Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer in the city

Jake Gyllenhaal is back in New York for the weekend. Nice to see that smile.

Cool fanmade poster for End of Watch, posted by likemonalisa on IHJ:


UltraViolet said...

Some more tweets from today:


He rode the subway right across from me just now!!
2:55 PM - 30 Jun 12

Omgggg just saw jake gyllenhaal at la colombe torrefaction omgomg
3:00 PM

Lovely afternoon at The Guggenheim and then the Neue Gallery-where the highlight was seeing Jake Gyllenhaal, I mean the Klimt Exhibition..
6:40 PM

And this from the tweeter who saw Jake at breakfast earlier in the day:

Ran into Jake again. Talked about broke back mountain. He seems very down to earth. ‪#NYC‬
3:45 PM

mayumintolor said...

Hi! Thank you for sharing the fanmade poster! It's so cool!! I like it more than the official one. :)
Ohhh Jake looks so happy with his friend. I've never seen her. Does anybody know who she is?

bobbyanna said...

Great photo set, UV! How nice to see Jake so animated and happy. It looks like they were having a fun time. She's very pretty, but I have no idea who she is.

mayumintolor said...

Thank you Bobbyanna! I agree with you. She is cute!

UltraViolet said...

Hi Mayu! Isn't it a great poster? I thought it was official when i first saw it.

Don't know who the woman is with Jake or if she was one of the ones referred to in this FB post:

OMG! just saw Jake Gyllenhaal. He was sitting in front of Ideya Latin Bistro with 2 women and we actually made eye contact. I am convinced we will now get married. Please allow me this fantasy!
38 minutes ago

Hagen said...

The new "End of Watch" trailer features "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes instead of "In The City" by Kevin Rudolf. The trailer is even faster paced than the first one and looks slightly messy. I think I like the first trailer better.

Chica said...

I now have that Loving Spoonfull song in my head UV! It's hot as hell in NY, Jake and his friend look cool enough and happy :)

I think I remember seeing her in other pics with him in NY a few months back.

A lot of fanart is a lot better than then what the studios release, in this case I think i prefer the fan poster over the studio one.

Thanks for the link Hagen, I'm off to check it out!

Monica said...

beautiful smile!

Hagen, I think this is a fan made ​​trailer.

Shondra said...

With the kids out of school, work and my husband and trying to find stuff for them to do has kept me away from the computer!

The heat is a drag as well but Jake sure looks nice and cool. I have no idea who that girl is but I love his smile, it's been awhile since I have seen him smile like that.

The EOW trailer is a bit noisy for my taste but they are targeting a certain audience with it. I still plan on seeing it when it comes out of course!

Thanks so much for all the set pics from the Enemy, I am really intrigued with the plot. Looking forward to the the RRt/Mumford documentary even though it seems that Jake isn't in ut that much.

UltraViolet said...

Fandango: What can you tell us about End of Watch and your character? It sounds like you get to kick some butt in the movie.
Horn: It’s a totally different movie for a different audience. It’s about the LAPD, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena play two police officers who kind of get in over their heads, in downtown LA. America Ferrera and I are police officer partners.

My character is a former marine and her father is the captain of the LAPD. She has kind of a chip on her shoulder because she’s had to prove herself along the way. She has this mentality where she thinks that because she’s a pretty girl with blonde hair she has to be ten times badder, ten times stronger and ten times more intense than everyone else.
As a result she has these manhandling moments. [Laughs] Nothing too crazy, I accidentally cut up a guy’s arm with handcuffs once.

Fandango: We heard about a “full circle moment” with you and Jake Gyllenhaal. What was that all about?
Horn: It was really a pleasure to work with Jake. We actually went to the same high school. Although, I didn’t cross paths with him, we missed each other by a couple of years, I had heard about him in film study classes through teachers that helped start his career. It was just great to work with him because he was like an entity that I had seen growing up and all of a sudden we’re making a movie together.

UltraViolet said...

Whoops, forgot to make that link clickable. Sorry!

