Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almost Christmas

If it's almost October then it's time for Christmas ornaments in your local Hallmark store. First look at Dastan ($19.99) hanging around waiting for someone to give him a good home.

Looks like he's in good company on that display wall; Indiana Jones is right next to him. The shoulders look impressive. The crease between his eyes seems about right. The oddly colored stubble on his face? Not so much.

There's an interesting story in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette today about the Pittsburgh region's busy filming schedule, including this fun bit:

Later, she was an extra in a scene in a North Side cafe, and she spent the entire day sitting near Mr. Gyllenhaal and Ms. Hathaway. That was exciting, but the highlight, she said, was splitting a piece of cheesecake with Mr. Gyllenhaal at a meal that day for the cast and crew.

Mmm...Cheesecake with Jake.

And just in case you haven't seen it yet, the photo from W magazine with Jake, Anne and Ed Zwick - now with no crease.

Includes pics from the internet


mary said...

already have my ornament:)

hope UV is better soon we miss you take care.

Monica said...

I expected more, but I liked this photo of Jake and Anne in W. Hope to see more in other magazines.

UV, I miss you.

bobbyanna said...

Hmmm...sharing cheesecake? Don't know how to feel about that...:)

I always love hearing stories about Jake interactng on the set. A lot of actors hide in their trailer during breaks. He's more sociable.

Not feelin' that ornament thingy.

(((UV))) Thanks, FL.:)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

(((UV))) Get better.

I like the Christmas ornament, but I don't think it's appropiate to hang it on a tree, Dastan looks a bit to badass to me here!

I love cheesecake, all kinds. I'm so jealous, LOL!!

I wish there were more pics of Anne and Jake in W, but this pic is adorable.

mary said...

j havent put up a tree in years my place is too small plus i spent christmas at my mothers place any way but ill probably just hang it some where around the holidays just for fun

FL said...

I think that ornament might look cool hanging from my rear-view mirror! :-D

mary said...

hey thats a good idea FL :)

suvee said...

Yeah, it would have been nice if W had more pics of Jake and Anne. Hopefully, the upcoming L&OD promotion will provide some more photo goodies!

UV, miss you! Hope things are looking up for you.

Love the rear view mirror ornament idea. Do it, FL.... start a trend!

Paula said...

I'm sorry to hear that UV isn't feeling well. Get better soon UV.

Jake and Anne look so perfect , I can't wait for their PR tour to start.

I've seen Jake with his Rasputin beard and I'm becoming fond of it, I actually hope that he doesn't shave, not for a while yet!!

I think the Dastan Christmas ornament would be perfect to hang in the rear view mirror of a car (mine!), what a great idea FL!!

Josie said...

Hope you feel better soon UV, miss you.

Jake and cheesecake sounds like the perfect combination but I can't help thinking about all those crumbs in his beard if that ever happened again!

Thumbs down on he beard, I like a little scruff but this is getting out of hand Jake!!

I was hoping for a bigger spread in W too, this is just a tease, just 2 more months!

Great idea FL, that or the dashboard!

A Dastan ornament is cool, I may order one as well.

bobbyanna said...

Dang! I just read on justjared that Ryan Gosling is one of the leading candidates for the lead in Farragut North, with George Clooney directing. Chris Pine is the other. He did the play in L.A. I wish it was Jake. :(

Of course there's no way to know if this is accurate or whether Jake's even interested.

Monica said...

I would also like to see Jake in this role, but at the same time, I love Ryan Gosling and. .. well, it makes me happy. Ryan is great.

Carla said...

Best wishes to you, UV, I hope you are feeling better soon!

My PoP BluRay DVD has arrived - my weekend is safe now ....:-)

Too bad Jake won´t be part of the Farraguth North movie. Gosling and Pine are just two of the actors in Jakes age who are competing for the good roles now.
I hope we will get some information about a new project soon.

Extra said...

Get better soon UV.

The ornament sorta looks like Jake but yeah, can't see it dangling from a Christmas tree, your idea is better FL!

Love reading these kind of stories about Jake, I really don't like cheesecake but if that opportunity presented itself to me I would have no problem indulging!

Thanks for the W magazine scan, they look reaaly good together:)

Get Real said...

Mmm...I love cheesecake and having that cheesecake with Jake...damn! ;p

Wow that is some Christmas ornament, lol!

I hope (((UV))) feels better. FL, thanks for keeping us all up with our Gyllen-news! :)

Anonymous said...

Hallmark has been doing non-Christmas theme Christmas Ornaments for quite a while now.
They've done Star Wars and various movie characters and also T.V.

Monica said...

Interview with Ed Zwick:


Source: ISJ fórum

suvee said...

FL (or UV)..... please check your email.

bobbyanna said...

Some guy posted this on FB:
"I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway in NYC, beard and all. He looked at me and seemed afraid I'd say something. All good man, live your life."

about four hours ago

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear of Jake just being an ordinary New Yorker, taking the subway like anyone else, going to cafes and food shows. It shows a level of comfort there. Taking the subway means no chauffeur driven limousines for the big movie star. It shows a level of humbleness (humility?)

Of course he lived in NY for two years when he studied at Columbia, so should feel comfortable.

Bring on the Jake sightings!:)


Chica said...

Not only will I pick-up the Dastan ornament, I'll probably get the Indiana Jones ornament as well!! Thanks so much for the scan FL and the Zwick link Monica.

I will be seeing Mr Zwick and Mr. Gyllenhaal tonight at the Q&A!!

I can' believe how much Jake is using the subway getting back and forth from Manhattan to Brooklyn!

I will be in Brooklyn today visiting some friends before the Q&A, wouldn't it be a funny if I rsn into him on the subway, LOL!!

I hope everything is ok UV and that you are getting better, I miss you!

Chica said...

Who knows if Jake is still interested in the Farragut project Bobbyanna but I know how excited i was when I first heard that he was attached to it, sigh.

bobbyanna said...

Hey, chica! I'm really excited for you. Who knows. If you run into Jake in Brooklyn today, maybe you can ask him about Farragut North! :)

I know you're going to have a great time tonight! Just try to sit as close as you can...and take notes! (Maybe even a sneaky twitpic?)

It's a gloomy, rainy day here, so I'm playing with my new external harddrive. Hoping to coax a little more life out of my "vintage" computer! LOL!

mary said...

good luck tonite chica hope you get a good seat be nice if you could sneak a pic for us cant wait to hear from you.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Good luck tonight Chica, looking forward to your report!

