Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Questions and (some) answers

Some new Enemy art, from the New Yorker and the studio:

Amid the surprising riches of the Enemy promotion, this unexpected treat just popped up. Taped in November of last year, here's a 90-minute Career Conversation with Jake Gyllenhaal, presented by SAG-AFTRA:

Ninety minutes of Jake talking about his career and his family and friends. From road trips to cornrows, the convo runs the gamut. There's some babble in there, but lots of insight and humor. A real treat.

From an interview with Salon:

I look at movies like dreams in a way. We have them. There’s something to be learned there. Some people might say they are these things at night that ultimately just keep your neurons going and keep your brain warm. Other people might say they’re open for interpretation. Other people have many ideas. But, to me, I think movies are like that. When you wake up from a dream sometimes you’re moved, sometimes you’re terrified, sometimes you have no idea what happened. And I like all of those things that happen during it. But most of the time you wake up and go, “Wait a second. This just happened when I was asleep. But I don’t know what it’s about.” And I like that about movies and I think you sit in the dark, much like you do when you’re dreaming and you experience something. So I am thrilled by the open ends and the questions. I think they’re what it’s all about.

Jake's Five Favorite Movies, via Rotten Tomatoes:

La Strada (Federico Fellini, 1954; 97% Tomatometer)

The next I would say is La Strada because, well, do I really have to say? I feel like it's sort of self-explanatory. Like [laughs] Giulietta Masina, I mean every performance, but particularly the last scene in the movie, with Anthony Quinn and just being on the beach, and everything about that movie is beautiful. And there's something always about his films that, knowing that audio was recorded post shooting the film -- I'm pretty sure that's true with that movie -- just to know, in a way, if it is true, it's just to know that there are two sort of performances happening simultaneously. You can see and hear that. And I love that idea and what skill and sort of the presence to this day that movie has. And it's also personally really resonant because my father said after he saw that movie, it was what made him want to make movies, and when I finally saw it when I was a teenager, I understood why. So it inevitably has a resonance beyond the brilliance of the movie itself.

So it was just something that was prominent in your family, growing up?

La Strada? Yeah when I was an infant we were just talking about it. [laughs] No, I just think it sort of tied to that. I mean, I just wonder sometimes if my father hadn't seen that movie and been so moved by it, you know, would he have met my mother? Would my sister have been born? You know, there's a lot of "would-haves" and eventually all of us have found our way into the movie business, so you know, that's just an interesting thing. And you know, you never know how a movie will inspire someone and how it will lead not just one life but many to come. Sort of an interesting idea.


Anonymous said...

I jumped from my chair when this vid popped up. What a treat!!

Hagen said...

I haven't seen any of Jake's favorite movies, but overall they seem to be pretty light stuff which is quite a surprise. I thought Jake would prefer Ingmar Bergman movies or flicks like that in his current state of mind. ;-)

bobbyanna said...

"Just deliver the pizza!"
Great interview UV, I enjoyed about half of it this morning and I'll finish it tonight. I'd like to find the James Franco interview to see what he said about Jake. : )

Hagen, La Strada is a Fellini classic, and I think you'll love it.

FP said...

La Strada is not at all a light film
but I'm just thrilled about Goonies! ;)

BlueJean said...

No time for the video right now :( , but it'll be a treat for tomorrow! I'll also share it on the DC Brokeback forum if you guys don't mind!


Anonymous said...

Jake will be directed by Antoine Fuqua in "Southpaw"


Realist said...

"Tara Davis ‏@measuredinweeks · 10m
Just walked by Jake Gyllenhaal. No big whoop"

She is in NYC, is Jake back already?

UltraViolet said...

Don't mind at all, BlueJean. Just posted it in Lashes, as well. You're going to love it when you get a chance to watch!

LOL, Hagen. Expecting a Bergman quintuple, were you? I wish someone would ask Jake if he could "commit," to us this word, to a lighthearted movie again. They sort of asked him that in this conversation, and he said he would do comedy. But I hope it doesn't have to be life-changing.

