Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Fight Time

Southpaw finally opens today across the U.S. and in many countries around the world. But promotion didn't stop for Jake. He seems to have spent the day in beautiful Bristol, Connecticut, the home of ESPN. Check out those videos and others below.

If you get to see Southpaw this weekend, please post your thoughts.

ESPN Take One:


Jake picks the best movie boxer. And it's not Billy Hope!

Youtube Sessions, Round Two:

Rotten Tomatoes - Unicorns are magical:

British Radio Interview - Kermode and Mayo (audio only):

Another British radio interview - They held the lift for you!

And another - Jake likes Greggs!

Pop Sugar interviews the whole cast:

Jake on musical theater:

On politics, gay marriage and social media:

What fictional boxer would you want to fight?


bobbyanna said...

OK> I loved it. I thought it was amazing. Yes, I wish we had more Rachel, I wish we could've seen more of Billy's descent, but honestly, there's something to be said for the tightness. I'm certain there would've been some critics who would have faulted Antoine if he'd delved deeper and longer into all that, they'd accuse him of being manipulative and maudlin, etc. I thought the movie was brilliant.The characters and their story made ut succeed. I agree with UV. I have never seen this Jake. To be honest I wondered if we might get a glimpse of the Middle Class L.A. kid from Harvard Westlake "trying" to be street, but we didn't He was nowhere to be seen. Jake was no where to be seen. His authenticity was remarkable. Not a false note anywhere. His speech patterns, his body language, the way he articulated that hair triffer rage, it was breath taking. To say he deserves a nomination is an understatement.

I loved Forest Whitaker in this movie, and I loved his scenes with Jake. This is a Forest Whitaker I've never seen before. He turned in a tour de force. Rachel was awesome, and gone too soon, but then that was the point I guess, that we should miss her too. Oona was amazing. She never over played it. None of them did.

The entire cast was very balanced. If I were handing out nominations, Oona, Jake and Forest would be at the front of the line. So would the directing, the soundtrack, the sound editing, and the cinematography. Those boxing scenes were absolutely stunning. Again, the authenticity was riveting. Curtis Jackson did a good job. He underplayed his role and avoided being a caricature, so did Naomie Harris. In fact she was excellent. Oh, and I loved the way the fight ended. If I see one more criticism about how predictable and cliche this movie is I'm gonna punch someone... and I'm a Southpaw! LOLOL!

I'll be seeing it again tomorrow. I went to an early performance today and there were about 80 people, and they all stayed in their seats when it was over watching the credits roll.

BlueJean said...

"Southpaw will open in Brazil on September 10, a week before Everest."

Then we have the exact same date, Monica!

But I love reading everyone's reviews, so keep 'em coming! So glad you liked it so much, Bobbyanna! :)

Kristie said...

Love reading all your reviews, keep them coming! September 10th can't come too soon! If almost all of you have seen it I absolutely don't mind you discussing it more in debt btw;)

For people who missed it in the previous comment section I posted the SiriusXM Town Hall interview in three parts on a Tumblr of mine. In case you want to listen to it and could not find any other links yet:

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

UV there is an autoplay video, It is that 50 Cent interview (about Mayweather) in previous posts, reps. two posts ago. SV

Anonymous said...

A cinema score for SP. Going tomorrow to see it.

Anonymous said...

"A" cinema score

Piruleta said...

Kristie thank you so much for that audio! It was a nice listen.

Glad that all of you who saw the movie liked it! By the look of it, Jake and Rachel will need to make another movie together.

BlueJean, yeah, Spain doesn't have a release date yet :(

UltraViolet said...

Yay, Bobbyanna! So glad you liked it. Your'e a fight girl so you know authenticity.

Yes, I wish we had more Rachel, I wish we could've seen more of Billy's descent, but honestly, there's something to be said for the tightness.

I'd agree if the movie were shorter. But at over two hours, I think there could have been fewer punches and a little more out-of-the-ring scenes. Honestly, with some fine-tuning, I think this movie could have gotten even better reviews. Build up the beautiful life a little more and then show more of the descent.

Glad to hear people stayed for the credits. I hope to see it again today. We'll see how the crowd is.

Thanks for reposting the links, Kristie. I forgot to do that after I posted. I meant to copy that, and my review, plus SV's, so they are all here. Anyone else who sees it, please chime in!

It's great to see that high CinemaScore. There are so many raves on twitter that I hoped it would be an "A." Initial box office estimates put Southpaw at $15 million to $16.5 million. Would be great if it is the latter, but even $15mil is better than some of those tracking estimates from last week. And the good CinemaScore should help give it some legs.

SV Review said...

