Monday, February 22, 2010

Hungry in America Project

Updated with some candids of Jake at the party:

A few photos of Jake Gyllenhaal in New York City, attending the Feed Foundation's kickoff of the Hungry in America project.

Oh, look - his expression changed in the last one :)

Jake's good friend, Natalie Portman was a co-host, and one of his favorite chefs, Tom Colicchio, was the executive producer for the event. Whatever that means!

(Photos courtesy of Fame Game.)


Anonymous said...

Jesus Jake, how about a smile.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Duncan Jones twitter page confirms that he begins filming Source Code next week on March 1.

Sara said...

I love the blue sweater he's wearing wish he would of smiled

UltraViolet said...

Maybe there will be other smiling pics :)

His hair is short for filming, I guess.

Anonymous said...

He looks upset/angry. I doubt they just caught a bad facial expression, he doesn't look like he wants to be there. Or maybe he doesn't want to be photographed.

Carla said...

Congratulations to Catherine Bigelow - although it was not exactly a surprise. HL has won ALL guilds and IMO is clearly the frotnrunner for best Picture at the Oscars. Only upset for me was Mark Boal for Hurt Lockers screenplay. I thought this one was Tarantinos.

Thanks for the pictures - he looks like Coulter....:-)
But I would prefer a little smile - perhaps there will be some more pictures.

It is so refreshing seeing Duncan Jones being excited - hope his win will give him a boost while working on Source Code. Filming will be starting next monday and when it is finished the PoP machinery is awaiting Jake. I am hoping for an official premiere including the actors here in Germany.

debbie said...

Well, all the twitters said he looked adorable, gorgeous, etc. so I doubt he was hanging around the event looking like this.

Chica said...

I bet they just caught him at a bad moment. I hopr they raised a lot of money at the benefit last night.

I Watched the Baftas last night even though I took a peek at the list on Awards Daily when I got home!

What a great win for Katherine Bieglow, she is on her way to winning an Oscar! IMO Carey's win wasn't a shock considering Sandy wasn't nominated, so I thought she had a chance. Firth was a shocker because I thought Bridges would win.

Congratulations to Duncan Jones on his win!

bobbyanna said...

According to tweets, Jake stayed at the event for about an hour,which, in "celebrity time" is pretty substantial. A tweet said there was a black SUV and "flashing lights" to take him away. Maybe he had a plane to catch. I wish someone'd taken candids at the event. Maybe Vanity Fair will have some.

Chica, Kathryn Bigelow is my new idol! I had no idea she was 58 years old! Since I'm closer to 58 than to 48, she makes me feel....quite optimistic! :)

I was also very moved by Vanessa Redgrave's award segment.
Colin Firth is a favorite of mine, so I'm glad BAFTA recognized him.

(Prince William reminds me of "someone." Especially the voice.)

Cathy E said...

Kathryn is gorgeous, isn't she? I was happy to see The Hurt Locker get so much recognition, Avatar too. I thought that was so historic, Vanessa Regrave getting her award. I loved it. :)

UltraViolet said...

KB is gorgeous. I didn't know she was 58 - she looks great. As does Vanessa Redgrave. I am still a little stunned that she curtsied to the prince.

Carla, I hope the win gives Duncan a little lift, as well.

And Debbie, ITA. The tweets all made it seem as if Jake was having a fine time. I don't think there's any big deal about a few serious pics!

Cathy E said...

I was happy to see The Hurt Locker get an award for cinematography too - it's outstanding. Britain is almost like the birthplace of theater, so it's very historic. :)

UltraViolet said...

Yes, I think people, especially actors, are thrilled to get an award in Britain.

Updated the post with another serious pic, though there's a little more of Jake's torso in it. And he's looking directly at the camera.

Very exciting :)

bobbyanna said...

I was stunned at the curtsy, too, UV, and inexplicably moved by it. I've always regarded Vanessa Redgrave as a giant,an icon. Even Prince William blushed. But to have him there to present her award, was also pretty remarkable. It sort of signals the high esteem in which she is held as a national maybe she was really acknowledging the acknowledgement...or something like that. :)

UltraViolet said...

It was just a little jarring compared to past awards incidents with Vanessa! But I do think she was very moved.

Updated again with some candids, and a smiling Jake for those of you worried about that!

From 20 Celebs Who Are Awesome In Person:

“This weekend, I went to brunch with my family, and we were seated very near Jake Gyllenhaal and two female friends. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but they were definitely having a good time. I give Jake nice points because the waitress was one of those who feels the need to flirt with and excessively touch every guy at one of her tables. And he didn’t punch her for practically molesting him.”

