Sunday, May 17, 2009

"What is this?"

It's movie time. It's going to be a gray Sunday here. Perfect weather for a Jake Gyllenhaal marathon. Of course, we all have all of Jake's flicks, so here are some rare videos from The Vault. Pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

First up is a hilarious interview from the promotion for The Day After Tomorrow:

I think that's the only time I've ever heard Jake mention his uncle.

Present day - not funny at all. Brief clip of Jake and Reese arriving at LAX from Europe:

Back to the vault for a snippet of an interview with Jake and Mary McDonnell, aka Mrs. Darko:

You just get to see Jake briefly (but more clearly) at the beginning of this one and hear him at the end:

Such a tease. I'd love to see that whole interview!

Now it's 2005 and Jake's in Maui and the Arctic Circle, as seen on Entertainment Tonight:

Flash forward to the present - because who can ever see enough of this clip?

Happy viewing!


sheba said...

Hey UV, it just so happens that I have some popcorn left over from yesterday's trip to the cinema. That was a veritable treat of a smorgasboard of Jake on a rainy horrible day. Thank you ma'am.

I did utter a few expletives at the end of the second video.... sounded like tucking mustards :o(

Jake's eyes are so beautiful and huge, makes me wanna........ ...... er.... hug him.

About his humongous head, I'm thankful that it is only the size and not his ego (at least he doesn't appear to have a big one)the he refers to.... his humongous head is amazing especially on the big screen where I'm so waiting patiently *NOT* to see it again. I love that head.

Thanks for new Jake info xx

paula said...

More Jake videos, thanks UV!! Ha, Jake and his large noggin, he has talked about it before and the difficulty in gettig hats to fit properly.

His eyes are big and beautiful Sheba, sigh.

Epic fail at humor via TMZ, asswipes.

sheba said...

You said that so eloquently Paula :DD

paula said...

I despise most gossip sites but TMZ is one of the worst as far as i'm concerned Sheba.

Thanks again UV for the Jake video marathon ,it's a bright spot on a grey and gloomy day!

bobbyanna said...

These are really cute, UV.

"Have you ever been to Minnesota?"
had me laughing outloud. The look on his face was priceless!!!

And thinking of applying for Disability for the size of his head!

chica said...

These videos are such a treat(except the TMZ one morons), and yes I think that may have ben the only time Jake has mentioned his Uncle!

Love the DD clips,I wonder what has happened to Mary McDonell?

suvee said...

Loved the TDAT interview...... it's definitely prime goofball Jake. "What is this.... Maury Povich?!" - the look on his face is priceless. :)

And about his big head.... honestly, if he never mentioned it, I doubt I ever would have noticed. It looks fine to me!

Our big Friday rain has moved on and it's a gorgeous day here. I'm off to finish planting all my impatiens. Have a great Sunday, everyone.

FluorescentLamp said...

Of course, we all have all of Jake's flicks, >

I must be a very bad fan. :( I own only 7 Jake movies. Would love to get my hands on Jake's scenes in Josh and S.A.M. however.

Nice treat today. Thanks, UV.

Anonymous said...

Adorable baseball pictures of Reese with Deacon on justjared! He's taller, more little boyish. He's also wearing longer hair.

office of nancy pelosi said...

The TDAT video is too funny!! Is Maury Povich still on the air?

You are right Suvee about him mentioning his big head, he has mentioned it before but it looks OK to me!

The Jake videos that are missing from my collection are Highway and Lovely and Amazing, Homegrown and Bubble boy.

UltraViolet said...

Glad folks are enjoying our Jake marathon :) And I was just kidding about everyone having all of Jake's movies. I have everything from October Sky on.

Epic fail is right, Paula. The TMZ "banter" is even more inane than usual. And the parting shot is just embarrassing. If you're going to make a lame joke, at least get the phrasing right.

And yes, the TDAT interview is epic goofball Jake. If I were any good at photoshop, I'd pair the interviewer and Jake in their red shirts.

Instead, I just posted Jake :)

I've never been all that crazy about that shirt, though Jake looks great in the picture.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, sorry, forgot to ask Sheba if you saw anything good at the movies.

I'm dying to go to the movies but there's nothing I really want to see.

Also, big hugs to Sass, who stopped by yesterday. I forgot to say howdy. Hope movie day brings a smile.

We know you'll never really give up Jake, Sass :)

extra said...

Good Morning Mineapolis, Ha, ha!!! I love it, classic goofball Jake. Love the ET clip, never saw that before either, great finds UV!

Agree on the TMZ clip, they actually thik they are funny.

The weather is bit crappy here as well, the videos posted are helping to put me in a better mood!

Anonymous said...

Good movies? Star Trek. It can get "loud" but there's actually a character driven story and just fun all around. As has been said in many reviews - it's not just for Star Trek fans.
Mary McDonald was on Grey's Anatomy this past season. She was a regular on Battlestar Gallactia. Had read where she was very good and a popular character.

Would like to think when Jake & Reese were in the car & away from the paps they suddenly broke into laughter because of the inane things they were hearing.

Anonymous said...