So I come back from the movie, I have to say I didn't tear up, but it was a joy to watch for me. I believe for ones who expect huge action may look a bit dull, but not for me, I enjoyed very much especially dialogues between Forest and Jake. For me it looks like low budget movie, which is done very intelligently and doesn't look cheap, especially cinematography. Final fight was a masterpiece I would say. Sometimes it looked like you get hit by yourself. And even if I am not a boxing fan, I have to say it was very authentic.

But what makes movie and I agree with some, is acting. Forest was great, but very "academic" and I love him, but wanted more of him to show, I loved his acting always, but Jake was excellent too, but he has added something extra, he had simply some divine emotional moments. Especially with Leila and also when he talks to 50 Cent character - one sentence don't talk about my wife like this, I felt something very moving in it, very deep. And there were more. Naomi Harris has more space when Rachel, I didn't expect this.

What I have noticed, some scenes from trailer gone missing, especially with Leila and I missed them a bit.

I disagree with review before it was overscored, I didn't notice anything like this. Rachel wasn't convincing to me during fights, but she was very convincing in other scenes, especially in that key one. But again, I repeat myself, but this Jake's acting cannot be overlooked, the ones who ever got in horrible situations will be very sensitive to his multiple emotions at one moment.

There were not many people in theatre, but as I said before I was in art cinema and not multiplex, so there was very private atmosphere, even each seat is different there and you can pick. There was max. 30 people. And some dialogues are very funny, too. Other actors are OK, 50 cent is decent, too. I am sorry for longer post, but I had to get it out of myself.

UltraViolet said...

My review, posted yesterday:

My review doesn't really differ from so many: Incredible Jake performance in an entertaining movie, but one that could have been elevated with a few changes to the storyline. It definitely made me laugh, cry and cheer (silently, lol).

As I've read in a few reviews, the movie could have used more development. Billy's journey is definitely fast-tracked. I wish we'd gotten to se more of the whole family before Maureen "stubs her toe." There's a lot of plot packed into two hours, and it would have been nice to relax through some of it. I can elaborate but don't want to spoil.

I intentionally avoided most clips, so I enjoyed watching the story unfold. But even at that, I pretty much knew what would happen.

I wondered about all the Forest Whitaker praise, only because "the wise trainer" seems like such a cliche. But he and Jake were really good together. Another area where it would have been nice to get more.

Jake and Oona are magic together. Jake an Rachel were amazing. Sexy and sweet and totally believable. The movie definitely needed more Maureen.

There is a lot of boxing in the movie. I read a couple of boxing folks who wished there were more, but I am glad there wasn't.

I have a quibble with the last fight, which I'll also discuss once more people have seen it.

Finally, Jake. Incredible transformation. We all know that. But Billy as a character is totally different from any Jake has played, and he does it beautifully. You really can rad everything on his bloody. bruised and battered face.

UltraViolet said...

Piruleta :( I hope they announce a date soon!

In one of the interviews, Jake said he has August off. I wonder if he will go to China to promote, since the movie was financed by a Chinese company.

Hope you also all saw the Rock's IG and twitter posts. Is he in Magnificent Seven? LOL. Maybe he just liked the movie.

Funny article about a Variety reporter meeting Jake on set and being forced to fight.

bobbyanna said...

That Variety article is fun. There's a very good profile conversation in The New Yorker too. I just can't get enough Southpaw! : )

One of the things that was really impressive is the way Jake talked, and the way he held his body, especially head and shoulders out of the boxing ring. He wasn't just pretending to be an character in a movie, he really became the character. I know that sounds like a cliche' but it's absolutely true. I remember in an interview, 50 Cent said he was shocked and amazed by the transformation, and so was I.

After watching a few of these videos you've posted, UV, when Jake points out certain scenes that were improv'd, like turning over a table, I remember that scene in the movie.It was explosive, and it really showed Billy's personality and his temper to food effect. It was seemless. You never got the impression anything was improvised. Fans on RT are giving Southpaw 80%.

bobbyanna said...

Oh, and the way he walked. Jake explained that in the New Yorker interview. It was a particular drag on his foot. It was a very deliberate affectation.

Yes, I think Authenticity is the word I'm sticking with. And explosive. ; )

Ann said...

I loved Southpaw. It's not a perfect film but Jake's performance is flawless. There were so many moments that I forgot I was watching him. He really disappears into Billy.

The family relationship and chemistry is beautiful. I want a prequel to this about Billy and Maureen's life mainly for an excuse to put Jake and Rachel in another film together, lol. In the short time we spend with the family I fell in love with them.

Rachel did a very good job in making you love Maureen from the moment she appeared on screen. Her character could've come off like a caricature but Rachel gives Maureen so much heart that you love her and feel her presence throughout the the film.

I think UV was the one who said Jake and Oona's relationship were magic together and I couldn't agree more. I'm not always big on kids in films, sometimes they come off like they're trying too hard but Oona was incredible. Very believable. She made me cry more than Jake did, Lol.

