Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's the Most "We're Wonderful" Time of the Year

That's right - it's Awards Season! For the next four months, Hollywood will fete and fawn over itself on a near-weekly basis. For the past three years, Jake Gyllenhaal's worthy turns have gone unrecognized. This year could be different. But I wouldn't get my hopes up. Let's just try to enjoy the ride and hope Jake gets a ticket.

The Academy kicked things off with the Governors Awards, and Jake was in attendance.

Earlier in the day, Jake took part in Variety's Actor on Actor series. He was paired with Boyhood's Patricia Arquette.

Kudos to the photographer for getting Jake to smile.

There was also an Everest mini-reunion:

Sunday, Jake appeared at the AFI Fest Indie Contenders Roundtable, with Tilda Swinton, Kristen Stewart, Michelle Monaghan, Bill Hader, Marion Cotillard, Damien Chazzelle (Whiplash) and J. C. Chandor (A Most Violent Year):

More NC promo media. Looks like there will be another DP 30. Here's a quick preview:

Jake talks about producing, writing and directing:

Jake talks to BBC Radio 6 about anti-heroes:

Here's the AOL Build interview, if you missed it.

BAM posted a photo and account of Jake's Theater of War performance:

These are some of the responses from a unique presentation on September 28 at the BAM Fisher. Theater of War is a table reading of two Sophocles’ tragedies—Ajax and Philoctetes—with the purpose of prompting the audience to understand the psychological impact wars impose on combat warriors and people close to them. Four actors participated in the BAM event. Frances McDormand, with short platinum hair, holding the script in front of her as if proclaiming an oracle, was a majestic Athena—until she put down her glasses and script and turned into an anguished Tecmessa, Ajax’s suffering wife who was powerless in preventing her husband’s suicide. Sitting next to her was Jake Gyllenhaal, arms crossed on his chest, shoulders slouched on the tabletop, ranting over the injustice imposed on him by his fellow councilors. Reg E. Cathey made the opportunist Odysseus almost noble. And with his unruly white hair and beard, David Strathairn looked exactly like Philoctetes who was abandoned on an island for 10 years.


BlueJean said...

Great pictures! Also love the first one. Hi Jake! ;)

Thanks for the new post, UV.

BlueJean said...

"BJ, why on earth is the Walt Disney Company distributing "Nightcrawler" in the Netherlands?"

Oh? Is that so? *checks* How strange. On the Dutch website it says Buena Vista International. Is that part of Disney?


Lucid Dreams - The Making Of Enemy. :))) Yes, it's on the super duper German DVD / Blu-ray! That one has so many bonus features - the total running time of all its special features is almost as long as the actual film!

I wonder why they didn't include all the bonus features in the US release. Or have they? Anyway, it might have helped people to understand the film... ;)

BlueJean said...

"Since "End of Watch" he's repeatedly said in interviews something like making connections to other people during the filming (or the preparation) is more important to him than the movie itself."

Didn't he say something like that during his speech for his BAFTA win for BBM as well? "This movie means even more to me socially then it does artisticly"... so I guess that started early on :)

BlueJean said...

"then" = "than" of course! Well, it sounds the same! :)

Tweety said...

He looks incredible , he looks so good in a tux!
So glad he is in the mix this awards season, he gives a powerul and unforgettable performance as Lou Bloom.
Run don't walk to your theater and check out NC before It gets lost in the Interstellar and Heroes 6 crush!

bobbyanna said...

Amen, Tweety, Amen!!!

I'm really looking forward to the Variety discussion with Roseanne Arquette, too. She was SO good in Boyhood. ( She made me cry. : ) )

I have to say. I'll be very disappointed if Jake doesn't get recognized for his work in NC. But no matter how things turn out, I also feel very happy for all the positive comments and the excitement he is generating.

BlueJean said...

You mean Patricia, bobbyanna? ;)

I always get them mixed up too! :)

Anonymous said...

I am very curious how will be the discussion with Patricia Arquette, she is very interesting actress and I kind of like her.

But would be also interesting, if they'd pair him with Reese Witherspoon :-).

As for Lucid Dreams documentary, it appeared just now on IMDB, so probably it should be released somewhere on streams separately out of DVD.

Also that is true, the last year there was some whispering around nom for prisoners, but it was still far away from this year buzz around NC, so I hope academy cannot overlook it. I expect nomination, not win. SV

Mary said...

Jake looks great in a tux haven't seen him in one for awhile. Hoping for a nomination too.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Sorry! Yes, I meant Patricia.

Jess said...

I think Patricia and Jake is a good match up, both from acting and directing families.

Hagen said...

As for Lucid Dreams documentary, it appeared just now on IMDB, so probably it should be released somewhere on streams separately out of DVD.

"Lucid Dreams: The Making of Enemy" is already on the "Enemy" DVD in the USA, in Germany and probably many other countries. It's filed under "DVD extra" on IMDb.

The 2014 Indpendent Spirit Awards nominations will be announced on Tuesday, November 25, 2014. I think Jake has a realistic chance to be nominated.

On the Dutch website it says Buena Vista International. Is that part of Disney?

Buena Vista is a Disney brand indeed.

I'm really looking forward to the Variety discussion with Roseanne Arquette, too.

