Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Meet the press

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson met the press today to discuss their Broadway debut(s) in Constellations, a play by Nicholas Payne. The Manhattan Theatre Club production is a "mind-bending, romantic journey begins with a simple encounter between a man and a woman (Gyllenhaal and Wilson). But what happens next defies the boundaries of the world we think we know – delving into the infinite possibilities of their relationship and raising questions about the difference between choice and destiny."

They were joined by director Michael Longhurst. Gyllenhaal, Payne and Longhurst all worked together on Jake's NY stage debut, If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. And Wilson and Longhurst went to college together. So there's a sense of old friends and new horizons.

Why so serious?

Come on, lighten up!

That's better.

Ruth investigating the lifelike Jake statue:

Cut that out!

Ruth and Jake posed for a photoshoot last week. Some shots of the shots:


UltraViolet said...

Had to put that second interview at the bottom of the post, because it was messing up the formatting.

I forgot to say this in the last post, about the timing for Jake's movies. I never want to wait for them, but I do think three movies next year might be too much. Not sure what the best strategy will be.

Also, Jake looks beautiful in that first video interview. Bless whoever shot it.

Anonymous said...

That Chris Hemsworth is quite handsome, those previous not. He played also in the movie Rush about Niki Lauda and it was awesome movie. He is type of Brad Pitt, but looks better.

Those 3 movies in year are really too much, hope people won't be annoyed by Jake like Anne H. And yes, if Weinstein will want some awards, Southpaw will be released in second half of the year. Maybe Demolition will be sooner, it shouldn't have any award ambition, but the most I am looking forward to SP. SV

Piruleta said...

Yeah, Rush was surprisingly good, and in my opinion Daniel Brühl deserved and Oscar nod (as did Jake) more than Cooper and Hill. I'm still so mad about that LOL!

All the hate for Anne Hathaway was because her Oscar campaign was really aggressive, the same is happening with Cumberbatch this year, he said he was not going to campaign but he is all over the place right now, there's a feeling of supersaturation already and the thing just started. That's what worries me about next year, not the fact Jake has 3 movies, but the fact the 3 will be released probably very close in time to each other and one of them has Weinstein behind it…

I like Jake's look in those pictures from the photo shoot, nice to see him with tighter pants than the ones he usually wears. (…and without the stupid basketball sneakers) /FashionComment

Chica said...

I have tickets to see this and I can't wait!

BlueJean said...

"I do think three movies next year might be too much."

I agree. Plus... it'll be a loooong wait.

On the other hand, Jake will play completely different characters and will have completely different looks, maybe that'll help. People might not even recognize him! ;)

I'm most looking forward to 'Demolition', personally.

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay, Chica!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris Hemsworth Wasn’t The Top Choice For Sexiest Man Alive

“PEOPLE asked Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal to be the pick and they all declined. A couple other people were offered it as well, but they settled with Chris because he’s hot, but he also said yes after so many nos,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

This certainly makes sense. We’re not saying Chris Hemsworth isn’t sexy, by any means, but it’s odd he was picked, considering he didn’t release a single movie in 2014. In fact, the only thing that publicly happened to him this year was that his wife, Elsa Pataky, gave birth to twins.

bobbyanna said...

I think Chris Hemsworth has a lot of work coming out next year and he is part of the Marvel "stable" of super heroes. I never considered him, but it makes sense. It also makes sense to me that they'd ask Jake and he'd say no. I have a feeling this isn't the first time he's been asked.

Jess said...

Thanks Anon but you kind of knew something was up when Chris Pratt, Neil Patrick Harris and Cumberbatch were all being touted in the press.

The sexiest man alive use to be more of a mature confident man now it just seems they are going for the youthful hunk and what's trending. Hate to say it but I think Adam Levine and a couple of others before him kind of ruined it.

But the best ever Sexiest Man Alive was John John because he was effortless at it and didn't pose for the cover.

Chris is handsome but he seemed out of his element on the cover. They should have asked James Franco, I am sure he would pose nude on the front cover and in drag on the back cover. LOL

Mary said...

Yea Chica I'm so happy for you and a little jealous too.
Didn't realize you could decline the sexiest man alive and can see why Jake would.

Monica said...

I love Benedict Cumberbatch, but I'm starting to get tired of it in all those magazine covers in so little time. Looks like he'll be on the cover of Time next week.

It's not just Harvey actors. Eddie Hedmayne is also making an aggressive campaign.

UltraViolet said...

They call Eddie Redmayne Eddie RedCarpet on AwardsWatch, lol. Though I think Cumberbatch is far more ubiquitous on the campaign trail.

