Sunday, August 29, 2010

That's some bad hat, hairy!

Clearly, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton and Mike Newell lost some kind of bet and were forced to scout Prince of Persia locations in tragic chapeaux. Really, Mike has the worst of it, as he's sporting what looks like a bridal veil as a shawl, as well as the most ridiculous hat. But Jake is proving true to his word that he can't find gear to fit his huge head. Gemma looks all right.

Both Jake and Gemma look much better - and sexier - in this shot from the big PoP group photo.

Thanks to Monica for letting us know about some recently posted Disney videos promoting PoP. Here's one featuring Gemma:

Here's another good shot of the royal duo:

I'm sure you've all seen this Disney promo for the PoP DVD. You can't watch it and say that Jake was anything but a real trouper in shilling for PoP:

More from the Leadville 100 - you can spot Jake in this photo, once you embiggen it. He's to the right of the "Two Hour Parking" sign:

The Telegraph Herald of Dubuque caught a glimpse of Jake at the finish line:

Too bad Jake isn't looking at the runner in the photo. And that they don't have a larger version of the pic!

If you want to catch a glimpse of Jake filming at the finish line, watch this video.

(PoP photocaps from the DVD feature "An Unseen World.")


UltraViolet said...

In case you didn't see this, from the bald guy who was in that first photo we saw of Jake in Leadville, the one where his back is to the camera. This guy, Barefoot Ted, seems to be well-known in this ultra-marathoning world. And he sort of confirms the potential project

Upon arriving in Mayqueen inbound, I picked up my final pacer, Born to Run author Christopher McDougall and he too was wearing sandals. Now, I truly did have a lot of juice left in me, but I was not about to just run without talking to Mr. Oso. We turned the last 3 1/2 hours into a time for catching up...hearing about all the exciting things happening including a possible film adaptation of BTR. Very cool stuff.

Mr. Oso = Christopher McDougall

UltraViolet said...

Jake Saturday sighting from FB:

ate brunch at LA Mill and the girl with Jake Gyllenhaal said River was beautiful.

And this, from comments on a TowleRoad post about Jake's bushy beard:

He does have that beard as he was in our store in Beverly Hills on Monday...but what impressed me (besides his amazing butt) was how sweet and soft spoken he was....very interested in learning about tea -- his sister is a good client as well.

UltraViolet said...

Reposting this from Carla - another LaOS rave, posted in Film Experience:

There is another fine review on Filmexperience:

LAOD in Filmexperience

Jake pulls off the smarmy-but-charming almost George Clooney-esque character incredibly well, and his character's transformation as he becomes more involved with Anne is not necessarily written as well as it could have been, but he's great.

It's a shame it sounds like the writing falters a little, but great to hear the praise for Jake's performance.

bobbyanna said...

Great catch!

OK. He's sweet and soft spoken. He has an "amazing butt." He's gorgeous, beautiful, hot, etc. etc. etc. Yes!

But honestly? I think I could have gone thru the rest of my life and completely missed seeing the photo of Jake with the straw hat. :)

I mean, I'm glad I saw these gems from PoP, much appreciated, and I thought Mike Newell was a hoot in his get up thru out the filming.

Extra said...

Poor Mike Newell, he does look like he was wearing a bridal veil!

And Jake in that straw hat is too funny, it looks like he needs to be fitted for straw hats as well:)

Thanks for all the Leadville updates, certainly sounds like a confirmation on the project.

Looking forward to thwe DVD release of Pop, Jake is a trooper isn't he??

I always enjoy reading peoples responses when they meet Jake!

Anonymous said...

Whatever was written in LAOD,and Anne's character is the most dramatic one, it seems he did do a great job with it.
Then there might be someone who sees it who feels it was written just fine. Didn't even notice there was something "underwritten".
We'll enjoy it whatever!

FluorescentLamp said...

New tea obsession for Jake? I approve!

~FL, who's still waiting for a full line of bergamot bath and body products.

Monica said...

I liked this image I found in this video: Gemma Arterton

Sorry If this is not new, but I have not seen all videos of Prince of Persia.

suvee said...

I'm sorry, but in those PoP photos Mike Newell sort of looks like your maiden auntie (you know, a cross between Miss Marple and Julia Child). I blame the hat. :)

Hope the Filmexperience review is just one man's opinion about Jake's underwritten part. I felt like that was one of the problems with Brothers.... don't want to see it happen again.

