Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nice to see you again - untagged!

Fresh Jake Gyllenhaal - new and untagged for your morning pick-me-up.

As Agent K put it, "Wow - that beautiful face, uninterrupted!"

I love the smirk.

Kudos and thanks to Stephanie for the late-night/early morning surprise. See more at IHJ.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a sight for sore eyes, lovely just lovely.

bobbyanna said...

Finally! And he has a "new" t-shirt, too.

suvee said...

Hallelujah! What a wonderful weekend surprise.

I love that smirk too, it's one of my favorite Jake faces...... and now it's not hidden by that beard, we can see it in all it's glory.

He sure looks mighty fine. (sigh)

chica said...

Another thumbs up for clean shaven Jake! The hair is a bit close-cropped for mytaste but he still looks yummy!

FluorescentLamp said...

I feel a James Taylor song coming on...

Whenever I see your smiling face
I have to smile myself

Or a Stevie Wonder song...

There's something about your [face]*
That makes me weak
And knocks me off my feet

(*liberties taken to change a word in the original lyrics)

sheba baby said...

I love the smirk too and the clean face!

It looks like he is carrying a leash of some kind along with his cellphone, etc. It looks a bit short for atticus but i think he has a dog in the car because he kept the back window cracked.

Hmmmm, small dog? We know he no longer has Boo, but his lady has a small dog, just saying!

get real said...

Nice, new sexy pics of Jake!!! Awesome. :D Looks so great with that beautiful face on full display. Cool t-shirt and while the hair is very short it will grow very quickly knowing Jake. It's all good imo!

Thanks for the pics UV and IHJ!

josie said...

I wanted to see pics of Jake and Reese this weekend, but they look upset at the paps. Atticus is in the back seat!

Anonymous said...

I saw them and they do look upset, still good to see them.

Anonymous said...

OT: jake's parents are selling there home;

And to tie in with the Jake and Reese pics from yesterday, IMO i think Jake does live with reese, those pics may have been taken near/outside of Reese's place.

Anonymous said...

Video from flynet, they ask about Heath.

FluorescentLamp said...

Here's a better link for the Flynet video that accompanies today's pics.

agent_krycek said...

oondockI'd agree with 11:47, I seriously think they are either living together, or very, very close to it.

BTW, glad you liked my comment on the other post - it was seriously the first thought that came into my head :D

shondra said...

Glad to see a clean-shaven Jake!

And as much as I love seeing Jake and Reese pics, I don't like looking at these, they look like they are being chased, ugh.

Anonymous said...

Jake spent the night at Reese's 2/13, 2/14 and returned home on the 15th. The date of the Jake/Reese pics are 2/13 according to IHJ. The Clue?? Atticus

suvee said...

Can't say that those photos of Jake and Reese are enjoyable to see.

However..... I must say, speaking as a dog mother, that Atticus sure appears to be very cool and calm and....... well, apparently not at all in a protective mode given his dad and mom (well, I guess she's really his step mom) are being harassed. Either he's just a laid back kind of boy, or he's gotten used to the paps! : )

I agree..... if they aren't yet living together full time, they are pretty close to it!

Anonymous said...

The date of the Jake/Reese pics are 2/13 according to IHJ.

According to Just Jared, the pics were taken last night. Who's right?

Anonymous said...

^^ Who cares. It's just nice to see him again.

UltraViolet said...

Maybe we can ask this person what Jake and Reese were wearing, and we can figure out the date!

lawgoddess said...

Love the thought of Jake and Reese "canoodling" in the restaurant. Jake seems pretty free with the PDAs when they aren't on the street. ( Slanted Door kiss, anyone?)

Poor Jake. I wonder how long he will be shouted at about Heath?

I was a bit dismayed he didn't open the car door for Reese, but I guess getting away was the top priority.

bobbyanna said...

Chocolate hazelnut bread pudding!?!?! I just looked at the menu from Craft, Los Angeles, and Craft, NYC, and O. M. G. That's all.
It's a good thing Jake and Reese like to work out, bcz you can't be a serious foodie and stay least I couldn't. Course, there are all kinds of ways to burn up energy!

sass said...

Hey there Sarah,
No one finds Jake/Reese tidbits the way you do. *big big grin*

I just love it that Jake is just living his life and doing his thing...and that word.

I suppose if Reese didn't have 2 darling kiddos, who might see mom kissing and hugging in the morning paper, Jake could kiss her as much as he kissed Kirsten when out and about in 02/03/ and early early 04.