Yay, chica. I can't wait, either!

Happy to hear that Jake was offered it, if that's true. Not the most reliable source. But you should all go vote there, since they have a poll of the other choices, and Jake is losing.

Not that it matters, I realize :)

UltraViolet said...

Monica, any news from that Southpaw screening? I didn't see anything about it on the SP imdb page.

UltraViolet said...

Here's Jake in W, for water.

Anonymous said...

Jake is so private and keeps such a low profile these days that he seems to off the radar of many people when it comes to polls and such.

Sexiest Man Alive could have helped him get back on the radar but it would mean more paps and interviews and the pretty boy image would creep up again. But there are other ways of getting back to being more mainstream.
Jake should do a cable show or a national commercial. I could see him playing a Bond type character in a commercial. Sort of a take off on those British actors doing those car commercials. That Gyllenhaal does his own thing though.

I think it will help Chris H rid himself of being just known as Thor.

bobbyanna said...

Sad news about Mike Nichols. A real loss to the Theatre and to film. How lucky we were that he shared so much of his artistic genius with us!


bobbyanna said...

Sorry, but I really don't care for the photo shoot with W that has Jake in a bathtub full of water. Honestly? It gives me the creeps.

Jess said...

"Honestly? It gives me the creeps."

LOL the cover is very unattractive, Jake has the lazy eye look and looks as if he is trying to hold in a burp and couldn't. The ones in the white shirt look better though and more artistic.

Monica said...

Eddie Redmayne Eddie RedCarpet on AwardsWatch, lol.


I found nothing about the screening of Southpaw, UV.

Bobbyana, I didn't like the photoshoot for W. Must be the worst photoshoot of Jake.

RIP Mike Nichols.

Anonymous said...

There are many ways how artist could snap those pictures in the water, he probably picked the worst postion ever and he doesn't look well. Picture is from too close distance and even light is not good. Poor Jake :-). SV

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just weird but I actually thought there was something beautiful about those underwater shots albeit a little disturbing. Jake doesn't look his usual gorgeous self but I think that may have been the point. I suspect Jake will enjoy these because of the experience of shooting them.

- malavika

BlueJean said...

"Jake in a bathtub full of water. Honestly? It gives me the creeps."

Oh, I thought it was just me. The 'experience' might have been good for Jake, but they really are disturbing.

FP said...

Jeff Sneider ‏@TheInSneider 23 h
Wake me when JAKE GYLLENHAAL is on the cover of Time magazine. Sigh... #Cumberbotched


UltraViolet said...

I don't mind the photos. Sure, I'd prefer if Jake did a beautiful, sexy photoshoot. But these are sort of intriguing.

In better news, Jake will be on Letterman on Wednesday, promoting the play and NC, one assumes.

This tweet made me laugh:

My delayed review of #Nightcrawler (mostly because I promised @ariemason): it's nauseating & will make you despise humanity. I recommend it

Mary said...

I think the photo shoot is okay not his best but sure is different.
Looking forward to Letterman maybe we will find out his Thanksgiving plans:)

Piruleta said...

Interview with Jean-Marc Vallée. Some bits about Demolition:

After the success of “Dallas” your approach is well known now. Did the actors in “Demolition” come in with that knowledge as a specific attraction?
Well, I think it started for them with the beautiful script by Bryan Sipe, and then I suppose it made a difference for them to know it's the director from 'Dallas' who's doing this sort of approach. I think they loved it, to shoot 360 degrees with no cutting, shooting the rehearsals and using the space in the moment very creatively.

Did you find that “Demolition” required a major tweak of that approach?
Not really, still one grip, one electric, my set dresser and production designer lighting the film. We shot with Jake and Naomi on the streets of Manhattan so we had a lot of unexpected extras. That was about it. I also make a playlist for each film and their characters, a double CD playlist with 30 tracks. I did it on “Wild,” and I just did it last week with “Demolition”.

What are each of the characters listening to in “Demolition”?
Jake's character isn’t really into music, but Naomi Watts has a 13-year-old kid and she and her son have a particular playlists. So the music in this film comes from these two characters and they contaminate Jake's world with their choices. The kid is into old funk and Cave, a newer rock band; Naomi Watts is into French music like Charles Aznavour as well as Curtis Mayfield and soul. I like to offer playlists at the end of my shoots because it makes a great gift, finding the characters with the music and then offering it back to them. It's a way of seeing the world, embracing it through music. “Tell me what you listen to, and I'll tell you who you are.” It defines us in a way.

FP said...