Mary McDonnell was in those two shows I just mentioned too...ha.

Anonymous said...

New pics on IHJ of Jake with Deacon, sweet.

chica said...

Thanks for the update on M. McDonnell anon. !!

Those are cute pics of Jake and Deacon although I assume thw 2nd coffee was for Reese!

sheba said...

I have them all except homegrown and Josh and S.A.M. I can't wait to add the othe 3 to my collection.

Hey UV, I went to watch Star Trek and being a bit of a fan I was so pleased at how well they portrayed the original characters whilst adding something special to the characters. I won't spoil it for the others who haven't watched it yet (and hope you all enjoy it as much as I did) but Spock was hot and kindof sexy too. Can't seem to get him out of my head.

Good job Jake's there too fighting for my affections. Its good in my head sometimes :o)

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Sheba. Is your head also abnormally large? :) It sounds like a fun place.

I'm not a Trek fan, so I'll be skipping this one. I'm glad so many people are enjoying it, though.

And aww at Jake and Deacon. Though Jake looks decidedly displeased in the last ones.

sheba said...

Haha, the hair is big but the head's kinda small, even smaller now there's two hotties in there ;D

They've done the film so well that you don't have to be a fan or never have seen Trek before to enjoy this very good blockbuster.

Love to see Jake with Deacon. I fear that one day Jake is gonna turn around and bop one of those guys for getting in the way. The kids shouldn't have to deal with all of that. Jake looks very, very cool in all these hats.

Thanks for the unexpected fun around here today, it's been cool - just what the Dr McCoy ordered. Bedtime for me... thanks guys xx

shondra said...

I remember Jake saying that he had to have hats made especially for him for BBM. To me his head looks normal size to me! The TDAT interview is priceless, thanks!

I've seen pictures of Jake and Salma at the Artic for Global green, but not the video.

No comment regarding the TMZ video.

I saw Star Trek last week and loved it! I'm a big Trek fan and it didn't dissapoint. On the other hand I wasted my $$$ on Angels & Demons, not as bad as the Da Vinci code but that's not saying much.

The picsof Jake and Deacon are adorable, Deacon has gotten so big.

bobbyanna said...

Last night we saw Angels & Demons.
It would have made a great SNL skit...Ealier, I'd said there was nothing out I wanted to see. I should have stuck with that conviction. :)

Today was a brilliant sunny day in Michigan, temps in the low 60's. Perfect for working in the yard, or walking, or bike-riding. I did none of the above. I meant to.

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

The first video is so funny!
I remember the interview for Jay Leno, when he talks about the size of his head and the hat special for BBM.

Thanks for the other videos.

So sweet and the pictures of Jake Deacon. Deacon is a beautiful boy!

UV, go watch Angels and Demons and enjoy of Ewan McGregor!

Anonymous said...

i saw angels and demons this weekend too very god better than the da vinci code

sag actor said...

Would love to see the full DD interview as well, I love that movie.

Thumbs up for ST and a thumbs down to A&D!

suvee said...

Awww..... seeing Jake with the kids gets me every time. Love how Deacon is chattering on to Jake about something that has caught his interest.... just being a 5 year old. And yeah, Jake is definitely in protective mode in the later pics.

Many thanks to the wonderful Stephanie!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Those are cute picures of Jake and Deacon. The pictures on IHJ say they were taken yesterday in LA but Jared says that they were taken this morning in Ojai.

Jared tends to be off sometimes so I hope the date and place (LA)on IHJ is correct. I would hate to think they are now being followed in Ojai, Jake didn't look too please in the last few photos.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure the pics of jake and deacon were from the 16 in los angeles the street look like la plus there were pics of reese and deacon taken the same day at deacon little league game

Anonymous said...

It's an area near the gated community where Reese's house is in Brentwood.

Fitzgerald Plaza said...

Just Jared had it right. Those photos were taken in Ojai. On E. Ojai Ave.

couple alert said...

• Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, having a mellow breakfast with friends at Lamill coffee boutique in L.A.'s trendy Silverlake neighborhood. After both ordering eggs, they were joined by another couple who brought their baby. "They were all very relaxed," says an onlooker. "There was a lot of laughter.",,20279283,00.html

office of nancy pelosi said...

Fitzgerald plaza: How do you know that these pictures were taken on E. Ojai Ave?

lawgoddess said...

I loved the film festival , nothing better than Jake being Jake.

I thought the pictures with Deacon were soooo adorable! Although I sure hope it doesn't get to the point where Jake won't be able to go out and do things with the kids, that would be awful.

Great post.

sheba baby said...

I never liked Jake in that red shirt either, although he has a great smile. I think because it looked too small on him.

Thanks for the Jake/video marathon, especially the TDAT interview! The photos of Jake and Deacon are beyond cute but you see him in his protective/pissed mode too.

get real said...

Awww, Jake and it!

They look so sweet together. :)

Thanks for all the great videos. Jake was so adorable and sexy with that interviewer. :p

Thanks again for all the great links, info, etc.

Fitzgerald Plaza said...

