Thursday, July 23, 2015

The fight game

The deluge of Southpaw promotional interviews, videos and photos continues. This is going to be a barebones post. Just lots of pics, vids and links! Jake has been tireless in getting the word out - let's hope audiences follow.

SAG Foundation New York:

Seth Meyers - Jake's Dark Secret:

Seth Meyers - partial interview:

Southpaw Sessions with Jake and Eminem:

Howard Stern full interview here, but some videos, as well. First up, the worst Bar Mitzvah ever:

Southpaw training:

Mighty Ducks:


On why he took role in Brokeback Mountain:

On Bubble Boy:

How Jake would have played Batman:



CT Style:

Fandango Weekend Ticket:

The Drop:

Save or Kill:

We Got This Covered:

#TBT from People:

And from E! Jake in Bubble Boy days.


Anonymous said...

Love that boxing picture of Jake, its so beautiful, the light, his pose. Beauty and the Beast.

UltraViolet said...

This is great:

Earlier this month, Terrence Rafferty set off a cultural debate with his Atlantic piece “The Decline of the American Actor” in which he lamented the lack of interesting opportunities for actors under 40, many of whom are currently biding their time in superhero movies and other heavyweight franchises. One of the many problems facing young actors is the traditional American reluctance to play bad guys (just think of the last time Will Smith or Bradley Cooper took on a role with darker undertones). Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the few exceptions. In the last few years, he’s gone from one morally compromised role to the next: a tortured detective in the bleak thriller Prisoners (2013); doppelgangers whose mutual fascination has fatal consequences in Enemy (2013); and finally an emaciated, terrifying sociopath-cum-tabloid-photographer in last year’s Nightcrawler. ...

There may be a lack of opportunity for young American actors. Plump roles like Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and even Batman have all gone to British actors in recent years. Chris Evans has talked about quitting acting after his Marvel contract expires to turn his attention to directing, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt has devoted much of his energy to his online production company HitRecord. But Gyllenhaal is providing a strong counterargument: By the time he turns 35 this December, he will have starred in four movies this year. If they’re all as good as Southpaw, it may be time for a new debate.

Hip-Hop Wired:

Hip-Hop Wired was fortunate to get face time with Gyllenhaal in Beverly Hills ahead of the Southpaw‘s release and we were more than intrigued what music blared through his headphones. Of course, he needed rhyme and reason to keep him pumped up.

“It’s funny because I began listening to Hip-Hop and I listened to Hip-Hop through the entire filming process,” an energetic Gyllenhaal recalls. “But there was this weird song I played all the time where Beats had this deal with the World Cup and [Jay Z] did a verse over this Ambassador X song where Antonine [Fuqua’s] name is in it where he talks about Training Day. It was such a good beat and I was like ‘Man, the verses are so good,’ it would always fire me up. But I couldn’t download because it was only on YouTube and sometimes we’d be in places where there was no Wi-fi and I would just go crazy like, ‘I JUST NEED TO HEAR THIS SONG!!!’ [Laughs].

Yay - it got a positive review from the Boston Globe, at least!

UltraViolet said...

It is a great pic, anon. I agree!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the movie at 1:14 with Jamie Lee Curtis? I barely caught Jake off to the side.

UltraViolet said...

Updated with video from Jake and Eminem's YouTube chat.

Good interview with Sport Magazine:

While Southpaw’s boxing scenes have a cinematic bombast, Gyllenhaal has built up more than just muscle for the role. He carries himself convincingly in the ring, a result of five gruelling months, two sessions a day, with boxing trainer Terry Claybon. Was there anything he found particularly tough to get to grips with?

“I worked for so long just on my jab,” he says. “That was so frustrating. But I think from the foundation of knowing and understanding my jab, the rest came in: my feet, my core, the movement. But my God: weeks upon weeks of throwing that jab! ‘This is fine, right?’ No – again, again. It got very, very Mr Miyagi for a while there.”

I'm sad that AO Scott panned it.

Cool comment from an imdb poster:

I had the opportunity to sit ringside as an extra in one of the boxing scenes. I was amazed that Jake almost never took a break between scenes, but was either sparring with a partner, doing push ups on his knuckles, or practicing alone. I couldn't believe the energy he had, and the drive to excel at his craft. This went on for hours.

Off to the movies :)

bobbyanna said...

OK. I am one disappointed fan tonight... I went to the only theatre that's showing Southpaw tonight, and they had a power outage! They were closed. : ( : ( : ( Sowe got some food and here I am.

Monica said...

He’s currently shooting Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford and based on the 1993 novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright. The film also stars Amy Adams and Michael Shannon.

