Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back in The City

Update: Two more:

Looks as if Jake Gyllenhaal is back in New York City, doing a photo shoot for GQ Magazine.

Nice to see you, Jake!

From twitter:

Celebrity spotting #2: Jake Gyllenhaal in Katz's Deli with a camera crew (photography). Very handsome in person. Quite nice to all the peeps

Another fan photo:

And a couple more:

And another:

Some new publicity stills for Prince of Persia:

We also got another report from last week's Love and Other Drugs screening, via Hollywood Elsewhere:

"It's pretty ambitious story about the mid '90s Viagra boom and selling pharmaceuticals for Phizer. Hathaway, Hank Azaria. Oliver Platt plays Gyllenhaal's mentor, and it's probably the best role he's ever had, and perhaps his best performance. He teaches Gyllenhaal the ropes, and he has a really great speech toward the end. The story line, which is basically about Gylenhaal becoming a pharma salesman, is fairly complex. George Segal and Jill Clayburgh play his parents. Josh Gad is the fat younger brother -- the Jonah Hill character.

"Gyllenhaal and Hathaway's love affair is the main thing. Hathaway's Maggie is coping with stage one of Parkinson's -- a very intense and interesting charatcer, well versed in her sickness. And Jake is trying to sell Viagra, and they meet and are attracted and end up having an affair.

"The script take pains to paint the Gyllenhaal character a rake, a ladies' man. Zwick doesn't do that good a job in some respects. There's a lot of bullshit Eloi humor and basically shitty schtick. Mostly about the younger brother being a fat-ass. There's some lame orgy in the middle of it with Jakes accidentally overdosing on Viagra...girls at a party make him swallow too much of it, and he won't go down, resulting in priapism.

"The most exciting part of the film is their relationship. A lot of nudity, a lot of really well done lovemaking stuff, and some of it that isn't so good. It's hard to explain. But Hathaway really knocks it out of the park...she's amazing, wonderful. Gyllenhaal is not as impressive, in my view. He's good in this but he can be a cypher. He's got a pretty narrow range. His character is a really smart guy with no drive...he could have been a doctor but he didn't do it. He's a good salesman but also a ladies' man. But Hathaway dominates.

"So the relationship part is good, the pharmacetical stuff is good. And like I said, Platt has a great speech at the end.

Not the greatest review for Jake, but it sounds like the reviewer isn't a Jake fan.

(PoP stills courtesy of IHJ; NYC photo from Tweet Photo.)


get real said...

WHAT, Jake is on the LES (Lower East Side of Manhattan, fyi)!!!

SQUEE!!!! Is all I to say!! :D

I will have to be on the lookout! :D :D

As far as the review at HE, I am sorry but I reviewers tend to underrate Jake and Jeff Wells is one of them, imo. I know he didn't write the review but it does not, sadly, surprise me that one of his sources gave that kind of review.

I am happy for Anne Hathaway though.

mary said...

thanks UV for all the news and photos guess jake will have a beard for source code or at least for part of it anxous now to see the gq shoot wonder when it will be out

Anonymous said...

LaOD sounds good, but I think Anne's Maggie would probably despise Jake's character (at first!). I'm looking forward to how their romance turns out. Should be fun! :)

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to LaOD and how about this Lucky Lady

Tweety said...

Jake is looking good there, here is a fan pic from today:

I love the 1st and 3rd new stills from Pop!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I'm loving the pic of Tamina and Dastan in the pool. :)

UltraViolet said...

Get real, get going out there with your camera :)

I agree with you on Wells and his friend. I assume the reviewer has the same skewed view of Jake that Wells does. Still sounds like some good stuff to look forward to, especially the "good lovemaking" :)

Mary, you're welcome. Just added another fan photo.

Yup, anon, I think this is one of those hate-love relationships. Looking forward to it.

Chica said...

He's back in NY! I have a feeling though that it's just for the weekend for the shoot. Filming for SC starts on Monday.

Jeff seems to run hot and cold regarding Jake, or if I remember correctly. He was pushing Jake for BSA for Zodiac.

bobbyanna said...

Maybe this'll sound silly, but I've never seen Jake not be really good in a movie. I've seen some movies that weren't so good,(a couple are crap, in fact) and I've certainly watched scenes that didn't "work" as well as they might have, but Jake knows what he's doing, and he does it extremely well.

