Friday, June 19, 2015

Still life

Some new, striking stills from Southpaw were released as Jake Gyllenhaal began promotion for the film overseas.

Jake did both television and radio interviews to kick off Southpaw promos. We won't get to see the full Graham Norton episode stateside until next Saturday, but here's a clip. It's a brow-off:

Arnold posted this bit on snapchat yesterday:

Jake seems to be judged the winner :)

Jake also visited Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show:


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UltraViolet said...

Some Graham Norton reaction tweets:

Never been a Jake Gyllenhaal fan, but he was adorable on The Graham Norton Show & also in Source Code which I watched again the other night.

Cara Delevigne does not deserve to sit beside Jake Gylenhaal

Emilia Clark, Cara Delevingne and Jake Gyllenhaal all on the Graham Norton Show! I don't actually think I could pick a favourite 😍

Jake Gyllenhaal and Cara Delevingne on the same interview couch is doing weird things to my heart 💕

Jake Gyllenhaal is making me tolerate Graham Nortan.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a handsome bastard isn't he

Clara Delevinge, Jake Gyllenhaal & Arnold Schwarzenegger could this be the most star studded @TheGNShow ever


Emilia Clarke is giving Gyllenhaal some serious eyes. #grahamnorton

Surely the best Graham Norton couch ever?

Can we move back to Gyllenhaal I couldn't give a flying fuck about another bastard shitting Terminator film. Boring.

Was this week's brief for @TheGNShow's booker 'Get anyone whose name is impossible to spell'? Delevingne, Gyllenhaal, Schwarzenegger..

Who knew Jake Gyllenhaal was so much fun!? #GrahamNorton

jake gyllenhaal is so attractive and cute and hilarious and just damn

Arnie is awesome, of course, but Jake Gyllenhaal is unexpectedly hilarious. And Emilia Clarke is hotter in person than ever on GoT...

Jake Gyllenhall and Emilia Clarke sat next to each other on a sofa it's just too much good looking for my eyes

Currently drooling over the beautifulness of Jake Gyllenhaal on the Graham Norton show. Baby

Think I've just fallen in #love with #JakeGyllenhaal 😍😍❤️❤️

Sexiest line up ever

I never want Jake Gyllenhaal to not be on my TV. #GrahamNorton

Gylenhaal is boss #grahamnorton

I haven't been to the pictures in about 21 years but this new Jake Gyllenhaal one is defo for me. 👊🏻😍

Wouldn't of thought Jake Gyllenhaal was funny but he's a lol a minute on Graham Norton

Jake Gyllenhall is a man with British humour who talks with an American accent

Jake Gyllenhaal seems like a pure gent. #GentGyllenhaal #GrahamNorton

From #TheGrahamNortonShow and @r1breakfast Jake Gyllenhaal comes across like a genuinely nice guy. @GyllenhaalJake

okay everyone on the graham Norton show needs to shut up (minus cara delvinge) because JAKE GYLLENHAAL IS THERE OKAY

Wish @Caradelevingne would let @TinieTempah and Jake Gyllenhaal speak on @TheGNShow

Pretty sure I want Jake Gyllenhaal to be my new best friend. Sorry real chums. He's better.

The graham norton show was quality tonight jake gyllenhaal is so funny. #fridaynightin

Whopper @grahnort show tonight. Gyllenhaal seems like a really sound bloke.

Eff me, #JakeGyllenhaal is hawwwwwwwt #grahamnorton that's a Brit saying hawwwwwwt!! Hooooeeeeee!! Yeah boy!!!!

#JakeGyllenhaal practically perfect in every way #grahamnorton
Ok. It's officially, Ireland is adopting Jake Gyllenhaal! 😍

And not Graham-Norton-related but funny:

my bucket list is just a list of jake gyllenhaal movies

UltraViolet said...

A few more:

Loving Jake Gyllenhaal on #grahamnorton. Great actor, very good looks, comes across as an amazingly genuine person - what's not to love?

After watching Jake Gyllenhall on @grahnort I can confirm that he is in fact PERFECT 😍

just from the Graham Norton clips released on youtube, I already ship Emilia Clarke and Jake Gyllenhaal

My love for Jake Gyllenhaal has grown even more (if thats even possible) #grahamnorton

If you want to watch the episode in slightly unorthodox framing, it's here.

Thought this was cute:

and I stood in a Walmart q in front of #JakeGyllenhaal once and yes he really is that good looking #jealoustothemax

Anonymous said...

IHJ has already full episode with proper framing:


Anonymous said...

Few more pics from SP:


BlueJean said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal is making me tolerate Graham Norton."

Well, this ^^^^^. I'm not a huge fan of Graham Norton, he was a bit of a jerk to Jake last time, making fun of his beard, but I enjoyed this episode. Arnold S. seems so nice.

BlueJean said...

P.S. Yaaaaaay! A new post! Thanks, UV! Great pics!

BlueJean said...

P.S. 2: Love the tweets as well! For someone who's not on Twiiter, like me, they're a joy to read.

UltraViolet said...

This is a fantastic listen, you guys. A continuation of the eternal question of how tall Jake is. With input from Jake himself. It's worth listening to the whole thing and not just skipping to the end.

Monica said...

From the article on the decline of American actor:

Jake Gyllenhaal has an even better mirror-smashing scene in Dan Gilroy’s bracingly cynical Nightcrawler. He plays a ruthless young go-getter named Louis Bloom who, after an early life of petty thievery, drifts into the unsavory job of providing video footage of accidents and violent crimes to local TV stations. He has the drive and the depraved indifference needed for success in this high-energy, low-ethics profession, but the course isn’t as smooth as he’d like it to be. After another camera crew beats him to an especially grisly crash site, Bloom takes out his disappointment on his bathroom mirror, first screaming at his reflection, then shaking the mirror until it breaks. The scene is scarier than Tatum’s, in part because Gyllenhaal distorts his face so expressively. He dropped a lot of weight for this role, to make himself look gaunt, hungry. The effect is to exaggerate his already rather dramatic facial features: the hyperthyroid eyes bug out even more than usual, and the downturned mouth suggests, at times, a sinister sad-clown mask. When he screams, he looks like a monster.

Louis Bloom is a monster, of a particularly American, aspirational sort, and Gyllenhaal, whose work in the past few years has been varied and consistently exciting, seems very happy to be playing him. Gyllenhaal has been developing his technique and expanding his range with every role since Brian Taylor in the L.A.-cop movie End of Watch (2012), in which his squad-car improvisations with Michael Peña seemed to free up something in his acting. He has the tools and the confidence now for Bloom, this magnetic, Richard III–size villain. A year before Nightcrawler, he warmed up with Denis Villeneuve’s bizarre doppelgänger movie Enemy, in which one of the two characters he plays—the evil one—is a third-rate actor. Some of that character’s smiling cunning works its way into Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of the glibly amoral Bloom, and there’s a mirror scene to boot. In Enemy, the mirror survives. It’s just a tool, used as an actor would use it, to try out readings and expressions—in this case, for the line “Did you fuck my wife?,” with which he hopes to unnerve his meek double. He flashes a huge grin when he’s got it right. In Nightcrawler, Bloom speaks almost all of his lines as if he’d rehearsed them with that kind of obsessive care, and the effect is deeply unsettling. I can’t think of another young American actor who would dare to play this monster this way. And for once, I can’t think of a British actor who would, either.

Ann said...

UV, that was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Maybe the moon has an effect on Jake's height and why he sometimes appears shorter or taller to people on any given day. :P

Anonymous said...

lol, no one was right. Some said he was 5"11 and others swore he was 6". Jake is amazing to do that and to be completely open and on record. But its also amazing that so many would care about Jake's height.

UltraViolet said...

It was a really fun surprise - out of nowhere. Jake was indeed a good sport, as someone tweeted. (More fun tweets below. BJ, thanks for your appreciation of them! It's fun to compile them.)

That Atlantic article is kind of BS. There is a good question in there, but the examples didn't always match the premise, I didn't think. Very subjective.

@StarleeKine the upside for Jake Gyllenhaal was we would see his humanity! He is a riot! Great Case. Everyone please check out @MysteryShow

Starting to listen to @mysteryshow: Jake Gyllenhaal's height? Really? Finishing listening: Jake Gyllenhaal is the absolutely greatest.

Incidentally, this week's @MysteryShow reveals both Jake Gyllenhaal's height and the reason he has dated every beautiful person. CHARM.

Some days I could listen to @StarleeKine for hours. Some days I just need to skip to the part where she reveals Jake Gyllenhaal's height.

Jake Gyllenhall and I are the same height in my mind! @MysteryShow!

I can't get enough of the @MysteryShow podcast. This week was especially fun, Jake Gyllenhaal is a good sport.

Latest @MysteryShow is amazing - have now fallen in love with both Jake Gyllenhaal and @StarleeKine

@StarleeKine & @JakeG_Online can you guys just start podcasting weekly phone conversations?

@StarleeKine Jake Gyllenhaal asked you out on a date!!!!!!!!

@StarleeKine So...Jake Gyllenhaal was definitely flirting with you and asked you out on a date, right? Like...That's not even debatable, no?

Never thought I could be so fascinated with #JakeGyllenhaal's height. Love him. Today, I feel happily 5'4"

If you miss this week's @MysteryShow, you'll never know what a giant of a man Jake Gyllenhaal truly is.

