Thursday, March 6, 2014

Surrounded by the Enemy

The Enemy push continues with another behind-the-scenes featurette, as well as a few Jake Gyllenhaal interviews. First up, a podcast for CBC radio's Q with Jian Khomeshi.

In January, Jake traveled to Toronto to screen Enemy at the Canada Top Ten festival. He also taped an interview for George Stromboulopoulos Tonight:

Jake recently called Vanity Fair to discuss Enemy and working with Denis Villeneuve:

One of your characters is a professor, the other is a self-absorbed actor. Which character did you relate to more?

Is this a trick question?! I felt more comfortable playing the [professor] Adam character because he was sort of the protagonist, the one in my mind whom I wanted to succeed. And I wanted Anthony’s wife to end up with Adam ultimately. With Anthony [the actor], sadly, maybe he came to me more naturally given my own profession. But I always found myself intimidated while playing him. If he walked in a room, he would not take no for an answer. If Adam walked into the room, he would immediately resign himself to the “no” answer and then apologize for even asking. So in a way, Anthony is an easier character to play because there is a forward momentum.

The latest Enemy featurette delves into the mind of director Denis Villeneuve:

This story from Italy names Jake as the lead in Everest. Probably just an assumption; the Italian press seems to focus on Jake as the most famous member of the cast. The story also doesn't say who these people are with Jake. I think the guy with the bead is Michael Kelly. Pardon the bad google translation, especially in the food section:

The Sherpas. The bulky crew, made up of 180 people from all over the world, enjoyed the hotels in the valley, as well as the food and, of course, wine. Eleven Sherpas came to South Tyrol for shooting straight from Nepal, supported by a group of six security personnel from New Zealand. To be part of this international team also about 60 South Tyroleans worked as location manager, assistant director and costumers for the production staff, drivers, guides and extras. They were joined by carpenters, electricians, seamstresses and ski instructors.

Production. The "control center", as busy as a beehive, was in Maso Corto, where they were available to the production with 32 telephone lines. The team stayed in Schnalstal, divided among a dozen hotels and lodges and everyone was able to enjoy the special hospitality and kindness of the Valley, especially the delicious delicacies prepared by our chefs. They especially appreciated the roast chamois Goldenen Kreuz, the Keiserschmarrn and sushi Goldenen Rose, as well as the roast rabbit dell'Oberrainlhof enjoyed by the Sherpas. Paul Grüner's "Goldenen Rose" from Certosa was in charge of the catering for the set workers on the glaciers; up to 400 meals per day were transported and consumed there.

Shooting: … The outside temperature on the glacier was several degrees below zero, the wind and heavy snow put a strain on man and machine. "The continuous changes in the weather gave us quite a hard time in recent weeks," said the producers. As soon as we decided to shoot in a particular place and we had moved all the necessary equipment, the weather changed and we had to rearrange everything. Fortunately, our team was experienced and professional to be able to keep up with any unexpected events."

Difficulties: But professionals are seen also, and especially, in these conditions: the actors are dressed as if they were really on Everest and have continued their work. "During the making of other films, the stars are taken on the set by limo; here we arrive by cable car or chairlift. ... A major challenge for this production was logistics: all the equipment was transported with snowmobiles and helicopters, up to a warehouse built at 3,000 meters high.

#TBT October Sky

I think I was 10 years old and hanging out on the movie set October Sky with Jake Gyllenhaal #tbt #octobersky #jakegyllenhaal #petrostn #coalfield #morgancounty

Another #TBT:

Throwback Thursday to the day I asked Jake Gyllenhaal, "excuse me, could we take a picture with you?"
#tbt #jakegyllenhaal #globalwarmingawareness #iqaluit #nunavut

(Happy Sad Confused photo with/from MTV's Josh Horowitz.)


bobbyanna said...

UV, you work miracles! Where in the world did you find that cute October Sky pic!

I really enjoyed Jake's interview with George S. on CBC. He was so relaxed and natural, and open. I love this Jake much better than the guarded Jake who seems tense that I sometimes see on some of the talk shows. He was a lot of fun. Of course George asked some good questions, too.

Interesting piece on the Everest shoot in the Tyrol, too. Sounds pretty harrowing.

UltraViolet said...

All on instagram, Bobbyanna! I just added another #TBT from someone else.

