Saturday, February 6, 2010

New wallpaper, anyone?

Maybe not appropriate for the living room, but Stephanie uploaded a new Prince of Persia/Jake Gyllenhaal wallpaper.

For the big version, click on it from IHJ or the official PoP site, which seems to have gotten a mini-redesign.

It's still maddeningly slow on my old Mac. But they play snippets from the trailer when moving among the site sections. And now the dagger emits an unearthly glow when you click on a new section.

I think they need some more usability testing! And it's good to see something new up there, but they need to add much more.

And since "No prince would be complete without his horse," McFarlane also has a figure of the Prince of Persia on his steed:

Finally, some sweet answers from Maggie, from a Q&A in the Guardian:

When were you happiest?
The day after I got married.

What is your earliest memory?
I was tiny, less than three, looking up at my mom, who was pregnant. We were saying, "When is this baby going to come?" about my brother, Jake.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. :) Great poster, and I love Dastan on his steed.

I adore Maggie - I have a similar memory when my baby brother came home from the hospital.

Tweety said...

Love the wallpaper, can't wait to see the trailer for Pop during the Superbowl!

Maggie sounds like a great sister,I have similar memories of my siblings coming hme from the hospital too.

Looks like Jake was at some party last night in Austin, TX. There was a tweet of him in L.A. too going to yoga but that may have been mistaken identity since there was a few other tweets :

sweetlips777: I swear to god Jake Gyllenhaal was at the party I was at tonight...
about 7 hours ago from mobile web ·

Monica said...

I love the new updates! The wallpaper is great!

Maggie is so sweet.

If the information is true, he was the party of I Luv Video!

Cathy E said...

My goodness - I just checked out the Prince of Persia official site - the music is giving me chills - very Laurence of Arabia-ish. Be still my heart - I can't wait for this film! :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, judging from the trailer, it looks as if it was made around the same time as Lawrence of Arabia!

bobbyanna said...

What a sweet post! I was five when my baby bro was born! I was very excited. I sort of thought of him as mine!:)

The wallpapers are gorgeous, but I sort of like the one where Dastan is "in action" more than just standing still. The first one is too...still.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence of Arabia was one of the greatest movies of all time. Being in the desert and such it might have that look, which is a compliment.

Anonymous said...

^^I was going to say the same thing, it's still considered a benchmark in cinematography. A great compliment. The music is swoonworthy. :)

Chica said...

Very nice, I like the third one the best, he looks gorgeous there.

Love the Dastan on his steed figure!

I have five younger siblings and I remember the excitment I and my 2 older siblings would get everytime Mom and Dad bought home a new baby, you would think we wouldn't be after five, ha, ha!!

The threat of a major storm didn't materialize here in NY, not even an inch but they got 20 -30 inches in DC and Maryland.

GB peeps in those areas, stay safe!

mary said...

i like the third one the best too simply gorgeous

Ginny said...

Great poster I love it.

Still haven't been able to see Brothers, some things happened and its been an awful few days, Brothers isn't showing anywhere near me now so I will have to wait for the DVD.

Tweety said...

Sorry you didn't get to see Brothers on the big screen Ginny, it will be out on DVD in the US in March, I don't know about the UK.

2 more lucky fan sightings of Jake:

SaraOsburn: ummm.Cass and I just ran into Jake freaking Gyllenhaal in Austin. best celebrity sighting ever. we acted like 2 school girls.
7 minutes ago from TwitterRide

katiefriel: jake gyllenhaal is in austin. how do i know? he's sitting next to me at jo's.
11 minutes ago from web · Reply ·

bobbyanna said...

According to too many tweets to ignore, it sounds like Jake is indeed in Austin, Texas. He was spotted somewhere eating, naturally:) There some kind of food-related event today, for "tasty trailers. This is a brief description of the event at the link: Austin

b said...

Oops! Sorry, tweety. Didn't realize you were posting.

Tweety said...

