Monday, May 4, 2009

If it's Sunday, this must be Acquaviva

More pictures from Italy - minus the newlyweds this time. Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon visit Acquaviva Bay, Marina de Marittima, in Puglia. At least, I think that's where they were:

"Any chance it's a hybrid?"

"Let's just go."

"Don't look back. A bike is just as much fun. Really."

"Think that convertible's still there?"

Many more pics at THE source, IHJ.


UltraViolet said...

I originally had this picture in the post, but it seemed just a little too intimate to spotlight. But I love it :)

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Marina di Marittima è una località balneare della costa adriatica del Salento situata nel comune di Diso.
Prende il nome dal paese che sorge nell'immediato entroterra, ovvero Marittima.-

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pics, thank you UV and IHJ of course. Cannot decide between pics 10/11 or the one in your link which is my favourite.

Anonymous said...

I also love the 3rd from bottom pic.

extra said...

I love that picture too UV!!!

Maggie and Peter must be off on their honeymoon. I'm so jealous, I have never been to Italy! They look so happy, love all the pictures. They are totally oblivious to his Mom and their lady pal!

Thanks UV and IHJ!

Anonymous said...

Maggie is in some of the pictures.
Most of these pictures are intimate...but I love them. Thanks. These are beautiful.

bobbyanna said...

O.M.G. What gorgeous, sexy, intimate pics!!! Thanks! I was hoping we'd eventually see some photos of Reese and Jake "exploring." ..:)

I love these pictures. They seem completely relaxed and comfortable and very loving.

Anon, that's not Maggie. Naomi looks very fit, but she is shorter then Maggie. In fact, I'm thinking now, that the pictures we saw yesterday were also of Naomi biking with Peter, Jake, and Ramona. The bride must have been getting ready:)

That looks like such a gorgeous, unspoiled area. I like it that you can ferry over to Greece.

chica said...

What lovely and romantic photos!!!
These definately put a smile on my face this morning.

They look so happy and relaxed, hope they enjoy their stay there and hope that Maggie and Peter are on a incredible honeymoon!

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
A beautiful day in Italy!
I love all the pictures! Especially the picture of your link, UV!

I love the look of Reese! She's so beautiful!

Thanks for the wonderful post and a big thanks to Steph!

lawgoddess said...

A gorgeous series of pictures, and fun commentary.

I hope they have a lovely vacation.

George Clooney has a house in Italy, maybe Jake and Reese should buy one there, too.

Then we can all visit, LOL.


office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks UV and thanks IHJ! I love these pictures, they look so blissfully in love and happy, sigh.

Hope they are enjoying beautiful Italy!

UltraViolet said...

Someone finally did some reporting on the most undercovered celebrity wedding ever: People got a confirmation from Maggie's rep.

Nothing new except this cute tidbit:

In March, Gyllenhaal celebrated her impending nuptials with a bridal shower attended by friends, including WitherspoonUs has the same confirmation but hasn't figured out that Brindisi isn't near Rome.

If Stephanie hadn't posted the pics, I don't think this story would have broken at all over the weekend.

There was also this tidbit, which could be entirely made up, as it could probably be said for almost all weddings:

A source said: "Maggie looked stunning and couldn't stop smiling as she came down the aisle. She and Peter seemeed so in love as they said their vows. It was a beautiful ceremony."

extra said...

I think you may be right bobbyanna about that being Naomi in the biking pics from Saturday. We reall can't see her face but I think it may have been Mom. And I would think the bride would be getting ready, not biking around!

Thanks for the links UV, I don't think we will get official wedding pictures which is fine by me.

Monica said...

Bobbyana, is the same hat and Maggie and Naomi are very similar!
thanks for the link, UV!

get real said...

Awww, so lovely and romantic...Jake and Reese!!! :D

No that was Maggie in the biking pictures from the other day. It was Maggie, Peter with Ramona and Jake. She and Naomi were just wearing the same hat.

I think since Jake had left for Italy quite a few days ago they had probably all been at the hotel for a while. Now Maggie and Peter are probably on their honeymoon and Jake and Reese and Naomi get to enjoy Acquaviva!

bobbyanna said...

Yes, Monica and Extra, it's the same hat. LOL! The Gyllenhaal ladies have a family hat!