Holy shit! I Love Michael Shannon!

bobbyanna said...

Me, too. Michael Shannon is amazing. This is going to be something special. I hope Jake has some good scenes with Shannon.

BlueJean said...

Bobbyanna! Aw. Better luck next time!

Can I say, once more, how much I love Jake and Oona together? :)

Now off to work. Back later!

Piruleta said...

This interview is with the producers is interesting

They talk about which other actors were interested in the role but how Weinstein wanted Jake to do it. They also talk about the Oscar chances, they say they have a shot with Jake, as for the film itself "Ask Harvey Weinstein"

I've been reading some reviews/reaction from reddit, a lot of the posters agree that one of the biggest issues of the movie is the pacing, they feel the action is rushed. Other than that, the ones who are able to past the predictable plot have enjoyed the film and everyone agrees to say Jake is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this picture? LOL

Btw. our movie database gave it 76%, but it's not sitll over. SV

Piruleta said...

We still don't have a release date for Spain, but it looks like some critics have already seen the film. This is a good review from Fotogramas, one of the top selling movie magazines here. the review basically says what others are saying, although the movie is not original is worth watching because of the performances especially Jake. It also says that Jake has become one of the best actors of his generation, with an admirable filmography and that he will surely win an Oscar in the near future.

Kristie said...

Just got myself a trial on SiriusXM radio^__^ I'll try to record it when it airs in an hour if I'm correct haha

Hagen said...

The Hollywood Reporter: Paper Towns took in $2 million, while Pixels grossed $1.5 million [in Thursday night previews]. The weekend's third new offering, Antoine Fuqua's gritty boxing drama Southpaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, wasn't far behind with a pleasing $1.2 million.

Anonymous said...

That Seth Meyers shot was creepily funny.

Hagen said...

"Southpaw" opened in France on Wednesday and it did pretty well on its opening day:

"Prisoners" (258 theaters): 40,127 visitors
"Southpaw" (196 theaters): 33,947
"Nightcrawler" (255 theaters): 22,462
"Enemy" (157 theaters): 20,642
"End of Watch"(146 theaters): 6,885

("The Fighter" (200 theaters): 16 872 visitors)

UltraViolet said...

It was hilarious. I updated the post earlier with the video. I loved the interview, as well, though I wish they had talked about Taran Killam in Little Shop. Also wanted Seth to ask Jake if he'll host SNL again.

Kristie - you're a good fan! Thanks for doing that. And Piruleta, good to hear of good Spanish reviews. The French reviews I've seen are also pretty positive. I think the French are perhaps fascinated by the boxing thing.

Good news from the box office. Fingers crossed it means good things. (Nightcrawler made $515k, but this is the summer.)

My theater had a good crowd at the 7:00 show. My review doesn't really differ from so many: Incredible Jake performance in an entertaining movie, but one that could have been elevated with a few changes to the storyline. It definitely made me laugh, cry and cheer (silently, lol).

As I've read in a few reviews, the movie could have used more development. Billy's journey is definitely fast-tracked. I wish we'd gotten to se more of the whole family before Maureen "stubs her toe." There's a lot of plot packed into two hours, and it would have been nice to relax through some of it. I can elaborate but don't want to spoil.

I intentionally avoided most clips, so I enjoyed watching the story unfold. But even at that, I pretty much knew what would happen.

I wondered about all the Forest Whitaker praise, only because "the wise trainer" seems like such a cliche. But he and Jake were really good together. Another area where it would have been nice to get more.

Jake and Oona are magic together. Jake an Rachel were amazing. Sexy and sweet and totally believable. The movie definitely needed more Maureen.

There is a lot of boxing in the movie. I read a couple of boxing folks who wished there were more, but I am glad there wasn't.

I have a quibble with the last fight, which I'll also discuss once more people have seen it.

Finally, Jake. Incredible transformation. We all know that. But Billy as a character is totally different from any Jake has played, and he does it beautifully. You really can rad everything on his bloody. bruised and battered face.

Oh, and there is a LOT of blood.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Hagen. Our posts crossed. I had a feeling the French were enthousiaste.

BlueJean said...

"That Seth Meyers shot was creepily funny."

It freaked me out so much!! :D

"Oh, and there is a LOT of blood."

Oh. Hm.

Germany has SP, I believe - even Belgium has SP already... I feel left out! :( Oh, and Spain also doesn't have it?!

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, if blood makes you squeamish, be prepared to cover your eyes.

I didn't really mind seeing Jake hit, whatever that says about me, lol. But the blood-in-mouth scenes were gross.

SV, I forget where you live. Nice to hear Southpaw has a 76%. I'm sad that the Top Critics score went under 60% on RT.

