Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Was Jake's Youth

In the spring of 2002, Jake Gyllenhaal made his West End debut in Kenneth Lonergan's "This Is Our Youth," along with Anna Paquin and Hayden Christensen. A video of Jake and Anna presenting at the Evening Standard Film Awards has shown up on youtube:

It's funny to see Ben Kingsley in the audience. Of course, Jake would later win the Evening Standard Award for Best Newcomer for his TIOY role.

Look who's next to Jake - continuing the six degrees of separation theme.

Jake has said many times since then that he'd love to do more theater, but he hasn't appeared on stage again. While we wait for news of a new project (play, film or world record for facial hair), let's take a look back at Jake's award-winning turn on the boards:

I prefer Jake in this chair.

I don't think Pilot would approve of this technique.

It looks like Jake is making Reagan talk!

This is sort of an RDJ look to me.

That's more like Jake!

So young.

Some reviews of Jake's performance:

A classic of times past
Laurence Boswell directs this marvellous trio of actors with both confidence and an illuminating attention to detail. Gyllenhaal seizes all his chances as Warren, a beautiful and befuddled loser. But he also movingly suggests a lovable, vulnerable character just beginning to grow into maturity.

As a result, the focus in Laurence Boswell's production is very much on the performances. Hayden Christensen, looking like a taller Martin Amis, exhibits a fine rangy sulkiness as Dennis. Jake Gyllenhaal as Warren is naturally comic and engagingly defenceless. And Anna Paquin as Jessica combines prim formality of speech with an argumentative sexual ardour. All three are highly talented, instantly beguiling young actors even if Lonergan's study of subsidised social rebels leaves you wanting more.

Take a bow, Mr. Gyllenhaal!

Curtain Up:
For one, Jake Gyllenhaal (Warren), this is his stage debut, all the more hard to believe as he gives such an accomplished and secure performance. ...

Tousled haired Jake Gyllenhaal is immensely likeable as he conveys Warren's tendency for a rather naïve honesty. He can only tell the truth in response to Jessica's question, "Do you want to mess around or do you want to have a serious discussion?" Gyllenhaal gives Warren all the fidgetting mannerisms of gauche youth. It is Warren who becomes more assured in the course of the play, when he is able to bite back at Dennis' put downs.

Theatre Guide London:
But it is Jake Gyllenhaal who really serves as the play's emotional spine, letting us watch Warren grow through his love for Jessica and gradually making us realise that this hapless shnook is actually the most nearly-balanced and potentially successful adult of the three.

The scenes in which his bumbling sincerity worms its way through Jessica's defences, or in which, silently listening to Dennis insult him, he lets his face show a half-understood awareness that he is outgrowing his buddy, are marvels of sensitive underplaying.

Moving to the present - lt's end with the L&OD poster - a cleaner version though we still don't have HQ:

(Some photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

From twitter yesterday:

Warning: @aliciamalone will be jealous. Interview with Jake Gyllenhaal will be featured in an upcoming issue of @BBM_Live.

So this BBM is a lifestyle and entertainment magazine. With the lifestyle being backpacking. Something about Leadville or is it for the PoP DVD? A bit early for L&OD promo, I think.

mary said...

UV who is thst next to jake? i not sure if i recognize him

UltraViolet said...

Oh, sorry, Manry. It's Sam Mendes, who also won an award that year.

Mendes said that seeing Jake in the play made him reconsider Jake's suitability for Jarhead. Apparently, he didn't think Jake was masculine enough before that.

mary said...

thanks UV i recognize him now and i did hear him say that about jake too

bobbyanna said...

Lovely, UV. The YouTube video is a treasure, and it's so nice to read all the appreciative comments...from critics! :)

Anonymous said...

Strange to think of anyone else in the Swofford role. Jake owned it. And he emanated masculinity.

All three of those young actors have gone on to a big career. Talent will out.


Monica said...

I'm not a fan of Anna, but I liked watching this video and read all this praise for the performance of Jake.
Thanks, UV.

Chica said...

Love that video and really loved reading all the wonderful praise for Jake's stage debut!

I hope Jake decides to do a play again, I would love to see him on stage.

Jake was so good as Swofford, I'm glad Mendes cast him for the part.

FluorescentLamp said...

So this BBM is a lifestyle and entertainment magazine. With the lifestyle being backpacking.

Looks like BBMLive covers everything, including extreme sports. So I suppose the Leadville T100 might fall into that category. Else he's interviewing Jake for the PoP DVD release.

