - looks adorable.


Is the poster not officially out? Because I have not seen it posted anywhere (only on ONTD, but they used the twitpic).

The release date has been delayed in the UK to february, I checked our release date but it has not changed yet.

IMO they should release films - at least in the main markets - at or around the same date.

Monica said...

Carla, the international trailer is the second trailer we saw a few weeks ago.
These images are not new. Were posted a few weeks ago too.

The poster has not been released oficially.

Sag actor said...

Fox hasn't released the official poster yet Carla, this looks like it was scanned and then posted.

I think they want to reach as wide an audience with this poster, It looks like a "couples" romcom movie.

I know men aren't supposed to like those types of films but I don't mind some and this definately looks interesting.

Thanks forthe AFI clip UV!

Jarhead and DD are my favs.

bobbyanna said...

There's a twitpic making the rounds that's not real. It's a 99%naked Jake in bed...photoshopped.
Jake's head, definitely not his body! LOL! (I'd know those abs anywhere!:))

Makes me wonder...Are we sure the LAOD poster is the "official" poster?

Hope everyone will have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! It's very chilly here. A miracle!:)

mary said...

yea seen that pic over on ihj some one posted it over there definitely photochopped the body is too big for the head definitely jakes head stephanie even posted the head pic they used

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that really dislikes that pic, you can tell from a mile off that that is not Jake and I dunno to me it seems disrepectful.

Chica said...

Saw the photoshopped pic too Bobbyanna, someone sure went to a lot of trouble to try to make it look real!

The poster looks legit, just wondering why it hasn't been offically released yet.

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend!!

bobbyanna said...

I didn't mean to suggest the LAOD poster is photoshopped,not at all! I definitely don't believe it is. Guess I was just hoping it was a publicity still someone made into a poster, and maybe there'll be others.

Thanks, mary. Haven't been to IHJ yet, but I'll check it out.

FluorescentLamp said...

you can tell from a mile off that that is not Jake and I dunno to me it seems disrepectful.

That's probably one of the tamer Jake photo manips I've seen over the years. There have been some pretty nasty ones out there.

Tweety said...

MV tweet from Friday::

darthgeneva: This just in, Jake Gyllenhall buys groceries and is sporting quite the beard!
1 day ago via txt ·

Hope it was before the storm hit!

Tweety said...

Sorry UV,you already posted this tweet!

UltraViolet said...

No problem, tweety. With nothing happening in Jakeland, we're looking for crumbs!

I spent last night playing with my new iPad, so I was distracted. We'll see if Jake emerges today.

?!? said...

TheSixxAddict: My friend is in Marthas Vineyard & just ran into Matthew McCoughnahay and Jake Gillenthal (sp?) as they were jogging on the beach! Lucky!

UltraViolet said...

McBongo on the Vineyard, huh? I'd like to hear some other sightings but it's a fun image. Wonder if they had shirts on?

UV said...

Oh, and I guess we have a new spelling to search for Jake under!

bobbyanna said...

Oh, and I guess we have a new spelling to search for Jake under!


Monica said...

She's so beautiful: Michelle Williams

Guy Lodge said she has the best female performance of the festival so far.

I want her working with Jake in the future.

UltraViolet said...

Michelle looks lovely. And she's getting lots of raves for her work in that and Blue Valentine. She's having a good year.

No reactions from the Hamptons crowd for the :&OD screening. Not surprising, I guess. There was this tweet:

DJMattHeckman: DJing the party for "Love and Other Drugs" tonight w/ @jusske & @samantharonson.

But no word on movie or party.

UltraViolet said...

Last night, I watched the movie Suspect, with Cher and Dennis Quaid. I'd love to see Jake do a movie like that. It's held up surprisingly well. And Dennis Quaid gets lots of facetime to look sexy and smirky. It's sexy and funny and suspenseful.

It would be fun for Jake to do something like it.

Carla said...

Could it be that the audience is not allowed to talk about the film?

There are so many screenings and we usually get only 2 or 3 small comments.

Michelle has two movies coming out this year - in both she got excellent reviews and she and Ryan Gosling are getting Oscar buzz for "Blue Valentine" which will be shown in Toronto.

With all the buzz surrounding the festivals in Venice, Toronto and even Telluride it is frustating to know that LAOD won´t be part of any of these.

Anonymous said...

I know some critics see movies maybe even a month or more before their release and are told not to write a review. They might give some comments, but they can't talk about the story.
Maybe people going to the LAOD screenings are told not to talk about the movie in a detailed way. And not everyone "tweets" so maybe the most avid ones are saying things but might be others who don't much or don't use it at all.
Actual movie critics haven't had the movie screened for them yet that I'm aware of.