They did have a good rapport. And Jake answered in specifics - as you know, his vagueness can drive me crazy sometimes. This is a movie for which the babble is appropriate, however! I want to re-listen to some, because there were some good bits.

Were you ever able to listen to the podcast? I found another link for it if the one in the post doesn't work.

Jake will apparently co-chair the Edible Schoolyard's Spring Benefit on April 7.

And another charity tidbit from Lance Bass:

Those are some big shoes Jake Gyllenhaal !! Bid on Jake's shoes now at in our Heel… video

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how many theaters will be showing Enemy. On imdb it says NY. Limited release on Mar 14th. I have seen no commercials for it on TV and I don't see it on any theater movie list.

So far.


bobbyanna said...

According to Working Title's Twitter account, Everest is wrapping up today at Cinecitta Studios, and heading over to London and Pinewood.

"EVEREST: The Cinecitta shoot wraps later today before filming begins @PinewoodStudios next week. #EverestOnSet"

FP said...

A very bearded Jake Gyllenhaal dines out with mystery blonde in Rome… after reportedly reconciling with Alyssa Miller

Read more:

very nice classy girl :)

Monica said...

I think she is one of the actresses of the movie. vanessa kirby?

I don't know if Enemy will come to Brazil. Maybe straight to dvd.

bobbyanna said...

Monica, I don't think this is Vanessa Kirby. Looks like a Gummer to me I think she resembles one of Meryl Streep's daughters, but I'm not sure. Just can't say. Really, who knows. He went out to dinner. Looks like they had a nice time. Good.

FP said...

Monica I don't think she's Vanessa Kirby on twitter there is a picture of them together also for lunch,were also Josh Brolin and other cast members
I try to find it.

bobbyanna said...

FP is this the one you meant?

The Daily Mail would love to get hold of a "gotcha" photo, but this doesn't look like one. There are no PDAs . LOL! It just looks like a friendly dinner to me. I don't think it "means" anything one way or another.

Who knows, really. Maybe they work together on Everest, or maybe he knew her before. We'll never know. : ) They're wrapping in Rome today, and this was taken Wednesday evening.

FP said...

Exactly Bobbyanna! That's precisely the picture I meant :)

I think she is beautiful and so classy!

Hagen said...

I'll watch "Enemy" at the "Fantasy Filmfest" in Cologne on March 15th. Yay!

Indiewire published an interesting article some time ago: Is VOD the Future of Independent Film? Yes -- and No.

Mainstream exhibitors refuse to carry films that premiere day-and-date [on VOD], saying that there is a direct hit on theatrical exhibition when movies play day-and-date.

But some independently owned and operated theaters don't have a problem with the new distribution model. "I do wish more theaters would be open to supporting day and day releases for indie films," said Tim League, founder/chief executive officer of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

As he told Indiewire recently: "Alamo Drafthouse is one of the few exhibitors that supports the idea of day and date and even ultra-VOD windows. I am a open to this for small movies by small distributors who don't have the budget for a massive national P&A spend. We have proven that model can work for the right film."

So it won't be easy for "Enemy" to be screened in many theaters given its previous release on DirecTV.

Realist said...

Jake doesn't cheat, women just date him without telling them they have a boyfriend.

Besides Jake is single until he says he isn't and she is lovely but I don't think its Vanessa though but they do look similar.

Extra said...

I can't wait to next Friday for Enemy!
I think this is one of his best interviews he has done in awhile, he looks relaxed and at ease.

The woman does look like a younger version of Meryl! It doesn't look romantic to me, but whatever. It's not like he is engaged to Alyssa!

Hagen said...

Kent Harvey ‏@khfilms March 5
Deep into prep as I ready to head to Nepal to continue shooting the 2nd Unit on EVEREST. #EverestOnSet @Working_Title

He's 'director of photography: second unit' for "Everest".

Hagen said...

The Globe and Mail: In darker roles, Jake Gyllenhaal strives for honesty

As we spoke, he was about to go to Italy to shoot Everest, Baltasar Kormakur’s film about the mountain climbing tragedy chronicled in Jon Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air. Gyllenhaal plays Scott Fischer, a guide who died on the expedition. “As I accumulate experiences, and read about the guy I’m playing, I ask myself the question of who he was internally, what do I share with him and what do I not, and how do I figure out what his essence is,” he says. “I’ve never played someone who’s not alive any more, who’s real.”