My favorite part of this was the story about Jake driving to TIFF for the first time with his three best friends. And I liked hearing the stuff about BBM I'd never heard before.

Least favorite part: Apparently Jake wasn't supposed to have a beard for his Everest character. I wonder when that changed! (He might have just been misinformed or kidding.)

Bobbyanna, I wondered if the moderator (who did a good job, I think) wanted to say: "Just deliver the pizza" means "Just answer the question!"

Jake could be in NY, I suppose. But I assume he isn't through with Everest just yet.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Yes, UV, I bet the moderator must have wanted to say something along those lines. I thought she was very good, too.

The part about him driving to TIFF was fun. I'd love to hear some of those stories. Also, I didn't realize Robert Elswit was Jake's godfather. Talk about connected.

I'd love to find thee James Franco interview to see what he said about Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Has no one else seen JustJared? LOL. I posted the link, then felt bad. I am conflicted.

UltraViolet said...

Also, a new Enemy poster and an Indiewire interview, which all are going to be buried under the naked Jake tweets.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! I saw, UV. I felt bad too....sort of... : ) but still...

I guess he regained that weight. LOL!

bobbyanna said...

Just thinking. Everest would be the last movie I'd expect something like this.

Mary said...

Just saw the pics on just jared LOL.UV I don't think the pics need to be posted here if any one wants to see them they cansee them at just jared I imagine though they will be turning up on other sites, I wonder if those pics were taken illegally seems funny they would let some one take those pics.I thought the same thing Bobbyanna that Everest would be the last movie to have scenes that require nudity.Hope it wasn't cols out when they were filmimg:)

Hagen said...

No need to feel bad about Jake's naked butt, UV! xD

Jake commented on his part in "Everest" (Indiewire): I'm going to make a bold choice and if someone doesn't want it they can cut it out .

So that might have been Jake's idea.

Everest would be the last movie I'd expect something like this.

The previous set pictures indicated that the movie doesn't take its subject too seriously, but I definitely didn't expect that either.

I wonder if those pics were taken illegally

I guess those are official pictures to create buzz for "Everest" - and it works.

Realist said...

It's no different than Love and Other Drugs except its free.

Jake doesn't mind nudity, I guess a merkin was not in the budget this time.

bobbyanna said...

Judging from the comments on Just Jared the photos are being very well received. ; )

Talk about raising your Q score.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jake will be the comedic relief of the movie. Since Scott Fischer had a lot of personality, i'm really pumped to see it

Monica said...

Well, he's shooting in a public place, so he knew that this kind of thing could happen.

FP said...

Wow well,I do not know what to say :)

Monica said...

Just Jared deleted the photos. I wonder why?

FP said...

Good Lord Monica

What a good news

Mary said...

Gossip Cop deleted theirs too I wonder why too?

Realist said...

E online deleted theirs earlier, the Daily Mail still has them up. Someone had posted that it was an actual closed set and someone leaked the pics if so then it becomes a legal issue.

Sag Actor said...

Whoa!:It looks like someone took the pics from a closed set, not cool at all

I like the SAG Video, Goonies is on my top ten list of favorite films from my youth!

Stefanie said...

What were these Just Jared pic of???

Realist said...

Oh Stefanie, try the Daily Mail.

From Lainey's site, it was the studio who had the pics removed with legal threats I do believe. Lainey had them all up too:

"photo set removed at the request of the studio"

But she still has one up with Jake's cute ass blurred.

FP said...

Pixella 4 Jake G ‏@1moregyllenhaal 2 min

This has to be one of my favorite #JakeGyllenhaal creations. Before Enemy had a poster, I made this fantasy one. pic.twitter.com/ihrX5w839j


UltraViolet said...

Posted an Enemy drawing from The New Yorker, as well as the new Enemy poster. I think that got lost in all the kerfuffle over the butt pics.