So am I. Jake should have worn different shoes though, not that outdoor boots (IHJ). ;-)
He told for sure, how "Boyhood" made him weep. xD

Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" has dropped out of the Top5 at the box office and might fall back to #7 which is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Hagen, that box office is interesting, we cannot compare with Interstellar of course, but what surprised me, Fury is not going well, 4th week and 69 only. I think NC will end with cca 40MIL, what is not bad for indie movie. But I hoped in a bit better sale for second week as well. Also John Wick is quite highly rated, but 34 only is not that much after 3rd week. I also wonder why Horns have limited release and have almost no sales. Seems there is some strange distributor, but I expected it will be something like Ouija. E.g. Woman in Black with DR had 17MIL budget and made 127MIL worldwide, so he can sell the movie. From some reason I wish Daniel has better career.

UV in any case these shoes are not the worst ones, he had much worse, e.g. those on Madrid Enemy premiere. I don't know why he cannot pick better ones. Maybe he doesn't care, but anyway. SV

Jess said...

Actually SV and Hagen, NC is outperforming the long rate forecast, it was forecasted to only net 18 million during it's entire run. It will probably hit 20 million next week.

I hope it hangs around another 3 weeks or so and hope it continues excel. There are just too many long awaited movies coming out. John Wick also has outperformed it long range forecast and was better rated on rotten tomatoes than Instellar. Not surprised that Big Hero Six won the weekend.

Monica said...

Jeff Sneider ‏@TheInSneider

Just interviewed NIGHTCRAWLER star/producer Jake Gyllenhaal for OscarWrap. And how was YOUR day? #SundayFunday #LegionOfBloom

erickohn ‏@erickohn

From left, Swinton, K. Stew, Michelle Monaghan, Hader, Feinberg, Gyllenhaal, Cotillard, Chazelle, Chandor. Whew!

Anonymous said...

I love his tuxedo, and Jake always looks good, but he also looks tired in these photos and I wonder if he isn't feeling well? He is running around so much trying to do everything at once I hope he doesn't get sick.

UltraViolet said...

I added another video where Jake talks about producing and writing. Wouldn't you love to know what he writes. Also added some photos from the AFI Event.

Some tweets from today:

Roosevelt lobby full of men and women ready to bust it open for Jake Gyllenhaal rn 😂😂😂

#JakeGyllenhaal smiled at ME and gave me a thumbs up when I told him I saw #NightcrawlerMovie again last night! Aghhh! ❤️ @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER

"What is that over there? Can I make it? Lets try." - Jake Gyllenhaal on selecting roles

Stand outs besides Kristen - Tilda, omg what a woman. Jake, what a gem. Bill Hader.....funniest dude EVER. #AFIFEST

UltraViolet said...

BJ, thanks for the Enemy confirmation. Shamefully, I do not own the US DVD yet, so I can't answer that!

Good advice, tweety :)

Hgen, it's a pretty tight race among the movies after the top two. It is a shame NC isn't doing a little better. I saw Dear White People yesterday (hilarious and provocative). I ducked into the later NC show, and the theater was packed, even more than last week. I thought that was a good sign, but it might just be playing well in certain areas.

And I agree, Jess: The movie has outperformed expectations. But it would be nice to see it do even better.

SV, I don't mind the boots :) I am used to that.

Anon, he probably is tired. But it would help if he'd smile a little more. That super-serious look doesn't help.

More from the AFI talk:

"(Writer) Dan Gilroy's family is nuts, but I empathize because my family is too."

"Advice to my younger self would be, learn your lines." #JakeGyllenhaal #IndieContendersRoundtable #AFIFEST

"David Fincher is so prepared, which gives you freedom. I wanted to emulate that from the actor's side." #JakeGyllenhaal on ZODIAC #AFIFEST

"It's one of the best screenplays I've really ever read. That's tossed around a lot, but I mean it." - #JakeGyllenhaal on @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER

Ugh, more Fincher praise.

Apparently, Kristen Stewart teased him about that answer. Hope we get to see video soon.

UltraViolet said...

If Jake had sat next to Kristen Stewart, we'd have tons of photos and reports. Her fans were on that! There are some videos on this post.

I added a few more photos, as well.

I can't remember if I ever posted this preview from Alicia Malone's interview. I don't think the full video has aired yet.

And for those who have seen NC, someone posted this impressionistic shot of the Chinatown Express.

And this was in the gossip column in the Boston Herald's VIP Scene:

Jake Gyllenhaal dancing to '80s tunes at the wrap party for his drama Demolition at NYC's Hudson Terrace.

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Ugh, more Fincher praise.

Also can't stand reading it from him. He should talk about Ang Lee, for example.

I saw Interstellar on friday. Visually beautiful, but with an awful script.

BlueJean said...

Hoping to go see NC tomorrow! *excited*

Over here in the Netherlands we have Sinterklaas soon, which is all about kids getting presents and stuff (a bit like Christmas, but not quite), and I feel like I have to rush to go see NC, before it gets swept away by 'Interstellar' and a few Sinterklaas movies! ;)

It's still getting great reviews here!

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake's Oscar glad-handing has come to an end. Time for play rehearsals, I guess!

Last night:

9 hours
Told Jake to enjoy his first class flight on United to JFK this evening.

And today:

1 hour
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal (aaaaal) on the street. Taller than I would have thought.