The accounts are from staffers for The Frisky. Anne H also got a nod as nice. This was a companion piece to the jerky celebs. Glad not to see Jake's name there.

Chica said...

Ah, these pics are much better!
Katherine is stunning, I hope to look as good at 58!

I was taken aback when Vanessa curtsied to the Prince too. What a class act and a wonderful actress.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, chica. And even more pics here. Glad we got more than the initial three :)

get real said...

Jake looks great and I am glad to see some more pics from the event of him relaxed and seeming to have fun. And we see a bit of that gorgeous smile. :)

Glad he was there to support a really good charity.

Really liked the Bafta's and thrilled for KB and Duncan Jones. Overall really happy with the winners and the lovely tribute to Vanessa Redgrave.

Love all the Jake Tweets!

mary said...

thanks UV good to see jake out for a good cause he looks great i guess hel be having a beard for source code

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

So glad we got pics of this event, and I'm really happy that Jake was involved in such a great cause.

He looks very serious in most of them but he does break out in that wonderful smile!

I have a girl crush on Katherine Bigelow! I'm so happy for her and THL, they both deserve all the praise that they are getting.

The Bafta's were great, loved the tribute to Redgrave and was thrilled when Duncan won.

Tweety said...

Thanks for posting the pics from last night after all those tweets!!

He looks serious but good.

I wish the Academy awards were more like the Baftas's, the show runs 2 hours tops. Thrilled with Bigelow's win, not surprised that Carey won but her dress was hideous!!

Jake stil in NY with Mggie and Ramona:

food2: Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal with bag of raw food from One Lucky Duck walking 15th by Chelsea Market. Unshaven, dark shades, looking good. :)
24 minutes ago from web · Reply · View

QuestMag: Siblings Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal (daughter in tow!) eating next to QUEST at One Lucky Duck ( at Chelsea Market.
12 minutes ago from web

Tweety said...

I think this tweet is from Brooklyn:

STEPH1109: Jake gyllenhaal just walked right in front of me!!!
about 2 hours ago from UberTwitter

sheba said...

Am I the only one that loved Carey's dress? It looked like Class and fit her hair style and cute figure very well. Her boobs weren't hanging out and she didn't show any knobly knees. It looked stunning and so did she IMHumbleO.

Congrats and bigup to Duncan for his win for Moon. Can you imagine the stories those two will tell of their BAFTA moments. Loved Colin Firth as an actor and a humanitarian - very hopeful for him for the Oscar if Jeff doesn't get it.

An Education got lots of love but no mention of Peter which was such a shame.

Yay, Jake looks delish. I hope he had a good time. He always looks relaxed and peaceful when he's around Natalie and Maggie. A few good months for the Gyllenhaals afterall.

JF said...

"Jake stil in NY with Mggie and Ramona:"

I think he'll be often in NYC during weekends in the next couple of months and spend time with his family.

He and Nat look happy together. I'm on the verge of replacing Anne Hathaway with Nat as my fave gurl for Jake. :)

Cathy E said...

No Sheba, I loved Carey's dress too. It was elegant and unusual. Loved the flower print. :)

sheba said...

Thanks Cathy E, not many people can pull of prints like that. Elegant and unusual - I like that.

Monica said...

So nice to see Jake in these charity events. I love the clothes he is wearing.

I am very happy for KB. She deserves all these awards.

Sag actor said...

The Baftas are definately more entertaining than the Academy awards. The 2 surprise wins for me were Firth and Mulligan, well deserved IMO.

Katherine Bigelow has the best Director Oscar in the bag, great film.

What a great win for Dincan he has that going into directing SC.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Bush is so tall, my God.

UltraViolet said...

She is tall!

Thanks for all the tweets, Tweety.

Sheba and Cathy, I thought I was going to like Carey's dress. But it was too much. And then too little - I didn't like the way it wasn't a full gown all around.

UltraViolet said...

I'm sure you've all seen this Mike Newell interview.

Some nice words from him about Jake:

"He was desperate to get his hands on the physical side of things," director Mike Newell told MTV News.

Though he packed on the muscle to become Prince Dastan, who must deliver the magical Dagger of Time to an ancient temple while avoiding the nasty demon on his trail, Gyllenhaal didn't make for the archetypal Hollywood hero of all pecs and no brains.