I lived in LA for a while, and having your car ready before you walk outside, IS better than dining next to Jake and Reese...almost.;)
TY all

bobbyanna this is all your fault;)

Craft LA

LA Craft's desserts...not as many calories as here...maybe;)

Banana Cream Pie
with Cashew Butter, Root Beer Syrup,
Banana Sorbet & Vanilla Ice Cream

Glazed Donuts
Pear Jam, Coffee Custard &
Chocolate Pudding
Good Lord,

Craft LA Yelp reviews:)

I don't think Jake will be hangin in My town as much as he did back in 05 and 06, now that he and Reese are together, but if he does come to visit...
Craft's Web site NYC

OK bobbyanna, Now I'm in love:lol:lol

Below a few desserts from the NYC craft menu......that's fun to read about and fun to eat. Jake is a real foodie.

Chocolate-Pecan Tart

Bourbon-Macerated Apricots & Dates

& Caramel Ice Cream 12.

Blackout Cake
Spiced Devil’s Food, Citrus Salad
& Cream Cheese Ice Cream 12.

nite nite peeps:)

UltraViolet said...

As FL said to me earlier, and I'm paraphrasing, food seems to get Jake's engine going :)

Lucky Reese gets to have a delicious meal out, and then more at home!

That Craft menu is intense. Lots of choices, much of it sounding divine.

And that lucky blogger, getting a feast for the taste buds AND the eyes!

agent_krycek said...

Jake spent the night at Reese's 2/13, 2/14 and returned home on the 15th.

The blogger puts their sighting down as the 15th, which, in all likihood puts him at Reese's that night as well - they're living together, I tells ya!

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Agent K. You think they are shacking up, huh?

Another report on Jake at Rufus. Could be true, could be projection on the poster's part. Could be made up. But here it is. After a discussion of Rufus's Heath comment and Jake:

he was there last night! i felt bad for him, he looked so sad :-\

Also, from the Rufus board, someone asked a poster if s/he'd seen Sharon Stone, who was rumored to be in attendance:

I saw Jake, not Sharon, and he's a beautiful creature, too!

agent_krycek said...

Just took another look at the t shirt, it's a bird against a backdrop and not floretts of cauliflower as I first thought :o

survee - Atticus is surely the coolest, most laid back dog in the world :D

suvee said...

agent k, I first thought it was lungs on the t-shirt! At least cauliflower florettes would make a little more sense for a foodie like Jake. : )

Trailers for "Penelope" are on t.v a lot now..... looks like a movie I will want to see. I've always liked Reese, but as I Iearn more about her through her connection to Jake, she impresses me more and more. It's not hard to imagine why he obviously cares so much for her IMO.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for the Jake/Reese sighting UV, you are so good in find all these Jake tidbits!!

Anonymous said...

Ignore some of the comments but this blurb claims they were on their wat to Reese's place in Brentwood:

Anonymous said...

Thank God for this place, I really cannot believe some of the things I have read these past couple of days, anyway Jake looks great clean shaven though I did like the beard as well. Also it was good to see J&R again and no I don't think they looked upset at all, Reese was hiding her face either to avoid the flashes from the camera or so the paps couldn't make money from the pics and Jake just seemed to be concentrating on driving.

gabbana said...

Thanks for the link, anon 5.03. Some people call them boring. You know what: Good for them. They are normal people who prefer walking with the kids and dogs, visiting restaurants instead of partying in Hollywierd. If that makes them boring, I am fine with it.

And who cares abouts some of the commenters - mostly the same 10 - 20 people visiting blog after blog spreading their nonsense. Jake and Reese won´t get sleepless nights over them.

bobbyanna said...

sass, the menu at Crafts on both coasts has my mouth watering!!!!

Wouldn't surprise me at all if Jake did look a bit sad at the Rufus concert, UV. I think he feels this loss very acutely.

Funny. I have no basis in reality for thinking this. But, in my imagination, Jake and Heath seemed like the kind of people who might have texted each other at random times, just bcz. Every once in a while one of them would check and then smile at a message from the other. They probably "spoke" often enough that Jake will miss him very much. I have no idea. But I'd like to think it is so.

Agent K! You've convinced me!!! LOL! The glare from the camera flashes and the possibility of ruining a pap shot is perfect rationale for covering faces. Love Atticus. So very watchful.

extra said...

The agencies can't really sell pics of them running in different directions or hiding their faces, something Jake and Reese are well aware of.

That's why IMO you sometimes see them do that or give the paps the if looks can kill stare.

There are exceptions,Napa, Rome or when they don'y know they are being photograped like the NYE concert and the slanted door pics.

bobbyanna said...

Another thing I read was that they can really mess the paps up by wearing what appears to be the same clothes over and over again.
Oh. In my last post, I meant to say Atticus looked so cool...BUT very watchful...

I've been out "wandering around" the internet tonight. UV. I am sending you a very huge HUG. And also want to say again how very much I appreciate what you and FL have done with this blog. You are both your way...:)

sass said...

