Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday lunch

Quick post - Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard had lunch at Ammo in Los Angeles on Sunday.

In more toy news, according to this post on what looks like a dolls forum, someone got a look at a Jake/Prince of Persia doll that Tonner (a doll company) will be making:

Among the dolls Robert shared with us were Torchwood, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Cami & Jon and Prince of Persia. The Jake Gyllenhaal doll in the Prince of Persia collection is most outstanding and of course brought to mind the possibility of a Brokeback Mountain collection...well one can dream.

I think these are different from the McFarlane toys we've seen previously. We'll have to see if there's any more info.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

Love his hands in his hair. Drives me wild :D

Its good to see him. Hope he's at peace.

®ø$åðìɱåggìø63 ღ said...

Hello UltraVilet...
welcome Jake...simply amazing !

Shondra said...

He looks delish, glad to see him having lunch with Maggie, peter and Ramona.

Ramona is a cutie!

Watched the Grammys last, was hoping Jake would introduce Jaime, but RDJ dis,

Monica said...

Ramona is a mini-Peter.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yes, she does look just like Peter doesn't she? Love the pics, even though he looks a bit hairy for my taste, he looks good!

get real said...

OMG, I adore these pics!! :D

Jake looking super sexy and relaxed and with the whole fam and adorable Ramona. Wonderful to see them all together. :)

Monica said...

I think they changed their minds about the look of him to Source Code. Jake is thin, but not too thin.

Anonymous said...

Usually in-between movies Jake doesn't seem to like to shave.
But doubt if that will be the look for the movie.

Carla said...

Yes, I have also noticed that he is growing a beard/does not want to shave between filming.

Jake looks relaxed and Ramona is a sweet little girl. Good to see them all together.

Would have loved to see Jake together with Jamie Foxx on stage.

Yesterday I got a first glimpse of PoP on our German TV - they introduced new films starting in 2010 and PoP was one of them. The comments were very positive.

bobbyanna said...

Yaaaay! New pics. I think they all look great! Ramona sure is a cutie!
I hope Jake enjoys all the sunshine, because March in Montreal is no joke. :)

mary said...

thanks uv glad to see them all together, they all look very relaxed

Chica said...

They all look great! Thanks for posting these on a very hectic and busy morning!

Monica said...

'Avatar,' other hits vie with smaller dramas for expanded Oscar best-picture field

Oscar organizers decided last summer to double the best-picture field to 10 movies, saying they felt there were more than five worthy contenders.

The expanded best-picture category caught Hollywood by surprise, with filmmakers, actors, studio executives and others divided over the idea. Some say it opens the Oscars up to a broader range of films, others think it might allow lesser movies to sneak into the best-picture competition.

Among those who think it might be a good idea:

"I believe in a year where you would have 'Up in the Air' and 'Precious' alongside 'Avatar' and 'Up,' I think all it does is bring more attention to the smaller films maybe people wouldn't see," said Jake Gyllenhaal, a 2005 Oscar nominee for "Brokeback Mountain."


bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Monica! Interesting discussion.
I don't know if I agree, tho I understand what Jake means. I wonder if maybe the categories need to be revised. I like that about the Golden Globes. They have 5 musicals/comedies nominees, and they have 5 drama nominees. I think there's already a separate category for animation, with both the GG & AMPAS.

UltraViolet said...

I guess the theory is that the bigger ones will draw people to the telecast, and the smaller movies will get attention, too.

There are advantages tot he GG categories, bobbyanna, but they also have silliness - like dramas about musicians being in the musical/comedy category. And should The Hangover get an Oscar nomination?

I liked Denzel's joke :)

Monica said...

But the bigger ones need to be great movies too, like District 9.

bobbyanna said...

True, lots of silliness with the GGs. And some movies are hard to categorize;for example,I don't consider Crazy Heart musical. While there's probably a lot of merit to keeping the categories broad,right now I think it's too broad so I'd still like to see AMPAS looking at how they might categorize the films they consider.

I saw The Hangover, finally,and it had some fun parts,for sure, but it was definitely not Oscar worthy,IMO.

I agree, Monica. They really should be excellent,and District 9is definitely one I hope gets nominated.I was very impressed with it.

BTW: The Razzies nominations were recently announced for the very worst pictures and acting. Worth a look. Sorry, no link.

Extra said...

What sweet pictures! I see a bit of Maggie and Peter in Ramona.

Jake looks nice and comfy.

I'm not a fan of the Best picture list being expanded to ten but I agree with Jake that more people will tune in if a movie like Star Trek is nominated.

I saw Hangover too Bobbyanna, I thought it was funny but I was surprised that it won a GG for best comedy, that should have went to 500 Days of Summer.

UltraViolet said...

Ben Kingsley on his role as PoP's villain. Just a quick piece.

Monica said...

^^Thank you, UV!!

Ben Kinsgley is married with a brazilian woman. She is an actress!

