Tuesday, July 14, 2015

South(paw) West

Jake Gyllenhaal and the Southpaw gang moved from Canada to California, screening the movie on a naval base in San Diego and then moving to Los Angeles for more screenings and more press.

Academy post-screening discussion:

SAG screening photos and video:

The navy folks seemed to enjoy the movie. They certainly enjoyed the meet and greet.

Some more Toronto tidbits. This photo made me laugh. Someone on twitter captioned it: "Now, witht e Toronto weather, Jake Gyllenhaal..."

Rachel and Jake introducing the movie:


A couple of fun red carpet interviews with Jake and Rachel.

Third trailer:

E! has a new scene from the movie, as well as an interview with Jake.

Jake's training regimen:

Southpaw interviews

Black Tree media - some funny family talk:

Screen Slam:

Access Hollywood:



Toronto red carpet:

Toronto Live Nation:

Bonnie Laufer:

Jake talks Little Shop and gay marriage/Brokeback:


Piruleta: Southpaw reactions said...

Bay Dariz @baydariz | Filmmaker, musician, and artist. Producer of independent feature film
My #mcm is Jake Gyllenhaal who was incredible in the SOUTHPAW screening tonight. I recommend it :) #southpawmovie

#Southpaw was really upsetting and so freakin good. #JakeGyllenhaal #SuperCrush ��

Southpaw was a solid movie IMO. Got dusty eyed in there a few times but couldn't let myself cry next to the manliness of Forrest.

Best night EVER!! Southpaw was phenomenal, Oscar worthy. Plus a Q/A with unbelievable talented Jake… https://instagram.com/p/5Gy-uTxZtw/

Southpaw screening and talkback with #jakegyllenhaal #rachelmcadams #50cent #miguelgomez #sag #pdc… https://instagram.com/p/5Gy6KsoH1j/

Jake Gyllenhaal just keeps getting better & better- I enjoyed his performance in #Southpaw

Southpaw screening it was amazing :) even got to see jake gyllenhaal #love #photooftheday #me… https://instagram.com/p/5Gxn8iNWru/

Southpaw was the best. I recommend you to watch it ��������

Shout out to @Kdubblive for hooking my girl and I up to watch the premiere of #Southpaw. Great movie! I would definitely recommend it!

Southpaw is a really good movie. I would definitely recommend it. All of these actors put on a great… https://instagram.com/p/5GuO3kFoQR/

@50cent Southpaw screening movie was beyond dope get out there and go see it July 24th! https://instagram.com/p/5GuDhiRpp7/

#Southpaw was a good movie. Do yourself a favor and go see it. #RedemptionStory

I enjoyed southpaw, typical cookie cutter type film, but go see it, was on edge of my seat the last 30 minutes

Southpaw is such a tearjerker man

dope screening of the movie #SouthPaw w/ the cast.. strong film lots of passion.. #DCS

#SouthPaw Premiere was great! But film was phenomenal

Gyllenhaal, 50 Cent and Rachel McAdams upfront at #Southpaw premiere. Very good, I recommend it!… https://instagram.com/p/5GqwhTB4Ts/

We wanted to see @SouthpawMovie so much since we saw the trailer for the first time. And it's AMAZING! #Southpaw

Southpaw was AMAZING!!!!! Everybody go watch!!!!

Other tweets

"It's great to have a sounding board & have someone to support your choices." #RachelMcAdams on her acting coach for #Southpaw

"I just needed to follow her. She sets the tone." - #JakeGyllenhaal on costar #OonaLaurence #Southpaw

"The pace at which you work and the energy in the movie is really important." - #JakeGyllenhaal on motivation on set #Southpaw

"You got to do it your own way. You'll probably be told not to but you know best." - #RachelMcAdams on acting #Southpaw

"I needed to figure out and search for his backstory." - #JakeGyllenhaal on the mental challenges in #Southpaw

#JakeGyllenhaal continues to blow us away with his incredible work in #Southpaw. He's amazing! At #Sag screening & Q&A with the cast!

Southpaw - great film, great cast!

