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Is Jake Gyllenhaal having trouble deciding what to wear for the Man of the World cover shoot? There seem to be a lot of props to choose from. Or perhaps he was just thinking really hard, something he seems to be doing a lot lately.

In both "Prisoners" and this, you have so much going on beneath the surface -- they're performances that stick with you. It's no coincidence they're my two favorite performances of yours. You seem to be digging deeper than ever before in your work. Is that due to what Denis asks of you, or did you just come to a realization of sorts?

Yeah. I feel a desperate need to bring that to everything that I do. And I feel that every interaction that I have, be it in the interaction that we're having now, or I go out on the street, whoever I see, whoever I meet, in my life, my friends, the people I love, my family... each on of those things in between each project I do is an accumulation of an experience and I want to put all those things, even if it correlates to the movie I'm doing or not. It's all inside me, it's how I grow. So, I don't want deny that stuff and then go and make a movie. I want to take all that stuff with me and put it into the experience I'm having. And that's a decision I made, I started to realize, "That moves me. Oh, I detest that. Oh..." Whatever it is, and bring it in to the performances. I think you get to a certain age where you start doing that and you're no longer feeling that.. I don't know (Laughs).

So I'm seeing more of you in every performance now.

I think so. I think so... I mean, I've become a lot more obsessed with the specificity of characters and like you said, my work, the choices I make, also being on stage was a really big evolution for me. Getting back on stage last year, I will again next year, to me, being a part of... I don't know... I just feel more alive in what I'm doing.

I can't explain it in any way, except the relationships I make with the people I make movies with matters to me the most and how we interact. I'm about to go do this movie about Everest with Baltasar Kormakur, directing the movie, and I know the relationship we have there, like, we will explore. I will listen to him and what he needs and then I'll go into unknown territory for him as a result. I don't now what that's about. I don't know what happened. I just know I went like, "Oh, now's the time." There's no other time but now to go do it. I'm going to make a bold choice and if someone doesn't want it they can cut it out.

As far as Italy, at least. Jake and other members of the the Everest cast and crew took a tour of the Eternal City with Imago Artis Tours.

Some information on the Cinecitta sets for Everest. (Spoiler alert if you don't know what happened on the mountain.)

… the area of ​​7,000 square meters topped by a depth of 80 meters in width and 20 in height, the pool - in the past used by Martin Scorsese on "Gangs of New York" and the well-known series "The Borgias "- has been used to recreate the base camp of the tragic Everest expedition of 1996...

And here's Jake at Il Gabriello restaurant in Rome:


UltraViolet said...

Vikings star talks about Everest:

Clive has already spent three weeks filming on location at the Everest base camp in Nepal, and in the Dolomite mountains in northern Italy.

He said: "It's a film based on a tragedy that happened there in 1996, where a lot of mountaineers were stuck at the summit of Everest when a storm cam
e in and many of them didn't come back down alive. It's an amazing tale of endurance and its been fantastic.

"We've been working on it for about three weeks now - we've been filming right at the top of the Dolomites at minus 20 celsius and it's tough but it's lots of fun. Lots of men stuck up a mountain and helicopters and we've been doing lots of mountaineering and climbing training. I think it's going to be a good one."

He added: "I just finished doing some scenes with Josh Brolin and he's a joy to work with. He's a fantastic actor and I feel really lucky to be a part of this project." ...

Clive revealed: "David ( Breashears, the film's producer), was part of the IMAX team who helped some of the climbers down, and he's on set with Guy Cotter who was another of the climbers there."

Realist said...

Awww the baby's stare toward Jake in the first pic is adorable.

Mary said...

Thanks UV for sll the news on Jake I'm not good at finding out all that stuff I rely on everyone here for that. Nver heard of Man of the World mag before.

bobbyanna said...

That's a gorgeous photoshoot, UV!
That's a good interview, too. Mary, I've never heard of the magazine either.

Who knew. : )Movie stars are just like us!!!! They went on a guided tour of Rome, with a travel agency! LOL!I think that's so cool. I went to the agency's FB page and they had photos from when they escorted Matthew McConaughey and his family to all the famous sites, as well.

Tweety said...

The photos are spectacular! I have to say that I never heard of the magazine either.
I think it's cool that the cast took some time out to do some sightseeing together, Italy is so beautiful and I love the group photo!

UltraViolet said...

Stars are just like us! Realist, the baby looking at Jake is adorable.

Mary, haven't seen you for a bit. Good to see you. And Tweety, I'm glad Jake got to see some sights. I'm a little jealous, as I've never been to Rome.