Some more interviews:

Jake and Denis in a video interview for Enemy.

Toronto Film Scene interview.

Yahoo Canada.


CINEPLEX: The last time we chatted was nine years ago for Brokeback Mountain. Am I talking to the same guy today?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Definitely not. So much has changed since. During that time I think I was so overwhelmed by the response the movie got. I had no idea that it would be what it was. I think it was kind of a surprise to all of us. But what’s changed the most is that I’ve gotten closer to what I’ve always known, which is that I really want to try and be honest and clear, and try and do that in my work and with people that I love…. Not that I wasn’t, but in your mid-20s you don’t think as much about these things. …

CINEPLEX: Does being in a different city influence you as an actor?

JG: Totally. Recently, I was shooting a movie called Nightcrawler in L.A. We were shooting very close to my first house; it was a very strange experience. It was very influential and strange to be shooting everywhere I grew up, that was weird. For me, it’s nice to be away in an unknown place, an unknown country. Enemy has that feeling.”

CINEPLEX: My barber told me that more and more guys are going for the “Jake Gyllenhaal beard.” Your facial hair has given a name to hipsters’ beards. Is there another big trend we can expect to come from you?

JG: [Laughs.] I have no idea; that comes from my unconscious. I’m about to do this movie about [Mount] Everest so hopefully it will inspire people to get outside and explore more things outside of their day-to-day life as I have in preparation for this movie. It’s been a great inspiration. Leaving my phone at home and going out into the wilderness has been a really wonderful experience, so maybe it’ll inspire others.”

Enemy champtions The Playlist:

Yeah, I certainly didn’t have a conventional response when I first saw it. I wanted to kind of lay it out in my mind, and unravel the plot. In fact, I tried explaining the film’s story to my girlfriend, and instead of her just telling the basics, I just mumbled over my words. I couldn’t even explain it, because I wanted to explain everything to her.
[Laughs] So you now know what my job is today. That’s what is so fun about it. I am the type of person when you ask “What’s your favorite color?” it matters a lot to me. It’s like, Jake, just say red! Then I think Well, there are a lot of reasons for that. And I think this is a movie like that. There is a lot of questioning and asking yourself those things and I love that. I love movies that make you do that. It’s fun. This movie is not just red [laughs]. So you found yourself trying to be Well, it’s orange-y...I think. But there’s more yellow. And your girlfriend is probably just like Shut up.

Gyllenbabble explained!

Win an Enemy poster signed by Jake.

bobbyanna said...

Such riches! Thanks UV. The publicity for Enemy just keeps rolling along! : )

I particularly enjoyed the Playlist interview. It was the clearest explanation of the movie, at least it came closest to describing my own "Experience." LOL!

Hagen said...

It's hard to keep up with all the news. I haven't even watched the SAG interview yet. I blame Jake's naked butt. Anyway there's a new featurette (The Playlist: Exclusive: 'Enemy' Featurette Explores Adapting The Novel By The Maestro José Saramago).

FP said...

I haven't even watched the SAG interview yet. I blame Jake's naked butt.

LOL! :)

London said...

Kay Ribeiro ‏@kayribeiro 54m

Just bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal with @jojolizzy and @Lady_Powell. We were very subtle.

FP said...

Siobhan Turner ‏@xborneyx 5 min

Wouldn't normally say something like this but just saw Jake Gyllenhaal... Seriously he ticks every box 👏 he's got it all xx

FP said...

Rachael Main ‏@rachael_main 59 sec

Having a drink next to Jake Gyllenhaal #casual #CoventGardenHotel

Anonymous said...

Marta Armengou ‏@MartaArmengou 1h

¡Qué suerte que tienen en Madrid! La próxima semana vienen Jake Gyllenhaal, Darren Aronofsky, Jennifer Connelly y Emma Watson. ¡Envidia!

Hagen said...