What I have noticed, some scenes from trailer gone missing, especially with Leila and I missed them a bit.

I noticed this too. There were some of Jake and Rachel that I noticed missing. I'm hoping some of those cut scenes end up on extras on the dvd.

Ann said...

This Southpaw review by Chris Stuckmann is excellent and spoiler free:

I like what he said about the cliches in the film.

Monica said...

Gitesh Pandya @giteshpandya
#Southpaw opens to $6.2M FRI going to about $17M wknd & solid $6k avg. Tapping into Mayweather, Pacquiao & Eminem seemed to help.

Canuck_cutie said...

The Hollywood Reporter says that SP is over performing this weekend vs Pixels and Paper Towns which both look to come in under expectations. If the $17 mil number holds that will be an excellent opening especially considering all the competition at the theatres this weekend and SP opened in the fewest theatres of any of the new openers.

BlueJean said...

"This Southpaw review by Chris Stuckmann is excellent and spoiler free"

Ann, you beat me in posting this. Chris Stuckmann is my hero. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

"The Hollywood Reporter says that SP is overperforming"

Even more, SP has an A cinemascore from the public, better than NC.

bobbyanna said...

Going to see it again today!
I read $16.5 million, but I'll take $17M .

UltraViolet said...

Like a nerd, I checked some of the theaters where you can select seats in advance, and many are showing most seats sold out for the 7PM-sh shows tonight. Let's hope the trend continues.

It's hard to spot sighting tweets or posts amid all the Southpaw promo and love, but here are a couple:

Bar Pitti
Tonight I met Julianne Moore and Jake Gyllenhaal but all I have to show for it is this pesto pasta.

Eugene Wyatt ‏@CatskillMerino
Jake Gyllenhaal bought a Sheepskin @UnSqGreenmarket & at 2 PM I'm going to see Southpaw staring him.

I had compiled these yesterday then didn't post.

is it acceptable to disown your father because he doesn't like Jake Gyllenhaal??¿ asking for a friend...

Southpaw. Do yourself a favor. Watch it. Amazing script, acting, everything. If that doesn't persuade you, Jake Gyllenhaal. Shirtless. Done.

Southpaw. Gyllenhaal/Whitaker combo couldn't have been more perfect. Been awhile since a movie that good has come out.

Dear Jake Gyllenhaal: I have absolutely no tears left in my body. Thanks for that. #Southpaw

Seriously though if Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't win like every award ever for that movie something is seriously wrong

Hey, Jake Gyllenhaal, it's OK to play people with normal bodies too, OK?

#SouthPaw was an emotional and adrenaline filled ride that was both heavy in heart and style. It honestly felt like a PPV fight.

I spent $ 100 on #Mayweather v #Pacquiao & only $15 for more compelling boxing in #Southpaw, one of the best sports films I've seen in years

Even as an avid movie watcher and a movie theater employee, I rarely ever make suggestions; Southpaw is an absolute MUST SEE!! #Southpaw

Took my girl too see #Southpaw tonight and idk wtf all these critics watched but this is a great fuckin movie... talk about an emotional roller coaster...

I don't know what's more perfect - Jake Gyllenhaal's performance or Jake Gyllenhaal's abs! #HesWalkingPerfection #Southpaw #MustWatch

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I got for now. Will see it tomorrow, I think SP is the only drama going for the next few weeks. Its mostly adventure, comic summer movies until September when Everest is due.

Proud of and for Jake and everyone who worked really hard during the promotion. Jake once again was everywhere because he believes in the film.

FP said...

Oh my,Don't play with my heart people I'm emotionally bruised

I'have so much hope for this movie

I'm crying, bye LOL :)

Anonymous said...

UV I can't thank you enough for all these wonderful posts. The southpaw excitement is definitely reaching fever pitch. In fact I think Jake must be exhausted by talking about the movie so much. Sadly I'm having a problem with the videos the last couple of days - they don't seem to get loaded on my iPad. In fact the page times out before they load or the video plays for a few seconds and then shuts down. Maybe it's just time to get a new iPad but if anyone has any suggestions it's much appreciated. I am still able to read and post comments here tho so all is not lost.

FP said...

So the #Southpaw movie hits the theatres here in Spain apparently the next friday, we'll see

For Piruleta! :)

FP said...

Adam Levine ‏@adamlevine 2 min2

Ladies, go see #SOUTHPAW. Don’t let the boxing fool you, I took my girl and she loved it!


Anonymous said...

"Mike ‏@ClaretNBlue_82 · 48s49 seconds ago
Southpaw was packed out at the cinema. Good film, better than anticipated.
Some people were even clapping at the end of the film! #Southpaw"

His twitter shows England but I am not really sure.

BlueJean said...

