Monday, September 13, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Okay, really, it's fall that's almost upon us. But with the imminent release of Prince of Persia on DVD, the Disney promotion is gearing up again. It's almost like those May days, when there seemed to be a new Jake Gyllenhaal or PoP video/interview/photo every time you turned on the computer.

[video removed]

The clip's been out for a few days. I'm just slow in posting it. There are some nice shots of shirtless Jake, as well as long-haired Jake. It's a shame he covered up that mane with all those hats during those months of prep and filming!

Here are a couple of PoP interviews I hadn't seen before. Part of the same set and in Spanish, but you can hear Jake speaking - in English. Most of the articles are retreads, as well. But it's kind of fun to revisit those heady days.

Moving back to fall, here's the HQ version of the L&OD poster.

Click to embiggen.


UltraViolet said...

Variety article on the changing fortunes of producers in Hollywood these days. They talk to Ed Zwick about the L&OD deal.

Extra said...

I ordered the Pop DVD via amazon, and I can't wait!

I really loved this movie, it was aperfect popcorn summer movie.

Thansk for the link to the Variety article, interesting read.

mary said...

ordered my pop dvd too on amazon cant wait to wake it again

mary said...

oops meant watch it again

bobbyanna said...

Good article, UV, and thanks for the "work out" video. I could watch Jake 'practice' all day.:)

I'm smiling at the positive mentions of PoP on FB and twitter.
Lots os people looking forward to the DVD. Also discovering Jake's other movies. I've even noticed Lovely & Amazing getting a nod!

It is just a gorgeous day out here. It actually does feel like Spring or early summer. I am compelled to ride my bicycle!:)

UltraViolet said...

The twitter and Facebook love for Jake and his movies is heartwarming. Let's hope L&OD only increases it!

I was hoping Amazon would deliver early but I haven't gotten it yet. I guess I can wait until tomorrow.

The changing landscape in Hollywood is fascinating. But I hope Zwick and co. don't skimp on the L&OD promotion.

Here's another seemingly already sold out NYC screening for L&OD. It's for Wednesday night.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Bobbyanna, I keep forgetting to ask if DJ ever answered your tweet. And what did you say to him?

bobbyanna said...

I said something like, "Aren't U excited about Source Code? Where's the support 4 the actors & crew?" And no, he didn't respond. Not my exact words, but very close.

The Hollywood Reporter has a fascinating article about all the deal-making in Toronto by distributors for various films.

Even Robert Redford has to "sell" his "Conspiracy" movie, which is being well received. Of course, the Weinstein Bros. are trying to reassert themselves,looking for Oscar worthy properties to buy.

Sophia Coppola's movie received the Golden Lion in Venice.
I don't care for Sophia.

mary said...

when i ordered my dvd it said it would be delivered on the 16th so ig uess they arent delivering them early like they do with their books so i have ti wait till thursday for maine oh well im off thursday and friday so ill 2 days to enjoy it

UltraViolet said...

You'll have a fun Thursday and Friday, Mary!

I'm wondering how I'll enjoy watching the DVD. The crowd reaction was a big part of the fun for me. I mean, I know I'll enjoy it, but I'll miss the communal experience.

Not a bad tweet, Bobbyanna, though it's not surprising that he didn't answer.

I liked Lost in Translation, but I'm surprised Somewhere won the Golden Lion. The reviews were definitely lukewarm.

bobbyanna said...

I know. I've been thinking.I should have framed it more positive. Maybe he'd see that fans are looking forward to it.

If people tweeted that they're excited and looking forward to SC, maybe he'd get over his problems with "The suits" and his unpleasant experience, whatever it was, and focus on the "up" side.

Altho, if people interfered with the editing, or the production process, that would really be unfortunate.

No way to know.

Carla said...

Have to wait until September 30, but it will be my first "Blue Ray" disc.

