Tuesday, February 26, 2008

49 Down - Rotten

Jake Gyllenhaal leaving Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills on Monday. Taking with him his unfinished NY Times Crossword puzzle.

UPDATED to include video from X17. I have to laugh, their copy is so far off the mark here. The Ivy? Page turned to an Off-Broadway play they assume he's reading about? Sheesh.

To read more about Monday's "mildly entertaining" Medium strength puzzle go here.

See the rest of the pics on IHJ.


bobbyanna said...

Once again your brilliance shines through, FL!!! Those pictures have intrigued me since I first saw them yesterday, bcz Jake was so obviously signaling something! I love it that he does these "messages" every now and then. LOL!

get real said...

Thanks FL (and of course the great Stephanie at IHJ)! Wow, Jake looks really great here. Nice and relaxed, with a smile and stride. Love it!

get real said...

Oh, sorry forgot to say love the crossword puzzle, lol! I think it is sexy that Jake does them.

chica said...

Love a man that loves to do crossword puzzles!

sass said...

Afternoon FL, Aren't you a Peach.
TY...go you:) *smooch*
Crossword puzzles turn me on too. I did love that President Clinton did the NY Times until now. Good pics to send me off to the grocery store.
love you all

Anonymous said...

x17 have a video up now, looks like he was with his assistant again.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks, anon. I had already made note of that on the front page of the blog.

Not his assistant by the way. She's his publicist.

Anonymous said...

Sorry FL I must have missed it and thanks.

sheba baby said...

The Ivy??? Broadway play??
As much as they stalk actors, you would think they would know one joint from another!

lawgoddess said...

Yummy! He looks really good!

Who is that woman he kissed though, and who approved it?

shondra said...

Ha, ha!! That woman is his PA that he is always seen with. The last time was at Joans in January.

I know, I need a life!

Anonymous said...

His publicist.

Anonymous said...

^^^ nobody approved it LG. Too bad the Jake Watch Agency shut down last year. This would have been right up their alley. :(

Anonymous said...

bobbyanna, what signal are you talking about? Sorry I'm a bit thick here, I don't know to what you are referring.... what message??

Anonymous said...

as a jake fan, can I say I absolutely hate that jumper. Surely Reese can tell him it looks terrible and it time to get something new.

UltraViolet said...

Anon, I think Reese or her kids must have given it to him, since he wears it all the time now!

And FL, this post rocks. I squeed when I saw it, and I do not squee.

I subscribe to the Sunday NYTimes solely for the puzzle. I'd like to say that I read "the newspaper, inside*," and you know, sometimes I do. But really, I go straight for the magazine.

I don't even like the daily puzzles. Just the Big One.

*10 Bonus GyllenBabble points to the first person who can identify the person who said that and when :)

Anonymous said...

Stars often wear the same thing when the know they might be photographed, it reduces the value of the photo. You always see Jake with this shirt or his new flannel when he is out and about. Reese always wears black when she is jogging, this way all the photos look the same.

bobbyanna said...

I was just messin' around. It looked to me as if Jake was pointing at some part of the puzzle. You're not "thick." It just appeared to be one of those "signal" situations. When Jake appeared on Ellen for Rendition, he mentioned he liked small women bcz "they really pack a punch." A few days later when Reese appeared, she walked out and gave Ellen's punching bag a good punch. I definitely have an over-active imagination, so I started looking for "signals...it could happen! :)

Anonymous said...

its just not right!!!! why is Rendition #92 in the amazon bestsellers list. Jake and Reese deserve better, why aren't people buying?

Anonymous said...

they are america's cutest couple after all!

Anonymous said...

America doesn't want to see movies about Iraq/torture, that's why Rendition and Lions to Lambs failed at the BO. If they didn't go see it in the movies, they aren't going to buy the DVD.

Rendition isn't a romantic comedy, Jake and Reese have no sceens togehter, yes people seem to love them together based on various polls but obviously it has nothing to do with Rendition.

bobbyanna said...

It might also have something to do with marketing and promotion. I work at Borders. The day Rendition was first available, you wouldn't have even known it was out, or that we stock it. You had to go back in the stacks to find it. American Gangster had it's own kiosk and a display. Then at another kiosk there was a huge sign: "NEW RELEASES" And you had all these movies...except Rendition. I was told the distributor negotiates the positioning, the shelf space, the whatever for their releases way in advance.If people didn't even know it was out, how would they even know to look. And I saw my very first advertisement for it on Comcast last night, saying that it was available "On Demand" as well as being released on DVD. So it isn't all about public interest. Other films are being promoted. Rendition isn't. If I sound pissed...I kinda am.

extra said...

BS from the NE. Wasn't M. Walker the same "reporter" that had the engagement story?



