Friday, September 24, 2010

Memorable Cover Boy

Entertainment Weekly, celebrating their 20th year of publication this year, looks back at 5 of their most memorable covers and the stories behind them.

The cover from 2004

And the photoshoot proof

Capture from the 1925 film, Strike, and inspiration
for Jake's EW photoshoot

Maybe one day we'll know the idea behind this photoshoot!

Includes pics from IHJ


FL said...

From twitter:

Sittin next to jake gyllenhaal right now. He looks like a lumberjack. He's with some twunt named Fanny who's drunk & littering everywhere.


At #lefooding line for seersucker fried chix insane so my friends going to look for Jake gyllenhaal w/his full on beard #olivialy

So this is where Jake is tonight. Sounds like fun!

Le Grand Fooding.

And probably why he was checking out Momofuku last night.

FL said...

Jake gyllenhall at the foodie show at PS1. Big red beard!

Oh. My. :-DDD

Monica said...

I like this cover. It is one of the best with Jake Gyllenhal.
Thanks, FL!

I think this look is for a new movie.

FL said...

Hey Chica - Aren't you in Queens? Get over to LIC STAT!

Lola said...

I actually really dislike this photoshoot, i think its the airbrushing. I definitely have to go see LOAD in theaters, as a Jake fan thats just bad that I haven't seen any of his films on the big screen.

Extra said...

So glad that Jake made the list of memorable EW covers, it's one of my favorite shoots.

The photoshoot with the alligator head and the bee hat, well they were definately what the hell were they thinking moments!

Lumberjack? Red Beard??? I'm wondering if Jake always had reddish hair. If you look at pics of him when he was younger you can see that it was brown/reddish. I think he may have been darkening it off and on for years because he looks better with it darker.

I mention it now because he seems to be going the natural route!

Twunt, LOL!!

bobbyanna said...

I never liked that photoshoot of Jake. It looks too airbrushed and fakey. His eyes, etc. But I'm glad his cover was chosen.

Cool that he's doing the food thing!:)

I'm beginning to think the same thing, Monica. Maybe the beard is for a movie? I hope not. I'm looking forward to him doing the PR for LAOD. I really hope he shaves by then.

mary said...

maybe if jake stills has the beard while promoting LOAD he will be asked why he has the beard and well find out why if its not for a movie i would think his publicist or manager would have him shave at least i would hope they would.

FL said...

If you go to the 4:00 minute mark of this video you'll hear Jame White, photographer of the EW photoshoot, talk about the day Jake and Atticus came to the set.

Chica said...

Ahh! I was in the Bronx last night at a party! I have a friend that works at LaGuardia College which is a few blocks from that event at MOMA PS1 in LIC so I know the area.

Sounds like it was a fun event!

Not one of my favorite photoshoots, too airbrushed and artsy for me but I always loved the colors used. The use of the still from the silent movie Strike is interesting.

Tweety said...

I'm glad Jake made the list even though they made him look really odd here.

Looks like he went to Brooklyn after the event in Queens last night:

tinaatmetro: Jake Gyllenhaal at Robertas in Bushwick tonight. No body guards or shades just a full beard. Was friendly.
about 8 hours ago via Mobile Web ·

Bigfoot said...


bobbyanna said...

That picture is from the set that was taken while he was in L.A. some weeks ago. Hope he keeps his beard trimmed! :)

Carla said...

Usually the word "wet" aand "Jake" in one sentence make me feel fuzzy but this cover looks fake and staged.

I like the other "Strike" inspirited picture.

There are not even rumours regarding a new project and I am fairly sure the beard will be gone next week for the event.
If not, someone will probably ask him about it..:-)

Tweety said...

Jake at one of his CZ in NY:

steveheisler: Saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Gorilla Coffee
about 2 hours ago

mary said...

thursday night ay 800pm VH1 is showing jakes snl appearance if any ones interested.

Shondra said...

I remember reading about Atticus being present during this photoshhot, thanks for the link FL!

Jake has an unworldly look in this shoot, not my favorite Jake photoshoot but interesting and I'm happy that it made their top 20.

I'm almost afraid to see any pics now of Jake based on these sightings, yike!

I do hope it's for an upcoming movie.

lawgoddess said...