Get Real, the reason I think it's Naomi in the Saturday pictures, is primarily the last one, where they're parking the bikes and she has her back to us. Maggie is taller and thinner. Of course I could be wrong.

shondra said...

What Beautiful, sexy pictures!! They look so comfortable and in love. Love that Mom is enjoying the beautiful country as well.

I bet Maggie and Peter took a ferry over to Greece Bobbyanna, just a thought.

Thnaks for the links UV, it sounds like it was a lovely ceremony.

UltraViolet said...

Boo - the vacation is over.

Unless they are flying someplace else fabulous. But it's probably back to the humdrum daily existence :)

agent_krycek said...

There's something very European, 1960s arthouse movie about those pictures, if that makes any sense whatsoever - absolutely stunning pictures, and what a beautiful area, I'd be tempted not to come home.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV! They certainly had a lot of luggage for a weekend wedding trip. Maybe they are going somewhere else. Reese landed in Milan. Who knows.

I agree Agent K. Very evocative pics.

UltraViolet said...

I can totally feel their end-of-trip blues. Maybe Reese did some buying in Milan. But you know, you need an outfit for the wedding and for the parties!


I agree,m Agent K, there's something old-school in the photos. Definitely evocative.

Who wants to go to Italy now?!

sheba baby said...

When I saw these pictures I was thinking the same thing AK, something very 60's arthouse/Jean Seberg/Jean Paul Belmando about them, simply beautiful, romantic and fun! That is a lot of luggage for a weekend wedding, returning home or are they extending the trip??

Love that they are both wearing trilbys and I think she is wearing his scarf! I still can't get over how small she looks standing next to him.

I really needed these pictures today, it's been a crappy day at work.

Hope the newlyweds are enjoying hteir honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

These are great pics, and a beautiful spot. :)

get real said...

Aww, it's over...time to go home...*pouts*

Well, at least Jake got a good week out of it since we had him leaving L.A. last Monday.

I agree, AK. Very 1960's of them. ;)

I feel those vacay ending blues for them too, UV, lol....sigh..

Ciao, Italia

Anonymous said...

That last pic is very sweet, Reese on her bike, looking like she's having fun, and Jake looking on proudly. She looks free. :)

Anonymous said...

The first pic is absolutely stunning. Jake looks great in that white shirt and grey pants. Very nice pics.

bobbyanna said...

"Who wants to go to Italy now?!"

Thanks for reminding me, UV! I need to get my Mega Millions ticket before tomorrow night's drawing...

Kendra said...

Who wants to go to Italy now?!

I've always wanted to visit that beautiful countryland of Italy, but now I'm much more!

Anonymous said...

I think the Gyllenhaal/Sarsgaard group stayed at a 15th century convent converted to a posh B&B, and not the huge resort hotel and spa as earlier reported. The B&B is owned by the McAlpines, I believe. He was someone special in the Thatcher government, and his wife is Greek.

Anonymous said...

^^Gorgeous sounding! :)

josie said...

Great post, beautiful pictures! Acquaviva bay is lovely, I can feel the vacation is over blues from the new airport pics!

I agree that there is an old style feel to these pictures, I love them!

Put me down for Italy too!

Lemon said...

That Alfa Romeo just out-sexied Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Lemon. I think Jake wouldn't argue. Even Reese might agree.

It's about equal for me :)

Anonymous said...

That Alfa Romeo just out-sexied Jake.Almost, but not quite. ;)

suvee said...

When I saw these pictures I was thinking the same thing AK, something very 60's arthouse/Jean Seberg/Jean Paul Belmando about them, simply beautiful, romantic and fun! I agree...... there is just a very evocative, sexy Euro vibe going on. I love these photos! They both look so beautiful and so happy. Italy continues to be a magical place for them.

paula said...

John Paul Belmondo, that's who Jake reminds me of in that hat!

Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. Thanks UV and of course IHJ.

Anonymous said...

^^I think you are right! :)

Anonymous said...

Entertainment Tonight showed some of the Maggie-Peter pictures and also J&R. ET has been in Rome with the "Angels & Demons" premiere.
Also saw where Disney is talking to Mike Newell to direct their "Lone Ranger" movie. I would think if they weren't happy with his POP work they wouldn't be wanting him to do this.

UltraViolet said...

I saw that ET report. I wonder why more outlets haven't run the photos.

New fun post.