How effing charming is Jake Gyllenhaal in this!?!?!?!? Like, damn

@MysteryShow wasn't over when I finished mowing. Now I'm just staring at the grass. I must know how tall Jake Gyllenhaal is.

Now I'm googling Jake Gyllenhaal because I am now I'm shipping him and @StarleeKine

@StarleeKine I've never loved J Gyllenhaal more (& that's actually saying a lot).

I have a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal after this episode.

I never imagined I would be waiting with breathless anticipation to find out how tall jake gyllenhaal is. Well done.

AHHHH! @MysteryShow is SO GOOD! And now I'm in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. THANKS A LOT!! My wife will NOT be happy.

If you're into podcast, we've really been enjoying @MysteryShow. Good and fun. New appreciation for Jake Gyllenhaal in the newest episode

I have a new appreciation for Jake Gyllenhaal after listening to this week's @MysteryShow. Such a hilarious conversation!

just when I thought the Jake Gyllenhaal episode of @MysteryShow couldn't get any better, Jake invokes the legend of Innerspace

Unsure who is more charming @StarleeKine or Jake Gyllenhaal. @MysteryShow is MY CURRENT FAVORITE THING. ♥️

This week's episode of @MysteryShow confirmed what we already knew: Jake Gyllenhaal is adorable and charming as all get out.

My sister and I were l literally holding hands, gasping and squealing during @StarleeKine's interview w/ Jake G on new episode @MysteryShow.

#JakeGyllenhaal is cracking me up on this episode of @MysteryShow

The fact that Jake Gyllenhaal enthusiastically participated in this Mystery Show is enough on its own to reignite 15 y.o. me's crush

My guffawing @MysteryShow woke up my pregnant wife. @StarleeKine spends 38 hilarious minutes solving mystery of Jake Gyllenhaal's height.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the coolest @MysteryShow

@MysteryShow just listened to source code then watched source code! A very good day. Great show as always.

the only thing more exciting than finding out how tall Jake Gyllenhaal is was finding out we're the exact same height!

And this exchange made me smile:

@MysteryShow @StarleeKine, was @JakeGyllenhal really as fun as he seemed?

Starlee Kine ‏@StarleeKine 8h8 hours ago

am I the only one who almost didn't want him to say?

BlueJean said...

"This is a fantastic listen, you guys."

Hahahaha! Listening now. I'm not even halfway through, and it's so funny! :)))
How did you find this?

BlueJean said...

That was truly hilarious! Thanks for posting it, UV! x

bobbyanna said...

That podcast is fun! I'm really enjoying the reactions, too. :) He seems so relaxed and engaging.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That interview is hoot UV! I always enjoy Jake's interviews on UK shows, he is always relaxed and funny.

Love the stills from SP!

Anonymous said...

The mystery show clip is fantastic UV! Jake as usual entertaining and funny and sounding oh so sexy. I love his laugh.


Hagen said...

Tom Ford will work with cinematographer Seamus McGarvey on "Nocturnal Animals". McGarvey is known for such movies as "The Hours", "Atonement" and "Anna Karenina", but also "The Avengers", "Godzilla" and "Fifty Shades of Grey".

I'm half an inch taller than Jake. Ha!

Anonymous said...

"I'm half an inch taller than Jake. Ha!"

Are you really, prove it.

Hagen said...

Are you really, prove it.

Sorry, I won't scan my passport. ;-) I'm 1,82 m tall.

Anonymous said...

just kidding Hagen in the spirit of the Mystery podcasts.

UltraViolet said...

Luckily for Jake, I think by the rules of rounding up, he can say 6 feet :)

Blue Jean, I saw some tweets about it and had to investigate. So glad I did. He is very engaging, relaxed and charming. Lucky Starlee Kine!

A few more tweets:

Aaaah @StarleeKine's done the unthinkable with the latest episode of @mysteryshow and made me stop disliking Jake Gyllenhaal. She's a witch!

I'd listen to a podcast that was just @StarleeKine and Jake Gyllenhaal talking on the phone

Oh my god I'm listening to @MysteryShow and it's really making me appreciate Jake Gyllenhaal as a person a lot more. This is excellent.

So @mysteryshow has made me fall in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. Brilliant piece of radio. You've gotta check them out right now!!

@MysteryShow just convinced me that Jake Gyllenhaal is the coolest celebrity ever. He took the mystery like a champ.

Saw a couple of NYC tweets of Jake yesterday. I assume he's back, since rehearsals for Little Shop start tomorrow.

Hagen, let's hope the cinematography on 50 Shades was better than the script :)

Anonymous said...

Jake will be on the cover of DETAILS. From

"Details' next cover will feature Jake Gyllenhaal, who, according to Peres, is in amazing shape. "He is supporting his new film 'Southpaw', where he plays a boxer. He looks awesome," Peres teased."

Piruleta said...

I was rolling on the floor laughing when Jake was all "why does everyone want to know how tall I am?!"

Graham Norton interview was great too, he looked more relaxed and into it than the last time. I thought the chemistry with the others guests was good too, well not so much with Cara whom he ignored deliberately at some point LOL

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. Hope we get another good photo shoot.

More Mystery Show tweets:

"Dude. Jake Gyllenhaal" is how all exchanges between friends should begin.

@StarleeKine at any point, were you concerned Jake Gyllenhaal was going to go all "Nightcrawler" on you?

Was neither expecting nor ready for the level of charm Jake Gyllenhaal brought to this week's @MysteryShow

Jake Gyllenhaal nervously scoring a date with @StarleeKine under the guise of a "how tall are you" group dinner is everything. @MysteryShow

I am going to save it & listen to Jake Gyllenhaal talking (or avoid talking) about his height whenever I feel sad.

Listening to the latest Mystery Show podcast. Jake Gyllenhaal, be still my beating heart. However tall you are…

Some other funny tweets:

Note to self: when playing Heads Up! and Jake Gyllenhaal's name comes up, "he's hot!" is not a sufficient clue. #soznotsoz @TheEllenShow

When Jake Gyllenhaal sits five rows ahead of you at a broadway show #Hyperventilation

Photo of Jake in NYC on Sunday. With Joel Cohen?

From someone who writes for JoBlo:

Is there a movie you’re waiting to see?
Star Wars of course. I’m very interested in SOUTHPAW with Jake Gyllenhaal – he is also a fantastic interview. And I’m really looking forward to Guillermo del Toro returning to horror with CRIMSON PEAK. Not surprisingly, I’m very excited to see FURY ROAD again.

Some leftover tweets from last week:

Amn Kaur/BBC Radio presenter
I just walked past Jake Gyllenhaal and he oozes sexual appeal. A bit flustered right now, not gonna lie.

Christophe Courtois @Christophe_Co
Film Distributor by day, blogger by night, traveller by passion.
Les acteurs américains sont d'intelligences variables, et certains sont débiles. D'autres sont futés, lucides, avisés, comme J. Gyllenhaal.

American actors are of varying intelligence, and some are stupid. Others are smart, lucid, informed, as J. Gyllenhaal.

This photo is from a few weeks back, from that DC benefit. They say it was taken by Jake. No idea if that's true. But I figured I'd share. Once I remembered it :)

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, Piruleta - didn't see your post. Much more relaxed on Graham Norton. I'm glad he had fun with it. He did chat with Cara a bit but at other times, he seemed to be keeping his distance. I think he felt awkward sitting between them. Only Arnold seemed fully relaxed. As he always does, lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow Hagen you are really tall girl, at least you don't need high hills LOL, I think Nicole Kidman is that tall. SV

Anonymous said...

I don't like Cara. I'm glad Jake ignored her.

Anonymous said...

"I don't like Cara. I'm glad Jake ignored her."

I don't think Jake ignored her, Emilia and Cara both were talking at the same time a lot and Jake was in the middle of the two. The one time with the question about Jake's band, Graham was trying to talk to Jake about it but both Cara and Emilia had their own questions and comments and it seemed Jake was trying to concentrate on the host's questions directed at him.

Cara D is not my cup of tea but she seems genuine and fun. Jake seemed fine with Cara and she with him and Emilia was very charmed by Jake. Even Arnold seemed charmed by Jake, Jake was clearly the most naturally humorous. I wish American audiences could see more of that side of Jake. He only spends at the most 5 or 10 minutes on American talk shows promoting his movies.

Anonymous said...

I still don't like her. JMO.

Ann said...

Cara seems funny, nice enough and has a unique and attractive look.

Paper Towns potential for box office success has very little to do with her or whomever else is starring in the film. It's based on a best-selling young adult book by an author who had another film out last year that also did very well. It's not a surprise that it will get a lot of young people out to the theater to see it.

BlueJean said...

I also like Cara. I thought she was pretty funny on the show :)

UltraViolet said...

Some more tweets - can't get enough :)

Starlee Kine and Jake Gyllenhaal for True Detective Season 3 #LetsGetItTrending

I listened to it walking to my parents' house yesterday and kept laughing out loud in street. Also, I now love Jake Gyllenhaal

@MysteryShow thank you for brightening up my gloomy morning with the lovely voice (and correct height) of Jake Gyllenhaal!
I have so much more admiration for Jake Gyllenhaal after listening to the latest episode of @MysteryShow! Also, Starlee Kine is the best!!!!

My love for Jake Gyllenhaal is deep and even more so after this delightful interview

Both are worthy listens but Jake Gyllenhaal on the @MysteryShow and how it came to be feels more unexpectedly great than Potus on WTF.

Latest episode of @MysteryShow endeared #JakeGyllenhaal to me more than I thought was possible.

