Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Más de Madrid

A more stylized view of Jake Gyllenhaal at the Enemy Madrid premiere last week:

Here's Jake with Enemy writer Javier Gullón in Madrid:

Look: Javier has a rejected Enemy poster, with Jake in North by Northwest/Source Code mode:

I will post some links to Spanish print interviews. They continue the tradition of being more interesting than Jake's domestic interviews. In the meantime, you can watch a few:

And a look at the premiere, including Denis Villeneuve's interesting introduction of Jake:

(First (and maybe fourth?) photo courtesy of Ralf Pascual.


Hagen said...

I wonder if Jake always remembers how he's started his sentences. ;-)

Sam Worthington is playing the current CEO of Adventure Consultants, the company that was founded by Rob Hall. As far as I know he wasn't involved in the events on Mount Everest back in 1996 at all. I guess he'll be used for some sort of frame story.

Peach Weathers doesn't appear in "Into Thin Air" at all.

Clive Standen is playing Ed Viesturs who had the leading role in the Everest IMAX movie. He's only very briefly mentioned in "Into Thin Air", but the IMAX expedition might be somewhat more important in the movie (which is supposed to be shown in IMAX theaters as well).

Extra said...

Jake is looking more like Rasputin , Lol!
I'm surprised to see that they are still adding to the cast of Everest.

bobbyanna said...

Well he's Jake so he still manages to get a few really beautiful photos but yes, Extra, I agree! LOL! Very much a Rasputin vibe! At least if he does Southpaw we will see his face again.

Hagen, thanks for the details on the roles that have been cast. It makes me think flashbacks will be part of the narrative structure in the film. I'm really thrilled about IMAX and 3D. I definitely don't want to start another discussion, but I can think of at least one other movie of Jake's that might have done better with IMAX & 3D. : ) And no, not TDAT.; )

Anonymous said...

Hello,from japan
Cover of the magazine which it was an old photograph, but was released this month


Monica said...

Welcome anon from japan.

Jake has confirmed he will be in Southpaw. He said he will begin preparing for the movie after filming Everest. I didn't understand if he said he will have three months to prepare or if the shooting will last three months. Anyway, it's great news.

link: interview

FP said...

Monica! YAY!!! :)

Hi friend from Japan! What a beautiful country :)

BlueJean said...

Wow. Where do you guys find all that stuff? *utterly impressed*

Thanks for an excellent post once again, UV.

Hi Japan! ;) Great to see you here!

FP said...

jason ilagan ‏@jasonilagan 3 min

Spotted: a casually dressed Jake Gyllenhaal joining us for dinner at the River Cafe.
Hammersmith and Fulham, London

Molly McCarthy ‏@molliotti 16 min

From filmo sister: Today jake gyllenhaal kept smiling at me and then came over for a massive chat. Definitely my new celebrity crush! #Fffff

UltraViolet said...

Posted a longer version of the first video interview. Jake really did a lot if press in Madrid. I'll get to the articles at some point today, I hope.

Here's more video of the premiere. I can't understand most of the reviews, but I think one woman calls it spectacular and likes Jake's dual performances.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Ayer did an AMA on reddit:

David, Who has been your favorite actor/actress you have worked with and why, besides Arnold lol.
[–]David_AyerDavid Ayer 21 points 9 hours ago
Christian Bale, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

[–]David_AyerDavid Ayer 24 points 9 hours ago
And Keanu. Fuck. I've worked with a lot of great actors. All of them, I'd have to say. It's unfair to really single any out, I love working with actors.

Denis did an AMA, also, but there wasn't much happening. Have to go back and review it again.

UltraViolet said...

Some Jake sightings:

March 23
Laura & i are seriously dying!!!!!! With zero make up on at breakfast at the hotel in walks jake gyllenhaal!! What is going on?! We cant figure this out! Clearly we are being followed

You my dear have got a stalker

At least he's good looking and rich
Yesterday at 9:29am

Omg, i kid not!!! Keira knightly is now sitting here w jake gylenhaal!!!!

Jake Gyllenhaal spotted dining at L'entrpote in Hackney Downs. Meanwhile 0.5 miles up the road a 15 year old girl is murdered. Londons status quo remains intact.