JAKE GYLLENHAAL’s family and sweetheart REESE WITHERSPOON – worried about his ongoing despair over the death of best buddy HEATH LEDGER – are persuading him to seek bereavement therapy to work through his pain, say close friends.

Heath and Jake became such close friends while co-starring in “Brokeback Mountain,” that Jake’s godfather to his pal’s 2-year-old daughter Matilda – and when news of the untimely death broke, Jake left the set of his current movie, “Brothers,” to attend memorial services. Insiders say Reese tells pals that even when she and Jake are alone together, he’s lost in his own thoughts and almost totally incommunicado.

FluorescentLamp said...

And to think, when I was a kid I used to make my dad buy the NE at the supermarket checkout line.

How is this for convoluted - Insiders say Reese tells pals. . .. Shut up, Mike Walker, you don't know anything OR anyone associated with Jake and/or Reese.

suvee said...

I am not complaining..... honestly, I'm not. But I am getting just a wee bit tired of this uniform of long sleeve blue pullover & dark blue jeans. (At least he does vary his shoes... he must have a zillion pairs of Nikes, no?) But still, he sure does look really good and (despite the insightful "inside" NE story)...... content.

Another fabulous post FL! And thanks, as always, to the incredible Stephanie for the pics.

bobbyanna said...

I don't know Jake Gyllenhaal. But from all that I have read and observed and studied about him, Jake seems like the kind of person who is emotionally accessible even when he is upset. He is definitely very verbal, not a morose, depressive type personality. He also seems the kind of person who "needs" to be with people, especially family, close friends and loved ones at critical times.

And really, if Heath's death makes him thoughtful, if he is still working thru his grief, that's the most natural, normal thing in the world. There is nothing abnormal or odd about it. It's barely over a month since it happened!

It isn't as if this was someone who died after a long illness. It was a shock to all of us who never knew Heath except through his work. Imagine how it is for those close to him.

I happened upon a picture of young Heath on another fansite, it was a picture of him with two young men. They looked like they were around 18 or 19 years old, if that. One of them was Martin Henderson, the actor. I knew they were friends, but I had no idea they 'd known each other for so long. Martin was also on the beach with Kate and Michelle Williams the day of Heath's funeral.

I think this NE stuff is nonsense, but I also think it sets Jake up for a lot of crap from the paps and the rags. In retrospect, I almost wish he'd let his rep issue a statement all those weeks ago. Not that it would have mattered to the NE and those who write this junk. He's damned either way it seems.

gabbana said...

"Not that it would have mattered to the NE and those who write this junk. He's damned either way it seems."

Sorry to say this, but from what I have seen during the last days the only place where he is damned are some parts of the BBM fandom.

It´s good to see him smiling again and he seems to be relaxed.

I also want to know whats up for him next and keeping my fingers crossed it will be "Nailed" in April....

"Rendition" DVD will be out at the end of March here in Germany, it was in our cinemas only one week, so I missed it :-((

josie said...

Another great post! I have sen pics of Jake doing the NY Times crossword puzzle before, I love doing them as well.

I'm with you UV, I think the kids gave him that shirt along with the plaid jacket that he wears a lot as well.

sass said...

Sorry to say this, but from what I have seen during the last days the only place where he is damned are some parts of the BBM fandom.

You are so right. Before I trot off Downtown to my doc, I have been so upset because of all the venomous postings directed at Jake, but I realized as you say, most of the criticisms comes from the BBM fandom. I thought it was confined to bloggers, but unfortunately that isn't so.

The BBM fans are the most negative about Jake, shocking but true.
Most people have moved on from BBM, they don't talk about it any longer, not like I or other brokies still do, and I find people on other forums...not the mean gossip forums...don't have anything derogatory to say about Jake's career, his girlfriend, his response to Heath's death and funeral or his family.

I wish this weren't so, but as I was told by a brokie mod; people are entitled to their opinion, so all I can do is movie on.

Jake deserves better from this fandom, but hey, he isn't getting it, so I Will movie on, filter my LJ, so that brokies who are pissed with him and Reese and his career, will not disturb me any longer, because after the horrid Saturday I had on LJ with anti-Jake brokies, enough is enough.

bobbyanna, I laughed at Jake and his small women pack a powerful punch comment. I had no idea what was coming from his unique audience when he surface with a woman, Reese, on his arm.

Anonymous said...

Reese was on Live with Regis & Kelly, she was nice, warm and kept the focus on her work on Penolope as well as Four Christmases. From her comments she seemed to be enjoying her current work with Vince and was really excited about Penelope, which she called her production companies baby because they were the main producer of this movie. The movie is getting mostly good reviews. Also Reese is going to be in NYC next week speaking at the UN for woman's and children's rights, AVON is launching a fund in support of the cause.

The best way to deal with negative blogs or posts is to ignore it, don't feed into it, just go on about your own thing.

get real said...