I saw the Razzie, Bobbyana! Very interesting!

shoe89 said...

natalie talks about jake and tobey in playboy uk

Paula said...

Jake looked sexy and relaxed yesterday, Ramona is such a sweetie!

Ben did a lot of his own stunts, i'm impressed! Thanks UV!

Thanks for that link Shoe. I don't know why i thought that Natalie knew Jake before Tobey, that was a
fun read!

I agree with Jake about the change , the awards will definately get people to watch who previously had no interest.

Sag actor said...

Congratulations to Sandra Bullock for her Razzie nomination as worst actress for all about Steve!:

That's too funny, especially when her name is read tomorrow as a best actress nominee for The Blind Side as expected.

The nominations will be announced tomorrow, bright and early with the help of Anne Hathaway.

Some people may not realize that in the beggining there was 10 best picture nominations, it was cut down to 5 later on.

lawgoddess said...

Gorgeous pictures, nice to see Jake having fun.

I too really like that "pushing his hair back" thing. It's classic Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Shoe - good to see you. Thanks for that link. I never knew that's how Jake and Natalie met. A London connection - cool.

I'm glad they asked about the relationship in Brothers. The last time I saw it, it was even more frustrating that there wasn't something more between Tommy and Grace. It didn't have to be sex, but there should have been something else.

I also wish we'd seen them alone together after Sam returns. Same with Tommy and the kids. I found it odd that they didn't show that, to give Sam even more foundation for his suspicions. Plus, it would have been interesting/sad to see Tommy have to squelch all those feelings he'd been developing.

Good stuff. Natalie/her PR/Relativity/Lionsgate certainly got her out there for the british press. Too bad they didn't do the same for/with Jake.

UltraViolet said...

i didn't know Ben Kingsley is married to a Brazilian. I didn't know BK was married!

SAG Actor, the Razzie thing is funny. I think the Oscar nomination will go a long way to easing Sandra Bullock's pain.

Paula, I wonder if Ben really did a lot of his own stunts or if this was actor hyperbole. Sir Ben wouldn't lie, surely!

And yeah, the hand in the hair picture is pretty nice :)

Josie said...

Love the family outing pics, Jake looks soooo good! LOL at Peter hiding behind Maggie and Ramona.

Ramona is so sweet, I love her dress.

I think Ben may have been exagerating a bit with the stunt talk, ha, ha!

I agree UV, they should have shown more of Grace and Tommy's realtionship. As good as Jake was, I feel that the character could have been fleshed out more with some more background on him.

Well we know that Avatar and Precious and Up in the air, films that Jake metioned will be on the list of nominees announced today, we will see what surprises will end up on the list (Please God, not The Hangover!)

That is too funny aout Sandra!

Cathy E said...

The interesting thing was, did Tommy every deny something happened with Grace when Sam asked him? I didn't think he did - maybe because he had feelings for Grace, or maybe . . . although Grace denied it after her daughter's outburst. Tommy did seem crushed after Sam returned, even as he was happy about it. :\

mary said...

maggie got an oscar nod for supporting good for her

Extra said...

I saw that Mary, it seems that switching for lead to supp. for her paid off, congratulations Maggie!

Maggie was the only surprise announced IMO.

Carla said...

Congrats to Maggie! I am really happy for her!

"Maggie was the only surprise announced IMO."

Did you expect the "Blind Side" for Best Picture? That was a surprise for me. Means that Bullock will win for Best Actress....

Extra said...

I take that back Carla, The Blind side was a surprise, I didn't expect that. I'm glad that Up was placed in it's proper catogory, best animated film.

Monica said...

Congratulations, Maggie!

Chica said...

I had a sliver of hope for a Brothers or Jake mention but Maggie is a nice and well deserved surprise! And I love Jeff Bridges!!!

Yay for A Serious Man!! I thought that it may have been forgotten. A Serious Man along with The Hurt Locker and Precious were the best films I saw last year.

I'm surprised that The Blind Side was nominated. Sandy gave a great performance but the film was mediocre and I wished Tucci got nominated for Julie and Julia instead of Lovely Bones.

bobbyanna said...

What a wonderful surprise! Maggie is very deserving for Crazy Heart.

I expect Jeff Bridges to win BA, but I'm glad Jeremy Renner got acknowledged.

I would rather have seen Julie&Julia get a BP nom than Blind Side. I felt it was a made for TV movie, and while I like Sandra Bullock, I thought her characterization lacked range. She was the stereotypical "steel magnolia."

Jake deserved a nomination. The Natalie interview was very fun. She's clearly very fond of Jake.

b said...

Ouch! could you delete the double post?

Monica said...

Every year has a mediocre movie at the Oscars. But I think it was also because of the success of the film. With that, Sandra Bullock has won the Oscar.
I am very happy for Maggie Gyllenhaal. It's a great actress and deserved it long ago.
Jake, Peter, Naomi, Stephan, everyone should be living this moment of happiness with Maggie.
I think they will be at the Oscars to support Maggie.

