Monday, June 4, 2012

Motion Capture

Jake Gyllenhaal filming in Toronto yesterday:

The magic of film will transform it, I know. But in stills, Jake's Double is a little dorky :)

Jake's appearance with Bear Grylls was shown in the UK for the first time today, leading to a flurry of tweets. Though most people were watching the Queen's Jubilee concert, I think plenty of Brits got to behold Iceland's natural wonders:

Jake Gyllenhaal filming on a Toronto street yesterday:

If you want to see more of Jake-in-motion in Iceland, click here. Lowercase or uppercase kills me every time!

This tumblr post captures Jake's roving tongue action:


UltraViolet said...

I think that the audience for Bear and Jake was diminished. Most of the UK understandably seemed to be tuned into the Jubilee Concert.

There were still some funny tweets from it, though.

I wonder if Jake will nip back to LA to say good-bye to foie gras.

Anonymous said...

That upper right gif does things to me. Wow, that tongue motion looks very well practiced.


I love the new layout!

Paula C. said...

Uv, loved this post so much, I´m getting ready to go to work and that lower right gift is going with me on my mind:=)
You are right, the professor is dork adorable.

Mary said...

That pic of Jake running is really hilarious yes hes is a dork:)

Extra said...

Whoa, I tought I clicked on the wrong blog! It looks good UV.

Jake does looks goofy in these stills and that gif is mesmorizing...

UltraViolet said...

Sorry to give you a start, Extra! I'm glad people like the new layout. Blogger is not very user-friendly, and they make it hard to do the side by side picture thing. But sometimes, you just have to do it.

The tongue series borders on the creepy, but I had to post it :) Paula, I hope it made the start of the work day a little more enjoyable!

No filming tweers today. Someone posted this:

Hey Jake gyllenhal just spotted you on the Gardener leaving t.o sorry about the awks eye 8:36 AM - 5 Jun 12

There is a Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, not sure if that's what she meant. Or if it means Jake was leaving the city to film somewhere else or to go home.

Anonymous said...

yes that is probably what the meant. Gardiner Expressway. I wonder if they are going out to Mississauga?


KY. said...

From Tumblr

creamsodafloat: Yesterday I went looking for him and after a long walk and looking for him in a frigging forest I (with some friends) found the shooting location bug they were shooting and we got kicked out!
Also I was wearing converse with fishnets and since I had no sock my shoes were rubbing agains my feet and now they hurt like hell. While looking for him in the park/forest I fell and now I have a bruise.
I would do so much to see you Jake!

I can't find the date, sorry:)

Hagen said...

"End of Watch" will be released in Germany on December 20th (

Thumbs up for the new layout. And I choose the lower right gif. :-)

UltraViolet said...

LOL - the Much Music Jake Stalking video. They have a few seconds of Jake leaving the airport and filming.

A few tweets about Jake, Ryan Gosling and Robert Pattinson all being in Toronto last night. But no details. I don't think any of the combo were together.

Office of NancyPelosi said...

Is Jake piegeon toe? It sure looks like it from these photos, I never noticed it before!

He does look realy dorky running, LOL!!

For some reason I thought that the Man vs Wild episode with Jake already aired in the UK. I'm sure that it will air more than once so the Brits will eventually see Jake.

The tongue thingy is kinda weird but funny!

Daniela said...

Hi, I'm in the same gyllenbabble? is funny and strange at the same time images of Jake running lol

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that tumblr sighting, KY. The poor fan! I'll try to be nice about the fact that she thought wearing fishnets with sneakers was a good idea. I wonder what the "forest" actually was.

I hope she gets to see him eventually.

Could be Mississauga, Lily, They've filmed there before.

Lower right is my favorite, too, Hagen. I'm sorry Germans have to wait until December for EoW but at least it's this year, I guess.

OONP, he can look a little pigeon-toed. And the tweets continue for MvW, so the Brits have a while to enjoy it.

Daniela, it looks different but the same old crazies are here :)

bobbyanna said...

I like the format, UV. The tongue thing is weird...but I don't mind it : )AA

OONP I've thought about Jake being pigeon-toed a few times, too.

(Keeping my fingers crossed that the Wisconsin recall is successful!)

UltraViolet said...

