Thursday, July 16, 2015


Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Macadams attended the ESPY awards in Los Angeles Wednesday night, amid a continuing flurry of Southpaw promotion, including screenings, junket and press conference.

Jake and Rachel were a big hit on the ESPYs red carpet, where they appeared to be trying to dance:

But they did the normal red carpet thing, as well:

Jake even posed with a real boxer (Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin - or GGG - the current middleweight champ):

Jake backstage:

Southpaw ran ads during the broadcast. They have a lot of different TV spots. Here's one more:

I'm sure there will be more pics and video. Will add as we go.

Jake on Ellen Greene and gay marriage:

Jake on BBC Breakfast:

Fun Toronto red carpet videos:

French interview:


Despierta America:

Interview link.

Jake cooking. Sort of.


Big Boy radio interview (with video):



UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say "Aww" at Adam Levine's post. That was very cool of him.

Some ESPY tweets:

Life_and_Style: #JakeGyllenhaal DEFINITELY got the loudest cheers on the red carpet #ESPYS ESPYS

S/o to the camera operator for all the Jack Gyllenhaal moments thought out this dry award show #ESPYS

Turning off the espys because this year apparently its not about sports...then frantically turning back when jake gyllenhall gets on stage

Jake Gyllenhaal's beard deserves an award.

Jake Gyllenhaal is so good looking he literally just made me gasp when he walked out on stage.

Jake Gyllenhaal comes on screen and my mother says,"Don't you just want to play with his beard?" #imtheapple #shesthetree

I just need Aaron Rodgers to stand next to Jake Gyllenhaal for a second...#twins

@AaronRodgers12 saw Jake Gyllenhaal walk on stage and thought it was a smoke-and-mirrors magic trick. #ESPYS

Woulda been really weird if Aaron Rodgers accepted an award from himself. #thesameperson #gylenhaal

Only time you've seen Jake Gyllenhaal at an awards show this year. I blame you, @TheAcademy.

If Gyllenhaal was up there to give out an award for beard growing, he'd be giving it to himself. #ESPYS

*close up shot of A Rod* me: Jake Gyllenhaal (in background)!!!!!

The Espy's literally just broke my heart. 😭 but they showed Jake Gyllenhaal tearing up too sooo...WE CAN CRY TOGETHER JAKE GYLLENHALL

when rachel mcadams and jake gyllenhaal cry, we all cry

My mom's crying, I'm crying, Jake Gyllenhaal's crying

Humanly impossible not to cry watching the ESPYS right now. My god, even saw jake gyllenhall cry.

Seeing Jake Gyllenhaal on #ESPYS red carpet reminds me of that time I saw him at Minetta Tavern! That man is drop dead gorgeous in person!

I'll marry Jake Gyllenhaal in a heartbeat. Looking dashing at the #ESPYS

Two reasons to see Southpaw:
1) Jake Gyllenhaal = powerhouse
2) Somebody has to support 50 Cent's financial situation

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams together?! Two of the most beautiful humans in the world. I can't deal.

Can I just have Jake Gyllenhaal narrate sleepy time for me every night? #ESPYs

From what i've seen so far, Jake Gyllenhaal is easily the best dressed on The #ESPYS red carpet. Goddamn goddamn!

Tried to take a selfie with Jake Gylenhall and my camera broke, also my face melted, also he's handsome and I'm not.

When you're casually watching the Espys red carpet and you see Jake Gyllenhaal pass by in the distance and your heart stops

ReVive Skincare ‏@reviveskincare 53m53 minutes ago
Backstage with @jilliandempsey as she grooms #JakeGyllenhaal for the #ESPYs tonight!

ravensymone: One of my favorite actors #JakeGyllenhaal. Love to box, can't wait to see #Southpaw " 💕💕💕💕💕

A few short videos:

UltraViolet said...

Funny story from 50 Cent on Conan.

There was a SP screening for a boxing group tonight. Big thumbs up:

Head Coach ‏@Beyond_Boxing
Is #Southpaw the best boxing film ever made? It's darn close. Thanks @eOnefilms for the 50 tickets. Our members had an awesome time tonight!

And more tweets:

The script, filmmaking and performance are all excellent! #Amazed #Southpaw

Went to see #Southpaw tonite and wow what a movie! Highly recommend it! Great guy flick that u can bring ur girl to! Amazing storyline!

Saw #Southpaw tonite. #JakeGyllenhaal. Impressive. Movie is well done &well acted. #ForestWhittaker bravo n #OonaLaurence...#Brilliant.

#SOUTHPAW was soo good. Loved it. Will never watch it again, but it was really good./There were a few directional & dialogue choices that didn't work for me. Otherwise, the film was almost perfect. #Southpaw/I don't think #JakeGyllenhaal will be getting any wins for the role. Maybe it was just me, but I could barley make out what he was saying.

“Southpaw” is a boxing movie that tries to break the stereotypes but sometimes gets locked in its cage. Gyllenhaal does a great job! 7.5/10

Just saw @SouthpawMovie #Jake Gyllenhaal #phenomenal. Great movie. #Southpaw

Piruleta said...

