Thursday, November 6, 2014

Promo still Nightcrawling along

Jake Gyllenhaal and Dan Gilroy continue to promote Nightcrawler. Jake appeared on The Daily Show:

The duo appeared on Charlie Rose. (Video to come.) And from these photos, it looks like they were also on Morning Joe?

You can see the camaraderie and respect when jake and Dan appear together:

Jake's great gift, from an interview with Dan and Tony Gilroy:

DEADLINE: Jake Gyllenhaal’s character was too frantic to be robotic, but this was one odd, ruthless, soulless fellow. Where did you find that character?

DAN GILROY: The doorway was all these young people out there, desperate for work. My first instinct was to create a hero, but I realized an anti-hero took the story in a more fulfilling way. Jake read the script and we had a long dinner while he shot Prisoners. It became apparent we were completely in tune and wanted to explore not necessarily the sociopathic tendencies of the character, but to try to create an inner landscape. This is Jake’s great gift. He immersed himself in this character and made him human. The loneliness, that frantic desire for an outsider to connect and communicate with people, but somehow it never comes out right. I don’t know what it is he does, but you can’t take your eyes off him. Even when he’s doing horrible things he can be charming. He got so lost in this part in such a great way, it was remarkable to watch.

The interview is an interesting look at the Gilroy family and their history and creative process. (Brother John edited NC, and Tony was a producer.)

It's impossible to keep up with all the interviews and appearances. But here's a random assortment of ones that stood out or seemed interesting to me:

Dan Gilroy narrates a scene from Nightcrawler.

How Nightcrawler Pulled Off That Amazing Car Chase.

Meet the Map Man and get 6 Handy #LADriving #Tips.

Featurette on Lou Bloom:

Funny Face on Morning Joe:

It's okay to laugh:

We should probably be writing partners:


Jake's favorite scenes and the world's most awkward hosts:

LA is a lonely place:

Variety Latino interview.

This is described as an "in-depth" audio interview. I haven't listened, but it is 20 minutes long:

Gyllenhaal, Russo No Fans of Local TV News:

Backstage interview:

Jake was on 106 and Park:

Some photos of Jake with his interviewers. And one with a rapper:

Here's the flirty video of that interview.


UltraViolet said...

I don't know if that top shot is from Morning Joe, but I think it's gorgeous. I might have to give MJ credit for something, if it is.

Video of Jake arriving at LAX.

We didn't have a new post for a couple of days - I was slacking!

BlueJean said...


No, you're not - you're doing a great job, UV. I can't believe you manage to keep up. *kisses*
And everyone else here - thanks for making this such a great blog to visit!

NC not playing anywhere near me this weekend. Well, one cinema at about 45 minutes away, but it plays at midnight (!!!) :( Maybe next week...? *fingers crossed*

I've read excellent reviews in the Dutch press already!

Jess said...

I watched Charlie Rose last night. Charlie loves Maggie. And Jake made a profound statement that jolted not only me but Dan and Charlie. And I must say Dan and Jake are beginning to sound alike in voice.

"Freedom is on the other side of discipline."

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thank you, BJ! It has been a pretty fun but hectic few weeks. I hope NC comes to a theater closer to you. Glad to hear it's getting great reviews there, too.

Jess, that is Jake's motto these days. And it seems to be resonating - lots of tweets about that.

Just added the Morning Joe video, as well as a link to a flirty interview en Español. That video is an interview with one of the reporters in the photos at the bottom of the post.

The Morning Joe interview isn't bad. The hosts talk over each other quite a bit. And you have to deal with Joe Scarborough, ugh. But Jake looks fantastic and the interaction is pretty good.

Piruleta said...

There are still so many interviews to watch! Thanks for compiling them.

I love the chemistry between Jake and Dan, I wouldn't mind to see them work together again even if I haven't yet seen their first collaboration.

Lou may be a strange character but he has gained a lot of fans already lol! Some of the drawings are really cool and I loved these "posters". And here there's another one.

And this is pretty hilarious Nightcrawler got me a job

nadine said...

Hiya. Longtime lurker here. Been reading & enjoying this blog for a long time, just never commented so far.

