Friday, July 10, 2015

Southpaw up north

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Macadams attended the Canadian premiere of Southpaw last night in Toronto, and Jake is making the press rounds today for the film. There were a lot of enthusiastic tweets and photos. Looks like it was a success all around. Here's a taste of Southpaw in Toronto.

Jake on morning TV in Toronto:

Fun radio interview:

You can also watch it here.

Rachel and Jake on the red carpet:

And more red carpet. Great ET red carpet interviews.

New TV spots:

B-roll from the Southpaw set:

Interview with Jake:

Behind the scenes of the Details cover shoot:

Jake's training regimen:

Southpaw interview:


Twitter reactions (thanks Piruleta!) said...

I just watched a film about boxing + I was almost moved to tears. Can someone please give Jake Gyllenhaal a f*cking Oscar already? #Southpaw

Just got back from seeing #southpaw. Wow. Jake Gyllenhaal was mesmerizing. Thanks for the hookup @EBGamesCanada!

#Southpaw such an amazing movie!And meeting Rachel McAdams & Jake Gyllenhaal Bonus!! Go see this movie@baseballbubba8

Southpaw doesn't really do anything new, and its got many problems, but Jake's great performance and great fight sequences hold it afloat. / The movie overall aint great, but performance-wise, he's still on point.

Went to the Canadian premiere of #Southpaw earlier. Excellent film! Plus must add Jake Gyellenhaal & Rachel McAdams looked gorgeous tonight.

An award-worthy Gyllenhaal shines in #Southpaw. Thanks @GNCCanada for the tickets! A fun night was had by all.

#SOUTHPAW was such a good movie!! Red carpet w #JakeGyllenhaal & #RachelMcAdams was pretty cool! Thanks @eOnefilms !

Had the chance to attend Canadian premiere of #Southpaw tonight and loved it!!...but I'm not surprised since it was written by @sutterink

Jake Gyllenhaal shines in #Southpaw. Loved the intensity and beautifully shot fight sequences. @eOnefilms / I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier: Gyllenhaal delivers a knockout performance. #Southpaw @eOnefilms

Southpaw was a heartbreakingly beautiful movie of the ups & downs of boxer Billy Hope. Loved it. #SouthpawPremiere

UltraViolet said...

Some fun tweets this morning:

Jake Gyllenhaal is nearby, which raised a VERY strong reaction from all the women here. He is beloved.

Jake Gyllenhaal is now trending TOP in Canada.

It is confirmed. Jake Gyllenhaal can do anything and putting Forest Whitaker in your movie makes it better. #Southpaw

Note to self: Be sure to sit on grey couch at @CP24 . Jake Gyllenhaal sitting on it right now on @CP24Breakfast #SWOON Happy #FrIYAY

Jake Gyllenhaal's voice is even sexier when you don't see him. Wait. That didn't sound the way it was supposed to lol @KiSS925 @mochafrap

Monica said...

From Monica and FP in the last post:

From Lainey

“I know, isn't that funny?? Oh yeah, crazy, we look like little babies. That was such a great night, he was so sweet. We were practicing walking backstage because my dress was so huge, he was so worried he was going to trip and rip it, so we were walking back and forth, holding hands and practicing. He was so sweet, he was a true gentleman."


Ann said...

Great new post, UV.

I love all the Jake and Rachel talk and photos. Still hoping for some joint interviews in the next two weeks. Even if they just have a solid friendship they really have wonderful chemistry and I love them together :)

bobbyanna said...

This rollout for Southpaw is so much fun! Thanks, UV. Jake looks very relaxed and seems to be enjoying himself with the media and the fans.

Well said, Ann, I agree:
"Even if they just have a solid friendship they really have wonderful chemistry and I love them together :)"
(Altho I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'd love to see them as a real couple!: ) )

BlueJean said...