We also went for dinner on Saturday night to L'Entrepôt with Kim and our friends Jon and Lauren, and I haven't laughed so much in ages. We were sat by the door and when Jake Gyllenhaal walked in we amused ourselves with the idea of anonymously sending him a complimentary rice pudding. I'm afraid we were THAT table, but sometimes you just have to go through a couple of bottles of wine, laugh until your belly hurts and tears stream down your face. We eventually headed home to hang out in the fort and carry on the party.

Jake and the London CZ:

2 weeks ago · The River Cafe
Still celebrating - lovely dinner with @lauraelliot5 and the dreamy Jake Gyllenhaal sat behind us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

6 days ago
Had dinner with Jake Gylenhall at the @rivercafe last week. Not at the same table, but we were close. Sure he feels the same.

Saw Jake Gylenhall up the shard on Sunday. #CelebSpot
Reply Retweet Favorite More
3:21 PM - 18 Mar 2014

This one made me laugh - I kept forgetting to post it:

Mar 17
Yesterday,whilst eating lunch on Portobello Rd,Jake Gylenhall walked past me. I had to be physically restrained by friends #OneLikeHimPlease

FP said...

True Detective submitted in Best Drama category for Emmys 2014

^^^The second season of True Detective will focus on two new detectives, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm rumoured to be in talks.

Read more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/ustv/news/a560194/true-detective-submitted-in-best-drama-category-for-emmys-2014.html#ixzz2x3NexFY0
Follow us: @digitalspy on Twitter | digitalspyuk on Facebook

Hagen said...

The second season of True Detective will focus on two new detectives, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm rumoured to be in talks.

Hmm, I haven't watched the first season of "True Detective", but I think I'd rather prefer another Detective Loki movie (though that's not likely). You never know, if and when those HBO series are broadcast on German (free) TV. Plus audiences will inevitably compare the second season with the first one and Jake with Jon Hamm and Matthew McConaughey. I think Jake should only work on TV, if he starts a new (mini) series.

FP said...

Hagen I have confidence in Jake's choices, if he believes the game is worth the candle I trust, comparisons will always be there, no matter what he will do, he is an actor.
Jake does not seem someone who is afraid of challenges or comparisons, and this is one of the things I most love about him :)

Monica said...

The second season of True Detective will focus on two new detectives, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm rumoured to be in talks.

I hope not.

Monica said...

Jake was not the first choice for Enemy. Dennis first offered the role to Javier Bardem, but he turned down saying that the role was not for him. Then he offered to Christian Bale who said yes, but asked to be filmed after Prisoners, but Denis couldn't do that.

link: Dennis Villeneuve

FP said...

very nice Denis :/

Hagen said...

First two unnamed British actors were offered the role, then Javier Bardem and Christian Bale.

"Jake accepted immediately and we didn't have to change anything. I think he adapted more to us than we to him. ...
I feel a bit uncomfortable talking about that."

He should have skipped that question or answered it in a more diplomatic way. :rolleyes:

BlueJean said...

I agree. It would've made me feel much better if I hadn't known there were so many actors considered before he chose Jake :(

Still, I'm glad it's him after all! :)

FP said...

We are fortunate Jake has a lot of patience and good manners Hagen :)

UltraViolet said...

I really don't think this is a big deal. Parts are offered all the time, and it makes sense that they wanted European actors for a Euro production.

I think Denis realized he shouldn't have answered but it was too late. Given all of the praise and respect he's given to Jake, I think he can be forgiven.

Hagen said...

I don't really mind that Jake wasn't the first actor he thought of, but rather that "he accepted immediately, we didn't have to change anything, he adapted more to us than we to him" part. Something like "we were lucky that he accepted" would have been more appropriate.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, but that might just be awkward translation. Agreed that it would have been better just not to discuss it.

Since they are such good friends, Jake can yell at Denis about it.

bobyanna said...

Denis has been effusive in his praise of Jake, UV, but I'm kind of disappointed with the comments, too, and Hagen, I do wish he'd answered differently.

