Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cinematographers We Love

We here at GyllenBabble have long had a serious crush on cinematographer extraordinaire, Rodrigo Prieto. Never has an actor been so lovingly filmed as Jake Gyllenhaal was in Brokeback Mountain under the eye of Prieto. None of us will ever be able to forget those iconic frames of film where he was able to capture that look of longing, wanting, love so brilliantly.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Rodrigo Prieto was responsible, in no small part, for turning me into the fan I am today.

With the release of Rendition today on DVD our thoughts now turn to another cinematographer we could be in love with - Dion Beebe. In filming Jake version 2.0 I think Mr. Beebe could give Mr. Prieto a run for his money. Mr. Beebe is able to capture this more mature Jake and the results are stunning.

At the top of this post today is a Rendition screencap (all bow to Stephanie and IHJ) that took our breath away. What I notice immediately between Prieto and Beebe is that Beebe was able to capture Jake in a lot of left profiles (which happens to be his more stunning profile, if that's possible).

Ahoy! Gratuitous boxer brief capture, but also - left profile.

Beebe was also able capture Jake's freakishly long, sexy fingers. I don't think I've ever quite seen them looking this long before. Do fingers continue to grow throughout your life?

Rodrigo Prieto and Dion Beebe. Geniuses in their field.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have Deleted Scenes and a film to watch. But I'll end this post the way I started it with the screencap that took our breath away.

All screencaps courtesy of IHJ.


suvee said...

"I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Rodrigo Prieto was responsible, in no small part, for turning me into the fan I am today."

Tell me about it, FL! Seriously, when I saw BBM in the theater, once I stopped sobbing and regained some semblance of brain function...... I turned to my friend and said, "Are you telling me that THAT was the same guy that was in The Good Girl?!?!?
I was a goner.

I bought "Rendition" today at Target..... I was there at 5:45 and there was only one copy left..... good sign, I hope!

Loved this post, FL! I'll have to pay a little more attention to J's left profile now...... what a pleasant task.

get real said...

Mmmm...bless you Dion and Rodrigo! And of course the fantastic Stephanie at IHJ! What would we do without them. :)

Man, I never knew Jake had such long, beautiful fingers before....nice.... And I can't ever get over those shots in BBM. In that one of Jack looking at Ennis his eyes are so crystal blue they look like the sky...so stunning...sigh.

Woohoo for Rendition behind the scenes. Will watch them this weekend.

Btw, reminder that Jake and Reese will be at the Pre-Oscar Gala Saturday night. Sure it isn't open to photogs/press but you never know if we may read some reports. Keep eyes peeled!

Thanks FL. :)

get real said...

Sorry the link above didn't go to the right pic. Check here.

bobbyanna said...


UltraViolet said...

Hee. At a loss for words are we, Bobbyanna?

Man, when FL sent me the link to that cap of Jake, I swear my heart skipped a beat. Even now, I can't stop staring at it.

I am a little concerned, however. After watching Dion Beebe in the "Making of" feature, I'm afraid I'm developing a little crush. He was so dashing and sexy. And he sure knows how to wield his camera!

bobbyanna said...

I think Dion has a real good eye.
Dion is, like, ...remarkable. I sure do like the way he looks at...things. Part of why I was speechless, UV, is bcz I remember exactly the scene where that cap of Jake was shot. Exactly.


sass said...

Hi everyone:)

I watched Rendition once and will go back for more later today.
I'm glad to have it at home, so I can pay attention to scenes that interested me on the big screen;)

The introductory scenes of the movie and the deleted scenes are just full of beautiful Jake. Jake is getting better looking. I don't understand his maturation process but it works. *izshallow*

I didn't know anything about the cinematographer, but I will definitely read all about him.

be back again soon

agent_krycek said...

There's a shot in BBM, when Jack comes back to camp and Ennis is missing (due to bear attack :D), he's got the hankie round his neck and he's left profile on to the camera sorting out his horse, that was my first "he's so effing beautiful" moment, me and my friends who were watching literally gasped at that shot, for which I will alway thank Mr Preito and worship at his feet :D

chica said...

Yes, the deleted scenes on Rendition is more beautiful Jake, sigh.