Yhanks to each and everyone of you for finding all this news. It truly is a joy to see / read all of it - especially since we in The Netherlands don't get 'Southpaw' until September 10th. I suppose you'll all be over it by then - but at least I'll have something to look forward to, thanks to all of you ;)

Have a great weekend! :)

FP said...

s.i.g.u.yWith such a diverse selection of roles, he truly is a great actor - and apparently a really nice, humble guy #JakeGyllenhaal #Southpaw

the same guy on twitter

Had a really solid chat with one of the most talented, humble and decent dudes in the biz! #JakeGyllenhaal

Bambi said...

Note to Jake, when the beard becomes so full and bushy that you could hide food in certain angles, trim it.

UltraViolet said...

Posted the video of that radio interview. And a nice red carpet video that is very close up on those eyes :) I haven't watched this, but Jake on ET.

Also added an incredible clip of Jake's training regimen. Man. I was exhausted just watching.

More fun tweets:

Traded a chance glance with Jake Gyllenhaal at #299Queen today. He & I both simultaneously realized: #MoreAttractiveInPerson

Thank you @cinemablogrpher for the @SouthpawMovie passes! 👊🏻 Gyllenhaal, Whitaker and McAdams are electric. Loved it.

little known fact: Eminem was originally considered for the lead role in SOUTHPAW, and Jake Gyllenhaal was supposed to sing the theme song

Haven't seen @MorningShowCA's studio this packed before! #JakeGyllenhaal @SouthpawMovie

He was great & so thoughtful in his answers RT pleasure having @SouthpawMovie star #JakeGyllenhaal on @CP24Breakfast!

At this point I think I love Jake Gyllenhaal more than I love my own family

Anonymous said...

That radio Kiss interview is great, when he is talking about secondary school and looking at the script where is your part LOL, and the end about Rachel made me laugh and made my morning. SV

Monica said...

LMAO, not with her. Bobbyana believe in what she wants, it doesn't make her less smart. In fact, she is very smart. Much more than you and your misogynists friends.
Get out of here!

Anonymous said...

On the other hand that interviewer in CP24go is so bad, she mentions Oscar buzz and it doesn't feel comfortable for him and that silly question about sit ups and then complaining she doesn't have more time, from million questions she picks the most cliché one.

Monica I suppose LMAO will be deleted soon anyway :-). SV

Anonymous said...

Rachel's dating Taylor Kitsch, Jake let another good one get away (for now). But I have a feeling Rachel and Jake will work together again. I would love to see Jake, Rachel and Anne Hathaway in a movie together. Anne has crazy chemistry with Jake too.

FP said...

I would love to see Jake working with Jessica Chastain, Oscar Isaac and Tom Hardy, and I want so badly that Jake makes a movie with Tarantino!!

Ann said...

FP, Great choices! Definitely agree with Oscar Isaac and Tom Hardy.

SV, the part of the CP24 interview I really liked is when Jake said he keeps his characters wardrobes in his closet to wear, Lol.

FP said...

LOL Ann!
It is true,pants and shoes of Adam in Enemy, are definitely from Jake's wardrobe! OMG! :))

Tweety said...

I see the troll @11:18 is passed off about something, again :)
Another great post UV, I love it when Jake gets in promo mode !

Can't wait to see Southpaw and to see Jake hitting up all the talk shows.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what talk shows he will be on? Its summer so usually talk shows in the USA are on vacation. Hence the early Ellen show but I could be wrong. I feel like I have been waiting years for Southpaw to hit theatres.

Wonder if there will be a US premiere with Forest, Antoine and especially Oona? I know Forest is busy filming Star Wars with every working actor in world it seems. Never been a fan of Star Wars, boring to me.

Ann said...

Anon @ 11:49, I posted this link in the last post that has talk show listings. Looks like Jake will be on The Daily Show on July 22nd (really looking forward to that) and Kelly and Michael on July 23rd. You're right that a lot of shows are on vacation so he might not be on very many. Here's the link :)

bobbyanna said...

I sure hate it that David Letterman has retired. :( I haven't been keeping up with who's on vacation and who isn't.

I'm glad Jake will be on Jon Stewart's Show. I'm really going to miss Jon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann. Maybe he will do more of the morning shows. I like it when he does the CBS morning show. The other two not so much.

BlueJean said...