Jake Gyllenhaal on The Mystery Show is charming as all get out.

I am definitely seeing (*hearing) sparks flying between @StarleeKine and Jake Gyllenhaal #MysteryShow #Podcastmance

I get why people like Jake Gyllenhaal now

Putting Jake Gyllenhaal on my #FreebieFive after the Mystery Show podcast with @StarleeKine. I want to lick his voice. #foreverlove


@StarleeKine first, love the podcast! 2nd, how long was the full interview with Gyllenhaal? How hard was it to get that phone interview?

It was hard for a long time but after @askanyone asked him in the restaurant, it was easy. That's what did it.

A Southpaw tweet:

Seen #Southpaw in the theater. I just wanna say Jack is fantastic!!!!!!! #shanghai international firm festival

UltraViolet said...

Did anyone even see my Joel Coen mention? It's interesting that he and Jake were hanging in NY, if that is indeed Joel.

Anonymous said...

"Did anyone even see my Joel Coen mention? It's interesting that he and Jake were hanging in NY, if that is indeed Joel."

Yes it was interesting and I was hoping for a work collaboration as I remember the Coen Brothers offered him role a few years back in the Way Way Back film if I am remembering it correct but I am still hoping for a Broadway musical soon.

Ann said...

I saw it UV and definitely thought it looked like Joel as well. Kinda cool that a few weeks ago Jake was spotted talking to Wes Anderson and now he's hanging out with Joel Coen. I hope it turns into some good roles for him in the future.

I also saw the post about Jake being in Details. I'm ready for some new Jake photoshoots. I had hoped there would be a few magazine covers out closer to the SP release.

Ann said...

I agree with you UV, I can't get enough of these tweets. I just saw this one and had to share. I definitely agree with this too :)

Jake Gyllenhaal's voice on @MysteryShow made my knees weak. I'm a sucker for charming, 5'11.5" men with beards.

Anonymous said...

"‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’ composer James Horner dead after plane crash"

RIP Mr. Horner, he worked on the Southpaw music score too.

UltraViolet said...

Love it! And this one:

@StarleeKine I want to believe Jack Gyllenhaal is an honest man, but I also would like to measure him myself to verify #MysteryShow

Okay, I'll stop. For now...

Another Southpaw poster or promo photo. And Victor Ortiz has high praise for Jake.

Very sad news for film/music fans: James Horner died in a plane crash. Horner composed the score for Southpaw. I saw this piece on it a while back but never posted.

RIP, Mr. Horner.

Anonymous said...

Everest released pushed back to 9.25.15.

'Everest' Shifts Release to Get Exclusive Run in Imax, Large-Format Theaters... Hollywood Reporter.

Hagen said...

The Hollywood Reporter: 'Titanic' Composer James Horner Missing and Feared Dead in Plane Crash, Says Attorney

Horner wrote the score for "Southpaw".

The Hollywood Reporter: 'Everest' Shifts Release to Get Exclusive Run in Imax, Large-Format Theaters
The nationwide release of the movie is being pushed back from Sept. 18 to Sept. 25 in order to allow for an exclusive Imax and PLF debut Sept. 18.

"Hotel Transylvania 2", "The Intern" and three (!) horror movies will open on September 25. Plus "Sicario" is expected to expand nationwide on that date (Boxofficemojo).

Wow Hagen you are really tall girl, at least you don't need high hills LOL, I think Nicole Kidman is that tall. SV

I'm male and thus my height is pretty average. ;)

BlueJean said...

"I'm male and thus my height is pretty average. ;)"

Oh, this is the best! LOL! I thought you were a girl too, Hagen. Don't know why - I've been on the DC forum long enough to know it's not just women who are interested in Jake. So... Mr. Hagen it is then :)

"I want to lick his voice."

:)))) Priceless!

Plus: so sorry to hear about Mr. Horner. RIP.

BlueJean said...

P.S. Don't stop with the Mystery tweets, UV - I love reading them! I've looked at her / their Facebook page as well, but there aren't that many comments (yet).

Anonymous said...

"I'm male and thus my height is pretty average. ;)"

HAH, you got me, I had no clue you are man, but so to speak Tom Cruise wears high hills too. SV

Chica said...

Wow I really loved reading the tweets from the Mystery interviews, sounds like he really enjoyed himself!

Looking forward to the new photoshoot for Details.

Heard about Mr. Horner this morning. What a tragedy , may he rest in peace.

bobbyanna said...

Very sad news. James Horner is a huge loss. When it comes to composing memorable soundtracks, he's right up there with John Williams. I was very excited when I read that he worked on Southpaw. Very Sad. RIP.

Everest is one I'm going to have to see on an IMAX screen, even though I usually forego the opportunity to see things in 3D or IMAX. Now I wonder about the date for Demolition.

Even Lainey is gushing about Starlee Kine's podcast with Jake! LOL!

Ann said...

It's kinda funny that Demolition is Rated R but doesn't have a release date yet Southpaw is out in almost a month in the U.S but doesn't have a rating yet, Lol. Though I'm sure SP will end up with an R rating.

.@StarleeKine and jake gyllenhaal for True Detective season 3 @MysteryShow

Also saw this article this morning. It's an old one written by Starlee Kine featuring the Gyllenhaal's.

Anonymous said...

"Also saw this article this morning. It's an old one written by Starlee Kine featuring the Gyllenhaal's."

Lol maybe she and Jake are meant to be.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Thanks for posting that Anon 10:44, it was fun.

Monica said...

Did anyone even see my Joel Coen mention?

yep so nice to see them together.

For me, Jake looked a little uncomfortable at Graham Norton.

Chica said...

Yes that sure looks like Joel Coen!

UltraViolet said...

Clearly, Starlee Kine has an affinity for Gyllenhaals!

BJ insisted, so more tweets :)

Jake Gyllenhal clearly 6’ tall worth of class and bantering ability. Great @MysteryShow this week.

Can we get a buddy cop espionage thriller staring @StarleeKine and Jake Gyllenhaal?

Today I learned Jake Gyllenhaal is an absolute charmer. @MysteryShow

I liked #JakeGyllenhaal but thanks to @MysteryShow & @StarleeKine now I think he's so witty and clever. With a dreamy voice.

Arrived at my desk in RTE in the middle of the chat with Jake Gyllenhaal on this week's @mysteryshow so obv rudely ignored my colleagues.

Teenage Jake Gyllenhaal crush has been re-ignited by the interview on @MysteryShow! He's down to earth, adorable and funny.

Brb. After listening to this week's @MysteryShow, I'm starting a Jake Gyllenhaal podcast.

I hope the one-week Everest delay works. At least we don't have to wait a week. I'll definitely be seeing it in IMAX 3D.

Such sad news about James Horner. So many people recalling their favorite scores. A remarkable outpouring.

Piruleta said...

Seems Jake won over a lot of people after the Mystery Show call LOL! It's cool that he agreed to do it, definitely.

So, all the Southpaw controversy about his stance apparently, and how some suspected, makes sense in the movie.

UV, that Joel Coen picture is interesting, it would be nice to see Jake involved in a project with the Coen brothers.

Anonymous said...

"Lainey is stupid lying bitch"

Whoa UV, I do agree about the lying part, I do not appreciate her snarky remarks about Jake coveting the Oscar or that every move he makes these days is about his hunger for the Oscar.

Anonymous said...

"Rommy Sandhu ‏@newrom · 12m12 minutes ago
Ystrdy-amzing, Xcitd4 day 3 LittleShop rhersl So good! @TaranKillam #NYCC #JakeGyllenhaal #ellengreene #LittleShopofHorrors #thisistheyear"

UltraViolet said...

Anon, I did not make that now-deleted post about Lainey. It was another anon. I do not use the b-word to describe women.

Piruleta, thanks for the links. I hope it's true that there is a reason for the stance confusion. And I loved the article on The Mystery Show and Jake. The charm is real, lol.

Rozi G said...

@VICIOUSortiz discusses #Southpaw and working with Jake Gyllenhaal this is so cute.

UltraViolet said...

Jake's episode of Le Grand Journal aired tonight in France. You can watch here. Sadly, the French translator is over most of Jake's answers, so it's hard to hear. But, you know, it is a French show :)

BlueJean said...

My, doesn't he look good in that French clip?! Part of me wants him to shave, just because. But part of me... I don't know. His current look really suits him.

UltraViolet said...

I saw an IG photo of Jake where the beard looked too bushy. But he looks good in that clip. I'm hoping he has to shave it off to play Seymour. Seymour shouldn't have a beard. (She says having never seen the play or the movie of Little Shop...)

The Grand Journal tweets are very Jake-positive :)

Hilarious reactions from Pop Sugar editors to Jake's phone voice.

Southpaw reaction:

Media Shock U.K.@MediaShockUK
Correspondents dedicated to bringing you all the latest Official News & Promotions that matter from 'Within' the Film, Entertainment & Broadcasting Industries.

Just green screened #Southpaw... It's no rocky, but damn it packs a punch! ;) Well worth your admission fee for sure... 5 Stars! @OC

UltraViolet said...

The IG photo, btw.

Ann said...

I was wondering if they'd make him shave as well, UV. Since it's more of a concert type performance though and it's only two days, they may not make him change his look.

"His voice is made for phone sex. Even if he called to break up with me, I would probably beg him to have phone sex with me one last time. Is that weird?"

LOL That is an amazing comment.

