Friday, February 19, 2010

"Give me the strength..."

Update: The Vampire Weekend video - Jake drinks and postures his way through a tennis match, all to spectacularly losing effect.

Love this review from Pitchfork:

And here it is: The tennis-themed Vampire Weekend video for "Giving Up the Gun", directed by the Malloys and featuring chair umpire RZA (stoic), a drunk Jake Gyllenhaal (phenomenal), a French-speaking Lil Jon (goofy), and a spazzed-out Joe Jonas (helplessly corny), along with a star turn from VW buddy Jenny Murray, who nearly steals the whole OMG affair.

All I'm going to say is the last time Gyllenhaal randomly popped up in an amazingly silly video (Blame It on the Alcohol), that song hit number two on Billboard's Hot 100.

Disney has released yet a third Prince of Persia featurette, this time with an exasperated Jake Gyllenhaal beseeching a higher power for the strength not to off Tamina, whom he realizes he can't abandon.

The video shows some new scenes and gives a glimpse at what a massive undertaking this movie was, with thousands of extras on elaborate sets in the scorching desert heat of Morocco.

Give us the strength to wait until May 28 to see this on the big screen!

Just because:


UltraViolet said...

Reposting this from the previous post's comments, in case anyone missed it:

Another rave for LaOD. On IMDb. This is a first-time poster, so s/he could be a ringer. Hope it's authentic:

Just saw “Love and Other Drugs” last night at a preview screening in Pasadena. I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe just another idiotic rom-com, but this movie is original, funny, unbelievably sexy, and really moving. And it’s about something. Have to admit I’ve never been much of a Jake Gyllenhaal fan, but here – as a slick Viagra salesman – he’s not only charming and witty, he’s also got this new, warm, strong and quiet leading man thing going. Anne Hathaway meanwhile burns up the screen, and not just because she’s naked half the time. Even when she’s dressed you simply can’t take your eyes off her. I thought she was good in “Rachel Getting Married,” but in this one – as a free-spirit arty girl with early-onset Parkinson’s – she’s very funny and really hard-core. My guess is another nomination will be coming her way. What else…? Josh Gad, who I recognized as one of the correspondents on The Daily Show, is the potty-mouthed younger brother. Sometimes it feels like he’s a refugee from a Judd Apatow movie, but he’s also sweet and innocent. Oliver Platt, who’s always good, is in it, too. And Judy Greer has got some funny stuff but she seems underused (like maybe they cut part of her story?)

I’m the big know-it-all who always predicts what’s going to happen next in a movie, but this time I was always surprised. One minute I was laughing hysterically and the next I found myself wiping tears away. Some people will compare it to “Jerry Maguire” – which I think is a truly great movie – but this one has real depth to it. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a comedy show a relationship with this kind of intimacy and authenticity. I don’t know how else to say it – I really believed these two people were in love, and so was I.

One of the FB posters mentioned before seeing the movie that it was unfinished, so maybe they'll tighten it up.

Anonymous said...

Wow loving all these PoP updates and am looking forward to LAOD and Source Code, wish we would here something about Nailed.

Josie said...

So much Jake goodies to catch up on, thanks so much UV for keeping up!

Ben is right, Pop is EPIC! This movie is going to rock, you can feel/see the chemistry between Gemma and Jake even in thier brief scenes. Can't wait until May!

What a stunning photo of Jake and Tobey, love black & white photography. I think Jake photographs best in b & w IMO.

Wow, that is some review for LAOD, great news! I'll keep my eye out for that Vampire Weekend video!

bobbyanna said...

Love this new video from PoP!

Love the B?W of Tobey and Jake!

I'm over the moon happy about the feedback about LAOD! What a wonderful,unexpected surprise.

Duncan Jones tweeted that he has to do some kind of cmaera tests today and then leave for London and BAFTA weekend! He's very excited, still, for his "Moon" movie.

Anonymous said...

LaOD sounds like just the right kind of romcom, in my opinion anyway.

The latest PoP vid is outstanding.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Love the "give me the strength" line! This Pop video is the best yet, fantastic!

I'm so happy that LAOD is getting such positive buzz so far!

Good luck to Duncan and the Bafta's this weekend with Moon.
Source code sounds like it's going to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

One of Duncan Jones tweets,

Jake G just gave me a packet of something called "maple almond butter." I dont like the sounds of it. Hope this is not a Brokeback moment.

Am I the only one who finds BBM jokes old and irritating?.

Tweety said...

I'm sure Jake is sick of them as well. Surprised that Duncan would tweet that, but maybe not. A little class and maturity Duncan please.

And on a brighter note: Love the new video! I assume the behind the scenes bits will be included on the DVD.

Like the responses to the LOAD screening!

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, that's an annoying tweet from Duncan. Hopefully just a one-time thing. I do love it that he tweets so frequently and wouldn't want him to censor himself too much. But enough already.