Boo on not getting Southpaw sooner, BJ!

Kristie said...

Guys, can someone help me out? I've been trying to get this freaking interview (46 minutes) uploaded to Youtube for 2 hours and it's so not working! I made the mp3 into .MOV, .MPEG4 which should work but it's not:( Does any of you know a way to get it up, doesn't matter how as long as I can share it? I can't make it way smaller so I could upload it to Tumblr, because it compromises the quality too much.

UltraViolet said...

Do you get an error message, Kristie, or does it just keep spinning?

Kristie said...

Okay I've posted it in three parts on Tumblr, I'll give the links so at least you can listen to it and even download if wanted;) If someone knows another way so I could post it whole, or any volunteer who can post it, please say;)! I'm off to bed now haha

Kristie said...

First spinning for some minutes and than an error message, like "Are you sure it's the right format? Click to see what formats youtube supports"

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for posting it on tumblr. It's not hard to listen in parts. Sorry it was a hassle. Glad we can all listen to it now!

Anonymous said...

So I come back from the movie, I have to say I didn't tear up, but it was a joy to watch for me. I believe for ones who expect huge action may look a bit dull, but not for me, I enjoyed very much especially dialogues between Forest and Jake. For me it looks like low budget movie, which is done very intelligently and doesn't look cheap, especially cinematography. Final fight was a masterpiece I would say. Sometimes it looked like you get hit by yourself. And even if I am not a boxing fan, I have to say it was very authentic.

But what makes movie and I agree with some, is acting. Forest was great, but very "academic" and I love him, but wanted more of him to show, I loved his acting always, but Jake was excellent too, but he has added something extra, he had simply some divine emotional moments. Especially with Leila and also when he talks to 50 Cent character - one sentence don't talk about my wife like this, I felt something very moving in it, very deep. And there were more. Naomi Harris has more space when Rachel, I didn't expect this.

What I have noticed, some scenes from trailer gone missing, especially with Leila and I missed them a bit.

I disagree with review before it was overscored, I didn't notice anything like this. Rachel wasn't convincing to me during fights, but she was very convincing in other scenes, especially in that key one. But again, I repeat myself, but this Jake's acting cannot be overlooked, the ones who ever got in horrible situations will be very sensitive to his multiple emotions at one moment.

There were not many people in theatre, but as I said before I was in art cinema and not multiplex, so there was very private atmosphere, even each seat is different there and you can pick. There was max. 30 people. And some dialogues are very funny, too. Other actors are OK, 50 cent is decent, too. I am sorry for longer post, but I had to get it out of myself. SV

Anonymous said...

UV I read your post now and I agree with cliché Forest's acting, even if it breaks my heart :-). Also I fully agree some plot could be more developed to be more deeply involved in it. I am from Prague, but movie database includes Czech and Slovak reviewers. SV

UltraViolet said...

No, I thought Forest was good :) I was expecting cliche and was pleasantly surprised. I mean, it was a cliche, the relationship. But I thought Forest and Jake were great together.

Good to see the Czech and Slovak reviewers have good taste :)

Anonymous said...

Hah I see, but for me it is like Meryl Streep, you expect good acting, but also something more, maybe it is because you never expect they step aside, so acting is great, but for me he was like acting class book. Maybe I expected some break down, which moves me, because it is him. SV

UltraViolet said...

This kind of tweet makes me happy:

The 4:40 showing of #SouthPaw was sold out at the ridgmar Rave.

Katey Sagal ‏@KateySagal
Go see @SouthpawMovie tonight! @sutterink did such a great job writing it and the actors really brought it to life! #Southpaw #movies

And wow:

Just finished watchin' #SOUTHPAW. Loved it and definite recommend y'all go seeing it this weekend. My boy Jake delivers like a beast and I appreciate his months of hard work and discipline he put into the role. Fuqua's one of the greats, Whitaker delivers as always and I see you 50!! Great performances from my boys all around! Y'all check it out this weekend - you'll dig it. #SOUTHPAW #Classic

And lol:

#Southpaw was fantastic ..however it was also the saddest/most depressing two-hour sequence of events I've ever seen

UltraViolet said...

The comment above was on The Rock's instagram:

LOL - looks like he got a screener:

Dwayne Johson @TheRock
Just watched #SOUTHPAW. Loved it. Def recommend y'all go see it. Jake delivers like a beast. Fuqua & @50cent 💪🏾.

Monica said...

I feel left out!

Southpaw will open in Brazil on September 10, a week before Everest.

UltraViolet said...

That sucks, Monica! Sorry for those who can't see it this weekend.

New post.