I agree, the reviewer isn't a Jake fan. (Personally, tho, the "orgy" scene, with the Viagra OD, sounds silly. Maybe they'll shorten it...a lot.)

I hate it when a reviewer is dismissive or marginalizes Jake. I agree, UV, I don't want those kinds of impulses to gain any traction. They're definitely very subjective.

Love knowing he's doing a photoshoot for a magazine! Probably the May GQ!

UltraViolet said...

Added a couple more fan pics. The twitterer at first said she met Tobey Maguire. So either Tobey was there, too, or she did the classic mix-up.

Chica said...

Damn, there are tweets of Jake in Times Square! Get real, you are a lot closer than me!!!

Monica said...

LAOD sounds to be a great movie. I think Jake is wonderful in the film.

Thanks for all updates.

On Tuesday afternoon, I had problems with my gastritis that made me go to the hospital.
Again I felt an unbearable pain.

Narcissa said...

How the hell could anybody mistake Jake and Tobey Maguire?????

Anonymous said...

it may be a kind of - i'm a guy and not a Jake fan - type of thing. Even if they thought he was good they might not want to admit it.

bobbyanna said...

" beth13413: Just saw Jake Gyllenhall in Times Square. Mob scene. But he is a good looking man!! "

Seems like Jake's gettin' a lot of love! :)

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, guys, I didn't realize comment moderation was on. Felt like I was talking to myself there :)

I posted some of the other fan pics in the original post - thanks for linking.

Might be silly, but I agree, Bobbyanna. I've enjoyed all of Jake's performances and do not think in any way that he's a cypher.

Monica, hope you will feel better! The news on LaOd is very promising.

Anonymous said...

It could be funny if done right, I think. That Viagra warning always makes people smile. One of my mom's friends always says "For erections lasting longer than four hours . . . give her a call." LOL!!!! It's funny because she's an older woman, but a hell-raiser in her day, I hear. Silly, but I laugh every time. :)

The love scenes sound wonderful with Jake and Anne too.

mary said...

glad to see jake is having a good time i image jake will be doing alot more photo shoots to promote pop cant wait:)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Love all the tweets and pictures, I can imagine Jake causing a riot in Times square!

What lucky fans that got to meet Jake today during his GQ photoshoot.

I can't think of any role that Jake played that I didn't like, I even warmed to Bubble boy! I'm still annoyed at Wells for not giving his review for Brothers after promoting the film all year on his blog.

I'm glad that LAOD is getting such good reviews so far from the screeners and i'm happy for Anne she has turned into a wonderful actress.

bobbyanna said...

From the first moment he stepped out here, with Homer Hickam in October Sky, Jake set the bar very high, and he's never once disappointed me. IMO, he has tremendous respect for his work, and for all the people who share the experience. Jeff Wells is an old poop!

(((Monica))), I am so sorry you are not well. I hope you are feeling better.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, Jeff Wells can suck a fuck! Hee.

Posted two more twit photos, really great ones. This twitterer says she and her friends are going to be in GQ with Jake, and I do hope they use some of these shots. The mob scene looks amazing.

Gemma has some magazine spreads of her own. I think she looks great in Glamour.

mary said...

according to that twitter person its the april edition of GQ magazine jake will be in i wonder if hell be on the cover i hope so

Anonymous said...

People don't reach a certain age and suddenly become less-human and have less-feelings than they did when they were younger. For young people when they get older they will find out how surprised they will be that they will feel, inside, pretty much as they always have. So no age is immune to thinking others are attractive or can make jokes....
What people find attractive in their youth pretty much stays that way.

brothers spy said...

I've actually always gotten the impression that Jeffrey Wells likes Jake. I think he was disappointed with some of his film choices, but generally I think he likes him.

I think he was just conveying what someone had told him about the screening. The person from the screening didn't seem like much of a Jake fan, but even then he wasn't that negative. He just said that Jake wasn't as good as Anne, whom he had been raving about.

Sheba baby said...

Sounds like the GQ photoshoot in NYC yesterday was chaos, can't wait for the issue to hit the stands in April!

Love all the fan twicpics, he looks like he was having a great time.

That photo of Jake and Gemma standing in the water is so serene, romantic.