Sheba baby said...

Jake is looking good, scruffy but good! Ramona is adorable.


• Jake Gyllenhaal spent his Grammy Sunday hanging out with sister Maggie Gyllenhaal and her family over brunch at Ammo Café in Hollywood. "Jake was in a great mood and very playful with his 3-year-old niece, Ramona," a brunch guest says, adding that the actor even shared food with Ramona.

Congratulations to Maggie! Mon'que will win but to be nominated in a film that came out of nowhere and to be nominated along with Jeff Bridges! She should have been nominated for Sherrybaby, she only got a GG for that.

Also An Education is up for best picture!! So congrats to Peter as well.

The Blind Side was a shock I would rather have seen Julie and Julia nominated like you Bobbyanna or Crazy Heart. At least there was no Nine nomination!

UltraViolet said...

Congratulations to Maggie. Is it mean of me to point out that now everyone in the family but Stephen has an Oscar nomination?

Okay, I know it's mean. But is it wrong? :)

The Blind Side has been a predicted nominee for a while, so it wasn't really a surprise. An Education seemed to be losing steam, so it's lucky it made it. Frankly, I don't think it's good enough to be nominated. Same with The Blind Side, though I enjoyed that more than An Education.

bobbyanna said...

Okay, I know it's mean. But is it wrong? :)


(blows kisses to UV!)

beanie said...

It's neither mean or wring UV IMO, congratulations Maggie!

OT: Is this Jake's sasqwatch friend with Reese yesterday in L.A.?. W/O the beanie and a haircut:

With beanie and scraggley hair from last February in Venice, CA:

Monica said...

I believe he is her friend. Jake also was photographed with her assistant once!
Even if he is a friend of Jake, it means nothing

beanie said...

Didn't think it reall means anything except that they have mutual friends. I was just wondering if he was the same friend or the guy that she was tweeted with in Venice a week after the break-up.

He is gigantic!

Sag Actor said...

Lol, poor anon@11:25AM.

Maggie was a surprise but a very pleasant one, congratulations! A lot of celebrations in the Gyllenhaal/Saasgard house this morning with the Crazy Heart and An Education noms.

I like Matt Damon but no way he should have been nominated, Jake could have been if he had a campaign going.

And Vera Farmiga who was nominated for Up in the Air will be in Source Code!

Sandra may win both the Oscar and the Razzie this year!

get real said...

Yay, Maggie!!! She was great in CH. :)

LOL, but I agree about the family all having noms but Stephen, UV.

I am happy with many of the noms and thrilled that CB won Best Director at the DGA!

Will have more to say later.. :D

Monica said...

I like Matt Damon but no way he should have been nominated, Jake could have been if he had a campaign going.

It is the only chance of Sandra Bullock won an Oscar.

sonata said...

Well my question was if this was Maggie's first nomination, but I think that was answered indirectly above as yes. ;)

Congrats to her, this is a very exciting time!

UltraViolet said...

It is, indeed, sonata. I've been wondering if Maggie is staying with Jake. It's a little unclear from this, but it could be:

Her day, thus far, has been all about family.

There's a sense of excitement at home, because her husband Peter Sarsgaard's film, An Education, is also up for best picture.

"We woke up at 5:30," says Gyllenhaal. "I've been up forever already. I just got up really early and had coffee with my brother (Jake Gyllenhaal) and my daughter woke up. I haven't had a second to breathe."

She might have a mimosa to celebrate, but her night is wide open. "I don't know what I'm going to do," says the actress.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Awwww, it does sound like she is staying with Jake. I was surprised when her name was announced for BSA, there was so little chatter about her, it was mostly about Jeff.

Congratulations to Maggie and Peter for the An Education BP nomination.

Monica said...

Awwwwww. I already thought she was with Jake.
thanks, UV!

get real said...

Aww, how wonderful that Jake was with Maggie this morning when she got the nom. :)

It does seem like they stayed with Jake. And I really hope he attends the Oscars with them.

bobbyanna said...

I just saw Maggie on E! tonight, drinking a champagne toast with Jeff Bridges! He is funny! She confirmed they were at Jake's house. When she was asked, she said her brother's reaction was "You can't go back to sleep! Who knows when this will happen again!"

Jeff Bridges has been singing her praises right along. I like him.:)

Tweety said...

I'm sorry I missed that Bobyanna! I'm so happy for Maggie and I love Jeff Bridges. I think it's the Intelligentsia in Venice since Magie, Peter and Ramona were sen there earlier:

jasmineash: Saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Intelligentsia today and I'm pretty sure he asked me to marry him.
about 1 hour ago from Twitterrific

Love the family outing pics!

Monica said...


Jake is right!

suvee said...

