Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There is one man

We'll have to be on the lookout for the July issue of Empire Magazine:

With Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time now in post-production, Jake Gyllenhaal and Mike Newell took time to give us the low-down on the Bruckheimer sword-and-sandal epic for Empire's soon-to-hit-stores July issue.

As Dastan, Gyllenhaal is charged with battling the shadowy cult of assassins The Hanssansin, a heroic role that the newly-buff leading man claims says him to the role. (ed. huh?)"I'm always fascinated with these kinds of stories of the hero's journey," Gyllenhaal told us. "You're playing a legitimate hero, you know? I think it's an honour to do that."

Newell, meanwhile, says there's much more to Prince Of Persia than Gyllenhaal roaming the sixth century with his top off.

But Newell's promising that his leading man will have the tools to meet all this divine fury blow-for-blow. "There's this wonderful line - and I can't remember where this comes from - which says, 'So long as there is just one man, you can't kill us all...'"

I can't wait to see the finished producet.

Until then, it's good to know the Disney machine is gearing up.


extra said...

I can't wait for the finished product either! Thanks for the snippets of the Empire interview, can't wait to read the whole thing.

Jake looks incredible!

FluorescentLamp said...

Why is Jake so handsome in those PoP frames?

Why does his facial hair look extra good? Do you think the makeup department used mystic tan on his facial hair, too? I like the lighter look of it.

Is it 2010 yet?

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

"You're playing a legitimate hero, you know? I think it's an honour to do that."I like it!
I'm anxious for the fight scenes!
I love the first photo. The eyes of Jake is perfect!

Dr. Parnassus has distributor in Brazil. Sony is responsible for the film here!

UltraViolet said...

Jake does look incredible, Extra.

And FL, the frames are supersize - maybe that's it :)

I like that quote, too, Monica. And good news on Dr, Parnassus. I hope it gets a US distributor soon.

sheba baby said...

Sigh, I never get tired of looking at these pictures of Jake, he looks so yummy!! I will be picking up this issue once it hits the newsstsands.

I can't wait until he starts doing PR for Pop and of course when Pop hits the big screen next year!

shondra said...

'So long as there is just one man, you can't kill us all...'"

I love that line! Too bad Pop had to be pushed back to 2010, I don't know if I can wait that long anymore with all the teases abd tidbits! Disney should be at this year's Comic Con pushing this big time and that meas Jake as well!

Anonymous said...

Comes out exactly one year today :-)

paula said...

One year from today? Perfect timing for this post UV!!

This movie is going to be awesome, can't wait! Love the first photo too monica.

bobbyanna said...

Gotta love this Chris Hewitt at the Empire Magazine link!
He describes the trailer snippet on YouTube:" Jake's rock-hard, tasty abs and dreamy puppy-dog eyes..." Then gets all mixed up, finally calling them "Jake's rock hard tasty eyes and his dreamy puppy dog abs..." It's OK. I totally understand, Chris.

I am certain of only one thing. Byt the time they REALLY start rolling out photos and trailers and video clips, by April of 2010, I will definitely be on heart medication...:)

Anonymous said...

That man is beyond sexy, love the post!

Loooks like Sean Penn and his wife Robin were at that Memorial day party as well:

lawgoddess said...

I'm eager for the article, too, although some of the quotes are a bit confusing.

If we have to wait a whole year for The Prince, I hope there is lots of publicity.

Thank you for the info, you guys are great.

sag actor said...

And no studio is better than gearing up than Disney IMO, can't wait!!!

JakeFan said...

"Loooks like Sean Penn and his wife Robin were at that Memorial day party as well."

I think Robin is to good for him.

Looking forward to PoP. :)

chica said...

What a great post to come home to, what a crappy day at work and even crappier weather!

Jake does look yummy, can't wait to read the whole interview. If any of the posters from the UK get a hold of the copy, please let us all know!

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!
Brothers is in the list of The Envelope for Oscar 2010I found an interview with Jim Sheridan:

Jim Sheridan InterviewSS: What is it about?

JS: It’s about the affect of the Afghan war on an American family. It’s got Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, and a man who’s in Ireland at the minute, Sam Shepard, who’s amazing in the movie, great actor, and great fun to work with. They were all fun to work with; they were all easy to work with.

Anonymous said...

thanks monica thats good news cant wait to see brothers

josie said...

Makeup dept. or mystic tan FL, whatever it is he looks hot! Thanks for posting the bits of the article, can't wait to read the whole interview.