Posting at the same time Bobbyanna!When there are so many tweets of Jake, it becomes a bit tedious posting them all, but I had to post there 2:

katiesteck: Ok, so i swear i saw jake gyllenhaal running at town lake. i mean 80% positive. Is this possible?
36 minutes ago from web ·

dominixon: multiple jake gyllenhaal sightings in austin. at jo's & around soco. did he ever get that lance part?
38 minutes ago from Power Twitter

The first one because maybe he couldn't find a yoga class (spotted running) and the second because some people still think that Lance movie is still being made!·

Anonymous said...

Which Lance part?

Anonymous said...

Lance Armstrong

He was originally slated to play Lance.

Anonymous said...

As there is no resemblance between Jake and Lance doubt if he'd ever play him in a movie no matter how good he was at the bike-riding thing.
As Lance is a friend am sure he was invited to Austin by him.
At the end of the last comments about "Yankees" I'd mentioned Fergie as "Lola". She got some of the best reviews in "Nine" and she has done some other acting.
That was just a named that came to me that I hadn't heard mentioned before.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jake was definitely up for the part of Lance, according to Lance. He and Matt Damon were leading contenders, Anon.

There was no script, and Lance and Matthew McConnaughey were shopping around the project to see if ESPN might want a piece. Matthew was thinking of co-producing thru his production company.

Jake and Lance are friendly, and Jake also got involved with some LiveStrong fundraising, cycling events, competitions,and even rode with Lance when they went to France together, so Lance could cover the Tour de France since he wasn't cycling then.

It doesn't seem like the project ever really got off the ground. No script, etc. and really no interest in doing a feature length film for theatrical release. Lance has a good story to tell, but it might not go further than an ESPN or an HBO or Showtime kind of event.

Monica said...

Anon 06:45 PM, I think the producers will want someone who has not appeared in a musical.

She received good reviews, but Nine is very recent.

bobbyanna said...

Jake's definitely in Austin. Here's proof:

SinPantalones: RT @HeatherTx Spotted: Jake Gyllenhall in Austin Whole Foods [She says he's tall and has great eyebrows.]
about 4 hours ago from web


Extra said...

The wallpaper is beautiful, I like the 3rd one too!

Comparing the Pop trailer to Lawrence of Arabia is a compliment, don't forget to catch it during the 3rd quarter during the Superbowl tomorrow.

Jake always seems to find a Whole Foods everywhere he goes!

UltraViolet said...

I don't think Jake was ever really going to do the Lance Armstrong movie. Maybe Lance wanted him to, but the only time I know of that Jake spoke about it, he demurred, saying he'd have to see a script first.

People just assumed that's why they were hanging around together.

More from Maggie:

Maggie Gyllenhaal admits she wasn’t that impressed when younger brother Jake casually decided to follow in her footsteps and become an actor – especially when he scored the title role in the 2001 cult classic Donnie Darko and looked set to be the star of the siblings.

His sister – who, as a teenager, used to boss him into taking part in her lounge room productions of Cats – got her own back a year later when she starred in Secretary. ...
“My brother and I used to be competitive when we were younger,” muses the 32-year-old. “But now I feel we’re different enough, old enough and love each other enough that competition feels like a waste of time.”

It helps that the pair have each carved their own successful – if slightly different – careers. With his leading man looks, Jake has specialised in big-budget hits, such as The Day After Tomorrow and Brokeback Mountain.

Meanwhile, his sister, with her slightly quirkier image, has reigned as the queen of indie, gathering kudos in smaller films such as SherryBaby and Happy Endings.

So it’s all happy families these days, except when it comes to cooking. It turns out Gyllenhaal junior, who recently split from actor Reese Witherspoon, is a fantastic cook and Maggie – a self-confessed perfectionist – will reluctantly concede she’s not in the same league.

“He’s exceptional – as good a cook as he is an actor,” she admits. “He was just here for the holidays and he cooked a lot. I have basic skills – I know how to steam vegetables and make pasta and salads – but I’m not so good at the harder stuff. I’d like to learn how to easily cook up something really great.”