I was a Jake fan back when I first saw DD, but I truly fell in love when I saw BBM.

gyllenspooner said...

There's an on-set photo of Natalie, Tobey and director Jim Sheridan from "Brothers" dated February 9th.

Sorry no Jake.



sheba baby said...

I echo get real's comments on Dion and Rodrigo, beautiful!!

And thanks get real for the reminder of the event this weekend, hopefully we will get some tidbits even though it's closed to the press.

Thanks gyllenspooner for the pics from the set of Brothers, it was s really tight set, barely any info or photos.

I haven't watched all the DVD yet with all the extra goodies, but i will tonight!!

lawgoddess said...


Sass, I am so there with you.:)

Great post, FL.

get real said...

Your welcome, Sheba baby. :) I hope we read some reports from the gala. Sounds like a serious A-list crowd.

Thanks Gyllenspooner. Great to see any pics from Brothers. Hope we get some more with Jake and Natalie and Jake and Tobey.

Anonymous said...

Left profile ummmmmmm, great post, great pictures.

Anonymous said...

That first picture is one hell of a picture... 'Do fingers grow throughout your life?' Hahaha!

sass said...

Afternoon peeps,

Back from the doc and ready for some serious Rendition scene selection:)

How about that the 4 star rating , from Ebert. Perfection he said, and then he gave it 4 out of 4 stars, which made me extremely happy.

Ebert, is one of the few critics, back in the good ole days, who gave 'The Wild Bunch' and a few other movies misunderstood by critics, positive reviews.
We will hear from this movie again...not Zodiac...but we will here from Rendition again.
It's been referred to recenlty by members of congress and foreign governments in various articles and discussions. I think our country may also give it its due a long time after the war.

I happened on an article this morning. arrrgh
Jeffrey Wells's interview with Fincher and what Fincher said about Rendition and it's direction--not a positive statement at all-- he should have kept his mouth shut...and what he intimated about Jake and actors in general--they should show up to work--I don't like earnestness in an actor meaning Jake--??? still makes my blood boil, even if they did make up.
I lost a lot of whatever I had for Fincher with that interview. I'm glad Jake enjoyed making Rendition and that he gave a great performance.

Gavin Hood is an actor's director, a director who has acted, as has Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese and other auteur's. I rest my case, step off my box...rant over:lol:lol

It looks like the 'Take Care Of Our Own Affair's guest list is comprised of some serious "A" listers...doing this wonderful thing for their fellow actors.

I like that.

The Renditon DVD, s in the two hundreds a few weeks ago, is below 40 last time I check Amazon Best Sellers.

going to check now:):)
It's at #31:):)
Rendition # 31 on Amazon Best seller List
TY for that heath:)
love ya:)

FluorescentLamp said...

I noticed IHJ didn't have this exact screencap, so I felt it my duty to cap the same.

Look at this and then try it yourself. How many of you can get your freakishly long thumb to go flat against your palm and perpendicular to your fingers?

Freakishly Long Thumbs RULE

His hands and fingers fascinate and intrigue me.

sass said...

It's still very cold outside but oh so warm sitting here.

Things they lost in The Fire was directed by Susan Biers. Maybe I'll rent it to in March and check out her style.

Can't hardly wait me, ordered Brothers, directed by Susan Biers and it came in...I can't wait:)

It's so cold here today-- presently 28.2 degrees F up from 12 degrees--the water that puddles near curbs has become like black ice. I had to step very carefully this morning...scary:)

And to think Monday morning, it was 60 degrees all over the NE coast. ???

sass said...

Girl, why did you have to start me up? your observations just made my evening...more caps please:) Flexibility in that way I've never seen...hmmmm

gyllenspooner said...


Remember that video from when Jake was a kid? He said that he was double-jointed. That's probably why he's able to do that "freaky thumb thing."

sass said...

You are totally right. Great minds, eh?... hanging out and having loads of fun:)

I want to make some caps later tonight. I'm fascinated with the way one of Jake's eyes--his right eye--changes color, becomes more opaque and lighter in color, in this scene, post assassination of the CIA knuckle man.
"Maybe I'll get to use my gun."