He recently met with Fischer’s kids, and he knew immediately he’d somehow incorporate that experience into his character. “And so, as my days go on, I’m gathering,” he says. “Then, when I’m shooting, I kind of go under water. I hope that I’ve taken with me what I need to survive in that artist experience.”

bobbyanna said...

That's a really good interview, Hagen.

I loved this observation the author made:

"Rarely has a star looked so comfortable playing ambivalence, and so uncomfortable playing certainty "

Monica said...

FP, you're right. I saw a picture of Kirby and it's not her.
She reminds Elizabeth Debicki.

bobbyanna said...

I think you're right Monica.

I remember Elizabeth Debicki from The Great Gatsby. She's an Australian actress. She played Jordan Baker and did a very good job.

If we play "6 Degrees of Separation," Elizabeth was in Gatsby with Jason Clarke, also Australian, and he is making Everest with Jake.

Jason also did White House Down with Maggie Gyllenhaal. Maggie recently finished working on Frank, an Indie comedy with Michael Fassbender. Michael Fassbender is currently shooting Macbeth. With Elizabeth Debicki. LOL!

Monica said...

Great job, bobbyana! lol
I didn't remember that Jason Clarke was in The Great Gatsby!

Monica said...

I don't like talking about it, but I have to say, jake had a better taste in clothes. This jacket is horrible.

I hope he will do southpow. Comment on deadline said the script is great. But the important thing is that he will look delicious, shaved, ... we deserve it after so long. lol

Anonymous said...

Tom Goodman-Hill ‏@tgoodmanh · 1h
Ciao, Roma. Wrapped at CineCitta. On to Pinewood. #EverestOnSet @Working_Title

FP said...

Aa ‏@ArabaCadabra 28 min

Jake Gyllenhaal just walked past me in Covent Garden. I'm beyond starstruck. It all happened so fast

FP said...

Andy Tye ‏@andytye 5 min

Covent Garden 'sleb spot No.4726284927 :- Jake Gyllenhaal @ Monmouth Coffee

I'm sorry if I have not done a single post, UV :)

Monica said...

Oh boy, some people lose their minds when they see a woman with Jake. lol No one knows what is really happening.

I was thinking, since Jake will actually go back to the theater, if he is trying to have Elizabeth in the play or if she'll be in the play. She's an actress of stage in Australia (she was in a play with Cate Blacnchett and Elizabeth Rupert) and this would be her debut on the American stage. In addition, Jake said he prefer to work with talented actors and Elizabeth is known for being a very talented actress.

This is just a thought.

Hagen said...

"Southpaw" will be shot in New Orleans.

Variety: “There’s no reason for us not to shoot here, except when you do the numbers here and when you do the numbers in New Orleans, it is much more attractive financially,” Weinstein said in the Q&A on Saturday.

He cited the example of “Southpaw,” directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, as project that could have shot in Los Angeles were it not for the generous tax incentives in the Big Easy.

Anonymous said...

Andy Baker ‏@andybakerwriter 6h
Saw beardy Jake Gyllenhaal on Seven Dials. Cheered me up somewhat.

UltraViolet said...

Elizabeth Debicki was very good in The Great Gatsby, better than Carey M and certainly Tobey. Someone on FB said this woman is an actress working on Everest. No name though.

Hagen, I saw an article that Louisiana had the most productions film there last year. Good for them. Might be torture for Jake if he can't eat at all those glorious NO restaurants.

I can't remember if this was posted. From the author of Southpaw:

antoine has been the driving force to get this made. really glad harvey is behind it. i think jake will killl it.

I haven't seen a lot of backlash against Jake, which is nice.

UltraViolet said...

Hagen, so glad you will get to see Enemy. You deserve it!

Lots of good Jake interviews/stories. The Daily News has another one:

“Different movies elicit different responses,” Gyllenhaal tells the Daily News. “Sometimes a movie like ‘Enemy’ can make you feel weird. But other people are comforted by that, which to you is weird or might be weird in general. But...there I just said my worst word four times in a row.”
That’s right, “weird” is the 33-year-old actor’s least favorite word. And unfortunately for him, that’s how many are describing his new movie. ...

Gyllenhaal explains that his dislike for the word “weird” goes back to his teenage years, when he says he didn’t quite fit in.
“So often throughout my adolescence I would say something or express something in the way it’s expressed in ‘Enemy’ [in a convoluted way], and people would tell me I was weird,” he says. “And I would think, that word doesn’t come anywhere near to expressing what I am.”