Yay for Maggie! Frankly, I think she should already have an Oscar in hand for Sherrybaby......that was a brave and flawless performance IMO.

I really liked Crazy Heart so much. I had to buy the soundtrack..... and I'm not a country music fan! I've adored Jeff Bridges for years, so I pray he will get his long overdue Oscar this year.

Love the account of Maggie and Jake's morning together. You know they all must be thrilled with the recognition for Maggie and An Education. I'm happy for them.

Oh, and my sincere thanks for everyone's kind wishes for my mother's speedy recovery. It means a lot to me! :)

Monica said...

Maggie Gyllenhaal, supporting actress, “Crazy Heart”:

The thing is, you know, I’m so proud of the movie and I always have been, more proud of it than any of the work I’ve done so far. But because I wasn’t getting nominated for anything, I wasn’t expecting it. My phone was ringing so early and I thought, “Wait, maybe!” I was staying at my brother’s in LA. He said to me, “Your phone is going to be ringing all day.” He made me a cup of coffee and then we watched the sun rise. It was pretty mellow. But this wouldn’t be happening for Jeff [Bridges] or me if it wasn’t for Scott [Cooper].

UltraViolet said...

Love those reactions from Jake and Maggie, Bobbyanna and Monica. Very sweet.

I have to say that Maggie worked her butt off promoting Crazy Heart; she really got out there. Who knows how Brothers/Jake would have fared if they'd done the same.

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Intelligentsia today and I'm pretty sure he asked me to marry him.

Hee! Thanks for that, tweety.

UltraViolet said...

A couple of tidbits:

Jake and Maggie join other Oscar-nominated siblings:

Best supporting actress nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal (“Crazy Heart”) follows in the footsteps of her brother, 2005 best supporting actor nominee Jake Gyllenhaal (“Brokeback Mountain”), making them only the 9th example of siblings who have garnered acting nominations. The others: Ethel Barrymore and Lionel Barrymore; Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine; Vanessa Redgrave and Lynn Redgrave; Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty; Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda; Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts; Meg Tilly and Jennifer Tilly; and River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix.

This blogger had a yoga class with Jake. No details, really, but a funny faux convo.

Chica said...

Maggie really did deserve a nomination for Sherry baby didn't she Suvee? I'm so happy for her, lots of celebrating in that family right now.

How is your Mom doing?

Maggie really did work at promoting Crazy hearts UV and it paid off, I wish Jake had done the same.

Thanks for the tibit on Oscar nominated siblings, what an impressive group to Be in!

Anonymous said...

Don't know quite how it works but if someone is out promoting a movie wouldn't the studio have something to do about the bookings of the shows they are going to be on. They have to be willing to do it I would think, but don't think it's "Jake's fault" that there weren't a lot of tv appearances for him for "Brothers". The lack of publicity compared to Lionsgate pushing for "Precious" is obvious.

brothers spy said...

I wonder how many of those siblings have had a parent with an Oscar nomination as well, as Jake and Maggie's mother, Naomi, was nominated for an Oscar in 1989.

The only one I can think of from that list is Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda whose father, Henry Fonda, was nominated for an Oscar.

I can see the family being really happy about this. This is a great thing for them, especially after the crappy end to last year they all endured.

Shondra said...

I think you are right about the Fondas Brothers spy. And they all should be happy and proud. Like others have said, Maggie should have received a nomination for Sherrybaby.

Jake's lack of TV appearences for Brothers was puzzling anon. He just did Kimmel. He did do a press junket on that one day and the press conference and screening but he did that the same day as the Kimmel taping. It had nothing to do with him filming LOAD since that was done, I just thought that it was odd and not like him.

Even Natalie and Tobey did more TV appearences than he did, it was very dissapointing.

mary said...

maybe with the break up happening around the time brothers was due out they decided to keep jakes appearances low keyed becuase jake usually is out there promoting his films probably felt it would be too distracting any way hell be doing alot of appearances for pop and laod

Anonymous said...

Jake did the "game" awards right around the break-up time.

mary said...

the game show awards show was on the 12 after brothers was already out i think that appearance was the start of his publicity for popimo

Tweety said...

Jake is sure doing a lot of yoga UV and it shows. I don't know what it's supose to do with your upper body but he does look bigger in the recent pics. I guess he goes to the gym as well.

It must be a really exciting time for Maggie, her family must be so happy and proud. Love that she, Peter, Ramona and I would assume Mom are all staying with Jake!

I thought this was funny, she's an actress according to her twitters:

jjakerman: jake gyllenhaal caught me eating in my car. what are the odds?

UltraViolet said...

A cute video from Entertainment Tonight. Maggie talks about waking up to the news and how sharing it with Jake made it easier/special because he knows exactly what it's like. Very sweet.

She mentions how Jake "didn't get to do this," meaning all the interviews, because he had to work. I remember being annoyed that we didn't get any of those "how does it feel" clips from Jake.

Paula said...