"Anne has crazy chemistry with Jake too."

Jake had better chemistry with Annie during the promotion for LAOD than they had in the actual movie - or so I thought. *hides*

Now off to read / watch everything here :)

Anonymous said...

Talking about Jake's future co-actors, I'd like to see him with Viola Davis in another movie, and if I could pick the remake, I'd wish he plays Falling in Love (original Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro) with some actress - maybe Rachel is not bad choice or someone like Laura Liney, I don't know why I have such a weakness for this movie, but last time when I watched it, I thought Jake would be decent alternate for De Niro.

Ann yes, that was one good thing about the interview. SV

UltraViolet said...

I added an interview from the Southpaw promo yesterday. The woman (Bonnie Laffer) has interviewed Jake many times. She refers to Little Shop and Jake promises that he will sing again someday.

There's also a great clip of ET red carpet interviews.

Funny tweet:
Totally guilted into going to the gym today after seeing a screening of Jake Gyllenhaal in #SouthpawMovie. Stunning transformation.

Anonymous said...

I remember this interviewer, she made an interview for POP with Jake and asked him who he would go with to Amazing Race reality show, I think he picked Ben Kinsley in that time she is one of the best. SV

Anonymous said...

Thank you UV, "It's going to happen, it's going to happen again". Yes she is a great interviewer. Thank you Jake for giving me something else to look forward too, sounds like a singing role rather in film or on stage his part of Jake's future. Once Jake sets his mind to something, he usually does it.

Monica said...

I know Forest is busy filming Star Wars with every working actor in world it seems. Never been a fan of Star Wars, boring to me.

Riz Ahmed is in this new Star Wars with Forest! yay
I would have loved to see Jake in one of those new Star Wars movies. I love the Star Wars original trilogy!

Hot Mess said...

Thank you, UV, for all the interviews, this is the part of Jake's yearly schedule I love the most: when he starts promotion for his movies (3 x promo time for 2015 means by the end of the year we will be exhausted :snicker: )
The radio interview was funny and relaxed, much like the Nick Grimshaw one.
The video of Jake's training is impressive - better than SP's first trailer (I prefer the recent ones).
The interviewer in the last video is sharp and Jake has a good rapport with her. Glad she asked about Little Shop and even more so about his answer. Speaking of...

Here's what Dick Scanlan, the director of Little Shop, had to say about Jake:

JAKE GYLLENHAAL: The hardest working person in the room. Incredibly smart, and he approached the creation of his character with enormous integrity. But, we weren't sure how well he could sing because, well, prior to last week, who'd heard Jake Gyllenhaal sing save for a comic version of "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" he performed on "Saturday Night Live" in 2007? So, it's the second day of rehearsal, and Patti and I are working with the Urchins, because we had two days with just them to get their vocals and staging taught. I knew that Jake was coaching with Jeanine, but I was taken by surprise when the two of them burst into our rehearsal studio-remember, at this point, Jake and I had not met. Jeanine sat down at the piano and told him "Start at the top and sing your way through the score." Seymour's first vocal is an extended (and thrilling passage) in "Skid Row." By the time Jake was halfway through it, we were agog: HE CAN REALLY SING. LIKE REALLY. I sang "Git It" with him, and I could feel how solid he was on his vocals as he wailed his harmonies, hitting stratospherically high notes with precision and passion. The response I had that day is same response audiences had: thrilling.


Speaking of the promotional tour, Canada was only the first stop:

Today, right now as a matter of fact, Jake is attending a Southpaw screening for the military at the San Diego naval base

Monday, July 13 at 7:30 PM, in LA there will be a SAG Screening followed by a Q&A with Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Naomie Harris, Miguel Gomez and Oona Laurence

Monday, July 20, at AMC Lincoln Square in NYC Southpaw Red Carpet Premiere

Plus all the talkshows that are still on air (so happy about the last interview with Jon Stewart). And at least one photoshoot left: for Vanity Fair, with Antoine and 50.

Anonymous said...

You are impressive Hot Mess, lol.

" Vanity Fair, with Antoine and 50."

Saw a preview of this online.