"You couldn't just have a hunk," said Newell ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"). "He's got a sort of cheeky, devil-may-care light in his eye and at the same time he has a sensitivity, delicacy and thinness-of-skin. He is glorious looking, but you wanted more than that. You wanted women to be interested in him not just as a piece of eye candy. ... It was a huge opportunity to do a thinking woman's action hero."

That may be where Gyllenhaal's abs come into play. Surely no set of stomach muscles have generated as much press since Taylor Lautner unleashed his flesh for "New Moon." Newell said that Gyllenhaal's brawny physique had nothing to do with moviemaking magic and everything to do with hard work.

"He worked his ass off," the director said. "A great deal of what you see in the movie is Jake. It's not a stuntman. He rides [horses] like a dream. He learned every one of those fights — it's like ballet. He'd get it wrong, he'd get it wrong, he'd get it wrong and then by God, he'd get it right! He's a very courageous young man."

Thinking woman's action hero - I like that :)

Also, it looks like Jerry Bruckheimer is getting a lifetime achievement award at ShoWest. I assume Jake will be at some of the festivities.

Sheba baby said...

I love Tony C, he's my favorite celeb chef! Love the serious look on Jake's face in some of the pics for a very important cause.

Lauren Bush is tall, isn't she Jeb Bush's daughter?

I kind of liked Carrie's dress at the Baftas, it was her hair that I didn't like. The color and cut made her look severe.

Katherine Bigelow's win was awesome and she looked fantastic!

Love the description of Dastan as a thinking women's acton hero, perfect.

Anonymous said...

"Lauren Bush is tall, isn't she Jeb Bush's daughter?"

She's his niece. Her father is Neil Bush.

Jake was at the VIP, $1,000 per person event. In the photos,it appears he doesn't enjoy these kinds of N.Y. society/charity events,but he made the best of it. Note his hands behind his back, even talking to Tom Collicchio.

I'd bet Jake attended because his chef friends were involved in organizing it, and it was for a good cause. He's given his name and probably contributed to other charities, but he rarely attends.

Vanity Fair Magazine, and Bryan Lourd, who's huge at CAA, also Natalie's agent, is involved in a key way.(Jim Toth started out working for Bryan Lourd, as one of his gofers.)

Extra said...

Jake didn't look too comfortable even though he is smiling in some of the photos, but I'm glad he attended.

Some more background info:

Lauren Bush is one of the founders of Feed Forward and is dating David Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren who was also at the event.

Tony Collicchio is married to filmmaker Lori Silverbush, who did the Documentary Hunger in America.

Kristina Fell and Ellen Gustafson, are the founders of Feed@Columbia, an outreach program at Columbia University, where they graduated from (The same University Maggie, Naomi graduated from and Jake almost!)

I remember several years ago, the press saying that Jake was the thinking womans's sex symbol, now add the thinking woman's action hero!

Tweety said...

Jake is back in Montreal and at yoga classes:

terki: While changing at the end of my morning yoga class, a dude came in to ask about classes. The voice sounded familiar. It was JAKE GYLLENHAAL.
36 minutes ago from web

terki: @tekakwitha Not kidding! I'm sad that I didn't SEE him, but I was changing. OMG, I've been half-naked in the same room as Jake Gyllenhaal.
28 minutes ago from web

bobbyanna said...

Whoa! Thanks for all the background on the "players" at the fundraiser.

LOL,Tweety! "OMG, I've been half-naked in the same room as Jake Gyllenhaal."
Yeah. I'd say that's an OMG moment.

FellowBabblers, today is a day of celebration and rejoicing at my house! Today, the carpet people remove&replace my water-damaged carpet. Saturday, the other contractor finally finshed.
Free. At. Last. Now all I have to do is clean...and clean...and clean. Lots of dust.:)

Anonymous said...

I just checked Lauren Bush's height on imdb and it lists it at 5'7. Sorry but she's way taller than 5'7. More like 5'9.

The VIP event for this was only suppose to last an hour (6pm to 7pm) so that's all Jake probably stayed for.

UltraViolet said...

Huffington Post has a poll: Choose Jake, Natalie or Lauren Bush as your ideal. Natalie is winning!

Monica said...

NYDayle News
Natalie Portman giggling as Jake Gyllenhaal got shushed by an audience member during a film presentation at the Feed event at Colicchio & Sons on Sunday.

UltraViolet said...

Bad form, Jake!