Thanks, UV, for finding what little Jake news there is these days!

UltraViolet said...

You're welcome, suvee. I knew during those heady PoP days that we'd suffer the dog days of summer!

Thanks to Monica for the PoP promo vid. That one is news to me. There are more on Disney's youtube channel, but nothing major, I don't think. I think these might all be part of the DVD.

FL, Jake seems to have developed a taste for tea. You should go into business and make your own line!

But honestly? I think I could have gone thru the rest of my life and completely missed seeing the photo of Jake with the straw hat. :)

LOL, Bobbyanna. On a slow news day, you have to sacrifice Jake's dignity!

Extra, it is always fun to read reactions from people who've met Jake. Usually positive and often it's funny to see what they point out.

Annie, I think suvee and I just don't want another movie where Jake's character suffers writing-side compared to other characters. I want this to be Jake's movie. It can be Jake and Anne's, but I don't want to hear more stories about Jake "supporting" another lead.

Anonymous said...

thanks UV. I never saw the photos of Jake in a funny hat, just Mike.

So Jake is back in LA, (we should have a GPS on him :D)

I wonder what girl he was dining with? Well Jake has tons of friends.


Anonymous said...

Don't think there's anything even in the previews that give the impression Jake is somehow diminished in LAOD.
Everyone seemed to be pleased by the two trailers so far.
Anne's role Is the most dramatic one so there is that attention on it. But his character goes through changes and apparently people are impressed by his performance.
Knew someone years back who was so worried her favorite actor had picked such a stupid sounding movie to be in and was worried about his career.
It was a big hit.
He's going to be fine..get good reviews and gain a lot more fans.

Chica said...

I think you can throw in Maude regarding Newell's get-up on the Pop set Suvee, what was he thinking???

And Jake I love ya, but that straw hat is so wrong, LOL!!

Thanks for the Pop videos UV and Monica, the DVD looks like it's going to e fun.

The reviews for LAOD from the previews sound great so far, liked the Filmexperience review.

I want this to be a hit for Jake (and of course Anne too).

This should get Jake even more fans as yo have pointed out Annie, just like with Brothers and Pop, you still see tweets on how they love his performances in those 2 films.

I think Jake's love of tea has something to do with him meditating, very relaxing and soothing drink:)

suvee said...

I think you can throw in Maude regarding Newell's get-up on the Pop set...

OMG... Yes!!!

Shondra said...

LOL!! Miss Marple, Julia Child and Maude, Mike Newell is a sight for sore eyes!

Cute pics of Jake and Gemma, but I think I will have to block the image of Jake in that straw hat from my head, ha, ha!!!

That girl in that video is cute but loud, Jake looks a little bewildred.

Hopefully we will hear more about Jake's trip to Leadville last weekend and a confirmation that he plans to bring the McDougall story to the big screen.

Thanks so much for the updates and the Jake sightings, see he still sporting the Mountain man look!

I read the script for LAOD and Jake's character, Jaime is front and center so I don't think we have to worry too much.

Tweety said...

Jake looks so dorky in that straw hat and I love the descriptions of Newell's get-up, what a great find UV!

It seems to me that we have already seen a lot of the Pop extras already. We got a preview on what to expect from the video posted but I bet it's going to be minus what we have already seen.

I think there is going to be another screening of LAOD in L.A. coming up so we should be getting more reviews form that screening.

No matter what Jake does, he still is recognized!:

pyrrha_jewelry: Just saw a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal at M Cafe on Melrose wearing obligatory "I don't want to be recognized" sunglasses.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Sweetpea! A Jake GPS is a marvelous idea! Hee. I am sure he'd have no objections.

Adding Maude to the Julia Child/Miss Marple combination is priceless. Thanks for the laugh, chica and suvee.

Shondra, Jake really does look bewildered/bemued in that video. The poor guy.

Tweety, Jake was spotted at another CZ haunt. From FB:

Just sat next to Jake Gyllenhal at breakfast. He's so scruffy.

