Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jake talks up Peter

A variety of new Jake Gyllenhaal photos today. He arrived in Montreal, presumably to begin work on Source Code:

We also got a glimpse of beautiful black and white Jake in a video done for the New York Times, discussing the performances of the decade. Jake chooses Peter Sarsgaard and jokingly discusses his work in An Education.

Sandra Bullock, Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges, plus a few more, also offer their choices on the video.

Stephanie uploaded these photos, taken on the KABC soundstage in L.A., where Jake a press junket for Prince of Persia was held. They apparently recreated some PoP sets. Should be fun to see those interviews!


sass said...

Lucky me! I get to watch Jake's video and read the article.
Thanks so much :)

UltraViolet said...

Aww, you're always welcome, Sass! Enjoy :) Jake looks great.

I'd like to hear his "real" answer sometime.

Extra said...

Thanks! What intersesting choices. Freeman is a Streep fanboy and Jeff chose Mike White in Chuck and Buck! Loved that Jake chose Peter in An Education, he was good in it. He called himself a kissass for picking Peter, LOL!

I wouldn't call it one of the best performances of the decade though., come on Jake spill!

Love the b&w stills, and the interview from Mike Newell in the precvious post, thanks for posting!

He's in Montreal earlier than I thought for SC.

bobbyanna said...

I'd like to hear his "real" answer,too, UV. To be fair, it require some thought,because there were some incredible performances! I have to agree with Clooney about Marion Cotillard. I've seen some incredible work, but that one stands alone. As for guys,I think of Heath in BBM, or Sean Penn in Milk,or Mystic River, or Leo De Caprio in Revolutionary Road, and the list keeps growing! LOL!
Jake's more than capable of delivering a "performance of the decade" too.

Thanks for the video link monica!
With the BAFTAS and the Oscars coming up so soon, I'm guessing SC will take a break.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of things that have to be done before actual shooting starts on a movie. Jake might need fittings, still photos, lighting tests, time with make-up and wardrobe,and even rehearsals. Maybe talking with the director on about the character,or the story; script changes, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear his real answer one day too. While I'm sure Peter is wonderful, my performances of the decade are two, and possibly three. Two involving Heath Ledger, and one involving Jake. :)

I did think La Vie en Rose was right up there with all of the best, and I liked Christoph Waltz' answer too.

Jake looks great in b&w. :)

Monica said...

I'd like to hear his "real" answer sometime.
Me too.

My favorite performances are: Heath Ledger as Joker, Heath Ledger as Ennis Del Mar, Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack Twist, Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf.

I always believed in the potential of Heath as Joker, but he surpassed all my expectations.

Anonymous said...

Yes, did he ever. :)

I wasn't sure at first - but I'm a believer now.

get real said...

Ahh, Jake is looking so sexy! He tends to look really good when traveling, imo. :p

Great video of all thse actors talking about their favorite roles and I agree with most of them. Jake of course was wonderful, sexy and funny doing his bit....sigh. :)

So thrilled that Jake will be working with Jeffrey Wright and Vera Farmiga because both are fantastic actors. Jake sure has/is working with the best in his career!

Chica said...

Hi Sass!

I would like to hear Jake's real as well! I agree with Clooney on Marion, one of the best performances by an actress, definately the best of the decade.

Liked Firth's choice of Kevin Kevin Bacon in Woodsman, an incredible performance in a little seen film.

Heath as the Joker is on my list as well as Ennis, and Jake as Jack Twist are some of my favorites of the decade.

I hope Jake gets some time of for the Oscars!

bobbyanna said...

Jake's an amazing actor! He's given some memorable performances, & some of his movies are classics.

I loved Jack Twist, Swoff, Donnie, Douglas, Homer and Tommy Cahill. Jake's been in some of my all time favorite movies.

He deserves every bit of recognition he gets - and conspicuously doesn't get - I just don't think he's given a "performance of the decade"...yet. I know he will, tho. Definitely. And very soon, too.

Yay!!!Jeffery Wright's in SC, too!
Kevin Bacon's often overlooked. I remember a movie he made with Gary Oldman & Christian Slater, about Alcatraz that was really powerful.

Sag actor said...

I have a hard time coming up with a performance of the decade. A lot of great and memorable performances but for the whole decade? That's tough, I will have to think bout it.

Jake had had some great performances: DD, BBM, Jarhead and Brothers are some of my favs but he isn't there yet, but will be.

Jeffrey Wright has joined SC, YES!