I hope Demolition's move has nothing to do with the quality of the film. As for the Oscars, I'm still convinced Weinstein words were just to gain some attention for Southpaw, he knows there was a lot of disappointed about Jake's snub this year and this is his way of saying "Ey, he is as good in this as he was in Nightcrawler, come see it!". I doubt he will push for an actor when the movie will not help him. Looks like it will do well with audiences but not with critics and that's a problem when there will be stronger films later in the year.

The news about Demolition make me sad, and not just because of the Oscars, I was really looking forward to it.

PS.: the "dancing" picture is funny.

Anonymous said...

OK, with the age, I understood he is 43 old undefeated. Thank you for explanation. SV

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you know what I take from the Demolition release date is that nothing is written in stone for Awards season. And that until a movie is actually released, you can't automatically make it or its actors Oscar contenders.

A highly critically acclaim film does not mean automatic awards. Movies do hold up from Summer releases. I hope Southpaw does really well financially and I hope it holds up 5 months later like "The Help" and "The Budapest Hotel" did and like Cate Blanchet and Viola Davis did for their movies. Ralph Fiennes while not nominated for an Oscar did get other nominations like Jake did.

As for Weinstein, it sounds like he really likes Jake and if anyone can make the Academy not forget Jake it is him.

Don't forget Everest, Jake could get nominated for supporting. It is playing a real person in that movie and the Academy likes that. Like SV, I am still think Jake has a chance with SP if it does really well financially both in North America and global.

But so much pressure has been put on Jake to get nominated, it must be exhausting. I rather Jake's projects just keep a low profile like Nightcrawler.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the new post, UV!! Jake and Rachel on that red carpet look stunning together.

I'm just trying to be philosophical about the whole awards thing and not getting my hopes up.The frontrunners for nominations this year have to include Tom Hanks, Leo, and Eddie Redmayne. Some say Depp will be part of the conversation, too. But Jake is definitely among them.

If Jake does get nominated no one will feel like he didn't deserve it. He's earning his way, for sure. But if he doesn't, IMO, it may be that Harvey will shoulder some of the blame.

I agree, I think Harvey likes Jake. (I spotted Harvey sitting five rows in front of us, sitting on the aisle at LSOH. He actually watched the show. He didn't just show up back stage for a photo op.) So yeah, I think he's fond of Jake. But I always felt like Harvey's spirit animal was a shark...

bobbyanna said...

I meant to add that it isn't only about Harvey, it's about Jake's agency, WME, and Patrick Whitesell, Jake's agent. I'd imagine Whitesell commands a lot of influence and he will do everything he can to help Jake. When I remember that I feel relieved that it isn't all up to Harvey.

Anonymous said...

It's hard not to like Jake, he just smiles and you are hooked. Jake start your one on one campaign with the Academy members now. LOL, no one can resist you. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but according to twitter comments I have seen, people have been willing to change their sexuality for Jake, straight males and lesbians in particular.

UltraViolet said...

Southpaw tweet:

If anyone wants a good cry, #Southpaw is your movie. I am emotionally scarred.

I know everyone is obsessed with the Demolition news, but did you guys watch the video? It's incredible to hear Jake talk about Ellen Greene and holding her on stage and his whole working life leading up to that moment. It was also great to hear him talk about BBM and gay marriage. It's rare that he is so specific about the connection.

Short clip of Jake on BBC radio this morning. Updated the post with a video of him from the BBC Breakfast show. Fascinating stuff from him about working on the set, getting into character and interacting with others. And a fun Toronto red carpet video.

Anonymous said...

"INTERVIEW: Jake Gyllenhaal 'hopes' for British TV role …

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Maggie G for her Emmy nomination, Ruth didn't get a nomination, surprised.

FP said...

Way to go Maggie!

UV you are the best, thanks for all this great posts! :)

UltraViolet said...

Brief video:

#southpaw #movie screening tonight hosted by the #pga. Pictured here with the amazing father son producer team, Alan and Peter Riche, along with executive producer Wendy Riche. This movie was their original concept and in the making for 5 years, starring #jakegyllenhaal and directed by #antoinefuqua. Go see this film it's a great #boxing movie! The vfx to make the boxing look real were amazing! It was an #inspiration and I got a lot of ideas for our upcoming production, #unwanted. 9h

Now the full radio interview. Some great stuff in there, as well, about doing Constellations and other things.

Ann said...

Movies tracking to open under $10 million in the next month: "The Gift," "Ricki and the Flash," "Southpaw."

Ann said...

Nice to see Maggie getting recognition. I really enjoyed The Honorable Woman.

UV, I liked the clip of Jake talking about Ellen Greene and Brokeback Mountain. I'm glad people are asking him about topics other than his workouts and training for SP.

Anonymous said...

Well that's disappointing Ann.

Ann said...

I hoping that it does better than that. I really want SP to do well.