I've listened to that Mystery Show podcast at least once a day since I found out about it, Lol.

UltraViolet said...

Ann, why are you bringing me down?! I bet you're right, that they won't make him shave. Damn it!


BlueJean said...

Me too! :)) And I'm not ashamed to admit it. At all.

Ann said...

Haha! Sorry UV. I was thinking he may trim it up a bit though, like at Cannes.

Anonymous said...

Seymour is supposed to a geeky boyish face character who is afraid of his own shadow. Jake with that sex beard is not that definition but the its not going to be like an actual play format it sounds like.

UltraViolet said...

Right - that's why I was assuming he'd shave. I'm still hoping.

I forgot to post this earlier. Jake was trending on twitter in France:

France Trends · Change
Julian Assange
Jake Gyllenhaal
Zayn Malik

Jake talked about The Shoes video, and The Shoes were pleased.

Ultra violet said...

These folks are live-tweeting a Nightcrawler watch. Could be fun.

Monica said...

Ellen Greene:
In this production, Ms. Greene, who is now in her 60s, will be playing opposite a much younger Seymour, in this case the film star Jake Gyllenhaal, who is nearly 30 years her junior.

“I know there’s an age difference, but am I going to hold it against him? No,” laughed Ms. Greene. “He wanted to do it. Am I going to say, ‘You’re too beautiful’? No. Am I going to say, ‘You’re too tall’? You want to do it with me, and you’re a great actor.”

Piruleta said...

So, apparently Harvey Weinstein will be in Madrid this Saturday for a conference or something like that. The thing is, because of that, yesterday was an exclusive screening of Southpaw for the ECAM students (it's a film school). I found some reactions:

Paco Silva ‏@pacosilva92 Southpaw: sobrecargado drama pugilístico de caída y redención. Jake G. fantástico, gran química con Whitaker.

(A fall and rendition overloaded boxing drama. Jake G. is fantastic, great chemistry with Whitaker)

Eitán ‏@SuperEitan Fantástico guión, dirección y por encima de todo los actores y el montaje #southpaw | Jake Gyllenhaall está inmenso. Humano cuando es el rey y manteniendo un halo de héroe cuando está en el lodo #southpaw

(Great script, direction and above all the actors and montage #southpaw | Jake Gyllenhaall is immense. Human when he is the king and holding a hero's aura when he is in the mud #southpaw)

Elsa ‏@darksummers Me he sumergido de lleno en Southpaw. Casi me ha dado pena que se acabara.

(I totally immersed myself into Southpaw. Almost felt sad that it finished)

Tarantinesco ‏@BoraBarroso Vista "Southpaw" decir que sigue más o menos el argumento de las típicas pelis de boxeo pero con un Jake Gyllenhall bastante sorprendente.

(Saw Southpaw. More or less follows the typical plot from boxing movies but with a rather surprising Jake Gyllenhaal) note: his rating 7,5/10

Ferhood ‏@fergmartin96 Lo mejor de Southpaw: Jake Gyllenhaal y la niña que no sé cómo se llama pero llora muy bien.

(The best thing about Southpaw: Jake Gyllenhaal and the little girl, I don't know her name but she cries really well) note: his rating 5/10

Sorry if the translation isn't very good. Will check to see if I find more reactions :)

Piruleta said...

Oh! one of the guys said more things about the film:

Tarantinesco ‏@BoraBarroso En si la película recuerda mucho a lo visto en Million Dollar Baby pero un enfoque "algo diferente". Película con muy buen ritmo, eso seguro | Jake Gyllenhall está que se sale, sobretodo en las escenas de combate Últimamente está escogiendo muy buenos papeles

(The film reminds to Million Dollar Baby but with a somehow different approach. Film with good pace for sure | Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic, especially in the fight scenes. He is picking very good roles lately)

Then he has a little exchange with @fergmartin96 and says something that I'm not sure you want to know LOL!

I also saw the tweet from a Mexican film critic saying James Horner OST is good and that Jake performs one of the best roles of his career.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pirlueta, I know some guys will be thinking this is a film about boxing (expecting lots of macho stuff) and it's not but it's also nice to see others including guys get what the film is about.

Anonymous said...

Totally OT - It has been a very tough week after other tough weeks in the US but the last couple of days the Supreme Court has surprised in a very good way at least for me.

Monica said...

Congrats USA #LoveWins!

UltraViolet said...

It's never off topic to celebrate justice! It's a great day today. And yesterday was another big victory. The Supreme Court really came through.

Thanks for the Little Shop article, Monica. I love Ellen Greene! Who can blame her for having that reaction. I can't wait to see her/them next week.

Piruleta, thank you for all of those tweets. Sounds like a pretty good reaction. I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic :)

Was what you didn't think we wanted to hear a spoiler or just gross? Or both?

Piruleta said...

Was what you didn't think we wanted to hear a spoiler or just gross? Or both?

Nah, it's nothing really important

>‏@fergmartin96 Lo mejor de Southpaw: Jake Gyllenhaal y la niña que no sé cómo se llama pero llora muy bien.
>‏@BoraBarroso Rachel McAdams chupando un dedo D:
>@BoraBarroso eso lo peor. Qué tirria la tengo.

>@fergmartin96 The best thing about Southpaw: Jake Gyllenhaal and the little girl, I don't know her name but she cries really well
>‏@BoraBarroso Rachel McAdams sucking a finger D:
>@BoraBarroso That's the wrost. I can't stand her.

I'll keep my eye on twitter in case Weinstein says something interesting on Saturday :)

bobbyanna said...

What a week! SCOTUS really came through! The Affordable care Act was upheld...for the second time, and Gay Marriage was upheld! I live in a state that refused to legalize gay marriage, so I'm very happy with the outcome!

Last night I watched Little Shop of Horrors with Ellen Greene & Rick Moranis as Seymour! I'm really looking forward to next week. Very interested to see how audiences will react to Jake's Seymour. Seymour's signature song definitely gives Jake a chance to show off his range! : )
I agree UV, Seymour is boyish and sweet, not sexy. So hopefully Jake will shave and get a haircut. I mean we know he can grow it back in a week or two ; )

Anonymous said...

"I'll keep my eye on twitter in case Weinstein says something interesting on Saturday"

LOL, now that would be something. I think of Weinstein being the Donald Trump of Producers.

Anonymous said...

Here's the article Jake is explaining how he explores the roles:

"Popular movies tend to say that we should only have one continuous feeling, but I believe, and this may have a tinge of pretention, but if you look at a river, it's going to look like it's flowing in a single direction, but everything in it is being pulled a hundred different ways, and those different factors are part of its current. I look at characters that way—maybe in their circumstances they are going one way but beneath the surface, something else is happening, there are conflicts, different impulses, other choices.

There's another level to this—of making the character unconscious in my body, and making them part of my molecules and locating that level of awareness. A lot of this happens in preparation and that is the part I love more than anything—it can be the biggest part of the process. I can spend four or five months researching, and putting myself in their environment to the point where their decisions become instinct, there are still choices, but their experiences can start guiding you."

I hope this won't be misunderstood the same as "moon control". SV

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

All I have to say after this week is I'm proud to be an American and I love our President!

Looking forward to the reviews for Jake as Seymour!

Anonymous said...

More from Ellen Greene on Jake:

"At City Center, she’ll be joined by Taran Killam, of “Saturday Night Live,” as the sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello, and, as Seymour, the decidedly un-geeky Jake Gyllenhaal, who is three decades her junior. “I will not hold Jake’s beauty or height or age against him,” Greene said."

"Ellen Greene and director Dick Scanlan share the memories surfaced in bringing Howard Ashman and Alan Menken's musical to Encores! Off-Center, costarring Jake Gyllenhaal

Does the age difference between you and Jake Gyllenhaal matter?

Ellen: Well, if I looked like sh*t. But I don't. I have my [Dorian Gray] painting further and further back in the closet. [laughs] [Audrey] was always older than [Seymour]. There are many elements [in which] I hope I don't disappoint, but I'm obviously competing with my younger self. [Scanlan] looked at all sorts of ages, but Jake, he came to Dick Scanlan and said, "I want the part, and I want to do it with Ellen Greene." You can't deny it when a great actor says, "I want the part."

Anonymous said...

"Well, if I looked like sh*t. But I don't. I have my [Dorian Gray] painting further and further back in the closet"

She is gorgeous.

BlueJean said...

Jake, or someone who represents him, I'm not sure, posted a post on his (official?) Facebook page regarding the gay marriage legalization:

Anonymous said...

Girls in NYC

tayla ‏@taylamccall_ 1 hour ago
Shoutout to us bc we just saw Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jaelin O'Halloran ‏@jaelinohall 2 hours ago Manhattan, NY
top of the rock @ Rockefeller Center

Jaelin O'Halloran ‏@jaelinohall 31 minutes ago
I missed Jake Gyllenhaal at a restaurant by 20 minutes and I can now confidently say that I know my life's biggest disappointment.

FB said...

"Jake, or someone who represents him"

""Jake Gyllenhaal Actor / Director" ???
Jake never directed anything:
NOT official Jake Gyllenhaal FB."

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal will attend screening of Southpaw and talk about the film

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival in Chilmark is a venue for great movies, many of which might remain hidden under the barrage of big Hollywood films.

On Sunday, July 5, the premiere of Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie Southpaw will be shown at the Performing Arts Center, and Mr. Gyllenhaal will attend the screening to talk about the film.

Anonymous said...