Fingers crossed for some LaOD reactions from the LA screening, too. Good reactions :)

mary said...

man how funny jake looks in that straw hat wouldnt of recognized him if you hadnt of pointed it out

always glad to hear good things about jake and the impressions he makes on people

UltraViolet said...

Hey Mary - it's fun to find silly pictures.

Did anyone get the title reference? I forgot to explain it and then wondered if it made sense to anyone.

This blog talks a little about Jamie Reidy.

Also, I think I forgot to say that FB sighting was at Lamill.

T said...

Looks like Jake has re-appeared visiting a friend in LA
Pics over at IHJ, looks like he is talking this beard growing lark seriously - but the man still looks fine.....

Carla said...

Just saw the pictures over at IHJ.

Honestly I don´t think he looks very attractive with the beard and the clothes....Perhaps he is auditioning for "Grizzly Man Part 2"...:-)

No, really Jake, please come back to your sexy self...

Thanks for the inside information on Jamie Reidy, UV, he surely was "special". I hope the film will show us some of the intrigues of the pharmaceutical industry.

Extra said...

Just checked out thr pics on IHJ, the caption said that he was visiting a friend at a cabin. Are they sure he doesn't live there now with that Grizzly look??

Jake please shave!

Extra said...

Thanks for the link to the blog talking about Jake's character in LOAD. Very interesting background info. on the character of Jaime.

bobbyanna said...

I'm wondering if he's maybe scouting locations? If he really is doing a film about the extreme sport of trail running, he might be looking for locations in California that resemble the Leadsville, CO location.

They might get a better deal (cheaper) shooting in CA and doing only limited shooting in CO. Also, maybe the Leadsville folks don't want too much attention and aren't cooperating?

I know there are locations in CA less than two hours out of LA where there are "mountains" (not the Rockies!) and it actually snows!

I agree, I've certainly seen him looking better! The contrast with LAOD's "Jamie" is astonishing!

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to say. What's really bizarre to me, is that he was photographed at all! These are odd pictures!

If he was not in LA, and not in the usual places photographers go, then someone must have set him up, and tipped off the photogs. I don't think this is a "citizen paparrazzi." This looks like a pro with the right kind of camera.

He looks very uncomfortable,as if he's aware he's being watched. I really don't like these kinds of pictures. I don't mind candids if he's not disturbed by them.

It must be awful to have to be looking over your shoulder because you're being stalked.

Chica said...

I had the same reactions to the pics to Bobbyanna. He looks uncomfortable. I like looking at pics of Jake like everyone else but not pics like these. They are definately pap pics of him visiting a friends house so they had to be tipped off, or has you suggested Bobbyanna he may be doing some scouting, but still.

I have seen other pics of actors visiting friends with the same uncomfortable looks on their faces.

There is no need for pics like these, don't they get enough candids of them?

Sorry for the rant.

FluorescentLamp said...

The ever-growing beard makes me chuckle. I'm sure he's getting a kick out of how long he can grow it before it has to come off. Guys are like that.

I have to admit that I enjoy watching it grow. :-D

UltraViolet said...

I agree, FL. I can't get too exercised about it. We know he'll shave it off eventually.

As for the pics, he doesn't look all that upset to me. I wondered how the paps got the photos, too, but the "cabin in the woods" could be a house on the PCH for all we know. It doesn't seem too secluded when you see all the cars.

UltraViolet said...

I hope the film will show us some of the intrigues of the pharmaceutical industry.

Me, too, Carla. I don't want it to be all romance. And from what I understand, the book has some sharp observations about the industry.

mary said...

the paps were probably tipped off by some one who spotted that jake was in the area i doubt if he was in a area that paps hang out

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Went to IHJ and I'm wondering when they are going to change the site to IHB, B=Bigfoot!

It's been interesting watching that thing grow over the Summer, I will really start to worry when he starts looking like a member of ZZ Top, LOL!!!

I cracked up over the Miss Marple, Maude and Julia Child descriptions of Mike Newell desert wear while filming Pop, what a weird combo!

I will not comment on Jake's ill-fitted straw hat...

Looking forward to the Pop DVD in a few weeks.

The LAOD reviews have been really positive, I just wish it was playing at least one festival. The book is really a gritty expose on the pharmaceutical industry, the romance is just a backdrop but ican understand Fox pushng the romance angle.

FluorescentLamp said...