Anonymous said...

yeah I know, but that's like almost 50% off the opening forecast numbers, I guess it depends on the theater count too. If it is between 1000 and 1500 than that's a good number. Box office mojo shows Southpaw has limited, wide is usually over 2000 screens and limited is way under 2000 screens.

BlueJean said...

"Don't you just want to play with his beard?"

LOL! :)))

Anonymous said...

Here's another clip from SP, that boxing is quite authentic, it is around one minute long. Those who don't like Jake to be hit, don't watch:


Anonymous said...

SV, sorry

Monica said...

BoxOffice ‏@BoxOffice 2h2 hours ago
SOUTHPAW will open in an estimated 2,750 theaters on July 24. #Southpaw

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake and Rachel look wonderful together on the a Red carpet! I didn't get to watch the espys just saw clips of the show and winners.

That is a disappointing opening for Southpaw for that many screens, I hope that prediction is wrong.

bobbyanna said...

It's silly, really, an exercise in futility, but I'm wondering about various marketing angles, trying to think of ways to boost those opening weekend projections. Has Kurt Sutter, whose writing credits include Sons of Anarchy, participated in promoting the movie at all? Maybe it wouldn't matter, but I'm curious. Curtis Jackson has a fan base for sure, as does Eminem, but I have no idea whether their fans would be interested. Rachel has a fanbase, but they may not find a boxing movie appealing. I keep going back to EOW and how effective they were in screening the movie and building the audience for it.

Anonymous said...

I just don't want Jake to be embarrassed especially after the Demolition release date. It's a little unsettling for me as a fan that what looked like a really break out year where Jake might have multiple movies with awards / box office potential.

Now it looks like SP might be seen as a tank at the BO and awards season ( I really hope and pray not) and in Everest Jake might get lost in the ensemble cast.

It all looked so promising after the huge disappointment at the Oscars. Jake eventually in my opinion is going to have to bigger profile roles so that his not so big projects can bring in money. It is about the money, like someone said before you can't keep making smaller great projects if people don't come to watch them.

Monica said...

marketing work of the film is not good. The trailer gave almost all; many people felt they saw the entire film in the trailer. And WC is not knowing how to build good buzz.
Nightcrawler did an excellent job last year, End of Watch too.
Also, the release date in the summer. It should be released in the end of summer or in October.

Jake need to start looking for roles in big productions.

Anonymous said...

That Spanish cooking show is so funny, Jake is a personal towel. I don't blame her. Does Jake know Spanish or does he have an ear piece on, I can't tell?

UltraViolet said...

We'll see. I'm not losing hope, pardon the pun.

Next week:

Get an up close and personal look at the making of #Southpaw with Jake Gyllenhaal and @50cent on Monday! Only on #BET at 10p/9c.

A couple of fun videos from Despierta America, a morning show on Univision and a long radio interview posted at the end of the post. I hope this kind of promo will bring in people from all over. The radio interview is very spontaneous and different from most.

Jake appears less concerned with Oscar talk than we are. I hope it's really true.

UltraViolet said...

I think he had an earpiece.

There was also apparently a charades part. I hope we get that link, as well!

You guys have to listen to/watch that Big Boy radio interview. There are a lot of very funny parts.

Anonymous said...

That cooking video doesn't work from my country, so if someone will upload it on youtube I'd appreciate the link. Thanks. SV

BlueJean said...

Same here!

BlueJean said...

"Jake appears less concerned with Oscar talk than we are. I hope it's really true."

So do I.

BlueJean said...

SV, IHJ has the cooking and the charades videos! (Of course!)... Thanks, Stephanie!

UltraViolet said...

I'll check to see if someone uploads it. I can't upload it because YT will ding us for uploading copyrighted material.

Antoine Fuqua on GMA. They say Jake will be on Monday.

Full disclosure I'm no boxing fan but Fuqua's #Southpaw is a combo of #TheChamp #Rocky & #TheFighter Script isn't new. Tropes are well known. That said, #Gyllenhaal transforms. There are many moments when I forgot who the actor was and was riveted by the action. #Hideous

Another interview: Empire podcast. I think Jake comes on about 30 or 35 minutes in, for about 10 minutes. But I wasn't paying strict attention.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, perfect. Stephanie to the rescue! Thanks, BJ.

Anonymous said...

Thank you BJ. SV

UltraViolet said...

Updated the last post with another, longer SAG screening video. Some overlap between the two.

Also added a feature and a popSugar video.

I thought this was interesting:

M: I really wasn’t surprised just based on what kind of an actor he is and the work we’ve seen from him before, but when I first signed onto the project, it was when Jake was first starting to box, and I went and met him and our director, Antoine [Fuqua], at the gym where Jake was training and he had a big bushy beard and a ponytail. I think he was wearing a sweatshirt and jogging pants. Then, when I first showed up on set [weeks later] on day one, he was in the middle of shooting that first fight in the stadium. Antoine sent me up there, he said, “OK. Go up there as Maureen,” and I wasn’t expecting it. I was just showing up for a costume fitting. I wasn’t dressed up at all. I didn’t have my extensions in. I didn’t have my nails done. No spray tan. Nothing. I was so unprepared and it was just amazing to walk from the back of that stadium towards and get closer and closer to that ring and see him emerge and see up close just what he had done – not just the physical transformation but even his emotional shift was so palpable. He had become this person on a cellular level. So really extraordinary. Very awe-inspiring.