Heads up, Canadian GBers: Jake will be on George Stroumboulopoulos on Wednesday night. (This was filmed in January, when Jake went to Toronto for the Canadian Top 10 thing.

UltraViolet said...

From a Grub Street story about Pastis, with recollections from people who worked there:

Natalie Holst: One time Jake Gyllenhaal came into the restaurant and kept asking me to move tables every 20 minutes. Turned out he was just trying to strike up a conversation. He said, “I was just waiting for you to get off work.” It was nice and sweet. I had a boyfriend at the time, but I still went out with him — I mean, it’s Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a little surreal.

Anna Shin: It was always important to place the celebrities well, somewhere they weren’t exposed and had an easy exit. The best place was along the wall in the back room. But the other key element was not making too much of a fuss. One time Jake Gyllenhaal came in when he was dating Kirsten Dunst. They were approached by a group of adoring girls. I walked by and subtly made eye contact with him. He nodded as if to say, It’s okay. I can handle it.

bobbyanna said...

" I had a boyfriend at the time, but I still went out with him — I mean, it’s Jake Gyllenhaal..."

LOL! He has that affect.: )

Realist said...

Has anyone ever wondered why there is not a sequel to Source Code? It could make so much money overseas and has a decent following in North America.

Chica said...

I was trying to figure out how to post a review of Enemy which I saw at a screening here in NY on Thursday but its hard ! All I can say for now is that Jake is incredible in the dual role. The movie screwed with my head big time and I may need more time to wrap my head around it.
Realist I thought that there was a rumor that they were going to turn Source Code into a TV series?

Love all the photos from the photo shoot :)

bobbyanna said...

I'm getting ready to watch the Oscars. I'm already missing Jake and we have three hours before the broadcast begins. Without Jake the Oscars just don't seem that cool.

I'm glad he's working, but I am sure looking forward to him being there next time. Hopefully as a nominee. : )

My picks tonight are Lupita, Cate Blanchett, Chiwetel, Leo or Christian Bale, and Jared Leto.

I think Best picture will be a tight race between 12 years, Gravity, and American Hustle.

It will be fun seeing the fashion. I think that's half the reason I watch.

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to say, Chica! I totally understand how hard it is to put into words exactly what was happening with Enemy. It really gets into your head. Jake was wonderful. Really extraordinary job.

Realist said...

Skipping the Oscars bore fest, I think Lawrence will win and IMO
none of the actors nominees except Matthew really deserve to be nominated but he probably will not win, Leo won't get it because the academy doesn't seem to like Leo. Bale will get the win and not deserve it one bit much like Lawrence doesn't.

Jared, Matthew and Lupita deserve to win but only Jared probably will win. Gravity might win Best Picture due to a split in votes for the other two favorites.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Looking forward to your review Chica!
I'm getting ready for the Oscars too. Glad Jake is busy but I miss him this time of year, sigh.

I think that Matthew , Jared, Cate, Lupita and 12 Years a Slave will win tonight!

bobbyanna said...

OONP, those are good guesses.

So far, I am in love with Cate Blanchett's dress, and Charlize Theron looked amazing, too. Lupita's was beautiful, and Anna Kendrick looked very good. Those four stood out. Most of the dresses were fine, but I think Charlize & Cate were the top two for me.

UltraViolet said...

Another Jakeless award season comes to an end. Such a shame. I hope Jake gets to take part in these again someday.

Realist said...

Did they flash Jake on the Oscars telecast? My friend shouted out there's Jake G.

Monica said...

^^ Yes, I saw Jake.

bobbyanna said...

They showed a video clip from the Governors Awards event that Jake attended weeks ago, he was sitting at a table with Harrison Ford.

Congratulations to Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong'o. So happy for them both!

UltraViolet said...

That makes so much more sense than Jake actually being there, Bobbyanna. I missed that - was out getting a refreshment!

Loved Lupita's speech, as well as Jared's. And Lupita looks stunning.

Realist said...

Thanks UV and Monica for clearing up the Jake at the Oscars sighting.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Hey I did pretty good on my predictions congratulations to all the winners!

bobbyanna said...

Yes you did, OONP! I was hoping for a different outcome in the Best Actor category, but I don't begrudge Matthew his win.

UltraViolet said...

Only two wrong on my Oscar ballot. Best year in a long while.

Mary said...

Loved Jared Leto acceptance speech thought it was the best one so happy for Lupita and 12 years a slave. No surpises for me.really enjoyed the oscars this year thought Ellen did a great job.