I just wish it was playing at least one festival.

Let's be thankful it's not at TIFF. This tweet just came up... 0_0

Bad, Bad news from Toronto re: #TIFF10: Torontonian Friend got, yes, bedbugs at the Scotiabank -- aka where all press screenings are. ...

ohhh my. Not good!

bobbyanna said...

Ewww!! Yuck! Glad I'm skipping TIFF this year! I heard people are also getting those pesky buggers in fitting rooms at clothing stores!

When my NYC daughters come home for a visit, I think I'll encourage them to spend more time with his house! LOL!

bobbyanna said...

More reasons not to go to TIFF:

This new edict sounds silly and unenforceable for photogs!
But more important, If you're a fan, now you have to pay for the "privilege" of seeing your favorite celebs walking the red carpet!

"Jettisoning the old lottery system and red carpet jostling, Toronto will ask celebrity camera crews and photographers each morning to reserve by email the films they want to cover that afternoon and evening."

"Paparazzi will receive an email confirming whether or not they were granted a spot at their desired red carpet."

"Red carpet assignments will be made for each and every carpet -- media outlets will not retain the same spot on every carpet, on every night or at every venue," the festival said..."

Organizers will only deal with email, and insist they'll assign spots according to a film's audience, reach and geography, among other criteria.

"...fest organizers have extended red carpets outside a host of festival venues, and will charge cinema-goers extra for the privilege of seeing their favorite stars strut into theatres."

Chica said...

Ugh, bedbugs, they have infested NYC and other cities.

My BF reminded me last week when I was groaning about not getting tickets to see the LAOD screening that it was being shown at the theater that was invested with bedbugs a few weeks earlier, The AMC in Times Square!!

They fumegated the place but those little buggers are hard to get rid of.

What restrictive and frustrating rules coming out of TIFF this year, takes all the fun out of particpating.

It's a good thing you skipped it this year Bobbyanna:(

Chica said...

I'm so clueless UV, I didn't get the title of this post!

Lola said...

I'll be celebrating the day he decides to shave that beard off, but until then I'll just marvel at how great he can grow one. He does look a little uncomfortable, but it could've been way worse so I wasn't bothered by the pictures.

bobbyanna said...

Hey, chica! I was clueless too.

The best I could find, is the line from "Jaws," when Chief Brody says, "That's some bad hat, Harry!"

Which would also apply to Mike Newell...Oh, and please add Hermoine Gingold to the list of look-a-likes! :)(She was in "Gigi.")

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, you might have answered my question! The line is the signature signoff on House, which is produced by Bad Hat Harry Productions. Now I know where they got it!

See, GB really is educational!

bobbyanna said...

UV, Google is our friend! LOL!

Bad Hat Harry Productions is Bryan Singer's company. He got the idea from "Jaws." LOL! I scarcely remembered it, it was such a throw away line!

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I have no memory of the line, but then, I haven't seen Jaws since it came out!

From FB:

in a resteraunt in bev.hills. and in walks jake gyllenhaal. ah. i love this place.

...jake?! omg im byond jealous!

Also, they released a new LaOD still - of Anne on the phone. Yawn. But maybe that means more are on the way.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

GB is educational, I didn't get the Jaws/House/Singer connection at all!

I'm loving all hese FB sightings, thanks UV!

UltraViolet said...

The mother/sister/relative of the FB poster last night has something in common with many of you!

I wanted to comb his hair and tell him to shave and iron his shirt next time he goes out to eat!

No restaurant name, but she said they were going out for "French dining in Beverly Hills."

FluorescentLamp said...

I wanted to comb his hair and tell him to shave and iron his shirt next time he goes out to eat!

Someone should inform her that stars do things differently in LA than back in Hopewell, New Jersey. Bearded and crumpled is all part of the laidback LA lifestyle. :-D

UltraViolet said...

Two LaOD letdowns today. GlamourUK posted a tweet about an exclusive trailer, which turned out to be the second trailer. Nothing new.

Then a Pittsburgh site posted that they had footage of one of Jake's "sexy love scenes." It turned out to be that still photo of Anne lying on Jake's chest.

Such high hopes!

The Glamour link also said the movie release is 2/14/11, but I thought the date was December?

Anonymous said...