A little more on the Hungry in America event:

Here's why else there's hope: Hungry in America involves an impressive stable of people. Tom Colicchio, who hosted the event, is an executive producer of the project, and his award-winning filmmaker wife, Lori Silverbush, co-directed the documentary. Natalie Portman was there: She co-hosted the fund-raiser (Jake Gyllenhaal was there, too, to support the cause). When he wasn’t having a long, animated conversation with Gyllenhaal, Colicchio was at the restaurant’s wood-burning oven, preparing items from T&C’s Tap Room menu, including awesome bone marrow topped with anchovies. Alongside him were Boston’s Michael Schlow, who served ponzu-glazed tuna sashimi and tempura bits, and Rocco diSpirito, who passed out short ribs with truffled taro root. I’m not sure if Portman sampled any of the food—she’s a vegan—but she did spend time near the oven with the Spotted Pig’s Ken Friedman, discussing the fact that his newest place, the Breslin, had a surprising number of vegetarian dishes that she could eat when she was there last week.

And more hopeful news from the NYC event: Some 300-plus people were there, raising $200,000 for Hungry in America. The next fund-raiser is in Los Angeles at Craft on February 28, where Nancy Silverton and Suzanne Goin will cook, and people like Ben Affleck are expected to attend; tickets are still available.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for the reports Monica and UV, you should no better Jake, LOL!!

Great that they raised that much $$ for a great cause.

Loved reading Newell's comments on Jake and the Pop, love the description of thinking woman's action hero too :)

Thanks for all the tweets Tweety, Jake sure is hooked on his yoga classes!

What great news Bobbyanna! You must be so happy and relived that everthing is finally done!

Off to vote in the Huffington Post poll....

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I forgot to say congrats to Bobbyanna, too. I'm glad the workers are finally gone and you can have your house back.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks,OONP &UV. That's exactly how it feels! I have my house back!
And my life! Ugh!It's been 10 weeks as of 2/19!

I love hearing that Natalie giggled inappropriately at Jake talking inappropriately!

Anonymous said...

PoP screening at ShoWest March 18th, I wonder if they will get to see the completed film?.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon Said No to James Cameron and AVATAR

Paula said...

Love all the pics from the charity event, even the ones where he doesn't look too pleased!

I wonder if Jake will get time off from shooting SC to attend ShoWest? I would think that the complete film would be shown.

Thanks for the link Monica! It sounds like Cameron already had his heart set on Sam and that he really didn't do a good job selling the film to Matt or Jake.

Tweety said...

ebfmark: Jake gyllenhaal sitting at the bar with me and Bella in Montreal (Skye says I can't say which restaurant)
31 minutes ago from Tweetie ·

Ah, come on Skye!

UltraViolet said...

I don't know why that Avatar story has resurfaced. Cameron needs more talking points.

Paula, Jake needs time off for the Oscars too. Hope DJ is no David Fincher.

Thanks for that, tweety. I don't think they ever revealed their location!

Anonymous said...

Probably a money issue. Matt Damon and Jake cost more than the guy he picked.

Carla said...

Avatar has stunning effects but the story is predictable and it is certainly not a film thats asks for great acting. No surprise that the acting (especially Worthingtons)and the screenplay/story is usually never mentioned while discussing/awarding the film.

Sorry, but the more I read and hear about and from Cameron the more I dislike him. I don´t think that neither Jake nor Matt Damon regrets not being casted/have turned down the role. They are both looking forward to other interesting projects.

"Source Code" has probably a tight schedule - not sure whether Jake will be able to attend at the Oscars, is the list with the presenters already out?

mary said...

they have announced a few presenters so far no jake

suvee said...

Carla, as mary pointed out Jake isn't among the Oscar presenters yet. There aren't a lot of names on the list as of today.

But Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner were among the first to be added as presenters. What can I say? :(

Carla said...

I see, thanks Mary and Suvee.

They are obviously trying to bring some youth appeal to the Oscars and trying to boost the TV ratings.....

Vera Farmiga will be there as a nominee but I don´t know how big her role in SC is - Jake is nearly in every scene...not sure whether they can afford to stop the whole production for some days....but lets wait and see.

Chica said...

Cyrus, Efron and Lautner? What, no Patterson? Well not yet anyway. Hopefully there will be some last minute names added and Jake will be on the list.

I'm sick Cameron as well. I enjoyed Avatar for what it was but the film didn't didn't stick with me like THL, Precious or A Serious Man, 3 of the best films I saw last year.

Glad that the contractors are done Bobbyanna and everything is getting back to normal!

I remember when it happened because it was the same day that I had a leak and had to stay home and wait for maintenance to fix it. Not as severe as your flood, they fixed it in a couple of hours!

brothers spy said...


