Friday, June 1, 2012

Everything old

Departing for a moment from Toronto filming photos: This was posted on tumblr. It's an old shot by Gareth McConnell, who photographed Jake in 2002 for Dazed and Confused magazine:

It's part of this set, which is on IHJ. But I don't think the above photo is there.

A newspaper snap of filming:

A couple of Toronto fan pics:

A photo of Jake backstage at the Paul Newman event:


UltraViolet said...

I don't remember seeing this before: very brief video of Jake and Busy Phillips at the Farmers Market.

mayumintolor said...

Wow!! I've never seen these pics and the video! Thank you so much for the goodies of lovely Jake!! :D

Shondra said...

What a great find UV, he looks so young here of course, it was taken a decade ago!

I sorta like the beard now, i'm getting used to it. I don't know why some fans get so bent out of shape over it, he usually shaves it off but with the filming of The Enemy, he obviously is wearing it a bit longer than usual.

What lucky young ladies in these fan photos!!

bobbyanna said...

You're always finding these gems, UV! Shondra, I agree. it's just a beard. NBD. I like him better with less beard, but it's still Jake. : )

Viv said...

I can deal with his beard,but he needs to lose weight.LOL
He is getting fat lately.

UltraViolet said...

Yikes, Viv. That's harsh. Jake has a bit of a tummy on him, but he's definitely not fat.

Shondra, I agree about the beard. That's why I deleted those ridiculous anonymous comments. It amazes me that people think anyone is interested in their comments if they don't sign their posts.

And eek - a decade! It's amazing to think how long Jake has been in the public eye.

You're welcome, mayumintolor! It's always fun to find a new old picture of Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake is on his way to NY for the weekend:

ake Gyllenhaal just cut the entire immigration/customs line at Toronto airport. Bastard!!!
11:36 AM - 1 Jun 12

Hagen said...

I can deal with his beard, but he needs to lose weight. LOL
He is getting fat lately.

Jake looked rather skinny before the shooting started. So I guess he gained some weight for his role.

Hagen said...

Spoiler Alert!

Maclean's about Sarah Gadon: "Next week she starts shooting An Enemy, cast as Gyllenhaal’s wife in the first English-language movie by Oscar-nominated Quebec director Denis Villeneuve (Incendies). “The way Jake describes it,” she says, “it’s about a man having an existential crisis who leaves his mistress for his wife.”

KY said...

Wow! She is very BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Is Sarah Anthony's wife? And Melanie is Adams?

I'm not going to lie that I am not a fan of the beard, it's not just Jake it's most men in general. I just prefer my men with scruff or clean shaven. But I'm not going to get nasty because that is what Jake has chosen to do, not just for the movie, he seems to like a beard, it's his face. Whether I like it or not. I still think he's a great actor. I'm still holding out for when he does shave again and I can see that gorgeous face under that hair.

As for his being fat? um WHERE? I thought he was getting a little on the thin side. He certainly exercises. ALOT. Running, biking, SOUL Cycling. I'm looking forward for when this movie comes out (I am having problems getting into the book this is based on)


bobbyanna said...

I'm wondering if maybe Jake's weight is an "optical illusion" aided by costuming. Jake's character in the black leather jacket doesn't look fat at all, but the rumpled History teacher with his baggy sports coat looks out of shape, maybe paunchy.

When I saw the photo set @ IHJ, the ones of Jake in his tan pants and plain white T-shirt, he looked heavier. So maybe the t-shirt was more than just a t-shirt. : )

I remember long ago, watching The Patriot, & realizing they dealt with the height difference between Mel Gibson who was quite a bit shorter than Heath, by making the length and fit of their costumes give the impression that Heath was shorter than he actually was.

I'm just speculating, but maybe.

Chica said...

You always find such gems UV, thanks!

Jake is a grown man and he likes the fuzz on his face, I do prefer him w/o it but he's still sexy to me either way.

He doesn't look fat to me, he looks fit. I think at time he appears a bit "chunky" in some photos but IMO that could be the angle of the shot.

I have never seen that video either!

We will find out soon enough if he is back in NY.

Mary said...

i dont think Jake looks fat either he looked fit in the pictures of him in the jeans and leather jacketI was thinking too it was the camera angle of some of the pictures.

I prefer him with out the beard but he is still sexy to me either way.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that tidbit, Hagen. I like that description. Does it match the book, for anyone who's read it?

It was an interesting look at Sarah Gadon. She is really having her moment. Good for her.