(((Sass))). I have seen some of the stuff you are talking about and it is horrible imo. Jake's so called fans can sure turn on him real fast. What seems to be even worse is that none of all the so called reasons for this upset even make sense. What upsets and saddens me the most is that Heath is gone and Jake is what is left of the beauty that is BBM. To just dismiss him off hand now is just not right. It is one thing to kind of ween off a a fandom. That happens when people move on or lose interest. But to see the nasty comments about Jake....sigh. You should not have to deal with that on your own LJ.

Sorry UV and FL. I just had to respond to Sass as she has really been a voice of reason in the fandom, imo.

On to better topic...I am still loving these pics of Jake. I wonder if we will be hearing more soon about his next project.

UltraViolet said...

It's okay, get real. I sympathize with sass, too. I was just reading on yet another BBM site that some posters are disenchanted with Jake, and it allegedly has nothing to do with whom he's dating. I don't buy it, of course. It's Reese and it's this alleged lack of respect Jake showed after Heath died.

I don't understand, and I never will, why Jake isn't accorded at least some measure of respect and tolerance for the fact that he was in BBM and for everything her has done since then.

A new place to look for Jake: trendy houseware stores.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oooh, Beverly Boulevard - trendy houseware shops indeed!

Good Morning, Tuesday evening it was warm here in LA as the sun made interesting shadows on the stucco store fronts. I was shopping on Beverly Boulevard and as I walked into a trendy house wares store, I immediately locked eyes with the stores only other patron, Jake Gyllenhaal.

lucy said...

if you're talking about the IHJ forums, I think the gals over there have been very respecful of Jake. I don't know of Jake pages at LJ though.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Lucy - not IHJ at all. It amazes me that the site with a majority of younger Jake fans is often the most mature in handling issues about Jake's personal life.

sheba baby said...

(((sass))) I used to be very involved in the LOTR fandom and let me just say that I had to friends lock my LJ due to the crap that went on.

I am no longer involved with that fandom and it saddens me that some of Jake's fans have said some really nasty, hateful things about him as of late.

Anonymous said...


I think they're talking about the thirty or so people who can't accept that BBM was just a movie and not real life. These people tend to think that they represent some sort of non-existent majority. That's why various online and scientific polls always show landslide wins (with tens of thousands voting) for Reese and Jake regardless of the questions being asked.

Personally I think Reese and Jake are as popular as Brangelina. They might be a little more popular or a little less, but they are at that level of online popularity.

Consider it the "silent majority" of on-line gossips. After all, the small minority always tend to be the loudest in any circumstance or situation.

IHJ is actually a really good site. I visit there all the time.

extra said...

Cute video of Reese on Kelly and Regis:


Anonymous said...

I don't know of another actor/actress that has a site as good as IHJ, they do a really good job there and most of the posters seem to be very respectful of Jake and his choices.

get real said...

Thanks UV. And I agree with you on all points. Lucy, I was not talking about IHJ. IHJ is an fantastic site and, as UV said, even though many of them are younger fans they seem to be a lot more mature.

Nice sighting. Jake in a trendy housewares store. How i would love to just bump into him shopping!

FluorescentLamp said...

- most of the posters seem to be very respectful of Jake and his choices.

- IHJ is an fantastic site and, as UV said, even though many of them are younger fans they seem to be a lot more mature.

- It amazes me that the site with a majority of younger Jake fans is often the most mature in handling issues about Jake's personal life.

IHJ isn't overrun with jaded, cynical Brokeback Mountain fans, that's why. We sometimes forget that IHJ predates BBM and even predates most of us now interested in Jake. They've been online since November 2003.

gabbana said...

When I first came to BBM fansites, I was so happy because I thought “Here are people who are open minded, who do not think in boxes. Everybody can be themselves without being judged”. Today I cannot believe how naive I was.... I went to the Popsugar poll and I saw that Jake & Reese got nearly the same amount of votes then “Brangelina”: That brought things into perspective again.

Lets concentrate on supporting Jake and his decisions - he does not have to please everyone.

That sighting made me smile...”trendy houseware store”....I would pay money to know what he bought....and she choose one great picture.....

Narcissa said...

Another vote for IHJ. Jake looks cheerful enough in the pics coming out of Urth.

As for Jake needing "bereavement therapy to work through his pain" according to "close friends" .... this yarn is further proof that the writers' strike is over!

Btw, I didn't expect Rendition to rent or sell well. Political films are audience poison at the moment. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Penelope has been getting mixed reviews, this reviewer really like it:


gyllenspooner said...

I've heard mostly good things about Penelope. I think i've only read about two bad reviews. So I wouldn't necessarily call it mixed. But thanks for the positive review.

gyllenspoon said...

Good news...

Rendition is at Number five in DVD rentals across the nation.

It took in $6 million+ for this week alone.

So it seems as if people decided to wait to rent it when it came on video.

Anonymous said...