FP said...

Film Army ‏@filmarmy 38 sec

Denis Villeneuve is this year's best director for Enemy! #CdnScreen14
Playback ‏@PlaybackOnline 13 min

CSAs: Sarah Gadon wins for best actress in a supporting role in Enemy

Jake did not win unfortunately :(

I figured it was easier win if you're Canadian

Realist said...

Jake did not win unfortunately :(

That sucks.

FP said...

kayla brown ‏@kaymb9503 6 min

jake gyllenhaal and robert downey Jr are going to be on true detective next season 😍

is the second time I read it today, I do not know if these people know something or is it just their hope

Anonymous said...

Douchebaggery: 'Enemy' won CSA awards for cinematography, editing, music, supporting actress and director. Everybody won but Jake who's the driving force of 'Enemy', without him there'd be no movie. If i'd be Villeneuve I'd be ashamed to look Jake in the eye and explain why all canadians were awarded and the american lead actor was left out. Somebody tweeted the hashtag #keepitinthecountry. Chauvinistic much?

FP said...

I thought so Anonthese axt

FP said...

oops sorry I pressed too many keys on the keyboard

Realist said...

It sucks for Jake but as an American I can kind of appreciate Canada supporting its own for its country excellence in the Arts.

But I am sure it also can backfire for Canada which is probably why it does not get much press and why actors from other countries rarely show up.

Realist said...

"jake gyllenhaal and robert downey Jr are going to be on true detective next season "

Wishful thinking I believe although I get the feeling that would be a hoot. But not even HBO can afford RDJ.

FP said...

Realist, although I thought it was just a hope Jake/RDJ, I was intrigued because I read two tweets of people who are completely different from each other who said the same thing, one was even French.

bobbyanna said...

Glad Enemy got so much recognition, but I think it stinks that Jake was overlooked. I agree that without him there is no movie. It's like everyone responsible for Capote winning except Philip Seymour Hoffman.

If it was "keep it in the country" chauvinism at work then that's even worse. There's no justification for it. Unacceptable.

Plenty of Non-Americans have won Oscars. Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe come to mind, and in 2012, The Artist won 5 Oscars including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director. Borders and nationality should have no bearing on an actor's worthiness. I feel bad for Jake. That was a very obvious snub.

Tweety said...

I agree but I'm not surprised since the chatter since the nominations came out was that they tend to favor Canadians. It doesn't make the awards too legit IMO.

Realist said...

" Borders and nationality should have no bearing on an actor's worthiness. I feel bad for Jake. That was a very obvious snub"

Somehow I think Jake knew this would happen, he was off this weekend hanging out in London according to tweets, so I think the director of Everest would have let him off to attend the awards ceremony.

It may have not been favoritism, maybe it was split vote between Jake and Dan Radcliffe or just maybe the actor that won it really deserved it.

Realist said...

Why I am defending Canada I have no idea as I have misspelled it every single time today. But at least Canada did nominate Jake for a damn good performance while the Academy phone in the nominee votes based on a handful of films without looking at the performances.

So I can't throw too much shade at Canada.

FP said...

Of course, may be that the other actor deserved the award more than Jake, but since the film won all those awards and the film is virtually Jake, indeed even two Jake, it seems an odd choice

FP said...

at least Canada did nominate Jake for a damn good performance

That's true, whether I could endure Jonah Hill being nominated over Jake, this is way more easy to endure

Anonymous said...

IMO it's chauvinism but I'm sure they'd call it patriotism. All winners were canadians without exception. The icing on the cake, best actor in comedy: Jason Priestley?! For 'Enemy' Villeneuve, Sarah Gadon, Bolduc won. All were excellent except Jake?

Film Army @filmarmy
Gabriel Arcand beats Jake Gyllenhaal and Daniel Radcliffe for best leading actor! #CdnScreen14 #keepitinthecountry

favorited by Canada Media Fund

CanadianScreenAwards @Academy_NET
Wow, we're done! Thanks to everyone who made this #CdnScreen14 so incredible! #ProudCanadians

Never heard at the Oscars: Proud Americans.

Kate Taylor @thatkatetaylor
lovely tribute to @DavidCronenberg calling the lack of Oscar "a load of crap"

Yeah cause americans snub deserving artists. Unlike canadians who...oh wait...