(very, very minor spoilers...)

Vera Famingha will not be filming the movie until April. They're being with all the train stuff, followed by the stuff at the train station in late March, early April.

In April they film the stuff inside the SOURCE CODE chamber.

Vera plays the role of the scientist who instructs Jake's character while he's INSIDE the Source Code chamber. Thus, she's not needed until April.

brothers spy said...

Sorry, being should be beginning.

As in: They're BEGINNING with the train stuff.

UltraViolet said...

Suvee, I saw those three presenter names and wondered if I wanted Jake to be on the list! But yeah, I still do :)

Tweety said...

Disliked Cameron ever since he won for Titanic and his "I'm king of the world" part of his speech. Wanted to toss an anchor around hid neck and sink his ass.

On to more pleasent news, rehearsals with Jake!:

HookahHut: RT @therealrussellp: Just finished first rehearsal with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan... u go brownie make us proud

UltraViolet said...

That was a good one! I hope Russell Peters keeps tweeting.

UltraViolet said...

Tweety, more from Russell's original tweet:

Just finished first rehearsal with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan... Good actors, make u step up ur game!!

bobbyanna said...

Squeee! Glad we're getting tweets from Montreal, rehearsals, etc.

I hope Jake is an Oscar presenter, too,in spite of those other names they announced.(And I hope they let him present with Vera or Natalie!...:)

"Wanted to toss an anchor around hid neck and sink his ass."
Tweety! You're a poet! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I think Duncan Jones twitter friends have been messing around, the first unoffical Source Code poster

Sag actor said...

It's way too early for a teaser poster, but it does looks interesting if not familiar, thanks!

Chica said...

Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson, two of the founders of Feed Forward were just featured on CBS news a few minutes ago. They talked about how the FEED bags help raise money for feeding those in need.

I like green-eye Jake, he looks really intesse, thanks anon!

And thanks for the SC filming info Brothers spy!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Forgive if already they saw it:

"Gyllenhaal injured on 'Persia' set". Jake Gyllenhaal was left nursing a string of painful injuries while filming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time because he was determined to perform his own stunts.The actor plays sword-wielding Prince Dastan in the upcoming blockbuster, and he was intent on filming the fight scenes himself.But the 29-year-old found himself battered and bruised after the intense shoots.
He tells Britain's Total Film magazine, "I pulled some shoulders and I strained some backs and I screwed up my ankle a few times but nothing to worry about.
"On one take, I actually punched a guy in the face by mistake. I spent the rest of the takes trying not to punch him in the face."

UltraViolet said...

I agree, chica - green-eyed Jake looks intense.

Thanks, Leonor. I think that was in the Total Film scans. But it's all old news for Jake this week. Twitter and goggle are all about the VW video, the Avatar business or this from Total Film.

Maybe some enterprising Montrealer will give us some new news!

Carla said...

Thanks for the info on the filming schedule, Brothers Spy.

"Green-eyed" Jake looks good....

With those "twitter guys" Duncan and Russell Peters we should be well informed whats going on.....:-)

Josie said...

Looks like Jake is back in Montral after hanging in NY and attending the benefit on Sunday, thanks for the pics!

I think these are going to be fun tweets from Montreal based on the tweets from Duncan and the Russell Peters so far!

I know that teaser poster is fake but those green eyes on Jake, damn!

Thanks for the rundown on the SC filming schedule Brothers spy and thanks again for the SC script!

Tweety said...

From Duncan Jones:

So... today is a big one. First full rehearsal of Source Code with ALL our extras... glorious madness! Start shooting next week!
about 1 hours ago via TweetDeck

Ariana Huffington said...

OT: Live coverage of the President's health care summit:

UltraViolet said...

Us has a new poll on hottest bodies. Jake is up against - and losing to - McBongo for Most Chiseled Arms.

Full rehearsal with all the extras! It's great to be able to follow the filming process for SC.

Chica said...

Thanks for the Us link UV!

Damn, it took me 3 houts to get home tonight, snow/sleet and slow buses!

A corona and Foxy Brown on cable should put me in a better mood, that movie is always good for a laugh!

bobbyanna said...

Glad you made it in safely, Chica!

Will definitely vote, UV. There's no contest between Jake's arms and Matthew's.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Jake with Natalie...

It looks like Reese already moved on so I am hoping that he will found someone special soon, maybe someone who will make him smiles a lot.