But in the scheme of things, it doesn't matter at all. Because Jake was effective and the film is a critical success. So there are no regrets, I would think.

Enemy belongs to Jake. He owns it. He is spectacular in it, and the film will live long after those remarks are soon forgotten.

FP said...

Maybe I'm oversensitive and it is true Denis has always shown affection and respect for Jake, but that comment makes it seem like Jake as a third or fourth choice, when Jake gave up a great commercial success, as Now you see me to work with Denis

FP said...

it is also true , Denis strongly wanted Jake for Prisoners and has also changed something in the script for's movie, in the end I am very grateful to Denis, and I'll be forever, but the comment by David Ayer had spoiled me :)

Anonymous said...

Richard Kelly‏@JRichardKelly·

ENEMY warrants comparison to Polanski's REPULSION. Exquisitely creepy and sexy. See it on the big screen.

Monica said...

In this interview, Jake answers about if he would like to star in True Detective season 2. He said that he did many police roles, then it's time to move to the firefighters. lol

I think that's what I was thinking, I wouldn't want to Jake do another cop so soon and perhaps this is his thought.

Piruleta said...

Hello everyone! I'm new here :)

I have an interview in which Javier Gullón (the screenwriter) interviews Jake, and he says he opened a bottle of champagne when he learned Jake was on board. He was so excited he told his mum and she was like "who?" lol

I didn't particularly like the way Denis answered that question but I'm sure all of them are relieved Jake was the final choice.

FP said...

Go With the Blog ‏@GoWith_theBlog 3 min

@PatheFilms RT @BretEastonEllis ENEMY ends with the spider from hell & Jake Gyllenhaal's greatest close-up and then: After The Lights Go Out

Hi Piruleta! :)

FP said...

Garethgagzi ‏@Garethgagzi 49 min
Just had a great chat with a very lovely Jake Gyllenhaal. Nice people.

Rocio Ruano ‏@Rocio_Ruano 41 min
My boss and I just served Jake Gyllenhaal. Yes, I freaked out. / Mi jefe y yo acabamos de ayudar a Jake Gyllenhaal. Si, casi me da algo.

Chica said...

Welcome Piruleta! Not thrilled with Denis' comments but agree that in the end it's not a big deal IMO. He did a stellar job in Enemy.

Would love for him to do True Detective even though he would be playing a cop again, the show is awesome!

bobbyanna said...

Is it possible the storyline for another season of True Detective might include a really good, non- detective role? (A Bad Guy.)

FP said...

Nice Shirt Films ‏@niceshirtfilms 38 sec

SPOTTED we've seen Jake Gyllenhaal just now getting down on some cous cous at Nopi. He apparently was reading a book and had a beard.

FP said...

one min ago · Nopi
A spot of lunch with Jake Gyllenhaal.


UltraViolet said...

Welcome, Piruleta! I'd love to read that interview. Do you have a link?

I saw the trio of Denis, Javier and Jake in Toronto and they all seemed thrilled and happy. So I don't think there's any bad blood.

Piruleta said...

I have the magazine but I don't own a scanner :(

UltraViolet said...

That's okay! Thanks for letting me know. (What magazine is it? I can see if there's any online version or if someone online scanned it in.)

FP said...

Keenz22 ‏@KeenzLaRich 2 h
Met jake Gyllenhaal in covent garden today. cool guy

Whoa seriously?! Did U just approach him or how did it happen? I've always wondered how he gets if you randomly walk up to him

@CountingStars29 I was actually at work and realised who it was, walked upto him and said hi jake how you doing he said I'm good and smiled

FP said...

Melyssa Dacruz ‏@MelissaDacruzz 4 min

#TBT Me asking #JakeGyllenhaal and #DenisVilleneuve a question about movies!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152147847544932&l=1353334719940342894 … #Toronto

Very funny:)

TBT: On set with JAKE GYLLENHAAL 💛 One of my favorite Hollywood men and nicest guy ever 🔥🔥🔥 @jakegyllenhaal1 @men_with_panache #jakegyllenhaal #styledirector #stylist #styleicon #hothothot #gaggging #peekaboo


Monica said...