Kate Taylor @thatkatetaylor
Best shout-out to parents ever! Denis Villeneuve, best director, thanks his parents for "my subconscious."

Wasn't it Jake's subconscious? Did the kudos for Jake stop at the canadian border? I'm curious if Villeneuve thanked Jake...

Cameron Bailey @cameron_tiff
Maelstrom, Polytechnique, Incendies & now Enemy. Denis Villeneuve does it again. Best Director at #CdnScreen14

Must be an impossible task to ignore Jake's contribution to 'Enemy'. Somehow, canadians managed to do so.

Monica said...

FP, think this twitter about Robert Downey Jr and Jake Gyllenhaal for TD 2 is because of Zodiac. It's a desire of people, just because Jake almost played a detective in Zodiac, or a detective in Prisoners. But it's still good to see people wanting Jake, also shows how much people liked his performance in Prisoners.

Good that he was nominated for something for Enemy. Congratulations to Denis, Sarah Gadon and everyone else who won.

Hagen said...

I think to some degree it's understandable that the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television wants to honor Canadian artists. That's what the Canadian Screen Awards are about. Though it doesn't make much sense to nominate American actors if they don't have the same chance to win as the Canadian artists. Unfortunately the CSA were Jake's only chance to win an award for "Enemy".

Anonymous said...

Well, a nomination is a recognition too. Glad for the chance he has!

Anonymous said...

In this circumstance, why bother to nominate someone, if one of the criteria is that you must be Canadian. A nomination indicates a chance to win the top prize. Jake has now "lost" what he never had a chance to win.

These are perhaps not "big" in the same sense as BAFTA or Oscar, but they are the national awards for achievement in film of Canada.

Anonymous said...

I think that the fact that he wouldn't be able to attend the ceremony didn't help either.

But yep, the nationality is a key factor. I mean, Ejiofor (who i think was terrific in 12 years a slave) won BAFTA basically because he is english, over Mc C(who wasn't even nominated) or Leo.

That said, i didn't watch the winning performance, so i can't really say it is deserving or not

Anonymous said...

That's just not so. Chiwetel didn't win in part because he is British. He won because his performance was regarded as the best. He was up against Christian Bale, Leo, Tom Hanks, & Bruce Dern. If he had any edge at all, it may be that his theatre work was familiar to those voters. Chiwetel deserved his BAFTA a thousand times over. Bale would've been his stiffest competition in that lot.

If a film gets an award, its director gets an award, and the actress gets an award, than even having not yet seen the movie, based on all we've read about his work, Jake deserved an award. There's nothing wrong with a country honoring its own filmmakers, but then why bother to nominate outsiders? They look foolish to me. It devalues the awards.

Anonymous said...

I think Chiwetel was all kinds of fantastic in 12yas but 80% of his win is because he is english. Apart of the BAFTAS he has not won any relevant award this season again Mathew and Leo

Anonymous said...

I was looking around the net to see if Enemy was playing anywhere around here but I don't see it. I guess it is in limited release?


Hagen said...

Lily, "Enemy" will open only in New York on Friday. Later the film will expand to some more cities.

bobbyanna said...

My goodness. I agree with 7:39 & 8:16 and I stand by my earlier statement.

Also, I personally find your "logic" offensive.
Chiwetel's BAFTA and Jake's omission from the Canadian awards have absolutely nothing in common. There was no reason for you to bring them up.

As to the "anons" @ 7:52 & 8:23, I suggest that you watch "Kinky Boots" before you foolishly attempt to marginalize Chiwetel. His Lola was magnificent. Repeating something doesn't make it true.

Why is it necessary to dismiss someone else in order to strengthen your own argument? You can't have it both ways. On one hand you claim, "he was all kinds of fantastic" and then say "80% of his win is because he is English". That's rather patronizing.

All awards shows have flaws and weaknesses. But I agree with 8:16. And since I have seen Enemy, I find it galling that they recognized the film, with the glaring exception of Jake. Especially in this particular movie.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, i have seen KInky boots several years ago and he, as usual, was great. Im not dismissing Chiwetel acting skills, it was just an example of how some awards, being Baftas one of them, tend to recognize their natives. How is that offensive? Some people need to chill.

And the winning actor probably gave a great performance, it's only fair to congratulate him, sorry for interrupt the pity party

FP said...