Good luck to him at the BAFTAs!

I am so happy to see this LaOD reaction. Another person posted on IMDb that s/he really enjoyed the film. Another one of these inexplicable "even though I don't usually like Jake Gyllenhaal" types :)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a fake tweet. Yes, those jokes are tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Jake is just too funny.

Giving Up The Gun / Vampire Weekend.

Extra said...

I just saw that anon!! Loved the way he yanked off his pants and how he grabbed Jenny and pulled her on top of him when she won, I think he was drinking Jack Daniels!

The visuals in this latest Pop video are stunning and I like that all the cast members are featured .

I would think that Duncan Jones would be beyond such nonsense, enough already.

Anonymous said...

Oh guys, it's just a joke.

Tweety said...

Man was that too funny! Loved when Jake did the throat slashy thing in the beginning before he got his ass kicked, ha, ha!

The tweets are giving it thumbs up!:
LOVE this video. jake gyllenhaal is soo funny LOL :)
23 minutes ago from web

UltraViolet said...

Can someone let me know if you can see the embedded video in the post please. I put it in but my connection issues are preventing me from seeing it in the post or anywhere! Thanks.

Chica said...

I can see it UV! Not to familiar with the group but the video is funny as hell! Jake the macho man taken down several pegs by a very competive woman! (Well my take on the video!)Doesn't help that he was drinking through the whole thing!!

Disney keeps topping themselves with all these teases, keep it up!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, chica! I finally got to see it. Jake is so funny. And the song is pretty catchy, too. I'll have to watch it a few more times just to be sure I got eveything :)

The short shots kill me.

get real said...

Ahhhh, how freaking cute and sexy is Jake in the VW video!!!! I am at work and had to watch it with the sound off but can't wait to see it again.

And all the PoP stuff and the NY Times video and pic..

It's all Jake all the time...fantastic. :D

bobbyanna said...

Really cute video!! Nice legs, too!Thanks UV, for saving me the trouble of rewinding it over and over to see the "good parts!" LOL!

sheba said...

LaoD is going to be a fabulous movie. Anne and Jake together will bring so much fun, heart and heartbreak to this movie I have no doubt. Whether it wins accolades or not it will be a classic.

Thank you. That video looked like fun to make. Loved that catchy tune too it fit the video very well or is it the other way around. Guess Jake can really Blame It on the AaaaaaL.

Jake's shorts look delish. Guys got gorgeous legs and bum.

Duncan, it may have been just a joke but BBM means so much to so many of us that you cannot begin to understand. But as you're gonna be doing great work with our favourite guy your transgression will be forgiven once. Go do some great work Duncan and make us proud :o)

Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

suvee said...

Thanks for sharing the "Giving Up the Gun" video. Never heard of Vampire Weekend, but I liked the song.

I think Jake definitely could have a lucrative side career going here. You know, some celebrities make Japanese commercials..... Jake makes guest appearances in random music videos. Bet he has more fun!

I thought that my angst over "Brothers" award season debacle was done, but I just read that the Saturn Awards have added a new category this year for Action/Adventure/Thriller movies. The good news is that "Brothers" was nominated..... as was Tobey for Best Actor and Natalie for Best Actress. You can probably guess what the bad news is. :(
Don't know if the Saturn Awards are prestigious or not, but I'm peeved nontheless.

Anonymous said...

The short shorts are cute, and well filled out. ;) Only Jake could carry that off.

The "comment". It goes beyond BBM (althought that is trangression enough! ;). Those kinds of jokes are homophobic, regardless of the spirit in which they are given. Racist jokes are considered unacceptable by society no matter what spirit they are given in, innocent or not. "It's just a joke" doesn't excuse racist jokes, nor should it excuse sexist jokes, or jokes about a person's sexual orientation. People are more better than that, they can come up with jokes that don't descend into that kind of territory. OK, rant over! ;)

Chica said...

The history of the Saturn awards are a bit weird Suvee. They started off as honoring Sci-fi, horror and fantasy movies and television. In recent years they expanded the genre and I remember Ben Affleck winning for Hollywoodland and Angelique Jolie winning for the Changeling, so they are all over the place.

If I remember correctly, the Saturns were probably the only Awards that nominated Jake for Jarhead as best actor. I don't know if they have a BSA catagory so I don't if he was nominated for BBM as well.

Not really important awards IMO, but it is annoying that Tobey and Natalie got nominations and not Jake who got the best reviews. I'm still pissed off at Lionsgate/Realtivity for dropping the ball bigtime with Brothers.

Thnakfully, Prince of Persia won't have thst problem.

suvee said...

chica, thanks for the background and clarification on the Saturn awards. As you can tell, I don't know much about them.

And yes, they do have a BSA category. What's wrong with these people?!?

Chica said...

Yes, I was just on and they have a BSA catagory! I don't get it? Is it because Jake's people haven't campaigned for him? I know that the Saturns are not the GG's, but something is wrong when he couldn't even snag a BSA.