Jake's new movie 'Southpaw' was so sick! $10 says all of you cry.

I had the honor of watching an early screening of Southpaw tonight!! Two of my faaaaves were in… https://instagram.com/p/5G36utyg8p/

Ann said...

UV, another great post! Thanks to you and everyone for keeping up with all the news/interviews/pics/tweets/etc.

Bobbyanna, thanks for sharing those memories with your father in the last post. I enjoyed reading that :)

I really love those photos of Jake with Rachel and Oona Lawrence. The three of them really seem to have a nice chemistry. Looking forward to seeing it in the film.

Does anyone know when more reviews will start to come out?

Reposting for Bobbyanna said...

The violence is not a worry for me either. I like boxing movies, mostly because my father was a boxer. He was a member of the U.S. Olympic team, and then turned pro for a couple of years. All before I was born. But I remember as a child watching the Friday night fights on TV with him...mostly for the amazing ice cream sundaes he'd invent for us. LOL!!! He taught me how to skip rope and I used to play with his medicine ball. I remember getting frustrated because it wouldn't bounce. I thought it was like a basket ball, only very heavy... LOL!

Later on, I did have the opportunity to sit ringside for some fights as an adult, and that was truly violent. Boxing is a very punishing sport. What we see on TV or in a movie can't come close to what you experience actually sitting up close and watching. All the sweat, blood, the sounds. Horrible. I did it twice. Never again.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Ann. I love the family photo with Jake and Rachel and the protective parental hands on the shoulder! I didn't have time to watch the SAG video, but the part I saw involved Jake talking about Oona's process. Seemed like it might get spoiler, so I skipped.

Reposted Bobbyanna's fascinating post. What an interesting perspective.

I've never been a boxing fan but I don't think I'll mind it for the violence. I'll just be bored.

UltraViolet said...

Vibe posted Part 2 of their interview. Some good stuff in there.

I don't remember which video interview this was in, but did people see Jake talking about Forest Whitaker? And he talks about how everyone loves FW and kind of makes a happy sigh when he arrives on screen? It was adorable.

I'll just keep adding video interviews to the bottom of the post, so keep checking.

Ann said...

UV I remember that bit about Forest Whitaker. I can't recall which interview it was either, there's been so many, Lol.

The SAG clips were nice I hope more are posted. There was a cute part when they brought up Oona's Tony award and asked her to give Jake some acting advice, Lol.

Anonymous said...

That is that behind the scene videos where all members are talking except Forest, he is talking about him that everybody loves Forest immediately he appears somewhere, it is that video, where he is shaved. SV

UltraViolet said...

That's right! Thanks, SV.

Posted a movie clip, as well. I didn't watch so can't say what's in it.

bobbyanna said...

UV, the clip where Billy Hope is at a news conference, is on autotune. It's a great clip, just not the autotune.

UltraViolet said...

Did you mean autoplay? I took out the video and just posted a link. Also posted a video from the Academy screening.

Some tweets/IG/FB comments:

kdubblive Kelvin Washington Host of the New ESPN LA Morning Show!
One of the realest and most down to earth celebrities that I've ever been able to spend a bit of time with! He did an excellent job in this movie and told me that he was in the boxing gym for 5 months doing two a days, that's how he got ripped!!! Very realistic boxing scenes. You'll cry, tears or heartache and joy with this film.

Thank you @BAFTALA for the screening of #Southpaw #JakeGyllenhaal 's performance was amazing as always!

#Southpaw is awesome and #JakeGyllenhaal is awesome in it.

MR. WILL WONG ‏@mrwillw
Have many Movie Promos on my site, but feedback and excitement for #SOUTHPAW has been phenomenal.

Some cute IG videos:

Rachel being interviewed when Jake arrives

Jake is complimentary

Jake in San Diego

Piruleta said...

Oona Laurence is adorable, can't wait to see her scenes with Jake.

FP said...

adamlevineSee #SOUTHPAW on July 24th! So so proud of this dude. WOW.


Nice :)

Chica said...