Monica LOL! Oh my God, I do not know how it's possible but I had forgotten that RDJ was with Jake in Zodiac

would be a great pair for TD

Fiona Embleton ‏@Fiona_BeautyEd 7 min


Still recovering from seeing Jake Gyllenhaal over breakfast this morning...OK in a restaurant. SO hot..

FP said...

Anon I think there is much truth in the fact that these awards encourage their country,
At Cannes this year everyone thought would win for best film The Great Beauty of Sorrentino, who in fact won the Oscar, however the French have given the prize to a French film.
the same goes for the BAFTA last year, the only award that Jennifer Lawrence did not win, but went to a European actress, Marion Cotillard.

Hagen said...

At Cannes this year everyone thought would win for best film The Great Beauty of Sorrentino, who in fact won the Oscar, however the French have given the prize to a French film.

To be fair, only one out of nine people in the jury was French and "Blue is the Warmest Color" got very strong reviews. It wasn't eliglible for the Oscars due to its late release date in France.

The same goes for the BAFTA last year, the only award that Jennifer Lawrence did not win, but went to a European actress, Marion Cotillard.

I don't think the British people feel more closely connected to France than to the USA.

FP said...

To be honest I must say BAFTA have rightly rewarded Jake for BBM unlike the Oscars, and Chiwetel was all kinds of great in 12 years a slave, and as a matter of fact I preferred his performance to that of MM

FP said...

Hagen is not true that Blue is the Warmest Color was not ready for the Oscars, the film was at the Golden Globes, and and it is true that the film has received rave reviews but much less of The Great Beauty, which should have rightly won, and all took for winning, as has happened everywhere, only one juror was French but it was Cannes, let's be honest.

In Venice the year Mickey Rourke was nominated as Best Actor for moving portrayal of failed Wrestler, won an Italian actor instead, causing a bit of a scandal, and only one juror was Italian

Monica said...

Chiwetel won some critics awards, but unfortunately it wasn't his moment. Matthew had been working on this for years, he talked about it in his speeches. And Chiwetel was also overshadowed by the success of Lupita. Unfortunately, because, for me, he gave the best performance of 12 Years. Don't get me wrong, I think Lupita was fine, but Chiwetel was who really should win.
I was happy when he won the Bafta for best actor, I don't think it was because of him being British. This may have helped, but I also think he won for his great performance. He was my favorite from the nominees.

I think Jake didn't expect awards for Enemy. I like to think that at this moment he is happy with the nomination, and happy for Denis, Sarah and everyone else who won.

FP said...


Senior Staff Writer for The Awards Circuit, Oscar Pundit at First Showing, and Freelance Film Critic/Writer/Awards Season Analyst

Brooklyn, New York ·

Enemy definitely gave me the creeps, though I'm not quite sure what it adds up to. Jake Gyllenhaal is terrific.

Chica said...

Since I haven't seen any of the other nominations for best actor, I can't comment on who should have won.

Maybe the Canadians should do like the Brits do with the Baftas, have a separate category for best film and best Canadian film.

I went to a screening of Enemy last week and I have to say that it freaked me out, lol!

I couldn't figure out if he was truly seeing his double or that it was a split personality thing going on and he: Adam/Anthony was confronting them.

Jake was just fantastic playing both parts and the supporting cast of Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon and the lovely Isabella Rossellini shined. Denis' nod to Lynch was noted and his direction kept you wondering if this was real or just Adam/Anthony's freaky imaginations.

The images, especially the looming spider will linger with you. It's not for everyone, but it's a highly stylized and well acted thriller that you will remember long after viewing.

UltraViolet said...

Nice review, chica. It really does stay with you. So glad you got to see it on the big screen.

It is odd to award Enemy but not Jake, but it's not like they gee Enemy the Best Film award. Even still, you cn think a movie is the best but still prefer an actor from a different movie.

I'm sure they do favor Canadians, but I'm also sure we have spent more time on it than Jake spent thinking about it. As Monica said, I assume he's happy for Denis and everyone else who won.

The other supporting actresses probability have a bigger beff. Sarah Gadon is good, but she is not in the movie all that much.

bobbyanna said...

"Maybe the Canadians should do like the Brits do with the Baftas, have a separate category for best film and best Canadian film."

I agree, chica. I have nothing against the Canadians wanting to honor Canadian filmmakers in a national awards event, at all. For me it was about fairness.