Oh well, this year we have a lot to look forward to as Jake fans and Jake should be excited too!

Anonymous said...

Now even US Weekly is reporting that Reese is dating that agent. They say that she even spent a night at his house.

It's time to let her go Jake. You can do so much better.

Anonymous said...

According to that new US Weekly story, a source says Reese's new relationship is getting "hot and heavy" and Jake is supposedly devastated by it.

Anonymous said...

From what i've heard though this new guy, Jim Toth, is 39 years old, has never been married and is a BIG TIME player. Think worse than Ryan Phillippe. Somehow I doubt she is after him for his mind.

Maybe we all just misjudged Reese.

Tweety said...

The first behind the scen pic of Source code!:

Monica said...

Very funny. Jake wants to kill me laugh! Hahahahaha
Look at those legs, look ... I cann't speak.
Thank you for the video!

Thanks for all the other informations.

I hope that Duncan Jones make a great film, as well as Ang Lee did with Brokeback Mountain.

bobbyanna said...

"I hope that Duncan Jones make a great film, as well as Ang Lee did with Brokeback Mountain."

Very well said, monica! :)

He certainly has a good cast to work with.

Shondra said...

I watched that video 3 times and i still can't stop laughing, Jake is so funny!

I like the song too.

Disney knows how to properly promote a film, love the latest video.

Thanks for all the updates and info on SC and LOAD!

Monica said...

With all due respect, but it is very annoying to have to continue following the life of the Avon Lady here.

Sorry, the blog is not mine, but it's getting annoying, especially in a period of professional production of Jake. Something that has not happened since the year of BBM.

Extra said...

Maybe the anon. that is obsessed with who she is dating should start their own blog. Then they can quote steller sources like Us, and L&S to their hearts content because it's obvious they could care less about Jake's films.

Anonymous said...

For Extra: the story was about Jake as well, there's a pic of him and Chris at that basketball game. At the very least Reese wants people to think she's dating that agent. US Weekly would never report a story about Reese that wasn't a little bit true. They have sources close to her. They were the ones she gave the break up story to. I can't help but think of how hypocritcal Reese was attacking Ryan Phillippe and then goes out with a loser like Jim Toth. He isn't even a successful agent. He judges bikini contests and stuff. Seriously. That's who she is with now. I have no doubt he must be loving screwing an A-List celebrity. His friends must think he's a huge stud now.

I saw a photo of this Jim Toth guy and he was wearing a green John Deere hat on sideways. THE GUY IS 39 YEARS OLD! I don't know a single 39-year-old who wears a sideways baseball cap. Do you? Even Ryan Phillippe doesn't do that anymore, does he?

Dating someone like this definitely says A LOT about Reese. Her children, I doubt, are the ones she is thinking of when she dates a guy like this.

The worst part of it was that the editor of US Weekly seemed to be mocking Jake with the story. Suggesting that Jake too could get a rebound just by calling his agent.

Jake deserves so much better than this. Why would she do this to him? Intentionally humiliate like this? Because he wanted to get married and she didn't? Really? Really Reese?

long time lurker said...

I just got back from the US Weekly site to see what the fuss is about and, I don't know about the other stuff involving that agent, but the editor of US Weekly was definitely mocking Jake. It's the video on the front page. Check it out for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Reese isn't dating Toth or anyone else at the moment, but she wants people to think she is. Toth is safe because he isn't going to deny it like G. Butler did, you noticed how that story died.

Toth, a low rank agent at CAA is obviously doing Reese a favor, and why would Reese want people to think she is screwing around with a sleaze like Toth? Well it reminds me of a HS girl trying to get an ex-jealous.

It seems to me Us is mocking Reese as well with the dig on Jake dating an agent, it shows that they know the story is BS but will put it out there becasue that's what her reps want.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how much mocking..if she is dating an agent..they might think it was funny saying Jake should date his agent..etc. (Agents are female too).(Isn't his?)
If Reese was actually seeing someone - and in a staying a night with them - that would be a really quick getting with someone after a close to 3 year relationship.
I don't know why she would think that would look good.

Anonymous said...

Of course it doesn't look good, it's Kate Hudson territory which is why it's BS. Reesey isn't dating Toth.It's easier for someone like Toth to go along with the latest BS than another actor.

If she is trying to get Jake's attention since the texting/email thing didn't work according to Us, then this latest is really immature.

Her reps should focus on her up coming films like Water for Elephants than planting fake stories about her dating Toth.

UltraViolet said...

Enough with the know-it-all anons who don't know anything more than any of us.

We have no idea what is going on with Reese. More importantly, we don't know and probably never will, how Jake feels about any of this. Since we don't actually know anything, it's pointless to speculate.

UltraViolet said...