Jake sometimes puts his car in gear and gets the hell out of Dodge without buckling up. I want him to buckle up, so I hope mom is keeping up with her boy. I know she is; moms are that way.

Firing off flashbulbs, when it's as dark as it looked that night sucks. But then, hey, they know what to do about the paps; just buckle up Jake.

One half of my favorite acting duo in the entire universe is gone, so I want Jake to take care of himself. I feel very protective of him, now more than ever.

I read the comments *my bad* and recognize the familiar prose of the Jake/Reese haters. I read nothing new, but the posts are still very strange, nearly bordering on pathological.
It's just abnormal, to continue going on about what is and what is not happening with those two people, manufacturing assignations with other parties for them and bad mouthing them. Jeez!

Bobbyanna, what I wouldn't give for a dinner at Crafts right now:)
I see the 19th Street Crafts lost its' one Michelin star, while the Chef Gorden Ramsey of Hell's Kitchen fame, was awarded two stars, though he wanted three. I'm sure Chef Colicchio is not happy because though we use Zagat most tourists use Michelin to fashion an evening of fine dining while here on vacation. I know Chef Colicchio will shape up ASAP>

Michelin takes away Colicchio's Star

Check out how Jake is so protective of his lady looking behind him checking the lay of the land... a natural male instincts...Jake sure has grown up.
I love his boring courtship of Reese and I hope it never stops.
Stay safe Jake.

agent_krycek said...

Adore this boring relationship as well, long may it bore us all :D

chica said...

I agree agent k, I'll take stable/boring couple anytime!!!

Anonymous said...

What constitutes "boring?" The fact that both of them are dressed appropriately when they are out in public? The fact that they appear to be sober? The fact that they are occasionally affectionate, but within the bounds of decorum? Who knows what goes on behind closed doors! The fact they insist on privacy tells me they are pretty serious.

Anonymous said...

Some people on the gossip blogs are criticizing them for covering their eyes or turning away from the paps. For appearing to look upset, even. But these people don't realize that the flash of the cameras can be blinding at night when you are trying to drive. Also, we have no idea what kinds of things are being shouted. We all know the paps shout things at people. There is all kinds of stuff going around the internets about Kirsten. Maybe the paps were yelling things to them about her being in rehab.

josie said...

Not only are they probably shouing things about Kristen but Heath to unfortunately.

They have every right to go out to dinner, are they suppose to stay at home 24/7?

Anonymous said...

BTW: Just went to that realestalker link. Great house! Isn't it an odd time to be selling a house? OTOH, if you want to buy a great house, now would be the time. Maybe Jake's parents are "swapping up."
This house looks cool, but not "kid friendly."

agent_krycek said...

It's a beautiful looking house, remember looking at the photos when they rented it out last year - sadly the OH didn't agree with me that the odd £10,000 to rent it for a month was a bargin :(

FluorescentLamp said...

I wonder why anon would think it a strange time to sell a house. Regardless of real estate concerns in the U.S. right now, people still buy and sell homes.

If you remember that LA Times interview with Naomi she talked about the number of homes in the LA area she and Stephen bought, renovated, and flipped. I imagine this is just another flip. Granted they waited 9 years to flip it, but no matter. :)

I wish I had $4.2M to throw down. The house is spectacular. Although I would renovate to create a larger kitchen.

agent_krycek said...

I wish I had $4.2M to throw down.

Maybe a whip round of everyone here, we could buy it and turn it into a retreat for Gyllenbabblers :D

Narcissa said...

"...very strange, nearly bordering on pathological. "

Strike that "nearly". They are out and out pathological.

sass said...

Hi UV and FL,
Weird weather we're having this year peeps. It's been near 60 degrees since 4AM. I could almost forget it's February 18th.

The realestalker reported--I think it was that blog, or someone posting on that blog--the house was bought for approx $900,000 cash.

It's a bad time in certain markets I know, but in some sections of the luxe market---the high end I imagine from what I read--it's still possible to sell your property.

Luxury Housing Market

Once you get to the very high-end, the market removes itself from those fundamentals and behaves unto its own," said Karevoll.

In fact, across the country, while overall home sales are down, high-end sales are up. Look at these numbers:

L.A. overall sales are down 20 percent; high-end sales are up 20 percent.

Heath's apt is back on the market. At $25,000-30,000 per month, and with all that happened there, it and other apts of similar price, in that area, will not remain on the market long.

Reese and Jake often seem to dress alike...someone here noticed that in Rome...even to their sunglasses. hmmmm.
They are a really cute couple; a boring, normal, leave me alone, I'm not going to the Ivy to be papped couple.:)

Recently, some of my Jake alert mail references Kirsten, and how breaking up with Jake made her a druggie.
When did she become linked with Jake again? Some tabs idea no doubt.