Tuxedo Oscar Jake gets lots of love from

Mens Vogue


He works a tux like nobody else. *Swoon*

Anonymous said...

Just notice that Jake got love twice from Oscar.com

Here is the second mention of when he was nomed for Brokeback.

sass said...

Good early Morning UV FL and peeps,

I had a perfectly sucky day at my docs...the RL was a little off too and COLD:) too. Now I'm here.

I'll return tomorrow. I did read comments very quickly...thank you babblers so much for all your support:) I just love Jake and Heath so much. I've followed them forever because of my boy...he loves them both and is terribly saddened by Heath's death...so reading anything negative about either one feels like someone is throwing acid in my face.

And thank goodness I can roam cyberspace because I have discovered just how much Jake and Reese ARE liked...loved admired and looked up to by so many people just as my son has done since he started watching their movies.

Here is a post from my Jake Google alert from this is really sweet and cute blog that's all all about food I think.

I don't have time to read it but Jake and Reese's places to snack are mentioned to help out of town visitor from TX get around.

Chowhound: For Those Who Live To Eat

see this referenced Jake/Reese entry posted to help visitor :)

For breakfast, and a sighting of celeb, particularly Patrick Dempsey, head to Montana. I've seen him multiple times at Blue Plate and Cafe Montana. If Reese Wither spoon and Jake Gyllenhaal float her boat, do an Italian espresso breakfast to start at Cafe Luxxe; the couple is there often.

Yes to Jake Gyllenhaal, we are only human! Used to see him a lot in Brentwood, but no sighting lately. Cafe Luxxe looks like something we will have to check out.

Great suggestions!

sass said...

You rock!
Your post about Jake, at the trendy housewares store makes me squee. I shouldn't squee, but I do.
I wonder what he's cooking up for the family . Yes, I am pea green. Lucky girl, She deserves some great treatment from a loving man.

I heard awful tales about the ex, hanging out in his separate apt., partying hard, while she was at home with the kids, when I lived in LA, but I didn't pay the rumors much attention.
LA is a town that thrives on actor gossip.
I am damned overjoyed these men, these members of Jake's unique fan base, still love and lust and admire him without complaints:) Thank you so much.

Since the ex is so busy talking about Reese, her highest in Hollywood income, Abbe Cornish didn't break us up...whining is a better word...while promoting Stop Loss, I am not going to see the movie, period.

I did go to see Mr and Mrs Smith, but I am a Brad/Angelina fan and I knew the movie would be fun, with loads of action.

Now I ask you, what's in the water in Hollyweird, with all the recent twin pregnancies. YIKES!

A druggist told me today at CVS, that she's heard, some of the recent twin births were the result of fertility drugs. Interesting eh?

I can see JLo going that route, because she was having a hard time conceiving and she's
near 40,
but Jessica Alba, who is now reported to be carrying twins, and Angelina, also reported to be carrying twins.

If there are no fertility drugs behind all these twin pregnancies, there is definitely something in Hollywierd water
Now I really must go to bed
love ya

love ya,
off to bed:)


sass said...

Still up;) Posting one more article with positive reviews for Penelope and Reese!
"Penelope" shows Witherspoon's nose for producing

UltraViolet said...

Sass - I hope you feel better tomorrow. And that the doctor does some good for you!

I heard today that Angelina is having just one girl, but who knows?

And yes, it is nice to go out into the cyberworld and see that Jake is not universally condemned. How sad that it is BBM fans who turned on him.

Rendition is at Number five in DVD rentals across the nation.

It took in $6 million+ for this week alone.

Thanks for the news, Gyllenspoon. I'm so happy to hear that Rendition is doing well.

UltraViolet said...

A couple of links before I go to bed.

Hometown story about Jenny Wade, an actress in Brothers:

Wade grabbed the attention of her female friends with her latest movie, "Brothers," featuring Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman and Gyllenhaal.

Initially, Wade's character, Tina, was involved in a drunken night of making out with Gyllenhaal's character at a bar, but the context changed, and when the film comes out in December, Tina is now a "smart girl with political views."

Wade still had fun with it and left messages with her female friends, asking "Guess who I just made out with?"

Glad to see they kept the making out part!

No idea if this report is true, but:


That would be Terry Wayne Jones and Tina Pyne, who were in Beverly Hills Friday night for a pre-Oscars party at the home of her chum Bryan Lourd, a honcho with Creative Artists Agency.
The Houston duo rubbed elbows with George Clooney, Ellen Barkin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Owen Wilson and on and on until we were absolutely green with envy!

agent_krycek said...

That final link sounds perfectly plausable - CAA represents both Jake and Reese (I think).

Must admit I'm pining for a Jake/Reese photo, obviously a non intrusive, no kids in sight, both looking happy one.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for posting the sightings!

The CAA party is plausible since both are repped by CAA.

sass said...