Regarding the early reviews of LAOD, it seems like people are saying that they are more impressed with Anne and Jake is just Ok. It is frustrating to read that, and it has happened a lot throughout his career so far.

brothers spy said...

sheba, I think only one person said that. A second review actually praised Jake.

Also you guys have to realize that the film was unfinished. The reviewer said that some things worked well, while other things didn't.

Personally I think these guys are just dazzled by all the nudity by Anne Hathaway (if these reports are to be believed). Don't try to see too much into this, just yet.

These are test screenings after all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are very right Anon. 12:20 I had to smile because my friends comment was so astute and clever. :) I love the photo of Dastan and Tamina standing in the water as well.

Anonymous said...

And we could be hearing from people who are just big Anne fans and that's the main thing for them.
Jake has never been just "o.k." in a movie. He has always been good and I can't imagine he doesn't make a good impression in this movie.

Anonymous said...

Jake is considered as one of the best if not the best actor of his generation. How many actors in his age range have had the top-quality movies he has been in.
Now and then someone isn't going to be a fan (and early on you probably will hear more from the Anne fans. They may think others in the movie are good but no one will outshine Anne even if Jake was equal to her..or the other way around) but Jake isn't taken lightly as an actor by most critics.

UltraViolet said...

We know these are test screenings of an unfinished film. Hence the earlier discussion of what might change in the final version.

As for Wells, if he's a Jake fan, he hides it well. He said some very uncomplimentary things about Jake before starting Hollywood Elsewhere. And since I've been reading HE, he's been mostly ambivalent about Jake, tending toward negative.

Of course, equivocation is one of the things Wells does best, so he could go back and forth on Jake. But I haven't seen it.

It is frustrating to read that, and it has happened a lot throughout his career so far.

More frustrating, sheba baby, is that it didn't happen early on. Ironically, Jake was more of the main player in movies before he hit it big. And he was generally praised.

It's happened mostly post-BBM. It was an unwarranted criticism then. I'll spare you my conspiracy theory on why it's happened since then. But I'd love to see an end to it.

brothers spy said...

Honestly UV, I just think you're overly sensitive when it comes to criticism about Jake. He doesn't get criticized any more than any other A-list celebrity in my judgement. The only difference is that he's a bigger star now, thus attracting more attention more generally, including critical attention.

mary said...

Uv we all need to be over protective about jake at times no matter what is said about jake we will always love and support him

mary said...

meant to say we tend to get over protective of jake:)

UltraViolet said...

We can't pretend that Jake hasn't been under this criticism. Last month's Empire Magazine cited the trend of Jake's recent co-stars outshining him.

It's not something that keeps me up at night or something that I agree with, but it's also not something I'm making up.

get real said...

Jake in Times Square....looking sexy as ever and taking pics with fans!!!! Eeee, wish I knew I would have checked it out! But it seemed like a great time and I can't wait to see it all in GQ.

I can't wait to see LAOD. Personally, I agree with UV and I think I can be objective about Jake. I don't have a problem with criticism of Jake, however, I think reviewers like Wells and the reviews he posts have been unfairly harsh or dismissive of Jake's work.

I can't wait to see it for myself because it sounds like Jake has some excellent scenes. An orgy, with Jake....YES. I love the chemistry with him and Anne and I am sure it will be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Jake has been "in the business" his whole life in the fact he grew up with parents who were. He knows the ups and downs of what goes on.
He has a career for as long as he wants.
There are always going to be critics who do not like certain actors. There are successful actors who have had long careers despite the fact they have gotten luke-warm or bad reviews from certain critics.
But overall Jake is going to continue to get good reviews because he's a great actor.
He has been good from the beginning and not like something 4 movies on he suddenly gives a "break out" performance that makes everyone notice him 7 say - hey he can act. He's always done that so sometimes he might just be "taken for granted".

sass said...

Morning babblers,
Wonderful pics of gorgeous Jake:) I'll skip parts of Well"s *one of my sources* review for now and drool over Jake's pics.
Mr. Wells was practically apoplectic when Jake mentioned his grueling work schedule on Zodiac. Arrr. He couldn't stop mentioning it in his columns and nor could he stop taking about how affronted HE was by Jake's remarks. *WHY SO SERIOUS* is all I can say now looking back at the fuss he made, about nothing. I owe Heath for that phrase.
I was overjoyed some reviewers appreciated Jake's work and I'm sure more people will love it as it makes the rounds.
If Anne is better in this movie than she was in "Rachel Getting Married" she's on her way.
love you all,

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the back-up, get real!