Please forgive all posting errors still sleepy;)

sass said...

OK Narcisa, Done. :lol:lol

sass said...

Who wouldn't smirk at the paps with all the trash talk being yelled in their faces. I sure wouldn't have a smile on my face.
I wonder how they maintain their composure, in the face of all that crap.
I had no idea, the paps yelled get a rise out of them phrases at actors and other celebs, until I became a Russell Crowe fan.

I'm with you Agent K, that house would be an excellent Gyllenbabble retreat.

This has been a difficult month for us all. I can't begin to imagine what's it has been like for Heath's family and friends. Jake seem like a pretty tough dude, who marches to his own drummer and keeps his counsel. I like that.

gyllenspooner said...

I didn't know that Jake's parents flipped houses. I use to do that, before the housing market went to crap and all. lol.

I guess Steven and Naomi can star in their own reality TV show on A&E if nothing else works out for them. It can be called, "Flip This House: Gyllenhaal style."

sass said...

Buckle up damn it!

I want Jake to stop and buckle up before he puts his hands on the wheel. I really am becoming obsessive here. He does have a mom, and I have a son 8 years younger, who bears much watching, though he doesn't think so. :lol.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know how many paps were there, another video on x17 slightly longer.

gyllenspooner said...

According to a poster on imdb Reese is filming "Four Christmases" all this week in the Valley.

I thought they were done, but apparently not.

sheba baby said...

The poster on IMDB said that the last day of filming is 2/20, Wednesday.

extra said...

I think we got a shout out, more on Jake and Reese on Friday:

Also -- to the GyllenBabble Crew...if I recall correctly, Reese and Jake were both wearing black. Also, black coats. Reese's hair was down. According to the waiter, when they got to the restaurant they were acting 'cold' -- perhaps in some sort of a fight. By the time I arrived, I assumed they had been there a while, because his arm was around her neck...practically the whole time. They spoke to each other 2 inches from their faces -- hence the 'canoodling.' As cheesy as it sounds, they appeared to be very much 'in love.' But honestly, no normal people sit at dinner in that position. Welp...that's my TMZ reportin' for ya.

Now back to the business of braces

shondra said...

From that description, it does sound like those pics of Jake and Reese were taken on the 15th not the 13th.

So they were sitting this close and he had his arm around her neck the whole time? Swoon!!!!

I guesss her comment that nobody sits like that at dinner, I assume she means sitting next to each other sitting so close like that, I wonder what they ate??

If they were cold according to the waiter, then they sure warmed up

FluorescentLamp said...

I don't know shondra. Stephanie on IHJ when asked specifically about the date of the pics explained that the 2/13 date was embedded in the pics. Also, from those same pics, Jake is wearing his blue and black flannel shirt/jacket thing. So I tend to believe the car pics and the Craft sighting are two different dates.

jane said...

Jake went to the Rufus concert on Feb 13th, so he spent the evening with his friends, someone even reported a cute guy (the only cute guy I know is Austin, so probably they are going to concerts again). I also think Reese has responsibilities as a mother herself, so I bet the pictures were taken earlier that same day and then Jake met his friends.

Anonymous said...

The Rufus concert was on the 12th (check the Rufus board), and is Austin cute?. I suppose to some people but personally I don't think so, no offence to anyone, and I am sure Jake has lots of friends not only Chris and Austin.

Anonymous said...

Jake has a ton of cute guy friends. It could be any one of them.

gyllenspooner said...

If he were out with Austin it would be all over the place by now. Especially at a Rufus Wainwright concert. I seriously doubt it was Austin. Despite what some people think, I honestly don't think they even hang out anymore. I haven't heard of a credible sighting in a long while.

jane said...

well, I don't think Jake has a ton of cute friends. I don't think he has a ton of friends at all. He seems to be a guy of few but very good friends.

Anonymous said...

jane, how do you know how many friends Jake has? I bet he has tons, just be cause they aren't papped, doesn't mean they don't exisit.

He has more male friends than Chris and Austin, shocking I know.

please stop it already said...

Alert: Some one on the DC foum is posting bs gossip, what a suprise.

They claim that a friend was sitting behind Jake at that concert last week and he was with a cute guy. Funny they didn't mention it last week, only when the Jake and Reese pics came out.

The original sighting said he was with buddies as in plural, now he was with one.

The Rufus board sounds like he was alone but that may be because he wasn't interacting with his friends.

whatever said...

Some people go nutty whenever he is pictured with Reese.

Gyllenspooner said...

If these people are so certain about Jake being gay, why do they have to make up lies about it?

jane said...

well anonymous, using the same logic, if Austin or Chris are not papped, it doesn't mean they don't spend a lot of quality time with Jake, does it?. I don't see a problem with having few and good friends. Quality is much better than quantity. At the end of the day those are the real friends. Yes, I'm quite fond of Jake and Chris and Austin as his friends. Nothing is more fun than a concert with friends.