Morning peeps:)
Thanks for the news and sightings UV:)
I"m up, feeling good and ready to go see Penelope tomorrow night, I hope:)

I love reading about our favorite couple, out, about and undercover.

It seems "A" listers in Hollywood, entertain the way wealthy Upper East Siders and Upper West Siders entertain here; in each others homes. See Halloween party at Kate Hudsons's home, and the Planet Gossip reported party for Rufus Wainwright; Reese and Jake were together there before they surfaced in Rome.
It's a great way to entertain especially if you are famous and crave privacy; there is no need to be out in public with camera's flashing.

Plus, in the bad ole days of cops and robbers here in the city, entertaining that way prevented some of the robber's shenanigans.
I love using that word since I saw Juno.:lol:lol

I noticed Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson's name on the party list. They are supposedly back together. It's unverified...that's my kind of news:lol:lol...but she may be pregnant. I think it's great that Hollywood female actors can have their careers and have children too.
Still, I want to know what's in the water out there. Next, Reese will be making an announcement. *horrors* :lol:lol

It is supposed to be better?? for parents and children, if you can have your children spaced 2-3 years apart; i.e. Maggie and Jake.

I became SO excited when I saw your 6 million dollars in sales figure for Rendition. Where is the link for that please? I Googled Rendition sales and rentals, and discovered some good news via Blockbuster DVD Sales and Rentals in Canada.

Rendition is #3 in DVD sales and #7 in DVD rentals up there. Go Jake in Canada.
And, it doesn't hurt that one of their countrymen, experienced Extraordinary Rendition, at the hands of the USA; they know first hand what we've been up to.

Rendition DVD sales in Canada

agent_krycek said...

Next, Reese will be making an announcement. *horrors*

Not saying anything, but I was pondering Reese's sudden liking for looser fitting clothes, and she does look a wee bit bigger in the chesticles department on Regis and Kelly. As I said, I'm not saying anything, but.....

(P.S. Feel free to remove if deemed inappropriate FL or UV)

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh are you kidding, a_k?! I want to keep this comment here for posterity if only for the ~ wee bit bigger in the chesticles department ~

LOL I love that! :-D

gyllenspooner said...

I've lost the direct link to the figure for Rendition...but if you go to the website www.boxofficemojo.com they have it there. They have all sorts of information, including DVD rental information.

Rendition did almost as well as the other top four finishers. There was actually very little gap separating them --- one or two million dollars, if I remember correctly.

I would just like to point out something else I noticed from checking out that sight. Some people use the failure of Rendition at the box office as proof of Jake and Reese's diminishing popularity. Yet "The Assassination of Jesse James..." actually did worse. Three times worse to be exact. And that film starred Brad Pitt and recieved 2 or 3 Oscar nominations.

I think a lot of films this fall failed at the box office, especially the political ones.

extra said...

Here's the link to the Rendition DVD sales:


Anonymous said...

Trailer for Penelope:


So far the rating for the movie at this site is 58% fresh.

bobbyanna said...

I think the public is "finding" Rendition. Hate to quote myself, but I said way earlier in this thread, that, based on my anecdotal evidence (I know it's flawwed) there was not enough done at ground level in the marketing and promotion of the DVD.

There was nothing at all to indicate it had been released at Borders. The same was true when I also checked Costco and Best Buy. All the special displays,reserved shelf space, the posters, the special kiosks, were for American Gangster, with Michael Clayton, We Own the Night,Jesse James, and
3:10 to Yuma tagging along behind.

Of course the kids movies and the fantasy, action, sci-fi, etc. stuff got hype too. Rendition was sort of lost in the shuffle. So it is very gratifying that it is being "discovered" by audiences.

Agent K! I, too have noticed Miss Laura Jean Reese! I especially noticed her on Regis and Kelly! The dress she wore was rather shapeless.

But honestly. The black knit dress she wore to Jay Leno was very figure-hugging. And she looked very sexy. The "chesticles" were very much more noticeable. Couldn't help but notice that loose top she had on for Penelope Premiere, too.

I have no reason to say this. I just have a sense something is, IDK, different? They seemed to really not want to be seen together on Feb.15th. Since then we haven't seen them together. Maybe they were just keeping low key so she could promote Penelope without media focus on personal.
She mentioned to Jay that her house had "the flu"

When is her UN speech? I can't imagine her not wanting her kids, her parents, and Jake to be there!

agent_krycek said...

I know what you're saying bobbyanna - I too get the feeling 'something' is up in the Gyllenspoon world - whatever it is, lets hope its good things for both of them :D

flame away said...

Not add any more "fuel" but I just checked the Four Christamses IMDB page and the extra that posted about Reese leaving the set last Thursday now says that filming was suspended yesterday(they were supposed to film Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I asuume that got at least the two days in).

They say that they don't know why and that a lot of $$$ is being wasted with around the clock security, permits, etc.