Also forgot to post this last week. There's a photo of Jake on set there:

UltraViolet said...

Anyone in NY looking for an autumn job?

Roundabout Theatre Company seeks Staff Ushers for the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre which houses the Laura Pels Theatre and Black Box Theatre. Staff Ushers will be required to work a set of regularly scheduled shifts that will remain consistent week to week. Shifts will begin August 23 for the fall show. The performance schedule is Tuesday through Sunday evening, as well as Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday matinees.

Applicants should have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills, a neat appearance and an ability to work in a fast paced environment. Individuals must have previous experience working in theatre or other performing arts venues. Alternative customer service experience is an asset.

Tweety said...

He looks so happy, lucky girl whoever she is!

Is that really a fan trailer Monica? Looks a lot like the official trailer. We will be getting a lot of stuff like that leading up to the release of the film.

Ok, all the GB's that are in the NY area, get in those applications!

Looks like Jake is back in Toronto, LOL!:

3h Ms.Ego‏@IggyIggzz

So Jake Gyllenhaal just walked into Terroni and I may have jut creamed my panties

Monica said...

It's fan made ​​because I looked at the page of Yahoo (yahoo mark appears in the video) and this video is not there.

Mary said...

Good to see Jake smiling and happy he seems very animated here. thanks UV

Anonymous said...

Monica, Its an official second trailer per you tube. Yahoo does not always have exclusive rights to second trailers.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Hagen. It does seem like just an edited, shorter version of the first trailer. I think it's mostly the same scenes in the same order. Just a different song. It's not on the FB page or the official site, either.

Tweety, looks like it's back to Terronto for Jake :)

Hi Shondra! Summer vacation sounds like a contradiction for you.

He is animated and smiling, Mary. Nice to see.

UltraViolet said...


Saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Laguardia Airport today,woo hoo! He talked to my mom cause she was in his way. And by that I mean he said "excuse me"
12:11 AM - 2 Jul 12

From tumblr:

I sold Jake Gyllenhaal and his mom shoes today.
They came into SUPRA and I helped his mom with some shoes.

Jake paid for them.

#he looked at me #his mom and I have matching shoes #SUPRA

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It is good to see that smile, I hope that it's a lot cooler in Toronto than NY, it's hot as hell in CT as well.

The trailer does look like the same with a new song. Not surprised that the FB hasn't been updated with it, talk about lame.

Hagen said...

It's fan made ​​because I looked at the page of Yahoo (yahoo mark appears in the video) and this video is not there.
Oops, you're right. Sorry for posting a fake trailer.

UltraViolet said...

No idea if this is even possible, but it's pretty cool if true:

Yesterday I rode the same horse that Jake Gyllenhall rode in Brokeback Mountain. Today, I'm breathing the same air that Brad Pitt breathes.

UltraViolet said...

the first part, I mean. Pretty sure it is possible to breathe the same air as Brad :)

UltraViolet said...

Far off shot in this short clip of Jake filming An Enemy. The commentary is funny.

This woman waited n Jake once:

After hearing that I use to work as a baker in Nashville, a lot of women asked, Who was the cutest famous guy who ever came into the bakery? Ahh, that would be Jake Gyllenhaal! He ate one of my muffins too. And yes, his eyes are every bit as gorgeous in person as they are in the movies!

I promise the message of this post is not beauty of Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes, although they are exquisite.

From twitter:

I just saw #jakegyllenhaal in yorkville.
9:45 PM - 2 Jul 12

Monica said...

Pathé International ‏@PatheIntsales
At Lunchtime we'll be watching the rushes of #Anenemy with #JAKEGYLLENHAAL #MÉLANIELAURENT, #SARAHGADON AND #ISABELLAROSSELLINI #incoming

bobbyanna said...

Thanks monica! That's great news. I hope everything is looking good. Jake has a little less than two weeks left in TO.

I saw on JustJared that Jake's mother started production on her film with Dakota Fanning & Elizabeth Olsen. One of the producers, Howard "Hawk" Koch, Jr., also was a producer for Source Code.