Anonymous said...

Some tweets say that Jake was at Comic Con today?

Ann said...

I think Comic Con is held near the Naval Base in San Diego where the Southpaw screening is tonight.

Thanks for all of that info Hot Mess :)

Monica said...

Some people thought he was at Comic Con because of San Diego, but he was only at the naval base.

These interviews are good and he doesn't look so serious.

Hot Mess said...

My pleasure, Ann.

Most likely people saw him in the city and assumed it was for Comic Con. We know he's there for the screening at the Naval Base SD Movie Theater - where, as usual, he managed to cause quite a commotion:

Yup, now this feels like California #JakeGyllenhaal casual pic

San Diego continues to rock. Today Michael and I met Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael got his autograph, and we're about to watch an early screening of Southpaw. nice pic

That time @keelonce and I met #JakeGyllenhaal. #SouthpawSneakPreview #SunglassesOn cool pic

Me and Jake Gyllenhaal totes matched today. Check out his hand squeezing my muscles. Lol #southpaw #winning #jakegyllenhaal sweet pic

Just a typical Saturday. Go to see Southpaw early on base and see Jake Gyllenhaal introduce it. NBD #jakegyllenhaal #southpaw #sneakpreview good pic

Everyone meeting Jake Gyllenhaal at the Navy base tonight no pic :-(


"Saw a preview of this online."

This outtake, I think.

Anonymous said...

"Michael got his autograph, and we're about to watch an early screening of Southpaw. nice pic "

I thought Southpaw was rated R? I saw a lot of tweet pics with under 17 age groups.

Hot Mess said...

MPAA rating police in the house! :P

It was a free, informal screening for the military and their families, with the star himself introducing the movie. If parents wanted to bring the kids along, they were free to do it, I suppose. Land of the free, if I remember correctly...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post, UV... and thanks everyone for all the news and links...
Italian distributors changed Southpaw italian title from "Billy the Great" to "Southpaw-L'ultima sfida (The Last Challenge)" and confirmed the release date for the 3rd of September (no screening at the Ischia Global Film Festival, after they missed the world premiere)... I wonder if Jake - hopefully in Venice for the Everest premiere (so happy about that!!) - will promote a little bit of Southpaw as well here...
I noticed in the video that the CP24 journalist didn't get that actually Southpaw isn't about a left-handed boxer, Jake had to explain her that it's meant in a metaphorical way... I wonder if it was like that from the beginning or if they had to change it because it would have been too difficult to learn him how to boxe as a left-handed...

ps: here the official italian trailer... if you want to hear how Jake sounds with his Italian voice... (actually Jake's voice seems deeper)

Anonymous said...

Well sometimes parents will claim oops I didn't know that movie was R rated, yes it is the land of the free but necessarily the land of the most aware or informed.

Anonymous said...

Filippo Brunamonti ‏@ilprimolatte 1h1 hour ago
Interview with #JakeGyllenhaal, #50Cent, #JessicaChastain & #GuillermodelToro. The perfect way to start my Sunday.

R said...

Well sometimes parents will claim oops I didn't know that movie was R rated, yes it is the land of the free but necessarily the land of the most aware or informed.

So what is your solution?
Taking kids from stupid people because they are too stupid to be parents?

Sag Actor said...

I'm glad Jake explained about the left hand/Southpaw thing because I wa2 a bit confused , Lol!

Thanks for all the updates, I am really looking forward to seeing this,I'm a big boxing fan.

UltraViolet said...

Okay, no need to get into parental responsibility here.

Just a disclaimer that there is way too much Jake news happening. No idea how Stephanie is keeping up at IHJ. Well, other than the fact that she's remarkable. I'm going to do a new navy/SD post but that will all be quickly eclipsed by another event, I'm sure.

bobbyanna said...

Hey, UV, both you and Stephanie @ IHJ are remarkable. Both of you do an incredible job of keeping up with all the Jake news. I hope members of his "organization"( LOLOL!) appreciate the outstanding job you both do.