Have you ever seen this?:

That's hilarious and a little scary. It could have been lifts but I'd guess 6'-6'1" (I'm 6'3" and he wasn't 'that' much shorter)

UltraViolet said...

Yay. BJ! So glad you'll see NC this week.

Monica, Jake does praise Ang when asked but Fincher is his go-to answer these days. So annoying.

If you want to watch the Jake/Dan G talk on TV, now you can:

The best of @HuffPostLive is now avail on @hulu. Premiere includes Jake Gyllenhaal + Bill Hader. @TheWrap has deets:

Anonymous said...

UV there is one video 106 Park, which plays automatically, is it my comp or you can do something to switch it off? Thank you very much. SV

Hagen said...

Jake swears there are no nude photos of him. And he doesn't mind paparazzi who take pictures of him strolling on a beach or leaving a hotel (Neon).

Time for play rehearsals, I guess!
I'm looking forward to the first pictures of Jake on the stage.

And I feel like I have to rush to go see NC, before it gets swept away by 'Interstellar' and a few Sinterklaas movies! ;)
You're probably right, it looks like a niche movie in the Netherlands (€48,500 in its opening weekend ; "End of Watch": €116,242). My local mulitplex will show only one screening of "Nightcrawler" per day. Anyway I'm glad that I'll finally watch it.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for letting me know, SV. I found the clip on youtube, so that should be fixed.

It's obvious Jake gets annoyed with the paps sometimes, but it's good that he knows he shouldn't whine about it.

I hope NC did well in the UK this weekend. I'd like to see it make some international bank.

UltraViolet said...

Apparently, Jake was in a no-pics mood last night, again. But they didn't seem to mind:

Jake Gyllenhaal is 10x more beautiful in person, and I was okay with him not taking pics because he rubbed my arm for a long time so I died.

Jake Gyllenhaal strangely rubbed my arm then held my hand. That was my Sunday.

I would love to see Jake do his hair more like his Morning Joe hair and less styled, like it was for the Governors Awards.

That was a non sequitur but I felt I had to say it, lol.

Constellations begins rehearsals tomorrow.

The Guardian reports on the Goversnors Ball:

Helfrich noted a poor showing from the cast and crew of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi adventure Interstellar, although Jessica Chastain was on hand. Comedian Steve Carell, who turns serious for his role as John du Pont, a schizophrenic millionaire turned murderer in Foxcatcher, chatted away to Jake Gyllenhall for much of the evening.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Jake and Laura Dern were seen chatting.

From this account, you'd think Kristen Stewart was the star of the Indie Contenders roundtable. That would be a shame. I have no idea why she is getting praise for Clouds of Sils Maria, which I saw the first night of TIFF. It felt like it was six hours long. Terrible movie, and she isn't great in it.

Anonymous said...

I am also skeptical to Kirsten Steward to celebrate her as a good actress, while ago she was nominated for razzie and suddenly she is for two movies in Oscar predictions. I think if, then Marion Cotillard is a bigger star in this group. But I saw some round table with Marion and she is a bit shy actress.

I read somewhere that script was very weak in Interstellar, but visuals are great. So I suppose it will get a lot of technical awards like Inception, but will not appear in main categories.

Btw I like round tables, it is great to listen to those dialogues between great actors. SV

bobbyanna said...

The few tweets I've read about the Roundtable singled out Jake, Tilda, and Bill Hader for praise. Didn't mention KS. I'm not impressed with her.

UV, I was thinking exactly the same thing about Jake's hair! LOL! Also find it remarkable how fast it seems to grow.

Saw a tweet that Jake's back in NYC today. I don't know if the arm rub was in NYC or LA. It sounds very sexy. Jake could teach a class how to say No, and make you accept it! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Duncan Jones@ManMadeMoon

Wanted to wait to see it for myself before I fanned the flames for Jake's new film, Nightcrawler. Just watched it; Fantastic stuff!

Anonymous said...

Duncan Jones@ManMadeMoon

Have no hesitation in saying it's the best performance I've seen this year. Jake's made a character to remember. :)

UltraViolet said...

Aww, Duncan. That's really cool of him to say.

Another celeb endorsement:

RainnWilson ‏@rainnwilson 10m10 minutes ago
Wow, I loved 'Nightcrawler'. The dark underbelly of LA never looked so glowingly haunted. Lil' Jakey G & Renee R were the balls!

Forgot to post this from yesterday:

#JakeGyllenhaal smiled at ME and gave me a thumbs up when I told him I saw #NightcrawlerMovie again last night! Aghhh! ❤️ @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER

And from this evening:

Just saw Marcus Mumford and Jake Gyllenhall smoking outside of pret a manger/Who knew those two were friends/I think Gyllenhall gave me a whistle of approval but I don't want to get too excited

And if you wondered about Jake's tux for the Governors Awards:

Jake Gyllenhaal wore a Gucci Made to Order midnight blue shawl lapel one button Marseille tuxedo with white dress shirt, midnight blue bowtie and black leather lace up shoes.

UltraViolet said...

Was that tux blue? I can't tell.

Anyway, this is interesting. I hope Snow doesn't turn into another legally compromised movie:

A production company is suing a screenwriter who allegedly cut it out of a deal to produce and finance an upcoming film starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Emmett Furla Oasis Films LLC filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court Friday against Brett Tabor. The breach-of-contract suit seeks a court order to prevent Tabor from allowing anyone else to produce and distribute “The Man Who Made It Snow,” in which Gyllenhaal is set to play drug smuggler Max Mermelstein.