It's SO GOOD to read all of this! :)

Piruleta said...

So the #Southpaw movie hits the theatres here in Spain apparently the next friday, we'll see

For Piruleta! :)

Thanks FP, I've been looking for a confirmation but I find nothing sadly, also there's no Spanish trailer or ads. We still have to wait.

Glad the movie is doing well apparently. Most reactions on Twitter are really positive.

Anonymous said...

This Wrap review really got me. She says with Eminem she would have liked that so much better? How does she know that? If I review that trio in the same shallow way I see 3 not very pretty people, two fat guys and one unkempt woman. But otherwise they are fine (maybe). And complain that drama is whole time drama is laughaeble. And at least she should explain her 5,4 review, I would take it with serious reason behind.


Ann said...

The only part of that interview that's worthwhile is around the 5:44 mark when that guy said that if people start acting like Jake is a great actor after seeing Southpaw then where the hell have these people been for the past decade. Which, I agree. But I felt that after Nightcrawler too.

The complaints about the length of the film were a bit ridiculous. If they had just spent 10 mins showing you Billy's life before the tragic incident people would've complained that there wasn't enough buildup. Everyone has their opinions I guess. I wanted the film to be longer, lol.

bobbyanna said...

Me, too, Ann. : ) I hope we get a Director's cut.

Watched it again yesterday, and I just have to say, I think Jake is flawless, and his scenes with Forest are particularly brilliant. They both are. He's wonderful with Oona, too. At the risk of repeating myself, I have to marvel at the fact that there isn't a false note anywhere.

On a second viewing, I had a chance to pay more attention to things, and I was really struck by his very first scene with Naomie Harris, when he's talking about "securing" employment. He was brilliant in that scene. As I've listened to the interviews, where Jake talks about how he would improv a scene with Forest, or by unexpectedly flipping over a table as Curtis watched him, or with Oona, I had to wonder about the scene with Naomie because that was sheer brilliance, too.

Monica said...

BoxOffice ‏@BoxOffice 1m1 minute ago
SOUTHPAW opened with an estimated $16.5M this weekend. #Southpaw

Chica said...

I saw Southpaw last night and wee blown away with Jake's performance. He totally disappeared into the character. Billy is bruised mentally and physically and pulls it off brilliantly. The fight scenes are brutal and well choreographed and has nice chemistry with Rachel but I wish that she/they had more screen time.

Jake and Oona were perfect and their scenes were heartbreaking and so realistic, she has a bright future ahead of her! Forest was wonderful and I loved his scenes with Jake i just wish the character wasmore developed more along with a bit more if Billy's back story.

I think this is one of Jake's best performances and I'm so happy that the movie has been over performing at the BO!

Canuck_cutie said...

Saw the movie yesterday and thought it was great. Another amazing performance from Jake. Dragged my dad along who claims boxing movies aren't his thing but he can't stop raving about it. has estimated SP took in $16.5 mil this weekend. Better than the low teens some of the sites were predicting a few weeks ago. I do think word of mouth on this movie will be good and it'll have more staying power than other movies currently playing.

UltraViolet said...

Great box office news. Fingers crossed that the audiences keep coming!

Love your father's reaction, c_c! Glad everyone here is enjoying it. I went again last night, and the audience clapped at the end. That didn't happen the first time.

I also wish the movie were longer. This one cries out for a director's cut. Where are all the Jake/Rachel dancing scenes?

Yay for a Spain release!

Some tweets:

I don't get that invested. When Billy Hope clocked that uppercut I stood and cheered. #jakegyllenhaal may be the generation's greatest

The movie #Southpaw made me want to be a better father, and I'm not even a father.

If a movie has #JakeGyllenhaal, see it. If a movie has #ForestWhitaker, see it. If it has both, rejoice! #Southpaw

Remember that time #JakeGyllenhaal and I locked eyes, outside the office bathrooms? I always do. 🌚🌝 #callme

Interesting comment from a Jezebel story (that Mighty Ducks crying item that suddenly was everywhere yesterday):

Way, way back in the Pleistocene era, I saw a young Jake Gyllenhaal in a play here in London. I had no idea who he was, wasn’t really interested either. Nobody was. He wasn’t the star, just a supporting player, a plot-serving functionary. But he was so good that it made everyone in the theatre collectively sit up and pay attention to that gawky kid. He was spellbinding. Ensorcelling. Electrifying.

I’ve only seen that kind of magnetic command a handful of times, and it was profound. It was one of those moments when you’re utterly helpless in an actor’s hands, your heart leaping and breaking at the same time. And while it’s possible to cobble together a decent performance from a bad actor on screen through heavy coaching and judicious editing, you just can’t fake that in the theatre. You can’t. You live or die by your own gifts. He triumphed.