@officeofnancypelosiBecause Jake and Deacon are walking by Fitzgerald Plaza, which is on East Ojai Ave in Ojai. Look over the heads of the blond women sitting . You can see the signage.

bobbyanna said...

Well if they were in Ojai, they had some excitement, because there was a 4.something earthquake.

The important thing is Deacon looks amazing and really relaxed and happy. They both do. Jake has such ease with little kids.

Anonymous said...

Funny Jake and Reese encounter:

"Of all my many celebrity debacles though, one truly stands out. It’s my own personal Hey Jude of public humiliation. I was jogging in Hyde Park when I noticed Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon. They were with a man who appeared to be a personal trainer. Jake was doing arm bends on a park bench and Reese was jogging in place. Most celebrities are good-looking enough to make you feel like The Elephant Man, but two together makes for quite a site. Their combined beauty created a palpable glow, as if they’d both been airbrushed moments before I showed up.

UltraViolet said...

I was just about to post that, anon. It's too funny.

Thanks, eagle-eyed Fitzgerald Plaza! You should go to work for the paps, since they can never figure out where anything is!

And you're welcome, everyone, on the videos. Glad folks enjoyed them. The Good Morning, Minneapolis one still cracks me up.

And Monica - thanks for reminding me that Ewan is in Angels and Demons. I saw him on Jay Leon last week and he was so sexy and funny.

office of nancy pelosi said...

You are good Fitzgerald Plaza, thanks!

Love the J&R sighting at Hyde park anon. LOL, poor guy!

Anonymous said...

saw jamie foxx on ellen of course she asked a bout the video and he explained again how the video came about and about ron howard and jake
very funny then jamie sang the song blame on the alcohol

josie said...

Wow, a lot of catching up to do! Haven't had a chance to watch all of the videos yet except for the TDAT interview, he can be goofy and charming all at once!

Thanks or all the updates and links. LOL at that guy that ran into Jake and Reese in London, if i was Jake and Reese, my reaction would have been the same.

Love the Jake and Deacon pics although I don't like the fact that they were taken in Ojai and Jake is not amused in the last few.

Off to watch the rest of the videos....

zoom cinema said...

Finally, a scene/photo from Brothers:

sheba said...

Dans Anglais s'il vou plait... How exciting to see a new pic. More please.

extra said...

Yes, more please!! Thank you!!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, such a tease. It is nice to see a picture of Jake and Tobey together. Now if we could get a trailer...

Lemon said...

Dans Anglais s'il vou plait...En anglais, not dans =P

"A man leaves for the war and entrusts his brother to take care of his wife. But nothing occurs as expected"

"Tommy (T. Maguire) and Grace (N. Portman) make a perfect couple and are the parents of two little girls. Tommy is sent by the UN on a mission abroad and entrusts Sam (J. Gyllenhaal) his brother who just left prison, to take care of his family. When Tommy is reported missing and presumed dead, Sam and Grace get closer contrary to all expectations. Its then that Tommy returns."
Nothing particularly new and exciting.

I love that first video of Jake. His facial expressions are priceless!

chica said...

Yes!!!!! Hopefully we will start seeing a trailer soon, thanks!!!!

suvee said...

Yay.... a still from Brothers! It's been hard to remember that it is a real movie. Thanks, zoom cinema.

I read something the other day on the goldderby forum at the LA Times about Precious..... apparently this movie is Lionsgate's big Oscar hopeful, and they are really going all out to give it a "big push". My first thought when I read that was, Brothers going to be another Zodiac? Will it be sacrificed by Lionsgate because they are convinced that Precious is their potential award darling?

Of course, it remains to be seen just how good a movie Brothers will be, but I am extremely hopeful!

sheba baby said...

Oh happy day, a glimpse of Brothers. FINALLY!

I have heard about Lionsgates push for Precious too Suvee. I saw the trailer for Precious and it is powerful and disturbing. I'ts getting all kinds of raves at Cannes.

Hopefully there is room for both Brothers and Precious on Lionsgates slate to push come Oscar time.

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

Finally the first official photo of Brothers!
Thank you, zoom cinema!

I hope the trailer is released soon!

Anonymous said...

I think Jake and Toby would still be in the running. Precious had a very big push at Cannes. It does make me nervous, too. I couldn't be in that line of work.

sag actor said...

Nice shot of Jake and Tobey, wish there was more. Hopefully we will get a trailer for this film soon.

sheba said...

Thanks for the translation and the french lesson Lemon... I'm a little rusty :o)

UltraViolet said...

Slow day around here! This is a cute Jake and Reese sighting:

Susan Feniger – of City Restaurant, Ciudad and Border Grill fame – opened The Street (restaurant) on Highland and Melrose last month, and it has a large outdoor seating area, as well as an indoor one – and is open and serving food from around the world till at least 11 PM – hard to find hours these days. The food is modeled on street food from India, China, Malaysia and all around the world – and the cocktail selection is equally exotic. But maybe even cooler than the smart well-informed waiters, casual environment, cool crowd and outdoor seating – was the spotting of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon dining there. What a cool sighting – they were holding hands and laughing, and no one bothered them at all – but everyone knew they were there. It’s very fun to hang there late-night.