Does anyone if Jake's gonna be doing all the shows of the Constellation run? I'm planning to basically fly in from Germany mainly to see him live on that stage. So unless he's sick that night or on a date for the Oscars, does anyone how that usually works on Broadway? Is it pretty sure the actors will be doing all the shows? I'm a total Broadway noob, obviously. Just so excited to see him on Broadway and don't wanna miss it, but it's a lot of money to spend.

Is anyone else flying in from somewhere else around the world just to see him or do I sound like a complete nutcase?

Hagen said...

"The Man Who Made It Snow" is set to be filmed late next year.
Deadline: IM Global will fully finance and serve as co-producers on the picture, which shoots late next year. It also is handling international sales at AFM beginning this week.

Distribution rights for "Demolition" will also be marketed at the American Film Market (AFM).
Deadline: Still, this AFM has what look like some solid cast- and director-attached titles being proffered for the first time like Sierra/Affinity’s Jean-Marc Vallée’s Demolition and IM Global’s Antoine Fuqua cocaine drama The Man Who Made It Snow.

bobbyanna said...

Hi, Nadine.
I saw Jake on stage last time, and unless he gets really sick, or a hurricane or a blizzard shuts the city down, he is 99% sure to be there.

The Theatre is dark on Mondays, and on Sundays plays end early, only one show in the afternoon. Awards shows are usually Sunday night in L.A.

This is a small play. There are only two cast members. So Jake's participation is critical to the success of the play I would think.

Your concern is reasonable. Any of us who has to travel a long distance to see the play would be terribly disappointed to not see Jake. It's not like we can come back in a few days! LOL!

Really enjoying all the new interviews. Can't wait to se Charlie Rose. I missed it last night. I was at the movies seeing Nightcrawler again. : )

FP said...

UV, Yes I'm going to New York straight from the heart of Europe, Switzerland! I can not wait!
When Jake did "If there is" thanks to you and all of you here, with photos, reviews, tweets, your stories and impressions after watching it, it seemed a bit to be there, it was so exciting, but as that the play was drawing to a close I became more and more sad because I knew I had missed a great opportunity and something really special to me, especially knowing it is rare for Jake to do the same thing twice. So when I heard about the new play was like a signal for me, no more regrets for this gal, so this is my big trip!

Hello Nadine welcome! As you can see, perhaps we are two complete nutcases but at least we are not alone! LOL :))

Hagen said...

I'd be happy with a recording of the play, but for whatever reason the Broadway theaters don't offer that.

UltraViolet said...

Welcome, Nadine. To add to Bobbyanna's answer, I don't think Jake missed any If There Is performances. This is coming at a different time of year, so he might have to miss a performance for promotion or other things. They should advertise that ahead of time. And I think they would try to avoid it or at least minimize it.

It's very exciting that you and FP are traveling to see him. I do not think you will regret it. If There Is was a very special experience. Really happy you'll be able to see Jake on stage.

Some Broadway shows are taped. There is going to be a theater showing of James Franco and Chris O'Dowd in "Of Mice and Men." But that is rare.

Plays can also be found on tape in certain libraries. I don't know if If There Is is one of them. (That was a funny sentence.)

Speaking of Franco, fuck him. Like he can judge anyone else's career trajectory. Exactly when did Jake focus on playing pretty boy roles?

God, he's annoying.

Honestly, the whole PoP/renaissance thing is going to drive me around the bend.

UltraViolet said...

On a lighter note, this was funny.

Piruleta, that job story is too funny! Dan Gilroy and Jake should get a commission.

And I love all those posters! We'll have enough to do another post at some point.

FP said...

Like he can judge anyone else's career trajectory.

Andres ‏@TheAndresCorrea 30 min30 min ago

@JamesFrancoTV Comeback? Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't need to come back from anything. You're the one that did Spring Breakers & Your Highness!


but I kinda love Franco,he'scrazy

Anonymous said...

:-)))) UV you are too hard to James Franco, we may forgive him something about handsome guys, because he still compliments Jake. And it is very rare from the actors today. Honestly I do not see today, that actor would really compliment another actor from the heart. They do, if they are questioned about colleagues, otherwise not.