And why would that be bs gossip? Jake is quite a big Rufus fan, you know and has been attending Rufus concerts very frequently in the last months.

Anonymous said...

He's gone to Rufus concerts three times in the past several months and twice he was with Reese Witherspoon.

Jane, you're just speculating that he was there with Austin, because you don't know who he was there with. Also, you don't know if he has a lot of friends or a few friends.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!!! Is there some kind of virus going around? Rumors, inferences, and insults. Not here. PLZ!

Anonymous said...

jane, Jake has been attending Rufus concerts for years, back in the days when he was dating Kristen, before this concert he was at a New years concert with Reese.

Jake has tons of friends and thank God they are never papped, leaving them privacy and protection from Jake's insane "fandom", the 'fans" that are only interseted in his personal life and goes nuts evertime a picture of Jake and Reese appear.

And jane, you are very naive. perhaps you are on the wrong blog.

Anonymous said...

6:36 here again,

They just can't accept that he has a girlfriend, so they do what they always do which is lie.

There so right about everything that they have to go around and make up sightings that didn't exist.

We know Jake was there with a couple of friends. This was reported last week. The next night, and three consecutive nights after that --- including Valentines Day --- he was with his girlfriend Reese. The same girl he brought to the two previous Rufus concerts.

jane said...

woah, people, calm down. As a matter of fact I don't care if Jake has lots of friends or just two. You know, I'm a Jake fan since TDAT, so what's wrong if I'm fan of Austin as well? I have some other actors as my favorites, Heath used to be one of them, and I'm a fan of Maggie and Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Ruffalo among others. What's wrong with you guys? I thought this was a friendly enviroment.
Also, I see it nice from Jake to have some quality time with his friends as well. Rufus is another friend. I didn't know you prefered the guy to be at home 24/7...

Well, for your entertainment, a link to a Jake at a Rufus concert, really cool, check it out, the guy -Jake- can sing:

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UltraViolet said...

Okay, settle down, folks. We're never going to know who was with Jake at the concert unless someone reputable mentions it.

It's pretty unlikely that it was Austin, since no one has mentioned it anywhere except in wishful posting. So let's stop debating it.

Jane, it's great that you like Austin, but it's more than a little suspicious that your first posts are all on the same topic and all implying knowledge of something about which you can't be certain.

Your puzzlement at people's reactions seems more than a bit disingenuous. This Is a friendly place for people who are friendly and not pushing an agenda.

No one prefers Jake at home 24/7 and we all know he has friends and is a Rufus fan.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you erase the trolls posts? You erase our posts whenever we talk about them.

I'm still not at all sure what Monica is saying. Is she even writing in English?

Monica said...


Sorry my english!
I'm brazilian!!

UltraViolet said...

I deleted the posts I deemed appropriate. If you have an issue, send me an e-mail.

I think Monica is suggesting the two friends might be Austin and Chris. But I'm not sure. Since her post makes no sense, I see no reason to delete it :)

Monica said...

I delete anonymous!

jane said...

sorry Ultraviolet and everyone here, it was never my intention to imply I have knowledge about him in terms of friendship. How can I express it? I think Jake is not the party goer type, those guys who say they have tons of friends but are alone in reality. But that's just my impression, based on what he said in other ocassions about his friends. He probably has more friends than I can imagine, but at the same time I imagine he has really great friends, he's a deep guy not a shallow guy.

Anonymous said...



C said...

Is it a badge of honor or is it people with too much time on their hands who come to this blog to steal information and comments to post on other blogs?

I like it best when they post about how this blog is...imploding? That's priceless! :-DD

I smell something? It smells like rotten eggs. I think that's the smell of 'agenda'.

Gyllenspooner said...

I don't even think he and Austin are even friends. Besides, the last I heard Austin was in NYC romancing Sophia Bush. He was definitely there for all of Fashion Week.

People have to get over this fixation with Austin Nichols.

UltraViolet said...

Monica, don't worry! As you can see, even people who speak English have trouble communicating :)

UltraViolet said...

I've been out "wandering around" the internet tonight. UV. I am sending you a very huge HUG. And also want to say again how very much I appreciate what you and FL have done with this blog.

Thanks so much, Bobbyanna. Yesterday was a trying day for me. I'll never understand the pathological need for people to judge and condemn Jake, especially in places populated by alleged fans.

But thanks for the hug and the kind words about this place. And thanks to everyone else who commented either here and elsewhere in support.

Now let's forget al this pettiness and focus on the WiredLady report. Jake and Reese, two inches apart and obviously in love. There are good things in life :)

As nice as it is to know more details, I do hope that no one takes blog posts/sightings from here and harasses the people who make these blog posts. No one needs a bunch of fans, deluded or well-meaning, swarming their blogs.

gyllenspooner said...