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and, yeah, Whole Foods is definitely in the CZ, no matter where Jake is!

Anonymous said...

At one time when they use to make musicals if someone was good in a musical when a musical was being planned after that they would get that person.
Maybe they could get someone from Broadway who has not appeared in any or many movies.
At least the Yankees movie had 2 who originated their roles -but again they needed someone more musical to be in the movie with them. Tab Hunter actually made some albums, but then about every "teen idol" at the time did the same thing, whether they could sing or not.
Jake has mentioned how important music is to him - its a side that we haven't seen that much. (Even SNL).

suvee said...

Can't help it, Lance leaves me a little cold (excepting his cancer work, of course). I prefer to think that Jake is hanging with his MV friend, David Modigliani. (Always wanted to see Crawford, but it never made it here as far as I knew.)

Someone posted here a while back asking for the new Us story (Reese's regret). I never cancelled my subscription, so I'll be happy to share it...... but it's UV's call. I want to respect the attempt to put a moratorium on speculation.

Anonymous said...

No suvee,

Please share. I'm dying to know what the Reese's Regret story is all about.

Monica said...

Can't help it, Lance leaves me a little cold (excepting his cancer work, of course).

Me too. Sometimes I think he's so arrogant.

Who is David Modigliani?

Recently I found the profile of Chris Fischer on a social networking site. He is a Red Sox fan!

bobbyanna said...

I think the Crawford documentary might be on hulu! It was there a couple of weeks ago.

I agree about Lance, suvee.

Am I halucinating, bcz I remember Jake and Chris in Austin a while ago checking out restaurants or something?

This had to be about two years ago. I remember a picture of them someone took and they were looking at a laptop together at an outside table at some random hotel.

UltraViolet said...

You can post it, suvee. I read it at the store, and it's nothing major.

Fair warning to the anonymous trolls: I see you coming and have my finger poised on the delete button.

Monica, David Modigliani is a friend of Jake's from Martha's Vineyard. He lives in Austin, or used to, and is an independent film director. He made a documentary about Crawford, Texas, which was the vacation home for George Bush when he was in the White House.

He's also the person who accompanied Jake to the BAFTAs in 2006 - you can see him sitting next to Jake when Jake wins :)

FL did a post about him a while back.

bobbyanna said...

Yes. It's still on hulu! My kids told me about hulu ages ago, and I really love it.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, check out the post I just linked :)

It's hard to be a Lance fan, but he has done some amazing work for cancer. And he's an amazing athlete. As a person? Probably wouldn't be my cuppa, but who knows.

Crawford is a good movie. Definitely worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the video talking about it on

Basically it says that Reese has been putting a happy face in public and it mentions her smiling it up in photos and having a song sung to her by Kid Rock at Sunset Tower during the Hope For Haiti afterparty.

Then they quote a "Jake source" who says that Reese has been emailing/texting him making it seem that she regrets breaking up with him and wants him back.

But a Reese source denies this saying that she "is out living her life and doesn't want him back."

That's about it.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The wallpaper is stunning, he looks good even in the still one!

One of the best things we are getting from Maggie's nomination is all these tidbits about Jake, thanks UV!

No you weren't halucinating Bobbyanna, it was a few years ago and someone took a pic of them looking at some laptop. Someone that lived there claimed that they were looking at some property , commercial and speculated it was for a resturaunt. Of course now Chris is back in MV but at the time there was talk of them opening a resturaunt. I think Lance's resturaunt is in austin and that gave them the idea.

Speaking of Lance, I agree with you Suvee regarding him and i'm glad that project was never greenlighted.

I'm curious about the Us story as well.

suvee said...

bobbyanna, I remember that Chris & Jake Austin trip, too. Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I thought that David M. was based in Austin..... don't know if he's still there though. But I'm going to pretend he is. :)

Monica, David Modigliani is a film maker.... he is a friend of Jake's from Martha's Vineyard. If my crappy memory is correct, I believe Jake was an investor in David's documentary, Crawford.