From a tweeter who works on An Enemy (his bio says he's a grip):

A very long day today, filming #Anenemy, hoping for good weather and actors being on time...let's have a good set today.
7:01 AM - 5 Jun 12

Fingers crossed the weather holds. Do you know if Sarah Gadon will join the shooting? Anyway, have a productive day.

not sure at this moment, @sarahgadon will be in today's shoot, hope weather holds...I will let you know..

all went well plus the weather was great sunny through out...stay safe.
3:46 PM

KY. said...

UV, forgotten to say, the new graphics is amazing!!! :)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, KY!

Does it look different now? I tried to fix the title, but I think Imoved everything else, as well.

LOL - this guy saw Jake and Melanie a few weeks back:

Here's a photo representation of my day. This really happened despite this Photoshop... (Photo courtesy of @
May 17

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one that thought that Jake was piegeon-toed :)

I have my fingers crossed and toes crossed Bobyanna, I hear that the turnout has been massive so far, a good sign.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I missed your post, Bobbyanna. Fingers and toes crossed here, as well.

Interview with Sarah Gadon. It does contain a small spoiler.

KY. said...

Oh my God! LMAO the Much Music video!
They are really funny,luuuuv the little song LOL:)

Chica said...

I can't stop laughing at these pics, he looks so funny!

Jake does the weirdest things with his tounge, LOL!!

MSNBC is saying the election in WI is really close, I really hope Barrett pulls it out.

UltraViolet said...

The MuchMusic video is funny. I hope they succeed and get to meet Jake.

Bad, bad, terrible news from Wisconsin. Very depressing.

Twit pic of Jake:

A view of Jake Gyllenhaal smoking right outside my office window - a highlight in a 12 hour work day #film #Toronto
7:00 PM - 5 Jun 12

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the tweet info and pics. I'm glad the fans are keeping us informed.


Monica said...

I like the new look, uv. Very good! Thanks for the info!

Mary said...

Forgot to say love the new lay out too.

bobbyanna said...

Those folks at Much Music are funny! Hope Jake doesn't mind it at all. : )

( Wisconsin was disappointing, with both sides spinning the results, and what they "mean," but there's some good analysis at the Washington Post online if anyone is interested.)

Anonymous said...

jennifer alfon ‏@batgirljen

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal awhile ago in a coffee shop ... Sa Sobrang star struck di ako naka ask ng autograph or take a photo. Geez!

Constant Lurker said...

I'm looking at those tongue gifs, trying to learn from Jake.

Anonymous said...

Can't see the vid :(


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

WI was a bummer, not really a surprise from the polling pior to the election but I was hoping for a miracle :(

Thanks for theheads up on the Washington Post story Bobbyanna.

The gang at Much Music are so funny, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

The girl who "saw Jake in a coffee shop" is tweeting from Manila in the Phillippines.

Anonymous said...

No she is in LA, I think.

KY. said...

Maureen Riley ‏@thatgirlmaureen
OK ... I think my inspiration board worked! I think Jake Gyllenhaal is my neighbour!!!
3 m ago

UltraViolet said...

Quiet day for Jake tweets today.

Distant pic of Jake on set last week:

But here's another story for you. A few weeks ago my mom's condo building was hustling and bustling with cameras and crews. Jake Gyllenhaal was shooting scenes from his upcoming movie "An Enemy" in and around her neighbourhood! At one point I went to pick her up in the evening and I literally drove right next to him and then as I waited for my mom to come downstairs I was allowed to park and wait a few feet away from him shooting his scenes.

See picture below! I realise it's small and grainy but that bearded fella on the left is him!

He doesn't really say anything new, but a short clip of Bear talking about Jake.

From the tweeter who said Jake is her neighbor:

To answer the millions of question re my future husband Jake ... I think he is staying in the building next to mine #lipstickeveryday
4:52 PM - 6 Jun 12

Ciara, I think everyone else has been able to see the video. What kind of an error message do you get?

Anonymous said...

Hey uv it just says oops the video isn't here we are looking into it, very odd if everybody else can see it


Tweety said...

I just love all the Bear tweets and the new layout too!

Umm, Jak has a very talented toungue....

I think that they may have filmed all the exteriors and are filming indoors now so all is quiet on the Enemy set for now.

Don't get me started about Wisconsin:(

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Tweety! I think they are probably indoors. The grip also tweeted that security is keeping the fans back from filming. But since we haven't' even gotten a sighting, I'm assuming it's indoors.

Ciara, I'm sorry you can't see the video. It might not be available where you live? I just clicked the link, and it plays for me.

New post with the new, official EoW poster.