(At the very least they need to fly you both...along with fifty of your 'closest ' friends to NYC all expenses paid for the Southpaw Premiere. Or the Everest premiere. Or the Demolition premiere. Or his next play. ...; )

I love twitter. Lots of fun photos from his San Diego visit.

BlueJean said...

I've just watched all videos and stuff and yes - it's a LOT of news. It's hard to keep up. It's always good to come here, UV - I want you to know that. This blog and IHJ are such reliable places for Jake news. Keep up the good work!

BlueJean said...

New article / interview! :) It's great to read!

Ann said...

Talk Show News:

Jake scheduled to be on Seth Meyers July 23rd

This site has Jake scheduled to be on Jimmy Fallon July 20th

UltraViolet said...

Yay! I'm glad he'll be on with Seth. Like Bobbyanna, it makes me sad David Letterman isn't still around. Would love to have seen Jake's reaction to this transformation.

And another article. It's not raining. It's not pouring. It's monsooning Jake news.

Thanks, Bobbyanna and FP, but I have slacked off a bit. Luckily, everyone else here is keeping up!

That was a good article, BJ. And there are more on the way, no doubt. I am disappointed in that Vanity Fair thing - not sure if anyone else has linked it. Not fond of the photo and the article is half story, half review.

Still want Jake to get the full VF cover treatment someday.

UltraViolet said...

Also, I find the title explanations puzzling. Why they named the film Southpaw is still unclear. And I don't get the sense it ever becomes clear.

Anonymous said...

Great read while waiting on Southpaw,

bobbyanna said...

Blue jean, thanks for the piece in The Guardian. Very nice.

bobbyanna said...

Anon 8:34, that Playbill article was fun. I'd love to see Jake as Billy Flynn in Chicago. He WOULD look great in a tux. : ) But I wonder if they ever intend to resurrect the Damn Yankees project either on stage or film. I would definitely not want to see him in a revival of Oklahoma. Way too dated. Plus I never liked that musical.

One thing though.Singing in a musical for 3 performances is a lot different from signing 8 times a week for 8 weeks. The training and preparation would take time. It's very hard on the voice especially if it's not something you're trained for. You can train for the boxing sequences in a movie a lot easier. The voice training would have to be long term. That's just my speculation. So I'm thinking if Jake does do a musical for the stage it would have to be one where he doesn't shoulder the main burden carrying the play with his performance. Billy Flynn is less taxing than some of the other roles mentioned. Just my take.

UltraViolet said...

I posted a longer version of the first interview in the post.

Also, yay for another DP30:

David Poland ‏@DavidPoland
Jake Gyllenhaal is still beaming with excitement about his Little Shop of Horrors experience. Very happy for him.

Did you interview him again?

We did.

Fantastic! You two have great chemistry together. Very much looking forward to it.

I hope he talks about LSOH.

Poland can be a sexist ass but I do like those long-form interviews.

More tweets:

Chris Vognar ‏@chrisvognar Culture critic, The Dallas Morning News
Nice late afternoon chat with Jake Gyllenhaal about boxing and Southpaw. "I was afraid of looking like an idiot out there." He doesn't.

Totally guilted into going to the gym today after seeing a screening of Jake Gyllenhaal in #SouthpawMovie. Stunning transformation.

the aroma of your cologne was glorious. #hishugswerebetter #jakegyllenhaal #southpaw

People love the way Jake smelled yesterday:

summer_d_d #jakegyllenhaal one of the best duty days ever;) 11h

elliehibbard23 Soooo jealous 10h

summer_d_d Haha @elliehibbard23 it was an amazing moment... He smelled incredible...

And LOL.

This is old but I can't remember if I posted them:

Joey Magidson @JoeyMagidsonSenior Staff Writer for The Awards Circuit, Oscar Pundit at First Showing,

Southpaw is an effective and gritty boxing drama, if nothing we haven't seen before. Unsurprisingly, Jake Gyllenhaal is tremendous.

A caged animal, he's the highlight, while Rachel McAdams/Forest Whitaker do effective supporting work. Southpaw is all about Jake G though.