The suit seeks at least $5 million.

A representative for Tabor could not be immediately reached. Tabor and writer Michael Kingston co-wrote the film’s screenplay.

According to the complaint, Oasis Films and Tabor agreed Sept. 30 that the plaintiffs would have the option to produce the movie if they make an offer to Gyllenhaal or his agent to star in the movie’s lead role. Oasis Films provided a proposal to the actor the same day, the suit states.

Two weeks later, Oasis Films sent Tabor a financing proposal that included having Antoine Fuqua as the film’s director, according to the complaint. Tabor assured the plaintiffs through emails and texts that he had “no intention of going behind plaintiff’s back to cut plaintiff out of the deal,” the suit states.

However, Tabor went ahead and struck a deal with IM Global to produce and finance the movie, the suit states. He also allegedly told Gyllenhaal’s agent and IM Global that Oasis Films had no rights to the film, according to the complaint.

IM Global, which is not being sued, recently announced it would be producing the film and that the services of Gyllehaal and Fuqua were in hand, according to the complaint. The actor and director also are signed in another upcoming film, “Southpaw.”

Looks like there was a photo shoot for Constellations.Wonder if Jake smiled more than in this initial If There Is shots:

14 hrs ·
Off to style Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson for a photo shoot!! No big deal…/ 8hours Best work day of my life!!!

3 hours
Producing a shoot with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson on a Monday. How will the rest of this week live up to that? ‪#‎stay tuned‬

Piruleta said...

My head will explode if I see another comparative between Jake and Matthew McConaughey. I'm so done with this "new" McConaughey. He was one of the reasons I didn't enjoy last years Round Table, Jake seemed out of place, well, maybe out of place is not the right expression, but McConaughey and Leto were all "me, me, me" that every time any of the other actors talked it was like "oh, there's actually more people sat there"

Sorry lol, it just gets on my nerves when I read Jake is experiencing his own mcconaissance.

I read some NC reviews from Spanish journalists (they've seen the movie outside of here) and in general they love it and there is a lot praise for Jake's performance :)

Hagen said...

Emmett/Furla co-produced "End of Watch". It's encouraging that they would like to work with Jake again. On the other hand I hope that the legal dispute won't derail the movie.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, Piruleta, the comparisons are tiresome and inaccurate. As one journalist pointed out, Jake hasn't gone anywhere to come back from. He's been pretty consistent throughout his career.

I will say I am really glad during these wonderful times, that Jake is with WME. Also happy to see hum involved as a producer. It sort of legitimizes his inclination to collaborate with his directors. He definitely seems empowered ( I hate that word) by it.

So happy for those of you who will finally get to see Nightcrawler!

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to say, the I agree, Hagen, about the lawsuit. I'm hoping it can be resolved quickly. Maybe it was miscommunication. Which is better than the financial mess of Nailed, I guess.

BlueJean said...

Just saw 'Nightcrawler'! Holy shit.
I feel like I have to lie down in a dark room - it was quite something! That car chase...

Sooooo glad I didn't read any spoilers before seeing it - otherwise I would've known that Nina... ;) And Rick... :/

Someone give Riz Ahmed an BSA award - he was great!
Jake was outstanding. He made me think he (Lou) truly was an asshole - and that's a credit to his acting :)

Wanna see it again! :)

Jess said...

Glad you enjoyed it BJ. I am seeing it tomorrow on my day off by myself by design. Although I read the screen play, I am sure the movie will be exciting and Jake's performance as well.

Piruleta said...

They are trying to make noise with this lawsuit. THR posted the documents they have presented.

Jess said...

Well I don't think the noise affects Jake negatively since if true he and his management company were lied to by other parties.

$6 million is a cool paycheck, wow. But I could have gone without knowing that bit of information, no need to depress myself. LOL.

Hagen said...

THR posted the documents they have presented.
I'm surprised Jake was offered $6 million for the movie; that's quite a lot. I doubt it's a smart move by Emmett/Furla to publish all those confidential agreements and possibly annoy Antoine Fuqua and Jake, if they still want to produce the film. (Emmett/Furla wanted to contribute a substantial $31 million to the picture's budget.)

Anonymous said...

Piruleta, I completely agree about MMC, this comparison was insane, he cannot be even compared to JG career, where he was considered as romantic comedy looser. He ruined my Oscar awards last year as well, I hope Di Caprio will get it. And also the speech starting with thanks God, stand me up from the chair. I looked at Di Caprio and he was so humbled on the awards considering what kind of super star he is, MMC acted like it is obvious he got it, important, pretentious. And yes, I am not talking about that round table. Forest Whitaker was so great and listenable, Leto and MMC already knew the Oscars are in their pocket. If you also noticed at the end, JG was even ashamed to hug them and better changed the direction. It was visible at the end of round table.

Anonymous said...

It's me SV

Hagen said...

Anne Thompson: Picture of Jake with Chris Rock at the Governors Awards.

Anonymous said...

Emmett Furla are suing the screenwriter who took the liberties of negociating with another financier. It has nothing to do with Jake or Fuqua.
The lawsuit noise doesn't affect Jake at all. On the contrary, it shows he's in demand now, whether some people like it or not. Emmett Furla wanted to produce the movie with Jake in the lead, with his name above the title, filming it according to Jake's schedule, paying him 6 mil. on a 30 mil. production budget. A bigger percentage than PoP, 10 mil. fee on a 150 mil. production budget. Jake's reputation is higher now.