Gyllenhaal may pick some crappy projects (Day After Tomorrow, I’m looking at you) and turn in some dreadful performances (oh my god, Prince of Persia, please die), but shit, he’s got a bedrock of talent that is immense. Just immense.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I didn't watch the video SV posted. Most video reviews I've seen have been positive. But there are folks who think Eminem would have been more authentic. I think mot people realize Jake was a better choice!

Bobbyanna, I want to get into some of those little details, too. So many.

I wonder why FW didn't do any promo for the movie. Does he not do that anymore?

Ann said...

I also wish the movie were longer. This one cries out for a director's cut. Where are all the Jake/Rachel dancing scenes?

Yes! When the film was over these were the first scenes I wished had been left in the final cut.

Bobbyanna, I agree. That scene with Jake and Naomie was excellent. I wondered if he improved during it as well. And his laugh in that moment paired with the look on his face broke my heart.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder why FW didn't do any promo for the movie. Does he not do that anymore?"

He was on Good Morning America the day after Jake appeared. I think most of the actors involved in Star Wars are held prisoner in case something leaks, LOL.

But compared to Jake's promotional efforts, most others paled in comparison. I read a box office result online reaction from someone from HW who said Jake was everywhere and went beyond the call to get the word out about SP. But he was the same way about Nightcrawler.

Anonymous said...

"But there are folks who think Eminem would have been more authentic. "

Since its a well known fact the original SP script was originally written as a sequel to Nine Mile which was an autobiography, would that be acting? It easy to say its authentic if the subject the character is based on is the actual person "playing" the role. Here Em, just be yourself but you have to learn boxing.

bobbyanna said...

"...And his laugh in that moment paired with the look on his face broke my heart."



Jake worked extra hard promoting SP, but I agree he worked hard on Nightcrawler,m and usually is very present for all of his movies. Can anyone think of a single movie he hasn't worked to promote.

UltraViolet said...

It's great to see Jake's hard promotional work pay off. He always gives so much on that front.

I think most of the actors involved in Star Wars are held prisoner in case something leaks

LOL! It's good to know Forest did GMA, at least, I hope he's proud of the film.

From Deadline:

Weinstein Co. is over the moon with the results of Antoine Fuqua’s boxing film Southpaw, which came in right about where they were expecting with $16.5M at 2,772. Those are amazing results considering that Southpaw cost a net $25M after Pennsylvania tax credits (original cost was $30M). Southpaw drew an even 50/50 male-to-female crowd. Early test screenings indicated that females would take to the pic. 60% of the crowd was under 35. TWC remains very hopeful about the film’s prospects in the wake of its A CinemaScore. The film in a second set of exit polls earned an 89 with a 77% definite recommend, syncing with early test poll results. “That’s as good as any Weinstein Co. awards contending film,” beamed TWC distribution chief Erik Lomis, “Antoine Fuqua shot a great film and Jake Gyllenhaal is magnificent in it.”

Giving Southpaw a big boost was A-list rapper Eminem who was behind the pic’s soundtrack, and pushed the film across his social media. He wrote all the songs and performed the end credits tune “Kings Never Die” with Gwen Stefani. TWC also held tastemaker screenings with the boxing and sporting community; one of the biggest spots for Southpaw they bought preceded May’s Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. 24% of those watching Southpaw were Latino with African Americans repping 21% of all ticket buyers.

Some fun tweets:

Mike Greenberg Verified account @Espngreeny
Went to see #SouthpawMovie with @StacyGSG. Gyllenhaal is tremendous. Full review in the morning. #MikeAndMike

could have such a healthy nap in one of jake gyllenhaal's dimples

Leila Shore ‏@leilashore 8m8 minutes ago
Seeing my name tattooed on Jake Gyllenhaal's chest wasn't half bad either

Jake Gyllenhaal between #Nightcrawler and #Southpaw is lightning striking twice. #TheMan #dudekeepitup

Southpaw made me want to cry, it made me want to be a badass boxer, but it mostly made me want to make out with Jake Gyllenhal.

I just cried my way through the entire #Southpaw ... Sad tears, happy tears...lustful tears for Jake Gyllenhaal's abs.

k jake gyllenhaal owes me trauma support or some type of compensation because I cried the entire way through southpaw that was not nice jake

Going to the theatre expecting to watch a tough boxing movie & coming out getting punched right in the feels.

I Remember after watching bubbleboy for the first time that this kid is gunna be a bad ass boxer someday #Southpaw

What movie were critics screening? #Southpaw is a SUPERB pugilist drama. #JakeGyllenhaal just may be the finest actor of his generation.

Terry Claybon ‏@TerryClaybon
Like to thank Tavis Smiley and Kim Logan for coming out to see #southpaw with the kids…

kurt sutter ‏@sutterink
Thanks for all the @SouthpawMovie love. The win belongs to Jake, Rachel, Oona, Miguel, @ForestWhitaker and the rest of the brilliant cast.