It's so funny to think that Sam Mendes, upon seeing Jake in TIOY, thought that sort of slacker boy, who looked very much like a little boy then, would be his Tony Swofford.

What's even funnier is walking out of Leicester Square one afternoon with a friend onto Charing Cross Road, looking across the road and seeing the marquee of the Garrick Theatre with Jake's name on it and thinking to myself "oh that's that American actor with the really wide mouth and oh look how his last name takes up sooo much space on that marquee."

FL, kicking herself since 2005 that she never caught a show of This Is Our Youth in 2002 WHEN IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER.

Tweety said...

Jake and Anna are so adorable in that video, and i love the Mendes and Kingsley connection from that time.

Oh I know how you feel FL, I would have loved to have seen that play, and you were so close too.

What a special moment for Jake , he received great reviews and was rewarded, I hope he takes the stage again.

The BBM interview is probably about the Leadville race and it's possible that the Pop video may be mentioned as well.

A Brothers reunion!:

dawrightstuff7: Tobey McGuire and Jake Gyllenhal outside of Kabuki = RANDOM!
about 4 hours ago via txt ·

UltraViolet said...

FL, I thought about including that tidbit but figured I'd let you decide whether to share that painful moment! I still vant believe you were so close!

Tweety, what a fun sighting. Maybe someone got pics.

Hi sunflower. Jake does exude masculinity in Jarhead. Though as FL said, it's funny to think Mendes saw it in the young guy in these pics. But he sure made the right choice.

Bobbyanna, I forgot to say that my teeth grind like yours when in think of Natalie, Tobey, et al., being more famous and/or lauded than Jake. Another reason it's so nice to read some of these reviews. Critics who appreciate understatement!

UltraViolet said...

I also forgot to say how cute it is to see Jake and Anna holding hands as they get to the stage. Glad you all enjoyed the video. It was a fun find.

FluorescentLamp said...

I still vant believe you were so close!

But ohhh yet so very very far. :-/

Kendra said...

I also forgot to say how cute it is to see Jake and Anna holding hands as they get to the stage.

I really liked the video, UV, thanks for posting it!!

Carla said...

Great video - Jake got so much praise for his debut - this should be a good sign to try it again.....!

Would love to see it happen.

I almost forgot that Hayden Christensen was his colleague on stage. Hayden as Anakin Skywalker was one of my biggest disappointments so far when it comes to acting.

The LAOD poster is out now and many people are a bit confused - RomCom or drama. I am really curious how they will promote this film.

Shondra said...

What a great find UV, I love when these gems turn up! They were so cute up and I would have loved to have seen them on stage back then along with Hayden.

From the reviews he was a natural on stage, Jake please do another play!

I do love the LAOD poster, it's fun and sexy. That said, it doesn't hint it at the serious tone that the film has, it's more a dramedy, than romcom. They may have another poster as well, most movies have at least 2.

It will be intersting to see how they promote this Carla.

You were this close FL back then to seeing TIOY, sigh.

My sons are back in school snd their parents are back at work, well Dad is, Mom still has anther day off!

Rosh Hashanah starts at midnight, happy new year for all that celebrate.

bobbyanna said...

(((FL))). I know nothing can compare to missing Jake in a live performance, but, back in '05, I was going to meet friends at TIFF, and had car issues. I left much later than I'd planned.

My friends got us tickets for a movie about two young sheepherders who fall in love. I wanted to see it bcz Heath was in it.

I missed it! The final festival screening of BBM! I also missed seeing Heath, Jake, etc. The festival wasn't nearly as restrictive back then. It's nothing at all like seeing Jake in a play, tho.

Yes, Happy New Year, to all who celebrate!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks so much for finding this video and posting it UV and I love the stills from This is our Youth!

They really loved his performance, loved reading all the rave reviews, thanks!!!

Jake and Anna went on to have great careers, not so much for Hayden IMO, Star Wars Anakin anyone?

(((FL))) and (((Bobbyanna)))

Missing out on seeing him on stage and missing him at TIFF is disappointing but you two have at least come close to seeing Jake, I don't think Jake and I have been in the same state!

Like the nice, clean official LAOD poster. They are promoting this as a rom-com, which it has already been pointed out it isn't but I think it will reach and appeal to a much wider audience if it's pitched that way.

UltraViolet said...

You're welcome, Kendra! It was a fun find. I wonder if Jake and Anna will work together again.

I wish some video of the play existed somewhere. Or if it does, that we could see it!