In response to another tweeter:

This isn't quite on the level of Nightcrawler, but he is certainly excellent.
I highly doubt he would win for it. A nomination? Maybe.

Not sure where/what this is, but Jake and Stephen G.

Ann said...

UV, I saw this on instagram earlier. Maybe Jake was at another screening tonight?

Thanks for all of those tweets. Can't wait for the next DP30 interview. I enjoy those.

Anonymous said...

"Not sure where/what this is, but Jake and Stephen G."

And Antoine in the background there, long time seeing him involved with the promo of the film. Is this the SAG viewing?

Monica said...

I think today the screening took place at the Academy. The SAG will be tomorrow with Jake, Rachel, 50Cent, Ooana Laurence.

The best from the Guardian interview: what he said about Harvey.

Monica said...

hmm the initial projection to the opening week of Southpaw drop to $14,000,000

Anonymous said...

not a big drop but has it as a limited release which could way less than 2000 screens.

Monica said...

limited release is for films that open in just a few cities, like New York and Los Angeles. Southpaw will not open limited.
Of course, it will not open in 4000 screens, but should be at least in 2000 screens.

Piruleta said...

UV Don't underestimate your work, it has to be exhausting to take care of a blog at times. You're doing a great job :)

It's a shame that with so many people already watching the movie, there isn't more comments, I guess not everyone is on twitter lol

#Southpaw is a great movie. We are going to be talking about this in November when Award season kicks into high gear. Gyllenhaal is great.

Poor girl lol I like here interviews

Alicia Malone: ‏It breaks my heart that interviews with future husband Jake Gyllenhaal are happening tomorrow for Southpaw, but I don't get to go 😩

And this one made me laugh

no lleves a tu novia a ver southpaw porque jake gyllenhaal es más perfecto de lo que tu nunca serás | Don't take your girlfriend to see southpaw because jake gyllenhaal is more perfect than you will ever be

PS.: Yay! for another DP30 interview!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monica but the down to 14 mill is not a huge drop from the initial. I still hope one of Jake's movies will surprising outperform or match Source Code.

BlueJean said...

Happy about a new DP30 interview! Can't wait! :)

Box office said...

I thought it was always 14 million it was 2 weeks ago when I looked at it, oh well.

same forecast said...

Monica said...
July 13, 2015 at 12:37 AM

hmm the initial projection to the opening week of Southpaw drop to $14,000,000

July 10, 2015
Southpaw $14,000,000 $50,000,000

Dropped? The box office forecast is the same as one month before

Monica said...
May 31, 2015 at 6:37 PM

Box Office prediction for Southpaw.

May 29, 2015
Southpaw $14,000,000 $50,000,000

Monica said...

The initial projection was 15 million. Dropped to 14 million, is not a big drop.

This is only a projection!!

Box Office said...

I don't think Monica has the power to skew the box office predictions numbers, I wish she did. LOL.

Thanks Monica, I still hope the predictors are wrong though and it will be more. But it does seem other movies released the same day have been lowered too. Rather lower expectations and be surprised.

bobbyanna said...

Last I checked it was at $15 Million, so I see what you mean Monica.

Minions, Jurassic World, & Inside Out were the top three weekend box office leaders this week. In fact Minions broke all kinds of records. So that's two animated films and a dinosaur movie. Jurassic has made the top two spots for five weekends now. SciFi thriller, Self/Less did poorly.

As I look at it, I'll be really happy of Southpaw is in the top three or four. I'm also hoping the actual box office numbers for Southpaw will be a little higher than projected. These animated kids' movies usually stick around for a while.

Anonymous said...

Maybe once Southpaw is out, there will some news about Demolition. I think FS is waiting to see how Southpaw will be received.

Monica said...

I hope we will have a release date for Demolition soon.

15 or 14 million is not bad for Southpaw. Word of mouth will be important for the film.

Ann said...

I'm not sure who this guy is but I saw a few of his tweets I thought I'd share, thought they were interesting.