They've rebuilt the Khumbu Icefalls in the Pinewood Studios:

Working Title ‏@Working_Title
EVEREST: Filming continues @PinewoodStudios where a team have been busy recreating the mountain #EverestOnSe (picture)

Chike Chan ‏@ChikeyChan
@ChrisReilly1000 @AmyShindler see you guys on the Khumbu Icefall tomorrow #everest

I'm surprised that Jake will promote "Enemy" in Spain. The movie will open in 50-60 theaters in Spain:

Enemy ‏@EnemyLaPelicula
@TrailersyEstren #Enemy estará en entre 50 y 60 salas @alfapictures

Paula C. said...

I´m not surprised by that Hagen, but I'm very sad that he won't promote Enemy in Portugal, He could come just for a day to honor Saramago and me with his presence,Lisbon is like one hour flight away from Madrid!

Hagen said...

I think, it's too early to promote "Enemy" in Portugal, Paula. More than three months until its release. And Jake hasn't read "The Double", an interview about Saramago could turn out to be a bit awkward. ;-) But I understand, of course, that you're disappointed that he won't come to Lissabon.

dana said...

There is no reason to believe Jake will actually go to Madrid. It may happen or it may be this person was looking forward to interviewing him from a distance, or perhaps seeing his film.

I think they are in the final weeks of shooting Everest, and his schedule may not permit travel. The promotion for Enemy is doing quite well even whilst he continues to shoot Everest.

Monica said...

The star chats about playing opposite himself in the new thriller Enemy, what he loves about NYC and more: Jake

Realist said...

"There is no reason to believe Jake will actually go to Madrid. It may happen or it may be this person was looking forward to interviewing him from a distance, or perhaps seeing his film."

Considering 50-60 screens in Spain is way greater than the 4 so far in NYC and the film festival is kind of a big deal and the movie is loosely based on a very famous and beloved author from Spain, I don't think its out of the realm of possibility that Jake would be there. And no one knows if Jake has completed its part of the filming because no one really knows how big Jake's role is in Everest.

For some reason I seem to remember a financial connection from Spain with the making of Enemy. But I could be wrong.

Khumbu Icefall said...

Realist, if they shoot the Khumbu Icefall scenes tomorrow, Jake will be there for sure. Khumbu Icefall is in the first part of the ascent. All expeditioners were there, including Scott Fischer.
Base camp was recreated at Cinecita + Khumbu Icefall at Pinewood. Scott/Jake is needed for these scenes.

Jake won't be needed for scenes of the return, since Scott never got back from 8000 m. Considering Jake started a bit later, I assume they shot those scenes in the first weeks.

facebook said...

Exhibitor Relations ‏@ERCboxoffice 9 min

A24's ENEMY, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, got off to a solid start with $18k in one theater.

Paula C. said...

"movie is loosely based on a very famous and beloved author from Spain"

Realist, since when Saramago is spanish? He is a Portuguese author!

FP said...

Hello Paula! I'm so happy to read you! How are you?
Saramago was an extraordinary author, I also think Jake should go to Lisbon

Hagen said...

I'm happy how much I liked "Enemy". It was definitely helpful to have read Jake's and Villeneuve's interviews about the movie to fully understand it. Though there were some hints in the film like a torn picture, blueberries and a comment of Adam's mother that indicated how to interpret "Enemy". It's certainly easier to comprehend than Donnie Darko's tangent universe. And it's a very atmospheric movie, sparse in dialogue and with a haunting score. I'll have to wait two months until I can revisit it.

Forrest Wickman from Slate is clueless: I think ultimately it’s a parable about what it’s like to live under a totalitarian state without knowing it. It’s an Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie in which you don’t even realize it’s an Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie until the end—until it’s too late for our hero. In this case, the body snatchers just happen to be giant spiders.

At first I thought it was irony, but it isn't.

Realist, since when Saramago is spanish? He is a Portuguese author!

I hoped you wouldn't read Realist's post, Paula. xD

Realist said...

"Realist, since when Saramago is spanish? He is a Portuguese author!"