Alicia Meerza ‏@AliciaMeerza 1h

Jake Gyllenhaal was at the airport, love himmmmm

Jake said in an interview that he met Saramago's wife. She is happy with the movie or something, but I'm not finding the link.
Last year I lost the opportunity to meet her when she was in my city. She came to the launch of a book by Saramago. :/

FP said...

~Gyllenhaal Pix!~ ‏@1moregyllenhaal 7 min

Guitar-toting #JakeGyllenhaal Departing From Heathrow Airport In London March 27.. He's so shy.... pic.twitter.com/Xg5KCzUfNr

Anonymous said...


So much for privacy, you can see his ticket information.

Monica said...

lol he's the new Leo DiCaprio


UltraViolet said...

Why is he so weird sometimes? LOL.

Anonymous said...


Saramago's wife about Jake:

"Su interpretación es magistral", dice Pilar del Río, viuda del escritor, "creo que se lee el libro, con todas las complejidades que plantea, solo siguiendo su mirada".

"His performance is masterful," says Pilar del Rio, widow of the writer, "I think you can read the book, with all the complexities, just by watching his gaze."

Ph0enicks said...

Is it just me of does Jake's hair look lighter? It might be trimmed at the back.

Ph0enicks said...

Meant to add: maybe that's why Jake was covering up at Heathrow. He doesn't usually even care to do that.

And back to Denis Villeneuve's comment,I really believe his direct nature and Francophone background were responsible for his reply. His filter kicked in after. He thinks in French whose phrases and thoughts do not necessarily lend themselves to precise translation. I don't believe he intended to slight Jake at all.

Mary said...

I noticed too that his hair color looked lighter and that it had been trimmed too.

Don't know what was going on with him covering his face guess he just didn't want his picture taken.

FP said...

I think Jake is so annoyed by the paps because of nude photos stolen from the set of Everest, it must be a bad experience to see your ass in all the gossip sites of the world, without your approval or even without you knowing it before, and he is right to be pissed to me

Hagen said...

Is it just me of does Jake's hair look lighter?

But only in some pictures, it looks dark as usual in other pics.

I guess he had just a bad beard day and didn't want to be photographed.

Piruleta said...

That's okay! Thanks for letting me know. (What magazine is it? I can see if there's any online version or if someone online scanned it in.)

It's a Spanish magazine called "cinemanía" I hope it helps!. There's nothing particularly new in the interview, but if I find some free time I could transcript the most interesting parts.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Enemy open in Spain today and there's no place in my city to watch it!

At least the two main magazines gave it a 4/5

bobbyanna said...

"lol he's the new Leo DiCaprio"

"Why is he so weird sometimes? LOL."

LOL! I agree! I wonder what that woman was thinking? Or maybe she was trying to give him some cover! LOL!

That's some very high praise coming from Saramago's widow, calling Jake's performance, "masterful." It's also a tribute to how Denis and Javier Gullon interpreted his work.

FP said...

Christine Pagano ‏@MoreChristine 5 min

Holy shit!!! I just rode the subway with Jake Gyllenhaal!!! My life is complete

She is in NY

FP said...

Serenity Strull ‏@SerenityStrull 3 min

My friend got on an empty subway car with Jake Gyllenhaal. Just her and Jakey G. No one else.

lucky girl

New York said...

Scott M. Welfel ‏@ScottWelfel 6m
Out to dinner with @labnyc123, #tonydanza and #jakegyllenhaal at @ilbuconyc

FP said...

Thug Biotech Analyst ‏@Thug_BioAnalyst 11 h

was bout to mug dis dude in soho, den realized it was jake gyllenhaal. I ain't messin' wit dat


UltraViolet said...

No idea about that tweet, FP. LOL.

I wonder how many stops they traveled alone on the subway car!

That is a wonderful compliment from Pilar del Rio. Jake must have been very gratified.

I wonder if Jake always remembers how he's started his sentences. ;-)

Keep forgetting to say LOL to that, Hagen!

FP said...