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter:

"Jake gyllenhall at Vauvert right now. Sorry if I misspelled"

b,again said...

"THURSDAY: "The Bubbly Thursdays of Vauvert. Every Thursday starting from 17:00, bubbles are honored to Vauvert - whether for sparkling like champagne or cocktails of Vauvert, let yourself be tempted by the bubbles. .."

Don't know who writes the copy for their website, but I found it unintentionally hilarious.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Bobbyanna. I'm sensing a babelfish translation there. Or bubbly-fish :)

Hope Jake doesn't have an early call tomorrow!

He won't be celebrating that Us poll - he's still losing badly to McBongo. It's a crime, I tell you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Speak only about Jake please!

Tweety said...

Sorry UV/FL, you can delete my previous comment.

The Vauvert is a French restaurant in Old Montreal:

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Leonor and tweety.

The Vauvert twittered that Jake was there, though they said "Jack" first, lol:

Anonymous said...

Maybe he or she meant "Jacques Gyllenhaal". The restaurant sounds kinda devilish. :)

Chica said...

I never understood the appeal of McBongo!

Montreal is such a beautiful city, especially the Old Montreal section of the city.

I'm really enjoying these tweets eventhough we will probabably have to translate a lot of them!!

Thanks Bobbyanna! I took a sick day today and didn't go into work today. It's a mess out there and it's not done yet.

Cathy E said...

I love Montreal too - I'm going to enjoy hearing about it during Source Code's filming. I'm home with the flu as well. :(

bobbyanna said...

I haven't been to Old Montreal in so long! I remember it being very cool and European.

Wow! my oldest is stranded in Bermuda,and very anxious to get home because of her work. Haven't heard from my youngest who's in Manhattan. I've been checking out this storm, and UV, FL, Get Real, Chica, Sass, and everyone else who's affected, hope you are OK. Stay indoors! They clocked winds over 60 miles an hour on Long Island! Definitely TDAT weather!

UltraViolet said...

Feel better, Cathy E! Take care of that flu.

Chica, I heard NY got slammed. We escaped things here in Boston, knock wood. Just some nasty wind and rain.

Bobbyanna, I'm struggling to have sympathy for your "stranded in Bermuda" daughter :)

I do think we'll be seeing quite a few Jake/TDAT tweets today. Hopefully some from Montreal, as well.

Old Montreal is lovely - I haven't been there in years but I have fond memories.

Cathy E said...

Thank you UV! I'm dramatically better today. It was bad enough that I didn't get on the computer. lol :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yeah i think we are going to get a lot of TDAT/Jake tweets! Hope everyone that is effected by the storm stay safe, it's pretty nasty in CT too.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Olive and Gourmando is the place to be for your coffee-Jake sightings. Kirsten Dunst was also seen there this week :) From FB:

Hello everyone! I had a wonderful breakfast this morning, at Olive and Gourmando!!! Great coffee and great view.... Yep... Jake Gyllenhaal was having breakfast too... the table right next to mine!!! God he is good looking!!!

Did you say hello?!

I gave him a smile and he smiled back! And then we went on reading his script. :)

Shondra said...

Thanks UV! I think I would pass out if Jake smiled at me while having breakfast at a coffee shop.

Thanks so much for keeping up with Jake this past week with the charity event, filming SC, tweets, etc.

Keep safe and warm today everyone!

bobbyanna said...

"Bobbyanna, I'm struggling to have sympathy for your "stranded in Bermuda" daughter :)"

I know. She's a Type A, and not real flexible when it comes to "gliches."

Anonymous said...

That Olive & Gourmando place sounds great! :)

bobbyanna said...

Is it me, or does it seem like more and more tweets are spelling Jake's last name correctly?...

It's a sign!:)

get real said...

Hey all,

Oy it is a snowy mess out here in NYC. Made it home from an early workday, I have provisions, so I am all set for the weekend. :)

Chica, sorry you had such an awful trip home but glad you are safe and sound. :)

Bobbyanna, hope your daughter makes it home safe but I am jealous that she is in Bermuda. ;)

Hope everyone who is affected by the blizzard is warm and indoors.

Thanks for all the Jake Montreal updates...great stuff!

Maggie was on Regis and Kelly this morning. Nice interview. I believe it should be on their website if anyone wants to see it.

lawgoddess said...

My husband and I honeymooned in Montreal, I loved it there.

bobbyanna said...