Thanks for the heads up about hulu, bobbyanna. I'll check it out.....

bobbyanna said...

Thank you UV!!!! That's the picture! At the scenic San Jose motel in Autin! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

David is still based in Austin, TX:

Thanks for the hula link, I never got to see Crawford.

Monica said...

Thanks, UV! I thought he was part of the team of BBM.

Always good to see this video!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hulu link. Cool site.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:

Rocknrealty: @jennifersinski yes Jake Gyllenhaal is in town, was at a party for his best friend last night

Anonymous said...

So i'm guessing that Chris Fischer is there as well, meaning that most likely they're there hanging out with David Modigiliani (or whatever his name is) since he is also friends with Chris.

Tweety said...

This tweet is from Nashville, TN and has to be mistaken identity like the L.A. yesterday. He has been spotted in Austin, TX all day:

alyxatk: Ran into Jake Gyllenhall at Wal-Mart. (:
17 minutes ago from txt ·

Walmart?? LOL!

A Nicer Anon said...

Fair warning to the anonymous trolls: I see you coming and have my finger poised on the delete button.

Thank G*d! ;)

Monica said...

Tweety, if you read the rest, she confirmed several times that he is in Tennessee.

UltraViolet said...

Suvee, don't read this:

Earlier in the day we took a nice long walk around Town Lake and saw Jake Gyllenhaal and just missed seeing Matthew McConaughey! What a day! Just trying to get outside as much as we can before it turns cold again this week! I don’t know how people do it up north!

Yesterday, Lance tweeted a (very cute) pic of him and Matthew and their families, and I wondered if Jake was with them. Of course, Jake and McBongo could have been there independently, and Jake independent of Lance :)

Carla said...

The wallpapaers are great, Jake looks sexy.

"With his leading man looks, Jake has specialised in big-budget hits, such as The Day After Tomorrow and Brokeback Mountain."

The article and Maggies comments are great but this made me laugh - BBM is now big-budget hit...:-)) I thought they were mentioning PoP.

Count me in with those who are relieved that the Armstrong biopic is not realised. But I would really love to see him playing Joe Namath.

So Jake is in Texas? And all the twitters catched him while he was walking/attending a party alone? Hopefully one of those twitter people will be able to take a picture....

Tonight they will showing the Super Bowl on our TV but it is too late for me, hopefully someone will catch the PoP spot for us.

Paula said...

Beautiful wallpaper, love it.

Can't wait to catch the Prince of Persia spot tonight during the Superbowl!

Disney is doing all the right things promoting this film.

Jake in TX during Superbowl weekend? A possible 3 amingos reunion??? I hope to get at least a twitpic out of these weekend too Carla! That said, add me to the list of fans happy that the plans for the Lance bio seems to have disappeared.

Love the Q&A with Maggie, caught the BBM big budget mention as well. It was a hit but definately not big budget!

Thanks for the info on the Us cover.

Anonymous said...

Jake is with Grey Goose in Austin

Tweety said...

Tweet from Austin, TX, can't tell if Jake was actually with her and friends or she was referring to the movie D. Darko which aired last night. It's possible Texas roadhouse had the movie on:

pinkmatty: Texas Roadhouse (great food) + a couple of drinks (dragon berry rum) + Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) + awesome people = Great Night :D
about 5 hours ago from web

If she was referring to the movie which I think she was, that means that Jake has not been tweeted in TX since the flurry of tweets of Jake jogging on Town lake/coffee at Jo's, etc. since yesterday afternoon. Which means the last tweet was Jake spotted in Nashville, TN yesterday. There has been no follow-up tweets from there but if the tweet from Roadhouse was about Darko, then there has been no other tweets.

Did the girl that tweeted Jake in TN see him or someone that looked like him? I guess we will find out if we get excited tweets from Austinites today!

Anonymous said...