Anonymous said...

The problem with MMC's attitude towards Jake at the chilly roundtable is Jim Toth, his CAA agent and Reese's husband. MMC and Jake were pals, then Reese dumped Jake and married MMC's agent. All of a sudden Reese hates Jake. I bet Jim does too. MMC and Jake's friendship is over. Case closed. Until 2014 when the director who catapulted MMC and Reese to Oscars decides to do a movie with Jake. Sorry Reese, karma's a bitch. Guess who's getting Oscar buzz next year? Seeing Reese draped all over Vallee at Governors Awards I wondered if he managed to breathe and say hi to Jake or was he held prisoner all evening.
Maybe same thing happened with Jake and RDJ's friendship. Jim Toth is his agent too. And Jared Leto's. After all it's Hollywood, a bigger highschool yard.

Jess said...

"Maybe same thing happened with Jake and RDJ's friendship."

I don't pretend to know anything about Jake's friendships but maybe living in New York City with his family sort of prevents Jake from hanging out with all those folk who live in Hollywood.

If it makes you feel any better Jake's new besties can buy and sell most of Hollywood. LOL.

Monica said...

I think Jake and Matthew were never best friends. They were seen together because of Lance Armstrong. Lance is/was best friends with Matthew (not good for the image of McConaughey be seen with Lance Armstrong).
This occurred in 2006.

I think Jake and Downey are still friendly.

I also think Mathew is full of himself. You have to have a big ego to write an article about yourself to People Magazine.

In my opinion, Nightcrawler is doing well at the box office: BO Mojo

bobbyanna said...

LOL! I agree Hollywood's a big high school yard, but in this case, but we really don't know anything about Jake's relationships with these people.

There have definitely been interactions and sightings of Jake with RD Jr. since the break up with Reese. It hasn' seemed to affect their friendship.

I watched video of THR Roundtable with Jared, and the photo shoot, and Jake and Jared seemed fine. I definitely didn't see what you saw, so I must disagree with you.

In these roundtables,I get the impression Jake wisely holds back and listens, rather than attempting to dominate the discussion. He contributes, but he knows he is not the lead in this scenario. They're all leads.

Even though Jake was overlooked last time, I don't think either MMC or Jared was undeserving of their awards recognition. (But yes, Matthew was insufferable.)

Jake's rolling along just fine. The awards season politics seem to favor the people with momentum.
Right now it seems like Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Michael Keaton are the main focus of all the buzz.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Monica, I agree with everything you just said. You just say it with fewer words! : )

Monica said...

Sasha Stone really liked Nightcrawler:
Awards News

UltraViolet said...

Some fun tweets:

I had coffee this morning with Jake Gyllenhal at our neighbourhood joint, except he didn't know it and he was sitting a few tables over.

Saw Nightcrawler today, finally. And it's fantastic. Gyllenhall's terrific - he manages to be both charismatic and dead-eyed. A shark.

The email I just got from the Jake Gyllenhaal character in NIGHTCRAWLER is polite, restrained, and genuinely alarming.

Seems that Lou is still emailing folks on Linked In.

Photo of Jake on the subway.

UltraViolet said...

I think NC is doing pretty well, too, Monica. Just wish it were doing a little better. And that bloggers and would-be pundits acknowledged that it's doing well for the budget.

It's hard to know if Jake and RDJ are still friends. But I don't think Jake and McBongo ever really were. But the Reese/Toth connection doesn't help, I'm sure.

Ph0enicks said...

McBongo? lol!
And SV - your English is great. Love your comments!

Piruleta said...

Not sure if you have seen this, Lou has his own web lol,

Extra said...

Jake is super slimey and convincing in NC! The film is a B but Jake's performancex is an A and spot on ! So glad that he is getting so much praise. Thanks Piruleta that is so funny! Love the fact that they are still promoting the film.
That legal battle with Emmet/Furla, I hope it's resolved.

Matthew M is a pain in the ass but he did deserve to win last year which I'm sure he agrees with 100%.

UltraViolet said...

Blue Jean, somehow I missed your post. So glad you finally got to see it! Sounds like you were gobsmacked, as the Brits would say. Hope you had a good lie down :)

I also saw it spoiler-free. As a result, I might have gasped "Holy shit" a couple of times.

Extra, LOL on MMc. I think you've summed it up perfectly.

Piruleta, I hadn't seen that link. Too funny. Will have to explore a little further. (I didn't know RR's character's name was Nina Romina.)

Ph0enicks, I can't take credit for McBongo, but it makes me laugh, too. And I agree: SV, your English is fine!

Monica, it's nice to see Sasha on board. She was not a Prisoners fan, as I recall.

Piruleta said...

THe site doesn't have too much content, but is a fun read!

This may sound a bit offtopic, but I've been following the shitstorm that has followed Benedict Cumberbatch's engagement (just for pure entertainment) almost everyone agrees this reads like a convenient movement to further his Oscar campaign, and probably promoted by Weinstein. Now, next year Jake has Southpaw with Weinstein behind it and I wonder if they will try to play the Oscar game with the film/Jake. Weinstein is crazy, and as entertaining as it is, I'm already tired to see Cumberbatch's face all over the place, the same happened with Jennifer Lawrence… It may be good for Oscars but it can be exhausting for the audience.