Carla said...

Great for you Chica - we expect a full report....:-) Probably pictures won´t be officially allowed but perhaps a tiny one from the mobile...

viv said...

to Chika
Wish you have a great day with Jake :)
I guess you will see a big beard jakey :/
Maybe he just doesn't want to be more beautiful than Anne*jerk*
Hope LAOD is a wonderful film to you!!

Tweety said...

This tweet is from Brooklyn so maybe Chica will run into him before the Q&A!:

opheliaflame: Enjoying yummy bagel w/ lox. Gyllenhaal walking down the street. Minnie's furious I didn't tell her immediately

I'm not really into ornaments but I may have to make an exception for the Prince::))

Shame that the W photoshoot wasn't bigger, but I love the pic of Jake and Anne.

Feel better soon UV.

bobbyanna said...

If you go to the New Yorker Festival page, they have live streaming of certain events. But the only one they're featuring for tonight, so far, is one with Regina Spektor. Not Jake's. Maybe because his was added on only recently.

But if they should happen to add it on, a person would have to pay $4.95 to access it. I've been monitoring the site, but nothing has turned up. So we'll have to rely on "other means." They also have a twitter feed. So we'll see.

Maybe someone can figure out how we might see or hear it. I'm not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to this stuff!:)

Monica said...

That blogger posted a photo:

No Jake!

This guy is a joke. The things he writes about movies are the dumbest possible.

Monica said...

Jake: NY Festival

mary said...

thanks monica still with the beard but he looks good

Monica said...

More: Jake

He looks very good!

Lola said...

Damn, he still didn't shave!? He does look good though.

Chica said...

I just got home from the Q&A! I did manage to take a few pics but they were so far away that he either looks like a bearded ant or blurry! I will know when I download them, it's really late and i'm exhausted! There will be plenty of pics floating as you have already seen and yes he still looks like Grizzly Adams!

I will give a full reort in the morning but i have to say that Jake is funny, smart, charming and is a great subject to interview.

That said, Denby is a better movie reviewer that an interviewer. He appeared to become restless when Jake or Ed gave really meaningful and well thought answers. I kinda wished that Ed interviewed Jake.

Showed clips from DD, BBM, Zodiac and of course LAOD.

BTW, Denby gave it a rave review and said that this movie is going to make Jake a bigger star then he already is! Said that Jake and Anne's chemistry was electric.

Ed said the same thing, that it was off the charts and that on screen chemistry like that doesn't happen often anymore.

There is a lot more and I will give a full report after some sleep. Hopefully I mansged to take a few good pics!

Monica said...

Thank you, chica!

Photos on IHJ

sheba said...

A quick hit and run here guys RL alway gets in the way of good Jaking.

(((UV))) get well soon.

Thanks Chica for your report. So glad his personality shines through.

Get Real said...

Chica...thank you so much for that quick recap!!!! I am so excited for your full review of the evening! Sounds like it was a truly fantastic time... and you have me squeeing. :D

My initial reaction was Wow, I think he looks great!!!!! The beard with the longer hair is totally working for me!! And so thrilled to hear how people who were there were charmed by him and what a great review David Denby gave. :D And I want Jake and Anne to do a muscial asap! Sounds like he was a fantastic interview!

Get Real said...

Forgot to say that I wish I could have been there to see the interview in obligations....:/

JF said...

Chica, thank you so much for the recap. I'm looking forward to read more about it later. :)

JF said...

Chica, thank you so much for the recap. I'm looking forward to read more about it later. :)

Chica said...

Now that I had some coffee, I think it's a good time for me to do my report!

Part !:

I arrived around 9:35, they served wine and horderves in the lobby. I stopped for a glass of red and went directly into the theater. The seats in front were already filled:( Apparently they arrived really early and were allowed to be seated. My seat wasn't bad (in the middle, about half way back from the stage) it was a great view actually but not close enough to get decent pics .

They started out by showing a really funny commercial with Jonathan Schwartzman showing you the proper way to use ipad to read the New Yorker! I said what a coincidence, a pal of Jake's! Denby then introduced Jake to applause and mentioned Jake's friendship with Jonathan. Jake said that they didn't go to the same schools but knew each other through mutual friends and through Jonathan's band. He said that he was supposed to do DD but dropped out and the role sorta fell into Jake's lap. I had no idea that Schwartzman was suppose to do DD originally.

Denby did his bio mentioning his parents and Maggie. Talked a bit about him and Maggie and he said she liked to boss him around as a kid and that hasn't changed!Then they talked about C. Slickers and the fact that Denby had no idea that Jake was in that and asked him how long was he on screen, ha,ha!! Jake joked that it's a shame that Denby wasn't aware that he was in the film because it was his finest role!

Denby then bought up all the masturbating (!?) scenes in his movies and then showed the clip from DD with K. Ross, ha, ha! They talked about how the film became such a cult classic and other teen angst films Jake did like L&A and The GG. Denby asked was he projecting in any of these roles at the time, Jake said that with DD , that role was THE role that he identified with the most out of all his roles because he was going trough the teen angst stuff at the time, minus the 7 foot rabbit.

Denby then bought up College and the fact that Jake never finished, and reminded him Maggie did, hee. Jake thanked him for the reminder and said at the time he was going to auditions between classes and was getting offers, Like October Sky. He decided that he had enough education at the time and decided to pursue acting full time. When asked if he regretted not finishing, he said yes but he never said if he would go back to school.

Chica said...

Part 1 posted twice, you can delete one UV/FL!

Part 2.

Jarhead:No clip: Intense, underrated film. Jake said that he was approached by marines after the film was released. Some said that it was spot on in revealing what really goes on in war and some said that it was BS. Very grueling shoot.

BBM: Showed the clip when Jack and Ennis meet up on BBM 20 years later, the I can't quit you scene. I hadn't seen that scene on the big screen in years and it still packs a powerful punch. Jake talked about rehearsing for that scene and that nothing was changed from rehearsal to filming. Mentioned Atticus being with him during the shot, he just got him and there was some funny comments about Twist's stasche but the mood was of course melancholy and a bit sad. He spoke how much he admired Heath and what an incredible performance he gave. He also said that Heath was dead serious when it came to the fight scenes, calling Heath a scrapper and Jake was more into the Ben Kingsley school of fighting: pretend you got hit and then pull your head away, Heath really beat the shit out of him!! Mentioned the aging of the character and how the crew made fun of his exaggerated 40 year old act, I've heard the story before but it was funny to hear it again.