JF did not have to write it, so I appreciate it at least. He priced him very well for Prisoners as well. I think he didn't mean it, just wanted to appreciate, and maybe we don't see behind the scenes and what is the reason he says, I think it is luck of knowledge about JG, he probably does not watch interviews, otherwise he wouldn't say something about nice boy or how it was. I still see he is his fan.

Even AF said something similar when comparing SP and LAOD, so probably Jake has this old reputation in Hollywood. SV

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, SV. I won't yield on this one. I used to like James Franco, but now I think he's an ass. And he knew exactly what he was saying. Especially because he essentially borrowed his thesis from the dozens of other stories that have said the same thing, but in a more coherent way. And he added the "pretty boy" misnomer. He chose his words very specifically, I'm sure.

It will spread some love for Jake among Franco fans, I guess.

Variety Actor-Actor Conversations> Jake's will be with Patricia Arquette.

Jess said...

SV, If Franco believed Jake was great in Prisoners last year why the backhanded compliment this year? Why is NC a comeback and not Prisoners?

I agree with UV and the tweet reply that FP posted.

But no one should say "FU" to James Franco, he might mistake it as come on and then stalk you, then put pictures of you on instagram. LOL.

FP said...

But no one should say "FU" to James Franco, he might mistake it as come on and then stalk you, then put pictures of you on instagram. LOL.


Anonymous said...

UV you just made me laugh with that. Actually JF is maybe popular in US, here I known him always as that guy from Spiderman, I never knew he is somehow in play as an actor. Then I saw him he hosted Oscars and did not understand where did they take him. But I saw in IMDB he is quite popular and considered as good actor, I have never seen any movie with him, except Spiderman of course. But I see it as light in the dark, because there is really not any other example of an actor who appreciates another one and posts review.

Jess I think comeback was meant in general these times. I remember he talked about comeback also with Prisoners.

Anonymous said...


Monica said...

Honestly, the whole PoP/renaissance thing is going to drive me around the bend.

Me too. Was only one or two bad movies, but they do think it was more than that.
He never made the game pretty face. Otherwise, he would have refused Brokeback, but no. He played a gay when nobody wanted to do it. Before that, he had a great career. Always known for his talent.

Jake will be on Governor's Awards on Saturday:

Sad that Jake can't do Into The Woods, because it could help in a campaign for an Oscar nomination for Nightcrawler.

Looking at these interviews, it is so nice to see that Jake never seems full of himself. He seems to be having fun, happy to promote the film, talking about the people who worked on the movie, the filming process, but never just about him. You never see him say this is the biggest, the best, he expects people to discover the film.

Hagen said...

The New Yorker: Lately, Jake Gyllenhaal has turned to blockbuster thrillers, like “Nightcrawler” and “Prisoners.” If you miss the softer, more sensitive days of “Brokeback Mountain,” or even just “Love and Other Drugs,” catch Gyllenhaal on Broadway, in “Constellations,” a play by Nick Payne, at the Samuel J. Friedman (previews begin Dec. 16). The thirty-three-year-old actor made his New York stage début in Payne’s “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet,” in 2012; now he plays a beekeeper who falls in love with a quantum-theory professor, whose hypotheses on alternate universes are reflected within the structure of the play.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Saw Nightcrawler and all the raves Jake has been getting have been well deserved! Lou is creepy, slimey and desperate. Watching him made me uncomfortable and there is no reason to root for the character. Has to be one of Jake's best performances.

I missed Jake on Mouning Joe and MEEKA! Lol!
I hate that assclown but i will check the clip UV, thanks!

Franco gets on my nerves, such a attention whore but his comments will get attention .

So glad that Jake is still promoting NC!

FP said...

Salil Bhise ‏@NewAmsterdamn 7 min 7 min ago

Jake Gyllenhaal sighting on Main St in Santa Monica!

Jess said...

Encouraging at least in the UK if social media is reliable via ScreenDaily

4 hours ago | ScreenDaily | See recent ScreenDaily news »

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic holds off competition from Nightcrawler.