I know I'm rambling and there's still a lot of time to see what will happen but I'm bored at the office lol.

Anonymous said...

Today my colleague told me, that his fellows said Interstellar was horrible, that first 40 min. nothing happened and then it started, he also said some guys left theatre after the first half of the movie.

I see MMC deserved nomination, not an Oscar comparing with who he was in competition. I like if actor shows something first, for me actor should be noticed by academy a bit sooner before he gets an Oscar. And probably I wouldn't mind it that much, if Di Caprio is not in the play. Nomination is already great success. I just hope they will avoid him this year from noms, because I am almost sure he will push JG out. Because the other four actors are almost sure to get in there. SV

Anonymous said...

"Because the other four actors are almost sure to get in there. SV"

You haven't factored in the 2 leads for Foxcatcher. And Bradley Cooper is getting early rave reviews for Sniper and the lead actor is Selma is getting even better reviews and buzz, so I think there are other actors who Jake has an uphill battle against. And the guy from Turner, also an English Biopic.

So I think Matthew M and Jake have an uphill battle.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I counted these ones:

Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything
Michael Keaton, Birdman
Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game
Steve Carell, Foxcatcher

If someone from those will be replaced it is Eddie Redmayne I guess by Bradley Cooper or the guy from Unbroken. As for MMC it was just a theory he would push him out, but now, when I read the script is not good in Interstellar, probably he will not be nominated. So JG is still in play. SV

bobbyanna said...

Ta dahh. OK. My personal Oscar nominations prediction: ; )

Benedict Cumberbatch

Eddie Redmayne

Michael Keaton

Steve Carrell


I agree with you about David Oyelowo for Selma as a possibility, or even Bill Murray for St. Vincent. (People are talking abut Robert Downey Jr. for The Judge as well.)

But I think Spall for Turner, and Bradley Cooper along with "McBongo" (LOL!) are longshots, this time.

A lot will depend on how much push Steve Carrell can get. All speculation, of course.

I adore Leo Di Caprio and I think it's a crime he's overlooked. I can think of at least three performances that should have won him recognition.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the entire cast get nominated by various organizations like AMPAS, Golden Globes, SAG, Indie Spirit Awards, etc.?

Dan for writing and directing, Elswit for cinematography, Jake, Rene, and Riz. They are all deserving, IMO, but this is a fantasy right now.

The supporting categories look very competitive too.

Anonymous said...

For the ones who've already seen NC.... Could Jake be fit in the 'best actor in a comedy/musical' category for the Golden Globes race? I can remember last year Di Caprio winning his GG for the Wolf of Wall Street in that category (which sounded strange)... Well... if Jake managed even to win the GG (are there strong names for comedy/musical category this year?), that would be great also in order to the Oscars, right?
I still remember the two-times-GG-winner Jim Carrey never got his Oscar nom, though...
I don't know.. I'm trying to think about any possible strategy to push him further! :)

Jess said...

There is a chance some cancelling out of voting could happen with the Foxcatcher lead actors, Steve and Channing could split votes?

And with so many biopics especially the three English mathematician movies, there could be a split there....LOL wishful thinking.

IMO the only shoe in is Michael Keaton, he is really good in Birdman. The whole cast will probably get acting nominations and that is the only film I see accomplishing that feat.

For the Golden Globe, I had said before the film came out that Jake could get a Golden Globe for NC in the Comedy/Musical category because it is does have a black comedy tone. And he could win but Ben Affleck could also receive a nod and win but then there is Into the Woods. LOL.

If Prisoners were out this year, Jake would have a great shot a supporting actor.

Anonymous said...

GG is prediction only for drama, comedy category rarely wins the Oscar, last year was an exception for Di Caprio, because they wanted to price him I would say, also genre of WOTS wasn't heavy drama, more less satire, once he was nominated for GG, I knew there will be competition between him and MMC, because otherwise they wouldn't nominate him for Oscar at all. I think there is a constant group of DiCaprio's fans in academy, but the last year it wasn't enough to win. Because the same I think there is also many DiCaprio's haters. Average academy member will not vote for him, because of character of roles he plays, which do not have right message for them. BAFTA is good prediction as well. But it didn't work for JG in BBM year, but probably he was too young for Academy to give him Oscar, they better chose Clooney.

If JG will be nominated for GG, it will be in drama category. Also critics matter. SV

Anonymous said...

I have a very strong feeling, Eddie Redmayne will be impossible to ignore. If anyone is a lock to get a nomination it will be him.

Monica said...

Could Jake be fit in the 'best actor in a comedy/musical' category for the Golden Globes race?
I think Michael Keaton is going to Comedy/Musical at the Golden Globes.

Unpublished photo of Jake and Heath Ledger:

Schoeller says he included this photo of Brokeback Mountain stars, because it so perfectly captured their easygoing friendship.

<a href=">tumblr</a>

Anonymous said...

love Duncan

Duncan Jones@ManMadeMoon
Have you seen Nightcrawler yet? Go on... I'll wait right here.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler
"I’m looking forward to the [Edward Snowden] documentary Citizenfour.”


Piruleta said...