I actually hope the beard isn't for a movie. If it isn't, presumably he'll shave it off soon.

I don't mind Jake with a beard, although I prefer cleanshaven or stubble.

But a long, untrimmed beard is just not attractive, IMO.

In any event, one way or the other it can't be permanent.

Great post, FL.

bobbyanna said...

We've seen Jake with a beard before, so we know how he looks.
I think most of the people who've seen him in person recently, are startled by it, because they aren't "experts" like we are, LG. :) It probably doesn't look that bad...Probably.

As someone else said,I hope he isn't doing "Jeremiah Johnson," for some movie. LOL! The beard's a better look for a "behind the camera" role. Maybe he's working on whatever project took him to Colorado. Or something.

But it's odd that there haven't been any twitpics.

I'm going to focus on what FL said about how beautifully he was filmed in LAOD.

bobbyanna said...

Some French girl posted on FB that she saw him at Franny's in Brooklyn (CZ:another Italian restaurant) and "he's not that good looking." But he smiled at her! :(

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Not that goodlooking? I think that's the first time I've heard that !
I wonder of it has anything to do with his Grizzly beard?

Loks like he has decided to stay in NY until his Q&A this Saturday, can't wait for your report Chica!

Count me in as this EW cover not being one of my favorites. it really doesn't look like him and there is too much going on.

I tink that it would have been cool if it was done in b&w like the Strike inspired poto.

OT: I saw The Town this weekend and Wow!! Gone Baby Gone wasn't a fluke for Affleck. He needs to stay behind the camera. With the exception of Chasing Amy I haven't been impressed with him in front of the camera.

bobbyanna said...

Wasn't The Town great! I enjoyed it too, OONP. Never got to see "Chasing Amy," but my two Affleck acting favorites are "Hollywoodland" and "Boiler Room." (I think Ben was going for the Alec Baldwin character in Glengarry Glenross with BR.)

Saturday I saw
"Wall Street 2." I enjoyed it except for the very end. The story wrote itself. Good acting all around, too.

bobbyanna said...

Not to "spam" but it looks like, hopefully, tickets are still available for Jake's event on Saturday night. Since it wasn't part of the original shedule, people might not know about it.

Here's a link, or you can just go to

FL said...

From FB:

Jake Gyllenhaal was just at my job. Son had the mean "grizzly adams" beard. Ha!

God I wish someone would take a pic - dying to see this thing!

bobbyanna said...

"God I wish someone would take a pic "

Me too, God!

Some guy just posted FB Jake was at Ricky's...a huge superstore for skin care, soaps, shampoos, hair care, personal grooming stuff,etc. in NYC. Perchance he's going to transform himself?

bobbyanna said...

Oops. Sorry, FL. They guy you quoted is the same guy I meant.

mary said...

i sure hope so bobbyanna i would like a pic too but im almost afraidto see one though. i guess well find out after he does that interview on saturday fingers crossed that the beard is gone.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I forgot about Ben in Hollywoodland Bobbyanna, he was good in that as well.

Sounds like Jake may be getting ready to ditch the Grizzly look:)

viv said...

I just saw Jakey's new photo(yes..with big beard!!!)on E!online. I am going to faint....*-*
But I like his length of hair, and he is still beautiful as hell.(sigh)

bobbyanna said...

I SAW that!:) He has such a sweet smile! Of course it was semi-profile not full on. His hair is a good length for the beard, and while it's fuller than his other bearded looks it isn't so bad at all. But I definitely prefer him scruffy, not bearded! Hope he shaves. Plz?

According to E! he was followed by photographers trying to get a shot.and he tried to avoid them.

He looks very...Russian...:) Whoever suggested it a while ago, Yeah. I could see him as Yuri Zhivago.

Monica said...

I still think it's for a new movie.

FL said...

I almost feel a little sad for him if he feels he has to shave it off for the New Yorker Festival interview. Guys love nothing more than not shaving/wondering how long/full they can grow a beard.

We'll see soon enough.

Carla said...

"Grizzly Man" aka Jake G. ...

Jake and the beard

Hmmm... I hope he will shave for the interview, this look does nothing for me...!

Monica said...

OH, no Carla, link of this site... argh

Chica said...