There have been movies who have been Oscar nominated that haven't been to Festivals (and some winners too - but don't make me name them.)

Maybe the studio doesn't want LAOD to be mixed in with a lot of other movies. They're just going to wait until reviews from critics and reaction of a regular movie going audience.


Monica said...

The Suspect is the title of Rendition in Brazil.

I'm anxious to see Blue Valentine, not only for Michelle, but to see Ryan Gosling too.
I was looking at some images and was thinking about Jake acting in this movie.

I agree, Carla. I miss watching jake in festivals.

Exactly, Annie. Not all movies that are praised at festivals are the taste of the Academy.
After the poster, I decided not to think of awards at this time for laod. I want to be a little more cautious and concentrate on the movie.
Yes, I like the poster, but I do not want to raise expectations for prizes and then disappoint me.

suvee said...

Happy Labor Day to those of us who have a holiday from work today!

Here's a somewhat mixed plug for L&OD:

Chica said...

Jake and McBongo on MV? I would love at least one twicpic!

I'm not going to have my hopes up about the Oscar chances for LAOD, I just want it to be a hit.

I wish we would get some responses from the latest screening.

Happy Labor day to everyone at GB!!

UltraViolet said...

Media screenings come with warnings and agreements not to review until a certain date. But I don't think the Hamptons screening was a media event. So people could say what they thought. But I'm guessing the crowd wasn't much for tweeting reviews.

Someone on FB says she saw Jake at LAX last night. Unclear if he was arriving or departing.

Monica said...

^^When these children will grow up?

UltraViolet said...

Sadly, never, Monica. They are ridiculous.

Josie said...

Another Jarhead poster fan here too! Followed by, BBM, DD and Pop.

I do wish we would get more feedback from these LAOD screenings, all we are getting so far are teases, I want more!!!

Well Summer is officially over, its back to work and school tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a safe Labor day weekend. Sounds like Jake spent his on MV and may be back home in L.A.:)

UltraViolet said...

Hi Josie! Hope you and everyone else had a great weekend. I don't want the summer to end - waah!

Looks like that Hamptons screening was an Event. Some people rent movies - Rupert M gets to have big preview screenings, with celebrity guests!

Wonder what Hugh Jackman thought of the flick?

Monica said...

Girl, you're amazing! The poster is there!

Who is RM?

Monica said...

Jeffrey Wells
Bill McCuddy of (and Fox News entertainment guy for several years) wrote yesterday on his Facebook page that he'd seen a sneak of Ed Zwick's Love And Other Drugs. He described it as a "light romantic comedy about a girl" -- played by Anne Hathaway -- "with Parkinson's disease. Hathaway good [but] movie mediocre. (Bonus points for not doing a 'shaky prospects at box office' joke.)"

McCuddy's view strenuously argues with several non-pro opinions noted in this space for several months running. On top of which it's not about "a girl with Parkinson's" as much as about a ladies' man-slash-viagra salesman (Jake Gyllenhaal) who falls in love with Hathaway and the growth trip that results, etc. I tried to engage McCuddy in a more detailed discussion, but he didn't want the attention or something. Or he's lost his phone.

I've had justifiable concerns about Zwick for years and have never trusted buzz about the film being a home run or a triple, but I've definitely read over and over about Hathaway's performance being the shit.

bobbyanna said...

Once again, Bravo, UV!!! And yes, Monica, the poster was there! :)

So Jeff Wells objects to the Bill McCuddy's summary. But neither is impressed with the movie. (yawn.)

Jake and Anne are wonderful actors. The supporting cast is stellar. Both Anne and Jake are enormously likeable. So's Hank Azaria, Judy Greer, George Segal, and Oliver Platt. That also helps "sell" a movie.

No one's criticized the dialogue, or the directing,or the pacing, which they could have done in test screenings.

No one's criticized Jake. Or Anne. The reactions from audiences have been off-the-charts positive.

I think the movie will be very well received. Regardless of what Jeff Wells or Bill McCuddy says. I think these so-called "critics" often take themselves way too seriously.

Monica said...

Exactly, Bob. But I think Jeff is thinking about awards and not in the movie.
He wants to see a Oscar nominee for Anne.
And as I said, I do not think about awards. I want to concentrate on film.

Extra said...

Thanks for the link to the Hampton screening UV!

Wells and his blog is more awards focused so he is more interested in the films award potential.

Wells description is on target as it is the story of Jaime the lady man/viagra salesman that falls for Maggie.