Stephanie has posted some new pics of Jake in the gallery taken today in Rome.

Monica said...

This was one of the worst oscars. Ellen is the worst.
I hope she will never go back again.

I am very happy for Cuarón and spike jonze.

Monica said...

I am not happy with the idea of ​​Jake in the second season of True Detective. I do not want to see Jake playing a detective again so soon. I haven't seen the series.
I want to see Jake again in the theater as he said.

Realist said...

" I am not happy with the idea of ​​Jake in the second season of True Detective. I do not want to see Jake playing a detective again so soon."

Agree...I thought the same after EOW and Prisoners. Although both characters were totally opposite.

Hagen said...

Clive Standen ‏@CliveStanden 3 h
Back to work... #Everest (picture from the "Everest" set in South Tyrol)

sami said...

Die letzten Bilder von Jake finde ich einfach Klasse.

Hagen said...

Dailymail: Jake Gyllenhaal was seen sightseeing in Rome

UltraViolet said...

Added a photo of Jake out at a rome restaurant. So now the last photo is different, Sami. But still a good one :)

Lots of gorgeous photos from the Everest set, Hagen.

With True Detective, I'd worry that they wouldn't be able to sustain the quality. But I don't think it would be a bad move for Jake, so long as he has other movie roles in the pipeline.

Hagen said...

Brendan Kelly ‏@brendanshowbiz 7 h
Off this morning to the press screening of Denis Villeneuve's Enemy. Can't wait to see it. Meeting M. Villeneuve tomorrow for Gaz [Montreal Gazette] story Sat.

bobbyanna said...

I'm not real impressed with True Detective. I watched several episodes, and found Matthew McConaughey annoying.

IMO, he walked around in a semi -comatose/zombie-like state, portraying this mysterious guy, and I just found his interpretation of his character rather monotonous. Woody Harrelson, OTOH, is a fine actor. I lost interest.

I would love to see Jake in an HBO production, either a movie or a story arc in some series, but I'm not convinced True Detective would be it. Of course if he does it, I'll watch. ; )

Realist said...

This so sweet:

4paws4Life Rescue ‏@4paws4LifeResq · 35m
This is Jake Gyllenhaal and he is a 2 year old Cattle Dog. Today he went to a new foster, got really scared and...

Monica said...

Josh Horowitz ‏@joshuahorowitz 13m
Happy/Sad/Confused. With Jake Gyllenhaal. #happysadconfused #jakegyllenhaal

With True Detective, I'd worry that they wouldn't be able to sustain the quality.

My thoughts, in addition, we will see comparisons between the first season and second season.

Sag Actor said...

There were no surprise winners at the Oscars and they were are all well deserved, congratulations!

I like the HBO series True Detective and I think that it's great that his name is being mentioned to join season two.

FP said...

NY Film Society ‏@SAGAFTRAflixNY

Be sure to check out Enemy today, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, screening at regular times of 1PM, 3:30PM, 6PM and 8:30PM!

FP said...

CBC Publicity ‏@CBC_Publicity 1 min

Look who's in the red chair tomrw! MT @strombo: Reunited & it feeeeels sooo good..Wed, March 5 @CBC #JakeGyllenhaal

UltraViolet said...

Short clip from Jake's Strombo interview.

Love the Happy/Sad/Confused IG photo.

Chica, I missed your post. So glad you got to see Enemy. Some of you might know the blooger who runs My New Plaid Pants. He's a huge Jake fan. He wrote a great Enemy review, where he manages to capture the tension and the trippiness without spoiling the plot.

Here's another twitter review:

Saw the film #Enemy with #JakeGyllenhaal 2nite. Suspenseful. Pulled me in. Kept me. Bizarre ending! #indiefilm

UltraViolet said...

There are two more videos at that Strombo link, FYI.

This radio station posted a 20-minute interview with Denis Villeneuve in September. They tweeted that tomorrow would be Jake's turn.

Some interesting tidbits in this sort of spoilery Enemy review, from someone who saw it at Lincoln Center:

The same day in which I saw Enemy, I also happened upon a book by Kara Walker the cover of which is comprised of a letter that states “…thank you… for fucking my brains out when they needed fucking…” and, though the context is decidedly different, it feels appropriate. Thank you, Villeneuve.