Thanks for that video UV. What a special and exciting moment for them.

Jake did miss out on that part back in '06 because he was filming Zodiac.

get real said...

Aww, such a beautiful thing to hear/read! So special that they had that time together and that Maggie is talking all about being at Jake's when the announcement came. :)

I do wish Jake had had that instead of having to work on Zodiac that day. Just means that he will have to have another nomination! :p And I really hope he can be there for her at the Oscars. Just wonderful stuff.

Shondra, Jake did go back and work on LAOD the day of the Brothers premiere in NYC. He taped Kimmel after that. That is why he wasn't there. They wrapped just after the Brothers premiere. It doesn't seem like he skipped out on it. It sucks that he had to go back to work and then didn't do more interviews. I hope he goes on all the talk shows for PoP. I have a feeling he will. :) Lionsgate lost out not having him do Jon Stewart or something else too.

Thanks for all the wonderful video's, links, Tweets, etc. Great stuff!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love that video, what a sweet and incredible moment. I'm so happy that Maggie shared that moment with everyone.

I finally saw the Red cross PSA that Jake filmed for Haiti relief tonight.

brothers spy said...

Hey guys,

I don't know if you guys have heard anything about Paul Thomas Anderson's (my absolute favorite director) next film loosely based on Scientology.

Anyway, the main character in that story is to be this twenty-five year old drifter who finds direction in his life only after he meets this charasmatic leader of a religious cult named THE MASTER (to be played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman).

Anyway, there is much debate in certain circles as to who will play the twenty-five year old drifter. But I think it would be awesome if Jake played this role, don't you? I know Jake has a PTA connection in that his godfather, Robert Elswit, is the cinematographer to all of PTA's films.

I would love it if Jake were cast in this, and/or even actively sought the role. I think it can work.

Monica said...

^^ I read about the film and sounds quite interesting how all the films of PT Anderson.
It is my great desire to see Jake in a movie of this fantastic director.

UltraViolet said...

I'm really not a PTA fan. I'd have to hear more about the script/plot. I hated both Magnolia and Boogie Nights. Never saw There Will Be Blood.

More cuteness from Maggie about her Oscar nom morning:

Maggie said she thought about going back to bed after hearing the early morning good news, but she says Jake insisted she stay awake and he made her coffee and pancakes.

The starlet admits it's helpful coming from an acting family. Jake was nominated Gyllenhaal was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his performance in "Brokeback Mountain" and mom Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal has also been nominated.

"You know what? That was helpful that he's been through this, that he kind of knows how he feels," Maggie dished.

Gyllenhaal also says husband Peter Sarsgaard was "amazing" and "so thrilled." His film "An Education" is nominated for three Oscars.

Aww, pancakes!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, forgot to say thanks to OONP - I assume you mean you saw the Haiti ad on TV. I still haven't seen it yet. Glad to know it's airing.

Anonymous said...

This lucky girl met Jake and had a pic taken with him, its a bit blurry!.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I caught the Red cross PSA when I was watching MSNBC UV. They aired the one Michelle Obama filmed later on.

That sounds like a fascinating script/character Brothers spy. I can see Jake in the role and I love PS Hoffman. I run hot and cold with Thomas. I didn't like Magnolia, but I liked Boogie Nights and with Blood I liked DD Lewis' performance more than the film.

I'm loving all these stories about Maggie's reaction to the nomination news especially when she talks about Jake. Pancakes and coffee, that is so sweet and loving. You can tell that they are very close.

Thanks for the pic of Jake and that very lucky fan!

Monica said...

Super Bowl Movie Ads: Shutter Island, Prince of Persia, Alice in Wonderland, Last Airbender

I don’t watch the Super Bowl game. I watch the ads. CBS has sold out the spots, reports the LAT:

Despite the weak economy, CBS is charging $2.5 million to more than $3 million for each 30-second spot, about the same amount that NBC collected a year ago.

Three studios have coughed up some bucks for their big-ticket movies. Disney tells me they’re hawking Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and the Jerry Bruckheimer epic Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Universal isn’t talking about its spots, presumably for The Wolfman and Robin Hood. And Paramount will air this TV spot for Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island during the game, with a pregame slot for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender.


bobbyanna said...

OT but kind of related to JBG:

The New Yorker dated February 8, 2010, has some lovely pieces about J.D. Salinger, and the same issue has a fascinating article about Sam Shepherd. Both worth checking out.

UltraViolet said...

Cute pic of Jake and Jacky :)

I'll have to check out the New Yorker, bobbyanna. Sam Shepard seems like he might be kind of an ass from things I've read and seen.

And thanks for the Super Bowl info, Monica. I kept hearing Disney would have an ad, but they hadn't committed to the movies. Glad to hear PoP will be one.

Gemma describes Jake:

Prince Of Persia star Jake Gyllenhaal is quite a ‘goofy’ person, according to his co-star Gemma Arterton.