PoP is also on top of the rentals list at Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie industry is changing rapidly - to think that a film like "Rabbid Hole" with Kidman leading and a very good overall cast has not got a distributor yet...
So the awards race is in full swing now - will be interesting to see the PR strategy for LOAD.

I am not surprised you did not get an answer from D. Jones, Bobbyanna. I am not sure I understand his attitude towards "Hollywood" - on the long run it is not possible making films without the support of a studio and unless you are Christopher Nolan you have to fight for every penny to spend.

Chica said...

My Pop DVD is on order, I got an e-mail saying that I should receive it by the end of the week.

Watching it in the theater on the big screen with an audience was part of the fun UV. Watching it at home will be a different experience, more intimate. Also I can freeze on all my favorite parts!

It's a whole different ballgame in HW now when the likes of Redford has to hustle for his latest movie.

Somewhere was a surprise win in Venice, people expected Black Swan to win. There was some controversy over Tarrantino being on the board and influencing the vote in favor of Sophia, his ex-GF. Sounds like nonsense to me. I'm glad Sofia gave up acting (Godfather III, the horror!!) and decided to go behind the scenes, I liked Lost in Translation too.

Good for you Bobbyanna! Not surprised that he didn't respond though.

Another sold out NY screening of LAOD! Where are these tickets being distributed?? I went to the site and you need a code to see if there are any extra tickets.

UltraViolet said...

I know, chica! I guess maybe you can keep checking back on the site. Not sure how those VIP codes are distributed.

I'm kind of glad Bobbyanna let DJ know how his tweets sound. Not that I want him to censor himself, but he should be aware of the way he comes across. As Carla said, he's not going anywhere without some version of Hollywood behind him.

I don't have a Blu Ray player, so I'm hoping the extras can be magically copied onto the interwebs. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Fanning myself over that sword fighting clip....Uh, just admiring the athleticism and grace of Jake, that's all...:)

Interesting Variety article. They really are popping out movies quite fast these days. 45 days is not a long shoot. It's getting more like the TV world.


Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

On Saturday I bought the DVD edited in Argentina.

Only it has: how he became PoP.

I adore to see Jake in action!!!

mary said...

got a email that my pop dvd has been shipped so i guess i am getting it earlier than i thought i would

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That video is certainly drool-worthy, thanks!!

My DVD is hopefully on it's way, I checked and it has been shipped already. It will be fun watching it again plus the extras even though most of the stuff we have seen already, I think (with the exception of the deleted scene and a lot of cool interactive stuff!)

Hollywod does seem to be grinding out a lot of films quicker than before. The result of that IMO is more mediocre and poorly promoted films.

There is one thing to complain about the HW suits but it's another not to at least talk up your next film to be released.

We realise anon., that he isn't slamming Jake or the cast of SC, but he comes across as whiny and unprofessional.

He will need to suck it up and learn to go with the flow or he will continue to have problems with HW suits. Other directers have issues but at least they are enthusiastic about their films.

To all the GB's here that are having primaries in their states, Delaware, NY, DC, etc, don't forget to vote today!

Tweety said...

Waiting for my copy to arrive too. Too bad that there won't be a sequel based on the US BO because I would love to see Dastan and Tamina again on the big screen.

Love watching Jake in action, thanks for the video UV!

Love these tweets about the Pop DVD:

NaviHans: i just bought prince of persia cuz i found a coupon...hopes its good...luv jake gyllenhaal!!

do_fan: Just bought Prince of Persia-LOVE Jake Gyllenhaal! Those eyes get me every time

avoidinglaundry: Finished watching Prince of Persia. Have to say it. Jake Gyllenhaal is hot in that movie. Wow.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, those PoP tweets are fun, tweety. I love seeing the Jake love.

Got my DVD today, so I can watch it tonight.

We realise anon., that he isn't slamming Jake or the cast of SC, but he comes across as whiny and unprofessional.