Said there were on set fights with him Heath and Ing but lots of love as well. Denby bought up the kissing scene and he said that he and Heath just went for it and smashed their mouths together. When asked about his comment at the time that kissing a man is like kissing a woman you weren't attracted too, he laughed and said that kissing anyone on screen is un-sexy because everyone is watching and you are so conscious of it, so it's just acting. Denby asked if there was a film where the kissing was fun, he said yeah but laughed and declined to name it, boo! He said that scene just resonated for so many people,

Zodiac: Lot's retakes, didn't like the shirts, too stiff and starchy! Talked about playing an obsessive character , showed the scene of Jake and Mark at the restaurant where he makes a point with the salt and pepper shakers and then the scene at the end where it's the hunter meets the hunted (The actor in this scene played Jake" dad in DD, not news for Gyllenhaalics but it was to most of the audience)

Chica said...

Part 3:

LAOD:Jake really loved making this movie and boy did he have sex on the brain IMO! Could have been the subject but even when Ed mentioned that Jake and Annie both have big eyes, Jake said that was important for sex! Denby mentioned the posted and Ed said that it was him in the poster next to Jake after they told him they were tired of taking their clothes off, Ed offered and then did get naked to the shock and horror to Jake! He joked they pasted on Annie's head, then said that the reason Jake had his hand over his mouth was because Ed was in the room naked and he wasn't suppose to tell! Showed 2 clips from LAOD at the audience loved them. The scene where Jake shows up at the clinic and talks his way into waving the waiting period for displaying his product and the scene with Annie where he declares his love.

Both Jake and Ed were so excited and proud of this film and Denby loved it, said that their chemistry was electric and predicted that this film would make Jake more of a star than he is already.

Ed said that the chemistry was crucial to make this film work and he was thrilled that they worked so well together.

Jake and Annie should do a musical, they have wonderful voices. Cast took a pay cut to do this film, frustrating to get movies like this to get made in HW. Admires actors like Damon and Clooney that can do franchise films and small films

Jake said that he would love to sing, but no dancing.

Questions from the audience
Someone asked him what was his favorite techno song to sing!!?? and responded Klezmer!Jake and Maggie recorded a song together, a folk song but it was really. Bad.

Jake and Maggie doing a movie together again: They aren't looking for a script but if there is a really good/interesting script yeah. Mentioned her AA nom. and how important it was for him to be there for her. Loved spending time with her, Peter and Ramona.

What did he learn from BB?: How to take chances and try anything, and said that Depp was a good example.

When asked who he wanted to work with. He was stumped for a moment, Denby then said, how about someone in the audience and then Jake said that I want to work with her and pointed to a squealing girl in the audience! He then said that he would love to work with PT Anderson, Gosling and would love to work with Michele again.

Someone asked if he would do a role that had no redeeming qualities at all, a total villain since a lot of his roles up to now show a hint of badness but always earnest, sensitive side is revealed.

Jake said that he doesn't go out looking to pal the earnest, sensitive types then pretending to call his agent asking for those roles, ha, ah! But I don't think he really answered it, if he did I missed it.
Asked if he would like to do another play,: Yes. I would have followed up on the question with North Farragut, but that was it for the evening. He waved to the audience and the people up front managed to get a few shots before he was escorted off stage to the exit and what I assume a car to whisk him away.

Chica said...

This is the final part. sorry it's in parts but blogger is forcing me to post it this way!

I was surprised no one asked him about the beard, is it for a movie? Denby sorta bought it up when he said that when he shaves he hopes he shaves off the stache as well ( he was making fun of the one he had in BBM). Jake joked that he won some online poll for best onscreen stasche for that!

As I mentioned last night, love Denby as a critic but not so much as an interviewer. He asked the right questions and obviously is a fan of a lot of Jake's films but he seemed to get restless when they didn't give short answers to his questions. Maybe others felt differently, but that was my observation.

Jake was absolutely charming and funny! He looked really good wit the beard, as you can see it was neat and nicely trimmed. The audience just ate him up was buzzing about him and the LAOD clips after.

It was a wonderful evening. I did manage to salvage one pic. I did a bit of "editing" to make it look a bit closer and in those efforts Ed Zwick was cut out! But there are enough gorgeous pics from the event on IHJ.

If I remember anything else I will add!

mary said...

thanks chica how exciting for you.

some one on wdw hinted that a friend of hers is has something to do with film says the beard is for a movie but couldnt give out any more onfo hope we find out soon

im seriously thinking the beard is for a film role jake usually doesnt have one for this long hell shave then grow it out again,but he does look good and i think he did trim it a little.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes actors don't like to talk about upcoming roles until it is time to talk about them.

suvee said...

Chica, thank you so much for the great recap of your evening! There's a lot to digest..... I need to take my time re-reading it. But you did a great job making it come alive!

You must be thrilled to have seen Jake in his element..... he's such a charming and smart interviewee.

bobbyanna said...

Yay, chica!!! That was a great recap! It sounds like a good crowd, too. I'm glad there was positive buzz about him after the event. The tweets about Jake last night and this morning really made me smile.

You can tell from the pics that his hair and beard were very well-groomed. Maybe it is for a role, but I'm still hoping it will not be for too long. I don't mind it, and it doesn't look awful, but still.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Damn Yankees is still out there then i think we know who could be Lola. Ed Z. thinks Jake and Anne should do a musical together.
Or maybe that one Jake has mentioned with the writer of "Wicked".

JF said...

Thanks for the great recap Chica! :)

Carla said...

What a great read - thanks so much, Chica!

So Ed was really naked or was that a joke? Made me laugh out loud while reading....

The trimmed beard looks ok but I am still hoping it will be gone soon...if it would be for a role we should at least heard some rumour by now.

suvee said...

I'm really trying to get over my dislike of that big beard.

I've decided I can totally accept it provided I hear that Jake will be starring in a new David Fincher Civil War film. :)

(Seriously, doesn't he look like he stepped out of one of those old Matthew Brady Civil War photos?)

Anonymous said...

He does. :)

Get Real said...

Chica, wow thank you for that excellent recap!! All the details you gave made me feel like I was there. :D Sounds like a wonderful evening and seems Jake was his charming, funny, smart, sexy self!

Btw, you wrote that the actor in Zodiac was Jake's father in DD, but he was the father in BB, not DD.