This calls for more intense research.;):):)

bobbyanna said...

I LOVE the way he delivered that line!!! "Maybe I'll get to use my gun!" Thanks for reminding me.

OK. I just did that thumb thing with my short, stubby fingers and thunmb. It hurt, but I could do it. Only for a second. Does that count? Excuse me while I go take my glucosamine....

shondra said...

I never knew that Jake was double jointed, the things you learn on this blog, LOL!!!

What beautiful screencaps, and a beautiful man.

After everone watches the DVD, we should all post our thoughts and reviews here.

extra said...

This person is a budding filmaker and lives in NC. He mentions a number of films hat were/are shooting there. He mentions that Jake's upcoming "untitled" film. No other details but I assume that he is talking about Nailed.

extra said...

Oops! I forgot the link!


sass said...


I never remember to watch Leno unless Jake is on. I'm sharing part one Reese's interview because she hangin with him, I know we really love Jake and I like that she's so bubbly since Jake showed up.

Listen peeps, if she's bearding, I want her job, Please.:lol:lol

Well, it's 2/20/08 and all who predicted their breakup by Valentine's day... were...well wrong:)
Happy bouncy person named Reese

bobbyanna said...

justjared has some pictures of Reese (alone) attending the premiere of Penelope tonight. She looked good. Black skinny slacks, black jacket and purpleish tank. Ponytail, HUGE smile...I'd smile too...

Nicole said...

You know what I like about our favourite couple ? they don´t use their relationship for pr reasons like many others (TomKat anyone....?) They keep it private. No posing at the premiere , no pda-pics this week because of Rendition. So much for "showmance"....
I think they won´t walk the red carpet together,if the attend the oscars.

sass said...

Morning everyone,
If I can't sleep, I may as well post. This DVD review just feel into my mailbox...GO Jake!

May contain Spoilers!!

Positive Jake/Rendition review

To me, that is the real message of the film, and Gyllenhaal’s performance, given that he is not a case officer but forced into the role of having to act as one, is one that is, in my opinion, near perfect. It is one that reflects not a brash inward struggle, but a silent and confused one, one torn between loyalty and truth that does not produce the sort of immediate moral conclusions that one might expect.end quote

sass said...

Torture.. sharing...banning waterboarding article.

U.S. Senate votes to ban waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods

WASHINGTON: The Senate voted to ban waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods that have been used by the CIA against high-level terrorism suspects, setting up a confrontation with President George W. Bush, who has threatened to veto the bill.

The prohibition of coercive interrogation methods, part of a broader intelligence authorization bill, would limit all American interrogators to techniques permitted in the Army Field Manual, which bars the use of physical force. The Senate voted 51 to 45, with 5 Republicans joining 45 Democrats and 1 independent in favor of the ban.

end quote

Old but good news

Anonymous said...

Reese looks amazing!!!

agent_krycek said...

You know what I like about our favourite couple ? they don´t use their relationship for pr reasons like many others (TomKat anyone....?) They keep it private. No posing at the premiere , no pda-pics this week because of Rendition. So much for "showmance"....

Exactly, they don't do the one thing that people like to accuse them of. There's no photo spreads in magazines, Reese has obviously made it clear she won't answer questions about Jake during the Penelope promotion, they don't turn up at the opening of an envelope - they keep it as private and quiet as they can, much as I would love to see them on a red carpet together - stunning couple, I really like the way they handle this, for all the cries of 'boring', their refusal to sell themselves to magaines/tv/paps etc, makes them 10000% times more interesting then those who do do it. And don't tell me they haven't had mega money offers for the first Jake/Reese exclusive interview.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I agree agent k and nicole.

Iremeber back in November when she presented an award to Kate Winslet at some Bafta/LA awards and some were wondering if Jake would be there and of ourse he wasn't: This was after Rome.

Also I could imagine they would be asking Jake about Heath unfortunately like they did last Friday.

kim said...

I wonder if one can be a Jake fan but not a Reese fan. She was fine in Legally blond (the first one), but I didn´t like her in other type of films.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely a Jake fan. He is just beautiful! I think she is a lot prettier then I thought, I'm surprised she has liberal views, but there is something off-putting about her. If she is making Jake happy and she is good to him, fine.
I definitely respect his relationship. But no. I am not a huge Reese fan. Never was, but I am accepting.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...