Sydney Squatrito ‏@sydn3yx3 6 min

not only did my sister stand across from Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway, but when they got off at the same stop he called her beautiful #wow

Thomas J. Quinlan ‏@thomas_quinlan 17 min

Either Wendy & I just passed Jake Gyllenhaal or there's an #NYC hobo walking around the city impersonating him really well. Tough to tell.


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Look like Jake is back NY and that interview is classic gyllenbabble, lol!

If you look at early pics of Jake (and Maggie) their hair looks auburn. I think now he is just going natural.

Anonymous said...

Quietly, One of Hollywood's Best Known Stars Has Become One of Its Most Underrated Actors


Hagen said...

There's an interesting video that analyzes "Enemy" (via Gyllencrazy and Jake Gyllenhaal Brasil). I haven't noticed some of the details mentioned in the video before. There are major spoilers in the video; it's only recommendable for those who have already watched the film.

New release date: "Enemy" will open in Japan on July 18th.

UltraViolet said...

If you haven't seen Enemy and didn't read the tweet, don't go back to it. But I keep forgetting to say that it was obnoxious of Brett Easton Ellis to put a spoiler in his tweet.

FP said...

Brett Easton Ellis to put a spoiler in his tweet.

UV, I'm sorry I posted that tweet, I did not know it was a spoiler, I apologize to everyone.

UltraViolet said...

No need to apologize, FP. It wasn't clearly a spoiler, I guess. I think most people just read it and didn't read into it. But HE knows it's a spoiler. He's a jerk, so it's not surprise.

And LOL:

Oh hey there Jake Gyllenhaal, nice to make awkward eye contact with you. #awkward #hello #dontcare #squashedtrain

One more from today:

just saw jack gyllenhaal!! just as cute in person, thank you new york!

Oops, another one:

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal walking down 5th ave with a pony tail and a massive beard.

is he walking downtown on fifth ave cause i'm gonna go chase him down and take him back to my room

Yeah. Think he went into the container store. Get it girl!

hahhaahaha. i'm GOIN

UltraViolet said...

The article posted at 11:56 is worth checking out. Nice words for Jake, but with the sad overemphasis on PoP and the even sadder perpetuation of the myth that Heath outshines Jake in BBM. But misconceptions or misperceptions aside, it's a good read.

BlueJean said...

"There are major spoilers in the video; it's only recommendable for those who have already watched the film."

I have already read the book! Does that count? ;)

FP said...

@peepthecreep 20 min

I just almost hit jake gyllenhaal with my car, lmfaooo #awk

he's so hot I would've felt so bad ��

garaz rinn ‏@WallflowerMeg 11 min

@peepthecreep you should have hit him, grabbed his phone, programmed my number under "baby" and then took a selfie with his body LOL

lmao he was crossing the street while I was trying to go, I was ready to scream move then was like on shit it's jake lmao!

ya gotta love NYC

FP said...

Logan Rhoades ‏@LoganRhoades 2 min

Guys! I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal. He was trying to be incognito in a hoodie & sunglasses, but his beard made me look at him. Got you, dude.

Hagen said...

I have already read the book! Does that count? ;)

No, that doesn't count. ;) The book won't really help you how to interpret the movie. Better save the video until you've watched "Enemy". ;)

@peepthecreep you should have hit him, grabbed his phone, programmed my number under "baby" and then took a selfie with his body LOL


FP said...

TheWrap ‏@TheWrap 6 min

Forest Whitaker Nearing Deal to Join Jake Gyllenhaal in Boxing Drama 'Southpaw' (Exclusive) http://bit.ly/1jWAE2H

Anonymous said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal and his disgusting beard is waiting for his juice -- still I'd tap that ;) (@ Juice Generation) http://4sq.com/1hhdvjC"
1 hr.ago

UltraViolet said...

I like Forest Whitaker but I'm not so excited about his joining the cast. I was hoping for someone a little more dynamic.

And LOL at the juice tweeter!

Monica said...

I have nothing against Forest, but this character sounds like the character of Morgan Freeman in Million Dollar Baby.

Hagen said...

I'm fine with Forest Whitaker, but I'm not really thrilled that Jake will star in a boxing movie.

"Enemy" is a niche movie in Spain, too. 6.837 people watched it in its opening weekend.