Alberto Mercedes ‏@Amcboxing
Amc Boxing Gym is partnering up with the new movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Southpaw.

Screening Details: Location: AMC Mayfair Mall 18, 2500 N. Mayfair Rd. Wauwatosa, WI 53226, Date and Time: July 21, 2015, Tuesday @7:00pm

Ann said...

There are other verified actors accounts on fb who have actor/director next to their name, even if they haven't directed anything. Anne Hathaway's is an example of this. She's never directed anything but has it on hers. I don't think fb would verify an acct it they hadn't confirmed it was Jake or someone representing him. I tend to think it's someone representing him who posts to the page.

Anonymous said...

"""Jake Gyllenhaal Actor / Director"

I thought it was his official page and I noticed the director part before when he and the actress did the video for Constellations. And Jake's message for the assistance to the people of Nepal was on that page first, wasn't it? Anne is correct, a lot of actors have director as part of their resume. But it is strange, I expected producer but with Jake you really don't know what's official.

Monica said...

so cute

Anonymous said...

""Jake Gyllenhaal Actor / Director" ???
Jake never directed anything:
NOT official Jake Gyllenhaal FB."

There is probably some default setting and also this page was just taken over from pervious user who wasn't verified, so I don't think you can change this setting, you'd have to create a new account, but this page had the most likes from Jake's FB fake account. To get verified FB account you must ID yourself, so it should be original. Since the verification he posts very rarely, if it's not him there are more pictures or statements. SV

BlueJean said...

"this page had the most likes from Jake's FB fake account."

:)) Yes, I had already 'liked' the page when it was fake, as SV puts it, as it seemed to be pretty serious (not too stalkerish) and suddenly it was verified and I remember thinking how strange that was, since Jake always says he isn't on Facebook or any social media whatsoever. Ah well.

BlueJean said...

"so cute"

Awwwww. Yes, it is! :)

bobbyanna said...

We planned on seeing Earl & the Dying Girl last night, but ended up in Jurassic World. I had a chance to see the Everest trailer on the big screen! Really looked awesome!

Monica said...

Ramona Keller
Can't wait for everyone to see Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour @tracyskillz @smarvalous @NYCityCenter #LittleShopOfHorrors


UltraViolet said...

Great pic! Even with the beard :) There's another pic out there - not sure who posted it originally.

Yes, they took over the previous fan account. But I doubt Facebook verified an account without some proof of Jake's management being involved. I agree that there's no personal touch on the account, so I do wonder why they bothered, really. I do love that passage from Justice Kennedy's opinion, so I'm happy to see it. But I wish it felt more like Jake was actually doing these posts himself.

This is funny:

Jake Gyllenhaal sashayed into the wrong theater to see some dance last week.
The star, who will make his musical debut on July 1 in “Little Shop of Horrors,” was spotted inside Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, where the Joyce Theater Foundation is presenting the Royal Ballet. But a spy said, “Jake then realized after a ­polite exchange that he was supposed to be next door [at the Metropolitan Opera] for ABT’s ‘Swan Lake’ — as a guest of Andrew Lloyd Webber, no less!”

UltraViolet said...

Jealous, Bobbyanna! I saw Earl. Still not sure what I think of it.

Monica said...

'Brokeback Mountain' 10th Anniversary: ​​Ang Lee e James Schamus Look Back


Twitter said...

Celeb sightings outside Delacorte Theater Sunday evening for Shakespeare in Park: Jake Gyllenhaal w/ Ruth Wilson; Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Thank you Jake Gyllenhaal for being in Central Park and making my weekend perfect ����

The Tempest said...

It's Jake, Ruth and Schumer

The Tempest said...

It's Jake, Ruth and Schumer.

Hagen said...

Empire's review of "Southpaw" (3 out ouf 5 stars); Jake receives a very favorable review for his performance, even if the critic questions his street credibility:

Verdict - Don’t get too caught up in the all-too-familiar plot, just savour Jake Gyllenhaal’s powerhouse performance in a riches-to-rags-to-redemption sports movie that punches well above its weight.
If Gyllenhaal hadn’t pulled it off, these flaws would seem much more heinous than they do. Instead, this stands as another terrific performance from an actor on a roll. Southpaw may not match up to the criminally underrated Nightcrawler, but what does? With its much more Academy-friendly themes of family and responsibility, this could finally be the film that bags him the Oscar.
Surprisingly, Gyllenhaal never really nails the gritty Hell’s Kitchen street-kid aspect, mostly because he seems too smart and urbane to make some of the dimmer choices Billy makes, but his physical work is amazing.

UltraViolet said...

Is there a full moon? :)

Look at this beautiful shot of Jake the WSJ used. Sigh.

Thanks for the Empire link, Hagen. Not a bad review, overall.

Monica, thanks for the Variety link. I skimmed it and there doesn't seem to be much new for us die-hards. I do hope that this 10th anniversary will bring a special edition DVD and other goodies, with Jake's participation.

Monica said...

Ellen Greeen: I can't wait to work with Jake [Gyllenhaal], either - he is so handsome and so talented; and, so tall! He's extraordinary. I remember being at the BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN premiere when they first debuted it and he gave a talk afterwards - he's such an extraordinary actor."

Roger Deakins Tribute - Jake Gyllenhaal

pics of Jake and Ruth Wilson 😈!

BlueJean said...

Yep, it's full moon ;)

Good to see Jake and Ruth together! :) It seems like they're good friends. As I've said before, I like Ruth. She seems nice and very down to earth.

"I do hope that this 10th anniversary will bring a special edition DVD and other goodies, with Jake's participation."

I couldn't agree more! A special edition DVD with deleted scenes, Ang Lee and Jake commentary and everything!

UltraViolet said...

Saw this on twitter, from the person quoted in the tweet above about rehearsals:

And GO..Fastest tech ever! #LittleShopofhorrors #thisistheyear (@ New York City Center in New York, NY)

And a photo of the poster.

I love Ellen Greene! So cool that she was at the BBM premiere.

BlueJean said...

July 1 and 2 :))) Shortest run ever ;)

You're going to see it, aren't you, UV? Any others here? Have fun!!!

Tweety said...

One day I will see Jake on stage, haven't fun whoever here in GB is going!

I can't wait to see Southpaw when it hits the screen, so much promo for the filmed it feels like it should be opening this weekend !

Anonymous said...

"You're going to see it, aren't you, UV? Any others here? Have fun!!!"

Yes, have fun... and take a picture!! I'm so curious to see his goofy/weird version of Seymour... something between "Accidental Love" and "Zodiac"? With beard and thick glasses? Or, more probably, something completely different...

ps: that 'MisteryShow' is the best! Thanks UV!

FP said...

Southpaw Official Trailer #3 (2015) - Rachel McAdams, Jake Gy... |

Ann said...

Looks like there is a Little Shop of Horrors dress rehearsal tonight. Love that pic of Jake. I think it's the same one from the WSJ article that UV posted the other day.

I'm going to LSOH. I can't wait to hear Jake sing!

FP said...

Tom Gualtieri @TomGGualtieri 22 m
lyricist, writer, director, scuba diver, actor, knitter, nightmare. Contributor @TheWeeklings & @GoodMenProject

@NYCityCenter #littleshop astounds #JakeGyllenhaal is #winning as Seymour @JeanineTesori good on ya

Capathianyc ‏@Capathianyc 13 min13
it's Jake Gyllenhaal after his great performance of 'Little Shop of Horrors' City Center So Good! @tracyskillz

FP said...

thesarawilliamsJust watched the dress rehearsal of my favorite musical in the whole world Little Shop of Horrors with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ellen Green. One of the best experiences while I've been a NYC resident. 🙌 💚#littleshopofhorrors #newyorkcitycenter #feedmeseymour #skidrow


rossweinerEllen Greene and Jake Gyllenhaal. Perfection. YAS. #littleshopofhorrors

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for posting all of the Little Shop reactions. I'm very excited to see this!!

A few more:

@NYCityCenter #EncoresOffCenter #LittleShop #JakeGyllenhaal, #EllenGreene @TaranKillam @MrEddieCooper all gr8 in a blooming perfect musical

Jake Gyllenhaal Ellen Greene @TaranKillam @MrEddieCooper cast, band, #LittleShop @NYCityCenter Suddenly Seymour....

@NYCityCenter and #EncoresOffCenter does it again with #LittleShopofHorrors my mouth is agape. #JakeGyllenhaal #EllenGreene & cast kill it!

An intermission haiku for #LittleShopOfHorrors at @NYCityCenter:
Nice try, Gyllenhaal -
Your attempt to be nerdy
Is only HOTTER.

First time seeing #littleshop thanks to the one and only @a.victory on the ! #excited #giveittomejake #suddenlyseymour
How was he???
he was fantastic!

You know those moments in your life where you realize that something magical occurred that most likely will never happen again? Well, tonight was one of those nights. A glorious, unexpectedly touching evening that I'm grateful to have witnessed. THANK YOU @tarzannoz #LittleShopOfHorrors #theater #magic #TaranKillam #JakeGyllenhaal #EllenGreene

From BroadwayWorld forums:

Well Ellen Greene was ageless, voice-full, and as heartbreaking as you would expect her to be, coming back to the role 33 years after opening - but Jake Gyllenhall was a revelation as Seymour. Such a voice...completely perfect in the role...and loved by the crowd who saw him tonight. Those two together, embracing, at the end of Suddenly, Seymour...that was theatrical spirituality.