Jake made a number of Independent movies. And made one a couple years ago that has yet to be released. It was kind of a "big deal" when he went to do DAT because that was his first main-stream movie.

Monica said...

Brokeback Mountain was a production of 14 million dollars (+ 5 million of marketing).

Monica said...

Anon 8:42 AM, Austin Nichols is not that bad name created by an actor and writer failed.
I see no problem if Jake is visiting friends. But it is a problem when I read that stupid name involved with lovely people.

You are a true hypocrite. Do you require someone to be true at the same time you called in anonimo. Why is it? It has something to hide?

get real said...

Nice PoP stuff! Love the colors and Jake is sure looking like the prince. And I see more and more toys. Gonna be a good collection for sure. I will be on the lookout for the commercial on the Super Bowl later.

I adore the Maggie quotes about Jake. :) And um, BBM is not a big budge film.

bobbyanna, thanks for the Crawford link!

Thanks to everyone who is posting all the Austin tweets and the possible TN tweets. Lots of tweets to keep us up to date on his comings and goings. Guess we will wait and see if there are pics of him and all those he may be hanging out with.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Jake's still in Austin visiting friends.

Monica said...

Changed the release date of Brothers in Brazil. It will be on the 05th of March.

Anonymous said...

"A possible 3 amingos reunion???"

Doubt it will be the same. Matthew has two kids including a new baby, and Lance has a new baby.

Monica said...

Hollywood's Real Winners:

In Pictures:
Jake Gyllenhaal:

Nominations: 1

Box Office: $974 million

Gyllenhaal is not an actor who immediately comes to mind when one thinks about high-earning blockbusters. But he starred in 2004's The Day After Tomorrow, which grossed $544 million at the worldwide box office. He'll get another chance to prove his box office chops later this year with Disney's Prince of Persia.

mary said...

thanks monica nice to see

Monica said...

I found this picture: Jake

Probably for Proof!

Extra said...

Thanks for your updates Monica! $974 Miliion!? I had no idea, wow!

The date change for Brothers in Brazil, was the date pushed back or forward?

That pic is from Proof great find!

I hope Jake is enjoying his weekend wherever he is!

Monica said...

The date change for Brothers in Brazil, was the date pushed back or forward?

Would be on Friday, February 12!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jake is visiting Austin and his family. If he'd been hanging out with Lance or Matt we'd have heard about it. Jake isn't going to go all the way to Texas just to see someone like David, especially out of the blue like this, as opposed to during the big film festival.

Austin who? said...

It's a shame no one on Twitter or Facebook recognizes poor Austin, even in his hometown. Not a mention of him anywhere.

Monica said...

Do you know David? Do you know anything about his friendship with Jake?
You think Jake just see directors when he is at some festival?

I just want him to enjoy the weekend.

UltraViolet said...

Monica, it's pointless to try logic on these folks. Not worth your time :)

Hopefully, Jake is enjoying his weekend.

Don't forget, people: Super Bowl, PoP ad, apparently in the 3rd quarter.

Sheba baby said...

Thanks for the reminder about the Superbowl ad UV!!

Love the wallpaper, the colors are stunning. The acton figures are going to be awesome.

That's the first time I have heard BBM described as a big budget film! I love Maggie and all her quotes about Jake.

Anonymous said...

I thought Austin's family was in Michigan.

UltraViolet said...

Something to think about - you might want to take heed of your own assumed name. Both of your posts were deleted because they contained personal insults. However deserved they might be, they are not allowed here. Unlike other sites.

Chica said...

Looks like you had a bit of housecleaning to do UV.

I thought that I wouldn't have any emotional investment in who won the Superbowl because my team, the Giants aren't in it but I'm rooting for the Saints even though the Colts are a 5 pt. favorite.

My BF will be coming by at about 6:00, got the beer, hot wings, etc. Can't wait to check out the Pop trailer during the 3rd quarter!

In the meantime i'm enjoying TCM 31 days of Oscar. So far I watched Samson and Delilah, Rebecca and now they are showing Wuthering Heights!!