Exactly, OONP. We didn't even say anything about how DJ did or didn't treat Jake. It's the way he refers to/discusses/characterizes SC that's irritating.

mary said...

got my pop dvd today too but have to wait till thursday to watch it when im off i work 12 hour shifts so on the days i work im too tired to watch tv/dvds or anything else.

enjoying all the tweets too about the pop dvds it should do well.

bobbyanna said...

Can I just say. If I was rich,I would happily buy everyone on Martha's Vineyard a cameraphone!

Brilliant sunny day here!Hope everyone is well! :)

I think a LOT of Jake's fans on Twitter and FB were watching PoP yesterday! :)

Monica said...

5I see no problem if DJ is not speaking with passion about Source Code or when he speak that he hates Hollywood executives, what interests me is whether he did an excellent job. What he did with that incredible script, which was considered one of the best in recent years.

Maybe someday in the future I'll buy the dvd or bluray of pop.

OT: I am very happy for the victory of Nadal, of course. He is an amazing person, great human being, determined, a great professional, talented ... is so good to see my idol having success after going through difficult times in 2009, when some people even said that his career was over.

FL said...

Can I just say. If I was rich,I would happily buy everyone on Martha's Vineyard a cameraphone!

LOL I'm sure everyone already has one. And they're happily sharing those pics with their friends and family on their private FBs or through email. The trick is to get those same folks to post their camera pics on social networking sites for all of us to enjoy. :-)

It's so funny, I had never heard the term Redband Trailer until UV mentioned it last week. In that time I've seen two redband trailers for things online and this morning I ran across this post on IMdB:

I walked out of the advanced screening I attended of this movie excited for the first time in awhile about a movie. I always have an opinion about a film going in and am rarely surprised. I was floored by this one but wondered how the film makers would cut a trailer for it. I understand the difficulty involved with trying to categorize this movie into brackets. The film makers decided to cut 2 trailers, 1 being a typical rom-com style preview and the 2nd a slightly funnier but still not provocative trailer. After the trailer, the boards around here rightfully went crazy about how the oscar buzzed about movie was just another typical rom-com. I don't blame you IMDBers. If I didn't already see the movie, I wouldn't be slightly interested in seeing it. Ed Zwick would have been a redeeming favtor though. All I can say is give this movie a shot. Its way, way, way, way, way, more Knocked Up than the trailer makes it look. They are going for the female audience when in reality they were already going to come to this movie.

This is a call to whoever is marketing this movie. TRUST ME. Cut a redband trailer and put it online and get some guys really talking about this film. Save the image of this movie! I know you are disappointed with our reactions to the trailer. Show what the movie is really all about without giving away too much of course. Show the cussing and dirty jokes. The debauchery and nudity. The corporate scheming and the sexual encounters. Thats what was appealing about the movie. It is utterly provocative and the trailer makes it look like a cookie cutter, happy couple story. PLEASE SAVE THIS FILM AND CUT A REDBAND TRAILER!!!

Paula said...

My Prince has arrived via mail!!!

I can't wait to watch Pop again, I loved Jake as Dastan.

Amen Monica on Jones and SC: I just hope that he directed a good movie, the script was highly touted as being incredible.

Happy for Nadal too, I'm a big fan of his!

From my understanding, folks on MV don't get too fannish when celebs are amongst them, still a pic once in a while wouldn't hurt would it?

Thanks for the IMDB link FL,that explains redband more. They are right, the film is rated R and from the script raunchy but you wouldn't know it from the 2 trailers realeased.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, FL. Glad to see other people complain about marketing for Jake's movies. I'd love to see a redband trialer for LAOD!

(Hoarding/hiding pics of Jake should be a crime! :))

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

I agre!!!

Extra said...

I still haven't received my copy yet but here is a really good review of the Blue ray DVD:

Extra said...