If you didn't manage to get a ticket to this...keep trying. It's the theatre event of the season. Remarkable. Venus and Jupiter know what they're up to...

And some press reactions to Southpaw screenings:

sagesurge Private press room to screen absolutely wonderful film

Not spoiling anything, but I will say that when those @Eminem tracks kick in during the Gyllenhaal boxing sequences, its fire. #Southpaw

'Southpaw' lives up to its buzz--Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker & child actress Oona Laurence are brilliant.

Piruleta said...

Thanks UV, I was about to post some of those Southpaw tweets.

Creed's trailer is out so comparisons with Southpaw are all over the place. I don't think the movie will have a more original/interesting plot than Southpaw, or any other boxing movie for that matter, but in my opinion the trailer does a better job selling the film.

I'm actually nervous for the show today lol but I can't wait to see more reactions for LSOH. Hope everything goes well for everyone and for those of you who are going, have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Jake's bad timing still lives, dude has a curse on him. Creed will blow Southpaw out of the water, it's out around Thanksgiving. Southpaw and Jake's performance will long be forgotten around August. Southpaw appears to be on the road to tanking, there is just no buzz for the movie with the audiences and now with the Creed trailer out it's truly a knock out. I think people who were on the fence about Southpaw will wait for Creed. It looks really good better than Southpaw, I hate to say it.

I am convince Jake is cursed. Michael B Jordan is a great actor, right up there with Jake. And the director ain't bad either. If Jake is anywhere near hope for awards it will have to be Demolition or wait until next year for Nocturnal Animals.

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled that Jake's singing voice seems just as fantastic by all accounts. I'm very sad I'm missing this. All of you who are going to get to see this I'm more than a little jealous but enjoy! Is there anything this man can't do?!


Ann said...

I'm actually nervous for the show today lol but I can't wait to see more reactions for LSOH. Hope everything goes well for everyone and for those of you who are going, have fun!!!

I'm nervous too, Piruleta. Although I'm slightly less nervous now that the initial reactions seem to be excellent. I was worried about Jake singing but apparently he's an excellent singer. Which raises the question, Is there anything Jake can't do? Lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.27, not necessarily, success will be story vs. story and Creed seems the same cliché as SP. Attraction is Stalone, Michal B. Jordan is good actor, not near to Gyllenhaal at all though. It might have opposite effect as well, if someone will watch SP, then will not pay for another similar movie 3 months later, so let's see. If I am boxing movie fan then will watch both, if I go for actors, will watch SP. But sure everything is possible.

'Southpaw' lives up to its buzz--Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker & child actress Oona Laurence are brilliant."

UV thanks for posting these tweets, I am happy someone finally appreciated Forest Whitaker too. SV

BlueJean said...

"Southpaw and Jake's performance will long be forgotten around August. Southpaw appears to be on the road to tanking "

Geez, I sure hope not! I'm in The Netherlands and will have to wait until September 10th before 'Southpaw' even premieres here... it would be such a shame for the film to lose its buzz so soon - especially after all the work Jake put into it. But, having watched the 'Creed' trailer, I kinda get your point :(

But maybe SV is right and people won't go to watch two similar films within a few weeks ;)

Monica said...

I didn't know about this movie Creed, but it feels good.

For all who will see Little Shop of Horrors today, have a lot of fun!! I look forward to reading the comments!

Anonymous said...

"I didn't know about this movie Creed, but it feels good"

Exactly and no Weinstein attached.

Monica said...

Little Shop of Horrors first look

Anonymous said...

Jake's singing

Monica said...

Suddely Seymour

Skid Row

I hardly recognized his voice in Grow For Me!

Anonymous said...

Ellen's voice grates on my nerves in Suddenly Seymour.

Monica said...

Feed Me

Monica said...

From NY Post:

Never mind whether he can sing: Can Jake sell a joke?

To everybody’s surprise, including maybe his own, Jake Gyllenhaal is appealingly funny and sweet in Encores’ semi-staged concert of the comic musical “Little Shop of Horrors” — playing City Center for just two days.

Not bad for a guy who’s best known for heavy-duty movies like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Nightcrawler,” and a pair of somber-minded plays (most recently Broadway’s “Constellations”).

Yet there he is, marking his grand entrance as meek florist Seymour with a pratfall. Things barely picked up for poor Seymour, who spends most of the show trying to feed a blood-thirsty plant — played by Eddie Cooper in a gigantic green furry coat and oversize glasses that made him look like Funkadelic’s George Clinton.

But Gyllenhaal didn’t even get the biggest applause at the Wednesday night premiere: That went to Ellen Greene, who created the role of Seymour’s goofy love interest, Audrey, back in 1982. The Betty Boop–voiced Greene was welcome with a hysterical roar.

She and Gyllenhaal didn’t have great chemistry, though, and this had nothing to do with their 30-year age difference — which, refreshingly, is the exact opposite of the one in Hollywood romances. Rather they had completely different acting styles, as evidenced on their duet “Suddenly, Seymour”: He sang with contained, affecting emotion while she shamelessly milked the number, dropping to her knees and grabbing fistfuls of air.

From Deadline:

As her foils for this staging by Dick Scanlan, Greene was quite wonderfully served by Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour and SNL‘s Tarran Killam as the wicked dentist (among several roles he took on with equal relish). Gyllenhaal’s zhlubby, bespectacled Seymour adds yet another accomplished, unexpected character to the range of stage roles the movie star has taken on; his singing showed both delicacy and, in Seymour’s rousing duet with Greene, “Suddenly Seymour,” considerable power. Flower power, I guess.

UltraViolet said...

It was an amazing night. The crowd was totally there for Ellen Greene, no question. But Jake was also enthusiastically applauded. And yes, the man can sing. Unexpectedly sweet and then strong, he switched beautifully from tender to comical to trying-to-be-tough.

I've never seen Little Shop in any version, and there were more good songs than I had anticipated. Ellen Greene looks and sounds amazing. The NY Post said she and Jake didn't have great chemistry because he was sincere while she went for camp. That difference in style was definitely there - she overdoes it a bit for me, but the crowd was delighted. But I thought they had good chemistry.

Very happy I could be there to see this. I am very lucky.

Star tweet:

Lin-Manuel Miranda ‏@Lin_Manuel 3h3 hours ago
Recovering from the Little Shop concert at @NYCityCenter because WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO US.

Lin-Manuel Miranda retweeted
Jake can sing like, FOR REAL.
Ellen Greene stepped out of a TIME MACHINE from 1986, same dress & hair & VOICE.

Some other fun ones:

U know how jake Gyllenhaal is more attractive than U? And a better actor than U? Turns out he can sing better than u too #mutant #littleshop

OMG @NYCityCenter nailed it!! Amazing night w #LittleShopOfHorrors. Jake Gyllenhaal can SANG & Ellen Greene! She's still GOT IT!!!

Little Shop of Horrors with Ellen Greene and Jake Gyllenhaal was unbelievably brilliant. I feel like I'm on a cloud right now.

I really had a great time. Greene was legendary. Gyllenhaal plays an anxious dork better than I expected (and can sing!) and Killam killed.

"Little Shop of Horrors" at @NYCityCenter was incredible! #EllenGreene gave me chills! #JakeGyllenhaal too! Once in a lifetime evening.

From the Deadline review:

As her foils for this staging by Dick Scanlan, Greene was quite wonderfully served by Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour and SNL‘s Tarran Killam as the wicked dentist (among several roles he took on with equal relish). Gyllenhaal’s zhlubby, bespectacled Seymour adds yet another accomplished, unexpected character to the range of stage roles the movie star has taken on; his singing showed both delicacy and, in Seymour’s rousing duet with Greene, “Suddenly Seymour,” considerable power. Flower power, I guess.

And a Southpaw tweet:

Chase WhaleFilm critic
SOUTHPAW: lean & mean with the roughest & toughest Jake Gyllenhaal you'll ever see. One of the most transcending performances of his career.

I saw another one that said something like "Cross JG off your Oscar lists for another year."

UltraViolet said...

Monica, thanks for posting the clips. So happy someone recorded him!

Piruleta said...

Glad you had the opportunity to see this UV :)

More about Southpaw

@PiyaSRoy #Southpaw was intense! Jake Gyllenhaal has gone "darker" but never seen him like this. @FuquaFilms, you and I have lots to talk about ����

‏>>@GabyOlya @PiyaSRoy most importantly, how were his muscles?! Need to see that movie!

>>@GabyOlya insane! Completely chiseled. I'm not into any type of boxing but it was pretty compelling

@movethejoystick Just finished watching @SouthpawMovie. What an absolutely incredible film. Jake Gyllenhaal is phenomenal. #Southpaw #Cinelinx #MUSTWATCH

About LSOH

@esisogah Someone needs to find a way to fit a musical into Jake Gyllenhaal's schedule. And whatever witch's brew Ellen Greene has found.

‏@MGrossman92 Who would have guessed that Jake Gyllenhaal could sing and sing well?! What a terrific performance. #LittleShopOfHorrors

@JackNixed When Jake G belted out in "Feed Me" I combusted with joy. #LittleShopOfHorrors #encores

@Kuripaaan Who knew Jake Gyllenhal could sing like that? Seriously, the perfect Seymour. And Audrey II was pretty effing awesome. #LittleShopOfHorrors

@klabovitz Seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in a musical gives me life!! His singing voice is so great as is his comedic timing!! #nycc #LittleShopOfHorrors
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And thought this one was funny

@BrendanDG1114 Jake Gyllenhaal could play the lead role in an "I Am Bread" movie as a piece of bread, and somehow make it believable.