Carla, I didn't see the Star Wars prequels. Or sequels, for that matter. But I have heard a lot of withering criticism for Hayden and Natalie Portman. And for the dialogue.

Hope you're enjoying your last day of vacation, Shondra.

And yes, Happy Rosh Hashanah to those celebrating.

I'd join you, OONP, in the hugs for both Bobbyanna and FL, but I'm pretty sure they've each seen Jake in person anyway. Though that is a terrible story about BBM, Bobbyanna. EWhat an experience that would have been.

UltraViolet said...

Release date for SC:


Summit Entertainment tells us they have scheduled Duncan Jones' sci-fi thriller Source Code for an April 15, 2011 release. That's the same date that Dimension Films is opening Scream 4 and 20th Century Fox is releasing Water for Elephants.

Sure, it offsets the pain of tax day. But I don't want to hear about Jake and Reese's competing movies.


Anonymous said...

The reason that Natalie and Tobey get "lauded" more than Jake is because they are better actors than him. Natalie is currently the frontrunner for the Oscar in her category thanks to The Black Swan. She's almost a lock at this point for a nomination. Jake won't get one of those.

The only movie Jake has done that has been worthwhile was his role in Brokeback Mountain where he played a closeted homosexual. The reason for his excellent performance in that was probably due to the fact that it may have been a case of art imitating life.

bobbyanna said...

"I don't think Jake and I have been in the same state"

OONP, ya just never know. I mean who knew Jake would walk into a bike shop in Texas. Or that he'd show up in Leadsville, CO with a film crew, for goodness sake!! One day you'll walk into the local Whole Foods and BAM!...:)

bobbyanna said...

Bleh!!!! UV!! What horrible scheduling!!! I'm really surprised WFE is opening in April. They were hoping the movie would be one to generate some Oscar buzz.

mary said...

yea uv what horrible scheduling im sure its just a coincidence but im sure some people will make it look like a completion or some thing like that well at least we have a release date now

UltraViolet said...

Yeah it's very puzzling scheduling, I agree. Though both the book and movie sound dreadful to me.

I just do not want to hear the comparisons/competitions, and I certainly don't want WFE to beat SC!

Monica said...

Anon 2:35, are you kidding? Tobey is a better actor than Jake?kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Natalie is a great actress, but as Jake she went through bad times with their jobs after the first Oscar nomination in 2005.
Yes, I think she will be nominated for an Oscar for Black Swan, by a role that was written for her. By which they say she gives a great performance.
But before, she did movies that have not arrived in anywhere, as well as Jake. And like him, people doubted her talent as an actress.
All actors go through their bad times in their careers. Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon are great examples.
Jake gave great performances before Brokeback. Several people knew he had a great performance in BBM, because everyone knew his talent. Because of what? Because of the great performances he had been showing since October Sky.

UV, you can delete. This kind of thing part of cowards should not be here.

Monica said...

We have a date for Source Code. Great news, but not know why, for a moment, I thought this movie was going to premiere at Cannes.

I understand you, UV. It really is uncomfortable to see what the tabloid press will do, creating competition that not exist. And saying who will win, but this is nonsense and we have to stay away from that.
Everyone knows that the dates do not depend on the actors. The studios will define it.
But, as my friend said, the people want blood, and this will be fun for them.

Chica said...

No way are Natalie and Tobey are better actors than Jake IMO. Both Natalie and Tobey have had hits and misses on their resumes.

A double bleh to the scheduling of SC and WFE comong out at the same time, what's up with that?

UltraViolet said...

No problem, Monica. We all want at the trolls some days. You got him this time :)

I never thought of SC as a Cannes film. Which is why it's a shame L&OD didn't do the festival circuit. It's been too long since we got to see Jake in fest mode.

Neither Natalie nor Tobey is better than Jake, I agree. Natalie especially has underwhelmed in many movies. I never saw the Spiderman flicks, but Tobey overacted in Brothers, IMO. So he doesn't get the nod from me.

On another note, someone on IMDb said they should do a Redband trailer for L&OD, and I agree. They need to let people know it's not just a sappy rom-com.

Anonymous said...

I've never noticed anyone doubting Jake as a good actor.
Vanity Fair had a cover with the 6 best performances of the year Rendition was out and he was one of them because he knows how to show nuance in a role. He doesn't have to "prove he is acting". They said for a young actor to be able to do such a good thing is great.
Some folks thought he should of been nominated for an Oscar for "Jarhead". And as his career goes on he will have more nominations.
He has been..is and will continue to be considered one of the best actors of his generation.
And there is a list of various awards he has been nominated for (and won) since October Sky. A long list.

mary said...

over on wdw she posted a tweet from duncan jones that he didnt know anything about april 15 as being the release date for sc so if he doesnt know maybe the date is wrong/ i guess we will find out soon enough

FluorescentLamp said...