Sounds like Jake and Matt were jogging in the same area yesterday, wouldn't it be cool if the camera panned to Jake sitting in the stadium at the Superbowl in Miami!

Love that pic you found of Jake Monica, I don't think I have seen that before!

lawgoddess said...

I hope that Jake and Chris are spending some time together, I think they are fast friends even though not photographed together much recently.

And I hope Jake is enjoying himself in Texas. I love him and send him good thoughts always.

Anonymous said...

Jake and Chris have been friends for quite a number of years. I think they met on Martha's Vineyard maybe in their teens - not sure about that, but do know that Chris was close to the Gyllenhaal family and kind of an "unofficial member".

Tweety said...

Well I think I got my answer to my previous comment, an excited austinine:

saraskadoo: So we just ran into jake gyllenhaal at home slice. Beautiful
20 minutes ago from txt ·

Would have love to see him in the stands at the Superbowl.

bobbyanna said...

Well, Lance Armstrong's having a Superbowl party, so maybe JGB will pop in.:)
Chica! I had no idea all those movies were on! I only caught part of Wuthering Heights.Olivier was incredible, as was Merle Oberon.

BTW: Author/publisher Michael Korda wrote two or three fascinating biographical memoirs. His father was Alexander Korda, I think, one of two brothers, who made quite a mark on early Hollywood, designing lavish sets and directing historical films.

Anyway,Michael Korda wrote a fictionalized biography of his aunt, Merle Oberon, called "Queenie." I had no idea she was from colonial India. Fascinating story.

No Superbowl for me. I got a "gift" box from Amazon yesterday, so I might watch Lana Turner in Madam X! LOL! (I might check out the second half!:) )

Anonymous said...

Baseball games and Basketball games "celebrities" are sometimes shown in the crowd but can't rem. during Pro games if that is done.
(even if Jake would of been there, and there are always a lot of celebrities there but they are seen before the game here and there.).

Sag actor said...

The official site is really cool and I really like the wallpaper, especially the first one.

The superbowl commercials are pretty lame so far, the Betty White/Abe Vigoda snickers one was the only one so far that was just a bit funny.


UltraViolet said...


According to this tweeter, the PoP ad will be early in the third quarter. He was right about the Alice in Winderland spot, which just aired.

And I forgot to say thanks for the drumming pic, Monica. That's a good one!

Monica said...

First pic: Oh hey Jake Gyllenhaal.

bobbyanna said...

Those little girls are SO cute! The picture made me smile!
Thanks monica!

UltraViolet said...

Here's a photo of Jake at what I'm guessing is Home Slice, but I don't know.

UltraViolet said...

Great minds, Monica :)

Monica said...

Apparently, he is surrounded by friends!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Those girls are cute and Jake ain't so bad either! Thanks for the pic UV and Monica.

I saw the Alice in Wonderland teaser and it left me cold. Enough with the Depp/Burton team and I love Johnny but his Mad Hatter looks like a cross between Edward Sissorshand and Sweeney Todd.

bobbyanna said...

Jake looks happy and relaxed!

OK, you guys. I just put on the SB. It's half time and the commentators sound like they should all be in group therapy! OCD?

Chica said...

LOL Bobbyanna, they were really bad weren't they? Half-time show is starting with the Who.

Finally a pic, he looks relaxed, it's probably Home slice unless he went to another place.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, that's funny, bobbyanna. They were a might excited.

OONP, I didn't care for the Alice ad either. I hope PoP fares better.

Also, I forgot to say, Chica, sounds like you have the perfect yin and yang day. Rebecca/Wuthering Heights and then the Super Bowl. I bet Mrs, Danvers could scare some of these big football players!

suvee said...

I just love those girls' expressions! And look.... he's clean shaven. Makes me happy. :)

Thanks, monica and UV.

Anonymous said...

USA Today's money section had a list and times of all the commercials (incuding movies) that would be on. Or at least the Quarters they would appear.
I don't rem. seeing a Letterman one mentioned tho. Laughed out loud.