Piruleta said...

@JackGi Southpaw is Antoine Fuqua's most well-rounded film since Training Day. Very familiar but effective.


@Stevie1037 Well, it was definitely better than #MayPac #Southpaw #Southpawmovie @truthoncinema @SouthpawMovie

I guess he is talking about Southpaw…

@markwalters74 Just saw what is easily one of the best movies of the year... but sadly I have to wait to talk about it. Hint: Boxing


BlueJean said...

"Very happy I could be there to see this. I am very lucky."


BlueJean said...

... But the big question is: did he shave? ;)

Thanks so much for the clips, Monica! You're the best!

BlueJean said...

P.S. Well, to answer my own question: no he didn't! ;) Pics are on IHJ.

Chica said...

Glad you got to see it UV, I will be seeing it tonight, can't wait!

Chica said...

That should be matinee today!

FP said...

Rave from the HP

I'm so happy for those of you who have, or have had this fantastic experience to see LSOH yesterday and today

Jake is so classy, the fact that he chooses to leave Greene alone on stage for a final bow just leaves me speechless for the class generosity and respect that he always shows.

when I heard that Jake wanted Rachel as Audrey I honestly thought it was a choice a bit, you know, weird

Instead he knew what he was doing

I've learned not to question Jake's instincts on these things, so, maybe I'm too optimistic, but I have high hopes for SP :)

FP said...

Ellen non Rachel sorry :)

Anonymous said...

I am just thinking how little time they had to rehearse LSOH, if they started just one or two weeks ago? I thought such a musical should be rehearsed for months, so those positive reviews are even more valuable. SV

Monica said...

I thought such a musical should be rehearsed for months, so those positive reviews are even more valuable.

Yep, I was thinking the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Lainey didn't think Jake was singing "good" I disagree his range in singing is just as impressive as his range in acting.

This guy can sing and sing well, I disagree about the rehearsal SV, I think the audiences would also disagree. It seemed to be a magically night for those who saw the play and no amount of additional rehearsal can touch that feeling.

Monica said...

Lainey didn't think Jake was singing "good"

Lainey should be only with gossip. She is hearing a bootleg version, he sounds good, but to really know if he's great or not, only those who attended the theater.

FP said...

Buz Luhrman know and he said Jake was a great singer

Monica said...

Southpaw clipe

New York Times

That heady sense of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion wasn’t entirely Ms. Greene’s doing. Staged by Dick Scanlan for the Encores! Off-Center summer series, this production confirmed that Jake Gyllenhaal, as Ms. Greene’s nebbishy love interest, is one of the few American movie stars who was also clearly meant to be a stage star. (Can we keep him?)


Mr. Gyllenhaal, who gave a knockout dramatic performance in Nick Payne’s “Constellations” this year, turns into a young nerd’s dream of a musical matinee idol as Seymour, the schlemiel who unwittingly adopts a plant that plans to devour the universe. He can sing, too, more than passably and with a goofy ardor that matches Ms. Greene’s. I don’t care what the age gap is between them; these two have sweet, sweet chemistry.

FP said...

NY Times


That heady sense of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion wasn’t entirely Ms. Greene’s doing. Staged by Dick Scanlan for the Encores! Off-Center summer series, this production confirmed that Jake Gyllenhaal, as Ms. Greene’s nebbishy love interest, is one of the few American movie stars who was also clearly meant to be a stage star. (Can we keep him?)
Mr. Gyllenhaal, who gave a knockout dramatic performance in Nick Payne’s “Constellations” this year, turns into a young nerd’s dream of a musical matinee idol as Seymour, the schlemiel who unwittingly adopts a plant that plans to devour the universe. He can sing, too, more than passably and with a goofy ardor that matches Ms. Greene’s. I don’t care what the age gap is between them; these two have sweet, sweet chemistry.

FP said...

Ooops sorry Monica :)

Anonymous said...

"I disagree about the rehearsal SV, I think the audiences would also disagree. It seemed to be a magically night for those who saw the play and no amount of additional rehearsal can touch that feeling."

Evidently you missed my point so I let it go :-). SV

FP said...

Rachel McAdams [RMO]

Seems like Rachel and her co-star #JakeGyllenhaal are expected to attend the Canadian premiere of #Southpaw in Toronto next week, on July 9

Anonymous said...

Rachel McAdams [RMO] ‏@rachelmonline 59m 59 minutes ago
Seems like Rachel and her co-star #JakeGyllenhaal are expected to attend the Canadian premiere of #Southpaw in Toronto next week, on July 9

back to promo mode

Anonymous said...

UV and everyone else who saw LSOH what a treat! He can sing! And the reviews have been great too - he's on a roll. Fingers crossed for SP now.


Monica said...


At the first of the production's three sold-out performances, it appeared that Gyllenhaal wouldn't have had it any other way. From his initial entrance, accompanied by a stumbling pratfall, he approaches the nebbishy role without an ounce of movie-star vanity, shuffling around with his hands in his pockets, his shoulders bowed and an air of permanent apology stamped on his bespectacled face. He even made a point of stepping aside during the curtain calls to give the emotionally overwhelmed Greene the final solo bow.

Gyllenhaal has already demonstrated his stage chops and his disinclination to dominate an ensemble in the play If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, and in last season's superb Broadway two-hander, Constellations. If this brief run is an experiment to see if he's up to the challenge of doing a musical, he passes with flying colors. He may not have the vocal gusto of a Hugh Jackman, but his voice is sweet, expressive and tuneful — a natural extension of his endearingly nerdy characterization as the orphan taken in by crabby florist Mr. Mushnik (Joe Grifasi).

When Gyllenhaal chimes in with his yearning for an escape from a life of poverty and drudgery in the soul-stirring ensemble number "Skid Row (Downtown)," there's passion and sincerity in his singing. He nails the goofy comedy of "Grow For Me," pleading with the exotic plant discovery that is his one shot at becoming somebody. And in the show's soaring emotional crescendo, the glorious duet "Suddenly, Seymour," his timid declaration of love for co-worker Audrey is a perfect complement to Greene's exultant realization that someone decent might actually care for her. That number quite literally stopped the show and made the age gap between the performers disappear.

bobbyanna said...

Amen, monica! I'm glad his performance was recorded, but I also saw LSOH today and Jake was absolutely awesome! He has a strong clear very melodic voice and he uses it very well. He had excellent control, able to go from loud to soft and his phrasing was perfect. He also looked like he was enjoying the ride! There is nothing casual about Jake. He gives 100% whether it's for three performances or three months worth. He was very prepared and the show was very tight. Well directed. I enjoyed it. I didnt see any weak performances. Everyone did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Here's Variety review:


Anonymous said...

And more pictures and very short video from final applause:


Chica said...

I saw the matinee performance of LSOH yesterday and it was incredible! Jake did a fantastic job not only with singing but he had great comic timing. He has a strong voice with good range that projected well. Ellen is a marvel and the crowd loved her !

The performances all around were wonderful and I was so glad I was able to see it !

Ann said...

I saw the show last night and I'm still in awe of it all. Ellen Greene was outstanding and Jake exceeded all of my expectations, as always lol. I really want to see him in a Broadway musical soon but I hope he waits for the right role and something that will show all of his range. He's been doing such a tremendous job lately selecting the right film roles so I'm sure he'll wait for a show that will suit him. I'd love to see him play Seymour again, he was adorable and charming while still managing to be completely hot, Lol

Monica said...

Little Shop of Horrors - The Full Opening Night

Ann said...

Found these links for the full performance.

These are the only ones that I saw had the option to downloaded them. If the other ones were downloadable I couldn't figure it out, Lol

Anonymous said...

When you use Google Chrome you can download an extension called SoundCloud Downloader to download from SoundCloud or the one called Video Downloader (FDV). There both brilliant in use;)

Btw I'm new to this blog and I freaking love the comments on it! Check them everyday, so much Jake insight and everything! Great blog and community UltraViolet X

bobbyanna said...

Happy 4th of JULY!!!!! to all who are celebrating!

Happy Birthday USA!!!

Ann said...

Thanks for the tip Anon!

Monica said...

Cédric Succivalli ‏@OnTheCroisette 6h6 hours ago Rome, Lazio
According to @fpontiggia1 Bellocchio, Messina & Guadagnino to be the 3 Italian comp entries at #Venezia72, more surprisingly Everest to open

I don't want to get too excited, but I hope it's true, or at least it will be in Venice.

FP said...

Happy 4TH of July!!!! :)

FP said...

Laura Vogel ‏@laurahvogel 5 h5
Wow. Just wow. Standing ovation for Jake after @SouthpawMovie and beyond deserved. @MVFilm_Festival #Southpaw

Oh God!

Anonymous said...

No other news from the MV festival? Not surprised by the standing ovation, usually happens when a likeable star of the movie is in attendance.

Anonymous said...


Ann said...

According to this site, Jake will be on The Daily Show on July 22. It doesn't say that it's a repeat. So glad Jake will get to sit down with Jon Stewart one last time.

BlueJean said...

There's a new Details interview with great new pics:

Anonymous said...

Good lord that man is handsome, I am so getting that magazine. That is a heck of a sexy cover, I wish Jake would accept Sexiest Man Alive but he won't do it.

Anonymous said...

Here's one picture from MVF:


Monica said...

He looks so young on Details photoshoot.

bobbyanna said...