In even more unpleasant topics, grrrr at the Saturn Awards. Thankfully, no one gives a crap about them. But it definitely pisses me off that Natalie and Tobey were both nominated.

Well, at least the NYTimes saw fit to recognize Jake as one of the performers of the year.

The Vampire Weekend video is still hilarious. And it's still exploding all over twitter. It's fun to watch.

Carla said...

Jake is such a riot in the video - it is unbelievable. I really hope we will see him in a comedy again soon. Such a shame that "Nailed" had those financial problems.

Disney knows how to push a movie - since Jake will be working for the next two months and probably not been seen too often (are there paps in Montreal- but who needs paps if we have twitter.....) I hope they will release some little gems and updates on PoP from time to time.

BTW it looks like some woman called out on Duncan for his BBM statement. He wrote:
"Rachel_Schwartz hmm.... never thought I'd reach the day Brokeback jokes got old. Let me see if i have anything more recent... Full Monty?" Unfortunatly I am not able to see her comment because she has locked her account.

I am a bit sceptical about the IMDB poster and the LAOD review - usually the people attending the screenings are not allowed to make any statements and I doubt the film is completely finished yet.

There are so many exciting things happening in Jakes career at the moment, he is making headlines with his work and I couldn´t care less about some tabloid crap.

Sheba baby said...

I could look at that Vampire weekend video all day, loved when she hit Jake's ass with the tennis ball!!

He really has a great sense of humor, I hope we get to see Nailed and I can't wait for LAOD.

I'm a bit suspicious about the screening reviews too Carla, and so early.

So much is going on with Jake's career that I don't have time to follow the shitty tabloids, waste of my time.

I love all the stuff coming out for Prince of Persia, love the video!

Tweety said...

This tweet is from NY, looks like Jake is in NY while Jones flys to the UK for the Baftas:

leeson78: Back home after an awesome catch-up and Moroccan food mmmmm....Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal came in at some point...
20 minutes ago from web ·

Tweety said...

The benifit tomorrow with Natalie hosting?:

david_ninh: stalking Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman at the bookstore in the East Village made day...
13 minutes ago from web

bobbyanna said...

Tweety, "great minds, etc.!" LOL!
I saw those tweets and was just getting ready to post them.:) :)

I kind of thought if Jake didn't have any presenting duties, he would hang out in NYC. It's a pretty short flight from Montreal.

Tweety said...

I forgot about this event in NY tomorrow when i saw the first tweet!

Great minds, etc, ha, ha!!!

bobbyanna said...

They were probably at The Strand! One of my favorite places to hang out in the Village. Check out their website! I love real book stores!

Chica said...

I will be meeting friends in Manhattan tomorrow for brunch, hmmm..

I bet it was the Strand too Bobbyanna, one of the few places left where you can actually still buy books, not online from amazon!

Tweety said...

Lucky people in thr East Village!:

BellaRock: I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in the East Village. Yes ladys, he's just as gorgeous in the flesh, if not more so.
about 1 hour ago from web ·

UltraViolet said...

Hey, Tweety - thanks for finding those tweets among all of the VW video ones!

Carla, any word on Brothers coming out in Germany?

Also, Carla and sheba baby, I think there really was a screening. I've read about it in three different places. The question is whether that imdb review is from a "real" person or a plant.

We got advance reviews on Brothers, as you might remember. Actually, it would be fun to go back and read them again, having seen the movie.

Hi also to Josie, OONP, Extra, Chica, Bobbyanna, Sheba, get real, suvee and Monica. Hope I didn't miss anyone :)

UltraViolet said...

Oops, hi to you, too, Shondra!

A better look at the PoP action figures.

lawgoddess said...

Jake rocked my world with the Vampire Weekend video.

Great comic acting, and he looked like he was having fun.

Carla said...

"Carla, any word on Brothers coming out in Germany?"

No, and I think this ship has sailed.....:-(( Usually we are getting the opening dates around the same time as in the UK. I really don´t understand this - we have always small films in our arthouse cinemas and there is always an audience for those films. I am very disappointed - but now I have to wait for the DVD.

Funny thing is that we will get PoP at the 20th of may - one week before it starts in most other countries.....

"The question is whether that imdb review is from a "real" person or a plant."

Yes, I am sure the screening took place but I am sceptical on this review. (But I hope it is true....:-)

verdeblusm said...

Hello!I must say that Jake's classy behavior in the split circumstances and after, left me pleasantly stunned( matter who dumped who!...)
I dont want to judge anyone, but seeing Reese behavior,firmly make me believe that Jake did the Ronan say... "You say it best when you say(personnaly I could add "and do"..) nothing at all.."

Maybe I had also hoped in a reunion...but not today...

(As usually I hope my english is good enough to explain my thoughts...)
Many hugs...

ontd said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but this is just one more piece of evidence that the BS that Us weekly printed about Reese having concerns regarding Jake and her kids. This was part of a thread complaining about disappointing celeb encounters, one poster had a "bad" encounter with Jake in SC while he was filming Nailed, I left that out:


he was super nice when i saw him taking reese's son to karate once.