Chica said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed reading my report! Here are a few more tidbits that I missed from the New Yorker:

I can't believe I forgot that Denby quote!

Also when Denby introduced Jake he said that he saw Jake wandering around the lobby so he invited him in for a Q&A, LOL!!!

Also talked some about the process of making films and how he watched the auditions of others on his last few films to see how the process works on selecting cast.

Said that the script is what attracts him to a movie, BBM and LAOD brought him to tears and DD made him want to puke!

Thanks for the correction Get real, I meant to say BB.

Carla, Jake and ed were joking abou the poster bit!

Lola said...

Thanks chica that was great. I do like the beard but i want him to shave soon so I hope thats not for a movie.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Thank you, Chica.

So many wonderful things. So good to know that people fell in love with Jake.

I had a big smile when reading about Brokeback and when he said that wants to work with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.
My dream is to see him working with Michelle.

I wonder if he and Anne sang together at a party to laod? Just something to understand why Ed said they should do a musical together.

UltraViolet said...

Just wanted to pop in to say thanks for all the good wishes. I'm still under the weather but getting better. Thanks to FL for doing all the heavy lifting while I rest.

Thanks to everyone for all the tidbits. And special thanks to Chica for the wonderful recap. It was great to hear all the different aspects covered and to know the crowd, and Denby, were charmed by Jake. I hope you got to soak it in, chica, while you were taking all those mental notes!

Hope to be back full time soon. Take care, all.

Monica said...

Awww, UV. I miss you!

So happy to see you here, girl!

Kisses and a big hug!

mary said...

happy to hear from you UV we miss you hope to see you back full time soon

Lola said...

I never got a chance to wish you good well UV, looking forward to seeing you back!

bobbyanna said...

((((UV!)))) Great to see you! You just take the time you need to get better, and we'll all be right here hanging out! :) With Jake.

Interesting. Jake saying that he observed the audition process. Sounds like he's observing "with a purpose." I think I recall during one of his PoP interviews he referred to himself as a "filmmaker."

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thank you so much for your report Chica! You did a fantastic job on all the details of the Q&A.

Sounds like Jake was in great form, loved reading the audience response. Love the parts about BBM, LAOD and Maggie.

What a wonderful experince for you, thanks again for sharing!!

Jake's beard is tidy but I miss looking at his gorgeous face.

Good to sse you UV, happy to hear that you are feeling better.

Extra said...

Wow, now that's what I call a recap Chica!! You were so lucky to attend this event and get to see and here Jake up and close.

There is so much here, I will have to read it again. Love to hear the great buzz from the LAOD clips.

I don't know if I'm used to Jake with the beard or if he actually is starting to look good to me like that!

(((UV))) Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

FL said...

Chica, thank you SO much for your recap. Loved to read it.

Confession. I was also at the SVA Theatre Saturday night with a friend. We had spent the hours leading up to the interview visiting various cocktail bars in the vicinity. By the time 10pm rolled around I knew I'd never remember all he said, knew you were going to do a bang-up job with your review, so I just concentrated on the minutiae of Jake. :-) I love Jake minutiae.

So thank you again, Chica, for accomplishing what I could not. So great to read and revisit that night courtesy of your words!

Sheba said...

Btw, you wrote that the actor in Zodiac was Jake's father in DD, but he was the father in BB, not DD.

and he was also the boss in The Good Girl. Jake likes his CZ's :D

Thank you so much Chica, you tansported us to that room in New York, excellent reporting. It was like "An Audience With....". Loving the beard, he looks so regal yet so completely at ease. I like that he hugs himself a lot. I also like too that Jake knows his limitations re: dancing hehehe.

Good to hear from you UV, come back soon.

bobbyanna said...


How cool that you were able to go!!!

Girl! You must have had a lucid moment here and there.:) Maybe you'll have a "flashback!" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Just a question as in why go to see someone you like and admire and then drink enough to not completely be alert to everything that was going on.

FL said...

Oh Anon Anon Anon, I was plenty alert and not at all drunk. I was in a happy euphoric place, where sometimes one would rather not have to worry about every little thing someone said but rather to enjoy the moment. There's a difference.

I didn't miss a thing, don't you worry about that. :-)

Get Real said...

(((UV))) so good to see you! Hope you feel better soon! cool that you were at the Q&A!!!! So glad you had a great time and that you enjoyed yourself!! :)

Tweety said...

Get better UV, we miss you!

Thanks so much for your report Chica, I felt like I was at the Q&A with you!

The beard is getting out of hnd though!

How cool that you got to go as well FL, I hope that you had a great time as well.

suvee said...

Hi UV!! So happy to hear from you.... I've missed you. Take care of yourself!

I was in a happy euphoric place, where sometimes one would rather not have to worry about every little thing someone said but rather to enjoy the moment.

FL, I know exactly what you mean. :)
I'm so happy that you were able to go and enjoy Jake. too.

Chica said...

FL!!! I wish I knew that you were there as well, what a blast that would have been. It was fantastic wasn't it??

I didn't want to sound like Susie the stengrapher when reporting so I did my best to convey the evening and Jake without sounding like a transcript, the sound bites from the event would be all over twitter/google and it's no fun sounding redundant!

Plus I was able to enjoy Mr. Gyllenhaal in all his charming glory! He was so confident, thoughtful, relaxed, cool, warm and so sexy.

I didn't notice any traces of gyllenbabble, and I loved just listening to him.

I loved hearing him talking about the decision to pursue acting full time and not finishing school, his interest in the filmaking process and sitting in on auditions not only to see how it's done, but to see who was being cast to work with him, his description of the awkwardness of on screen love scenes and how the reunion kiss scene in BBM was bigger than them (he and Heath) a scene that resonated with so many, his love of his Sister and Ramona (BTW, happy belated bithday Ramona),the 101 takes with the filming of Zodiac, his excitement over being directed by Zwick and being in the same circle of actors like Denzel, etc. All of it, he just came through as such a great, down to earth and honest man.

Just a magical evening!

Chica said...

Hi UV!! It's good to here from you, hope you are feeling better.

bobbyanna said...

I'm just really happy both of you got the chance to see Jake in that kind of setting! I've been checking the New Yorker Festival site, bcz they do have some videos of certain events for $4.95 per event, but
David Denby's evening with Jake isn't among them. Which is really ashame.

Is Ramona four now?
OMG. I just realized. Matilda Ledger turns five years old this October 28th.

suvee said...

And if I'm not mistaken, today is Stephen's bd.

FL said...

