Saturday, June 6, 2009

If it's Twitter it must be Manhattan

As Twitter goes, so go Jake and Reese in SoHo on Saturday.

Jake showing off his new Stefan Janoski Nike Zoom Dunks, purchased just yesterday. And how do I know that? Because DQM was kind enough to tweet the same.

And showing off their new NYC bodyguard.

And finally, since it seems to be taking over life as we know it, this coming week Time Magazine has a cover story on the Twitter phenom. It's a great read.

More pics of Jake looking annoyed at the paps can be found on IHJ.


UltraViolet said...

Yay, photos, finally. And Jake is smiling in some of the later ones on IHJ.

And I guess they went to the theater tonight! Hope they are enjoying their NYC sojourn.

Thanks for the post, FL. I'll have to check out the Time story. Twitter certainly has taken over the celeb sighting world. As someone said, Gawker Stalker who?

Lemon said...

I like his trainers, or what I can see of them anyway. I really dislike that dress Reese is wearing (it looks like something my granny dear would choose). They both look great otherwise.

I really don't understand twitter and I'm the computer generation. Nor do I understand the need to constantly tell people what you're doing/seeing/eating/drinking/thinking. Could we get any more narcissistic! What happened to keeping some mystery?

office of nancy pelosi said...

Yeah the paps finally caught up with them. According to twitter they saw God of Carnage and they ate at Marlowe and Sons in Williamsburg Brooklyn, i'm sure they enjoyed a pap free evening!

I don't like her dress either, looks like something my Granny would wear as you said Lemon!

Twitter is a bit much for me and a pain in the ass to keep up with. tzhanks for the pics FL and the link to the Time article!

bobbyanna said...

I don't mind the dress. Guess I'm just glad to see pictures. Wonder why Jake's hair is so long? Movie role??

The only thing at all useful about Twitter has been spotting Jake.:)

Aren't the Tony Awards tonight?
Williamsburg in Brooklyn? That makes me smile for some reason.

Thanks for posting these , FL.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

I have a Twitter, but don't understand all this success. It's an obsession.

The hair is big, but beautiful.

get real said...

OMG, they went to the theatre yesterday?!? I went to a matinee (a great TONY nominated show, Rock of Ages) and I can't believe I missed them! :/

Glad to see them around the city though and finally have some pics. :)

It was great weather yesterday and today is the same. Hope they stay in town for a little bit so I can see them!

suvee said...

Glad to finally see some photos! And peeved or not, I think he looks mighty good.

And seriously, more new shoes?!? Believe me, I am not criticizing him.... I am a shoeaholic (sp?) myself. I wonder if his quirk isn't a quasi OCD thing about his shoes needing to be clean and not worn out looking? Or, he just really likes shoes. :)

chica said...

Hope they stay in town a bit too get real! Annoyed or not, i'm glad we finally are seeing pics after all the twitting!

Williamsburg is turning into the newest hip place to live, a bit like SOHO.

I'll read the Time article on twitting later, thanks!

extra said...

I think that guy is probably their driver not their bodyguard. Jake looks more like one the way he is protecting Reese and his response to the paps! He looks good but pissed and i like the style of her dress but not the pattern.

Speaking of twitter they are no longer in NY but Miami!!!

Anonymous said...

How can I follow the twitters about Jake? I just joined Twitter but it is strange.

FluorescentLamp said...

Heh, extra, I saw that tweet as well. Someone obviously ooops'ed at that radio station. I suggest reading glasses...Marni (in Soho)...Miami...yeah it's the same thing. :D

FluorescentLamp said...

Anon @11:14 - There's a search box on your Twitter homepage.

lawgoddess said...

He doesn't look happy, but he looks good!

Thanks for updating us, FL.

I think Jake loves New York.

extra said...

Ok, I caught that FL, they used a pic of them in SOHO and posted it on their site. Marni, Miami?? LOL!!

Twitter can be a bit addictive I have to say.

I hope they had a better time at the theater and at dinner.

Monica said...

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal leaving the theatre after watching God of Carnage
New York City, USA


bobbyanna said...

Wandered around the WENN site and some pictures show Reese shopping "alone," with that tall friend of Jake's who looks sort of like Adam Levine. I think. He's wearing a white t-shirt.

God of Carnage was nominated for a lot of Tonys. So was Billy Eliot.

sheba baby said...

Twitter is maddening and addictive, thanks for the pics and the link to the Time article.

I think his last name is Katz bobbyanna and he does look like Adam Levine!

He was with Jake and Reese shopping in Venice, CA in the beggining of the year.