Mary, I have a feeling Duncan Jones is left out of a LOT of decisions regarding Source Code, such as release date. Probably for the best since he's seemed very blase about the whole project from the git-go. I never saw any filmmaking passion from him during its shoot.

I've never thought Natalie Portman was a good actress. It was all I could do to sit through Brothers several times. I've seen all the Spiderman movies and I liked Tobey in them and I think I liked him in something else. But neither his nor Natalie's films are films I seek out.

UV, what's a redband trailer?

Does anyone know if the 2010 Black List has come out yet? Or are we still working on the 2009 Black List? I think there are still several unproduced films on the '09 list that I could see Jake in.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, someone asked Duncan if he'd moved to LA and he answered:

well, for a little bit, mate. long enough to finish this Hollyweird film, and hopefully get the next one of my own going.

He definitely needs some enthusiasm aids.

A red band trailer is one that's not approved for general audiences, so it can be raunchier and sexier. I don't even know if they show them in theaters, but they are a big hit online. Some of them develop quite the following. I think the Kick-ass one got a lot of play.javascript:void(0)

JF said...

well, for a little bit, mate. long enough to finish this Hollyweird film, and hopefully get the next one of my own going.

What "Hollyweird film" does he mean?

Good for Natalie for having so much buzz for her performance in BS. Hopefully Jake will have a buzzed performance soon too.

FluorescentLamp said...

What "Hollyweird film" does he mean?

Source Code. See? Not much enthusiasm. No passion.

JF said...

Source Code. See? Not much enthusiasm. No passion.

I would say it's plain rude. He ought to talk his movie up not down. What a weird guy.

Jake's really not lucky with his movies as of late. :(
I hope this'll change soon.

Anonymous said...

You guys have orgasms over every Jake performance, good or bad. Your opinions are too biased to be trusted. Knocking Natalie Portman because she recieves accolades while Jake recieves snores is beyond immature, IMO. Whenever his movie bombs you have a host of people to blame for it except our Jake. The problem with Jake is that, since 2006 and 2007, he had been more interested in being a "movie star" and forgot that he was an actor.

You guys probably think Jake should earn a nomination for The Prince of Persia.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the actors who work with Jake do call him a great actor.
When you like someone..you usually like most of what they do. Not everything is going to be perfect but you can still like the person.
Natalie has proven herself a good actress for a long time..even back to when she was in her early teens.
Actually saying some of the things that have been said about Jake if those were said to Natalie's face have a feeling she wouldn't take too kindly to them. She thinks the world of Jake and they have been friends for a long time.

Anonymous said...

It's "good" to see Jack back again, isn't it?

Shondra said...

I don't think posters here have orgasms over every Jake performance anon., there are some performances like for instance Proof where he was mediocre for me.

I'm not slaming Natalie and from what I hear she gives an Oscar worthy performance in BS, A film I plan on seeing when it opens.

What you are seeing here is frustration to some extent. Brothers was a film where Jake gave the best performance and this is not based on the opinion of Gyllenhaalics but critics and yet Tobey gets a GG nom, which has more to do with his PR than his performance.

Natalie has had some good roles : Closer, V for Vendetta and some mediocre: Brothers, and just bad:Star Wars.

Also he has had the bad luck of having some rather crappy PR to promote his fims like Zodic and now we have D. Jones less than enthusiastic comments regarding SC.

We just don't want the same to happen Jake and LAOD, het lost in the shuffle.

Nobody here thought that he should get a nom for Pop, I think you are on the wrong blog.

Oh, and something that I should know and Mama would be very disappointed that I made a boo-boo on : Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown not midnight!

mary said...

well said shondra

Carla said...

I am disappointed with D. Jones to say it mildly...

If he is not interested in "Hollywood" he should have refused to direct the film.

Sorry but comments like that are showing disrespect for everyone who worked hard to make this project successful.

suvee said...

The problem with Jake is that, since 2006 and 2007, he had been more interested in being a "movie star" and forgot that he was an actor.

Really? The idea that someone only interested in being a "movie star" would pick "Rendition" and "Brothers" as his star vehicles is laughable.

Two films with already known box office poison subject matter...... those are the last projects an actor obsessed with being a big movie star would pick.