Piruleta said...

King Arthur (Fuqua) has a director's cut, so fingers crossed!

I don't know how rotten tomatoes works, the movie is almost 60% but is still rotten? Anyway, I'm happy for the results and the positive reaction from the audiences.

Sorry if you have already liked this video but is a fun watch, schmoes and the guys from Top 10 show choose the 10 best Jake's performances.

UltraViolet said...

I haven't watched that one yet, Piruleta. There were a lot of "best of Jake" articles but that one looks like it will be in-depth.

Malavika, I'm sorry I didn't answer you from the previous post. I think the problem is probably too many videos in all these posts. I don't know a good solution, unfortunately.One thing might be to load each post individually, rather than the whole front page. So this post would be:

The last one:

(I initially forgot to put a title on it, that's why the URL makes no sense, lol.)

The one before:

I hope that helps.

Things should also settle down now that Southpaw promotion is winding down.

Anonymous said...

Jake is on Ellen?

Cheska Ignacio ‏@earthtocheska_
Jake Gyllenhaal is on ellen right now and i suddenly remembered making yodeling noises using his name with you 😭 @VidaDMarie


Anonymous said...

"Things should also settle down now that Southpaw promotion is winding down."

Yes a month w/o Jake since he's taking August off and Jake could teach bears how to hibernate.

BlueJean said...

Yeah, I had been meaning to ask that. Was Jake on Ellen, or was it the jump rope thingy again? Nothing wrong with that, tho. He was adorable.

I'm also having trouble with the page to load, but if I wait long enough... ;)

Now going through all the bits & pieces I've missed (or didn't have the time for) over the last couple of days :)

Anonymous said...

Don't know whether this was posted here before: Bart & Fleming: Ryan Kavanaugh On The Ropes; Jake Gyllenhaal’s Shape Shifting; Where Is M:I5’s Tom Cruise?

One is harsh on Jake, the other defends for him.


Ann said...

From that deadline article:

Fleming: If I was Gyllenhaal I would lobby David O Russell hard for a job. Russell is exacting on his actors (remember the Lily Tomlin diatribe?), but nobody pulls better performances in prestige pictures than Russell does.

LOL I don't think Jake will be working with David O Russell again anytime soon

Anonymous said...

I think Tom Ford's new movie is prestige, I could never get into any of O Russell's films. I would like Jake to work with Del Toro and Denis V again, even Duncan Jones before O'Russell. Like Fincher, O Russell seems to controlling to listen to actors. They seem to want actors to bow down to them and not have any input.

Anonymous said...

At least Jake confirmed that FB is really his and he posted the stuff. SV

Anonymous said...

"At least Jake confirmed that FB is really his"


Hagen said...

Screendaily: Landing in fourth was Entertainment’s Southpaw with a strong $2.6m (£1.66m) punch from its 401 sites. The debut marks director Antoine Fuqua’s fourth biggest UK opening overall, but is his third biggest Fri-Sun result, ahead of Olympus Has Fallen’s $2.5m (£1.59m). Southpaw could well prove to be savvy counter-programming for Entertainment over the coming weeks.

For comparison:
"Southpaw": £1.660,000
"Prisoners": £1,365,203
"Nightcrawler": £1,003,460
"End of Watch": £618,546

Kristie said...

Article about why companies spoil big plot points in the trailers, mostly focused on Southpaw. It's all the company's decision, Fuqua wasn't too too happy about it. Thought it was an okay read because a lot of movies do spoil a lot these days in the first trailer(s). Chris Stuckmann (movie reviewer on YT), mentioned above, even decided that he wouldn't watch a single trailer for Southpaw so it wouldn't spoil a thing for him when seeing the movie. (believe he stopped watching trailers all together) Which I believe is really hard, it's almost inevitable to not see trailers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV you're the best! It works now. I really have my work cut out for me this evening - so much catching up to do!


Anonymous said...

Well... definitely I went out on vacation the wrong week!! LOL so many news to read here...
Thanks UV and everyone for all the stuff!!!
It's so amazing you liked the movie...
I loved Jake and Oona's interviews, she is a very special girl, so grounded and funny... and Miguel Gomez seems a great guy too, he always has good words about his colleagues!
Ps for the ones who have seen the movie... does the title make any sense now? did the trailer really spoil everyhing?

UltraViolet said...

Yay, glad that worked, Malaviya! At least this will be the fun kind of catch-up :)

Maybe that will work for you, too, BJ.

Tina, there are still a lot of videos I haven't watched. It was too much to keep up with. I am not sure how Jake managed to do all that promo. And there are shows I didn't manage to get yet or may not ever find! Hope you had a great vacation.