I find it funny how some people disregard all the evidence pointing to a Jake/Reese romance, even though there's tonnes of it. But these same people accept that Austin and Jake are the new Antony and Cleopatra with absolutely no evidence at all.

It's funny.

At this point there isn't even any evidence that Jake and Austin have been in the same room for nearly a year. Yet here we are.

I think it's obvious why there so much chatter about all of this all of a sudden. It's because of the Valentine photos of Jake and Reese, couple with the blogger sighting (which of course they don't even believe).

After all, what does it say when two people spend Valentines Day, and the day before and after it, together while the person they thought was Jake's "boyfriend" is on the other side of the country?

UltraViolet said...

Jane, I think people just found the idea that Austin and Chris are Jake's only friends kind of absurd. I agree that Jake is the type to have a smaller group of good friends rather than a million acquaintances. But he IS a friendly guy.

As one of our posts a few days ago showed, Jake has friends none of us knows about. It's silly to assume we know everyone Jake knows.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Well, that was um, creepy.

On to more important things: How far is Craft from Reese's home?
I'm asking because of the chatter that they are living together and that link that says that they were heading to Reese's place.

If the pics are from the 13th and the sighting is from the 15th then I would say they spent a few days together.

I refuse to believe that Jake and Reese a dog owner herself would leave Atticus in the car while they were dining and Jake, if he was going to be away for a few days wouldn't leave Atticus home alone.

UltraViolet said...

Okay, folks - enough about other blogs! Lets talk about Rendition coming out tomorrow. Amazon is supposed to be delivering it tomorrow. Thank god for that door on my office :)

gyllenspooner said...

I agree UV.

No more of this negativity. We all know why they are being this way.

I say you should delete any comments bringing any of this us, bad or good. Let's keep this positive and let the others stew in their own self-pity and hate.

P.S. UV, why do you even post at DC anymore? The others say such terrible things about you.

gyllenspooner said...

Nancy Pelosi,

I think the sightings are from two different days.

The photos were on the 13th, like you said, going to Reese's house.

They spent the 14th snuggled up at home.

They went out to dinner on the 15th --- hence the CRAFT sighting.

That's the most logical explanation.

UltraViolet said...

I appreciate the concern, Gyllenspooner, but there are some people at DC who say nice things about Jake and occasionally me ;) I'll post there in the places I feel comfortable.

FYI - Reese is scheduled to be on Jay Leno tonight. Promoting Penelope, one assumes.

chica said...

UV. i'm a bad fan. I didn't order a copy!

Time to place my Amazon order!

suvee said...

Wow, nothing like coming home from work and as soon as the GB home page comes up I see 91 comments!

I am heading directly to Target immediately after work tomorrow to purchase "Rendition"! Maybe I should think about buying 2 copies..... I am anticipating that I might be viewing Jake's opening scene quite a bit. Can DVD's be worn out I wonder? : )

Like bobbyanna, I did a little internet "wandering" yesterday, and I too want to tell UV in particular how much I value everything she does for Jake fans. I was frankly appalled at some of the attacks on Jake (re not commenting on Heath's death).
UV, I have long admired your valiant efforts to inject objectivity and honesty and fairness in Jake World. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you, and FL too.

Anonymous said...

Now some of Jake's "fans" are saying that his parents are splitting up.

It makes me wonder why they even follow him. They don't seem to like him, the decisions he makes, or the people he surrounds himself with, at all.

UltraViolet said...

Chica - bad fan! Hee. Actually, I pre-ordered because I had an Amazon gift card. But if it isn't delivered tomorrow, I'll regret not just buying it at the store!

I think we're all going to find out if DVDs wear out! I certainly hope that someof the eleted scenes will require frequent viewings, as well!

And suvee, thanks so much for your very kind words. I try very had to keep insulting language out of my posts and to avoid assuming things about other posters. So thanks for noticing :)

get real said...

I have to echo Bobbyann and Suvee and give huge thanks and appreciation to UV and FL. I too have gone around the net and it is disgusting to put it mildly.

On to the good stuff! I like the thought of Jake and Reese canoodling at Craft. :) Have been to the one in NYC and it is very nice and the food very good. Although I do take all blog sightings with a grain it sounds very nice!

I also love Jake at the Rufus show. And I totally agree that Jake has more friends than just Chris and Austin. Another thing that gets to me is how some make quick opinions of who Jake is based on the small bits and pieces we see of his life. Oh Jake has to be this kind of personality or only do these kinds of things. I don't see how you can get a true idea of who he is (or what is going on with his family and friends) just by some snapshots, interviews, etc.