Arterton, 24, plays the role of Tamina opposite Gyllenhaal in the new movie, which is out later this year.

Asked about working with Gyllenhaal, she said: “He’s absolutely gorgeous and lovely, and quite goofy once you get to know him.

“The film was originally a video game so there was a lot of pressure on him from the fans, but he really went for it – he worked out every day, on top of filming. I’ve got no idea how he managed it.”

Just stating the obvious said...

Isn't it obvious that Reese's big "date" last night was a response to Jake having gone on a date with that mysterious "brunette girl" to Jaime Foxx' party this past weekend?

I told you guys that Jake was on a date and People Magazine, who is definitely in Reese's corner, were just covering it up for Reese (pretending that the date was just platonic). I told you that she had to be seen out with someone first and it would be "exclusively covered" by People Magazine thereafter.

It took what? Five days?

I mean how do you guys think People Magazine knew who this second-rate agent's friends were (even though no one has even heard of him until this morning), even having spoken to one of them, if this "date" ended last night at 11pm and the story was published at 7am this morning.

Come on Reese, you have to try a little harder than that.

(UV, please don't erase this. I'm not trying to be insulting, I just think it's pretty obvious).

Anonymous said...

New pics from Sunday on IHJ.

get real said...

So lovely to keep hearing/reading about Jake and Maggie sharing her big day. :D Pancakes...aww..

Thanks for all the Jake updates and news! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually People's "exclusive" was swiped from In Touch magazine which has the story in their newest issue. I saw it on the Jezebel blog yesterday morning with a link to the splash pic.

All People magazine did was take that blurb from In Touch and embelished, I think even E or ET mentioned It using In Touch as their "source" not People. If People was on top of things they would have heard about this by Friday or Monday at least since it happened last Thursday. It's just getting repeated ad nasuem everywhere because People is supposedly a step up from In Touch (Eye roll) so they think it's ok to repeat. The only reason People didn't post about the Reese/Butler crap from yesterday was because it was shot down before the end of the usual BS cycle, not enough time for People to quote fake insiders.

Do the two rumors back to back have anything to do with Jake's date last week?Could be which means that she is not over the relationship otherwise I don't think she would care about him going out with some nameless brunette.

I'm aware of the other story in Us about her regretting the break-up and is calling, e-mailing which is totally the opposite of what People is spinning.

So which PR approved rag:People, Us are right? You would have to believe that if reps are feeding People one story, then they are feeding Us the opposite for reasons they only know.

It's too soon IMO for either one to be seriously dating so I assume that it's just casual although the agent from CAA sounds like a busines date.

ihj said...

Here they are!:

UltraViolet said...

Obvious, it's clear you need to get your facts straight. Your timeline is all wrong, as is, no doubt, your speculation. If you hate Reese so much, there are at least two other places I can think of - and I'm sure you know them quite well - where you can post to your heart's content.

Also, if you're so disgusted by Reese, here's a thought: Stop talking about her.

Anonymous said...

I also have to add that In Touch knew the name of the "second rate" agent, so that's how People ID'd him.

So if anything In Touch is in Reese's corner!

Obvious again said...

I'm not who you think I am UV. I don't subscribe to flights of fantasy like the people you're thinking of.

I believe Jake and Reese were very much a real couple. I just think that Reese used Jake and he is better off without her.

Second, I don't think that the two stories from People and US Weekly are necessarily mutually exclusive. I think Reese can want Jake back and at the same time schedule PR dates with second-rate agents in order to either: a) make Jake jealous; b) to send a message that if he doesn't take her back, she'll be fine without him.

UltraViolet said...

I have no idea who you are. But I'm automatically suspicious of people who come here to bash Reese and only to bash her.

I appreciate that you don't like Reese. She/her PR team have done some things I don't appreciate either. But honestly, we have no idea why she went out with the guy or if it was a date or not. People is reporting on it because they got scooped by some obscure Portuguese-language site yesterday.

There's just no point in flogging the dead horse that everything she does is for PR. If it is, then just ignore it.

Monica said...

It's dangerous or not dangerous to use mobile phone at the gas station?
Anyway, it's always good to see Jake!

Anonymous said...

Which US Weekly story are you guys talking about? I don't remember any story about Reese wanting Jake back.

Anonymous said...

The Reese regrets story is in the new Us weekly, It will be on the stands tomorrow.

Not a big front cover, just a blurb on the front. I have no idea what it says besides that she is having a hard time getting over Jake and is calling and e-mailing him.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Why will not they leave them alone?

(Por qué no los dejarán en paz?)

UltraViolet said...

I don't know, Leonor. People like the "drama," I guess.

You don't have to watch the whole Super Bowl if you don't want to. According to USA Today, the PoP ad is schedule for the third quarter.

Too bad it's only 30 seconds - was hoping for a full minute!

No idea if this list is subject to change, btw.

Chica said...

I can do without the drama as well.