Love and Other Drugs opens 24 November in US, and 29 December in UK. If anyone knows the release dates for Australia, that would be appreciated.

I don't know where the Glamour magazine date came from, (whines) that's probably the Australia date.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Pittsburgh Coffee Shop Featured In Upcoming Gyllenhaal Movie
By: Jessica Fera,

Posted: 1:04 pm EDT August 31, 2010Updated: 2:55 pm EDT August 31, 2010
PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh women pining over Jake Gyllenhaal can now get one step closer to the hunky actor by visiting a locally owned and operated coffee shop on the Mexican War Streets.

The trailer for "Love and Other Drugs," starring Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, was just released and in it you can spot Buena Vista Coffee.

Video: See & Be Seen Visits Buena Vista Coffee
Slideshow: Gyllenhaal, Hathaway Spotted On Movie Set In Pittsburgh

"I know that Anne Hathaway's character in the movie works here, or at least that's what they told me, " co-owner Brent Boss told See and Be Seen. "I know there's at least one scene of her working behind the bar at the espresso machine because they had to cut a hole in the wall to fit the camera in the bathroom to get the vantage point of behind her while she's working."

There's also a scene in the trailer where Gyllenhaal and Hathaway are having drinks at one of the tables inside the shop. Boss said he was surprised to see the glasses he serves his customers every day were used by the stars.

"They brought a lot of their own little nick-nacks for the movie, so I didn't know what they used of ours and what they used of theirs, but when we saw the preview one of the funny things was you could tell they were using our drinking glasses in the scene where they were sitting at the table having a conversation. They're the glasses our customers drink out of all the time when they get water or iced tea. All this time and we never knew the movie stars had used them," Boss said.

Check out the trailer below to see Buena Vista Coffee's big debut and stop in to drink like the movie stars. Although Boss said he's not sure exactly which two glasses they used...

Monica said...

Anon 8:15:
Love and Other Drugs (2011)
Release Date:
6th January 2011


UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the info, Monica.

Thanks for the link, Leonor. It's fun to see a little behind the scenes info. I feel bad for the Pittsburgh folks that their city is being shown as Chicago in the flick. But they got Jake for a few months, so I don't feel too bad.

Anyone want to make a road trip to the Hamptons for the weekend? From FB:

If you are in the Hamptons this Labor day weekend send me an email. Doing a private screening & after party for the film LOVE & OTHER DRUGS starring Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllehaal.

Jake's publicist replied, "The film is wonderful."

UltraViolet said...

A lot of people have been criticizing Jake's movie choices. I understand a bit - I wish he were in a string of successes, too. But when it comes right down to it, I can't point to many films I can say I wish Jake had done.

But this is one project I wish Jake had done/would do. I would love to have seen him on stage and then see him work with all these folks mentioned in the article.

Anonymous said...

Jake has done movies he wanted to do and as with every actor there are always movies they would like to of done but didn't.
He has done excellent films. Or he could of made some movies that were big box office hits but didn't have the quality of the ones he had done.
I think he has respect for the quality films.
George Clooney in his 40's now but he had made quite a number of movies that were not successful as the same goes for Johnny Depp, etc.
There's always a place for actors who do good work in good projects and have long careers doing it.
His resume of films is fantastic for someone his age. Bet there are a lot of actors who wish they could say the same.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Jake has done some impressive films. And he's made interesting choices. My point was that I have enjoyed many and can't think of many films that made me think, "I wish Jake did this." But Farragut North, play and movie, is one of those projects.

Chris Pine is going to be my nemesis, because I also would love to have seen Jake as Jack Ryan, a role Pine has.

The worst thing about the end of summer is all these end-of-summer lists, most of which list PoP, JB and/or Jake as a loser for the season. Don't need to read any more of those.

UltraViolet said...

Italian is on the menu for Jake tonight. From twitter:

Hangin' in LA with Larry Dimarzio and friends at an amazing Italian restuarant. Kinda cool to see Jake Gyllenhaal at the table next to us.

Apparently Howard Stern is a fan of the LaOD trailer and Anne H and said he'll see the movie. From what we've heard, it seems like a movie Howard will enjoy!

Josie said...

I don't think I can add anymore comments regarding Jake and Mike Newell's head gear, thanks for the laughs, UV, Suvee, Chica, Bobbyanna and of couse Jake and Mike!