We know of other instances from twets/sightings as well, she trusted him with her kids.

Anonymous said...

The fact they were together as long as they were and that they lived together and had the kids around shows that Reese didn't mind Jake with the kids. Rem. the Halloween pictures if nothing else.
Every one has always commented about how great Jake is with kids. (Fincher talking about how wonderful he was with the kids in Zodiac) Kids love him so says Natalie.
Any talk about him not knowing what its like to be in that type of situation is ridiculous.
And probably would be the most hurtful thing to him.

ontd said...

And don't forget the kids on MV for the race with Jake and his Mom (although I think Reese was there ,just didn't participate in the race). Or that tweet where Jake had the kids out to dinner in L.A. when Reese was still filming in Philly. At the time I think Ryan was away filming, so she trusted him with the kids while both parents were filming and I assume the nanny trusted him as well.

We know that the tabloids make up crap, even with the PR's approval, but that part about him the kids pissed me off because we know otherwise.

Too bad the interns at the rags didn't see what we saw/read: the twic pic of them in Ojai, the tweets of him and the kids sans Reese, Jake and Reese visiting his family in PA while they were filming and Reese visiting Jake the 1st weekend in Nov. in Pitt. but according to the rags, they were apart for weeks and even months and broke up over the phone.

I know it's over but when i saw that i got pissed all over again about that "quote" about the kids.

Anonymous said...

I think of all the terrible things Reese did/has done/continues to do over the past two-three months, saying that Jake wouldn't make a good step-father (especially to say so in a rag like Us Weekly) was probably the lowest and most hurtful. It's probably the reason why Jake isn't talking to her.

bobbyanna said...

We don't know that Reese said any such thing. All we "know" is their publicists said they "parted amicably." Neither one of them has said anything! All the nonsense on gossip blogs and tabloids is complete speculation to keep a non-story alive. Period.

I am just mystified as to anyone who calls themselves a fan of Jake's, which is why most of us come here, would waste their time reading lies and speculation in trashy tabloids and then needing to find a way to discuss it here. Saying "I know it's over but..." and then talking about how angry you are. If it upsets you, don't read it. It's like chewing your food more than once!

Extra, I wholly endorse your idea. People who need to speculate, and repeat nasty gossip, and keep looking backwards instead of forwards, ought to start a blog where they can do that.

BAFTAS are on BBC America tonight at 8 PM...repeated at 10:30, for people who want to watch a On the Waterfront. Which has to be one of the most amazing acting performances ever. When people compare someone to Marlon Brando, this is what they mean.

Anonymous said...

Lots of things can be made up in the rags. I would hope that maybe that is one of the cases with the not a good step-father comment. Maybe Reese never said it.
I rem. in US at one point early on saying a comment from Ryan was he didn't want Jake around his kids. Then you hear Ryan saying on a radio show he thought Jake was a cool guy. He had no problem with him.
You will hear celebrities say they are quoted as saying this or that and they never said it.
I do wish Reese in some actual interview would be asked that question about the kids.

Anonymous said...

I think the bothersome thing is always that someone may read things and believe them when they aren't given the actual facts.
But things are too busy with what Jake has coming up that this stuff will blow over and we can continue enjoying his great performances.

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna sorry, I love you, honestly I do. I think you're one of the most sensible people here. But here's my problem with what you wrote. Reese, her friends and her publicist were the ones who gave that story to US Weekly. Remember that US were denying that they had broken up for two weeks after that first People story hit. Why? Because HER people were telling them to. Why? Because Jake was doing the press tour.

Then after the press tour ended, US got the real story. That story came directly from her. It was in that story where: 1) Jake was portrayed as 'putting pressure on Reese to marry, even though she didn't want to'; 2) him being immature and she felt (very condescendingly)that he didn't understand what such a long term relationship entailed due to the fact that he had been in only one previously (Kristen); 3) that she wasn't sure he was suitable to be a step-father to her children.

This came FROM THAT STORY, which came FROM HER!

Yes tabloids make up stuff. But sometimes they're right too. You just have to understand the inner dynamics of what is going on in order to decipher the real from the BS.

That story came from her, I'm sure of that. Just as i'm sure that Reese is now prancing around this Jim Toth loser like she actually won the lottery or something. Nevermind that he makes Ryan Phillippe look like the biggest catch of all time.

The Life and Style people probably got wind that US Weekly was onto the story so they put it out first. They probably had two or three bits of information from US and made up the rest.

But that doesn't mean that these things aren't true ultimately, and aren't coming from her.

I think it makes me every bit of a Jake fan to talk about things like this because, obviously, they involve Jake. These are things being said ABOUT JAKE! The person i'm a fan of.

Anonymous said...