Anonymous said...

monica why did you delete your comment, you made a good point.

sass said...

Morning again babblers, More horrid news about the USA and Rendition.

Miliband admits US rendition flights stopped on UK soil

lawgoddess said...

Of course you can be a Jake fan and not a Reese fan. Not everyone will appeal to you equally.

I said yesterday I admire Reese as an actor and a person, but not everyone does. Preferences are complicated. I've never cared for Scarlett Johannsen, for example, but a lot of people like her.

But I do think part of being a Jake fan is respecting his choices, and to me, that means not bashing people he spends time with.

No one here has done that, but I sure have seen it. Some of the Reese comments after Heath's death were super-ugly. B.

Anonymous said...

I love Jake and Reese together. I think they'll get married this year, early next year at the latest.

I don't know why you wouldn't be a Reese fan if you were a Jake fan. She makes him happy. If you were his fan wouldn't you want him to be happy?

I do.

Reese and Jake WIN all the online polls of favorite couples (in US, Canada and England) by overwhelming margins. In a scientific poll, Reese was named most popular actress in America (with 72% positive rating); she won the People's choice award.

Only 32 people voted against them in that other poll set up by those who think Jake is gay.


Tens of Thousands versus thirty-two...

Let me weigh this.

Tens of Thousands versus thirty-two...

I have a feeling Jake and Reese will be okay. I don't think Jake cares if he loses thirty-two fans by going out with Reese.

UltraViolet said...

Great post, LGBarbara!

Of course you don't have to be a Reese fan to be a fan of Jake's or vice versa.

Interesting new article about Jake and Rendition. I thought it was just recycled material but there is at least one new and interesting anecdote in there.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Reese is wearing a Cartier braclet on her left hand?It's full of love.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same bracelet Jake bought her for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV for that article on Rendition & Jake; great find!

UltraViolet said...

Great spot on the bracelet, anon! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I was never a Kirsten fan. Never. But I was happy to see how happy Jake was. Pictures of them together were adorable.

Right now, I am happy to see Jake happy. I don't dislike Reese. I am just not a huge Reese fan. I think they are a nice couple.

I don't care what sixty zillion polls and all these millions of people think. I have my own opinion. But in answer to the question, "Is it possible..." I think it is possible. I think the main thing is respect.

I have a brother. I am not always crazy about all his girlfriends. But I try to be supportive, for his sake.

Reese is a cute girl. She's smart and she seems stable and fun. I cannot imagine Jake hooking up with someone who is a nasty person.
I don't think he would be attracted to a nasty person. So I am fine with them being a couple. But if they broke up at some future date, I would definitely be on Jake's side.

kim said...

>I don't know why you wouldn't be a Reese fan if you were a Jake fan. She makes him happy. If you were his fan wouldn't you want him to be happy?

If you ask me, I don't know if Reese makes Jake happy or not. How to know? He never said anything and they didn't talk about themselves so far. So, I don't know what she makes him, if happy or sad, or content or angry or anything. Anyway, I was talking about them as individuals and actors. I'm a Jake fan because I enjoyed seeing him in several of his movies:

I love Donnie Darko and like Moonlight Mile, I went 4 times to see Jarhead in a theater, and several times BBM, also I love The Good Girl and liked him in The Day after Tomorrow and Proof, and his voice is beautiful in The Man Who Walked Between the Towers.

This is what makes me a Jacob Gyllenhaal fan. I'm not a teen, I'm in my thirties and I don't fancy Hollywood famous couples. I'm much more interested in the artistic values rather than any of the paparazzi pictures they can have taken. Is it bad?

UltraViolet said...

Kim, of course it's not bad to be a fan of the work more than the personality. I think most people here are fans of Jake as an actor and as a person.

I liked Shondra's suggestion about watching Rendition and posting your review.

If you're not a fan of Reese or don't care about her, post about something else :)

Anonymous said...


One can assume that she makes him happy or he wouldn't be with her, right? They aren't married or anything. If she didn't make him happy then he wouldn't be with her.