Sorry you can send the police to arrest me. Geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FP said...

Olivia Cook ‏@oliviaaimee 7 min

*THIS IS NOT A DRILL* I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in Notting Hill, with a very big beard and a very tight tshirt 😍😍😍😍

Hagen I'm so happy for you! looked forward to your review, I can not wait to see Enemy, I'm desperately waiting for the moment :)

Hagen said...

Lighten up, Realist. ;-)

Thanks, FP. "Enemy" is more accessible and entertaining than I expected. It has even some funny moments. Once you understand the premise, the different elements of the movie fit together nicely. And Adam is very huggable in some moments. :-) I watched the film in a fully packed theater with 500 seats. As far as I can judge it, the audience reaction was pretty positive, maybe because the "Fantasy Filmfest" targets audiences who are more open-minded towards that kind of movie.

bobbyanna said...

Hagen, so happy you had a chance to see it!

Hopefully it will do really well next week when it opens wider. The NYC opening is very impressive for one screen.

Hagen said...

Thank you, bobbyanna. I was lucky that the first screening of "Enemy" in Germany took place close to my hometown. And the film was shown in English as the movie hasn't been dubbed into German yet.

Villeneuve added quite a lot to the script:

LA Times: Working with screenwriter Javier Gullon, Villeneuve made other changes to the story as well, including the addition of a mysterious sex club and also the imagery of spiders that runs throughout the film.

Chica said...

So happy you got to see Enemy Hagen! It's a serious mind trip and well worth the trip.

Those are really good numbers for a single theater showing. Hopefully it will open wider next weekend.

The video is a great surprise" thanks UV!

FP said...

EvA ‏@evabdulina 4 min

You may not be allowed in London's most popular restaurant wearing Converse even if you'r Jake Gyllenhaal.

oh Jake! :)

bobbyanna said...

FP, is that post about the Converse shoes from Twitter? Because I'm not seeing it on my Twitter feed for some reason.

UltraViolet said...

I don't see the tweet either. Maybe another case of mistaken identity or tweeter's remorse. But if Jake was also wearing the green pants, I don't blame the restaurant :)

Hagen, yay! I'm so glad you got to see Enemy. And even happier that you liked it. I think reading some theories on the movie would help interpret it as you go along. There hadn't been that much explanation before I saw it, and there were definitely some things that would have been clearer. But if you just let go and go with it, you can still enjoy it and comprehend it.

I was expecting the negative comments we've seen on twitter and FB. It's not an easy movie. I'm not sire most of the crowd at TIFF enjoyed it. But I'm so glad you and your audience did. I was a little surprised at some of the TIFF audience; I assumed they'd be more open to that kind of a film.

A pretty good average for one theater, but I don't think Enemy is going to be a real hit, especially given the reaction of some folks. But it would be great to see it gain a little traction.

UltraViolet said...

A funny little tidbit.

No idea if this is a true story, but it's funny.

FP said...

BobbyAnna,yes it was from twitter, But it seems she has deleted the tweet.
I have no idea why, maybe she was wrong.

Meanwhile, it seems Jake's presence at the Spanish Premier of Enemy is confirmed

Jake Gyllenhaal presentará Enemy en Madrid
Lunes, 17 de Marzo de 2014
El actor acudirá a la premiere española, que tendrá lugar el día 20 en los cines Palafox a partir de las 21:00.

Jake Gyllenhaal will present Enemy in Madrid
Monday, March 17, 2014
The actor will attend the Spanish premiere, which took place on October 20 in the Palafox cinema from 21:00.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, it seems Jake's presence at the Spanish Premier of Enemy is confirmed"

Another chance to get tickets here:


Paula C. said...

FP, You are so sweet, I´m doing just fine, felling better and stronger than ever.

Hagen, you already saw Enemy, that´s great, glad you and the other 499 liked it, I can't wait to put my eyes on that movie!

I try to keep up with all the post and comments but it´s hard.

Realist said...