Thanks for the link monica, I hope Lionsgate really pushes Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Sam Shepherd is a fine actor, but I can't think which role he'd play in Brothers,that would garner Oscar notice. I do think when they speak of Oscar notice they are talking about Toby. If this stays true to the original, he has some very dramatic scenes. Unless they've beefed up Jake's role and changed his character, he isn't part of that discussion.

sag actor said...

Sam Shepherd plays the father in Brothers. I read the script and I don't think his role is Oscar bait. They seem to be mentioning Tobey and Natalie as leads in a few places and the film and Sheridan , but not Jake but he may get pushed for SA if Brothers gets Oscar buzz.

The script is pretty much the same as the original.

OT: A clip from Dr. Parnassus with Heath:

agent_krycek said...

Jake's role is certainly less dramatic then Toby;s, judging by the original, but requires some pretty subtile acting - so could be in the running for a supporting spot (don;t want to say anymore without going into spoiler territory)

I expect the real PoP push to start at around December/New Year, lots of mentions in Coming Soon features for 2010

Sheba said...

Got my copy of the Empire mag. Basically, the quote by Jake is in the post. Its very short but sweet. I can scan and send it to you guys on Monday but if you can't wait, Wet Dark and Wild has a copy of the scan. Nonew pictures but the artwork is superb. I can imagine what the other artwork will inspire.

It does get you excited for 2010.

Anonymous said...

The quote was short and sweet sheba, can't wait until 2010!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks so much for the report, Sheba. I was hoping there would be more to the story than that, but I guess it's early still.

In "late" news, Playlistreports on the December Brothers release.

The only new piece of info as far as I can see is the claim that in test screenings, one of the characters - not named - wasn't liked as much as tptb wanted:

A source tells us the film received stellar scores at screen tests last summer and was scheduled for release Christmas 2008, but the window was missed, presumably because of editing tinkering (test scores were largely positive, but one character wasn't like as much as producers hoped), money (the Relativity deal), and the fact the picture has Iraq-war connections, which has proven to be box-office poison, so clearly they've been trying to calibrate the correct pitch. Essentially, there's been a lot of careful planning rather than rushing the release just because it was shot and ostensibly completed.
I think we can safely say no one involved in this can be accused of hurrying the promotion or release. Now might be the time to see some of that!

Vicky said...

Thanks for the link UV, from what I read on IMDB and the Natalie Portman board I think it was Toby's character that some had problems with.

btw did you get my email?.

Anonymous said...

I rem. an early comment about a screening and saying the Jake & Natalie scenes were the best received.

extra said...

Thanks for the link/update UV, I think Toby's character is the one they are talking about.

I really haven't seen Deacon and Ava together with Reese in a while and boy are they turning into clones of their Mom! I see some Ryan, but as theyget older it's more Reese IMO:

agent_krycek said...

Without saying too much, but having seen the original, and if my one gripe with it hasn't been resolved, i.e. a better impression of time passed, then I could see it being Toby's character the one the audience found less then sympathetic.

BTW, O/T Well done to the fabulous Diversity who won Britian Got Talent tonight - awesome routine boys!

Jake Fan said...

There are many more pictures of Reese with Ava and Deacon. Her children are beautiful, they could be child models.


brothers said...

So what if Tobey´s character was not likeable throughout the whole film? It is called "life" - people are not always good or bad. But it is Hollywood - the Hero can´t do anything wrong.

Lets hope they did not edit everything interesting and thought provoking out of the film....

chica said...

Diversity's win over Boyle was a surprise AK, just like the Kris win over Adam on AI!

I hope they didn't edit anything thought provoking too BS, reading that I remember some comments about Tobey's character from some who went to a screening over on IMDB.

I have a friend that works at the Blue Hill in the Village in NY and she is over the moon over the President and the First Lady dining there before the play!

ihj said...

Full scan of the empire article:

Anonymous said...

I think Jake and Reese may have found a place to hang out w/o paps bothering them. They have been spotted in E. L.A./silverlake/Glendale area all month, here is another twitter sighting of Jake, there was an earlier one of him and Atticus ealier at Intellingesta where zjake and Reese were spotted a few weeks back:

hollygabrielson: Jake gyllenhaal just walked past me in Atwater Village and neglected to mistake me for Reese Witherspoon. Prick.

A lot of students at UCLa hang out in that area as well and Reese has been practicing softball there.

I guess the paps are too lazy to make the trip!

suvee said...