Also, Monica, I'm not so sure Jake has to start doing roles in big productions. It's not like Chris Evans is setting the non-Captain America world on fire.

I'd love to see him do one if it would actually help him in other areas. But what I'd really like is for one of his non-superhero movies to do well.

Anonymous said...

Jake is on fire and this whirlwind of news is leaving me breathless. UV thanks for all the great updates and just for having the stamina to keep up. I thought the Big Boy interview was hilarious and I loved seeing Jake just relaxed and hangin out. He's going to be on a bunch of talk shows in the coming week which I'm really looking forward to, fallon and Jon Stewart especially. I think Jake is choosing really well, it feels like he's found a sweet spot where he's comfortable in finding places that are a little uncomfortable, push him and really allow him to explore his craft and potential. If I were him I'd keep doing this.


Anonymous said...

I believe he is much less concerned about the Oscars than we are. But this is the reason I wish it him so bad, because he is not that actor who is hungry for it just for nothing, he is just focused on acting. He is nuanced actor and there are not many of them, so it would be well deserved, I think he could have it already 10 years ago for BBM instead of Clooney. I saw both performances, even if he was too young for Academy to award him, I think Clooney was just average.

That last featurette clip is good, but I wish Forest has some talking too. His charisma always fills the screen when he appears in those clips. I am going to watch BigBoy radio interview, thank you for posting it UV. SV

Anonymous said...

As for big production, I'd like to see him in something like Casino or Inception, not superhero. It must be at least fun to make such a movie. On the other hand it was great choice to miss Into The Woods and go into Nightcrawler, these are the movies, which make breakpoint in the career. The rest will come. SV

Ann said...

That extended SAG interview was great but I wish it had been longer. I really love this cast and I haven't even seen the movie yet, Lol. Hoping for Jake and Rachel to work together again and soon.

I'm still catching up on all of the other videos. Thanks to UV and everyone for all the updates :)

Also, Monica, I'm not so sure Jake has to start doing roles in big productions. It's not like Chris Evans is setting the non-Captain America world on fire.

I agree with UV. Not even Robert Downey Jr is making successful films outside of Avengers and Iron Man. The Judge did poorly last year.

Monica said...

I need to see Despierta America. This morning I was laughing so hard when I saw the photos.

Of course it will not make him make big star, but it can help. I don't want Jake in comic book film because of the shared universe, that would be bad for him. But something like Inception would be nice, for example.

I think there are only two stars today: Leo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington.

Today I saw Ant-Man. It was good. Michael Peña is very funny.

bobbyanna said...

The Big Boy interview was insane! LOL! There's so much stuff here I have to go back through everything very systematically and figure out what I 've missed.

I love Forest Whitaker and I'm sure he's brilliant in Southpaw, but I have to wonder if the opening weekend projections would be better if Antoine had cast Denzel as the Trainer at the gym instead of Forest. Of course then it would've been a different movie...It would've been a movie about a trainer in a gym...LOL!

Anonymous said...

"I think there are only two stars today: Leo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington."

I disagree with the word star, there are lots of big stars including Jake. I think Leo and Denzel are box office bank, same could be said for Brad Pitt lately and Tom Hanks forever. Then there's Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Lawrence has proven she can put them in seats in all genres. And don't forget Tom Cruise who had a great movie last year but did not live up his own bankable reputation of a zillion dollars.

Anonymous said...

The Big Boy and Univision interviews were not only hilariously but Jake seemed so relaxed and unguarded. I hope he goes on those shows again. Univision did a great job with their Southpaw theme. I like that both shows especially the Univision morning shoe spent multiple segments with Jake.

Monica said...

if Antoine had cast Denzel as the Trainer at the gym instead of Forest

Liam Neeson was the first choice.

Anon, I was talking about box office. For me Leo and Denzel can open any movie.

I agree on Bullock.

very good: 81/100

Ann said...

I think box office is very tricky. After American Sniper people thought Bradley Cooper was a bankable box office star but Aloha did terribly and he had that movie Serena with Jennifer Lawrence (another bankable box office star) that basically got the same release treatment as Accidental Love. It's really hard to know what's going to hit or not anymore.

I'm still hoping for the best with Southpaw. I'm glad Jake seems to be in a place where he doesn't worry about these things (or so he says). It seems he focuses on what he can control (his performance, what he learns and how he grows) and ignores what he can't (awards, box office, critics, etc). Smart perspective to have imo.

Also The Big Boy interview is GOLD! Excited for The Daily Show and the rest of the talk shows next week.

UltraViolet said...

That Big Boy interview IS gold! I have to search to see if past interviews are available.

Jake on CMS This Morning on Thursday next week.

The Wall Street Journal talks to Kurt Sutter.