Also this has been a sight where it was very pro Jake-Reese and so much of the talk (and pictures) have been about them.
If that all did come from her or her "pr" then the past 3 years where she lived with him and her kids were very much a part of his life why didn't she get out after the first year or so..maybe even 6 months. If she felt he couldn't be a good step-dad and the kids were the most important things in her life she would of known that early on.

Anonymous said...

It's been a "site" too...ha.

Anonymous said...

Back again - but maybe all this coming from "her side" is possibly because it was a saving-face thing?
Possibly it was Jake who decided this relationship wasn't going anywhere and there was no reason to keep it going.

Anonymous said...

IMO Jake probably finished with Reese and that is why she is acting the way she is.

Back to lurking.

Anonymous said...

IMO Jake probably finished with Reese and that is why she is acting the way she is.

Back to lurking.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry I didn't see you last comment Annie and sorry for the double post.

Original anon said...


Honestly, that's what makes me so furious about Reese and this whole situation. She says she is doing this for her children's best interest and then starts dating a sleazeball like Jim Toth. WHAT THE MOTHER F$%^?

I can only shake my head in dismay at that. Honestly. It's that obvious contradiction which is why everyone is having such a fit today IMO.

I agree with the poster above. If it's in Us Weekly, it's because Reese wants it there. I can see L&S making up such a story, not Us Weekly.

Us Weekly at least tries to get its stories right, since they're always calling out other magazines for making stuff up. It's just that sometimes they have bad sources and obviously there's a lower threshold for journalistic ethics when it comes celebrity mags automatically. They definitely have good Reese Witherspoon sources though, I think everyone will agree with that.

bobbyanna said...

This isn't my blog. I have no say on whether this is the right place for some of these "R/J tabloid" posts.I can't tell people how to feel,or what to read,or what to believe. But I can state my opnion.:I find the constant discussion and preoccupation circular, exhausting, small-minded, and pointless...Period.

Narcissa said...

Although I don't post here much nowadays, I drop in and read quite often. And I agree with bobbyanna - I don't want to read this stuff about Reese. Just go and start your own blog Anon-talking-to-herself.

This is a Jake blog and we have plenty to talk about with his career, seeing him hanging out with friends, etc.

debbie said...

I agree, too. I know sometimes it's impossible to ignore,and we all like to talk about it when it is happening, but it seems like certain people get preoccupied with it, and it gets very boring, since really there isn't anything new. There is too much other stuff, great stuff going on for Jake right now, and since they have been broken up for a while now, it is old news. I also agree the tabloids like to create stories to seel magazines. I only go by the pictures, and even then you can't trust any of them.

Tweety said...

Bravo Extra, Bobbyanna and Narcissa.

I really could care less who the tabloids claim Reese is dating this week, she isn't dating Jake anymore so why are people posting about it here? A blog devoted to that subject like Extra suggested or post on a Reese site. It's like when he broke up with Kiki and people kept posting stuff about them on Jake blogs even though they were over.

There are far more interesting things going on with Jake, I rather focus on that.

Carla i'm really surprised that there isn't a Brothers date in Germany yet, how disappointing.

From twitter:

BeanStump: ...And Jake Gyllenhal has just walked in....and I'm serious
about 2 hours ago from OpenBeak

Anonymous said...

A Jake blog that had a lot of Reese on it for the last almost 3 years.
If this came up on other Jake sites that have not had overall that much about them as a couple then it would seem very out of place.
As whoever said being a fan of Jake includes the things that happen in his life and this was certainly one that was prominent on this blog for quite a while.
As time goes on tho and if they stop the silly kids comments and she goes off to make a movie and ends up with whatever person and we will continue to see Jake and his new movies and his friends and someday maybe someone "new" (the mags. live for couples tho as if that's the only thing people are interested in reading about - their second "living for" thing is to announce the break-up of said couples) if that is going to be (and again, he has always talked about finding that "someone" and having a family) & possibly Reese will hardly be mentioned again.
Meanwhile hope we will be seeing some nice pictures from the Charity get-together he will be at & maybe some nice pictures with a good and true friend Natalie.

suvee said...

If we are debating the value in following the tabloid's accounts of J & R's break-up, then I agree...... it's a waste of time. They may stumble across a grain of truth occasionally, but they will never know the real story.

But I will admit, my interest in Jake extends beyond just the professional actor. His private life is none of my business, I know....... but I enjoy the glimpses we get into who he is as a person. And that does include his friends, romances, and family.

Anonymous said...

IHJ and WDW devoted a lot of time to J&R as well, WDW even posted those silly pics of Jake and Reese taken from behind in Philly, and WDW posted that twicpic of J&R in Ojai when they were not aware of being photographed.

Neither IHJ nor this blog posted those pics. If WDW and IHJ aren't discussing the latest rag crap then GB can ignore it too.