Am excited for the Rendition DVD tomorrow!

bobbyanna said...

OMG! Tomorrow is Rendition Day!!!
Wonder if Reese will mention it coming out on DVD, tonight.
I intend to watch Leno, even tho I rarely ever watch him. I'm more of a Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Letterman girl. Bet Jay tries to mess with Reese about Valentine's Day....I hope. :)

bobbyanna said...

OK. I saw Reese on Leno. No Jewelry. Well, some earrings. No ring...but she had a kickass black dress on. A clinging knit black dress. She looked amazing.( Like a woman who is definitely having regular sex.)
She mentioned that she and "everyone at her house" had been sick...fevers of 103,flu, etc.
She talked about watching a lot of TV, like the early morning talk shows, etc. and mentioned a friend who would be on one of the reality shows "He's a writer...we argue a lot...we do yoga..." Of course I think she was just plugging the TV talk shows since she goes on them to promote stuff. And I don't think mentioning the writer guy means a thing. Oh. And she loves Project Runway. She seemed kind of wound up. Very chatty. As if she was trying to fill up the alotted time with banter and avoid "dead space." It was pleasant. I tried to detect ifr she was sending coded messages to JBG, but didn't find anything. I remember when he was promoting Zodiac, and then she was on Ellen, or something, they were sending these coded messages to each other. I'm kind of obtuse, so I welcome anyone else's input who may have seen it. OK. I'm going to bed. Ciao!

UltraViolet said...

Au contaire, Bobbyanna. The Rings were on Reese's right hand, and she played with them frequently. Not used to having them on that finger, I guess :)

I thought she looked amazing. She was fun and funny. I do wonder about all that TV, though. Allegedly, Jake is not a TV person. I guess she has to do something while he's out on his bike. Or cooking for her!

sass said...

Rendition tomorrow babblers,
Off to BB ASAP!:):)

bobbyanna, I remember Jake talking about small women, packing a lot of punch during a Rendition interview.
Later when they strolled Rome, at the end of that junket, I put 2 and 2 together; Reese was the subject of that statement.

I don't ever remember Reese making controversial statements during a junket. I've received so many articles these last few days about her children bully statement.
That usually never happens with her because she's so careful about what she says to the press.
Maybe Jake is rubbing off on her, in more ways than we know.:):)

It's great to know that Crafts is as good as it reads.

sass said...

UV, tell you what,
I've been a Reese fan since she made Fear with Mark Wahlberg, and I have to say it's been a long long time since I've seen look this happy, which makes me happy for her and for Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thats nice to hear, Sass. I was never really a fan - put off by her "conservative" reputation. And I kind of despise that "I'm just a down home Southern girl" thing when anyone does it.

But aside from that affectation, I really enjoy her interviews. She's much more relaxed and funny and goofy than I imagined she'd be. And she certainly doesn't mind flirting!

agent_krycek said...

Nice to hear about Reese on Leno looking fine.

I'd agree with the timeline, photos with Atticus were from the 13th, 14th spent at home, away from prying eyes and then the 15th out for a meal. And thank you wiredlady for the update, another confirmation that, away from the paps lenses, they're extremely affectionate with each other

bobbyanna said...

UV, how could I have missed that!!! Wish I could rewind it and watch it again. I'm catching a glimpse of the left hand and noticing the neckline and I didn't even catch it! She is a bubbly, flirty little girl isn't she! Like you, I was never a huge fan, for similar reasons,but she has definitely grown on me. And she is really VERY pretty.

agent_krycek said...

bobbyanna, the video is up on JustJared, I'm going to give it a watch during my tea break in a couple of hours and play spot the rings

There also appears to be a video a Jake driving around on TMZ, don't think it can be watched outside of the U?SA, so no idea if it's an old one or not.

sheba baby said...

I'm so sorry I missed Reese on Leno last night but I'm glad you guys caught it!

Intereseting thing on the rings, hmmmm.

I think Reese's politics are more progressive than I thought. She is a supporter of H. Clinton and supports The Children's Defense Fund and has done stuff for ACLU as well.

Anonymous said...

Agent K: the video on TMZ looks like it's from friday where the paps are bothering him as he is leaving the dentist. He is already in the car and it's just him driving away, just a few seconds.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks Anon 8:44am

Just watched Reese on Leno - must admit I've not seen that many interviews with her, but she comes across really well, very bubbly and very happy.

josie said...

Just watched the Reese video on Jared and yes she is very bubbly and happy and funny.

I saw the rings and she kept playing with them!

The Amazing Race is the only reality show i watch and how ironic that her friend who is a writer will be appearing on it, weren't reality shows one of the sticking points with the writers strike? I assume she meant HW writer.

Off to Best buys to purchase thr Rendition DVD!

get real said...