I'm not a teen either. My view is that Jake knows what he wants better than all of us. He has obviously chosen to be with Reese. I think the reason for this is the same reason anyone would choose a significant other, because they love them.

So my view is if you like Jake, trust his judgement. He has chosen to be with her. She must make him happy.

UltraViolet said...

Before we get into a back and forth here, let's not argue over whether Reese makes Jake happy or not. It's pointless and silly.

Anonymous said...

There's lots of sites/blogs to talk about Jake and his work. I thought the idea of this blog was to be able to have fun with him, personally, too.

Maybe Jake will date other women, or maybe he will stick with Reese. Maybe he will get married to her or maybe he won't. One day he will have a kid. Believe it or not, there are places on the internet where discussing such stuff is met with anger. Here it is not. I like that about Gyllenbabble. Here you can talk about his work or about what he ate for breakfast, or who he is dating. It is balanced.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. I know I'd like to have fun with Jake personally ;)

But yes, we try to keep it balanced.

We can talk about Jake's work, home, life, car or dogs here! If you don't like one topic, hopefully another one will interest you.

Nicole said...

UV ,
this is a great blog here. Because of the things you just wrote. Coming here means fun , no hate. That´s great. Let´s all try to keep it this way.

bobbyanna said...

The screen caps of Rendition!Jake are absolutely haunting. I cannot get over how beautiful he is. Seriously. And he's still in his twenties! (...er, LATE twenties...).
I love Jack Twist. But I am seriously in love with Douglas.
I WANT him.
Who is Douglas' "love interest" and did they ever interview her about acting with Jake? Those scenes must have been difficult (LMAO!)

sheba baby said...

I was too busy looking for rings on reese in those pictures (She was wearing rings on Leno), that I totally miised the bracelet!

So it's a cartier and says love??? I have to check it out again.

Also, I love this blog, keep up the great work UV & FL!!

FluorescentLamp said...

Who is Douglas' "love interest" and did they ever interview her about acting with Jake? Those scenes must have been difficult (LMAO!)

Not only have there been no interviews with Hadar Ratzon, but the poor (albeit beautiful) girl is listed all the way at the end of the credits on the Rendition IMDB credits. Evidently her character was called Safiya. Though I don't ever remember hearing her referred to by name in the film.

A humorous example of trying to find info on Hadar Ratzon can be found here .

Anonymous said...

Why can't I stop looking at those pictures of Jake/Douglas, the best he has ever looked IMO. I would love to talk about the DVD of Rendition but in the UK it is not released until 13th March.

I agree about this being a fun place.

Anonymous said...

OK. On the Penelope premiere pictures, Reese had this thin bracelet around one wrist and this thick gold bracelet /cuff around her other wrist. She had no rings on at all. So which of these is the alleged Cartier bracelet Jake allegedly gave her that means "love." (Of course it would mean love for goodness sake!)

Anonymous said...

She is wearing rings in the Leno video (see above comment/pst) on her right hand.

The rags claimed that he bought her a cartier necklace, not bracelet with intertwining rings that said love.

The thin braclet looks like it's from the cartier collection, they have bracelets like that with different symbols/jewels.

I can't tell if those are symbols or jewels. I haven't seen her wear either before but I have seen her wear those rings.

sass said...

Hey peeps:)
Snow tomorrow and since the temp is up to 32 degrees, I have to lay in provisions; I like that phrase.:)

Here is a pic of Reese, at the premier of the film she produced and acted in Penelope, wearing her her Jake gift, a Cartier love bracelet:)

Cartier bracelet on Happy Reese at Penelope Premiere

One more Bracelet shot

As for me...I lust after her shoes:lol:lol

I want these shoes:)

bobbyanna said...

Cool shoes. Great color! They look like five inch heels...like she is standing on tip toe.LOL! I agree, sass. Love the shoes. I remember back in the day when I USED TO wear heels like that...to work...all day long...great for the calves.

leana said...

Its a real shame that the Rendition dvd doesn't seem to be doing very well. Let's hope Jake's career picks up soon, I've big hopes for Brothers. It would be nice for him to have a hit soon.