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean Wells isn't out to get Jake! ;)

From Facebook:

with Jake Gyllenhaal for GQ magazine at my club Spin. 8pm A little table tennis. 10pm challenged by Jon Lewis of Atlantic records, 11pm Brooklyn with Jon to hear a band play. 12am back to Manhattan, Norwood social club, jumpin party there! 2am back to Spin jumpin party till like 4! Today nice and slow! who ...

Is that the club where Jake was supposed to play ping pong for that charity tournament?

UltraViolet said...

Hi Sass - good to see you :)

Anonymous said...

Co-stars out shining him..maybe Empire will change their mind this year. He had one movie out this year - maybe if it was promoted as it should of been it might of "helped". But he has quite a variety of movies coming out and on the way. And the word is "variety". POP and LAOD don't sound too similiar. And both will have actual promotion.

Extra said...

That looked like such a fun shoot yesterday, can't wait to see it in GQ!

Those girls are so lucky to not only meet Jake but to be apart of the shoot as well.

Love all the new Pop stills, the Pop PR machine is off and running!

I think I can be objective regarding Jake's performances. I have no problems with criticism of Jake, but in some cases like Wells they seem a bit hard on him IMO, or down play his performances unfairly.

Can't wait for LAOD and BTW, how is an orgy "lame"? Was it filmed with the actors clothes on???

Anonymous said...

Hi - what's so funny about Wells and Jake's comment about the hard work how come he didn't mention RDJ's comments about it being a "gulag"..and it was that movie that made RDJ admire Jake so much. He talked about the difficulty of doing scenes over and over again. Even Mark R. after shooting the scene for the
60th time said when David came toward him he was thinking - just fire me.
Maybe it's the - he's a young actor so he's not going to want to do any hard work and will just complain. But Jake Does work hard and does want to do the best he can do.
Guess he never saw the interview with Jake and Fincher in "Interview". He probably wouldn't want to see it because he didn't want them to seem like they actually liked each other.
But just thought maybe he hasn't seen the magazine with the RDJ comments. Probably reads nothing about Jake so he has formed this main opinion and probably won't let it go.

Tweety said...

Loks like Jake is on his way back to Montreal:

malussier: Okay so he insists that I consented to give a lift in aircraft Jake Gyllenhaal. I'll bring it back to mtl!
Automatically translated from French

That is the club Jake was suppose to attend last month for that charity event UV!

bobbyanna said...

I can be objective about Jake too, believe it or not.:) Maybe I'm paranoid, but I've seen a change in how he's treated,from the moment BBM first previewed, by papparazzi,tabloid press,certain film critics,& H'wood reporters. Swoff & Harold Dobbs were hardly noticed after he kissed Heath! The character and the person bled into one another. Gene Shallit even called his interpretation of JT, "predatory" as I recall.

But aside from the "Anti-BBM" crowd, I also think there're some people who resent Jake,& look at him as an insider, well-connected,preppy, private schools type, who's been over -protected,& coddled, so they want to kick a little sand in his face. I guess for them,Jake has to keep proving himself over and over again.

He doesn't seem to have the luxury to make an "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes." The moment he exhibits bad judgement or stumbles, there's the "Gotcha "gang saying,"Finally! We see the real Jake!" They're only comfortable with mediocrity and negativity. They remind me of the Robert Duvall character in The Natural.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" a movie George Clooney was in?
Didn't Mendes say Jake wants to prove himself..gotta "suffer" a bit and work hard.
I'm trying to rem. sons and daughers of people in the business who have the critics liking them. Bryce Howard..seems like they like her a lot. Some of them tho have just not had the talent. I think that's what it is and i can't think of anyone, a fan or not, thinking that Jake doesn't have talent.
Do agree some have not gotten past BBM - for whatever reasons.
As he always says, it wasn't brave of him to do the role but it was.
In the medicore-negative category i think of the King in Amadeus telling Mozart he thought his composition "had two many notes".

Anonymous said...