Interesting article, Kristie. The trailer didn't bother me too much, because I usually know the general details of Jake movies. I did avoid all the clips, however, because I didn't want to know every single thing that happened. I wonder if people would have been pissed off if they had gone to the movie, assuming Rachel was a big part of the movie, only to find out she dies early on.

Rachel was unhappy that they spoiled it, as well. I wonder if Jake had an opinion.

If it's a movie I don't know much about, I would prefer not so many spoilers. But I understand why people would want to know before they go.

Hagen - great numbers for the UK. I tried to find France numbers but couldn't. It was reported that Southpaw wade $3.5 million internationally, which would mean not that much from France if the UK was about $2.5 million.

UltraViolet said...

Anon 2:53, in the interview with Jorge Ramos, Jake mentioned posting something about the marriage equality decision on his FB page.

Forgot to say that Deadline put the SP budget at $25million (after Pennsylvania tax credit). And the actual weekend total was $16.7 million :)

UltraViolet said...

I keep adding replies, sorry! Forgot to answer Tina's questions. So spoilers ahead:

As I said above, the trailer did spoil many plot points, but you're not seeing this for the plot. You're seeing it to watch the interactions among the cast.

As for the title - I think it was a mistake. Jake's character is not left-handed. He learns some southpaw techniques and it is a big factor in the final fight. But it's just stupid that they kept the title.

Anonymous said...

For that RT, tomato is rotten until 60% I suppose, I checked Blood Diamond, it's 62% with 211 reviews and is already fresh, SP is till 58% with 153 reviews. SV

Anonymous said...

When I calculated our critics score, I saw 4 only, but overall they gave 70%, 2 of them 90 and two of them 60. SV

UltraViolet said...

This is an old tweet but it made me smile. I forgot to post it last week:

I was just a mere two feet from Jake Gyllenhaal and I'm still breathing.

went to a screening of Southpaw and we exited the building at the same time 😍

what'd he smell like? was he pretty?

I think he smelled like springtime in Paris. Or what I imagine it smells like since I've never been there.

More tweets:

2 thumbs up for #Southpaw . I laughed. I cried. I worked out after seeing it

Just saw #Southpaw. 4 grown adults crying at a boxing film. Amazing roller coaster of a film. #JakeGyllenhaal is incredible.

Jake Gylanhaal angry skipping is super erotic #Southpaw

If Rocky, and Million Dollar Baby mate and have a troubled and angry child you root for, it would be #Southpaw #Southpawmovie #funwatch

My roommate said to me, "Jake Gyllenhaal is gross." Needless to say she'll be moving out at the end of this month

Jake at a CZ favorite.

UltraViolet said...

Was thinking about the secondary roles in Southpaw. I was nervous when I saw the trailers that the guy playing Billy's best friend (Jon Jon) wouldn't be good. But I ended up really liking him. (His name is Beau Knapp.) I liked all the guys in his crew. I read somewhere that Dominic ColΓ³n has lost 185 pounds since filming; he was inspired by all the training done by the boxers/actors for the movie. He looks totally different now.

I also really liked Miguel Gomez, who played Escobar. He's not a secondary character. He's the main villain. He was also really good. And quite sexy.

Piruleta said...

I found theses tweets funny, everybody is crying!

Southpaw is sad af. Don't see it with a girl.. or another dude. You know what just wait for redbox and cry by your self.

Southpaw was 2 hours and 3 minutes long and I probably cried for 2 hours and 2 minutes.

If you are married, and/or have a daughter, and/or have a soul - you will need tissue for the movie Southpaw. You have been warned.

Went to see Southpaw tonight and omg, I was seriously all up in my feels the entire movie. Great movie, it just hit me right in the heart!

Bring a tissue box if you're gonna go see southpaw 😭

I honestly cried so much during South Paw.

I have never cried so much watching a movie. Ya'll need to watch SouthPaw

When you're watching Southpaw with the babe and trying not to be a little bitch and cry πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Southpaw didn't make we want to instantly train or anything.. it made me want to go and cry in the corner and then train.

Southpaw made me cry like 20 times, but idc bc it was actually a badass movie #Southpaw

Southpaw had me crying like a baby πŸ˜”

I don't usually cry at the movies unless the drama involves animals lol The most I've ever cried in a movie was probably watching The Lion King, I cry even watching it today. Well, the phone call in Source Code put tears on my eyes but didn't make me cry.

Will 'Southpaw' be Oscar knockout for Jake Gyllenhaal?

Anonymous said...

I really liked the David Morrissey interview. He's a very accomplished actor in his own right.
He seems to really admire Jake's work, and he was complimentary of Jake's father. They did a movie together, and he remembered Jake as a child on set.

Anonymous said...