Oona is a cutie! Loving all the videos, photos and tweets!

Not a boxing fan but I do like some boxing movies like The Raging Bull and Body and Soul.
Hope to add Southpaw to that list!

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to see people are writing about Jake as down to earth in combination with excellent work or hard working actor. I think some celebrities usually cover the lack of talent with pretentious behavior. When I read some of them have those extreme requests when arrive to hotel or somewhere else, I think it has something to do with intelligence. SV

Anonymous said...

UV I still cannot find that new scene on E-online, there is just interview with Rita Ora, but not a new scene video. Thank you. SV

bobbyanna said...

Yes, I meant autoplay! : )

Anonymous said...

"SOUTHPAW has been phenomenal."

LOL plug for song?


Anonymous said...

"SOUTHPAW has been phenomenal."

LOL plug for song?


BlueJean said...

Well, it will take me at least an hour to go through this post, the tweets, pictures, videos and all of it ;) Thanks so much, UV! You're the best!

"Oona Laurence is adorable, can't wait to see her scenes with Jake."

Same here! :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Jake will be on the ESPY awards tonight?

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone know if Jake will be on the ESPY awards tonight?"

I hope not, this ESPY awards ceremony if filled with controversy. I hope the Southpaw trailer will be shown as it will be held on a major network for the first time.

UltraViolet said...

It does seem like Jake would go to the ESPYs but I haven't heard anything about it. They showed SP ads during the All-Star game last night and ESPN is getting some flak for the surfeit of SP ads, lol. So it's a safe bet there will be some.


Jake Gyllenhaal's arms are enough to get me back on the tube. *rah*

Saw @SouthpawMovie last night. A must see. Jake Gyllenhaal is extraordinary. Brilliant supporting cast. So well shot I felt I was ringside.

Listen to Jake On Air with Ryan Seacrest. This was a pretty funny interview.

UltraViolet said...

Oh no!

Jean-Marc Vallée's 'Demolition,' starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts, will skip Oscar season and arrive on April 8th, 2016.

Monica said...

^^ Bad news, but it really is not a film for Oscar. This release date is not good sign.

FP said...

AwardsWatch ‏@awards_watch 17 min17

So, @foxsearchlight moves Demolition off to 2016, leaving the door open for @WeinsteinFilms to get Jake Gyllenhaal in for @SouthpawMovie.

Monica said...

Southpaw will need great reviews and big box office to keep the conversation until the end of the year, year again crowded with DiCaprio, Eddie Redcarpet, Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Caine, Tom Hanks, Ryan Gosling ...

Anonymous said...

It's not popular, but for me it is a good news, more time for SP promotion and no split for potential awards, I believe Harvy W. will keep it in mind during awards season and remind it. It could be solo nomination,, movie alone doesn't have to have great reviews, but I wish BO will do better than predictions. SV

Ann said...

That's a shame.

I know Harvey wants to get Jake in with Southpaw but I'm so skeptical that it will actually happen. Especially with two other boxing films coming out during awards season. Not saying those two films have a chance but SP is a long shot, imo.

I'm just gonna take this as an opportunity to not pay attention to awards season this year. Might be nice to take a break after the the upset of last year.

Monica said...

It could be solo nomination
The last actor to receive a solo nomination was Demian Bichir in 2011, a film that debuted in June (his nomination was a surprise I think). I don't remember if 2011 was a strong year. Before him, Javier Bardem for Beautiful, but he won Best Actor in Cannes.
Harvey managed to put Joaquin Phoenix for The Master, but he shared Best Actor in Venice with PSH. The film received three nominations.

more time for SP promotion

the promo ends in July. Jake will also move to the filming of Nocturnal Animals in October.
I really have no hopes for him this year. I don't trust in Harvey.

Anonymous said...

Well darn about Demolition, maybe that's the reason for the silence. I think those young actors will have to worry about the older actors this year for the Oscar.

Michael Caine, Johnny Depp who has had a bad year personally but his new movie is looking pretty good.

HOw is Ryan Gosling in the mix this year for lead actor Monica? I thought he was doing mostly supporting roles for the films that are released this year?