Oh boy, an Atticus sighting...... I like knowing that the big guy is out and about with daddy. And the Atwater Village twitter sighting cracked me up. Thanks, anon 6:13!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for all the updates and links, just catching up! Can't wait for Pop and for Jake to start doing PR for Brothers and Pop,hope the Dec. date for Brothers is correct!!

Reese's children are beautiful.

The twitter sigthing is too funny!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why this makes me so sad:

. . After 30 years the divorce of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal's parents -- screenwriter Naomi Foner and director Stephen Gyllenhaal -- has them selling their Martha's Vineyard home in Chilmark. It's up for $1.6 mil.

sass said...

Morning babblers,
Once more a wonderful send off to Radiation. TY:)
Ah Jake... triumphs and sadness...God Bless you Jake.
love you all,

upstate said...

It is sad about the sale of the home in MV but not surprising.

The family vacations in Upstate NY too so they still have a place to go and have some peace, quiet and privacy.

bobbyanna said...

Even without the divorce the Gyllenhaal parents are at a trasitional age. The kids are grown up and might want to start their own traditions. The house is small. The economy is bad.

Lots of people are having financial difficulties, so a house that's probably only used a very few weeks out of the year is an extravagance. Even if they rented it out, it would still need to be maintained.

Sad to let go of happy memories, but there will be new happy memories. As we speak.:)

get real said...

Thanks for all the info everyone.

I am sad but not surprised to hear of Jake's parents selling their MV home.

Chica, how awesome that your friend works at Blue Hill where the Obama's had dinner. My brother lived right next door for years. So, I too was over the moon that they chose that restaurant. I can't imagine what it was for your friend! Lucky her!!

UltraViolet said...

{{Sass!!}} Sorry I missed you this morning.

Slow days around here. We need some more PoP advance promo. Or better yet, some Brothers hype!

Vicky - I sent you an e-mail. Thanks and sorry I didn't see your e-mail fast enough.

I'm intrigued by this Blue Hill restaurant. We have Blue Hills near where I grew up :)

sheba baby said...

The news about the house in MV is not surprising but still sad.

Here is an update on The Untitled Moon Project. It has a name now: Luna:

You can download the script. I hope the script rewrite turns out a lot better than what's described because there is nothing new here and doesn't sound interesting IMO.


Narcissa said...

The sale of the house is particularly sad as Jake once said that MV is his favourite place. However.... that does not mean that he can's still go there, either buying his own place or renting. And keeping in touch with friends there.

Neither the moon thing nor the Namath thing do anything for me.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I was going to say the same thing about the house in MV Narcissa, he has friends there and he can always rent or buy a place there if he wants. It's still a bit sad though...

The Moon movie , now called Luna sounded interesting at first but if it resembles anything like what I just read at that site, then I have no interest.

I didn't bother to download the script since it's going through another re-write.

Hi Sass!!

InBruges said...

As it is currently described, Jake sounds a bit old for this role in this Luna movie. Soon he will begin preparing for the musical. Does anyone know when they will begin?

I am weary of waiting for his movies. I hope we can count on Brothers for December. Of course there will be much of publicity for the Prince of Persia.Wouldn't it be great for his trailers to fill the screens this winter?

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

Natalie Portman and Jim Sheridan:

IN CONVERSATIONI hope that his performance is good and believe it.

Happy see you, Sass!

Anonymous said...

Katie Holmes has been taking dancing classes for weeks. Could she be involved with Jake's musical?

shondra said...

I doubt it anon., Damn Yankees doesn't even have a script yet. Speaking of scripts, the Luna script and description sounds like it's geared to a younger audience and I can't picture Jake in the lead. Hopefully the new script is s lot better.

Thanks for the link Monica, it sounds like there may have been a problem with Sheridan and Jake regarding Jake's character, I will have to listen to it again.

Good to sse you Sass!

Anonymous said...

Do rem. too Jim Sheridan had said it was easy working with all the actors on "Brothers" an earlier interview said what a good time it was (or comment like it) working on the movie.
If anyone saw Jarhead then seems to me Jake was able to have anger and he portrayed all types of feelings. There might be some specific scenes in "Brothers" that were difficult to do but don't feel it was a "whole movie" problem. There's not any actor anywhere who has happily gone along with every scene they were to play.
Jake, tho, always seems to know after each movie he has learned more about acting.
Am sure there will be no problem with his performance.

bobbyanna said...