Since Reese and Vince are co-producers of this film, they have to be anxious for this film to wrap, that said and not know the reasonm for the latest delay, I wonder if the flu isn't something else.

If she was still having a bout with the flu, then it's been going on for almost 2 weeks. Her appearences on talk shows for Penelope and going to the premiere shows that she looked well, so is she not fully recovered from the flu or maybe she is only sick on certain days, ahem.

Monica said...

Reese on Ellen Show:

gyllenspooner said...

I think her leaving the Four Christmases set early had to do with a press day for Penelope. I know she had one this week. I don't think she left that one day last week because she was sick either. That was the day of Penelope premiere in LA, which we know she attended.

I think the shooting schedule for Four Christmases has gone on longer than expected and it has run up against other committments for its stars: Vince had a documentary out and Reese has Penelope. I think that has delayed filming even further.

I think the "weirdness" or "distance" in Gyllenspoonland is due to Penelope. I don't think she's pregnant.

Reese will be delivering her speech at the UN on either March 7 or 8. She also has several events planned for those days in NYC. Expect some Jake NYC sightings that weekend (wink, wink). It's all to promote "International Woman's Day" which I believe is on March 8th.


I agree with you 110% about the promotion for Rendition. As of today, I have yet to see a single ad on TV, for either the DVD or when it came out in theaters.

shondra said...

Thanks for the link Monica, she's adorable!

It looks like she taped that the same day as the Penelope premiere.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there has been any "weirdness" or "distance" in gyllenspoonland, there are always about a two week gap in between pics, the last pictures of them together was 2/13, that's 2 weeks then we have a sighting at a pre-Oscar party.

I don't think she is preggers, but she must be exhausted between filming and promoting Penelope and it doesn't help if she is fighting the flu. Still she looked upbeat and perky during the interviews.

Looking forward to her speech at the UN.

lawgoddess said...

I highly doubt Reese is pregnant, there is such a thing as birth control.

But if she is, I think it would be lovely. And I feel like Jake would marry her immediately if that were the case.

Not sure why I think that, Peter and Maggie waited a good while after their child was born to get married. I just can't see either Jake or Reese not getting married in that situation.

This is based on their public personas, of course, I have no idea what they are like as people.

But the idea of a Gyllenbaby makes me smile. Like Matilda Ledger makes me smile. B.

chica said...

The person on IMDB that posted about Reese said that she was sent home on the 21st, a Thurday. She attended the premiere of Penelope on the 20th, a Wednesday and from the look of that Ellen clip she may have taped that the same day.

She appeared on Leno on the 18th a Monday and mentioned that she was getting over the flu, I think she had Wednesday off to do PR stuff and then returned to the set on Thursday still not well.

The poster mentions that she wasn't feeling well and asked to have her trailer moved closer to base (They were shooting exteriors) but they just sent her home.

If she is like me and gets sick and has a lot of stuff to do, I just pop some sudifed or something and keep going, which usually doesn't work out too well especially if you have kids at home and are probably passing the flu back and forth.

It also sounds like there will be another week of filming due to this, i assume they will shoot around her schedule.

gyllenspooner said...

Maybe you're right Chica.

I agree with Anon 2:02 she must be exhausted. Filming long hours, promoting a film, preparing for a big speech before the United Nations, fighting the flu and looking after your sick children would wear out anyone. The producers of the film probably gave her the day off because of it.

Let's hope Jake is looking after his girl now that he is finished his film.

But I do think that the day they "cancelled" this week was due to her having a "press day" for Penelope, not sickness.

I remember hearing about that last week.

bobbyanna said...

I'm not saying she IS pregnant, but it is possible...altho HIGHLY improbable. I just notice a bit of a shift beginning around Valentine's Day. Something is different. I believe they are still together. Still very much a couple. OK. We saw pictures of them together on 15th. Didn't some blogger also see them...at Craft? Was that on the 15th or another night? We saw Jake alone at the medical bldg. We heard he went to see Rufus with some guy friends. He went to the Night Before Party alone. He and Reese were together at the CAA Pre-Oscar bash. I didn't expect him to go to the premiere of Penelope. I would expect him to be with her for the U.N.thing. OK. What kind of jewelry did she wear to Regis? LOL! What kind of stuff is planned for NYC besides her U.N. visit?

Some of the delays with filming could be due to Vince, too, not just Reese.

If she were ever pregnant, I agree with Barb!LawGoddess. I think Jake would marry her in an instant!!! Totally!

UltraViolet said...

Hee - "breaking news" in SC:

Jake Gyllenhaal may be working in SC

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - He's played Donnie Darko, the Bubble Boy, and Jack Twist. He's starred in movies with his sister - and soon, Jake Gyllenhaal could be coming to the Capital City.

A source at the State House tells WIS News 10 that officials are working to bring a movie production starring Jake Gyllenhaal to South Carolina.