Intersteller has rocketed to the top of the UK social media buzz charts ahead of its nationwide release, according to Way to Blue.

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic, starring Matthew McConaughey, generated nearly 6,800 comments from Oct 30 to Nov 5, of which 27% expressed intent to view.

It dwarfed other titles set for release this weekend including Keira Knightley comedy Say When (aka Laggies) and sibling drama The Skeleton Twins, starring Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig – which drew just 162 and 114 comments respectively.

After its first week on release, Jake Gyllenhaal’s dark turn in Nightcrawler generated the second highest number of comments, with nearly 6,000 mentions and a strong 28.5% expressing intent to view.

UltraViolet said...

FP, I missed that tweet yesterday. Glad someone told Franco to shove it :) We'll see if he comes after us!

OONP, so happy you saw NC and enjoyed it.

Monica, Jake does seem to be having a lot of fun. It's nice to see. I also wish he had ITW going at the same time. I think he could have done both, but who knows what the actual schedules were for both. Certainly, no one wanted to see Prince Louis Bloom!

Woo hoo for NC in the UK.

Hagen, Constellations will show a different side to Jake. I can't believe that's coming up so soon.

UltraViolet said...

Some tidbits...

Harvey Weinstein praises Rita Ora:

"Rita Ora did a sensational job for me and Antoine Fuqua in Southpaw.

"Her scene is breathtaking, because she’s a very glamorous, beautiful woman; but, we did the opposite, we made her up to look like a tough junkie who’s got a kid to protect.

"She is heart-breakingly real and wonderful and acting opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, who is riveting in this movie, she holds her own and then some.

"I will work with Rita again and again and again. Personally, I thinks she’s my biggest discovery as an actress this year."

Beth Grant (Donnie Darko) talks about Jake, whom she's known since he was three, in her Huffington Post Live talk. I think it's about 20 minutes in, but the whole interview is fun.

And perhaps BJ can help us with any subtleties in this article. Like many foreign journalists, this reporter asked some different questions and thus got different answers:

1. Jake does not currently have a car. He, Maggie and Naomi all use the same car in NY.

2. Maggie thinks he's too neat; he thinks she is too messy in the kitchen.

3. He's addicted to Amazon Prime.

Good job, Kristien Gijbels Morato!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Rita Ora was in Southpaw.

Piruleta said...

Real-life news videographer rejects “Nightcrawler” portrayal

What about watching the movie first before making a judgement?

This part made me laugh a little, tho:

He said the movie has already resulted in some amateurs equipped with cameras coming out to overnight crime scenes to try their luck in the industry.

UltraViolet said...

I laughed at that, too, Piruleta. And also thought the guy sounded stupid because he hadn't seen the movie. I don't think anyone watching NC comes away thinking that they are all like Lou.

Saw this tweet - wouldnt you love to know his reaction?

My brother did a private screening yesterday for southpaw with jake gyllenhal and his assistant. Just the 3 of them...

And LOL:

't Amy Elliott Dunne has a soulmate, it is not Nick Dunne. It is Louis Bloom. #Nightcrawler #GoneGirl #MatchMadeInHell

Mary said...

Guess that's why he is in LA business for southpaw.51

Anonymous said...

Here is the article from Oscarwatch, I am glad they put JG in top five, but then they don't put him on the poll. Now I wonder, if it is because there are just November movies and NC was premiered at the end of October, or I don't know what does that mean. In any case the fact that writer of the article cannot shake off the NC character is a good sign. I still hope they put him into nominations. I would appreciate nom for this and win for Southpaw. It would be nice academy time for Jake within couple of years. And we cannot forget there will be Everest and this might be in play as well. But two movies may split actor out. SV

Monica said...

they don't put him on the poll

was a mistake, it has already fixed.

So good to read that she liked his performance.

Anonymous said...

Nadine if it makes you feel any better I plan to fly in from Dubai to see Jake in constellations. It's my 40th bday present to myself. It was pure coincidence that I saw If There Is while holidaying in NYC. He is just so utterly brilliant on stage and might add, absolutely gorgeous in real life, that I'm going to make sure I don't miss out on this.