Thanks for the 411 on the Reese video. Just watched it and she is cute. I am a tv junkie too so I appreciated her saying she is, lol.

Going to buy the Renditon dvd!

Anonymous said...

Scroll down to "amanda", date: 1/13/08: A Jake/Reese sighting in Ojai, Ca.

Anonymous said...

Scroll down to "amanda", date: 1/13/08: A Jake/Reese sighting in Ojai, Ca.

lawgoddess said...

I watched Reese on the Tonight Show, and she did seem a bit hyper. But she was charming, she was wearing a killer dress, and she has beautiful skin. I can see why Jake likes her.

I have a lot of respect for her both as an actor ( she was particularly good in Walk The Line) and as a woman who has made it in an industry where powerful women are not all that common. She seems like she has her head on straight.

And she watches some of the same shows I do ( Martha Stewart). :) Although I agree, UV, that's a lot of TV. I hope she was exaggerating!

Anonymous said...
Toples Reese ...
who's the liar now?

Anonymous said...

So what anon 12:39, do you want some sort of reward now?

She never said that she opposed nudity in films. She was talking about actresses who pose for magazines like "Maxim". She says that she's surprised how many legitimate actresses do that because she thinks that it's wanton sexuality and exploitation. She has said that before in interviews.

Many of people she knows well in the business, including herself, have appeared nude in a film.

So please give it a rest now.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:02,

Thanks for that. There had been another report of Jake and Reese in Ojai, CA from that same weekend. I believe that was the weekend before Heath died, but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think the other sighting of them in Ojai was around the 20th, the poster on TMZ posted that they saw them there a few days ago and the post was dated 1/24.

This MySpace sighting is dated 1/13the weekend before and they were spotted a circle K, a Whole Store type store.

I think they have a place there and sometimes go there for the weekends, away from the paps.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:11,

Ya you're right about that sighting being later. Maybe they do have a place there. Or maybe they rented a place for a week in mid-January.

chica said...

No need to order my copy from Amazon, I just picked a copy from circuit city at lunch.

It's a shame this movie did so poorly at the BO, I really thought it was well made and the cast was top notch.

Love the idea of Jake and Reese having a love nest away from the stalkarazzi!

sass said...

Afternoon babblers,
Didn't Katherine Heigl marry there?
Lets hope the stalkerazzi don't peruse blog-verse too often and go there. But if that happens they will relocate elsewhere. California is a great place to be in love, as is NYC, if you're not famous.

I'll bet they got tired of the paps PDQ, after the October...Jake certainly looked annoyed.
I like that they are having fun together under the radar, especially in view of what some folks predicted; they will break up by Valentines' day, the romance is manufactured etc.
They must be are together all the time. *big grin*
Spoken in my bestJoker voice, "I Like That."

back later


UltraViolet said...

Great spot on the Ojai sighting, anon. I wondered if there would ever be anything other than that mysterious TMZ post!

Does everyone have their Rendition DVD? Mine was delivered today and I've already watched the deleted scenes. Will watch again when I get home and then hopefully we'll have a new post up to discuss.

Definitely worth making the trip to the store if you haven't ordered it already. Also, Stephanie already has caps up at IHJ if you have to wait for your copy.

That woman is amazing!

sass said...

Hi Sarah,
My son is bringing my copy home right now. I am so excited.
I'm full of questions too.

What TMZ Post? Help:)

Is that a Dove on the front of Jake's t-shirt?

Has anyone ever known either Reese or Jake to have a casual love affair with anyone?

Has anyone ever challenged their integrity ever except for you know who?

How many posted sightings, discovered by babblers and others, are reported by people happy to see both of them out and about?

Am I cwazy...yet? Don't answer that.:)
Off to watch my copy which just arrived!!

Anonymous said...

It was Kate Walsh who got married in Ojai, CA. There's a resort there which is popular for "lovers" who want to just get away. ;)


I believe the vast majority of people know what the truth is. There are a few people who flatter themselves believing that their numbers are higher than they are (after all if anyone noticed there was a vote yesterday where only 32, that's right 32, people voted that they thought "Reeke" was fake and would break up --- there were more people in all of my elementary school classes). Yet they proport to be some majority.

Go figure.

bobbyanna said...

I know y'all are rushing to get Rendition. And it is on sale for $19.99 at Borders as well....but I just got my e-mail from Columbia (Record club) and they have Rendition for $9.18!!!!! If you buy four movies. So I ordered the special edition, director's cut of American Gangster, ($20.00) and got Rendition, We Own the Night and Michael Clayton for $9.18 each!
I also ordered Knight's Tale, The Order, Monster's Ball and Ned Kelly. I had to. At those prices, I probably should have ordered three copies of Rendition, bcz I know I will wear it out, watching the same ....thing...over and over!