Sheba said... I also like too that Jake knows his limitations re: dancing hehehe.

Remember how I said I loved the opening scene to Love and Other Drugs? I will say no more, other than...nope, no limitations with his dancing.

FL!!! I wish I knew that you were there as well, what a blast that would have been. It was fantastic wasn't it??

Oh Chica, it really was. All the more special for me since I was bringing a noob with me. She found him unassuming, charming, funny and didn't believe me when I told her he was raised in SoCal, since she got a total East Coast vibe from him. Over breakfast the next morning I had to show my hand (i.e., how much I really know about him...eek) and give her the rundown on why he gives off that vibe.

I'm also happy he talked about how UNsexy it is to film love scenes/kissing scenes. Something I've long heard from other actors.

Whether by conscious design or a Disney gag order, the non-mention of PoP was terribly obvious to me. Regardless of how it did at the B.O., Jake put a LOT of blood, sweat and tears into that role and it's a shame none of that was touched upon.

At the end when they opened up the floor for questions I did have several moments of sheer panic; what would be asked of him, would questioners come off sounding like obsessed fans? But in the end, it was all good. Whew!

When we left, we cut through the small park adjacent to the theatre and happened upon a black SUV and a Towne Car out back on W. 24th St., both running, both with drivers. A quick mental calculation told me two guests in the theatre, two vehicles with drivers out back...I think I'll wait around a bit. Fifteen minutes and one scurrying rat later Jake and Zwick came out, chatted to the 3 people hanging around the back door, got into their respective vehicles, a brunette I'd never seen before hopping in the SUV with Jake, and drove off up 8th Avenue. The cardigan Jake was wearing inside was nowhere to be seen when he came out, he was clad in tee shirt only. The JBG uniform of choice. :-) No, I didn't approach him. I'm far too timid to do that.

All in all a fabulous weekend. And seeing Jake was great, too!

Shondra said...

What a great recap Chica, great job!! Sounds like it was a fantastic experience. LAOD is going to be a hit for Jake, Denby giving it a thumbs up is great news.

It would have been great if you got to meet up with FL!

Hey FL, I wonder if that brunette was the same one pictured with jake last weekend at that foofie event?

BTW, I think Jake looks like a sexy Rabbi:)

Monica said...

You were there, FL? I love your surprises, girl!

Lucky girls!

Thanks for the report, girls!

FL said...

Hey FL, I wonder if that brunette was the same one pictured with jake last weekend at that foofie event?

No, definitely wasn't that girl. It's a new mystery.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, FL. Jake worked his heart out for PoP. David Denby tore the movie to shreds in his review last May. Here's an excerpt. Which is probably why he didn't mention it. You can find the rest at Rotten Tomatoes.
“Prince of Persia” is meant purely as light entertainment, but the way it draws on layers of junk is depressing. It’s based on clichés not only from old paintings but from some of the fruitiest and most swollen nineteen-fifties period spectacles; all this material, after passing through video games, now gets loaded back into a production requiring the wealth of corporate kings...Mike Newell has made solid movies—“Four Weddings and a Funeral,” “Donnie Brasco”—but what he does here feels more like traffic management than like direction."

I expected him to talk about BBM, but I wondered, did he mention Jarhead? Considering they both came out the same year and Jake filmed them almost back to back, I think that demonstrates some really remarkable range.

Anonymous said...

I don't think POP deserved such a bad rap. It was just light entertainment, and as said, Jake worked very hard on it.

I thought the cinematography was really lovely in it.

And great to hear the report of the festival event.


Chica said...

Denby did talk about Jarhead Bobbyanna. They didn't show a clip due to time he said. He praised the film, asked the audience if they saw it, some applause. He said it was powerful, war film about the frusration and danger of having soilders trained to fight but they don't.

I wasn't aware that he trashed Pop, would explain why it wasn't mentioned. That's a rsl shame because as you said, Jake worked his as off and it was a fun movie and Jake was wonderful in it.

Too bad that the New Yorker doesn't have a video of this event posted, they obviously had an official photgrapher there.

I love your story about Jake and Zwick after the event FL. I wonder where Jake and mystery girl were whisked off to!

bobbyanna said...

"I wonder where Jake and mystery girl were whisked off to!"

Jake probably prepared brunch for his mother, then celebrated Ramona's birthday! What girl??? (joking!)

LOL!!! I don't recall that there were any solid tweets or FB sightings Sunday or Monday.:)

Thanks for the Jarhead info.

Extra said...

Thanks again Chica and FL for sharing the evening with us!
Here is some more from the Q&A,

Jake on turning 30:,,20431807,00.html

Chica said...

Here is more from the New Yorker Q&A that I didn't get to mention in my report: his admiration of Paul Newman and that hwe woulf like to do something else besides acting down the line, but he din't say what:

The turning 30 quote is everywhere, and he was reflective when talking about it and said that you are on this planet for a short time so you should make the most of it. He aaid he is looking forward to it and not dreading it like some sites are claiming.

People did get the quote right!

Paula said...

I really enjoyed reading your report Chica, you made me feel like I was sitting in the audience.

You and FL were so lucky to be able to attend, the buzz from this has been great and I can't wait until LAOD comes out in Nov.

I have a feeling that the beard isn't for a movie and that he actually like all that hair on his face, YIKES!!!

Tweety said...

Tweet reviews for LAOD screenings:

AScarletKiss: SEE THIS MOVIE. Brilliant film. You'll laugh your ass off and cry your eyes out. Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway were perfect.

skerk: Just went to the screening of "Love and Other Drugs" with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. Best movie I've seen in a while.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Cuídese mucho UV!

Sag Actor said...

Thanks for the recap of the Q&A! David Denby is one of the few respected critics left IMO .

I saw a screening for LAOD last night. Jake and Annie are great, the chemistry that people are talking about is real. It's funny funny and serious. They both have great comic timing.

The Oscar talk for Annie is a bit puzzling, she's good but I don't see the performance as oscar caliber. Jake is good as well, he should do roles like this more often. Maybe thy can snag GG nominations.

The supporting cast is fine and Zwick captures the time period well.

It's a definate crowd pleaser, a bit raunchy but that's why it got an R rating.

Monica said...

Sag Actor, thanks for your report.

SAG, we know that Oscar is not always about performance, is campaigning too. But, again, I do not think about it.
I'm happy you liked the movie and I hope everyone in your session enjoyed as well.

bobbyanna said...