Also - "too" many notes.
But as was saying it's always interesting that some critics don't respect the work people in movies do. I would like to see any of them go through the training Jake did for "Jarhead" & even more so i think POP.
Also thought while making "Zodiac" he had Jarhead & BBM to promote.
He had a lot going on at that time and still survived making that movie. (Had been reading about "A Face In the Crowd" which is considered a great movie and how it received not one Oscar Nomination - sounds familiar).

Tweety said...

More pics from Kelly from yeterday's GQ photoshoot:

I do agree that critics became a it more "harsh" towards Jake when BBM came out. That was turning point in Jake's career and I think a turning point in how he was viewed by some critics. I think some were not comfortable with him in that role.

Carla said...

Jeff Wells has some issues with certain actors, people and he lets this overshine his love for film making. (Ex. Monique, he was ranting and bashing her and her performance to a point where it became laughable) He is no Jake fan, this is safe to say.

"Last month's Empire Magazine cited the trend of Jake's recent co-stars outshining him."

IMO this is where a part of the problem lays. Jakes roles past-BBM are very low-key. I have not seen Brothers but I know that many Jake fans hoped he will be playing a kind of bad-ass. This was - from the reviews - not the case. Again he was a likeable "blacksheep" but not a character to remember.

Has anyone seen "No country for old men" or "Inglorious Basterds"? Nobody who has seen Anton Chigurh will ever forget him, the same with Col. Hans Landa, the friendly devil.

From the critics point of view in "Rendition" Omar Metwally and Yagal Naor got the most powerful or interesting roles, in "Zodiac" it was RDJ.

I am fearing the same will happen in "Damn Yankees" - Jake is playing the good (aka boring) guy, the interesting roles are Lola and the Devil.

Thats one of the reasons I am hoping for the Namath film - Joe was an eccentric guy and a fascinating character.

At the end of the day I am happy that LAOD is getting such early positive buzz - according to one commenter at Wells the film got a "highly enthusiastic" reaction.
"Orgy" involving Jake "lame"? It is not possible the person who wrote this is a woman....

THanks for the NY pictures - Jake looks sexy and I am hoping for a GQ cover.....

Anonymous said...

Would think there would be a GQ cover as POP will be out in May..imagine there will be more than one cover.
Jake's role in "Rendition" was to be just what it was. Wasn't it Vanity Fair that had him as one of the 6 best performances of the year for that role as they understood the nuance he can play as an actor is amazing for an actor his age.
His is still a young career. Many actors he is being compared with as to what they have played are in their late 30's or 40's.

And nothing wrong with having a likeable quality. Jimmy Stewart seemed to get through a stellar career with that.
But again maybe it's just not quite time for him to play that really bad guy yet but I think he would be open to it and most likely will eventually.

suvee said...

The GQ Times Square photo shoot pics are a hoot! It does look just a little chaotic. :)

My favorite photo is the first one, which I have captioned in my own mind as, "OMG! I am sooo glad I decided to wear my tiara today!"

It's been a very, very long wait, so I hope the GQ issue provides us with a great interview and killer photos.

Like everyone else here, I have an opinion about Jake's post BBM roles and the "overshadowed" perception. I need to think of a way to express my thoughts without it coming across as ragging on Jake. I do have some issues with some of his work, but I have always thought he is a very good actor..... and I think he has a lot of untapped potential.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he does have a lot of untapped potential. And it will be used.
But If he was doing the same type of movie over and over as we see some actors do and you know they could do more but they seem to pick the same role every time then you may wonder whats going on.
To be honest I don't think he can do everything everyone wants before he's 30 years old. If by the time he is 40 and hasn't lived up to his potential with all the roles he could play then that might be different.
And he has been doing quality movies with strong content. That puts him on the plus side.
Oh too, even if he does Damn Yankees and doesn't have the "devil" role -the flashier role - it's a Musical! Something different for his resume.

Anonymous said...

Wells likes Jake's sister Maggie though. It doesn't mean just cause he's a fan of Maggie, he must be a fan of Jake too.

UltraViolet said...

Of course not. Why would anyone think that you have to like Jake just because you're a Maggie fan?

Suvee, please feel free to post your thoughts. We know you're a Jake fan, even if a disenchanted one at the moment.

I wish Jake would play a real badass/villain and was hoping Brothers would be it. But from what I've heard of the original, the character was never that much of a dangerous type.