Pretty cool story from the NY Times on filming the fight sequences. I didn't watch/read it all due to spoilers.

And the NYT talks to Eminem about the soundtrack.


Some old and new tweets and things:

Jake and Rachel after the ESPYs:

Toronto IG video:

Next table to Jake Gyllenhaal in Corner Bistro Bar New York.

So Jake Gyllenhaal sits next to us in the bar. Ask for a photo as ye do. Didn't go down well...apparently it's not etiquette over here 😂😂

Twitter said...

Sometimes you walk outside your home in NYC and see Jake Gyllenhaal making out with some blonde girl. And then you die.

Damien Zuch ‏@DamienZuch 53m53 minutes ago
@LaurenHelenGold How can you tell that was @jakegylIenhell?
View photo 1 retweet 0 favorites

@DamienZuch because we walked by him 28 times and made eye contact!

BlueJean said...

Who's this Big Boy? Is he a stand up comedian? I don't think I've ever seen Jake more relaxed during an interview and he asked him some pretty personal questions too - and Jake even answered! And I loved how he kept calling Jake "bro" all the time. They would make a great duo together ;) That interview is indeed pure gold.

I think Jake is choosing really well, it feels like he's found a sweet spot where he's comfortable in finding places that are a little uncomfortable, push him and really allow him to explore his craft and potential. If I were him I'd keep doing this.

Malavika, I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Yes, BigBoy interview is great. Another excellent radio interview, those moderators are much better than TV ones I'd say.

No actor can open any movie, DiCaprio neither, Body of Lies was flop, Bloody Diamond didn't do well and it's one of his best movies, it must be always combination of star, big production and topic. Btw. Revenant trailer is out, it looks pretty good. SV

Extra said...

That was a fun intetview, I never heard of Big boy but I will have to check him out after his interview with Jake!

I'm a bit anxious about the BO for SP next week, I hope it does well.

He Got Game said...

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, He Got Game...

heh heh!

BigBot: "So are you dating..."

Jake "No man... I'm focused on my career..."


Anonymous said...

LOL, that's a funny looking pic where are her legs? Part of me wishes it were Rachel. So Jake doesn't date, just makes out with random blondes with no legs outside apartment buildings

huh? said...

How do you know that's Jake?

FP said...

How do you know that's Jake?

Oh please

pearl clutching

huh? said...

I see - you don't, you just wish that was Jake.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the same girl from that bistro, where UV posted the pic above. It's hard to imagine Jake keeps celibate all that time he is single. SV

Anonymous said...

Anon, I've noticed those missing legs too, LOL. SV

Ann said...

It's hard to imagine Jake keeps celibate all that time he is single. SV


I'm not surprised he tells everyone he's single and not dating in interviews. He doesn't want to focus on that part of his life. It's an easy way to stop the conversation and more polite than saying it's no-ones business, Lol.

FP said...

I see - you don't, you just wish that was Jake.


Hallo this is a Jake blog, we are Jake's fans and we have been for years,we are able to recognize Jake, when we see him, those are Jake's shoulders and they are unmistakable, you've never seen BBM? The tight denim shirt anyone?
that's Jake, from the back, with the same girl of bistro, same shirt, and those are Jake's Jordan and his pants

I think you are the one who "wish" that was not Jake

surprise surprise

UltraViolet said...

No explanation needed. The person who posted the photo said it was Jake and it looks like him. Please don't engage any further.

Another BBC Radio 1 interview. This DJ sobbed through Southpaw :) Go to the 1 hour, 40 minute mark. A short video.

Another review up on Rotten Tomatoes. Never heard of it, but it's positive. Liked this part:

In the end, the individuality of this fight movie is Gyllenhaal. As I watched the stunningly buffed-up actor go through the torments of his character it occurred to me that, after "Nightcrawler," he might be on a mission to depict all the branches of male self-destruction. If he proves anything with his Billy, it's that he has the commitment and tools to do it, combined with a natural gift for compelling sympathy in any context. We just feel for the guy.

Watch his face carefully when he speaks the line: "They can't take my daughter away from me." At least three instant emotions rose from his heart, stomach and mind to sock us with an actor's absorption in a role. Just for an instant I saw fear, desperation, and self-caution. Perhaps those; perhaps you'll see something else but no one is likely to argue that Jake G. isn't fully in the moment.

FP said...

LOL :) legs are hidden by the wall of the hotel

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to link this article. Some good stuff in there.

He mentions an interview he did, and which a journalist quoted back to him, in which he said that the new direction in his work was to do with waking up one day and finding himself, metaphorically, in “the wrong room”, because of the choices he had made.

Press junkets aren’t often occasions for epiphanies. But when he was asked what room he was in now, Gyllenhaal says he suddenly had a light-bulb moment.

“It’s kind of an amazing feeling because I said, and I think I believe this, ‘I don’t feel like I need a room anymore.’ And I think that’s sort of true.” He laughs and wags his finger at me. “Emphasis on the sort of.”