It's great you had a chance to see it, SAG Actor! ...Raunchy is good;)

bobbyanna said...

I just remembered. LAOD opens the AFI Film Festival on November 4th in L.A. That will probably kick off the press junket activity for the movie.

Chica said...

Part 2 from N. Rogers/Tribeca film blog/Q&A:

Chica said...

Part 2 from N. Rogers/Tribeca film blog/Q&A:

bobbyanna said...

Chica! Thank you so much for the link. Great read.

Tweety said...

Looks like Jake is still riding the trains in NY:

Dre_Double_U: Why was I just on the 3 train with Jake Gyllenhaal? why does he live in brooklyn?

drewallen: Jake gyllenhaal's beard almost ran me over today on a LES sidewalk. A dude w/ porcelain face+thick beard is off.. like the guy on KnockedUp

UltraViolet said...

Was just coming to post that, tweety. But there's a pic, too!

Commuter Jake with the backpack, headphones and paper. Love it.

Also tweets of Jake tonight at Locanda Verde (CZ!) and the Greenwich Hotel.

Thanks for posting part two of NR's New Yorker recap, chica. I'd forgotten there would be a part two. Some good stuff in there.

Thanks for the L&OD report, Sag Actor. Glad you liked it. you said it was a crowd pleaser - so the audience was into it?

Lots of good L&OD tweets. Here's a middling to negative review.

Finally, an interview with Ed Zwick. He talks about his reasons for doing the movie, about Jake's evolution as an actor:

Though audiences have seen powerful performances from Gyllenhaal, such as his Oscar-nominated performance in Brokeback Mountain, Zwick thinks he’s still coming into his prowess as an actor.

“There is a moment in every actor’s life when those things come together,” he said. “There is a moment in every young man’s life, not necessarily when you’re 24 or 28. Sometimes you have to get a three in front of their age before everything starts to function and they fire on all cylinders. I think it’s happening and very abundant and clear in the film.”

Though billed as a romantic comedy, the film does exactly what Zwick wants and detours from typical contrived conventions, and detours into more serious territory as the bond between Gyllenhaal and Hathaway’s characters deepens. Zwick credits life as inspiration for their performances.

“Everyone goes through things. Annie had this relationship that was traumatic. Jake was deeply in love with someone that had two children and it ended, and these things mark you. They have an effect on your soul and your instrument, and it’s happened to both of them.”

Thanks again for all the good wishes, guys. Keep 'em coming! I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. I miss you all, too!

Carla said...

Good to see you back, UV, and that you are slowly feeling better.

Thanks for alle the reviews of LAOD.

Will be interesting to see PR heating up with the AFI film festival.

Some reactions so far are mixed but I have the feeling this will be an excellent Box Office success for Anne and Jake.

Jake looks like regular Joe on the train picture - good there are always fans who recognize him....:-))

Monica said...

Thank you, UV. Good to see you!

From twitter:
@davekargerDave Karger
I loved it but not everyone does. Sexiest movie I've seen in a long time. Jake & Anne both great @jaytay96 What about Love and Other Drugs?
10 hours ago via web

He's from Entertainment Weekly.

bobbyanna said...

Finally! After all the alleged sightings,Jake's on a train! :)
(Couldn't resist!)

Thanks, UV!

mary said...

thanks UV good to see you glad for the update on jake was wondering if he was astill in new york wonder why he is spending so much time in new york?

suvee said...

Cute pic of Commuter Jake..... seems that the public pretty much leaves him alone.

Thanks for the Ed Zwick interview, UV (happy to see you!). I haven't had time to read part 2 of the NR review.... will have to wait 'til tonight. Thanks, chica!

Monica, thanks for passing on the D. Karger tweet. Nice to know he loved L&OD.

Sheba baby said...

Your account of the Q&A Saturday was awesome Chica, thanks so much for yor report! I would have loved to have been able to attend, you were so lucky and so are you FL!

He sounded like he had great rapport with the audience and came through as warm, introspective and funny.

Loved what he had to say about BBM, Heath, DD and Maggie.

Jake, David Denby and Ed Zwick sound really excited about LAOD, I can't wait until Novemver.

Thanks so much everyone for all the tweet and links regarding the LAOD screenings and sightings, I love how New yorkers seem to leave him alone as he goes about his business!, that pic of him on the train is classic!

Happy to hear that you are feeling a lot better UV!

Don't know if I would put that Dastan ornament on a tree, I loke your idea FL!

bobbyanna said...

OMG. According to twitter and WWD: Jake is attending the American Ballet Theatre Gala! Right now. With his beard. Natalie Portman is also there support her ballet-dancer beau. ;)

bobbyanna said...

Sorry! It's the New York City Ballet Gala, not the ABT Gala.

Tweety said...

Thanks Bobbyanna!
A backpack? According to another tweet he was wearing Gucci! O wonder if both he and his date refused to be photographed?

oohmygravy: RT @womensweardaily: Jake Gyllenhaal, wearing a backpack as his chosen accessory, and his date refused to be photographed leaving the ballet.
about 1 hour ago via HootSuite ·

And he's back in Brooklyn!

matzeah: Just sat across from my all time celeb crush jake gyllenhaal on the subway for a whole 8 minutes. Its. Fine.
11 minutes ago

Monica said...

A backpack in a gala event? hum ... it reminds me someone in Venice 2007!

But, a backpack???

bobbyanna said...

Saw the tweet about the subway, but missed the backpack!
There are only a few photos posted from the event. Sarah Jessica Parker was the Chair of the Gala so there are some of her.

One tweet said Jake was talking to her, so I expected a picture. It was a formal event. Maybe he wasn't dressed for photographs.

UltraViolet said...

I hope someone snagged a picture. Since when do they ask permission?

Though I don't know if I want to see the backpack with the Gucci suit.

Oh, sure I do!

mary said...

interesting combination gucci and a back pack:) wonder why a back pack?

Anonymous said...

From @chefswidow:
I'm totally standing next to Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhal and I am totally Freaking out.

She then goes on to say she's at Franny's. Not sure if it was Anne she saw if he was with an unidentified woman at the ballet. Maybe they were both at Franny's but as a group and she just picked them out, idk?
I think the person who said Jake was wearing Gucci meant to say it was HIM wearing Gucci, not Jake. I think he just forgot to tag that bit.

Get Real said...