Thanks for the information on the Pop spot on the superbowl UV! Wish it was longer than 30 sec. too but this will be great exposure.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to read those weekly rags. At least it isn't as bad as the harrassment Jennifer Aniston puts up with. She and Brad Pitt ended their relationship YEARS ago!
But you wouldn't know it from the the tabloid magazine covers do to her.

Jake Fan said...

Sorry, but there are enough people in Hollywood who are able to keep their private life private. For example Maggie and Peter or Matt Damon and his family. Ms Aniston is surely not one of them. Perhaps concentrating on good movies would be a start.....

After the split people started to talk and concentrate on Jakes films again instead on his relationship and I am happy about this. The overexposure of pap pics and tabloid crap did not made him look good....Just IMO

Monica said...

Agree, Jake Fan.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the pap pictures with Reese made him look bad..they looked like they were enjoying each others company - and his time with the kids. They presented a positive picture so don't see anything wrong with that. And they still - tho many pictures - kept it still a kind of under the radar type thing. She may of mentioned him a bit in interviews, but the majority of the time she didn't. He did not talk about her. You see many who tell every little detail of their relationship. It's funny how people always talk about men not wanting to make committments in a relationship and he is someone who has talked about how family is important to him.

Anonymous said...

I agree too, but you have to keep in mind that when he dated Kiki it was the same thing: Endless pap pics and gossip. Check out the pics on IHJ from 2002 -2004 of them, then a break and then more in 2005. He was Kiki's BF for the most part. The pics were pretty much the same of them shopping, going to pap friendly restuaraunts, etc.

He was younger then and probably liked the attention and Kiki was a party girl with no kids so the pics had a different "feel" to them but IMO they are the same.

Some blame Reese for the over exposure but since the relationship and the attention had a deja vue feel to them I have to blame Jake's rep/PR for it even though Jake and Reese are with CAA and have the same manager.

Yes fans are focusing on his upcoming movies now but it's his reps that are responsble for the Kate Hudson rumors, the Anniston rumors (althought) she may have a hand in that), the Penn/McGuire stuff about them trying to set him up with models, the People plant about the brunette,etc. He is responsible because for the most part over the years he and his rep have done nothing to shoot down any of this stuff, some may be true, some not.

He also zhas to know that if he dates high-profile actresses, that it comes with the territory.

The Anne Hathaway stuff died within 24 hours because I suspect her [people shot it down, not his although I can't remember if a comment was issued, all I know is that it died.

He needs to be more proactive in his public image instead letting his rep put crap out there or not responding for the most part.

Monica said...

I agree with Jake Fan just about the movies.

Jordan Mechner:

Jake Gyllenhaal got the role as the Prince. Is that a choice you support or would you prefer a different actor?

I was really happy when I heard that Jake Gyllenhaal had been cast as the prince. He's a great actor, he looks a lot like the character in the game, and, for me, he also embodies a lot of the qualities that make the Prince of Persia the kind of hero that he's always been. He's a warrior, but he's also got this mischievous quality, a certain attitude, a vulnerability.

Anonymous said...

Rem. someone saying a while back there being so many rumors about Angelina and then of course Brad & Angelina you will notice they don't respond. This person thought it put them "above it".
As Jake said he knows the news stuff has a shelf life so why respond to everything.

UltraViolet said...

Bandslam director for Damn Yankees:

Todd Graff is 50, but Damn Yankees is the biggest directing assignment he's ever snagged. Graff entered the biz as an actor, part of The Electric Company troupe as well as films like Garry Marshall's The Flamingo Kid and James Cameron's The Abyss. But he also began his career as a Broadway stage thesp who received a Tony nomination for the musical Baby. Graff's debut as a film director was the musical Camp. And he also helmed 13, a Jason Robert Brown stage musical that played at LA's Mark Taper Forum. Still, big blockbuster musicals are hard to pull off, and Graff might seem a surprising choice given that his 2009 Bandslam grossed only $5.2 million. But that film received glowing reviews -- and one insider infamously complained to Nikki Finke (Behind The Scenes Of 'Bandslam' & Summit) that Summit mistakenly marketed it as High School Musical when the pic was much edgier. I'm told Graff will rewrite a first draft of Damn Yankees by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel for New Line's Hairspray-producing team of Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. What's planned is a contemporary version of the 1955 Tony-winning musical's story of a middle-aged fan who makes a Faustian bargain to sell his soul in order to become a slugger who’ll lead his hapless favorite team to the World Series. Though neither deal is set yet, Gyllenhaal is attached to play the slugger, Carrey to play the devil. There is also a plum role for a young actress to play Lola, the temptress sent by the devil to seduce the ballplayer.

I wish I had watched Bandslam when it was the movie on my plane to San Francisco in December!

Anonymous said...

I really hope Jake doesn't do this film.

UltraViolet said...