Monica said...


I'm a brazilian fan of Jake, moderator of the largest community in orkut dedicated to jake, which is composed of 9.914 members, currently.
We, members of the community, admire him above all things.
We don't speculate about his personal life, we just admire him for who he is and for his wonderful actings. We also admire people connected to Jake,like Peter, MAggie, his parents, his dogs, his friends,his girlfriends... all fo this with all due respect , because a true fan respects his idol.

I love this place because I feel at home here!
congratulations to the person that created this blog.

suvee said...

UV, thanks for the new "Rendition" article. I always like it when Jake gives us little glimpses into himself (".....I revel in stirring the pot.").

Thought Reese looked fantastic at the "Penelope" premiere...... loved those shoes! She sure looks like one very happy woman. Gee, wonder why. :)

chica said...

Thanks for the link to the US Rendition flights, incredible.

Love a the Reese braclet pics,she is simply glowing and I can't blame her.

Thanks for the Rendition/Jake interview UV, very interesting!

sass said...

Welcome Monica,
Yes, we are really fortunate UV and FL established this blog:)

Wow! 9000 Brazilian fans who love Jake. That's great...but who wouldn't love this wonderful man.:):)

I thought I'd have pic fun with my program and do a little research as well.
The report of Jake shopping with Maggie at the Beverly Hills Cartier store , excited and talking about Reese, then buying her jewelry from their Love Collection makes me so happy for Jake.

Jake is supposed to wear the lock to the bracelet...It just occured to me..They are totally serious...my brain...well...;)

Cartier Love collection

Site love stories and other love stuff

Reese's love collection bracelet from Cartier

bobbyanna, we share memories. I love heels. Alas I can't wear them that high anymore. Rock it while you can Reese.

I Googled Orkut of course; it's a member of the Google family. Does Google own the world? Don't answer that.

get real said...

Very interesting interview with Jake. As always he is fascinating and intriguing inside and out. I have to say good on him for rising above some of the ignorance out there. Like the comment from the other driver who called him the f-word. Even with paps asking about Heath and speculation about him continuing, he just lives his life. Bravo to him!

bobbyanna said...

So Reese is "allegedly" wearing this thin "Love" collection bracelet that has a lock on it??? How cool is that! I went to that Cartier site and in the picture of Reese outside, walking down the street with her mom and the kids, she had a ring on that seems similar to one of the Love collection bands.So she may very well have the necklace, the bracelet, and the ring. And it's alll love. :) Bless Jake's heart!

Thanks for researching Safiya, FL. Guess no one ever talked to the girl who played Swoff's girlfriend, either. The one he "studied with."

bobbyanna said...

Don't know about anyone else, but maybe it's all the Oscar talk and the promos for Sunday's event. Today has just been a real difficult day. Missing Heath a lot.
I'm working with it, but it seems to just hover there in the background.

sass said...

I know what you mean. I found an old NY Daily News article this morning and then remembered it's only been one month.
Skip the comments as usual.
I thoughtI'd down to Broome next week when I visit my doc and see if his fans are still stopping by. I miss him so much...it's good to have us here for comfort.

I was just watching the videos on the Love Collection site...the French do love so well. I discovered a contemporary Gay movie--Just A Question Of Love-- with a happy ending, which helps me deal, a little.

Just A Question Of Love

Heath In Soho

office of nancy pelosi said...

OT: Anybody here watching the debate in TX tonight?? I know Obama is the favorite now, but watching this debate sofar, it's clear that Hilary is the best candidate IMO.

FluorescentLamp said...

I don't mean any disrespect to Sen. Obama, but he sounds like he's on drugs tonight. Not at all coherent to my ears.

bobbyanna said...

Personally, I am supporting Senator Obama. Maybe I had the option of talking about how well he's been doing, and why I think he is the best candidate. I haven't tho.I respect the fact that we all have opinions and they might differ. As this race has definitely gotten tighter, there is enough controversy swirling around various aspects of the campaign.

It wouldn't take much for things to get heated up, here at Gyllenbabble. Frankly, I'm just not up to it right now. I'm very firm in supporting Senator Obama.