Chica said...

Yeah UV, I love TCM and I never get tired of Rebecca. Mrs. Danvers scared the crap out of me when I first saw the movie when I was a kid.

I'm no fan of the Who but i have to say Roger Daltrey sounded pretty good and I enjoyed the performance.

My BF made a face when they came on and went to make a phone call, ha, ha!!

Love him clean shaven too!

Chica said...

Touchdown! GO SAINTS!!!!

UltraViolet said...

Great Saints gamesmanship and playing. Then the PoP trailer.

Not much new in 30 seconds, but I lived this:


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Oh man the Pop trailer was way too short! It was still good to see it during the S. Bowl and was a helluva a lot better than the Alice one.

Anonymous said...

I'm done. I saw The Who, I saw Pierre Thomas make his touchdown, I saw Jake's PoP trailer. Wish it had been longer. Good luck to the Saints!

suvee said...


Oh yeah..... that got my attention, too. :)


bobbyanna, HUGE SB fan! said...

Oops! the "I'm done." post was me.

b said...

"Give me the dagger!" is right up there with,"Explain the phone calls!"

get real said...

Ahh, saw the PoP commercial! Great! :D

Aww, great pic of Jake at a restaurant. The girls are cute. :)

Come on Saints!!

Extra said...

I loved how he said "Give me the dagger" too! Trailer was short but I loved it. They just showed a michelob commercial with Lance!

Thanks for the pic of Jake, looks good even with his mouth full!Looks like he is with friends.

Those girls look so naughty!

Colts: 17

Saints: 13

bobbyanna said...

This is from someone called lizroyer, from NYC. She's in PR.

"Thanks @jauntsetter for the awesome reco of Hotel San Jose in Austin. Not only grt hotel, but jake gyllenhaal there this w/e too! "
6 minutes ago from Twee

When Jake sets up a CZ he is like a homing pidgeon. Or something.:)

Monica said...

elizroyer Thanks @jauntsetter for the awesome reco of Hotel San Jose in Austin. Not only grt hotel, but jake gyllenhaal there this w/e too!
5 minutes ago from Twee

I'm a little scared of the negative comments on Twitter about the teaser. Many people are skeptical about seeing Jake as Persian and are also complaining about the accent.

Besides being good, the season's campaign for the film have to be very very very good.

sheba said...

Bohoo, all I got was a blinkin Sainsburys ad :o(

And bloody hell I think I'm starting to understand this hybrid rugby game you call football. My, those muscles and the lycra. Mmmm, I may be paying more attention in the future. I've not seen any victory dances yet.

I'm rooting for the Saints cos they seem to have a lot of heart. Hope Jake,s enjoying his superbowl.

Monica said...

Prince Of Persia Super Bowl Spot:

Anonymous said...

The live-blog on Entertainment Weekly also had comments about bad hair.(i think it fits the situation he is in)..bad accent..looks like Pirates..etc..but there were just a few of them.
A lot of time on these things the negative is in the majority.
That he isn't Persian thing is getting old. And by this how can they tell the accent is bad. The people on the set thought it was fine And the guy who created POP is very happy with Jake and one reason is - he looks like the character he created.
I imagine there are tons of people who haven't seen the POP trailer and are seeing this for the first time and I bet they thought it looked good. You'll hear from them when they go to the movie.

bobbyanna said...

Not 'feelin' that hotel much.:(

bobbyanna said...

Not 'feelin' that hotel much.:(

Chica said...

I read some of the reviews of that hotel Bobbyanna and I wouldn't choose to stay there even though it looks like it is close to everything.

Most of the complaints seem to be about the noise from the musicians that like to stay there and the noise from the near by clubs.

UltraViolet said...

People who want to seem hip and who know Jake have a lot of negative things to say. But people who just saw the ad without foreknowledge seem to have positive things to say.


get real said...

I agree about the PoP comments, UV.


bobbyanna said...