The B-Movies podcast with Dan Gilroy

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Piruleta, I really enjoyed that podcast. It's especially interesting for people who've seen the movie, because you can visualize the scenes he references. Dan really went into detail about the process of working with Jake, Robert Elswit, and Rene.

Monica, I'm going to see CitizenFour this Sunday with my film club. Looking forward to it. : )

Hagen said...

Jake met his dad in LA (LA Times: Jake Gyllenhaal digs deep for gritty 'Nightcrawler' role

Anonymous said...

I am so curious, how many of those nominees or academy members generally will watch all potential movies. Seriously they should see all of them before they go to vote. Everybody according to that article is already set for Birdman I can see. Problem is the lobbing especially to those, who did not see any movie. I hope they will watch all of them until award season. I can imagine, that half of them will see only a couple of them. Why Witherspoon did not mention NC as "want to see" :-)? I know they talked about favorite ones, but they are all voters, except Aniston. So we can see where the direction is. Honestly also Jake's answer is too diplomatic for my taste. SV

Monica said...

Honestly also Jake's answer is too diplomatic for my taste.
It's Jake.

If they can not see in the movie theater, they will have the option to see on dvd.

Anonymous said...

"Could Jake be fit in the 'best actor in a comedy/musical' category for the Golden Globes race?

"I think Michael Keaton is going to Comedy/Musical at the Golden Globes."

So what? There're 5 places. We aren't talking about wining, we're talking about Jake's chances of being nominated for GG.

Monica said...

I thought you were talking about winning. Sorry.
So far I think Michael Keaton, someone from Into The Woods, Chadwick Boseman... Yeah, I think it would be good to put Jake in a comedy/musical.

Jess said...

Kind of wish Jake would have gotten the Oliver Stone's Snowden project. High profile project and Jake looks like Snowden. Just my opinion, something higher profile for Jake would be nice. I am not criticizing Jake's choices or his career direction.

I just feel his work and commitment for the last few years that he deserves higher profile roles.

But a lot of actors look like Snowden.

Anonymous said...

To put him in comedy GG category wouldn't be good at all. It is just secondary category, it must be drama to be taken seriously for awards. Comedy category says you be happy you have something, especially if it's just nomination. It's like good bye Oscar. SV

Anonymous said...

I think the Golden Globes do it right by having separate categories for drama and comedy/musicals. Sv, then that would mean that Michael Keaton (front runner for the Oscar) does not have a chance either.

I think the chances for a Golden Globe nomination for Jake is way more possible than an Oscar nomination if the Academy members follow through and just vote for the so called experts say are the front runners.

Monica said...

GG nomination would be good for him to get some buzz, but of course can't be the only nomination for him.
He needs nominations from Independent Spirit Awards, BFCA and appear in some lists.

Piruleta said...

Full interview is up DP/30 :)

Anonymous said...

Anon, this year seems a bit strange, drama category counts more, but if MK wins GG in comedy, then I'd like to see the one who wins drama. Then there will be battle on Oscars between those two.

I don't even think of JG for Oscar win, but I mean nomination is the key to have better status as an actor. Then if he gets nomination for GG comedy, we can forget Oscar nomination, from drama category he would pass easier to Oscar nom., regardless MK will win comedy GG. He is in a better position this year than Di Caprio was the last year. As for Oscar win chances for JG I see more SP movie than NC, this drama seems more complex even for the other categories. But this year nomination would help to win the other year for SP and also Everest is in the play, just the risk is he would split himself out. As far as I know these kind of boxing dramas are always dark horses. SV

Monica said...

from drama category he would pass easier to Oscar nom.

SV, GG does not guarantee nomination to the Oscars. Last year HFPA nominated Idris Elba, Tom Hanks and Robert Redford in drama, and they all were snubbed at the Oscars. While three actors in comedy/musical were nominated for the Oscar.
NC is dark comedy, right? Makes sense Jake to be in a comedy / musical. Birdman is also a black comedy.
What goes against Jake is that the film is small compared to these other films. Small distributor, director unknown, we don't know how this film will be received in the awards season.
It would be nice Nightcrawler appears in best comedy/musical, screenplay, supporting actress, cinematography, but I don't see happening. :/

I think his role in Everest is supporting.
Demolition is black comedy.

Piruleta said...

AFI fest roundtable

UltraViolet said...

Ooh. Stupid work, I can't watch yet. Will check it out later.

From FB:

So, only in New York will you run into Jake Gyllenhall walking through the Village.
Soooo. Yes. I did catch up to him. And Yes. I tapped him on the shoulder.. Didn't stop, but he said "Hi."

Omg im so jealous i looveee him


it's just Gyllenhall

He's sexy though

Ooh he's super nice met him at an ice cream shop in SF once not stuck up at all

He's a total hottie. He seemed pretty in the zone, but I just couldn't help myself. He's so much better looking in person.

he came a long way from bubble boy, every time I watch a good movie with him in it, I'm like " this motha fucka was in BUBBLE BOY!" he is fucking GORGY.

Monica said...

Amanda Powers ‏@geekpowers 4m4 minutes ago
Having drinks and late night eats in the West Village, literally next to and brushing elbows with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson. #NYC2014

Dr. Angela Howard ‏@angieguitar27 2h2 hours ago Manhattan, NY
Went out for a smoke and fucking saw Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal along with Ewan McGregor and Cynthia Nixon!! ♡♡♡♡

Anonymous said...