I'm dubious, too, anon. But FL, who knows much more about musicals than I do, said that there are a couple of good songs for Jake's character. So I'm holding out hope for something good if he does decide to do it.

Anonymous said...

Whichever way it goes - a musical would be another showing of what a talented and great actor Jake is.
People who know him rave about his singing. He has mainly "kidded" with his singing so far, but this would be his actual singing voice. I think people would be impressed and "Damn Yankees" was a well received musical. They said it would be updated so it wouldn't be set in the 50's.

bobbyanna said...

I only know who I DON'T want Lola to be...:)

I wonder if there's been any progress with the Doug Liman project? I haven't checked his blog lately.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any information about what that US Weekly says about Reese regretting regarding Jake?

Didn't it come out today?

Shondra said...

Let me take a guess Bobbyanna: would it be the lovely Ms. Hudson, LOL!!

I would love for Jake to do a musical, but not this. The original movie based on the broadway show wasn't that well received back then, Gwen Verdon did get good reviews which saved it.

The musical is dated which is why they are updating it, bad move IMO.

I haven't checked his blog either, I woild like to know the statusof that project.

Monica said...

No, Anon 6:37 PM!

would it be the lovely Ms. Hudson, LOL!!

A musical will be a great challenge for Jake. And that's what I admire in him, always doing different characters.

bobbyanna said...

Not at all...why, I think Jennifer Hudson would make a very interesting Lola. At least she can sing...:) In fact, when you say "musical" She's the only Miss Hudson I can think of...

(Shondra, you are SO perceptive!)

bobbyanna said...

One more thing. Interesting. I love a good musical. So tell me why Nine was awful,yet I thoroughly enjoyed Chicago?(My favorite song is"Razzle Dazzle'Em")

Damned Yankees only had a couple of memorable songs. I agree,I'm kind of suspicious when they say they'll update it. They'll have to add music to it as well as update it.

Don't know anything about this director, but I once read that Jim Carrey got approval on casting and directors for his movies.

OT: Amazon just sent me a box of goodies, including "This Property Is Condemned" with Natalie Wood and Robert Redford. (I wish someone would remake THIS!)

Shondra said...

Ha, ha Bobbyanna!! Jennifer Hudson would be a helluva better choice than Kate, at least she can sing as you said!

I've heard that Nine is a piece of crap, so I avoided it. Kate was good in one film IMO: Almost Famous, she has yet to match that performance.

Not a fan of this musical as I have said, but if this is going to be made they need someone that can pull off the character of Lola.

I few names have been tossed around like Penny Cruz but I wish that they would audition broadway actresses, but who?

bobbyanna said...

Well,the Chenowith person who MC'd that awards show was hideous! Terrible! Loathsome. I've blocked out the name of the show I was so disgusted with her. And she is a Broadway musical comedy "star."

Just read perezhilton. Talk about nightmares: he's reporting that they are in talks to remake "A Star is Born", with...wait for it...Beyonce and...wait for it... Russell Crowe. Yes. Russell Crowe. And Beyonce. I have no words.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear about Damn Yankees too, I agree it's good that they are updating it. I love a good musical, and I have heard the reviews for "Nine", but it still looks worth checking out, to me. DDL looks and sounds interesting in it, as well as Penelope, from the clip I have seen.

I loooove Chicago - my favorite songs are "All That Jazz", "Cell Block Tango" and "When You're Good to Mama". Hee!

I can't wait to see who will play Lola, and sing "Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)". She'll probably want Jake! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, but, Robert Downey, Jr. would make a better Devil than Jim Carey.

I think they should be creative when they pick Lola. They should think of someone different. Someone that makes you say,
"Wow! Great choice!"

FluorescentLamp said...

The role of Lola doesn't interest me as much as who they'll cast for the older Joe role (Joe Boyd)(Jake's role is Joe Hardy) and Joe Boyd's age-appropriate wife Meg. Joe Boyd needs to be someone 50ish as does his wife, and both need to sing.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting, RDJ as the devil. He can do that look. :)

Anonymous said...

As for the original broadway show this is how it did:
Original Broadway
Tony Awards
Best Musical WON
Best Performance By a Leading Actor in a Musical -- Ray Walston WON
Best Performance By a Leading Actor in a Musical --Stephen Douglass (nominated)
Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical -- Gwen Verdon WON
Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical-- Russ Brown WON
Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical -- Rae Allen (nominated)
Best Conductor and Musical Director -- Hal Hastings WON
Best Choreography -- Bob Fosse WON
Stage Technician—Harry Green WON

I think in the movie Tab Hunter was miscast. There wouldn't be miscasting with Jake.
The duet between Joe and Lola of "Two Lost Souls" would be a highlight.

Anonymous said...

I just thought - Speaking of Nine -one of the best reviwed musical numbers was Fergie's.
How about Fergie for Lola.

Anonymous said...

It was also "reviewed".

UltraViolet said...

New post.