This is a Jake blog, always was,and the only reason why GB and the sites I mentioned above posted a lot of J&R pics is because he had no movies out for 2 years and there was nothing else to post, also IMO he seemed happy with her so it made me happy for him as a fan.

It's over now and time to move on.

UltraViolet said...

Anon, 12:14, I say this with all the respect you deserve, no one cares what you think of this site or of bobbyanna or any of us. You know what might make us care: picking a name, sticking with that name and posting about something other than Reese's excellent tabloid adventures.

Until you do that, just shut the fuck up about Reese and this blog.

Yes, we talked about Reese when Jake was with her. Even when they were together, we did not take anything Us or other places said as fact. We liked it when they had pictures. We like pictures of Jake.

When they were together, Us wasn't reliable. They aren't reliable now. Just last week, Us had Reese regretting the break up. Next week, they'll have her married. Who Cares? Unless and until she and Jake get back together or are seen together, whatever Us speculates about is whatever Us wants the story to be.

As suvee said, we're not pretending we don't care about Jake's private life. But we're also not here to speculate endlessly about what is happening in Reese's life. Jake has moved on. So have we. If you can't, then stop posting here.

UltraViolet said...

That goes for all the other anons who run in here to discuss the latest story. Just stop. Go post your silly comments on JustJared or whatever sites post the stories.

Thanks for the Jake tweet, tweety. Hopefully we'll get some pics today.

Anonymous said...

I go to this site because it's about Jake and it's friendly toward Jake. He cared about Reese.
Just as his friends and comments about when he's making a movie by the people also making the movie have always been of interest.
I haven't been esp. disturbed by the break-up other than the slant put on Jake and whatever Reese does with her life I actually haven't paid that much attention.
We are coming to the end of this and it's sort of a last gasp I think. Before long there will be very little mention of her if any at all.
I would never think to put anything on Just Jared or any of the "entertainment sites" because they draw "haters". I've never thought this was one of those sites tho now and then a "troll" will appear. I don't think most of the anon's are doing anything but just getting their feelings out. To be hit with language and a get-out doesn't seem to fit what they are doing.
As said soon this part will be over and we'll go on to whatever is next.

Carla said...

Some good news:

Jim Sheridan won "Best Director" at the Irish Film and Television Awardsfor "Brothers".

Duncan Jones just won the BAFTA for Outstanding British Film Debut for "Moon". Go Duncan!

Congratulations to both!

UltraViolet said...

Yes, it was rude language. But polite requests and admonitions haven't worked. If peple don't want to go to other placed to post about this crap then you'll have to start your own blog.

Contrary to hater blog BS, this is not and has never been a Jake and Reese blog. It is a Jake blog. The focus is not whom Jake sleeps with or whom we want him to sleep with or whom he used to sleep with. People who can't figure that out can go elsewhere.

Annie, you're welcome to stay if you want but please stop posting about and focusing on Reese.

UltraViolet said...

Oh thanks for the update, Carla. Congrats to both.

Anonymous said...

Revising history doesn't change the fact that this blog and it's many posters believed every good story about Reese and Jake's relationship and followed their every move. Now the stories are "unreliable" and tabloid talk is banned.

No wonder only four people actually post on this blog UV. You literally can't stand anything posted that you don't agree with. I'm shocked you turned off moderated comments.

This is the first post I've made today but you won't need to worry about me causing you future trouble. I'm gone. I won't be here again. And by the way I had a name and I stuck to it. But I'd rather remain anonymous now thanks.

Anonymous said...

Never thought of my post as being esp. about Reese. I'm not a Reese fan who came to this sight because she was with Jake.
I'm a Jake fan.

Paula said...

Reese has a blog/site doesn't she? It seems that the anon. posters are upset that they broke-up. It's been 2 months, get over it.

Congratulations Duncan Jones! The Bafta'a will air here in the US on BBC-America tonight, 8:00 est.

Hope we get pics of Jake and Natalie at the charity benefit tonight.

Jake has such great comic timing, I love that video! I like the song too, kinda catchy.

Thanks for the latest Prince of Persia, video!

Paula said...

I forgot to congratulate Jim Sheridan for his winn too!

bobbyanna said...

"As suvee said, we're not pretending we don't care about Jake's private life. But we're also not here to speculate endlessly about what is happening in Reese's life. Jake has moved on. So have we. "

Thanks suvee and UV for clarifying.

Holy Crap!!! BAFTAs pulled a major upset!!! Or three!! I won't spoil it, but if you can, try getting BBC America at 8 P.M.

UltraViolet said...

Oh formerly named anon 3:55, showing your true colors at last. Don't let the blog door hit you ass too hard on the way out. Or on your inevitavble return.

The five of us here sure will miss you!

get real said...

Thank you, UV, Suvee, Bobbyanna and all the named posters who commented and put the bs gossip and the anons who keep posting the crap in perspective. You make this place one of best Jake blogs out there.