I still haven't received my copy yet but here is a really good review of the Blue ray DVD:

Anonymous said...

maybe it's already on youtube... lots of interesting things crop up on that site, lol

Someone who lurks everywhere. said...

lots of interesting things crop up on that site, lol

You are very very sad anon, and using other bloggers names is truely the lowest.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like DC is getting a screening for L&OD next week. I haven't seen any reports from the one last night yet.

Anonymous said...

This was on JJ today.

I saw this movie at a screening in NY last night, it was realllllly good! You get to see a lot of full frontal nudity from Anne Hathaway, and I do mean A LOT!!! But no where near enough nudity from Jake!! :(

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that I had to go out of town so I never got to watch my DVD. I'm attempting to download it to watch on my iPad but it's taking forever.

Has anyone watched? Any good extras? Leonor, I think you've sen it, lucky thing!

Oh and belated congrats to Nadal. I was rooting for Federer but you can't help but be happy for Rafa, who is such a good sport.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon! Sadly, there's never enough Jake nudity!

Chica said...

Holy crap! I recieved my DVD today and was about to watch when all of a sudden there is a tornado watch in Brooklyn Staten Island and Queens (where I live).

I better batten down the hatches, later...

Ginny said...

5:31 Why are you posting as anon, everyone knows who you are.

FL said...

Chica, hope you're okay. But probably without power. I saw that the tornado slammed into South Park Slope pretty hard.

bobbyanna said...

Hey, chica! Me too! Hope things didn't get too bad for you! I had a brief power failure,lasted a few minutes, but it was just a thunderstorm.

FL, Park Slope's inBrooklyn. Hope my daughter wasn't affected. She spends a lot of time there.
Dang! I don't recall when I've ever heard about tornados in that area, or Queens either for that matter.

bobbyanna said...

I'm a klutz with links, but here's a YouTube of the tornado.

Looks like a really fierce storm.

mary said...

wasnt able to watch my pop dvd today either had to spend the day with my mother in the er and probably wont be able to watch it tomorrow either they want to keep her in the hospital over night for observation so ill have to back at the hospital in the morning to be with her and take her home if they release her

bobbyanna said...


Hope everything works out OK with your mom.

Chica said...

All is calm now.The only damage for me was that I lost my power for a few hours but there were a lot of down trees in my area and the LIRR and transit was disrupted.

Lived in NY all my life and I never seen or experienced anything like that and I hope I never will again. That was just scary, the sky turned black then green and then all hell broke out. They keep saying that possible tornadoes hit Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens. I have been through storms and this wasn't one, definately tornadoes.

So I didn't get to watch my Pop DVD and I won't be able to until tonight, I have to meet some friends later for lunch and then stop by on LI to see my Mom.

The buses are running OK, there are very few trees on the bus routes so all should be clear for traveling by bus today.

Unfortunately the trees destroyed property and cars and there was one death caused by a falling tree.

Glad to hear that everything is Ok where you are Bobbyanna. Brooklyn got hit bad as well, I hope your daughtter is Ok .

This is my last free day, I start my new job on Monday. it's going to feel weird but I think i had more than enough down time!

Chica said...

I hope everything turns out Ok with your Mom (((Mary))).

mary said...

thanks every one hopefully she be home today i have to work this weekend so probably wont get a chance to watch pop till after the weekend.

glad every one survived the strange weather out there.

Anonymous said...

Anyone from New York with $35 to spare Jake Gyllenhaal talks with David Denby

Sag actor said...

I haven't ordered the DVD yet but i'm looking forward to reading the reviews of it here.

A.O. Scott from the NY Times revisits Donnie Darko:

Anonymous said...

New video of Jake training for PoP.

Chica said...

There are no more advance tickets for the Q&A with Jake, Ed Zwick and David Denby in NY on 10/2:(

But they say they may be some limited walk up tickets available on the day of the talk. That's on Saturday so I'll try my luck then, thanks for the link Anon!

I will finally get to watch my Pop DVD tonight!