UV actually are you in NY? Ever ran to him?

Btw that AFI round table is so uncomfortable, I felt a bit uncomfortable too just watching them how nervous they were, I can understand, but anyway. Except Tilda Swinton, she was quite ok, but Jake seemed nervous as well.

I like Marion Cotillard, but I am still so tightened, when she talks, like I am afraid she will not express well what she wants to say. But she is so reflective person. Kristen seems quite smart considering how young she is. Honestly Jake was sometimes sort of too important and maybe he should stop to take the word alone, when he is not asked. SV

bobbyanna said...

I thought Jake did a pretty good job. I was actuallyhoping he would,ve jumped in more often. I found Scott Feinberg disappointing. I thought his approach, assuming a sort of adversarial relationship,the us vs. them mentality of Indies and studio backed films wasmisdirected. The director of Whiplash, and J C Chandor made somegood pointsas didJake, Tilda and Kristen..

bobbyanna said...

Also wanted to say that yes, studios suck a lot ofmoney out of the universe when they back the huge commercial films and franchises, but,thos
independent film has demonstrated that there,s a market for smaller, more intimate films. I wish they would have talked more about Distribution. Thats critical, IMO.

sami said...

Habe lange nicht mehr geschrieben.Aber jetzt kommen so viele Filme da kommt man garnicht mehr mit.Hoffentlich sind die Filme auch gut. Gruß Sami

Anonymous said...

I disagree completely with what SV saw in the roundtable. Jake wasn't nervous, he was the usual low key and self deprecating. I didn't see Jake as "too important" at all. If anything, Jake is too modest about himself, he should speak more because he has a lot of experience with indie movies.

bobbyanna said...

jake didn't seem nervous to me either. He may have been uncomfortable with the direction Scott Feinberg was taking with the discussion.

Of course, Scott hits him with a question framed by the now cliche' Prince of Persia failure. Even Bill Hader saw how ridiculous the question was.

Jake said in other interviews, that it's not an "either/or" thing. He considers the character, the director and the script when he decides to do a film. He loves preparation, etc.

I don't think he's ever derogated big studio films in favor of indies. He's talked about differences in process, and how time, budget, etc. affect the work.

He's said if he were offered the right role in a big studio production he'd take it. He's not governed by whether it's Indie vs. Studio.

It's the media and people like Scott Feinberg who seem to build a narrative that boxes Jake in. I guess when he finally takes a role in some big studio film, they will have a follow up on how he sold out, and the movie will probably fail, etc. So narrow minded.

BlueJean said...

Looking forward to watching both the Roundtable and the DP/30, as soon as I have the time. Hopefully tomorrow :)

Thanks for posting the links, Piruleta! xxx

Anonymous said...

Anon, yes, it's called individual impression of each, who watches it. I say he was nervous as anybody else for more observant people, for anyone else just look at his hands. Well I like him as an actor, that doesn't mean I agree with everything he says or how he acts. I appreciate rather intelligent approach especially in this kind of discussion, where it is appropriate, not talk even more, but everyone has different view. Tilda was the most comfortable and listenable to me. SV

Jess said...

The DP30 interview was really good except yet again another reference to Jake being a pretty boy during POP and LAOD but Jake handled it well. Although it's not Jake's fault he is a classically handsome man.

Jake seemed engaged at the AFI round table.

Jess said...

" Honestly Jake was sometimes sort of too important and maybe he should stop to take the word alone, when he is not asked"

Maybe he was too nervous as you suggested. LOL. Just kidding SV, it's your opinion to express and I just disagree.

Chica said...

Jake sure knows how to rock a tux!
I thought Jake did fine at the roundtable, the PoP mention is annoying and I wish interviewers would stop acting like it was such a bomb which it wasn't.

Speaking of awards did anyone watch that trainwreck called the Hollywood awards? I hope Johnny Depp sobered up!

I think that Jake has a good shot at indie awards like the Spirit Awards.

bobbyanna said...

I really enjoyed the DP/30 interview. One of my favorites of this promotion cycle.

Chica, doesn't he look great! I'm wondering if this is the same midnight blue tux he wore to the Tony awards the night he presented the Best Actress award to Cecily Tyson.

Anonymous said...

SV, now you're "more observant" and all of us who disagree with you are less observant? I understand being opinionated but you're becoming "too important".

UltraViolet said...

Settle down there, anon. Why don't you pick a name and let us know who you are.

I still haven't watched the clip so I can't judge. A couple of people on AwardsWatch commented:

Swinton is in another league altogether in terms of being interesting, but I didn't think she didn't have a lot of interesting stuff to say (partly because of the too-many-people thing). Stewart was slightly awkward at times (LOL, the fidgeting with her hair and her forehead). Monaghan was bland. Hader was put there to be funny, I guess. Chazelle was very new to all of this, and didn't get enough time. Cotillard was okay, always interesting to see a relative outsider in this (in that she's the only one beside Swinton that does not have a background in American film making). Feinberg asked the blandest questions. In all, it was rather boring.

I didn't really like the dynamic in the indie roundtable, too many people, they were too far from each other which didn't allow them to interact with each other (my favorite aspect of a roundtable).. So yeah, it was ok.

I have to agree that the setup seemed awkward.

UltraViolet said...

New post.