Vexy Vox ‏@Vexyvox 3 min3 ago

90% sure I just sat across from Jake Gyllenhaal dressed like a semi hip-hoppy teen? Not that hip-hoppy. Mostly no...


Hagen said...

Jake sitting in the subway

Kneeling in the bath tub

Sorry, but I really don't care for the photo shoot with W that has Jake in a bathtub full of water. Honestly? It gives me the creeps.
As long as there are oxygen bubbles everything is fine. xD

Must be the worst photoshoot of Jake.
It's certainly not that bad. The photo shoot when he was wearing clothes from Gucci was worse. I agree that "W" picked the wrong picture for the cover, but I appreciate that he tried something different. And it's a bit more exciting than tellling "Variety" once again that he went on ride alongs in preparation for EoW. ;-)

FP said...

ToddHellsKitch ‏@ToddHellsKitch 5 min5
If you think you saw Jake Gyllenhaal in the subway... Then, guess what?... …

LOL! very funny :)

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Patricia Arquette at the Variety Studio: Actors on Actors


UltraViolet said...

Was just about to post that, Monica. It was a good clip. I cringed when the coyote was the first thing she mentioned! But it got better. Jake looks great.

Piruleta, thanks for the Vallee interview. That music idea is wonderful. I remember seeing a video of Jake talking about the tape that Brad Silberling made him for Moonlight Mile.

LOL, Hagen. The EoW ride alongs have risen again in some NC interviews.

Another poll, This time: Did Jake or Hayden Christensen kiss Jena Malone better. Jake is losing. To Hayden Christensen.

UltraViolet said...

Some funny reactions to the subway photo Gothamist article. First from FB:

It makes me sad that he had to eat a bagel off the floor. We should start riding the N with extra bagels

See him all the time. He lives on my block in Soho. Very serious and straight faced all the time

I would sit right on his lap lol

*factors constant subway-riding into NYC trip*

Sasha, we should take the N train everywhere until this happens to us!

Haha a long time ago I sat down and exhange the squinting eye fry look with him and then my eyes widened in realization who he was and so did his and he mirrored everything I did then I proceeded to put my finger up my nose and then he said " ok you win, I've got a bagel in my hand" lol funniest moment with a celebrity.

That's pretty funny, if it really happened.

From the original reedit thread:

Back around 2004, I was living in Calgary and had just got a kitten. I made an appointment to get his shots at a little local vet's office. This was in July, during the Calgary Stampede, so the city was even more cowboyredneck than normal.
As I'm sitting there waiting, the door opens and a guy walks in, dressed all in denim, with a young German Shepherd. It looks like Jake Gyllenhaal, but it can't be him... right?

He tells the receptionist he doesn't have an appointment but asks if they can take a look at his dog's ear problem. She says yes and gives him some paperwork to fill out. He sits down two chairs over from me and I glance over as he's writing his name on the form. Sure enough, "JAKE GYLLENHAAL" in neat and tidy caps.

The receptionist/nurse calls me into the exam room with my kitten for the shots and a few questions. After she closes the door, I say "Do you know who that is out there?"
"That's Jake Gyllenhaal!"

Anyway, I go back out to my seat to wait for... something. I forget what. I decide to say something - "So, what are you doing in town?"

"Oh, making a movie," he says, quietly. No details are forthcoming, and I don't want to harass the guy.

The dog - who's named Atticus, btw - starts sniffing my kitten. The kitten's never seen a dog before and is sniffing back cautiously. I'm a little nervous, but he says "Don't worry; he's pretty good with cats." We made a bit more small talk, and then whatever I was waiting for finished and I got up and left.

It wasn't until a year or so later that I realized the movie he was working on at the time was Brokeback Mountain and he was probably a bit nervous about telling some random dude in Calgary that he was making a gay cowboy movie during Stampede.

Was he beautiful? I mean Jake. I know your kitten was / is.

Hahaha. Gotta say, he's every bit as attractive in person as on film. He and his sister came from damn good stock.

I'm so jealous it hurts. I'm not the kind of girl to be obsessed with celebrities but I love him. I LOVE HIM.

All of my female friends and even my girlfriend at the time were so jealous they were actually angry with me.
"Why did you get to see him and not me?!"
"Uh... because I had a vet appointment and you didn't?"
"YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME." (I didn't even have a cellphone in 2004.)
It took a while for most of them to get over it and stop treating me like the most inconsiderate asshole on the planet.

Haha honestly if my boyfriend met him and I didn't I think I'd have a hard time not being at least a tiny bit angry. We know it's irrational and we don't care!

UltraViolet said...