Yay, Jake is in NYC!! :D Hope we see some pics, either with Natalie and at charity event.

Can't wait for the BAFTA's! Bobbyanna, I just read about the is all I will say! :) So glad my cable system has BBCAmerica so I can watch it tonight.

So great to read good reviews for LAOD.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, feel free to post about them, If you don't want BAFTA spoilers, look away!

I haven't really been paying attention, so I don't know what was tipped to win. You know, I didn't care since Reese wasn't involved ;)

Tweety said...

I know what the Bafta upsets are!

I hope Jake and Maggie are on their way to the charity event!:

biffbourgeois: Maggie and Jake Gyllenhall are hanging out with The Edge at Chelsea Market. @FrancesKM and I saw.
31 minutes ago from Twitterrific ·

Tweety said...

PS: I assume The Edge = U-2!

bobbyanna said...

I just can't give away everything, so I'll just say I am delighted for Kathryn Bigelow! :)

Chica said...

Yay for Bigelow! I took a peep at the list when I got home, I'll keep mum!

Looks like Jake was at the Chelsea market not too long ago. I was in Manhattan earlier with friends for brunch. We were in the Tribeca area and no Jake sightings! I never gee him when he is in NY, sigh.

Tweety said...

Natalie has arrived so far:

vfagenda: Tom's co-host Natalie Portman just walked in. She and the chef are pow wowing in the Tap Room at Colicchio & Sons

suvee said...

It's taken me this long to decide how I feel about that NY Times photo of Jake and Tobey. As others have said, it's a very flattering photo of Tobey. And I am very drawn in by Jake's expression...... it's intense and compelling. I like that.

But there's a Lyle Lovett thing going on with this particular pic of Jake that I can't get past. It's a totally superficial resemblance of course...... long thin face, big shock of dark hair, but I can't get that out of my head. So.... not my favorite Jake photo. :)

I really hope we get some pictures from the NYC event tonight!

And a big congratulations to Kathryn Bigelow. A well deserved award for a great movie! (I'm still in mourning for Jeremy Renner's cancelled tv series, The Unusuals.)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love b&w photography and the NY Times photo of Jake and Tobey is very intense and artsy, they both look good IMO. But I can see what you are saying with Jake Suvee, it almost looks like they were trying to make Jake look un-Jake like if that makes any sense.

How exciting for Bigelow, congratulations!

I have my fingers crossed for pics from the charity event tonight.

Tweety said...

kkrader: At hungry in America project at colicchio & sons. Natalie portman beautiful & nice speech. Ps Jake gyllenhal is adorable
less than 20 seconds ago from

carrieFN: Jake gyllenhal 2 ft away right now.. Jannie was just standing next to natalie portman and didn't know it.. @ the feed event @ colicchio rest
7 minutes ago from web

Tweety said...

Tweets from the event so far:

Photographer just snapped (left to right) Natalie, Jake, Lauren, Lauren's FEED USA tote.
21 minutes ago from Twitterrific

Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie are inside by the open grill. (And yes, they are just as beautiful as you'd hope they'd be.)
29 minutes ago from Twitterrific


Monica said...

Natalie is so adorable and beautiful.
Duncan Jones and Bafta:
Getty Images

Extra said...

Can't stay away can't you?

Natalie is pretty Monica, can't wait to see the pics from this event.

Congrats to K. Bigelow on her Bafta win!

Tweety said...

vfagenda: Jake's on his way out, black SUV and flashing lights outside for him...

less than 20 seconds ago from Twitterrific New besties: Tom Colicchio, Jake Gyllenhaal, David Lauren.
2 minutes ago from Twitterrific

UltraViolet said...

Too bad the Vanity Fair twit didn't post a Jake pic. But we should get some at some point.

LOL, Extra - you nailed it :)

I agree, suvee. The NYT pic isn't my fave of Jake's. But it still made me gasp a little when I saw it in the magazine this morning.

UltraViolet said...

Wow, you wouldn't have thought anything could be worse than Mickey Rourke's appearance and presentation. Then came Carey Mulligan's dress!

Also, I don't buy her shtick about not thinking she'd win. She should definitely have been prepared. Loved Colin Firth, however.

sara said...

she hasnt won any other awards so why would she think she was going to win?

mary said...

i ahvent posted for a couple days as i have been working but i agree with bobbyanna,uv, survee all this speculation about reese and the tabloids i was getting pretty tired of it hope it stops soon this is a jake site to talk about about him and his movies and hearing what he has been doing now that he and reese have split she really doesnt have anything to do with jake anymore so why talk about her so there i have said what i think about all this riduculous speclationthose anons have been doing they just keep rehashing the d\same thing all over again so lets just concentrate on all things jake :)

Anonymous said...

In non-Reese related news...

According to People Magazine, Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish have split up.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Mary! And Sara, Carey should have been better prepared because these are the BAFTAs, and they like to honor their own.

New pictures, new post :)