Hagen said...

Pathé International:
Production Status - Post Production

Have they already finished filming "An Enemy"?

Anonymous said...

They will know what's left to do after they look at the rushes. Maybe they will want to reshoot scenes or shoot new scenes. They will probably decide after they look at the rushes. Then the editing will begin.

UltraViolet said...

Funny blog post about encountering Jake on Martha's Vineyard.

Hagen said...

They will know what's left to do after they look at the rushes. Maybe they will want to reshoot scenes or shoot new scenes. They will probably decide after they look at the rushes. Then the editing will begin.

OK, thank you. I just wonder if "An Enemy" has any locations outside of Toronto. The book has some scenes on the countryside.

UltraViolet said...


Just passed Jake Gyllenhall on King West, drunk out of his mind.
10:43 PM - 3 Jul 12

bobbyanna said...

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July holiday!

Our fireworks were cancelled last night bcz of rain, but we'll have them tomorrow.

It's a brilliant, sunny day here!

Mary said...

Happy fourth to everyone here have a nice day.

Monica said...

Happy 4th of July!

Chica said...

Have a happy and safe July 4th everyone!!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm heading to watch the fireworks, hope that everyone here are enjoying July 4th!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th everyone.

When was Jake on Martha's Vineyard? It seems he's been either in Toronto or NYC


Anonymous said...

"When was Jake on Martha's Vineyard? It seems he's been either in Toronto or NYC"

I believe the blogger was speaking of an earlier random encounters of celebrities on the vineyard according to the beginning of the article.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, the blogger was referring to encounters past, not recent.

Hope everyone celebrating had a happy 4th! Im glad I was not in the chaos of the Boston celebration.

UltraViolet said...

Story about actors in usic videos:

Both Radcliffe and LaBeouf were unavailable for comment, but Gyllenhaal did reply in an e-mail about his involvement in the video for "Time to Dance" from French indie band The Shoes.

"I did the video because it exists alone, by itself. Like a question mark at the end of a sentence," Gyllenhaal wrote.

In the video, directed by British filmmaker Daniel Wolfe, Gyllenhaal, 31, plays a homicidal fencer who stabs and beats people to death. The Shoes dreamed up the concept with Wolfe, who then called in Gyllenhaal.

"We needed a great actor to do it as we didn't want
(gratuitous) violence in our video. We wanted this as a piece of art and not a buzz video," band member Guillame Briere told Reuters.

Briere said that for Gyllenhaal, the video was a "really
different experience from what he is doing normally" and a chance for him to show people "how good he is" as an actor.

Monica said...

He's a great actor.
Thanks for the link, UV!

Sag Actor said...

That video definately showed off what a great actor Jake is.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!

bobbyanna said...

Agree! He is a great actor!! : )

Glad you weren't in the chaos in Boston too, UV.

I had the Capitol celebration on. It was lovely.

Today, I have no power. Nada. Terrible storm, lots of wind. Very scarey at 4 AM. So I'm camped out at my Brother's house with very limited use of computer. : (

It is unbelieveably hot outside. So far my own house is comfortable, but if the power stays out longer than 24 hrs. it will be unbearable at home.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Bobbyanna, I hope you have power back. So many people dealing with no power in this heat.

From a Toronto tweeter:

Jake gyllenhaal sighting at dinner tonight.... Oh hi there can we join you?
9:33 PM

Extra said...

I hope your power is restored soon Bobbyanna, the weather has been so unbearable:( .Try to keep cool.

It amazing what a response Jake got from that Shoes video, can you imagine the response if he played that type of character in a movie???

I saw Brave on the 4th. Not one of Pixar's best but it was enjoyable and love the animation and the story about the independent and determined Princess was wonderful.

Jake will be winding down filming soon in Toronto, thanks for all the updates and tweets !

Anonymous said...