Finally listened to Sheridan's interview. Wouldn't play for me yesterday. I got the impression it was more a question of interpretation and style, but not a serious conflict between Sheridan and Jake. Sheridan says in the interview, with a lot of American families the conflict is beneath the surface. Hidden. He had Jake's character losing his temper and yelling at his father and Jake didn't want to go there according to him. But we know Jake CAN go there.(October Sky! Jarhead, BBM.)Sheridan talked about difficulty of capturing internalized emotion on screen,visualizing the "invisible." He admitted he's a very emotional guy. (I remembered all the emotional scenes in "America.") Anyway, I didn't see it as a negative thing at all. It sounded like it was all part of the process. When he said he liked the realism of documentaries better then fiction I understood where he was going.
I think.:)

Anyway, thanks for linking to it.

shondra said...

I went back and listened to the interview again . It sounded like it was a interpetation of a different style as you have pointed out Bobbyanna. And yes Jake has Gone there in several of his movies.

It sounds like it was an intense experience and I'm looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.

get real said...

I totally agree with you, Bobbyanna, re Jake and Jim Sheridon's working relationship and Jim's comments in this interview.

Thank you for the link, Monica!

UltraViolet said...

The brief snippet was more annoying than illuminating. I'd love to know what Sheridan means, but Natalie Portman doesn't engage him at all.

We know Jake can do anger - maybe even better or more realistically than he should (Jarhead). So did he not feel it was appropriate for the character or did he just not want to go there again personally?

Sheridan says it's not part of Jake's schema, but we know that's not true from Jake's history (Jarhead, Good Girl, e.g.).

Hopefully when the movie comes out, real interviewers will be able to delve more deeply.

bobbyanna said...

You're right UV. Not only didn't Natalie engage him and ask good questions, She actually laughed
inappropriately when he was talking about his own brother!

Narcissa said...

I'll watch it later. In the meantime, check this out!

chica said...

The interview was a bit lacking, Natalie didn't probe too deep. Remembering one scene in particular in Jarhead proves that Jake can do anger.

I think Jake likes to be challenged, he has had "clashes" with directors before and look at the results!

UV & Get real: My firend and the waitstaff at the Blue hill are still buzzing!

Narcissa said...

And Reese might be working with Jack Nicholson.

Amazing what a blogsearch brings up!

paula said...

I couldn't access that link Narcissa!

I heard about Nicholson joining the new Brooks movie with Reese, Bill Murray was in talks earlier.

Jack worked with Brooks in Terms of Endearment and As Good as it Gets!

Anonymous said...

Given the type of movies she generally puts out, still, she has worked with some very accomplished actors.

Anonymous said...

It would of been nice if Jake could of also been there with the Sheridan interview and they could of talked about the way they approached the scene. Jake maybe felt it would of been better a different way. He does make his thoughts known as to how he feel things should be. He likes to do that - a give and take - you learn things that way.
Rem. Sam Mendes comment on the Jarkhead DVD - I hold Jake in the highest regard.

Anonymous said...

I know...Jarhead...

Fan said...

According to WDW Jake will star with the lovely Anne Hathaway in "LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS". :)

Anonymous said...

Something must be wrong with my browser. I went to WDW and clicked on the link for the Anne/Jake movie, TNMC and the link is missing! I also clicked on Narcissa's link above and got the same message, it's the same site.

I googled the site and and found it but I could not find it!

josie said...

I'm not finding this at all on the site:, the link narcissa provided isn't working.

I googled the film tittle, Anne, Jake, and Zwick and the only thing that comes up is the WDW post.

I would love for it to be true, I love Anne but I would like to hear an official announcement from Variety or the H. Reporter.

Anonymous said...

yea i saw the post from wdw site says filming is to start sept 21 09 hope its true

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

I hope that is true! Jake and Anne has a great chemistry together!

Anne Hathaway is taking singing lessons with the teacher Marianne Lee in NY. I think it's for the film about Judy Garland.

bobbyanna said...

I read somewhere AH was doing Tokyo Suckerpunch, based on a graphic novel, with Toby Maguire.
Thought it was shooting around the same time, but could be wrong.I'd love to see Anne/Jake again.

Earlier, I cited October Sky, bcz Sheridan specifically mentioned the character arguing with his parents or his family, or something. I remembered that powerful scene with Chris Cooper.

I don't get too concerned about reports of differences. Actors and directors have to collaborate. They usually have different ideas about the character,but they usually work it out.

Plus, I sometimes believe directors like to assert themselves in interviews, as the guy who's getting that great performance out of an actor.

josie said...

The story was deleted from the site but someone posted the dead linkon Jake, Anne and Zwick's IMDB page, weird!!