OMG....a pic of Jake on the subway?!?! With iPod in ears like everyone else does....excuse me while I SQUEEE!!!! :D

And wow, he was at the New York City Ballet Gala! Not sure what to make of the backpack and his date not wanting to take pictures?? But I adore his all around NYC and another sighting of him and Anne. :D :D :D

All we need now are photos!

Great to see you (((UV))).

Tweety said...

What a weird tweet, and it doesn't sound like he actually stayed around and watched the gala/ballet, look at the timing of the tweets from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Maybe he stopped by to wish Natalie and her BF good luck and just went to Brooklyn and met up with Anne and Co.

Anyway he is at a shoot this morning, I assume for LAOD Promo:

menblowsmoke: Esquire shoot. jake gyllenhaal.. Makin my Friday.
32 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone ·

Tweety said...

Update from matzeh who rode with Jake on the subway last night, I assume the girl he was with on the subway was the date that didn't want to be photographed:

Still high off of my subway ride with jake gyllenhaal last so so excited for my spontaneous trip to see @theavettbros tonight!

.@JLum @KendallBliss he was in deep conversation with a girl he was with, so I couldn't say anything...which is probably best, lol.

Waves to UV!!!!

bobbyanna said...

"Maybe he stopped by to wish Natalie and her BF good luck and just went to Brooklyn and met up with Anne and Co. "

This is a definite possibility. But from what I've discovered, the Ballet performance started at
7 PM,I think, so it's very possible they stayed for the performance, but left early, according to twitter, before the Gala supper around

Last I could track, Anne was in Virginia. But she could definitely be back in NYC. LAOD is opening the Chinese FF NYC! LOL!

I'm sort of skeptical because there's only the one sighting of Anne at a public place.She's pretty well known. Still,it could definitely be her.

Get Real said...

Thanks Tweety for those sightings. Bobbyanna, I'm with you on wondering if it was Anne or not. And I agree about Jake possibly arriving late and leaving early from the ballet if he was not dressed.

Also, wanted to comment on the recap Nathaniel at Film Experience wrote, which was fantastic, from the Q&A. I love what Jake had to say at the Q&A. His insights are wonderful and I think he is really appreciating and understanding hsi craft even more as time goes on and he has more experience with different directors, actors, etc.

bobbyanna said...

Here's a cute one from FB from less than an hour ago:

"I saw Jake Gyllenhaal at the coffee shop this morning. I smiled at him. He smiled at me. I have a feeling everything is going to be okay."

FL said...

LAOD is opening the Chinese FF NYC! LOL!

I think that has come and gone, Bobbyanna. Perhaps you meant the CMJ Film Festival? Which is the College Music Journalism Film Festival. :-)

bobbyanna said...

LOLOL!! Yes, FL, I was "off my meds!"

The CMJ Festival, which, thankfully you've explained, is what I was referring to.

There was an Asian Film FEstival in September... which had nothing to do with LAOD. :) The CMJ Festival is in mid-October.

Anonymous said...

On my way to a photo shoot with Jake Gyllenhaal!
6 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

I hope he shaves.

mary said...

EW magazine this week named their top 50 entertainers jake was number 46

Chica said...

I love that pic of him on the train, too bad he doesn't seem to be riding any of the trains I ride!

I hope a pic surfaces of him from last night, I'm curious!

Looks like he was doing a shoot for Esquire today.

bobbyanna said...

That Sarah who tweeted about the photoshoot with Jake is a hairstylist!

Dare I hope?

mary said...

fingers crossed bobbyanna

Monica said...

No, I love the new look!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the publicists will let Jake go into all the LAOD publicity rounds with the full bushy beard!

It sounds as if we will know after today.:)


bobbyanna said...

I finally figured out what bothers me. His eyes seem too close together when you see him from the front with this beard. To me.

bobbyanna said...

Oops. I think Jake might be in Austin,Texas? Not sure.

From Twitter:
"Standing next to my celeb crush Jake Gyllenhaal at The Ettes. He looks like he needs me to rub sunscreen on him ."

This tweeter is from Nashville, The Ettes are from Nashville, and she's attending the ACL (Austin City Limits) Music Festival in Austin Texas.

I'm noticing she mentioned sunscreen, not a beard.

FL said...

That'd be some mighty fancy traveling footwork if he were at a photoshoot today in NYC in the early afternoon, get to the airport, fly to Austin, get to ACL all before 4.40 Central Time (5.40 Eastern) for The Ettes gig, wouldn't it? Not saying it can't be done, but...whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Could be one of the many Jake doppelgangers, too.

Tweety said...

I was going to post that tweet Bobbyanna but I thought it may be a look a like for the reasons FL pointed out.

How come I never se any Jake look a likes where I live, LOL!!

bobbyanna said...

I thought so, too, FL. But the if photoshoot was in the morning, there are some flights that would get him there for the late afternoon stuff. Very exhausting, tho.
Ryan Bingham plays late tonight and again tomorrow, and tonight Vampire Weekend plays. Tomorrow is M.I.A. and Muse. Broken Bells.

Oh, and Devendra Barnhart plays Sunday, I think...:) I'm not really up on most of these groups.

FL said...

But the if photoshoot was in the morning, there are some flights that would get him there for the late afternoon stuff.

According to the hair stylist, she was headed to the photoshoot to tend to his locks about 1.45 this afternoon. I suppose there's always a chance of a delay when someone tweets something to when it shows up.

I'll need to see more "Jake spotted at ACL" tweets to believe it's really him.

bobbyanna said...

Definitely, FL. We need more tweets from Austin to confirm it.

Monica said...

@scratchntwit m a r i e .
Saw Love and Other Drugs last night. Enjoyed it a lot! 2 the #thatsRUDE folks in attendance #shutthefukup Apologizin to #EdwardZwick 4 them.
8 hours ago via web

Don't talk and fight during a free screening of a movie especially when the Director is there #thatsjustrude #takethatshitoutside
7 hours ago via web


Extra said...

So Jake wore a tuxedo with a backpack to the NYC Ballet the other night? Where are the pics?!

mary said...

if he is in texas that was a awful fast photoshoot i think it is probably a case of mistaken idenityguess well have to see if any more sightings pop up

bobbyanna said...

OT: On a personal note, today is a special day in Michigan football.

"GO BLUE!" ;)

bobbyanna said...

OK. This is more believeable:)

From Twitter:
"shopping in SoHo with friends... just saw jake gyllenhaal shopping for shoes :-)"
about 1 hour ago via txt

suvee said...