Now that we have a picture of Jake in full beard, I must say that it looks good. It nicely trimmed and looks soft.

Now I hope he doesn't sahve for his Q&A!!

Monica said...

Here: IHJ galery

Not so bad!

suvee said...

his look does nothing for me...!

Me either, Carla.

Sad to say, but if I passed him on the street today, I wouldn't give him a second look. Big beards just aren't my thing. On the other hand, his hair looks great! So there's my silver lining. :)

Sheba baby said...

I'm not feeling it either, it's not bad but he looks a lot better with a little scruff.

As weird as Jake looks in this EW photoshoot, the pics with him and the alligator head always weirded me out!

Love all the twets and FB sightings, perhaps his stopping off at Ricky's means that he is about to shave.

Lola said...

I don't mind the beard im one of the few people who likes him with one, but its been so long since he's been clean shaven that i want him to shave. It's good to see him though especially since i had a bit of a rough day at the coast, it was cold and there was high tide that almost washed all my stuff away im pretty beat so this was nice:)

Get Real said...

OMG!!! It's so good to see him. I actually don't mind it. His hair is the right length for it. It would be nice to see that gorgeous face though!

I think the EW photo shoot is to stylized but it is nice that they recognized it.

Monica said...

Screening of laod in New York, from twitter:
tffnyxx Totally sat behind Maggie Gyllenhaal. No big deal.
1 hour ago

@arod07 @tffnyxx lol where was this?
1 hour ago

tffnyxx Tiffy V
I was at a screening of Love and Other Drugs! :) @arod07
23 minutes ago

Get Real said...

Thanks, Monica for the sighting! I am surprised Jake wasn't at the screening.

Anyway, I was looking at the new pic and I think the beard and the hair length would have been good in BBM. I still don't understand why Jake wore a fake mustache when we know how well he grows a beard.

mary said...

the beard is not as bad as i thought it would be iwas afraid it would be alot longer but i sure hope hope he shaves soon he looks a lot better with out the beard, it makes him look a lot older, i dont mind stubble or a light beard not a full thick beard beard hope he shaves for the interview on saturday i guess well find out soon.

viv said...

I just gound an article about The sale of POP,but my English isn;t good enought to understand what's talking about(is this good or bad?).Could anyone explainthat article?? Thanks so much:)

viv said...

I mean "found".....XD

Anonymous said...

The sat behind Maggie G., no big deal comment always makes me laugh. If it was no big deal then why was it mentioned in the first place. Probably to show everyone how cool they think they are.

bobbyanna said...

Well, viv, from what I can figure out, the article's saying that Prince of Persia's DVD sales aren't such a big deal. Not bad, not great.

I don't agree with him. He also says he expects the DVD sales in foreign countries to be much better since the movie itself did much better in foreign countries.

Another thing I've noticed,
Sometimes, when they release a DVD, they also make it available for pay home viewing. They haven't done that so far, with PoP.

They seem to be delaying the release for home-viewing so people will continue to buy the DVD. Maybe it will be available for pay in a few weeks, after DVD sales slow down.

Tweety said...

Is Jake in the UK Now? This tweeter is tweeting from the UK and belongs to a PR firm. No mention of the grizzly look...

PHALifestyle: Just seen Jake Gyllenhaal whilst at a client press day! He's looking good!
about 2 hours ago via web

Monica said...

It depends, he can be there, or she just saw some pictures or interview of him for the promotion of laod in the UK.

bobbyanna said...


Posted on twitter:

filthycanary:"Jake Gyllenhall has a big Spencer Pratt beard "

( UV, I really miss U!)

bobbyanna said...

From FB about an hour ago:
"Jake Gyllenhaal....thank you for coming to Entwine and pulling me out of my jet lag induced stupor...."

The restaurant looks very cool.
Of course it's an Italian menu!

Chica said...

I've been to the Entwine Bobbyanna and the restaurant is not only cool but the food is incredible!

So it looks like the UK sighting may have been a case of mistaken identity? Or maybe he returned to NY. I can't wait for Saturday for his Q&A!!

I miss UV too!!

mary said...

i noticed UV been missing for a few days is she okay?

FL said...

UV's a little under the weather. She'll be back soon. :-)