If Jake is all tucked in for the night, and you get bored and can't sleep, I found something,called - mentally stimulating diversions. It's quizzes and games about everything under the sun, including movies. For instance, you can click on "movies" then decide on say, Martin Scorcese, and you have 7 minutes to name all his movies. It was fun...and humbling.

UltraViolet said...

Hey, Shondra! These coffee encounterers sure are lucky.

Get real, Maggie was good on Regis. She didn't tell the Jake story again, unfortunately. But she looked good - loved the suit she was wearing.

Bobbyanna, lol about the "gyllenhaal" spellings. It is a good sign. And I'll have to check out sporcle!

Aww, LG - a honeymoon in Montreal sounds heavenly. Hopefully it wasn't in February snow!

OONP, hope the Connecticut weather has improved.

And Chica and Cathy E, hope you're feeling better. Cathy, we know you're a little improved since you've gotten on the computer :)

UltraViolet said...

Not sure what this will or could lead to, if anything:

Then of course we had to ask him about "Zodiac," which is very reminiscent of his murder procedurals (and one of his, "Memories of Murder," was made before David Fincher's) and Joon-Ho said he loved it so much he had a meeting with Jake Gyllenhaal, but for what project he didn't say ("Snow Piercers"?). In fact, when the director was in San Fransisco he wanted to visit all the locations in the movie; "Zodiac" was one of his favorite films of 2007.

Cathy E said...

^^Interesting blog. Looking at the movies listing on it, I was drawn to Ondine. :)

Thank you all, I feel much better. Catching up on Jake in Montreal does a world of good.

Sigh, you can't get much nicer than having your honeymoon in Montreal. We had driven up in the fall, which was nice also. :)

Chica said...

Thanks UV, I'm doing a lot better. Interesting stuff on the playlist blog. Wonder what film Jake met about? The Host by Boon Joon-Ho is one of my guilty pleasures!

Hi Get Real! it was a bitch getting home last night, it was a good thing I didn't make it in to work today. Glad you got to leave work early! I'm all set for the weekend as well, wish I was in Bermuda with your daughter Bobbyanna!

I wished I knew that Maggie was on Regis and Kelly today, I was watching the cooking channel all morning.

Chica said...

Thanks for that link Bobbyanna, what a fun sught! I'm either very rusty or slow or both, ha!

Tweety said...

Jake on MV?

LisaPyden: Just passed Jake Gyllenhaal on Main/EDG...double take...noticed blk puffy coat/fur trim, non-year-rounder look, then the JG smile

suvee said...

I guess it's not hard to believe that Jake could be making a quick visit to MV.

I do enjoy reading the Jake sightings. Thanks to all of you that kindly pass them on here at GB. When I read them, I always wonder if he's alone, or with other people.... I want more details! :)

bobbyanna, thanks (I think) for the sporcle tip. I just added it to my iPhone. For those with smart phones, check out the ap "WordPops". It's fun and possibly habit forming. But it is brain exercise, so it's not a total waste of time. :)

bobbyanna said...

Youngest daughter intro'd me to sporcle last night.Very addictive! The weather in Bermuda's chilly, cloudy, and rainy according to Eldest daughter.I'm sure lots of us would happily trade with her. LOL!
It's hard to believe Jake's on MV. Isn't the weather still pretty awful? I read a very excited tweet that Source Code is expected in Ottawa next week, too. Guess it's for the train station stuff. Doesn't the movie begin shooting Monday?

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

I do not find it in English...

Certainly it refers to Jake...

and I think the happened about this time...

UltraViolet said...

I always wonder about the details of these sightings, too, suvee.

It's hard to believe Jake went to MV but not impossible, I guess.

Bobbyanna, I do hope your daughter makers it back home tomorrow.

Leonor, I think some people are very excited to hear that Anne H will be naked for much of Love and Other Drugs. I can't imagine being so shallow :)

Interesting article about Duncan Jones and his upbringing.

Carla said...

Does anyone here live or knows someone near Pasadena?

There will be a showing of LAOD

Love and other drugs screening

"LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS is a sexy and provocative R rated comedy-drama set during the introduction of Viagra in the late 1990s, and stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway."

I love this description.....

Anonymous said...

It's possible that Jake went to MV for the weekend, not having any plans in Montreal. Jake is a MV guy, he's been going there since childhood. I seriously doubt someone would not know what he looks like.

I was actually thinking about this a while back, I think Jake should buy his own place on Martha's Vineyard. He could certainly afford it. It's time for him to make his own stake.

debbie said...

Weather in Canada's been really bad for the past two or three days. Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa,too, so Jake travelling to MV sounds kind of far-fetched. Altho, maybe the train shootings in Ottawa have been postponed?