Nathan Cole ‏@ColeTop10

Surprise guest at breakfast with Tova this morning. Jake Gyllenhaal was sitting three tables down. Always strange to have these run-ins

Anonymous said...

ej ‏@_ELIJONESxo

jake gyllenhaal is on set with us.. Oh :'(

Twitter said...

Nadia Cantin ‏@lavaloise
@Steve_s2001 No... he was waiting in line and it was he didn't seem open to picts... He tried to be there incognito... No a huge success...
View conversation
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12h Nadia Cantin ‏@lavaloise
@Steve_s2001 I just saw Jake a couple of hours ago... he was at Terroni's! He was there with Denis Villeneuve
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12h Nadia Cantin ‏@lavaloise
I rarely tweet this sort of thing but I'm excited: I saw Jake Gyllenhaal tonight! :)

Anonymous said...

Meredydd Hardie ‏@meredyddhardie

new star spotting: Jake Gyllenhaal at Thor looking very casual.

bobbyanna said...

Well. Today I'm at the library using the computer. :(

I have power at home, so the air conditioning is working. Even though my cable TV is also working, there's still no telephone or internet service. My phone & internet are both Comcast. :(
They're telling us everything will be back by 11 P.M. Saturday night.(!!!)

I tried going for a walk this morning but it was too hot. I was struck by the number of generators running on the next block. A lot of neighbors are still without power. I feel very lucky.

Grateful for all the Jake tweets and news. I am having serious withdrawal symptoms without a computer. :(

UltraViolet said...

Lots of Jake tweets. Here's a little more from the tweeter who said JAke as on set:

He's filming a movie I think called an enemy right beside where I'm filming hemlock grove so he came to visit the directors!!!

is he as hot in person?? I love him!!! Ps I didn't know u were filming something!

he's beautiful. & yes! I booked a role on hemoclk grove :)

Glad you got your power back, Bobbyanna. Hope Comcast comes through.

UltraViolet said...

Also, go Federer! Congrats to Andy Murray for getting to the final. But sorry, I have to root for Roger.

Monica said...

Sorry, UV. Go Murray!

Anonymous said...

Kazuma Sato ‏@kooljapanese

Starting my shift with Jake Gyllenhaal eating lunch on the patio.
desde Toronto, Ontario

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake didn't do his usual end of the week return to NYC. Unless he went later in the evening:

Holy Fuck I just walked by Jake gyllenhaal
5:20 PM - 6 Jul 12

Spadina and king. He walked out of a building as I was walking by

And a new restaurant!

Starting my shift with Jake Gyllenhaal eating lunch on the patio.
2:21 PM - 6 Jul 12

Do you work at Doria ?...where is he

i do work at Doria.

I come into work and he was just there eating a salad.

UltraViolet said...

:P Monica!

Actually, if Andy wins, I won't be unhappy. The poor guy has so much pressure on him.

Monica said...

Oh, yes. UV.

Photos: Jake and Sarah Gadon in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Rossini ‏@jennrossini

After rolling out of bed and running down the street to grab a coffee in my PJ's, the LAST person I want to run into is Jake Gyllenhaal.

Chica said...

Congrats to Serena Wiliams! Go Roger, sorry Monica, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

melissa loomans ‏@mel_loomans

OMG Jake Gyllenhaal and I get coffee from the same place. BEST morning ever.

bobbyanna said...

Ye, chica, congrats to Serena! Have to say I'm with monica on this one, leaning towards Murray for Wimbledon, UV/Chica.

I finally have my internet and telephone workinhg again!!! We'll get more storms tonight. :(
I hope I don't have to go thru this again. My modem was damaged by the outage Thursday. They weren't going to send somone out until next Thursday,so I picked up a new modem this morning and installed it myself. : )

Loving all the Jake tweets. Went to see Savages last night. Oliver Stone trying to be Quentin Tarrantino. Very satirical but very uneven. Ridiculous really.

UltraViolet said...

Good news, Bobbyanna!

Hopefully, chica and I will be victorious. I mean, Roger will :)

New post.