A few more:

Fucker is very normal. Saw him playing basketball at the courts by canal and 6th ave. He was hustling to save a ball from going out of bounds and laughing. I yelled "HUSTLE!" when he almost did a face plant.

i can confirm that this is jake. he came in to the store i work in in soho last weekend and he was wearing those jordans as well as the north face back back he's holding in your picture. nice guy.

And my favorite:

I find it kinda funny I find it kinda sad This post on Reddit is the best you've ever had

bobbyanna said...

Awww. I love hearing these stories about Jake. What a sweetheart. I'm impressed that he personally took Atticus into the Vet's instead of "sending someone."

The Gothamist piece about the subway was cute, and I love that Jake and Patricia Arquette were paired for the Variety interview. Hope we get more of it, it looks like they had fun! I always enjoy seeing/reading anything where we catch glimpses of his personality, when he's not "On." Patricia seems so down to earth and natural, you can tell they had good rapport.

Sag Actor said...

Love the Variety interview too, a great pairing and I like Patricia.

The photoshoot is weird and a bit off but I think that was what they were aiming for.

Would like to see Jake in this play, my wife and I will be in NY during the run so it's a good bet we will get tickets!

Piruleta said...

Not sure if you've seen this interview

Liked the pairing with Patricia Arquette, hope we get to see more of it.

BlueJean said...

For everyone who enjoys reading the Twitter comments just as much as I do - someone even made a real article out of it! Very funny!

"As I'm sitting there waiting, the door opens and a guy walks in, dressed all in denim, with a young German Shepherd. It looks like Jake Gyllenhaal, but it can't be him... right?"

OMG - was he dressed as Jack Twist? 'Dressed all in denim'... loved reading that!

BlueJean said...

Oh, you posted the subway article already! Sorry FP!!! :))) I honestly hadn't seen it!


FP said...

Bluejean not worry, it often happens to me too! :))

"was he dressed as Jack Twist? "

'Dressed all in denim'.

Love this! I wonder if he also wore the black stetson! lol


Another funny article

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Nightcrawler finally got a HK release date! And those W magazine shots are incredible!


Anonymous said...

I thought NC will be around 40 MIL, but domestic sales is 27 only and worldwide is 33 MIL, what is 6 MIL only overseas. But still good result for indie movie. Btw it is already online free, however the copy is very bad.


Anonymous said...

Nightcrawler is a big critical success. Its 94% RT score is better than for Gone Girl, Imitation Game, Foxcatcher, Interstellar. Equal to Birdman. For a 8 million small indie it matters more than box office numbers. Which numbers are pretty good if one factors in that OR owns AMC Theatres and Regal Entertainment. It's about more than the cold numbers any amateur can find online.
NY TIMES: Open Road was founded in 2011 to try to approximate the consistency of the old studio system — by filling screens with films that have modest budgets, recognizable stars and drawing power, and can be promoted by the aggressive use of relatively cheap marketing techniques. That includes heavy reliance on publicity rather than expensive media advertising. In addition, trailers for OR films would be shown on many of the roughly 12,000 screens owned by Regal and AMC.
Deadline: Being co-owned by AMC and Regal presents Open Road with some strategic advantages. The business model is built on low overhead, keeping acquisitions and P&A low. Ortenberg said the company plans to keep minimum guarantee costs and P&A commitments. Other advantages will present themselves to OR, such as cheaper print fees and preferred inhouse advertising.

Positive Note said...

Thanks Anon at 6:07 pm, that it something I did not know.

And I agree with your comment about Nightcrawler.

Anonymous said...

Sure, nobody knew how the success of the movies is measured, everybody here thinks they are just cold numbers. This is the point of all the comments, right?

And to compare it to Birdman, it was released just in 857 theaters and awards are almost sure, while NC will be happy for one lead actor nomination regardless RT rate. So BO matters if you like it or not, if at the end there will be no awards and no BO, how you will measure your success, watching RT?. Cheers you cold number, if you have a problem with me, just go to sleep and get over me, you are the least interesting thing on this site for me. SV

UltraViolet said...

Anon 6:07, we are all amateurs here. And everything you posted has been discussed here before.

NC has done very well for how much it cost. And it hasn't finished its run. I was hoping for $30 million or even $35, but it doesn't seem like it will make that. I'd love to see $20 million from overseas, but it has only $6mil so far. If it does well in France and Australia, it could get a boost.

SV, I agree the anon comment was irritating, but it's best just to ignore these things :)

UltraViolet said...

BJ, don't worry We all repeat information :)

Piruleta, thanks for posting that Peter Travers interview. I'd been waiting for it, because there was a photo of them circulating. Glad they finally posted.

I just put up a new post for some old photos.