Hagen said...

Pathé International has updated the list of countries in which "Enemy" will be distributed (page 4). I think the Scandinavian and the former Yugoslavian countries are new on the list.

FP said...

Enemy" is a niche movie in Spain, too.

Hagen other hand...

Hippodrome Theatre ‏@HippTheatre 24 min

Due to popular demand, we are HOLDING OVER Enemy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, in the Hippodrome Cinema! Weekday... http://fb.me/1o2u6uuya


Hagen said...

FP, I think "Enemy" is doing OK given the fact that the film premiered on DirecTV five weeks before its theatrical release. (Though I don't understand how it could possibly gross $346,613 in its first week, when it grossed just $16,161 in its first weekend.)

Hagen said...

Denis Villeneuve has got many upcoming projects, but apparently only movies that focus on women: This morning it was revealed that Amy Adams is circling the lead in his upcoming sci-fi film “The Story Of Your Life,” and now comes word that another highly-covered Hollywood actress is entering his sphere. The trades report that “Looper” and “The Five Year Engagement” star Emily Blunt is planning to star in Villeneuve’s next film titled "Sicario”. The filmmaker is also developing an adaptation of a Russell Banks novel, with Jessica Chastain-eyed to star ( Indiewire).

UltraViolet said...

I was disappointed it didn't do better in Spain, since it's a Spanish production.

A24 has gotten a lot of praise, but when it can't even get the film into a theater in Boston, I'd say they failed. But I'm glad it's doing well in Gainesville, I guess.

Hagen said...

A24 has gotten a lot of praise, but when it can't even get the film into a theater in Boston, I'd say they failed.

To be fair quite a few theaters refuse to screen movies that are already available on VOD. I don't know if A24's deal with DirecTV has worked out that well. Nevertheless A24 should have found a theater in the Boston area that is willing to show "Enemy".

bobbyanna said...

Good for Denis! I'd also love to see Jake work with any one of those three women, Amy, Jessica or Emily. Love all three of them.

I'm just mystified, UV, as to why Boston was overlooked. I just assumed Enemy would show there.

I've been disappointed at the recent sightings talking about Jake's beard. Not gonna lie. : /

FP said...

jacob carlson ‏@jacobwcarlson 23 min

Jake Gyllenhaal flirted with my daughters today at brunch. So sad that the rest if their lives will be pointless in comparison

@jacobwcarlson do you have gps on that thanks so much okaybye.

@lizzieohreally Cafe Gitane around noon. His eyes are somehow even dreamier in real life.

Caring dad :)

FP said...

Adam V. ‏@RottenScraps 13 min

My gym just keeps getting better by the day. Had Jake Gyllenhaal doing his boxing today 👌 #ChurchSt

OMG! :)

Monica said...

#ChurchSt: http://www.csboxinggym.com/

but I'm not really thrilled that Jake will star in a boxing movie.


wow Denis, three films with women in the lead role. thumbs up

Holeshot said...


Tweety said...

I hear ta Bobbyanna, Jake must look like he just stepped out of Duck Dynasty!

Whitiker is fine with me , I think Freeman played a similar role in Million Dollar Baby.

Surprised that Enemy isn't playing in Bosto UV?!

New York said...

New York is lucky to have this guy as its resident (he takes the subway!).


FP said...


Jake Gyllenhaal and his band 'Holeshot'. He got kicked out for dating the drummer's girlfriend LOL #TroubleMaker pic.twitter.com/xhZ3imYDDU

LOL! Bad Jake :)

FP said...

Mel ‏@melnayson 2 min

Just walked past Jake Gyllenhaal and he is just as perfect as you'd imagine 😍
New York, NY

UltraViolet said...

I think someone posted the Holeshot Jake instagram earlier, though with that name, it probably looked like an x-rated link. But what a fun funny photo.

And LOL at the father with the flirting, swooning daughters.

Can't speak for Hagen, but I don't have any interest in boxing or boxing movies. So Jake doing one is kind of a drag. But I think it means he'll have to shave, so I'm looking on the bright side :)

UltraViolet said...

New post.