Jake's beard has taken on a life of it's own, I don't think that I have ever seen it so bushy. I does look nicely trimmed and neat.

I like a little scruff but I would like to see that handsome face again!!

I hope we get some new images from LAOD . Jake and Anne look so good together. Positive reviews from the screening is making me more and more excited, can't wait until November!

Jake has such great roles under his belt already, he has shown such an incredible range, but I would love for him to be a part of the Farragut North cast. I remember the excitement when everyone thought that he was going to do the play.

I noticed that Philippe Rousselel is being courted to finance the project, he is the prodecer for Source Code according to that link (thanks for the link UV).

Loving all the FB sightings and tweets!

Anonymous said...

I was just going with the first line of many people not liking Jake's movie choices.
I would like him to see in Farragut North too since, for one reason, his name was involved with it at one time. Stage would of been great too.
A number of "big name stars" this year have had very underperforming films. And the critics love to say - such and such movie bombed.
But those actors aren't going away.
The fact POP, as a whole, did very good business in the world. I read more reviews where if they didn't particularly care for the movie they thought Jake did a good job. There is the DVD coming out soon. No reason it won't do well there in rental and sales.
Like James Bond various people can play the role but at the moment "taking over a role" like Jack Ryan just doesn't fit (for me) in his career at the moment. Chris Pine, tho certainly known, is still "new enough" to the public that taking that role might seem o.k. in his career...
But..i could be wrong..just a feeling I have about it - doesn't mean it's right.
"Source Code" is going to give us that type of thing I think.

Anonymous said...

How about "be in F.N."...(it's early)

bobbyanna said...

"...can't think of many films that made me think, "I wish Jake did this."

Oh, UV,I can't say that. I'm always "casting" Jake in other people's movies! :)I only seen the advertisng, and already I'm saying Jake should've been in "The American" instead of Clooney. :) And I'm always 'remaking'older movies...with Jake in the lead.

I read about Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper working together, and wish Jake could do similar.

I love most of Jake's choices,and he's never done a bad job of acting, I wish he'd work more, instead of taking long breaks after two or three jobs.

I have nothing against Chris Pine, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Cooper, etc. but I know Jake could do a better job. Honestly, I don't even like to think of him in the same category as those guys.

Doing Farragut North on stage and on screen would have been nice.

OT(This Property Is Condemned was on TV last night. Perfect remake opportunity for Jake. )

Monica said...

The issue is not online, but the Empire Magazine will come with an exclusive article on Source Code:


OT: I'm happy with all praises that the performance of Natalie Portman in Black Swan has been receiving!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, good to know. Thanks, Monica.

Happy for Natalie but dubious about the movie. It looks pretty cheesy and campy to me. But it's gotten mostly positive reviews so far, I think.

Looks like Jake needed some ice cream after his Italian meal last night:

p.s. OMG! Totally saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Milk tonight. If only I were a fan of his!

Silly girl!

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I always recast movies with Jake. I'd love to see him in a Point Break remake, e.g. What I meant was that I can't look at many movies and realistically place him in them. Yes, it would be great to see him in The American, since apparently there's a hot sex scene, lol. But he wouldn't really have been up for the part.

So there aren't many mistakes I can point to Jake's making or films he should feel bad for not getting. Even that Bradley Cooper/Ryan Reynolds movie. Sure, I'd love to see Jake in a buddy movie. But I wouldn't necessarily want that to be the one.

Sag actor said...

I find myself doing the same at times, recasting Jake in movies.

One of my favs: North by Northwest, one of my favorite Hitchock films.

Jake has been smart in picking roles and they have been impressive and he will continue to.

Wasn't Leo attached to Farragut North at one point?

He never repeats a performance and is always trying different genres.

Black Swan is getting really good buzz and I like Portman.

Carla said...

Thanks for EMPIRE link, Monica, the magazine should be out tomorrow. The announcement of a release date for SC would be great. I really hope it will be as mindblowing as Jake described it.

Jakes participation in Farragut North would be great but first and foremost I would love to see Jake playing a real badasss - in a dark thriller or something like that. Some days ago there was a piece on a blog "Badasses of 2010" - it had some hurtful comments for Jake and I did not link it.