Whatever the reality, he is currently going through a purple patch, doing work that is exciting, complex, sometimes challenging, sometimes slightly baffling, but always worth your attention. And there aren’t many actors you can say that about.

Anonymous said...

"legs are hidden by the wall of the hotel"

It looks as if he kissing a torso, LOL.

Ann said...

As I watched the stunningly buffed-up actor go through the torments of his character it occurred to me that, after "Nightcrawler," he might be on a mission to depict all the branches of male self-destruction.

Demolition will certainly fit into this too.

Whatever the reality, he is currently going through a purple patch, doing work that is exciting, complex, sometimes challenging, sometimes slightly baffling, but always worth your attention. And there aren’t many actors you can say that about.

Glad to see more positive reviews/comments for the film and praise for Jake. :)

BlueJean said...

Saw an announcement of an article in a Belgian magazine just now, in which they call Jake "the best actor of his generation"! Oh wow. Unable to read the enire article online, but hopefully I'll be able to find a copy of the magazine next week.

BlueJean said...

Jake (or again... someone who represents him) posted this interview with Antoine Fuqua on his Facebook page - with this comment:

"Just listened to this interview with Southpaw director Antoine Fuqua. I was so moved by it and wanted to share it with you.

"In this film, the heroism isn't doing anything fantastic - it's not winning a fight or losing a fight. The heroism is getting back up when life knocks you down and taking care of the people that are counting on you, especially your children."

This is why I wanted to be a part of his film.

Fight for family."

bobbyanna said...

Wow. Thanks, Blue Jean. That's a wonderful interview with antoine Fuqua. His comments about James Horner moved me to tears.

Anonymous said...

That's great how Jake "likes" many of those comments on FB. SV

BlueJean said...

Yep, I noticed that too.

Anonymous said...

"That's great how Jake "likes" many of those comments on FB. SV"

Don't follow what you mean, could you explain SV?

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake has finally met Eminem:

Em just introduced the #Southpaw Movie with Jake Gyllenhal at its official screening!!

Anon, on Facebook, you can "like" a post or a photo by clicking a button. So Jake, or someone working for him, has liked some comments on his FB page.

UltraViolet said...

That screening is in Michigan, btw. Lots of terrible photos, lol.

Chris Evans interviewed Jake and gushed about the movie. "Best movie I've seen in a long time." "Five stars out of five. No 10 stars!"

Anonymous said...

I thought you meant the actor Chris Evans, LOL.

UltraViolet said...

Oops - nope, lol. Though I'm sure Captain America will also love the movie.

Jake on the radio with Amani Toomer and Dan Schwartzman. It's a twelve-minute interview.

This has a little bit of the Chris Evans (DJ!) interview, so it's not different from the above. But the woman who introduces it just gushes about Jake.

Jake talks about his Quebecois directors.

A French rave.

Jake talks to Madame Figaro and The Scotsman. (I think I might have posted that second one already.)

Jake on doing Little Shop. There are a couple of other short videos. Looks like it's from a half-hour show, airing on Wednesday, with an Antoine Fuqua episode right after.

Monica said...

I also thought it was the actor Chris Evans. lol

I heard Big Boy interview, a bit exaggerated, but it seemed that Jake was having a great time. I liked a lot of what he talked about the Harper Lee's new book.

FP said...

emily lauren ‏@emmmilyk 28 min28

Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal and Eminem walked into the movie theater to announce #Southpaw? Yeah. I am now dead.

LOL! That's so fun

UltraViolet said...

LOL. A lot of people dying out there tonight!

This sucks for these folks:

10 minutes after I left work today Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal showed up and now I hate everything

when eminem and jake gyllenhaal come into your work place but you completely miss out

Here's the entrance. I hope someone got the announcement:

Jake analyzes Mayweather-Pacquiao.

Some tweets, not all from MI:

Southpaw.Pitch perfect.Visceral ya'll. Never been 1 for (blood)sport but Gyllenhall & F Whitaker w strange grace.

Southpaw was solid.... The fact that Eminem and Gyllenhaal were there made it even better

#Southpaw was amazing ! @BushmanOnAir was totally right !Plus Eminem and Jack Gyllenhaal showing up was #omgmoment

I can actually say Jake Gyllenhaal is as good looking in person as you'd expect #Southpaw

Just attended the premiere of #SOUTHPAW #JakeGyllenhaal and #50cent did their for sure. Make sure you check this out on 7/24

Grim and realistic at times, but at heart this is really another Rocky III (1982) doing everything it can to mask the formula. Still, directed with conviction, and Gyllenhaal delivers an impressive performance; we believe in him, and therefore the movie itself.

SO COOL having #Eminem and #JakeGyllenhaal introduce #Southpaw to the audience at our advance screening. This movie was seamlessly perfect! Jake deserves an #AcademyAward for his performance and Eminem did a phenomenal job on the soundtrack (see what I did there.. ��). ANYWAY you all need to see this movie!

#SOUTHPAW was a great movie hands down. I'm going to see it again. Was happy to see @eminem and @jakegyllenhaaldaily

#Southpaw is sooooooo good. At times it was a bit much to handle bcos it mirrored parts of my life, but an AMAZING film.