" Hagen said...
Lighten up, Realist. ;-)"

Gee maybe that response should be directed toward your friend Paula C. Both you and she have hurt my feelings.

Oh well, thanks UV for a great blog for Jake fans but I will be signing off and continuing monitoring Jake on WWD and Gyllencrazy.

FP said...

Alistair Budzynski ‏@Alistair_b 52 sec

Definitely just saw Jake Gyllenhaal over breakfast in Covent Garden Hotel - almost swallowed my fork.

FP said...

Rhymes With Posh ‏@Elisa_Roche 5 min

SPOTTED : Smoking hot uber hunk (and actor) Jake Gyllenhaal tucking into maple streaky bacon, pickles & ciabatta at @NewTomsLondon #tasty

BlueJean said...

Going back to the SAG interview... didn't she say James Franco wrote a blog about Jake?

It's here:

"Prisoners is awesome. I loved, loved, loved it. The atmosphere, the pacing, the framing, the acting, and the subject matter are all so good. I love that my man Jake Gyllenhaal is back as a hard-hitting actor. His portrayal of Detective Loki is mysterious, empathetic, tough, and believable".


Suddenly I like James Franco a whole lot more! ;)

bobbyanna said...

Thank you Bluejean! I've always liked James Franco...often in spite of himself. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the SAG convo and I thought it was ver insightful. Jake is very relaxed talking to the students and truly giving them his insight to acting and his career.

We finally find out that his father taught him how to drive and that Paul Newman is not his godfather. It was nice he talked about his real godfather.

I liked it a lot.


Paula C. said...

Realist, here did I or Hagen hurt your feelings? Explain like I was very dumb, please! If you want to leave that´s your problem but don´t blame anyone, I didn't disrespected anyone, I only corrected a wrong information and you made I big drama out of it!

Hagen said...

Lily, "Enemy" will open at the West End Cinema in Washington DC on Friday.

"Enemy" is doing well on Denis Villeneuve's home turf in Québec:

Normand Provencher ‏@NormProvencher
#bravo Excellent départ de Ennemi / Enemy de Denis Villeneuve. 6e place du box-office du week-end: 82 587$ sur seulement 19 écrans. (Cineac)

I was expecting the negative comments we've seen on twitter and FB. It's not an easy movie.

I don't know, if it was such a great idea to premiere the film on DirecTV, apparently many customers of DirecTV expected "Enemy" to be a more mainstream movie. Interestingly A24's next movie, the very controversial "Under the Skin" starring Scarlett Johansson, hasn't premiered on DirecTV. But there are definitely audiences who are open to "Enemy":

Harrison Samphir ‏@HarrySamphir 3 h
Denis Villeneuve's "Enemy" is the best film of 2014 so far. A suspenseful psychological thriller with a haunting score and twist ending.

Naoko Mori is playing Japanese mountain climber Yasuko Namba in "Everest":

Naoko Mori ‏@naoko_mori
A pic from our trekking days in Nepal. Everest (on left) from just above Namche Bazaar #EverestOnSet @Working_Title (picture)

Naoko Mori ‏@naoko_mori
Here's another photo of the awesome mountains. Freeeezing but amazing! #EverestOnSet @Working_Title (picture)

I'm looking forward to Jake's red carpet pictures from Madrid. :-)

Hagen said...

"Enemy" has found the right kind of audience in the Playboy Mansion. xD

Hugh Hefner ‏@hughhefner
Looking fwd to Sunday's movie "Enemy." The thriller stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent, Isabella Rossellini & oh, yes...Jake Gyllenhaal

FP said...

Becca ‏@fireflylucciola 5 min

So, apparently Bear Grylls brought Jake Gyllenhaal to my church last week??

very nice if true :)

UltraViolet said...

I saw a tweet last week about Jake being at HTB, which seems to stand for Holy Trinity Brompton. So who knows.

LOL at Hef watching Enemy. Wonder if he'll tweet his reaction.