PS: What was up with S. Bullock's wig!!??

suvee said...

It's probably because I'm in a grumpy mood today, but I was a bit disappointed in Jake's answer for the Best Performance of the Decade video. It came across as glib and cavalier.

But I will admit, there's no way I could single out just one performance as The Best. I really would like to hear his real answer though.

Thanks so much for the Mike Newell interview. I did notice that he said he "convinced" Jerry B. to go with Jake as Dastan. Interesting, 'cause I remember an early PoP interview last year with Jerry B. where he goes on about how long he had wanted to work with Jake, and how lucky they were that Jake was interested in PoP, blah, blah, blah. Almost sounds like 2 different stories.

Chica said...

Suvee, as I already commented as well as others I wish he would have given a real answer like the rest. I know that it's hard to pick, but the rest did manage to come up with a performance that they thought was the best.

OT kind of: Bang the Drum slowly is on TCM right now. I think that De Niro gives one of his best performances in this film (not the decade though, IMO it's a toss up between Godfather II and Taxi driver) but what a great performance and one of the all-time tear-jerkers!

And right in time for the start of spring training, the Mets pitchers and catchers are reporting tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jake couldn't answer the question so he made a joke out of it. Maybe it's a defense mechanism.
Because maybe his answer would be Heath Ledger...twice.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It would have been interesting to hear Jake's real answer, maybe we will someday.

It is a tough question to answer, I agree with George Clooney and Marion Cotillard but Mike White's performance in Chuck and Buck was creepy, good but no the best of the decade, sorry Jeff!

Had no idea that Wright joined the cast of Source code, what great news!

He looks good heading of to Montreal, I hope he bundles up!

Monica said...

^^I was thinking about it, anon 8:38.

Prince of Persia Movie Preview

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Disney sets two ShoWest screenings

Disney has set two big screenings for ShoWest 2010: "Toy Story 3" and "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time."

The Pixar sequel will be screened March 16; the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced "Persia" will be shown March 18, the final day of the four-day exhibition confab in Las Vegas.

"The opportunity to showcase the story of 'Prince of Persia' and the beloved characters of 'Toy Story 3' in front of the important professionals of the motion picture industry and owners of theaters demonstrates the significance of this audience to forthcoming blockbusters," ShoWest managing director Robert Sunshine said.

An adventure fantasy starring Jake Gyllenhaal, "Persia" is set for theatrical release May 28. "Toy Story 3" -- the animated franchise's first 3D installment -- opens nationwide June 18.

suvee said...

Sorry, but I must be a little dense. For the life of me, I don't understand Anon 8:38's comment.

Why "couldn't" Jake answer the question if his choice for best performance was Heath?

Monica said...

I think he was referring to the fact that Jake never say anything about Heath (since death). Maybe Jake's favorite performance is some of Heath, but he avoided talking.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jake's choice of Peter for An education wasn't his "real" answer, but it was better than Sam Worthington's choice: Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor, I sure the hell hope that wasn't his "real: answer!

Anonymous said...

^^ I didn't know about Jeff Bridges' answer either. :)

Anonymous said...

It's all very subjective who the stars picked. I wouldn't discount Jeff Bridges response because, well, that's his pick. Same with Sam Worthington. Who are we to tell them their choices stink?

bobbyanna said...

As I think about it more, maybe it's a silly question because it's so subjective. Best and favorite aren't the same thing.

Lots of artists don't like to "rank" performances. Everyone reacts to a performance differently. It's subjective. Kind of like asking, "Who's better, Michelangelo's David, or Rodin's Thinker?" You can talk about who you like best,your favorite, but that doesn't mean it's "the best."

Maybe the whole underlying point of the video, was there is no "Best."... or something.:)

UltraViolet said...

Good way of looking at it, Bobbyanna!

Sam Worthington hasn't impressed me in anything I've seen him in - he is like a block of wood.

I'd like to know Jake's "real" answer just because I'm curious. I didn't mind him adding some levity to what, as bobbyanna pointed out, is a subjective question. And something that could bring out a little pretension, cough Julianne Moore, cough. (I like Julianne, I do!)

Contrary to popular critical belief, I don't think you can say Heath as Ennis was the performance of the decade without saying that Jake as Jack was, as well. Jake's BBM performance was equal to, if not superior to Heath's, IMO.

UltraViolet said...

Great news about Jeffrey Wright - I really like him.

And I guess we'll have some impressions of PoP come March 18. I assume someone will leak something about it. I can't wait!

UltraViolet said...

New post :)