Just saw #Southpaw. Really good. The trailer doesn't spoil anything. The commercial only shows the first 15 min of the movie really.

Can we take a moment to applaud the greatness that is #Southpaw ?? The story, the cast...just an overall great film. #oscarontheway

Jake G KILLED it!!!! ������������ #southpaw is fregging fantastic!

#southpaw movie was phenomenal, just left the preview I truly enjoyed it.

Everyone please go see #SOUTHPAW �������� it GREAT from beginning to the end

So totally random seeing @eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal at the movie screening. Somewhat of a surprise but we could tell something was going on because they locked the doors early and there was security that kept waiting outside the exit door. Great surprise though, loved the movie. I think it will definitely get a few Oscar nominations.

aw an advanced screening of #SouthpawMovie #Southpaw and it was pretty good. VERY emotional so take some tissue.

In response to TWC: I was there with the amazing First Lady of boxing #JackieKallen , the great #TommyHearns, @taricksalmaci @taricksalmaciboxingnation and all her fighters! It was GREAT!!!!! We all loved it!!! Congrats!

Will you choose hope or hopelessness? @eminem and @jakegyllenhaaltv show up before a #Detroit screening of #Southpaw. The film is #phenomenal as it evokes the energy and emotion of #8mile. Epic! [The legendary Thomas "Tommy" Hearns also came out to support.]

Bushman ‏@BushmanOnAir Bloomfield Hills, MI
�� greatest surprise ever lol �� #SouthPaw Thank you @Eminem & #JakeGyllenhaal for coming

That #SouthPaw secret was hard to keep but I knew you would be happy �� and what a great movie.

Short sneak peek of an interview, with a little French in there. Jake talks about Scott Fischer, so that's something new.

BlueJean said...

Cool! Fun to read, as always. Thanks, UV! x

Piruleta said...

UV Thanks for all the updates!

nytimes has a interesting read about how they filmed the fight scenes

Ann said...

Jake is currently trending on twitter in NYC. Him and Eminem are also trending on FB with their appearance in Detroit last night.

Anonymous said...

why in the world are they playing Taylor Swift during Jake's GM interview, it should have been Eminem.

How classless of the intern who did that.

Anonymous said...

I don't like this interview at all.

Monica said...

Thanks, anon. I don't need to see and not to share this interview.
I hope whoever did it will be fired.

bobbyanna said...

Local news coverage of their Detroit appearance has been off the charts. Print and TV are talking about it very enthusiastically. One media outlet called it: "The thrill of a lifetime!" LOL!

I live in Michigan, Eminem is a popular hometown guy who still lives here and has his recording studio here as well. Apparently they left for the airport after their brief appearance so they could both be at the NYC premiere. If only I had known... trust me. For Jake to show up in Livonia Michigan is an extremely improbable event! LOL!

As an aside, one thing I was also happy about, is that this visit highlighted the fact, once again, that our governor recently signed a bill that stopped giving any tax credits to film projects. Michigan was doing well attracting movies and it put a lot of trained technicians out of work. Eminem is very aware of that. He's got a lot of support, too so having Jake appear with him was a very good idea.

There were a lot of boxers and former boxers like Tommy Hearns at the movie as night posing for pictures and generating publicity. Hearns is also a popular Detroit guy. These things all help generate interest, and hopefully box office. I wish/hope they were doing this in other cities with popular local talent.

Watched GMA. Too bad Jake had to share his appearance with the damned Pixels promotion. At least the GMA crew had him sitting with all of them before Robin interviewed him so that was good. (Parents should drop off their little kids to see Pixels while they go to see Southpaw at the multiplex. : ) )

bobbyanna said...

What? How did I miss that? I caught the tail end of Jake sitting on the sofa with the GMA crew and they were all joking, etc. but then Robin was interviewing him a couple of minutes later. All I recall is Eminem. I guess I automatically block TS. I'll have to watch it again.

bobbyanna said...

I wanted to share a piece our local NBC affiliate did on Jake & Eminem in suburban Detroit last night: The audio and picture is better that some I've seen. Southpaw is getting a lot of mileage here out of their appearance.

Ann said...

Picture of Jake with Michelle Monaghan from GMA this morning.

Anonymous said...

I liked that George was really excited about Southpaw, I get the feeling he lost when it came to who was interviewing whom. I wished George would have won, a couple of Robin's questions/comments I kind of didn't like. The mumbling comment and I don't recall ever hearing Jake be upset about anyone questioning if he did his own stunts. So I don't know where that question came from, and Jake played off the intro music well but it should have been Eminem's song.

Jake was awfully cute in some spots though. Pixels really sort of fell flat with GMA promo. Jake will be on again next week with Oona so hopefully they will get the music right.

bobbyanna said...