Thanks for the link monica! Carnage of God is the odds favorite to win best play tonight.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, sheba! I think this is that same guy who was pictured some time ago, walking along the beach with Jake on a windy, chilly day, and Jake was hugging his Boo puggle. (sigh.)

josie said...

Hope they enjoyed the play, I hear that James Gandolfini is amazing in Carnage of God. I wonder if they are still in NY they will attend the Tony's??

According to the last twitter of them, they were in Brooklyn last night, if they still are I would think they are enjoying the day pap free. They probably have friends there as well as family of course.

He does looked pissed/concerned in the latest photos and i can't blame him.

Matthew Frost-Katz is his name Sheba/bobbyanna, a longtime friend of Jake's and was his assisiatnt for a bit I think. There are pics of him, Jake and Kiki together in NY years back and pics of him and Jake and now of Reese now.

Monica said...

According to the last twitter of them, they were in Brooklyn last night, if they still are I would think they are enjoying the day pap free. They probably have friends there as well as family of course.

Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger?

josie said...

Maggie (although she is in the UK filming at the moment), Peter, Ramona, cousins and other relatives and of course Michele and Matilda. Jake and Reese were spotted in Williamsburg last night and they have been spotted there before. I would think that Jake has tons of friends and family in the NY area.

And as much as i enjoy the photos of them, I hope they can avoid them on the rest of their visit in NY.

Anonymous said...

The name of the play is God of Carnage?

Monica said...

Here: God of Carnage

Great cast!

Anonymous said...

Hope Davis was in Proof with Jake.(Gwyneth Paltrow's sister) Ann Hathaway will be at the Tonys.
Maybe Jake or Reese will do something, who knows. It hasn't been reported, though.

I think there's more paparrazzis around when there's an awards show, or events that brings in lots of celebrities. Jake and Reese have been in town for a few days before this weekend when they started getting attention.

The photographers feature more younger celebrities now. Jake and Reese are still huge,though.

stalking J&R via twitter said...

From twitter:

Kristin4233: Just saw Jake and Reese!
about 3 hours ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

PageInNYC: Shopping in meatpacking: just saw Reese W. and Jake G. walking out of Y3
about 3 hours ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

stalking J and R via twitter said...

That should be J&R, too much beer!

Monica said...

J&R Leaving A Restaurant:

UltraViolet said...

You beat me to it - I was just coming here to post those. Thanks, Monica.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm exhausted from reminiscing and reun-ing. Oh, and drinking.

And I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. Boo.

shondra said...

I hope you enjoyed your reunion UV!

It looks like the paps caught up with Jake and Reese again and he looks even more pissed then he did yesterday, sigh. He looks good though and she looks relaxed and compfy even though she looks as pissed as he does.

I heard great things about God of Carnage, good luck tonight to the cast at the Tony's tonight.

I have no patience for twitter, I find it beyond annoying.

UltraViolet said...

Had a blast, shondra, thanks. But it did feel a little like graduation today, saying goodbye to everyone again!

I don't know that Jake's angry in these photos - looks like he's chewing something.

lawgoddess said...

I'm glad you had a good reunion, UV, even if the goodbyes were hard.

I agree, Jake has something in his mouth in the restaurant pictures.

I love the way his arm instinctively reaches out for Reese when they unexpectedly run into paps, though. Very protective, and it makes my knees go weak.:)

Monica said...

Official pictures of Brothers:


chica said...

Yes!!!!!!Thanks so much monica, I can't believe we are actually seeing more pictures fron the film, what a great find!!!

Jake, Natalie and Tobey look great!

suvee said...

Yay, Monica! How wonderful to finally see a glimpse of Brothers. I'm really looking forward to this movie.

Thanks so much!

UltraViolet said...

Monica, what a find! Thanks so much.

Monica said...

I found in IHJ. One person posted in the thread of the film!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Wow, thanks Monica!!! I can't wait until this film comes out, I love the photos from the film on that site.

PS: Jake is chewing something in the latest pap pics!

get real said...

OMG, Brothers pics..fantastic!!!! Makes me really want to see the movie now!

And new pics of Jake and Reese! No up close sightings unfortunately but I am glad they are spending time in the City. I don't think Jake looks as pissed as yesterday. He looks like he was chewing on something but pretty relaxed. It was a beautiful hot day out here.

UV, glad you had such a good time at your reunion!

Now to enjoy the Brothers pics again. :D

get real said...

And a big thanks to Monica for the Brothers photos...thanks!

UltraViolet said...

Hi get real! Aren't the pics great. So great, we made a New Post!