SP is emotionally draining but uplifting and hopeful. IHJ as pics of Jake and the LSOH cast in rehearsal.

Monica said...

TIFF Film Circuit @FilmCircuitTIFF
Jean-Marc ValllΓ©e's DEMOLITION to open #TIFF15, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts and Chris Cooper

Anonymous said...

Wow, Tiff but a April opening. When is TIFF?

Canuck_Cutie said...

So looks like I'll get to see a Jake movie for the third year in a row at TIFF! Especially exciting now it's been pushed back until next April.

TIFF starts Sept 10th I believe and runs about 10 days.

Piruleta said...

Why is everyone at AW laughing at the fact Demolition will open TIFF? I'm missing something's?

UltraViolet said...

And here I was rethinking those Toronto plans!

Interesting move. I'm glad we'll get to find out how it is. From twitter:

Man, Jake Gyllenhall loves Canada.


Love those tweets, Piruleta. It is amazing how many of the tweets mention crying.

Flip that tire!

Canuck_Cutie said...

Sometimes the movies that opened TIFF have been pretty hit & miss. I think the organizers had a few duds because they wanted to open the fest with Canadian movies. The last few years they've strayed away from opening with Canadian movies to try and break the streak. Last year's opener was The Judge which wasn't reviewed that well. Vallee has a pretty decent track record so I'm being optimistic that being picked as the opener is a good thing!

UltraViolet said...

Piruleta, the openers haven't done very well in recent years. Last year was The Judge - awful movie. I think it was The Fifth Estate the previous year. And since Demolition has already been pushed back to April, they take this as a sign that it is a disaster.

Best to try to avoid AW these days. (Even though I sneak back in there, though it's hard to do!

Monica said...

damn, Piruleta, they are ridiculous and hypocritical. They hate Jake and Naomi (the things they talk about Naomi is shameful).

Well, they are laughing because the all films chosen to open Toronto turns out to be bad.

Piruleta said...

Thanks UV! If I remember correctly the reactions after the screening were good, so I don't know why everyone is expecting this movie to be bad. Oh well, we'll know soon.

FP said...

So Jake in the same year is going to open Venice and Toronto,after being a judge at Cannes well, do you remember "after PoP" times? Yup is the same guy ;)

Fuck off AW

Ann said...

I've been reading AW through a lens. I look for there updates/inside info but the opinions of some of the people there I try to disregard. They're unusually harsh on Jake these days for the silliest reasons.

Really excited about Demolition opening TIFF I wonder if it'll do any other festivals. Not sure if that's possible. I hate that it's not releasing until April.

Ann said...

So Jake in the same year is going to open Venice and Toronto,after being a judge at Cannes well, do you remember "after PoP" times? Yup is the same guy ;)

Fuck off AW


FP said...

LOL! Ann I was sure you would have shared my sentiment about the gentlemen on AW! :))

Anonymous said...

Awards Watch commenters have their favorite actors, directors and so on. If someone is a threat to them like Jake and Naomi and not to mention the director of Demolition then the claws come out. Its called insecurity, they hate anyone who is a threat to their favorite actors or movies. God Bless them.

"I hate that it's not releasing until April."

Release dates can be moved up!!!

Monica said...

Brokeback Mountain: 10 Years On

UltraViolet said...

Oh nice, Monica. I'll have to check that out.

I just realized that in addition to the disappointment of the actual movie last year, the stars and director of The Judge did not do a Q&A after The Judge premiered. I wonder if that will be the case this year, as well.

:) :) :)

Hagen said...

That still from "Demolition" looks cool. xD

I'm really looking forward to "Demolition" as an oddball romantic comedy. The film has a runtime of 100 minutes. Three years ago "Looper" opened TIFF and got very strong reviews. The opening movies aren't necessarily bad.

UltraViolet said...

Oops - my three smiley faces above were for FP's comment, not for no Q&A!

So Jake in the same year is going to open Venice and Toronto,after being a judge at Cannes well, do you remember "after PoP" times? Yup is the same guy ;)


It is a cool photo.I'm looking forward to the movie, whenever it opens.

Ann said...

AW is very confusing because I don't recall everyone being so harsh on Demolition until after the date moved. Now they're all acting like they've always known it was going to flop which we don't even know that it will, Lol.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to it. Looks like September will be another busy month for Jake with Venice and Toronto :)

UV, with The Judge Q&A, was one scheduled and they backed out once it was poorly received or did they never plan to do one from the start?

UltraViolet said...

I don't know. I remember going only because I thought it would be cool to see RDJ, but he wasn't there. And he was in Toronto! I'll try to check to see if other openers had Q&As.

Good box office news:

SOUTHPAW took in $2.00M on Monday. 4-Day domestic total stands at $18.70M.

That's a pretty good drop-off.

New post in a minute...