And just to be clear, I have not drunk the kool-aid. I don't think that every Jake movie and performance has been brilliant. I am on record here as stating that I am disappointed in his lack of range (so far) as an actor. That's my opinion, based upon my personal bias about what I value in an actor. I see him as a good/very good actor who has not reached his potential..... no more, no less.

suvee said...

I was so into writing my comment that I totally forgot to say, "Happy New Year" to all who celebrate Rosh Hashanah. :)

Anonymous said...

As far as Duncan goes you know he has a sense of humor and I just think that was a "flip" answer to the last movie he did that was his first Hollywood movie.
I don't think he disrespects the movie or Jake or anyone else in it at all.
Just think he was kidding.

UltraViolet said...

Damn, I had to come home and rip up all those Jake/PoP "For Your Consideration" ads I had mocked up to send to Disney/Bruckheimer.

Such a pity. They looked so good on the shrine.

I'm tired of defending myself as a Jake fan. There are plenty of people here who've criticized Jake's performances. I am one of the few who has enjoyed each and every one. Criticism of Jake and his movies is often made here and is welcome. When it's not trolling.

As for Duncan, I could dismiss one or two remarks, but this is a pattern of his. Perhaps he is really hiding his enthusiasm well. But the way he talks about SC v. the way he waxes about Moon is dramatically different. And I understand that Moon was his first film and a work of passion. But enough already.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to applaud Shondra for the response to the troll.

bobbyanna said...

I don't like to respond to "Anon" trolls. It's pointless to think they're into rational discussions.

BTW, "Anon" it might work for you, but it takes more than just watching a movie to give me an orgasm. :)

FL,I'm with you. Duncan's had issues with this project from the get go. He's very immature to be dissing SC like this, IMO.

Yes, Duncan has a quirky sense of humor, but it doesn't include disparaging his own movie. That's very inprofessional. He needs to get over it! You're right Carla. Why accept the assignment!

I'm a Natalie fan, but I don't think of her as a great actress. I loved her in The Professional. I've enjoyed some of her movies,like V, and Closer.

I'll probably see Black Swan bcz she dances in it. I don't think she has a lot of acting range, but I find her very likeable.

I thought Tobey was excellent in Cider House Rules and Seabiscuit. I only saw Spiderman I. I don't seek Tobey Maguire movies out, either. If Jake hadn't been in Brothers, I wouldn't have seen it.

I don't think Jake's ever given a bad performance. Yes, suvee, sometimes the characters are too smiilar. You're right. No way he's reached his potential. But I believe he has some great performances in him. :)

I sometimes wish he had a shot at better projects. Certain more established actors get "first look" at projects. He's not at that point yet.

Anonymous said...

Just sounds like someone is really angry at Jake for some reason like they have been personally offend by him and are also mad at people who like him.

There are always going to be people that just don't appeal to you which is just how it is.
Having an honest reaction to saying you'r not a fan is o.k.
But this is a step past that it seems.

FluorescentLamp said...

That's the nice thing about Jake's movies and his performances, it's all subjective isn't it. UV, for instance, has liked all his roles...well she has yet to see Bubble Boy so that could change in an instant ;-). Shondra didn't like Jake in Proof. And Suvee is waiting for him to live up the potential.

As for me, I didn't like him in Zodiac, thought he was terribly miscast and much too young for the role, or he played it that way - not sure - either way, I didn't like it or him. Nor did I care very much for his performance in Moonlight Mile; to me a combination of a not very well written character and barely enough lines throughout the movie to fill a 3 x 5 notecard.

Yet somehow we all found a way to live in harmony on this blog and respect other opinions. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Just responding to Fluorescent Lamp...

LOL re your Bubble Boy comment. I thought Jake showed his comedic talents well in this movie!(And looked young and cute).

I liked Jake in Proof and liked the movie.

I know this is shallow, but Moonlight Mile haircut - no thanks.

You have put your finger on what seemed a bit off in Zodiac, to my eyes. I thought the awkwardness in Jake's performance was because the director required multiple takes, up to 90 takes per scene, how exhausting would that be. Hard to give of your best when the director would apparently arbritarily wipe the first ten or so takes.

And I would have liked to see more emoting in Rendition, though Jake has said he was going for a poker faced look.

And I am such a blog newbie I was taken aback by the troll, and had to look the term troll up on Wikipedia. Some people need to get a hobby.


FL said...

LOL re your Bubble Boy comment. I thought Jake showed his comedic talents well in this movie!(And looked young and cute).