My dog Skippy would be better then what's in the White House right now. I think we can all agree with that...and I don't have a dog.

office of nancy pelosi said...

He sounds like he has a cold or something.

Hilary is a better debater, he gives good speeches.

My choice is Hilary, but I will support Obama , anyone but McCain!!!

bobbyanna said...

He has a really bad cold. He was blowing his nose and coughing at ohis speaking engagements earlier today. Over all, I absolutely HATE the whole "horserace" aspect of the way campaigns are covered. As if they are playoff games or something.

FluorescentLamp said...

Over all, I absolutely HATE the whole "horserace" aspect of the way campaigns are covered. As if they are playoff games or something.

Yeah but the young kids seem to like this sort of thing.


sass said...

Morning peeps,

Insomnia reigns tonight, so I'm watching the Debates. Hilary Clinton is damned good. Barack Obama has a stuffy nose and is not quite as good in this format, but he doesn't resort to knee jerk Clinton negativity.
I hate that

Washington Post debate

Clinton says

If your candidacy is going to be about words then they should be your own words," she said. "...Lifting whole passages from someone else's speeches is not change you can believe in, it's change you can Xerox."

The debate audience booed.

Obama said the entire controversy was evidence of a "silly season" that the public finds dispiriting. Besides, he said of his speeches at one point, "I've got to admit, some of them are pretty good."

For my information... cause I had no clue about silly season

Silly Season

His statement that we might have to stay in Iraq for 100 years, put me off John McCain forever.

An aside; it will be lovely to hear articulate speech from our leaders once again.

I like that.

sass said...

shondra said...
I never knew that Jake was double jointed, the things you learn on this blog, LOL!!!

Shondra this youtube is for you:)

Mini Jake discusses his doublejoints:)

He's adorable.

Anonymous said...

I think Hillary's "Xerox" comment made her look real bad. It was the only time anyone got booed the entire night.

Also, her little speech in the end was almost a carbon copy of something John Edwards had previously said.

I seem to recall a little ditty about people who live in glass houses.

I think it's an absolute certainty that Obama will be the Democratic nominee. The debate didn't really change anything.

bobbyanna said...

Anon, nothing is an absolute certainty in politics. Nothing.
I've been politically active for more years then I care to admit, and I recall working on the 1980 re-election campaign for Jimmy Carter.The conventional wisdom back then among the Democratic Party bigshots I knew, and this was fairly consistent, was to manipulate the primary process to keep Bush, Sr. from getting the nomination. They felt if Carter could beat back Ted Kennedy, he could do anything!
Everybody I talked to seemed to feel that Ronald Reagan, the actor, was not too bright and in the debates, Carter would just kill him. They felt he posed no threat at all to Carter's re-election. You see, they thought Bush was smart and very likeable.
So a lot of them "crossed over" during primary season and helped Reagan get the nomination. To keep this on topic, I am talking about stuff that happened the year Jake was born. LOL!!!

Monica said...

Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda in Brooklyn

chica said...

As a supporter of Obama, I was impressed with Hillary last night, I could have done w/o the xerox comment but overall I thought she had the edge last night.

That said, the debate IMO probably won't sway people one way or the other and I can see the undecided still being undecided after the debate.

sass said...

When I visit with you...one day I hope...after chatting with you and everyone, I will not be able to take 5-10 years off my age for good behavior. You know too much.;)

I remember those campaigns and
how conceptions of various candidates changed during the campaign.

I didn't know that Jake and my son were designated the millennial generation. Where have I been?This generation is considered the most Pro-Obama segment of the electorate...so say some pundits.

Snowy morning at home:) It looks like some people slept in today;)How the weather Sarah?

more snow

Still snowing:)

FluorescentLamp said...

sass! Great pics! Did you just take those?

chica said...

What beautiful pictures sass!!!
I can't believe i came to work today with all the sick leave i could have used!

sass said...

sass! Great pics! Did you just take those?

Afternoon peeps,
TY FL and Chica. Yes I did and am I glad, because now the rain has mixed in with the snow and cars and grease and...you get the idea.

shondra said...

Thanks for the link to the Jake double-jointed video sass, yes he is adorable!