I hope it's true and the reason for the deletion was because the news was a bit premature.

PS: The person that posted the info on IMDB also posted film news on N. Cage and E. Mendes IMDB page as well so I assume that person is involved with that site.

I wouldn't worry to much about Sheridan's comments regarding Jake and Brothers, sounds more like a difference in how the character should express his emotions IMO.

Little Bird said...

looks like Jake's in New york. From twitter

"Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhal dining next to us at Waverly - they are adorable!"

Anonymous said...

Someone else is reporting it, from twitter

prodweek: Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway to star in "Love & Other Drugs," based on the novel "Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Saleman"

but if you go to their main site no link.

chica said...

New York? I'll have tokeep my eye out! Meanwhile another Jake movie rumor. Another movie based on a broadway musical, Rock of Ages:

"If you've ever fantasized about Jake Gyllenhaal rocking out to Whitesnake while swinging his mullet, you may just get your wish. A source tells us the "Brokeback Mountain" star is neck and neck with Zac Efron to play the lead in the big-screen version of Broadway's "Rock of Ages."

I thoughr Zak didn't want to do anymore musicals that's why he dropped out of Footlose?

chica said...

I saw that too anon. but yet again no link. All I can think of is that they are in negotiations and that site reported the news too soon.

Time will tell.

minnie mouse said...

Anyone living in Anaheim can check out exclusive footage from Prince of Persia and other Disney flicks in September:

The Annie/Jake movie sounds intriguing but the info at both sites were deleted!

Anonymous said...

The link seems to be working now.

sag actor said...

You're right about Anne doing Tokoyo Suckerpunch with Tobey Bobbyanna and I think filming was supposed to start in September but who knows if that info is correct.

Thanks for the link anon!

extra said...

Another blog mentionig the Jake/Annie movie although they are just repeating from production weekly:

I would love to see Jake and Annie on the big screen again!

Rock of Ages? Um, no thank you!

Anonymous said...

No pictures of Jake since May 25th and none of Reese since June 1st.

shondra said...

Well if the twitter sighting is correct then they are both in NY, well they were yesterday.

I hope the rumor about the movie with Annie is true,I adore her!!

Rock of ages sounds lame.

Anonymous said...

According to someone on twitter Reese has an Avon event today in New York.

Anonymous said...

OT: David Carradine forund dead in Bangkok, apparent suicide:


office of nancy pelosi said...

Dear God, that is such horrible and sad news. May he rest in peace.

Fan said...

I hope "Love And Other Drugs" will be realized.

I love Jake and Anne together. :)

sheba baby said...

That is very sad news about David Carradine.


First Boston lost out and now Philidelphia. Reese's new movie will bs e filming in DC this summer. Sounds like a lot of college and HS students will be working as extras and in production as part of a Summer youth program, which is cool!:

Anyone here that lives in the DC area keep your eyes open!

That twitter sighting of J&R in NY yesterday, she has an Avon event in NY today. I wonder if they both will head off to DC after? They say filming in DC starts next week.

I have my fingers crossed for the Anne and Jake film! I can't see Zac and Jake competeing for the same role and especially not that one.

need to get a life said...

Jake and Reese's trip to NY as per Twitter, Reese is in NY for an Avon event:

smj8234: I am so fashion foward that I shop in the same store as Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. Dress is secured!
about 1 hour ago from mobile web

JLynnePR: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhal dining next to us at Waverly - they are adorable!
about 21 hours ago from mobile web · Reply · View Tweet

lhjBeautyGal: Got a fragrance tip from Reese Witherspoon: apply perfume to your wrists and your hair.
about 5 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

CRez: The one day I'm out of the office, who shows up? JAKE GYLLENHAAL! So not fair....
about 4 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

JeffLassiter: Just passed Jake Gyllenhaal on w 26th and he said 'nice shirt' lol
about 5 hours ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

tomcrabtree: I just met Jake Gyllenhaal. Nice guy.
about 6 hours ago from DestroyTwitter · Reply · View Tweet

get real said...

Squeee, they are in NYC!!!!

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

Book: Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman

It's much more interesting than I thought.
I have my fingers crossed for Love and Others Drugs!

bobbyanna said...

I'd love to see Jake in some sexy smart romantic comedies!

Dang! Wish I was in NYC!

OT: I think it's wonderful to have a President of the United States who's so intelligent and articulate. I was very impressed with his speech in Cairo. I feel like he and Hillary are the perfect team to deal with all the international problems and crises they inherited. Both of them operate on a level the previous administration couldn't begin to understand. OK. I'm done.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I loved the President's speech at the Univ. of Cairo too bobbyanna. He chose the perfect Secretary of State IMO.