Anon, a lot of Jake's fans know about his connection to MV. Do you have personal info about Jake's finances, or what property he owns?

Chica said...

Thanks for that link to that Duncan Jones article UV. Considering his upbringing, he turned out great. His father David is so happy and proud of him, his Mom sounds a bit self-centered and flakey.

Duncan is going places and i'm thrilled that Jake is going to star in his next movie.

How exciting that LAOD is getting screenings so early, can't wait to here what the creeners have to say, the other reviews were quite positive.

Bobbyanna, is very addictive!

bobbyanna said...

Morning! Glad you enjoyed sporcle, chica! Have no idea where Oldest daughter is, but I read somewhere that more than 600,000 are without power! Oy! Then there's the terrible news about Chile!

I don't know what to think about the MV sighting, so I'm not gonna worry about it. I know if poor Jake gets stranded, there are lots of people who will happily help him out! LOL! Twitter's been flooded with Jake references re: TDAT!

I'm delighted about LAOD! It's got a great cast and director. I think it'll be very well received. Since Jake said he spent a lot of the movie naked and in bed with Annie, I think it'll do really well. I plan on seeing it opening weekend. More than once.:)

Sheba baby said...

I hope the MV sighting doesn't mean that filming for SC has been pushed back due to the weather in Ottawa, that's what I was thinking anyway.

I have a really good feeling about LAOD with all these early screenings!

Paula said...

The weather has been crazy. And now the earthquake in Chile and Hawaii is on tsunami alert (as well as California and Australia).

Wherever GB posters are, please stay safe.

I hope the weather doesn't effect filming of SC too. Thanks for all the tweets and updates. What a fascinating article on D. Jones UV!

Narcissa said...

More raves for LAOD:

Anonymous said...

Go Anne!

Thanks for the review.

Looking forward to the movie.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, narcissa. Great for Anne, but not a great the description of Jake. I'll go with the original IMDb reviewer for Jake's performance.

I'm pre-annoyed by the "Jake gets overshadowed" meme I can already feel coming on.

bobbyanna said...

I'm certain Jake is going to be excellent in LAOD. I also think these preliminary screenings are a way to get feedback so they can fine tune, edit, and develop marketing plans for the movie.

Tweety said...

Great news for Anne!

The screener wasn't to impressed with Jake but like you say Bobbyanna, i'm sure these screening are to get feedback and do some tinkering. The reviewer on imdb liked Jake as well as Anne.

This tweeter is from Seattle. I can't tell if this was in Seattle or MV or even Montreal. He is a record producer:

destinybrandon: Hung out with Jake Gyllenhaal last night
8 minutes ago from Echofon

UltraViolet said...

I'm sure he'll be great, too. I dislike what I see as a growing dismissal of Jake in certain quarters. People like Wells and this crony of his don't "get" Jake, and I don't want that perception to grow.

In my pique, I did ignore the orgy info! I hope it's not too lowest common denominator, but Jake at an orgy, with an endless power supply? That's gotta be fun :)

Tweety said...

An orgy and a lot of love scenes, more interested in the love scenes! They sound intense from this review.

Ok, either Jake has clones or he is flying all over the place! This is a sighting from NY earlier. He could have gone from Montreal, MV then on to NY. The guy from seattle could have been in MV yesterday, can't tell from his tweets:

lscottow: NYC's best pastrami plus Jake Gyllenhall = brunch with Al at Katz's. Solid.
about 1 hour ago from txt ·

lscottow: NYC's best pastrami plus Jake Gyllenhall = brunch with Al at Katz's. Solid.
about 1 hour ago from txt ·

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is Jakes Source Code look, also going by tweets he could be doing a GQ photo shoot in NY.

Tweety said...

Could be anon., thanks for the twicpic!

Sounds like someone has a sweet tooth:

jessicacostello: Ran into Jake Gyllenhaal in Economy Candy! (@ Economy Candy)
10 minutes ago from foursquare

Anonymous said...

So he's back in NYC? Economy Candy is in NYC. So it appears that he did leave Montreal.

Tweety said...

Photoshoot at Katz deli!:

tragicrighthip: Celebrity spotting #2: Jake Gyllenhaal in Katz's Deli with a camera crew (photography). Very handsome in person. Quite nice to all the peeps
about 1 hour ago from web

UltraViolet said...

Aww, that's a nice tweet. Thanks to everyone for the sightings and the photo.

New post :)