Oh no, Sunflower! I A-D-O-R-E-D Jake in Bubble Boy! Adored! But I know that UV hasn't seen that one particular movie of his. So I often fear her love of all Jake performances will come to a screeeeeching halt at BB! :-D

P.S. I've shortened by Blogger ID name. FL = FluorescentLamp = FL.

Anonymous said...

The real life person Jake played in Zodiac was in his mid-20's when he went to work at the newspaper so he was quite young compared to the others working there.
I rem. reading Graysmith asking people he knew, after they'd seen the movie, if he was really that obsessive and acted that way and they said..yes...
Jake talked to him..he filmed him..he studied him.

Jake's performance as "Bubble Boy" is a great comic performance. His timing is so good. There are moments of sight gags that are so funny. The getting the beer in the Convenience store and then his reaction to it outside the store - For anyone who doesn't want to see the movie..wish they could see just those two scenes.
And it's a movie with heart.


suvee said...

I sometimes wish he had a shot at better projects.

ITA, bobbyanna.

I didn't intend for my "lack of range" comment to be a criticism of Jake's choices. I realize he has only so much control over the movies/roles he is offered. I'm just impatient! I want some director or producer to cast him in a role that allows him to really stretch and show us (okay, me) something completely different and unexpected. I think he could do "dark" very, very well!

Anonymous said...

Some of the best roles some actors have had, have happened after they were 35.
And a list of wins and nominations for Jake -

UltraViolet said...

Sunflower, we're sorry to be the site for your first troll experience! They usually go away if you ignore them (which is hard) but they usually come back, sadly. We try to have fun with and/or disregard them.

FL, I think I've seen enough of Bubble Boy to know that I'll like it. But I really should find out for sure.

I'd love to see Jake in a dark, edgy role. I hope he does one soon.

Lola said...

Oh yes, i would love to see Jake in a dark role where he plays a villian.. I get that some people don't like certain actors but i'll never understand why they'll go out of their way to say something bad about them. Sometimes I feel like Jake fans are more the targets and less him, especially when they come to sites like these.

bobbyanna said...

OT, but not: I just read something about Clint Eastwood once being considered to play Superman...before they decided on Christopher Reeves. Ditto for Sylvester Stallone as Han Solo until Harrison Ford was cast!

mary said...

this is what i love about this site we can all express our point of view with out any problems.

i also just ignore the trolls i think they just come on to post to see if they can cause some problems.

regarding jakes movies i have enjoyed them all some more than others highway and moonlight mile are probably my least favotites but jake is still young and has alot of potential hopefully LAOD will live up to all the good buzz its been getting my daughter even mentioned the good buzz its been getting to me

Extra said...

I think that Twist and Swofford are Jake's best roles to date. Is there room for him to stretch his acting chops? Yes and I do hope that he adds a really dark, villian type to his acting resume.

Love the video UV and this post is a reminder that he was a success on the Londoon stage and hopefully he will decide to do another play.

I don't get Duncan Jones. I can understand him being frustrated at times during filming SC with HW "looking over his shoulder" as he has said, but now that the filming is over he should be talking up the film and not making snarky comments.

I really don't care how Fox promotes LAOD at this point, as long as they can get buts in the seats and it's a hit for Jake!

Anonymous said...

Well Duncan Jones seems to have deleted that tweet, I couldn't find it on his page.

UltraViolet said...

Here's the twitter link, anon.

Someone on FB posted that she thinks she saw Jake on MV - could he be back?

Monica said...

The version in HQ is amazing:


Monica said...

The cover is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen: Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. So cute.
I was so impressed with the cover that did not notice that Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are in the magazine. W magazine comes with the cover titled Boys Meet Girl:
Awards Daily News

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the poster and the W cover, Monica. I can't help but wish it were Jake and Anne on the cover. Michelle and ryan do nothing for me. It is a nice photo though.

Wonder when W hits the stands.

Monica said...

I wanted a cover with Jake and Anne too. Actually, it was in the moment I was thinking about it when I read their names. hahaha
Looking for one of the scans, we'll probably have beautiful photos and an interview with them together.
I want this magazine!!!

Carla said...

Why do they feel the need to photoshop a good looking young woman and turn her face into a "plastic doll"? Looks creepy and I don´t get it.
Hopefully there is also a good article and pcitures of Anne & Jake.

This guy thinks Jake will get an Oscar nomination:


I am a bit surprised - not that I complain - because most people see him as an Goldon Globe nominee but not Oscar.

But good to see him being recognized.