@BruceRFeldman Acad likes Souhtpaw at Sunday screening, but no standing ovation for Gyllenhaal

@BruceRFeldman Will AMPAS give Jake Gyllenhaal his due with Southpaw? He deserves it. Otherwise will be tough sledding for pic Oscar-wise

@BruceRFeldman Women find #Southpaw movie too violent. What else is new? Pic wildly entertaining and will still do $100+ million

@BruceRFeldman First shoe-in Oscar nom this year: late James Horner #Southpaw score. Never mind sympathy vote, he deserves it

On Demolition, I read they're trying to get it in at TIFF so maybe they're waiting to see if it gets in there before they announce a release date. I do agree with others who said they're waiting to see how Southpaw does too. I think both could be factors.

Anonymous said...

100 million plus? Is that world wide, I think it will do well foreign markets particularly where boxing is a big Olympic sport and Jake does have a nice foreign following. And China helped financed the film.

bobbyanna said...

Box Office tracking for Paper Towns and Pixels indicate they will do well. They open when Southpaw opens. Paper Towns is projected at about $32 Million for opening weekend. It's a young adult movie. Pixels is Adam Sandler with animation, a children's movie. Apparently it broke some kind of record for the number of times the trailer was viewed in a 24 hour period when it was released. I agree, Monica, as a genre movie (Boxing,) Southpaw will do well to bring in $15M. The $100 Million number Bruce Feldman is predicting has to be worldwide total box office. I think if Southpaw makes it into the top 4 or 5, I will be very grateful. Hopefully, these numbers for Southpaw are conservative and it will do better than expected.
I was thinking about End of Watch and how they did the screenings, and targeted various markets in the weeks before it opened.

Piruleta said...

Some reactions, there's a ton of pictures and tiny videos.

Bay Dariz @baydariz | Filmmaker, musician, and artist. Producer of independent feature film
My #mcm is Jake Gyllenhaal who was incredible in the SOUTHPAW screening tonight. I recommend it :) #southpawmovie

#Southpaw was really upsetting and so freakin good. #JakeGyllenhaal #SuperCrush ��

Southpaw was a solid movie IMO. Got dusty eyed in there a few times but couldn't let myself cry next to the manliness of Forrest.

Best night EVER!! Southpaw was phenomenal, Oscar worthy. Plus a Q/A with unbelievable talented Jake…

Southpaw screening and talkback with #jakegyllenhaal #rachelmcadams #50cent #miguelgomez #sag #pdc…

Jake Gyllenhaal just keeps getting better & better- I enjoyed his performance in #Southpaw

Southpaw screening it was amazing :) even got to see jake gyllenhaal #love #photooftheday #me…

Southpaw was the best. I recommend you to watch it ��������

Shout out to @Kdubblive for hooking my girl and I up to watch the premiere of #Southpaw. Great movie! I would definitely recommend it!

Southpaw is a really good movie. I would definitely recommend it. All of these actors put on a great…

@50cent Southpaw screening movie was beyond dope get out there and go see it July 24th!

#Southpaw was a good movie. Do yourself a favor and go see it. #RedemptionStory

I enjoyed southpaw, typical cookie cutter type film, but go see it, was on edge of my seat the last 30 minutes

Southpaw is such a tearjerker man

dope screening of the movie #SouthPaw w/ the cast.. strong film lots of passion.. #DCS

#SouthPaw Premiere was great! But film was phenomenal

Gyllenhaal, 50 Cent and Rachel McAdams upfront at #Southpaw premiere. Very good, I recommend it!…

We wanted to see @SouthpawMovie so much since we saw the trailer for the first time. And it's AMAZING! #Southpaw

Southpaw was AMAZING!!!!! Everybody go watch!!!!

Other tweets

"It's great to have a sounding board & have someone to support your choices." #RachelMcAdams on her acting coach for #Southpaw

"I just needed to follow her. She sets the tone." - #JakeGyllenhaal on costar #OonaLaurence #Southpaw

"The pace at which you work and the energy in the movie is really important." - #JakeGyllenhaal on motivation on set #Southpaw

"You got to do it your own way. You'll probably be told not to but you know best." - #RachelMcAdams on acting #Southpaw

"I needed to figure out and search for his backstory." - #JakeGyllenhaal on the mental challenges in #Southpaw

#southpaw interview with cast

Hope to see the whole Q&A video, is always fun and interesting.