Anonymous said...

"I really have no hopes for him this year. I don't trust in Harvey."

I think the back lash from last year could help Jake this year and there is this whole new "where is the American actor" thing going on now. All but two of the actors that Monica named are foreign actors. I think that could work in Jake's favor or for that matter Brad Cooper, sorry but like the older generation of American actors, I am kind of fed up with the Academy going so global these days. Other countries pick their home grown, for example Jake not winning for Enemy but Denis and Sarah Gadon did.

Anonymous said...

Promo for Southpaw doesn't end in July. Southpaw will be at Locarno film festival 5-15 August, in the prestigious Piazza grande category.

Anonymous said...

Monica last solo nomination was last year Julian Moore, R. Witherspoon for Wild and there are more. Everything is open, promotion I mean for awards and regardless the awards, 3 movies are too much in one year moreover within 3 months whilst 2016 would be empty. The last year Grand Hotel Budapest was released in March, exception may happen. Btw. Damian Bichir was one of the best and most deserved nominations I've ever seen. I hope for nom, not a win, it may be between Depp and DiCaprio. SV

Monica said...

I don't know if the talk about the decline of American actor will have some influence.
Tom Hanks was also snubbed two years ago, he returns again this year with two films. So it may be that the Academy goes into it.

Promo for Southpaw doesn't end in July.

I'm talking about promo in the US. Again, the film will need stronger comments. As mentioned, Creed will debut later this year, it may be that this will hurt Southpaw.

HOw is Ryan Gosling in the mix this year for lead actor Monica?

Sorry, my bad. His film has no release date.

Monica said...

SV, it's more common among women than actors. Because of it I talked about Damien Bichir. He is also the most similar with the release date that was in June. If I'm not wrong, he was snubbed throughout awards season, only receiving best actor nomination in Independet Spirit Awards and Oscars.
Jake will need a lot of support and strong campaign of Harvey if he wants to receive this Oscar nomination.
Harvey could use the decline of the American actor as something to Jake campaign. Better than revenge.

Anonymous said...

I don't like revenge thing either, the clearest nom is without any theatre around, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I feel it may happen completely differently than last year, no critics like B. Cooper. Yes, this is a paradox, Demian was more about no one noticed the movie before, it was very small one, no BO, because topic is not very popular. I believe all this transformation effort and last year snub will be compensated, if acting is still great and HW may help. SV

Ann said...


Jake and Rachel at the ESPYs.

Anonymous said...

Did Jake just do the intro at the ESPYs?

Anonymous said...

Those radio interviews are the best, but I've never noticed before Billy Hope is 43, I thought he is much younger. SV

likemonalisa said...

@smiledani: #ESPYs narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal? Already solid 😍❤️

Anonymous said...

yes, thank you LM. Give that man an Emmy award. Good luck to Maggie tomorrow.

Gossip Cop ‏@GossipCop · 44m44 minutes ago
Jake Gyllenhaal Narrating #ESPYS Opening NOW -- WATCH LIVE STREAM: http://gossipcop.com/jiavy

UltraViolet said...

No release date and no trailer were sure signs Demolition was in trouble. It's a pity that Southpaw couldn't release later in the year, due to Creed. But I fear we will have another Jake-less awards season.

The only good news of the day? I just looked up times for Southpaw next week and saw this:

Runtime: 2:04

So yay for a long Jake film.

Anonymous said...

Billy hope is a 43-0 boxer, meaning he had 43 wins and didn't lose any fight. It doesn't have anything to do with his age.
Billy's age is 34. Rachel said in a video that they've been together for 22 years. They met when they were 12 in a foster home. 12+22=34.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, yeah - thanks for that, anon. I wondered where the idea he is 43 came from.

Also, SV, that is the link for the movie scene. Not sure why it doesn't work for you.

I've posted some other videos, but this one is a must-see. Jake talks about LSOH and about Brokeback/the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision.

UltraViolet said...

So many new photos and I didn't want that video to get lost. So new post!