If they're only honoring Canadians, why bother to nominate him at all. I have no idea whether Jake expected anything, or minded, and I'm sure he was happy for Denis etc.

I just think it's ludicrous to separate Jake's performance from the success of the film as a whole. It was a very small cast. Jake was in every frame of that film. It was about his journey.

FP said...

ITA Bobbyanna

the movie is Jake

Hagen said...

Hagen is not true that Blue is the Warmest Color was not ready for the Oscars.

The Guardian:Blue Is the Warmest Colour will not qualify for foreign language Oscar - Palme d'Or-winning film ineligible for award as it will be released too late in native France

Monica said...

^^I saw Blue Is The Warmest Colour yesterday. I'm still thinking about it.
Great performances from Adele Exachorpoulos and Lea Seydox.

FP said...

Hagen is not exactly in this way, the issue is controversial, the distributor refused to release the film before because (their words) after the Palme d'Or Award there was no need to bring prestige to the film with an Oscar,"

"Now Wild Bunch co-founder Vincent Maraval has expressed his side of the story, bluntly explaining to Deadline's Nancy Tartaglione why they weren't willing to change the date. And his bottom line is: he doesn't think the foreign-language Oscar is worth the effort for a film already carrying the prestige of a Palme d'Or.

"There was never any question for us to modify in any way our release strategy to legitimize the stupidity of the Oscar rules," he says. "Should we risk our strategy for France for a Foreign Language Film Oscar which doesn’t add anything to a Palme d’Or?" He continues: "[The rules are] unique, specific and make no sense. At the same time, no one cares about this category. We’re aiming for ... all categories, the only ones that count.”

and it is unclear why the film could not be presented in time for the following year, in spite of that the film has come to GG and BAFTA where he lost both times against Sorrentino and The Great Beauty
they were the ones who doesn't wanted to be ready for the Oscars, perhaps knowing that there was no hope against Sorrentino

Hagen said...

Very favorable review of "Enemy" by Ioncinema: Compelling, suggestive, and gorgeously shot, Enemy is not to be missed, one of those rare mind fuck puzzles worthy of multiple viewings.

UltraViolet said...

Apparently Denis read Sarah Gadon's acceptance speech, since she wasn't there. It would have been funny to hear about him reading Jake's. I wonder if Jake wrote one, just in case.

Any Spanish speakers out there? The Spanish Enemy twitter account posted this youtube video with reactions from people who saw Enemy at the film festival. All I got was "Kubrick."

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Great video, UV. You were sharp to catch Kubrick! They talked so fast. : )

I loved the advertisement:
"El Hombre Duplicado!"

Anonymous said...

Speaker 1: "It left me like when I saw Cache for the first time"

Speaker 2: "I thought about Mullholland Drive. It has nothing to do, but it remind me"

Speaker 3: "Like Kubrick movie, a film like 2001"

Speaker 4: "The ending is mindbending"

Speaker 5: "Every 5 minutes you say 'Oh, I get it now' But until the close end...things change"

Speaker 6: "You think you understand the movie.... the last scene is crazy. You freeze"

Speaker 7: "It's the kind of movie that maybe you need some sleep to think about it in the morning"

Speaker 8: "Now after 10 minutes, i'm starting to get it"

Speaker 9: "You need to give it time"

Speaker 10: "It's a movie you need to digest"

Speaker 11: "And talk about it hours and hours, and see where it goes"

FP said...

"Now after 10 minutes, i'm starting to get it"


UltraViolet said...

Those are great. Thanks so much, anon. That's the feeling I got from listening and watching their faces, but it's good to know the words.

Oh and FP, I forgot to say not to worry about posting things separately. I know tweets often appear right after one has posted. It's just when there are a lot in a row that it's better to consolidate.

FP said...

Urban Brain Film ‏@UrbanBrainFilm 14 min

Five Favorite Films with Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal pulls double duty in his new film Enemy in theaters thi..

That's very funny,especially the explanation of The Goonies :)

Monica said...

ok, a Elizabeth Debiki fan said on facebook that she's in everest. At the moment, she's in London filming Macbeth (she's playing Lady Macduff), but he says she is playing the expediction doctor in Everest.
imdb has not yet confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hagen. I looked at the list of.theaters. I don't see anything in.the DC area as of yet.


UltraViolet said...

I think it was Elizabeth Debicki, Monica.

New post, new great conversation with Jake.