UV thanks as always for keeping up with this absolute whirlwind of activity. I loved the Huff Post interview especially. I think Jake is at his best in these long exploratory interviews, relaxed, articulate and generally no gyllenbabbling;)


Hagen said...

My brother did a private screening yesterday for southpaw with jake gyllenhal and his assistant. Just the 3 of them...

Apparently Jake had committed to "The Man Who Made It Snow" before he watched "Southpaw". That's a bit surprising. On the other hand, like Jake put it, the process is more important than the result.

BlueJean said...

"And perhaps BJ can help us with any subtleties in this article."

I read that article yesterday and I had to laugh out loud. Such a strange article! It's about cars, Jake's kitchen (He does his own cleaning! He cooks his own food! He doesn't even have a butler!), and about what he's looking for in a woman - she needs to be honest, faithful and have patience with Jake. He doesn't think that's too much to ask.

Aw. That sounds like me! Honest ;)

They also call him 'down to earth' and 'normal', he calls himself a 'control freak'.

Anything else I can help with?

Monica said...

Jake put it, the process is more important than the result.
I thought he said that only about Bubble Boy. Well, The Man Who Made It Snow will be filmed only in the end of next year, it may be that in the end he will not do this movie.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, BJ! I guess google translate pretty much nailed it on this one! It was a very funny interview. But I like it that foreign reporters get something different from Jake.

Malavika, you're right - that HuffPo interview was relatively babble-free. I'd say that's the case for a lot of interviews this time around. Not that it hasn't creeped in :)

And wow, you're coming from Dubai. You will probably win the prize for furthest traveled. Can't wait to hear your impressions of the play, Jake and the scene in general. I'm curious to see what the stage door area will be like there. It was really convenient/hospitable for If There Is.

Hagen, where did you read about Jake agreeing to Snow before Southpaw? Remember when Jake's name was floated briefly for another Fuqua movie that never got made? The name escapes me, but the character never spoke in the movie, as I recall.

People, get over to Awards Daily and vote for Jake in the Oscar poll. He's currently in fifth place, with a lot of love in the comments.

It didn't help that they left his name off at the beginning, of course.

Mary, Jake is also in town for the AFI Fest. He'll be part of the Indie Contenders Roundtable tomorrow afternoon. Frankly, it sounds like too many people on a panel, and it's an eclectic group. IT will be interesting to see how it comes off.

Hagen said...

Hagen, where did you read about Jake agreeing to Snow before Southpaw? Remember when Jake's name was floated briefly for another Fuqua movie that never got made? The name escapes me, but the character never spoke in the movie, as I recall.

Jake dropped out of "Motor City", but it was supposed to be directed by Albert Hughes.
I just mean that Jake decided to star in the Mermelstein / Escobar movie before he went to the private "Southpaw" screening. Initially I supposed that Jake liked "Southpaw" and decided afterwards to work with Antoine Fuqua again.

I thought he said that only about Bubble Boy.

Since "End of Watch" he's repeatedly said in interviews something like making connections to other people during the filming (or the preparation) is more important to him than the movie itself. But that might very well fall into the gyllenbabble category. xD

UltraViolet said...

Ah, I see! And yes, Motor City. Mixed up the directors. Thanks for the correction. And cringe for me.

He has said that the process of the movie is more important than the end result. It's part of his new mantra.

Hagen said...

I didn't remember the name of the director either.

"Nightcrawler" is doing OK at the box office, dropping by an estimated 48 percent in its second weekend, similar to "Prisoners" last year.

BJ, why on earth is the Walt Disney Company distributing "Nightcrawler" in the Netherlands?

Anonymous said...

Hello Girls, have you seen this? I didn't know there some document about enemy and possible hint of point. SV

UltraViolet said...

Hi, SV. I hadn't seen that. I wonder if it's the same as what is included on the DVD. I still haven't bought the DVD - don't know what's wrong with me!

Perhaps BJ can tell us, as I think she has the super duper German version.

Hagen, that is bizarre. I didn't know that Disney released other studio's works in other countries.