Gyllenhaal was nominated for an Oscar in 2006 for his performance in the movie Brokeback Mountain.

Do we have any SC GBers???

gyllenspooner said...

The South Carolina film is "Nailed." It's being filmed in the state capitol of Columbia, which is often used by Hollywood as a stand-in for the House of Representatives (remember Jake is playing a Congressman) since the two buildings were designed and built by the same architect and look a lot alike.

I remember we talked about this a few weeks ago.

If we needed any more proof, I think that all but confirms that his next picture will be "Nailed" with Jessica Biel.

UltraViolet said...

It's clear the report is about Nailed. What I thought was funny was the breathless reporting. I hope they continue that level of enthusiasm if/when Jake films there. Maybe we'll get more sightings than we did in NM.

gyllenspooner said...


i'm sure we will given that they'll be filming in a public location (State Capital).

Not sure about the Conneticut portion of the shoot, which will be filmed in some studio. But I feel pretty good about the South Carolina part. I think we'll get a new batch of Gyllenspoon sightings given the public nature of the shoot and Reese's affinity for the state of South Carolina.

gyllenspooner said...


Did they mention WHEN they would film in SC?

sheba baby said...

Yes, it sounds like Nailed is his next movie, I just wish that we can get an official confirmation, like his imdb page updated for starters!

twofold said...

I am in SC and my office is in Columbia but I only go there 1 day a week. This will be interesting and also the University of SC campus is right there at the back door of the capitol. The Capitol building and USC are right in the middle of downtown Columbia. There are lots of bars, restaurants and cultural things right in the area too with USC sprawled out all in the downtown area. Columbia is 1 1/2 to 2 hours from Charleston, SC as it depends where your departure and arrival points are.

UV & FL love your blog even though I don't post much I do read daily. Thank you!!!

FluorescentLamp said...

twofold - thanks for the geography and culture lesson of Columbia, SC. Much appreciated.

We have a mission for you, should you decide to accept it. ;-)

Don't be a stranger. :-)

twofold said...

Oh I was just trying to give you a little info on the Columbia area though I am not sure that is what you wanted to know or not. I just think if Jake does film at the Capitol there will be a ton of young college girls trying to see him....LOL I also think that the local news stations will be all over it if they do film there as it will be big news for here.

suvee said...

Okay, how weird..... only today JustJared posted pics of Jessica B. filming her new movie in London. Something called "Easy Virtue" (with Colin Firth!). As soon as I saw that post I just assumed "Nailed" wasn't happening after all..... and I was bummed.

Maybe Jake is still attached to it and Jessica B. isn't? Sure hope this is his next project..... ever since I first heard rumblings about "Nailed", I've become quite enamored with the thought of Jake in this role. And unless it's Lindsay L. or Jessica S. or some other marginally talented starlet du jour, I could care less who the female lead is.

Like agent k and bobbyanna, I've had a feeling something is up in Gyllenspoon Land...... something just feels different lately. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is getting that vibe!

bobbyanna said...

I saw her on Ellen and she acted ...forced. It wasn't as naturally bubbly and happy as she was when she went on for Rendition.

She rambled about odd stuff, too, like putting her trash into her neighbors' garbage cans in the middle of the night. As if her life with the kids is just some cute sitcom. Very bizarre.

She talked about how she is into crafts and scrapbooking. I got an impression she wanted the wider audience to believe how normal she is, just like everybody else (!)

She seems like she is consciously "playing" to a very specific demographic. If anything, I got a distinct impression, there were definitely things she absolutely wasn't going to talk about.

Tried to get a clue from Ellen's behavior, but Ellen seemed 'gentle' with her.

Then, there was Jake at that restaurant with his publicist. He usually meets with her around the time something is going on, as he did prior to Rendition promotion, festival travel,and with Zodiac, too. Thus, I am putting two and two together...and I am coming up with...six! LOL!!!

sass said...

Renditon DVD rentals BOM

This link rocks. TY so much gyllenspoon:)
Rendition is # 5 in rentals and has made 60% of it's box off $$ via rentals in one week.

#5 Rendition New Line
DVD rental gross $6.03 -
DVD rental ross to date$6.03
Weeks on chart 1
total Box office $9.74
Rental percentage of Box office. 61.9%

GO Jake Reese Gavin and Rendition!

I am happy for Jake, the cast, crew and the producers. With sales in America, Canada, online sales, and rentals, Rendition should recoup its investment...i hope:)
Bobbyanna...please let me have your crystal ball:)

sass said...

Googled Rendition DVD Sales figures for USA...good news here too. Ranked # 7 in sales in USA total $5.9 million dollars.
*big grin* which totals $11.9 million in sales and rentals for last week.