This current movie/rumor regarding Jake sounds A bit like Nailed to me which is fine because I read the script for Nailed and really liked it, now if it only will get a legit release date!

extra said...

Speaking of New York:

"My daily highlight was when Carrie B. came out to warn us that Jake Gyllenhaal would be coming into the office. Naturally, an office composed of females, everyone began squealing and applying make-up. When he entered, you could hear a pin drop. He was gorgeous (duh), and donned a fedora. He was incredibly friendly, saying hi to us all, and comically commented on the unusual silence of the office. We creeped on him until he left, naturally.

It sounds like it may have been a business trip for both Jake and Reese since she was there for Avon and it looks like Jake had appointments/meetings with PR types.

extra said...

I meant to say a business and pleasure trip for both.

If there are no more twitter/blog sightings of them in NY today, I bet Reese and Jake are either in DC or Philly for the begginning of filming of her movie.

I'm a bit confused on where they are filming but it sounds like most of it will be filmed in DC and part in Philly. I don't expect Jake to be there the whole time of course but I expect him to visit along with her kids since most of the filming will take place during the Summer.

bobbyanna said...

He might be getting ready for the roll out of PoP. Maybe they "unveiled" his PoP action figure! :)

I'm sulking right now. My youngest child just twittered me she saw Hamlet in London...with Jude Law.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a business meeting except for the knit cap, LOL!:

"Meanwhile at Balthazar, a knit cap-wearing Jake Gyllenhaal arrived for a late breakfast with three distinguished gents.

From twitter, I assume this was an encounter and it has something to do with Avon?

oolala, reese witherspoon you surely understand fragrance
about 2 hours ago from web

Since the sightings and twitters are from NY we can assume they are both still there.

The Avon event sounds like some kind of conference for Avon reps and women in the PR/magazine business based on the twits, just a guess. It sounds like Jake hd some business meetings.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jake went to the meetings with her and waited in another area and all the people in the office went crazy. I know I would. I would be, like really crazy if he was just there hanging around. I would want to talk to him but I would be too embarrased to. I would just die.

Anonymous said...

There, there. :)

chica said...

Looks like Jake is getting around a lot in NY these past few days!

I just hope he din't forget his umbrella, it's been raining all day here and the last few days have been crappy.

He has been to Balthazar before.

FluorescentLamp said...

He has been to Balthazar before.

Yes he has, hasn't he... in equally craptastic weather. :)

suvee said...

....and comically commented on the unusual silence of the office.

I can't tell you how endearing I think that is. :)

Love all the twitter sightings that so many of you are passing along. Muchas gracias!

UltraViolet said...

Hello, all. Been busy attending my college reunion. It's been fun to see all the Jake sightings but disappointing not to get any pics. Off for one last day of fun and nostalgia. Maybe Jake will emerge today!

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Looks like J&R are still in NY according to twitter:

thenotoriousmeg: Saw reese witherspoon and jake g at balthazar adorable!
3 minutes ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

Anonymous said...

I guess he wasn't impressed!:

falameufilho: Just saw jake gyllenhaal and reese whiterspoon at the moma store soho. I never see a celebrity that I care about.
5 minutes ago from Gravity · Reply · View Tweet

Anonymous said...

Another Anon.
So why did the person who isn't impressed by most (it sounds like) celebrities even think to write about it - as they mean nothing.

stalking j&r said...

2 twitters of a solo Reese shopping in Soho and Jake and Reese near Central park. I think they stayed at that hotel before when they were in NY for Rendition:

vintagetimmy: Reese whitherspoon shopping in SoHo. Was wondering why there were so many paparazzi on this street. Thought it was for me. =) oh darn.
8 minutes ago from twidroid

judykang: Just passed jake gyllenhaal and reese witherspoon at columbus circle. Prob staying at the mandarin hotel. They r cute

bobbyanna said...

These Twitters are hilarious. Like they are tracking Jake and Reese! :)

There are bound to be pictures soon. They certainly aren't hiding!

Hope you're having a great time at your reunion, UV.

ihj said...

Jake and Reese shopping in SOHO, not happy campers:

chica said...

Pictures finally, unfortunately they are not too pleased, especially Jake.

I know exactly where they were shopping today. The last twitter had them at their hotel, hopefully they are in for the night or away from the paps for now.

Thanks for thr heads up ihj!

FluorescentLamp said...

New post with pics.