"Black Swan" and Natalie Portman are getting high praise from some critics, lets hope LAOD will be provoking an equal reaction, also on another base, being a romcom(??) or dramedy.

UltraViolet said...

Since there's not a lot happening, maybe we can do that as a post - what movie would you recast with Jake.

Now if I could only do photoshop...

Anonymous said...

As everyone guessed LaOD has been given an R rating, from Box Office Mojo.

Love and Other Drugs was awarded an R rating for "strong sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, and some drug material." The drama finds Jake Gyllenhaal's smooth-talking pharmaceutical salesman falling for a free-spirited woman, played by Anne Hathaway. Directed by Edward Zwick,

UltraViolet said...

strong sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, and some drug material."


bobbyanna said...

There are people here tearing down my house (almost!) so I went to an an early showing of "The American." George Clooney plays the "ruined, world-weary" leading man, better than anyone I can think of. Jake isn't really old enough to play that role.

Don't know what to say about the movie. Italy is gorgeous, George is handsome as ever,the movie is about 30 minutes too long. Altho it does sustain suspense up to a point. That's all I can say right now. It's very "European." Felt like a foreign film from 20 years ago. Not a bad thing.

UV, if Jake did do a buddy movie there are only a few people I can think of to play opposite him, maybe Robert Downey, Jr. Definitely not Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper. I was generalizing. It seems like every time I check movie news Ryan Reynolds and or Bradley Cooper isworking on another movie. It's as if they make three to every one Jake makes.

mary said...

love to see jake work with rdj again.

Chica said...

Would love to see Jake with RDJ up on the big screen too.
I would like to add Matt Damon as well.

And even though there have been several remakes of Dr. Zhivago (On the small screen) I can see Jake playing Yuri.

Thanks for the review of The American Bobbyanna, I may check out out this weekend!

No surprise that LAOD got an R rating:))

bobbyanna said...

Oh, wow. I'd love to see him with RDjr. again, or Matt Damon, Leo, Al Pacino, Tom Wilkinson, Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins,Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman (Great chemistry.), etc.

In fact, and I mentioned this before, they should remake "The Way We Were," with Natalie and Jake!

I also think he'd look great in a Prohibition era something, like Public Enemies. That period.
Jake's been working with some really great directors and actors, and he's got a great collection of quality work.

But there're lots of stories to tell. Even if they've been told before, the actors' interpretation makes them unique.

A smart caper movie like "The Italian Job" or "Ocean's 11" (not 12 & 13!)with edge of the seat tension and humor, etc.

bobbyanna said...

Jake'd make a wonderful Yuri, chica!

mary said...

maybe jake should let us cast his next film for him:)

Monica said...

UV, I read about this project and would be really great to see Jake working with George Clooney.
George Clooney, David Fincher (again), Darren Aronofsky, Tarantino, Ang Lee (again), Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Paul Thomas Anderson, Peter Jackson, Michael Haneke, Todd Haynes,Paul Greengrass,Joel e Ethan Coen, Lars Von Trier, Christopher Nolan...
I need, I want to see Jake working with some of these great directors.

Like Carla, I want Jake doing a villain or someone passing through physical and mental transformations.

No, remake, no.

Monica said...

Poster: Love And Other Drugs


UltraViolet said...

Wow is right.

Not sure what the ethics are, but I am sure that deserves a new post! With due credit, of course.

Monica said...

Talk with PG before.

UltraViolet said...

Monica, as far as netiquette goes, once you post something on the internet, you have to know it's fair game.

As has been proved by the many, many things taken from here and reposted with no mention of us. Sometimes, with credit but mostly nada. And certainly no one has ever asked if they can use something they've found here.

I certainly will give credit but I don't think I need PG's permission. For one thing, there was no request not to repost. And secondly, as I said, once the poster is out of the bag, that's that.

Monica said...

OK :)

UltraViolet said...

Would love love love to see Jake and RDJ together again.

I was generalizing. It seems like every time I check movie news Ryan Reynolds and or Bradley Cooper isworking on another movie. It's as if they make three to every one Jake makes.

That's what I was trying to say, Bobbyanna. I wish Jake were in more movies, but when I look at the actual movies people are making, generally, I don't wish he were in them.

But he IS in L&OD. New posterage.