I'm into comfort. Not over the top,but definitely comfortable. The rooms in that hotel do not look comfortable.

They're all trendy and "spare" looking. And I HATE molded plastic furniture. IMO, it's institutional and cold looking.

If they were going for a "mid century modern" look, which is like my grandmother's old furniture from the 50's, then they have that look down pat! LOL! I imagine the showers not working, and spiders in the bathroom.

Monica said...

Anon 09:12 PM, thanks. I'm concerned about some negative comments. But I think that will change during the movie promotion.

Do you hate noise? I live with noise for a long time.
Brazilian loves a loud music!
For example, this is the first weekend of the carnival in my town and this time I'm listening to very loud music. Go until 05:00 AM.

And the World Cup Soccer? Every game of Brazil is a feast day, samba, fireworks, screaming ...

I love that Brazilian joy. We have so many social problems and still always find something to have fun!

suvee said...

I lived in Austin for many years. I went to university there (yes, UT) and then stayed on for a few more years.... mainly because Austin is such a wonderful city, I didn't want to ever leave. Had I known that Mr. G. would be an occasional visitor, I might have stayed put. :)

Even though I still have friends there, the next time I visit, I will consider staying at the Hotel San Jose. Great location and it has the Jake Stamp of Approval!

get real said...


Chica said...

Congratulations to the Saints!!!!

Monica said...

Congratulations New Orleans Saints!!!

This is so good for New Orleans!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Wow, what a game congratulations Saints!

Ditto UV regarding the Pop comments.

get real said...

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Let the good times roll! :)

Monica said...



FluorescentLamp said...

I'm into comfort. Not over the top,but definitely comfortable. The rooms in that hotel do not look comfortable.

They're all trendy and "spare" looking. And I HATE molded plastic furniture. IMO, it's institutional and cold looking.

It's more 'furniture as art' which I happen to love. Those molded plastic chairs are Eames c. 1948. There are also Bertoia Diamond Chairs in the rooms, c. 1952, which you can get for a steal at $764 a piece.

I figure he stays here because 1) it's close to places he likes to go, 2) he feels comfortable here, and 3) how often is he really going to be in his minimalist motel room during his stay anyway?

Congrats to the Saints!

Tweety said...

When the Saints go marching in , oh when the saints go marching in....

Congratulations to the Saints on their well deserved win!

Loved seeing the Persia trailer, it was the perfect time to show it too. The negative comments are the same old complaints about Jake not being Persian. Hello, he looks just like the video Dastan!

Love the tweet pic of Jake dining with pals, thanks!

Extra said...

Congrats to the Saints!

bobbyanna said...

Yay Saints!!!!

FL, that place is great for some people, just not me. I'm glad Jake likes it. I'm glad you love the furniture.

I do appreciate "furniture as art." I just happen to not be crazy about that period.

Noise doesn't bother me too much. Depends. Brazil during Carnival would be a party! LOL!

UltraViolet said...

How about New Orleans after a Super Bowl win? Loud enough? :) Let the good times roll, indeed.

The hotel beds don't look comfortable, which would be a cardinal sin. Do you think Jake had one of the rooms with a shared bathroom? LOL.

Monica said...

How about New Orleans after a Super Bowl win? Loud enough?

It's carnival in New Orleans!!!

Bobbyana, Mathew McBongo and Camila Alves were at the Carnival in Rio last year.
Several celebrities have come to the Carnival in Rio in years: Will Smith, Monica Belucci, Javier Bardem, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Bush's mother and others!

Rio de Janeiro has the best carnival of Brazil.

sass said...

Babblers all, The POP Superbowl trailer was the best one so far! I can't wait:)

mary said...

i didnt get to see the pop trailermy daughter was home for the weekene and we were out most of the day cuahgt the end of the game through yea saints but she did say she would go with me to see pop when it comes out

UltraViolet said...

Hey, sass! I can't wait, either!

Mary, the ad is online, as you've probably seen. And in the new post :)