The unfortunate result of this madness is that it will undoubtedly have as many – if not vastly more so – detractors as it earns fans. I was fortunate enough to see it at a sold out advanced screening via Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Film Comment Selects series and it was a very enthusiastic crowd which were silent – except for the moments of gallows humor – throughout and sat through the end credits without any phones coming back to life or conversations amongst viewing companions began. I don’t remember the last time that I experienced that, for better or worse. It is also unfortunately destined to be described as “Lynchian” – not helped by Isabella Rossellini’s brief appearance as Mother – which is a poor crutch for attempting to taxonomize anything that doesn’t adhere to the strictest of narrative conventions and/or contains any sort of dream logic. And I’ve gone and said too much already.

Anyone who has read up at all on Enemy thus far – and stop doing that! – has undoubtedly heard that its ending is shocking and abrupt. I tend to agree and disagree on those claims, respectively. Yes, it is shocking. In a theater that I could have heard a rustled candy wrapper from the back row in, the audible “what the fuck?” and “holy shit” exclamations during the film’s final shot seemed to represent a new life in the seemingly sedate bodies of the auditorium. And it is wholly appropriate. For a film about doppelgangers, the biggest question in regards to identity is its own, which I don’t mean as a criticism but as a compliment. And with that final shot, Villeneuve manages to extend that identity crisis to the audience itself.

Did I just watch that?

sami said...

Ich bin nicht bei Facebook oder
Twitter.Aber ich muß mal etwas los werden.Soll es stimmen das Jake
wieder mit Alyssa zusammen ist.Ich kann es kaum glauben.Offiziell ist es ja noch nicht Bin mal gespannt,ob
es stimmt.

BlueJean said...


All that's 'official' is that Jake sent her a card for Valentine's Day.

BlueJean said...

As for all the 'Enemy' reviews: there hasn't been a Jake movie yet that I'm so desperate to see.

Hagen said...

Enemy Featurette - Denis Villeneuve: The Web Of His Mind

Hagen said...

Dan ‏@LedburyGas
Decent day at Pinewood Studios. Saw an awesome set for the film Everest which will be released in 2015. Now back to reality in Ledbury.

Hagen said...

The official website of "Enemy" has been updated. There's a list of theaters that will screen the film.

bobbyanna said...

Hagen, thanks for the information! I'll be able to see it again on the big screen in just a few weeks! Yaaay!

I am so glad they are promoting Enemy! They are doing a lot more marketing than I ever expected them to do.

UV, I keep looking at the photo- shoot you 've posted for this thread, and can't get over how good Jake looks. Maybe I'm getting used to the long hair and the beard. ; )

Mary said...

Well I won't be able to see it not playing at a theater near me too far for me to drive to LA:(

bobbyanna said...

Bummer! It's too bad it's so far away from you, mary.

I'm having problems with the podcast interview. They tell me I need an updated version of Flash Player. So I installed Flash Player. But then it still won't play. it keeps telling me to install something I already installed. : (

FP said...

@Tifa_Alhajeri 33 min

All the actors you can think of are with me in the hotel having breakfast and I can't talk to them because they want their "Privacy"

@TheBiscuits jake gyllenhaal and two guys I don't know the names of. This is one of them.

@Tifa_Alhajeri 6 min

@JenniferMColes what's his name?

pic with Josh Brolin

Hagen said...

New release date for "Enemy" in the UK: May 16th, 2014 (Pathé UK)

bobbyanna said...

I guess I will revise my opinion about Jake & HBO. : ) Matthew McConaughey announced he won't be coming back to True Detective, and that it will be a whole new story next season. Eight episodes. It might be a great opportunity for Jake, especially since HBO is highly respected.

I'm hoping at some point that we might hear more about a possible acting role in live theatre, soon.

Hagen said...

Deadline: Antoine Fuqua Closes Deal To Direct Kurt Sutter-Penned ‘Southpaw’; Jake Gyllenhaal Set To Star

The picture, financed by The Weinstein Company, will start before the cameras this summer.

Monica said...

Antoine Fuqua Closes Deal To Direct Kurt Sutter-Penned ‘Southpaw’; Jake Gyllenhaal Set To Star


New interview:Vanity Fair

Realist said...

I am excited but you know Jake, set to star means nothing until he signs the deal.

I still hope Denis V directs the E Moss film.

UltraViolet said...

That's true, Realist. These things don't always pan out. Im still on the fence about this one. But it is a Weinstein production, so I hope that bodes well.

I feel similarly ambivalent about True Detective, Bobbyanna. But we'll see.

I'm jealous that Enemy is playing in your city. No Boston area theaters listed yet.

Thanks for the official site link, Hagen.

Lots happening in Jakeland. New post with one of it.