For those who haven't seen the latest EW issue, here's Jake's write up for their "50 Most Powerful Entertainers" list:

46. Jake Gyllenhaal
Age: 29
Career B.O: $1.4 billion
Last Three Films: $405.1 million
Avg. Opening Weekend: $25.6 million
Avg. Opening Weekend Last Three Films: $14.6 million

Viable leading men under 30 are hard to find, but Gyllenhaal has crafted an enviable career consisting of global blockbusters (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) and critical darlings (Brokeback Mountain). If he can just find the right franchise, he's glory- bound.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that, suvee I assume some other actors were higher but it's still cool that Jake made the Top 50.

Did anyone post this Ed Zwick interview? It's pretty interesting. He talks about how funny and charming Jake is, and one of the reporters squeals her agreement.

Finally, just saw a tweet sighting of Jake on Bond Street. No details.

mary said...

johnny depp was number one thats all i remember

suvee said...

Some of the other (male) actors that made the EW top 50 Power list (I'm omitting the obvious suspects - Brad, Tom C, George C, Will S, etc.):

1. Johnny Depp
6. RDJ
9. Leo DiCaprio
28. Denzel Washington
36. Matt Damon
38. Shia LaBeouf
45. Robert Pattinson
49. Ryan Reynolds

Thanks for that Ed Zwick interview, UV. I love the "deeply charming" description!

Tweety said...

I love this tweet!

suninbloom: thanks Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard for having stopping by w/ your Mom @
about 15 hours ago

Tweety said...

Thanks for the EW link Suvee, good to see Jake on that list.

Love the interview with Zwick and what he said about Jake, thanks UV!

bobbyanna said...

Great interview/roundtable with Zwick! Thanks, UV. And thanks for the link to the list, suvee. It's great to see Jake mentioned in a positive article about box office!

Tweety said...

Sounds like Jake is at the NY Wine & Food fetival:

I'm at NYC Wine & Food Festival (Meatpacking District, Various Locations, New York) w/ 60 others.
14 minutes ago via foursquare

OMG JUST WALKED PAST JAKE GYLLENHALL! He is beautiful. Omg omg omg.
33 minutes ago via TweetCaster

Monica said...

@SunInBloom Sun In Bloom
Thank you Jake Gyllenhaal for stopping by this AM to grab your Sweet Lady Green juice & Brazilian nut mylk!
1 hour ago via web

Brazilian nut milk

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, tweety! My two daughters were out for brunch in SoHo,so I "suggested " they might want to check out the Wine & Food Fest in the Meatpacking District! ...:)

bobbyanna said...

Twitter "explosions" in lower Manhattan today! LOL!

"Lol ran into Jake gyllenhaal in soho..... Nice"
12 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter
Reply Retweet .

jessenorth:"When we came out of the movie theater, @sammyd22and I saw Jake Gyllenhaal!"
15 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
Reply Retweet .

Reply Retweet 1 Retweet .

"Jake gyllenhaal just walked by outside lol. Cara's like freaking out and I'm like "this is new york..." "

Get Real said...

WHAT!!!!! Jake downtown all day?!?!? I was on the LES all day and did not have one "explosive" Jake sighting, LOL. :p It was a gorgeous day out so I hope Jake enjoyed too. :)

Bobbyanna, hope your daughters enjoyed too.

Thanks Tweety for the sighting updates. I love when Jake is in NYC!!

Get Real said...

Also, thank you to UV and Monica for sighting info!! Hope you fully feeling better, UV! :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Loving all the tweets/sightings of Jake in Manhattan and Brooklyn, thanks Tweety and Monica!

Chica said...

Too bad I chose to go to the Comic Con at the Jacob Javits today instead of the Food Festival!

Hope ypur daughters enjoyed the festival.

Thanks for the updates Tweety and Monica and thanks so much for the link to the Zwick interview UV. He sounds really excited about LAOD and so am I! Wonderful insights into Jake too.

Good to see you UV, hope you are feeling better.

Josie said...

RL has been so busy lately, feels like ages since I popped in to GB!

I read your report Chica and I just want to thank you so much for a bang up job on reporting. It sounds like it was a special night so thanks for sharing it with us, and you too FL!

The chia pet growing on his face has to go sorry Jake!

Thanks for all the tweets and FB sightings. Seems like he is spending a lot of time riding the subways, I'm surprised that there is only one twicpic of him on the train so far:)

I bet Jake will be on the cover of the Nov. issue of Esquire and it sounds like the chia pet wasn't whacked off for the shoot.

I loved that interview with Ed Zwick UV, sounds like he and Jake really loved working together.

Too bad no one managed to take a pic of Jake rocking his tuxedo and backpack combo!

Hope you are feeling better UV, miss you!

mary said...

well maybe we will find out why the beard from the esquire article when it come out i would think they wil ask him, and i was thinkinf also that it would be for the november issue

bobbyanna said...

Found this confirmation from yesterday, on FB just now:

FB:"my morning was better than yours because I sat across from Jake Gyllenhaal on the train....and we made eye contact. (he wants me)"
Yesterday at 1:03pm · View Feedback (17)Hide Feedback (17)

Comment:" was he shaven? (face, dont be dirty)"
17 hours ago

"he was not. he was rocking the full beard."
15 hours ago

So he is still unshaven.:(

Chica said...

Heads up for anyone here that has the Turner Classic Movie channel.

Film critic David Denby from the New Yorker and had the Q&A with Jake and Ed Zwick on 10/2 will be on tonight at 8:00 eastern with Robert Osborne for a critics pick.

They will be showing and discussing The Big Sleep with Bogie and Becall, should be interesting considering his comments about Jake and Anne and their chemistry. Bogie and Becall had of course off the charts chemistry.

Denby described Hepburn and Tracy before he talked about Jake and Anne. I wouldn't put Jake and Anne in the same catagory as them but it was interesting that he bought them up.

Tweety said...

Jske ar his CZ:

Leffot: I'm at Morandi with Jake Gyllenhaal and 200 other people.
26 minutes ago

No mention if he was clean shaven or not Bobbyanna, but I have a feeling he's not.

Thanks for the heads up Chica, that's one of my favorites!

bobbyanna said...

OMG. Thanks, tweety. My daughter and I watched World Cup soccer at Morandi this summer! I wasn't real impressed with the menu. It was OK.

Chica,thanks for the heads up! I was at book club and couldn't watch David Denby! Sorry I missed it.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the FB and twitter sightings. No real new Jake news, but I decided to dive back in and do a new post :)