I love his look! You're right monica, he does look young. It's good to see him without a beard. He looks great. It was an interesting interview, too. I really enjoyed it. At least I read a couple of things I didn't know before. I liked him talking about his grandfather and his father.

Who knew Stephen played the viola! : )

FP said...

Sara Prian @Sary_Cult 10 m

Freelancer Cinema, Books & Series - Web & Social Media Marketing ~ Art popularizer ~ Syndrigast

APERTURA DI #Venezia72 Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Robin Wright, Keira Knightley, Clive Staden, Sam Worthington

Venice Opening confirmed!

Monica said...

Great news, FP!! Thanks!

Southpaw open with 70/100 at BFCA

Anonymous said...

Is that good or bad MOnica?

good for Everest, dare I say it supporting nod (too) for Jake?

bobbyanna said...

Wow, that's great news. Venice Film Festival brings back wonderful memories.

I remember how, when Brokeback Mountain was screened in Venice, and then at TIFF, Ang Lee had to leave TIFF to rush back to Venice to claim the Golden Lion. Ten years ago!

Ann said...

I haven't read through this yet but just saw this article about Jake :)

Ann said...

Jake is having a tremendous year, it's just really wonderful to see it all happen. He's worked incredibly hard and it's paying off in a big way. I know everyone likes to measure success in box office numbers or awards but I think the respect that he has right now is far more important than those two things. His talent and dedication show through with everything he does and not a lot of other actors have that so I think those two things will continue to take his career far.

A little over two weeks until Southpaw comes out. Some theaters are already selling tickets. I purchased mine already, Lol

Anonymous said...

Great article from Grantland about Jake, he can sing too!!!! LOL, I hope the writer is correct that Broadway producers will be lining up with musical offers.

FP said...

Ann it's a great article funny and with so many interesting points,
I'm over the moon for Venice :))

BlueJean said...

"I know everyone likes to measure success in box office numbers or awards but I think the respect that he has right now is far more important than those two things."

I agree completely. Thanks for poting that article, Ann.

Monica said...

New trailer: Southpaw

New clip: Southpaw

Is that good or bad MOnica?

Not good, but it still could rise or fall.

Anonymous said...

IHJ has behind the scene video from Details photoshoot


BlueJean said...

Oh cool!

Thanks, SV!

Claudia said...

70 /100 is GOOD. Not great but definitely good. It's the equivalent of 70% at RT which means Fresh. Lets not downgrade the importance of 70 /100 just because of disliking boxing and Fuqua.

Anonymous said...

I will take box office over critical acclaim for Southpaw as long as Jake gets his acclaim. I know box office is a touchy subject but it would do so much for Jake and his fan reach in the future. Can't keep making great movies small or big w/o new fans.

FP said...

Totally agree Anon @July 8, 2015 at 1:48 PM

Jake deserve it.

UltraViolet said...

Wow - life has overtaken me the past few days. Thanks to everyone posting all the news, sightings, photos, videos, etc. There is way too much news to keep up with!

I hope the Venice news is confirmation that it's a good film. Birman was the opening last year and Gravity in 2013. Neither is a great film, IO, but other people sure thought they were.

Back later with a new post, I hope.

Anonymous said...

The Details article is great and the behind the scenes - sigh - enough said. Jake looks a lot younger without the bushy beard and personally I think it's a shame to hide that beautiful face under all that facial hair. I just wish the details video was less staged. The new trailers for sp are getting me even more excited to watch it. With Nightcrawler, constellations, LSOH and SP I think Jake has finally arrived and how - this is a leading man, strong, formidable, comfortable in his own skin with charisma and presence to boot.


Anonymous said...

I Heart Jake has lots of new video, one is 18 minutes of behind the scenes of the filming of Southpaw and it's really raw video not the add on to the blue ray type of behind the scenes.

Ann said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is a MAN

So says everyone around Jake Gyllenhaal. In the August issue of Details Jake G has a new interview to promote Southpaw, and as such, there’s a lot of talk about his training and body transformation and how tough he is, learning to take and throw punches. There are also quotes from Everest director Baltasar Kormakur about how harsh the conditions were shooting that movie, and how Jake G was the one pushing for more takes in sub-zero temperatures. Look—I don’t doubt the guy’s commitment, nor do I argue his results. I love Nightcrawler and End of Watch and his work with Denis Villeneuve, and Southpaw and Everest both look good. But is this Jake’s new narrative? Is he going to be this guy? This is the second un-fun print interview he’s given recently. Please don’t become this guy, Jake.

I don’t understand how Jake G can be so f*cking delightful, and then be such a sour puss all of a sudden, and seemingly only in print interviews. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but a lot of this interview is dedicated to talking about how he’s “come out of his shell” and how he’s more Man now than he was before. Man = un-fun? Is that the equation? Because Chris Pratt would beg to differ. No one doubts Chris Pratt’s man credentials—Chris Pratt is A Man. But he is funny, charming, and humble regardless of the forum. (Lainey: same goes for Channing Tatum.) And somehow he manages to talk about the craft without being too actory about it. Jake G has remade himself as an actor, but he seems to have lost some of the sparkle that made him a star in the first place. I need him to appear on a talk show so we can see whether or not this nonfunitis infection is spreading, or if it’s just limited to print interviews. If so, I will never read another Jake G profile again."

Anonymous said...

Lainey's hired help wrote that and if she would have bothered to do research she would have found out that many of those quotes from other people were recycled. Clearly Lainey's hired help has no sense of humor because the Details article had humor in print.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect to Chris Pratt but if Harrison Ford didn't have a career before him Chris Pratt would not have one now. He has become the young stand in for remakes of Harrison Ford roles. I like Chris and I don't begrudge him his success. Could you see Chris doing the roles Jake has done? No I couldn't but I could see Jake doing the roles that Chris Pratt has done.

bobbyanna said...

So Lainey wants Jake to lighten up and be more like Chris Pratt or Channing Tatum. LOL! Sure, let's get serious while we talk about dinosaurs and Guardians of the Galaxy. Or maybe Channing Tatum can be more profound about Magic Mike? Those guys project the goofy, light hearted image because that's what their work is about.

I like them both, but their work isn't in the same league as Jake's. I haven't seen Magic Mike, but Channing is very hit and miss as far as his work goes. G.I Joe? Magic Mike? Please.

Magazine articles are different from public appearances where you skip rope with Ellen. Magazine articles are designed to be more analytical and introspective. An article usually isn't a series of clever anecdotes designed to make us laugh. These recent articles are part of a broader plan, IMO, to examine Jake's career, and promote the image of a serious actor. It's part of an Oscar campaign. They're saying his role in Southpaw isn't a one off, a fluke. They're looking at his body of work, and re-casting his image as a more mature man who has demonstrated his artistry repeatedly.

Lainey also ignores the role of the writer. If the writer doesn't have a sense of humor and rapport with his subject, then the interview will reflect it. The writer may also have to deal with an editor who may want a specific tone and edit out stuff that doesn't work with that tone. Anyway that was my reaction. Lainey acts as if Jake is single handedly responsible and overlooks all the other factors. I've come to the conclusion Lainey's not real bright.

Anonymous said...

The Lainey piece is bullsh*t. As usual, she or her gossip "staff" missed the point completely. And apparently didn't read the interview in full, 'cause there was plenty of Jake snarky humour. The point they painfully missed is: today Jake truly is more man than ever, a more mature, wiser man, more focused, more confident than ever before of his skills and artistic instincts. The process of maturing gave him the confidence that the sweet goofy boy lacked. The newfound confidence helped him grow as an actor. He's in charge of his career choices now, he's not afraid to explore dark, risky "ugly" characters, and it makes a hell of a difference in his performances. He makes the kind of choices that Tatum and Pratt would be scared sh*t to try. They make the safe choices and joke constantly because it spells "popularity". Jake makes the bold unusual choices and takes his job seriously because it spells "enduring career and respect". This is the point.

Hot Mess (typing from the phone)

Ann said...

Bobbyanna and Anon @9:57 I agree with everything both of you wrote.

I like Chris Pratt and I understand that likeability can go a long way but I don't think all actors need to be the same or follow the same path. They need to find what works for them individually which is exactly what Jake has been doing. I like that Jake shows different sides to him. He can be serious but can also be charming and funny. He has darker, serious roles but then can get on stage in Little Shop of Horrors to sing and show his comedic range. I'm sure once Jake gets on the interview junket for Southpaw and sits down with Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon he'll be hilarious and lighthearted. I don't think two print articles means he's lost his sense of humor and is "unfun"

Piruleta said...

Links for some of the new videos just in case you have problems playing IHJ's videos on a tablet, like me.



Antoine Fuqua
Rachel McAdams
50 Cent
Naomie Harris
Oona Laurence
Kurt Sutter

And the schmoes discussing Southpaw vs. Creed. The girl's (Miri??) comment about how she thought Michael B Jorgan is equal if not better than Jake caused a lot of WTF! reactions on the comment section.


Anonymous said...

It really broke my heart Lainey is not going to search Jake's profile anymore. Once she is collecting the gossips only she just make a service to other people not to writing about him. Moreover it is very transparent article, saying nothing, just wanted to be visible and "different". Doesn't work with me at all and to compare him with other actors is lame, do we want all actors to be the same? All of them are different actors with their fans, and this is how it should be. SV

Anonymous said...

Piruleta, thank you for those clips summary, I missed some of them, especially those interviews.


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