Thanks for the link to that video re-review of DD SA and the Pop video of Jake training Anon!

Shondra said...

My DVD is on it's way according to my amazon e-mail. My husband and my sons are just as anxious as I am to seeing Prince of Persia again and in blue-ray and HD too!!!

Good luck Chica, I would love to get a chance to particpate in that.

I saw the news reports about the tornadoes in Brooklyn and Queens, how freaky was that??

Wishing everyone a blessed Yom Kippur to all that celebrate.

Lola said...

Unfortunately my computer can only play certain videos so i haven't been able to see these videos:( I was just watching rodarte's latest collection on and for one of the runway songs they used the wings the song from brokeback mountain. I was surprised they used it and i immediately got a lump in my throat, anyways thats sort of random but i thought you guys would understand:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lola

Yeah Brokeback still packs a punch after all these years. Beautiful performances from Jake and Heath.


Carla said...

@Mary, I hope everything is fine with your mom..!

The talk between Jake, Zwick and Denby will be interesting - fingers crossed for you Chica - perhaps you are lucky.
Perhaps they will be also talking about a future project for Jake.

Lola, BBM will always be something special - and after Heath died I was not able to watch it again - until today.

mary said...

thanks carla my mom is doing fine but they still havent released her yet hopefully sometime this weekend

bobbyanna said...

Chica I SO hope you'll be able to get in! I'd love to be able to go to the program with Jake, Zwick, and David Denby! The New Yorker has this series every October, and they always have interesting speakers, panels, etc. It's pretty impressive that they're featuring Jake.

I don't have my DVD yet, so I was hoping Comcast would have it OnDemand, but they don't. It's very curious, because they don't even have it in coming events for October!

I know sometimes there's a lag time between DVD release and the pay per view thing, but recently they've been doing "same day" releases for a lot of movies...except not for PoP.

OK. Last night I saw "The Town."
It was "Heat" meets "The Departed" for sure, but I loved every second of it! It was exciting, and well acted, and I love Boston! Ben Affleck did a very good job directing. Robert Elswit was his Director of Photography.

Go Blue!
(U of M Wolverines play U Mass today. Big game in Ann Arbor!:))

Chica said...

I will be back later with my Pop DVD review, I have a ton of chores and errands to do. I would like to get everything out of thr way so I can give a proper review!

I think I read that info wrong on the New Yorker site about the Q&A. Tickets will be available at the BO for walk up purchase on 9/20 at noon, not 10/2.

It is odd that Comcast doesn't have Pop listed yet.

I'm glad to hear that your Mother is doing better Mary.

I've heard about these series of talks to Bobbyanna and I would love to attend the Jake and Zwick Q&A panel.

A lot of the other panels are sold out as well. Members and media types get first dibs on the tickets of course.

Chica said...

I forgot to add that i will see if I can purchase a ticket on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Saw this comment from Keanu and thought this is why - unless someone is laughing or smiling or crying,etc..seeing those type of emotions in a picture - a picture isn't always worth a thousand words.

Fans launched an online "Cheer Up Keanu" campaign a few months back after the Canadian actor was photographed sitting on a park bench eating lunch and generally looking gloomy.

But Reeves says he doesn't remember feeling down in the dumps.

"I don't think (I needed cheering up)," an affable Reeves said this week at the Toronto International Film Festival. "I think that's one of those things where an image can evoke different feelings but not necessarily be telling the truth."


bobbyanna said...

Based on my VERY amateur detective skills I'm thinking Jake might be in NYC. Maybe. A young woman on FB who (1)graduated from the culinary institute as a pastry chef, and works at an Austrian (2)restaurant in NYC claims that she "talked college football with Jake Gyllenhaal" yesterday. She did not mention facial hair. She was so low key about it(!) I think it might be true. Or not. :)

mary said...

hope we get more sighting if he is in nyc im rally curious where he is he sure knows how to disappear for long periods and i hope the beard is gone.