Don't remember who said the movie will do better with audiences than critics and I agree, and even with the mixed reviews none has said this is a bad movie, so I hope it does well.

Piruleta said...

And some more tweets

#JakeGyllenhaal continues to blow us away with his incredible work in #Southpaw. He's amazing! At #Sag screening & Q&A with the cast!

Southpaw - great film, great cast!

Jake's new movie 'Southpaw' was so sick! $10 says all of you cry.

I had the honor of watching an early screening of Southpaw tonight!! Two of my faaaaves were in…

bobbyanna said...

Piruleta, thank you So much! These are great!

BlueJean said...

"@BruceRFeldman Women find #Southpaw movie too violent."

Hmm. I think I'm able to cope with that. I thought 'End of Watch' was pretty violent too, but overall I enjoyed it. The only trouble I'll probably have with 'Southpaw' is seeing Jake get hit a lot. Don't like that. But Jake has said the main focus of the movie is the family (and father / daughter) story, which is fine with me.

I always like to see Jake with kids (like in 'Brothers' or 'Zodiac'), he usually has great chemistry with them. I really look forward to seeing his scenes with Oona. The scenes with her they showed in the SP trailer looked believable and emotional, so I'll probably cry a little too! ;)

Loved reading the tweets, as always! Thanks, Piruleta!

Ann said...

I agree BlueJean. I'm not worried about the violence, that doesn't normally bother me in film but seeing Jake get hit will make me flinch, Lol. I think watching how emotional he gets in the film will effect me more than the violence.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Justin Chang (HW Reporter) gave Paper towns a positive review, the screen international critic didn't like either movie.

Just interesting Chang went for a young adult film with lesser known proven actors and director.

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Opens Up About His Desire to Be a Father: 'It Is Definitely a Dream of Mine'

In the upcoming boxing drama Southpaw, Jake Gyllenhaal plays star fighter Billy Hope who, after a tragic downfall, fights to redeem himself in the eyes of the world and his especially his daughter.

While Gyllenhaal himself doesn't have any children, the 34-year-old Oscar-nominated star says that he hopes to be a father one day.

Speaking with ET's Kevin Frazier, Gyllenhaal opened up about the paternal instinct that informed his Southpaw character, explaining, "I am not a father yet, but it is definitely a dream of mine, should I be lucky to have that to happen."

Gyllenhaal added that the actress who plays his young daughter in the film, Oona Laurence, made him even more excited about the idea of being a dad.

"I have nieces who I love deeply and I have children in my life I love deeply, but when I meet Oona for the first time, I just fell for her," Gyllenhaal shared. "Your heart opens up to her."

The actor said that his young co-star actually helped him develop and guide his character and his performance.

"When I started acting with her too, she was the one who was guiding me. We improved a lot, and she would make choices, I would just follow her in an improv, and that's the dynamic," Gyllenhaal recounted.

bobbyanna said...

The violence is not a worry for me either. I like boxing movies, mostly because my father was a boxer. He was a member of the U.S. Olympic team, and then turned pro for a couple of years. All before I was born. But I remember as a child watching the Friday night fights on TV with him...mostly for the amazing ice cream sundaes he'd invent for us. LOL!!! He taught me how to skip rope and I used to play with his medicine ball. I remember getting frustrated because it wouldn't bounce. I thought it was like a vasket ball, only very heavy... LOL!

Later on, I did have the opportunity to sit ringside for some fights as an adult, and that was truly violent. Boxing is a very punishing sport. What we see on TV or in a movie can't come close to want you experience actually sitting up close and watching. All the sweat, blood, the sounds. Horrible. I did it twice. Never again.

bobbyanna said...

"what" you experience.." not "want" Sorry for the typos.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Piruleta, thank so much for gathering those tweets. Love hearing the positive reaction. I hope this will be a crowd-pleaser.

New post with those San diego photos and a longer video from last night's screening.

Keep those tidbits coming!