Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer school

Jake Gyllenhaal has been filming at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. I think this is our first glimpse of Jake in the classroom. The filming has attracted a lot of attention from students, who've snagged a few photos.

The halls of higher education.

The internationally recognized student pose.

Filming is scheduled for UTSC through Thursday.

Big Easy Express is now available on iTunes. As far as I can tell, Jake is only really in the basketball scene. I have't had time to watch the whole movie. I did a quick scan, and this was the only place I saw him. (He is thanked in the credits.) Thanks to Mumford Castle for the gif.


UltraViolet said...

Jake back on set today. From twitter:

Oh yea sure just casually working on set with jake gyllenhaal 😍 dying!!!
11:28 AM - 27 Jun 12

And LOL:

Why am I at school in the middle of summer? I have to hand in some forms, I swear it has nothing to do with Jake Gyllenhaal being on campus.

Anonymous said...

Shane Goddard ‏@GetWithGoddard

Kamala ‏@kamzzzy

I just walked by jake gyllenhaal AGAIN n it caught me so off guard cuz we weren't expecting it @GetWithGoddard

Anonymous said...

John Habib ‏@johnhabib22
jake gyllenhaal #utsc

Anonymous said...

Aliya♠Hussaini ‏@aliyaSS4
Jake gyllenhaal @utsc #MovieShooting

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for these photos from the location, UV. The set looks so "real." LOL!
I am really looking forward to the movie.

Too bad Jake isn't featured more in the Mumford film. I was kind of looking forward to his singing.: )

Extra said...

I kinda wish I was in Summer school, great shots!

Love the BB gif of Jake and Marcus:)

UltraViolet said...

Some more tweets from the shoot:

he "fucking hates it" when you take pictures of him

jake gyllenhaal literally two meters away from me ‪#dying‬

From another person:

He didn't seem really friendly...didn't make any eye contact at all. AND HE WAS SMOKING !

yes i went there just to see him. OMG we were like 3m away from him :O !!! and they didn't let us take photos :(

I still can't believe I met jake gyllenhaal today LOL !


Just wrapped jake gylenhall tripped me out think I learned some shit just watching him act lol

Last one:

On set for An enemy and Jake Gyllenhaal is an incredible actor *rolling*

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Extra. The idea of summer school has always appalled me. I don't know if even Jake would make me change my mind.

Bobbyanna, it's a shame we don't get any more of Jake than that. Maybe there will be extras or something on the DVD.

UltraViolet said...

Jake in the TO CZ:

Ahh Terroni's how I love you!! Pizza night with my bro!" some for mee!!

jake gyllenhaal is sitting beside me

And apropos of Big Easy Express, this was on twitter earlier:

Fun Fact of the day: One time my mom was in CVS in New Orleans and she ran into Jake Gyllenhaal. Yea he was buying a toothbrush. Lol

oh yea and the one important part of that fun fact, I chose to not go with her when she went to cvs. worst mistake of my life.

Let's hope Jake didn't go all the way from CA to LA without a toothbrush!

bobbyanna said...

Ewww! I was thinking the same thing. : )

Twitter said...

Upstairs working on 4th @TerroniTO magazine with @elenulla and who's downstairs on the patio? Jake Gyllenhaal. Time for a break?
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10:01 PM - 27 Jun 12

ATTN: miss.valley blvd peeps. JAKE GYLLENHAAL is filming a movie somewhere along our street. WHO HAS
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Chica said...

The kids must be getting such a kick running into Jake at school while he is filming, I just hope that they aren't too disruptive!

He looks just like your typical HS teacher in these photos, thanks for posting UV!!

bobbyanna said...

Chica, I agree Jake does look like a history teacher, but I don't recall ever seeing a history teacher that looked that hot! : )

Completely OT: Healthcare upheld!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I don't remember my History teacher looking like that either Bobbyanna, Lol!!

And double yeah for Healthcare being upheld!!

UltraViolet said...

Yay for health care! I was at a work offsite, Bobbyanna and didn't hear the news until I saw your post :)

Amazing that Roberts actually did the right thing. Kudos to him, finally. And to the rest of the majority.

Also, just saw this on twitter:

End Of Watch panel Hall H at 12:45 p.m 7/14 Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña ‪#SDCC‬ ‪#ComicCon‬

bobbyanna said...

UV, my bro & I had a bet. He said it all hinged on Kennedy, but I've been reading about Roberts' decisions, and I just had a feeling about this. : )

OMG. EoW @ ComicCon?? In LA?

bobbyanna said...

Just answered my own question. Comicon in San Diego. It starts July 12th.

Twitter said...

That awkward moment when you're standing in line behind Jake Gyllenhaal at the airport.. #babealert
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7:21 PM - 28 Jun 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry® · Details

Monica said...

July 14? Same day of the Hobbit and Man of Steel!

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake's weekend NY routine is intact. This guy is in the city:

u know where ;0P can't say on here. But he was as good looking as u would think.

Just met jake gyllenhaal :0) Super nice guy

mary said...

gosh I will have to definitely look into going to comicon my son lives in san diego and has mentioned about wanting to go before I know he will go with me if I ask him plus Im off that weekend.

bobbyanna said...

mary, that's great. I hope you get a chance to go if you can! : )

Mary said...

Im going to try and see what happens the schedule for sat was up yet plus theres the price too but I will try and see if I can go.

UltraViolet said...

Mary, it would be great if you got to see Jake. But I think these cons sell out pretty quickly. And that one is crazy.

From a NY tweeter:

So Tom & Katie are dunzo, Adele is pregnant, and we just spotted Jake Gyllenhaal during our lunch break. #CrazyFriday #StarPower
2:16 PM - 29 Jun 12

Monica said...
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Twitter said...

Jake Gyllenhaal strolling up Crosby like its no big deal
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4:59 PM - 29 Jun 12

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jake will get together with Adam, he was in town performing on the Today show.


Tweety said...

Jake reminds me of Columbo in these photos!

I was hoping that Jake would be featured more in the M&S documentary, cool of them to thankhim in the credits.

I hope you get to go to Comic Con Mary, Jake went to Wonder Con for PoP and it look like he had a blast!

Hagen said...

According to the estimated production budget of "End of Watch" is just $10 million; $10 million less than previously estimated. I know, is a not exactly a reliable source. Film studios tend to understate the production budget to lower box office expectations. On the other hand it doesn't make sense to make a rather low budget movie look even smaller. Open Road's marketing budget of $20 million would be twice as high as the production budget.

Anonymous said...

samuelholder ‏@samuelholder

Having breakfast with Jake Gyllenhaal since Paul Rudd want around. #NYC #bubbys

Anonymous said...

NatashaAttal ‏@natashaattal

Just walked by Jake Gyllenhaal and @kimberry told me to keep it moving because I can't "tap" that. I beg to differ
Becky Radolf ‏@GimmeThatBecky8

Was sitting next to a member of The Roots last night at dinner, and then Jake Gyllenhaal walked by. Seriously, that happened.

Monica said...

Comic Con:

12:45-1:45 Open Road Films: End of Watch and Silent Hill: Revelations 3D— Global exclusive! Catch an early look at the highly anticipated action film End of Watch, with special guests Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña who play police officers patrolling the meanest streets of south central Los Angeles, and writer/director David Ayer (Training Day).

UltraViolet said...

Hi Tweety! Haven't seen you for a bit. LOL @ Columbo.

Thanks for the info, Hagen and Monica. I could see EoW having a budget that low. They made it fast. But it doesn't look cheap, which is key.

Looking forward to what news comes out of Comic Con.

New pics, new post.