Bobbyanna, there absolutely has been a change in the way critics have reacted to Jake since BBM. Beforehand, he was always described as smart and sexy, if sensitive, and as a vivid presence. Now, often he's described as not bright and sometimes described as a cypher, a la the LaOD reviewer.

Just as some fans can't see past BBM/Jack, I think some critics and moviegoers can't get past the character Jake portrayed and won't/can't see him as a strong presence and don't want to acknowledge him in a different role.

Tweety, I missed that tweet about Jake going back to Montreal - merci!

Stephanie has a couple more photos from yesterday posted.

Anonymous said...

Harrison Ford could of been Han Solo forever but he went on to play other "iconic" characters and some just regular folks too. Tho he is always mentioned as being Solo and Indiana Jones he is a respected actor who didn't end up being type-cast.
I thought Jake on screen has always been called charasmatic.
(just saw that mentioned in a little review that goes with the blurb for the March release of "Brothers").

I thought he was the "thinking woman's actor" and then now.."thinking woman's action hero".

As for LAOD its nice to hear the movie is getting positive talk but as said it's not finished yet and we'll have to see what is really said about it and Jake and Anne's performances when its actually out.
Didn't the director say you are hoping leads in your movie have chemistry and how nice it was that his did.

Sag actor said...

Jeff Wells is one of the most annoying online movie critics. His constant ragging on Mo'Nique is irrational and embarrassing.

I remember him fanboying big time over Jake's performance in Zodiac but that may have been him being a David Lynch fanboy.

Great that LAOD is getting such early positive buzz.

PS: Kathrine Bigelow will be featured tonight on 60 minutes.

suvee said...

UV, truly, I'm not disenchanted with Jake, as a person or an actor. I did not intend to create that impression.

But I will admit that the intensity of my interest in him has diminished a bit. I mostly chalk it up to the 2 years without a new movie. I'm not really an "absence makes the heart grow fonder" girl. And even though I thought Jake gave one of the 2 best performances in Brothers, the movie itself and the lack of Jakecentric promotion didn't do much to help revive the passion. And yes, I was a bit disappointed that his Tommy didn't show me something totally new (for him). I value versatility and range in an actor...... I know he's young, I'm just impatient.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, maybe that tweet from MV was right, Jake in black puffy coat with fur trimmed hood? Check.

Love his haircut.

Anonymous said...

Bubble Boy and Rendition - of course there were a few years in-between but it seemed to me that was quite a good example of variety and range as an actor.
POP & LAOD seem to be kinda different.
We can all be impatient - we all understand that. But it's not Jake's fault that he can't be in as many movies as we would want and he can't play every type of role available to him right now.
I am one of the older people here and I probably will not see how his career progresses as he gets older & maybe into more character roles tho he could still do romantic ones if he wants to. So i am just enjoying what we have with each new role now.

Extra said...

I agree that Jake's 2 year absence from the screen effected Jake's fandom a bit Suvee. And yes he did give the best performance in Brothers IMO, but it wasn't the bad-ass performance that I had hoped for.

The low-key/non-promotion of the film didn't help either.

I figured that tweet Friday was legit, a native MV resident would recognize him. Glad he got to visit there and manage to get in the GQ photoshoot as well!

brothers spy said...

I think that was Jake's only real problem career-wise: his lack of product for so long. It kind of blunted whatever momentum he had going.

Part of it was his fault and part wasn't. It happened because first he took several months off when he started going out with Reese Witherspoon. It continued with the next three projects he chose. "Brothers" was delayed a year; "Prince of Persia" was delayed a year; and "Nailed" will probably not be seen at all.

Thus, after "Rendition" (which wasn't all that well recieved to be begin with), he had a couple of years with literally nothing to show for it. That may have hurt him a little bit.

But I think he's got some good projects lined up now.

Beginning with "Brothers," promotion notwithstanding, his performance was well recieved and I think it is generally considered to be a good performance. It was more classic Jake. Now he had "Prince of Persia" which will be a huge movie. Then he has "Love and Other Drugs" and then "The Source Code."

So people are now talking about his films again.

suvee said...

Anon 8:53, I'm old too! Maybe that explains my impatience. :)

Again, this is only my opinion.... I realize most people here don't agree with me, and that's fine. I can only express my feelings and my perceptions. I just think that many (not all) of Jake's performances are variations on the same theme: the sweet, sensitive, nice guy, outsider/black sheep. I don't doubt he is capable of showing us much more. I personally think he would be awesome playing against type in a "dark" role..... something like what Matt Damon did in The Talented Mr. Ripley comes to mind.