Rendition DVD Sales for one week

7. NEW
1 week on charts
DVD sales dollars for week= 5.9 million
Released 02/19/2008 R
Box office= $9.7 million.

bobbyanna said...

No crystal ball, sass! It's coffee grounds. From Turkish coffee. LOL!

Maybe Jake was meeting with his publicist to firm up some meetings or somethings he has to do in NYC...next week...perhaps.

agent_krycek said...

Okay, Reese on Ellen, another loose fit top....again, I'm saying nothing ;)

Anonymous said...

Reese is working and filming a movie. That means that Jake can and most likely does visits her on the closed set of her movie in private. Just as she said her children visit her often.
I think that is why you haven't really seen any photos of Reese out and about by herself, jogging or with the kids running errands.
Also last week her ex was doing press for his movie Stop Loss in Toronto,Canada, making Reese the lone parent in LA while working.
Ryan also just signed with new Reps, he has no projects lined up right now. "Ryan Phillippe has signed with Endeavor for representation. The actor, who most recently starred in "Breach" opposite Chris Cooper, next appears in Kimberly Peirce's film "Stop Loss" from Paramount Pictures. Other recent credits include "Flags of Our Fathers," "Crash" and "Gosford Park." Phillippe made his film debut in "Crimson Tide" and went on to appear in "White Squall" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" before landing his first major role in "54." He continues to be repped by the Schiff Co. and attorney David Weber. Phillippe was with UTA. "

For Jake
This David O'Russell movie sounds interesting, but the director also sounds like a real jerk, he has not made a movie in years. I'm also not so sure about the Jessica Beil thing either.

After Reese promotes Penelope she will be doing charity work, appearing & launcing a new fund for Avon at the UN and then she is going to be heading to New Orleans to continue her charity work there and be part of the early March filming for American Idols give back episode.

Jake it seems is going to be working on the east coast filming a movie thru early April.

Who knows, but Reese is still rocking the love collection, braclet and ring.

suvee said...

Sweet potato fries! It makes me ridiculously happy to know he can enjoy "bad" food every now and then. No new pic though.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the bracelets, but no ring. Where do you see a ring?

josie said...

She is wearing rings at the Penelope premiere, go check Just Jared for the pics. I think she is also wearing them when she appeared on Ellen as well.

I love sweet potatoe fries!

suvee said...

"I love sweet potatoe fries!"

Me too, josie..... one of life's greatest culinary treats IMO!

Anonymous said...

Someone on imdb also said they saw Jake at Father's. this is what they said.

I actually was sitting next to him and a friend in Father's Office in Santa Monica last night. At one point I overheard Jake ask his friend, "Did you watch the debates......I like Obama." Don't know if that means that's his final choice.

For what it's worth he's taller than one might expect.


chica said...

Not surprised if he is leaning towards Obama, I heard his mother is supporting him.

Penelope is getting mixed reviews but it's getting better reviews than the other 2 films opening today: The Boylen Sisters and that Will Ferrell movie.

Good news on the DVD sales of Rendition, thanks for the links Sass!

extra said...

Another really good interesting review of Penelope:


gyllenspooner said...

Hey you guys...


I think Jessica Beil is almost finished that film in London. She's been doing it for a while now. It's been listed as "filming" for at least a couple of months on imdb. "Nailed" doesn't start filming until mid-April. It's possible that Jessica isn't doing it anymore, but I don't see a conflict.


Nearly $12 million for Rendition DVD rentals and sales in one week, huh? That sounds real good to me. If you include foreign box office it did about $15 million total at the theaters. That brings its total figure to $27 million. That doesn't include foreign DVD sales (or what it'll take in in the coming weeks here in America). The film only cost $25 million to make. So i'm pretty sure it'll make a profit --- albeit probably a small one.

Anon 5:53,

Where did you hear that Reese would be going to New Orleans and be part of that American Idol thing?


You crack me up. Keep your investigation going, inquiring minds want to know ;)

Be back later.

Anonymous said...

During an interview Reese was asked about her support for the children of New Orleans (she visited a few years ago) her answer was this. I'm actually going back next month, we are going to be doing something for them that I'm really excited about but I cannot tell you yet because it's a secret. Well on last nights American Idol it was announced that she would be part of the America gives back show.
Since last years show focused on children all over the world including the US, I think saying this is what the secret was isn't to far a reach.

shondra said...

I think she was referring to this:

Seacrest also revealed Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dog, Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood will all be participating in Idol Gives Back, a live two-hour concert and fundraiser scheduled to air Wednesday, April 9 at 8PM ET (PT tape-delayed) on Fox.


Anonymous said...

This site is good to read all the Penelope reviews. So far it's at 56% fresh:


Office of nancy pelosi said...

Found these comment/reviews of Fathers Office, $12 for a hamburger!!!

UltraViolet said...

Late thank you to twofold for delurking and stepping up as a South Carolinian! We look forward to any sighting news you bring us.