I am also one of those who thinks Jake has not reached his whole potential yet, like I said before, I would love him seeing disappear in a character, playing a drug-addict or a disturbed, unlikeable person.

The last time I forgot it was Jake I was seeing on the screen was BBM and Jarhead.

Sag actor said...

Jake is more than capable of playing dark and disturbing, just give him time. He is a very good, solid actor with room to grow.

That is one airbrushed cover of W, almost didn't recognize Michelle at all.

I wonder if the pics of Jake and Anne inside the magazinew are airbrushed as well. I know all magazines do it but it's still annoying.

Jake should consider doing a play on Broadway if possible.

bobbyanna said...

Brilliant sunny day! Nice chill in the air, too. Perfect for walking.

I love to see awards buzz for Jake! I hope he gets nominated, but I also think this year might be pretty competitive for the BA men's category, just considering the movies at your link,Carla.

I bet the "Inception" crew will have a good showing, and aside from Leo, there's Javier Bardem, Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Robert DuVall,Ryan Gosling,Colin Firth, and James Franco. How can Jake compete with a guy (Franco) who chops off his own arm! (joking!)

Gwyneth Paltrow's movie about an alcoholic country singer trying to make a comeback, comes out in December.Then there's Naomi Watts, and Michelle Williams, as well as the buzz for Natalie, and Anne Hathaway. It will be an interesting season.

I'm trying to keep up with the TIFF maneuvering, too. There're all kinds of deals going on with distributors buying movies, etc. Following Nikke Finke and THR on twitter is fun ...for film obssessives. :)

Maybe I shouldn't have,but I responded to Duncan's tweet. I wasn't awful. :)

bobbyanna said...

"Jake should consider doing a play on Broadway if possible."

Oh,I agree,Sag actor!!!! Definitely. Maggie and Peter are doing another turn in something soon, I think.

suvee said...

...because most people see him as an Goldon Globe nominee but not Oscar.

Carla, I think Jake has an excellent shot at a GG nomination, too. BA Oscar nomination? More doubtful IMO.

Jake should consider doing a play on Broadway if possible.


Sheba baby said...

Another vote for Jake doing a play again (this video is a great find UV!). A return to the stage would be great for him.

Thanks for that link Carla. I think that's the first time I have heard his name being considered for BA. It's a crowded field so I don't see it happening but both he and Anne have a great shot at a GG nomination.

I'm going to check out my newstands for that issue of W with Jake and Anne featured. The pic of Michelle and Ryan is visually beautiful ut it's been photoshopped and airbrushed too much for my taste.

Don't forget to watch Stand up to Cancer tonight on most of the major networks. Jake and other celebs will be appearing.

Anonymous said...

Jake has wanted to do stage work again but would imagine finding the right one or time to do it is the main thing. No doubt he will someday. And will be highly praised for his performance.
Think Jake will get some nominations for LAOD (and Anne too of course) but for the Oscar it doesn't seem to be the type of role they award the Oscar too..but it would be great if he could get a nomination.
But even just the talk of it is a good thing.

lawgoddess said...

Great video find- they're very cute together.

Interesting to read the reviews of Jake's acting, too. Thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Did Jake show up at the Stand Up To Cancer telethon? I didn't see him.

Carla said...

The idea with the Redband trailer is great, IMO. The actual trailer and poster caused much irritation on the net.

I just I hope during the next weeks they will slowly start presenting LAOD as a more "meatier" and "raunchier"...

I checked movie release dates around LAOD and saw that the new "Harry Potter" opens one week earlier - November, 19.

bobbyanna said...

Just realized. I saw "Pandaemonium," the movie Jake and Anna were announcing the Best Actor for. Linus Roache was excellent. (I believe Jake and Anna dated for a 'minute.')

I get SO irritated when the local "shills" and movie critics who are attending TIFF publish their, "This Year's "must see" lists," from the festival, for the hometown newspapers. Creating buzz for movies, spinning performances, etc. :(

Hope they use the first LAOD trailer more. It focuses mostly on Jake.:)

JGARG said...

Hacia bastante que no te dejaba un comentario, no vi mi url en tu blog, y dije oh qe paso, seguramente no me entendes pero bueno, seguimos informando sobre Jake! Tu blog, fue mi inspiracion, un beso grande de Argentina

Monica said...

UV, the owner of the blog Jake Gyllenhaal Argentina wants to know why the URL is no longer here. She doesn't understand and says that the GB was an inspiration to her. Kisses from Argentina.