It's great that Enemy is doing well in Montreal. I'm beyond annoyed that there doesn't seem to be a Boston theater showing it. Very disappointed that A24 couldn't clear more theaters for the film.

Lily, I agree that the SAG conversation was wonderful. So glad people are getting a chance to watch it.

Jake has tried to dispel the Paul Newman story before, both the driving and the godfather myth. But it won't go away, like so many things with Jake.

I hope to have time to listen to the interview again.

I also loved the Time Out NY interview. That's one where you know there is probably a lot of footage they didn't use. Such a shame.

And it looks like it was set up for other interviews, but I haven't seen any others with Jake in that chair.

UltraViolet said...

Realist, it's a shame you feel you had to leave. Paula was just making a correction. It is upsetting to some people when Spain and Portugal are mistaken. I don't think any harm was intended from her or Hagen.

Ph0enicks said...

Realist, I tried to reply from my phone but couldn't post. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your comments.
I appreciate all viewpoints here... very interesting discussions.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Love the SAG interview UV. He is engaging and charming! He has explained the Newman story before but it's no use , lol!

Frustrating that Enemy is not playing by me , I'm anxious to see it.

I will miss your commenta Realist, I hope you reconsider.

Hagen said...

Realist, no one intended to harm your feelings. "Enemy" was co-produced by Spanish companies and you mixed it up with Saramago's nationality. That's certainly not a big deal. I just find the pitfalls of Europe's national diversity amusing. It's like the running gag in Agatha Christie's detective stories that Belgian Hercules Poirot is being mistaken for a Frenchman. (Very off-topic: Two years ago I spent my holidays in the Baltic countries and I struggled to distinguish Lithuanian money (Litas) from Latvian money (Lats at that time). When I accidentally wanted to pay with a mix of Latvian and Lithuanian money, a Latvian cashier looked at me, as if I were mentally challenged. He explained me that Latvia and Lithuania were two different countries. xD).
Just correct me when I confuse Nebraska with Kansas. (I've had to look it up again that "Ezekiel Moss" is set in Nebraska.)

Anonymous said...

Dissecting ‘Enemy’ With Director Denis Villeneuve


Anonymous said...

Sylvain Arseneault‏@vinlays·
To celebrate the release of ENEMY, here's Michael (again) with Jake Gyllenhal, on set, having a laugh. pic.twitter.com/HePcOE4PeL

Hagen said...

Sylvain Arseneault‏@vinlays·
To celebrate the release of ENEMY, here's Michael (again) with Jake Gyllenhal, on set, having a laugh. pic.twitter.com/HePcOE4PeL

When was that picture taken?

"Enemy" gets a rave review from Bill Goodykoontz: Jake Gyllenhaal, who was the best thing about Villeneuve's "Prisoners," is again outstanding. ... The highlight, however, is Gyllenhaal. He plays both men, of course, yet despite their physical similarities, he distinguishes each with subtle touches.

Hagen said...

BlueJean, "Enemy" will be screened at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam in April.

Sonja said...

Oh really?! I'll look into it, Hagen.
Thank you!

BlueJean said...

^^^^ That's me! ;) Sorry :)

Hagen said...

Paco Cabezas ‏@Paco_Cabezas
En el preestreno de "Enemy" de Denis Villeneuve rodeado de barbazas hipsters (picture of the red carpet (without Jake))

Hagen said...

Another red carpet picture from Madrid

Hagen said...

Finally a picture of Jake

Hagen said...

heathsdimples✿ ‏@mrs_unicorn
HE'S FINALLY THERE!!! #Enemy #JakeGyllenhaal (picture of Jake on the red carpet)

Hagen said...

Jake on the red carpet (video)

Mary said...

Thanks Hagen couldn't get the video to play. Jake really bulked up for Everest.

UltraViolet said...

Great news, BlueJean. Hope you can attend, if it's close enough.

Thanks for all the tweets and info, Hagen. Made a new post with some photos. It's been a while since we had a real premiere.