UltraViolet said...

I totally understand, suvee. I disagree about the range, but that's okay. I do agree that I'd love to see Jake do something very far afield. I'm hoping LaOD is a step toward that. I think Nailed might have been, as well.

So maybe Jake was in MV! Wonder if it was part of the GQ shoot?

Anonymous said...

And how many years did it take for Matt Damon to finally play that part.
Actually what Jake does present on screen, so far, is really quite a good quality to have. There's nothing wrong with someone that shows you a certain type of humanity.
Unless they are under a lot of make-up or have certain things done to change their look or walk or voice most actors do what they do in pretty much the same way. Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino and I can keep going how truly different in the way they act are they completely different in every But because they are good they do make you believe who they are playing at that moment.
Hey, It made sense to me - ha.

But we all can't help how we feel and if Jake isn't that interesting right now, it's an honest feeling so be it.

Anonymous said...

Jake was filming "Nailed" when he was with Reese & after that it was POP and that wasn't to be filmed right after it and he had quite a few months to go into training for it and a lot of time was needed to get in shape for it.

And of course the delays in showing the movies (or not at all) had nothing to do with him and the terrible promotion for "Brothers".

suvee said...

Anon 9:58, Matt Damon was 28 when he filmed The Talented Mr. Ripley.

I don't want to start a big hoo haw (sp?), but I never said that Jake wasn't interesting. If I somehow didn't make that clear, my bad. But please don't ding me for something I didn't say.

UltraViolet said...

I was just about to post that, suvee.

We can't fault suvee for her opinion. Part of my point earlier was that a lot of critics seem to find Jake underwhelming these days. Suvee is just expressing a variation on that perspective.

It's a reality that's out there. I look forward to seeing Jake change some people's perceptions.

That Brothers delay was really unfortunate - it did make a gap in Jake's movie time. And then Jake was unavailable for promotion. I continue to blame those Lionsgate/Relativity idiots for thaat.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I just updated the post to include that Buzz photo. In case people missed that comment. It's a nice picture.

suvee said...

Thanks UV! I really appreciate your understanding. Hope I haven't become a GB pariah.

Love the new Buzz photo. It would be pretty cool if Jake on MV is part of the GQ feature!

UltraViolet said...

Never, suvee! You're one of us - no escaping :)

Anonymous said...

Jakes had one movie out in 2 years.
2010 he will have two out and not just "any movies" These are two high profile movies. If the perception is he's "underwhelming"
(other than being included in the New York Times magazine as one of the "great performers" of 2009) Then that most likely will go away this year.
Everybody just hang on....

Anonymous said...

i didnt even know he was in the city. haha. well he came up to my friends and i went over to them and we got pics. and then his manager made us sign release forms cause we might be in a magazine. and he walked away when we were signing. and then we followed him and he started taking pics with other people. and i snuck back into the middle. and i got next to him. and the paparazzi was taking pics and his arm was around me the whole time. hahaha. i love him<3 it was amazing.

What did Jake smell like? Cologne, candy, minty, soapy?

he smelled really good! like cologne!

Shondra said...

I can tell the theme of GQ photo spread from the tweets/twic pics, I think!

A whirlwind of tour NY, Lower East Side, Times Square with screaming fans and a side order of pingpong at Spin! It's for Pop of course i think the theme is that Jake is going to create a whirlwind (I hope!) with Pop.

You are not creating a big hoo haw Suvee. I think that he has an impressive resume for an actor his age but I do hope that Jake gets to really push the envelope soon .

Pop is a fun popcorn type movie, but maybe we will get that type of performance in LAOD (despite the lukewarm comments from early reviews) and SC.

He has done A GQ photo spread in NY before, I think it was done at Babboo (sp?). The Lower East Side does have special meaning for him though: It's where his Mom was born and raised and Maggie was born there as well, I think he still has family there. Surprised they didn't stop in Brooklyn on his way back to Montreal! And if he made a side trip to MV as well for the shoot, then that will be too cool!

He does look really good in all of the pics, and what lucky fans! Plus they get to see themselves in GQ!

UltraViolet said...

Nicely put, Shondra.

Not really new pictures, but new week, so new post :)