URL: Jake Gyllenhaal Argentina

Creo que sé más o menos lo que se pasó. Hace unas semanas traté de acceder a tu blog a través del URL que estaba aquí, pero la página no fue encontrada. Creo que su URL estaba teniendo problemas.
Así que supongo que alguien pensó que tu blog ya no existía mas.

Chica said...

CBS this Sunday Morning is having a sneek preview on the Fall movies, hopefully we will get a peek of LAOD.

This is a slide show of the 9th anniversary of 9/11 ceremonies. They are heartbreaking and touching tributes:


UltraViolet said...

Dear JG Argentina - Lo siento!

I'm not sure how/why it was deleted. I took down a link that was dead and must have accidentally deleted yours, too.

Thanks for the nice words. Your site is lovely!


UltraViolet said...

Forgot to add that, obviously, I put the JG Argentina link back.

Chica, was L&OD on that fall review? I didn't watch it.

There's a lot of puzzling over the L&OD poster, which puzzles me. It's not that hard to understand, I don't think. But I think they do need a new one or a new trailer with a different tone/edge.

bobbyanna said...

Jake seems to have completely disappeared!:) Not even a tweet.

UltraViolet said...

Ask and ye shall receive, Bobbyanna. From FB:

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at a coffee shop decked out in full sexy bike attire and adorning a big beard! Best way to start the morning ever!

The poster is on Martha's Vineyard :)

mary said...

thanks UV jake sure spending alot of time on mv

Chica said...

No mention of LAOD on Sunday Morning UV:(

They also mentioned TIFF and the Venice FF and how important it is to have a film screened there (they mentioned the new film by Sofia Coppola and The Black Swan).

I know that films like There will be Blood never screened at the major film festivals and went on to acclaim but it was pointed out that The Hurt Locker and Slumdog Millionaire did.

I'm stil dissapointed that LAOD isn't being screened at the major film festivals.

I don't know why some people are puzzled at the poster either, but I agree that is there is another one they should release it.

So Jake is in MV? I thought so since he has been MIA!

suvee said...

There's a lot of puzzling over the L&OD poster, which puzzles me. It's not that hard to understand, I don't think.

(sheepishly raised her hand) I don't think I get it.

All I see is "speak no evil" in Jake's pose.... which makes no sense to me. What am I missing?

UltraViolet said...

Suvee, I just think it doesn't really mean anything, if that makes sense. I've read a couple of stories where people delve into the meaning, and I just think, "It's a poster. It doesn't have a deep meaning."

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Chica, thanks for the report. It is a shame that L&OD isn't a part of all this festival buzz.

I'm alternating the Patriots game with The Good Girl on Fox, so it's a fun afternoon so far.

Anonymous said...

The Sunday Morning show did show a short clip from the new Reese movie tho. (But it is a James Brooks movie and that was how it was being talked about).
(which Jake seemed to be on the set quite a bit).
LAOD has had a number of screenings for movie going audiences and they know the good comments it has been given by them.
Maybe they want the talk about LAOD to be when it opens and that would mean it would be fresh in the minds of the Oscar nominating people.

mary said...

moviefone had alist of the upcomingfall movie to see and LOAD was one of the topp ones mentioned

bobbyanna said...

Well bless your heart, UV, you "found" him!!! :)

I mentioned this earlier, I think, but what I find irritating is when "critics" from the local newspapers go to TIFF, and come up with these "Top Ten Must See Movies" and of course LAOD isn't on their list. :(

Josie said...

I love this post UV!

This video put a big smile on my face, they were both so adorable!!

What I would have given to see him on stage back then, the British press really loved his performance.

He has it in him to do plays, I wish that he would get the stage bug again. Maggie and Peter will be doing another play together on Broadway.

I hope that Fox really kicks it into gear in promoting LAOD, I checked out their LAOD facebook and it's beyond lame, I could do a better job than that!

I hear ya Bobbyanna , some of my local film critics don't seem to be mentioning LAOD either.

Jake didn't appear on Stand up for Cancer on Friday but I don't think he was officially announced to appear.

Hope he is enjoying MV, it's really beautiful especially this time of the year.

UltraViolet said...

I hear ya, Bobbyanna. It's very frustrating.

Glad you liked the video, Josie. They were both so young. And adorable. I still hold The Piano against Anna P, and I'm not a True Blood fan. So I don't know how good she is these days. But she got good reviews for the play.

Oh, I forgot to thank Monica for helping to translate for the JG Argentina folks. I think everything is fixed now.

New post.