The reviews from the screenings have been positive. I'm not concerned that the film is Oscar worthy, just good and that it's a hit.

Jake and Anne are good actors and I like their chemistry based the trailers.

Anonymous said...

Does Wells have serious Anne Hathaway obsession?? idk...All he talked about is Anne's getting nom.He even doesn't mention the film much.
Honstly,I've heard some mixed reviews of LAOD,but it doesn't mean LAOD won't be a hit.
If LAOD can get award attettion,I will be very happy,but I will take BO success over awards anyday.:)
I want Jake have a BO hit.:)

Sorry for my poor English....

bobbyanna said...

I don't know if Wells has an obssession with Anne, Anon, but I think he may be obssessed with predicting, and possibly influencing who gets recognized for awards nominations.

I'm sure Anne does an excellent job in LAOD, but honestly, I see the same reaction as when people were lauding Tobey Maguire because he had that huge,emotional scene in Brothers.

I sometimes think that to get considered for awards nominations, an actor has to be real obvious.
Some of these "king/queen makers" want a performance that hits them with a club and says :"See? I'm ACTING!"

UltraViolet said...

Hi, anon - your English is fine. No need to apologize :)

As Many have said, Wells is an awards forecaster. He loves to play the game, so that is his focus. He's also not much of a Jake fan, so he's uninterested in Jake's performance.

Bobbyanna, I'm already sick of the "This is Hathaway's movie" comments, and the film isn't even here yet. I'm trying to steel myself to the inevitability of it.

Interestingly, 8/11 Oscar prognosticators chose L&OD to be a Best picture contender. I really don't think it will happen and do not want to get my hopes up.

The critic Wells refers to is kind of a hack, so his dismissal doesn't bother me. And I really don't care if it's a critical miss as long as it's a box office hit.

It was fun to see the poster in those WireImage pics. I wonder if it's up at other theaters. I didn't go to the movies this weekend. I should have paid to see Eat, Pray, Love just to see the preview, then sneaked in to see something else!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and no comments on that Source Code pic, huh? It was kind of a dud. I hope it was just a throwaway photo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you,bobbyanna and UV:)
It also annoys me that some people say "It's a movie of Anne Hathaway WITH HER CO-STAR JAKE GYLLENHAAL" :/
Anyway,I still look foeward LAOD,and I trully believe Jake's performance will make some people eat thier words:)

Oh!!I like SC pic.I hardly see jake hoiding a gun(except in Jarhead).

UltraViolet said...

Well, Jake does get top-billing, anon, so that should make you smile :)

I love to see Jake with a gun. But in the photo, to me, he doesn't look tough or scary. It's as if he's not even holding a gun. It's all very casual.

But I know it's just one still. Just left me a little disappointed.

Monica said...

Source Code pic

What are you talking about?

About Oscar, I loved this post by Sasha Stone:
Awards Daily

Gemma Arterton has a slight chance for consideration for Tamara Drewe, certainly for a Golden Globe nod, right alongside Easy A’s Emma Stone.


UltraViolet said...

I meant the Source Code First Look Empire photo that WDW posted. It's on IHJ now, too.

Monica said...

Thanks, UV. For a moment I thought that the studio released another image.

bobbyanna said...

As Freudian as this sounds, the gun isn't very impressive. It looks out of date,old-fashioned. At the very least it should've been a 9mm,semi automatic, a Glock. That's what the police use.

The police stopped carrying that kind of gun at least 20 years ago. I'm sure there'll be better pictures from SC. I read somewhere, maybe Twitter, the promotional tour for it begins in late February.

UV I know. It's a constant irritant to me. I get furious at the way Jake is overlooked in his movies. It's hard to accept that in the larger, more commercial world, Tobey, Natalie, Anne Hathaway are all better known.

I think it's changing now, and Jake is much better known than he was two years ago. And I love the way people are discovering Jake's earlier stuff, and loving it.

I guess we have to be patient, but I am SO not patient. A lot of people saw Brothers because of Tobey, but afterwards,all they talked about was Jake.

Spiderman, Star Wars, Princess Diaries,people know these. Donnie Darko, not as much. But I do love most of Jake's choices. Can't think what I'd change.

Monica said...

Hot new Love and Other Drugs movie poster with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway naked in bed together!

UltraViolet said...

I saw that on twitter, Monica. Hope we get a nice HQ version of it now.

Oh, and I forgot to answer you above. Rupert Murdoch is the founder and CEO of News Corporation, the company that runs Fox News and Fox Movies.

He's a big time media mogul, one of the world's most powerful - and odious - people.

UltraViolet said...

Made a new post :)