The Taylor Swift music was louder on the IHJ clip of GMA, than it was when I actually watched it. Here's another clip of it from Twitter and you can barely hear it.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people have forgotten the Jake/Taylor period except the die hard Swift fans who need to make her a victim and of course some Jake fans like myself. I cringe about this because the last time Jake was on GMA, it was during a Taylor Swift promo week with GMA and all they talked about before Jake's interview was Taylor and her upcoming release.

Monica said...

That shit is not going to end because of the fake songs she wrote about him. yikes

An idiot fom EW, desperate for clicks, wrote an article about it.

bobbyanna said...

TS is inescapable. She's touring so it's heavy promotion time. But songs don't get played randomly,on network TV shows, they are paid advertising. So it's possible that no one @ ABC paid attention that it was on for Jake's segment. The Southpaw PR people should have made sure Eminem's music was on, but if TS team already bought time on GMA there's not much they could do. I know that her songs are constantly played in every damned public place I've been to. Supermarkets, malls, clothing stores, Home Depot, everywhere. It's like being brainwashed. But the over saturation has the effect of me not really hearing it anymore. It's just noise.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. The stupidity in playing her song, is that twitter ends up talking about TS instead of Southpaw.

Anonymous said...

"It's just noise"

LOL, perfect.

Monica said...

So, it came from her? I'm not surprised.

It's like being brainwashed.


UltraViolet said...

Haven't had time to check that local spot, Bobbyanna. Thanks for posting it.

I think it's a slight exaggeration to say the Taylor song is all twitter is talking about. But in any case, we don't have to repeat that here :)

Hagen said...

Awardscircuit rebuts Variety's opinion on Jake's performance in "Southpaw" (3 out of 4 stars): Overall, Southpaw is solid enough entry into this genre, uninterested in differentiating itself from the pack but also able to effectively tell its story. Having this performance from Gyllenhaal did wonders. Eminem in the role just wouldn’t have been the same, and that’s putting it mildly.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Awardscircuit was full of intelligent people.

FP said...

Hi Hagen!! :)

Hagen said...

Hi Hagen!! :)

Hi FP! :-)
Currently I'm in the process of buying an apartment. So I'm struggling to keep up with all the news and I'm less active than usual. :-)

UltraViolet said...

I should add a postscript to my earlier post. I realize that I have "Taylor" filtered out of my search results :)

It is very annoying that GMA did that. They tweeted a lot about Jake's visit, though. Perhaps that was to make up for it? I haven't watched the clip yet. There's so much other news that let's not dwell on it, however irritating.

Hagen, it is good to see you! Good luck with the apartment.

Monica said...
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Monica said...

GMA was disrespectful to Jake, UV. Worse is that it is in everywhere taking the focus of the film. Perhaps GMA wanted attention. He lost his time there.
Damn, Jake PR team always does a bad job with him.

I can't stand Eminem.

Anonymous said...

"Damn, Jake PR team always does a bad job with him"

This was not on Jake's PR team, GMA is just so far up Swift's butt, they play her music everyday usually the last hour of the show right into The View. I don't believe it was intentional but it just shows how shoddy and desperate the show has become. Those Pixel segments were horrible. It makes GMA look really bad and for the EW article, that is desperate and she is clearly 12 years old.

But Jake was in at least 4 segments of the show, it's just a shame Taylor PR machine is taking advantage and yes Twitter is part of her PR machine like most celebrities today. So much for the reports of her and Jake being friendly.

Anonymous said...

Jake and the little mature lady below taped a segment for GMA today for next week. Jake has so much class and dignity, class and dignity wins out in the end. Jake never blinked today of course he was probably not aware of who was making music?

Boxoffice said...

More concerned about rotten tomatoes: 56% rating 5 out of 10. Yikes. Deadline's critic loved it though but has not made the RT rating yet.

Monica said...

Ooana Laurence and Jake on the red carpet: Southpaw premiere

She's so cute!

Hot Mess said...

No need to worry, BFCA (Critics Choice) score is a whopping 81. RT and MC numbers will catch up when all the reviews will be published.

For comparison, Nightcrawler had a 88 BFCA score, a 95 RT and 76 MC score.
If Southpaw has a 81 BFCA score (better than all detractors expected!), the RT number will be higher.

More importantly, the reviews are glowing for Jake. Deadline's Peter Hammond declares Jake's performance "the best of this year so far" and sees him as an Oscar player. Similar praise from Awardscircuit. Another reviewer thinks Jake is about to become America's favorite leading man. Typing from my phone, I can't copy/paste and make links, unfortunately.

As for the TS hoopla, much ado about nothing. It was indeed a jerk-ish move by GMA (or whomever decided to play that music) but it doesn't take away anything from SP promotion. The red carpet premiere is tonight, tomorrow Jake talks to Jimmy Fallon, Wed. to Jon Stewart, Thu. to Seth Meyers. Tons of new stuff to be reported.

Can't leave without thanking, once again, UV for the work she's doing. It seems there are more interviews, featurettes, pics than ever, and we can find them all here.

UltraViolet said...

Deadline/Peter Hammondd was positive and the AP review looks like it will be positive.

Opened a new post. Please continue the discussion. I'll repeat the last couple of posts.