IHJ has some shots of Jake and Melanie Laurent filming last night. Jake looks tired in the solo shots.

The thing about the beard is that it gets old to read how much people wish it would go away every time there's a picture of him. Yes, we get it. But it' not going to happen just because one keeps repeating it.

Its why I try not to complain about the green pants every time Jake wears them :)

I think you can see in some candids over the past few months that Jake has a bit of weight in his stomach. In person, it's probably barely noticeable. He is not as thin as he has been. He is nowhere near fat.

UltraViolet said...

Lots of entertaining tweets today. BBM was on TV in the UK, so lots of Brokeback tweets.

And apparently MuchMusic (Canada's MTV) is on their own Jake-stalking campaign, according to tweets. No idea if they had any success.

Monica said...

But it' not going to happen just because one keeps repeating it.

I'm tired of these comments about the look of Jake! all zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I had seen this video, but it's nice to see again.

Sarah is on twitter:!/SarahGadon

Mary said...

i know its not going to happen I just made a statement that I prefer Jake with out the beard I wasnt complaining about it I know he seems to prefer the beard.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Mary, I didn't mean you. I know you were just responding to the conversation.

Thanks, Monica. It will be fun if she tweets during the shoot.

bobbyanna said...

Yeah, camera angle could definitely affect Jake's look, too.

Thanks for the twitter link to Sarah Gadon, monica!

UltraViolet said...

Did Jake return to NY?

All gentlemen should remove their hats while eating, even you Jake Gyllenhaal.
from New York, NY
11:58 PM - 1 Jun 12

UltraViolet said...

And another series:

I spy Minka Kelly #holygorgeous
10:03 PM - 1 Jun 12
Fuck. I spy make gyllenhal and I want to die now.
Trying to be cool and it's very difficult
Damnit JAKE
yes, it's very intimidating, she is gorgeous and he is beautiful

Hagen said...

I like that description. Does it match the book, for anyone who's read it?
It does match the book, but it's rather an interpretation, not a literal description of the events in the book.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake doesn't look like he gained any weight to me, his middle at times looks a bit thick but that comes with geting older. Otherwise he looks fit and looks healthy.

Love the new/old pic UV, I always liked this photoshoot.

I'm trying to stay away from reading the book, but it's getting hard.

Loving all the fan pics and set pics, I just hope we don't get an overload of them and ecome spoilerish.

And like clockwork, he is backin NY for the weekend!

Tweety said...

I'm always kinda jealous when I see Jake posing with fans, I know, I know, one day! The photos are great and he looks relaxed in them unlike some of the pap pics.

Jake has changed since this photoshoot obviously but he stil looks sexy to me.

From twitter:

Lindsay Guentzel‏@LindsayGuentzel

If you had any doubts, I can confirm Jake Gyllenhaal is as attractive in real life as he is in the movies. +1 for life in Soho.

Twitter said...

I'm not one to spread gossip but...Jake Gyllenhaal is eating at Gravitas right now! He'll be here until service ends at 11:30. cc.@kevinjn
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7:13 PM - 2 Jun 12

just found out jake gyllenhaal is gonna be filming a movie on my street tomorrow! Its stalker time!!
Reply Retweet Favorite
3:28 PM - 2 Jun 12 via web · Details

@LeahRae17 he's filming right by sherbourne :) stop by if ya want. me n some friends are gonna spend there day trying to get a peek of him
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4:06 PM - 2 Jun 12 via web · Details

bobbyanna said...

Found this on Twitter from a Canadian woman arriving late this afternoon in NYC:

"OH! And guess what the first thing I saw in NYC was? JAKE GYLLENHAAL! Totally passed him in LGA."

So I'm wondering if Jake was heading back to Toronto?

bobbyanna said...

Yes, that Gravitas is Chef Soto's restaurant in Toronto. So I guess he is.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Hagen. Like OONP, I'm tempted to read the book but I'm resisting so far.

Hi, Tweety! We've gotten a lot of fan pics, and I've just found a couple more from recent months. More fun than pap pics.

That is an odd tweet from the restaurant chef/owner. Someone else just tweeted that Jake and Ryan Gosling are at the Bowery Hotel in NY. But another tweeter said she saw Jake at LaGuardia today:

OH! And guess what the first thing I saw in NYC was? JAKE GYLLENHAAL! Totally passed him in LGA.
10:51 PM


I did a triple-take. I'm super positive it was him! If not, it was a super sexy look-alike.

Lucky you. I was at LGA today too, but I didn't see him =(.

Terminal A (I think) ust around 3:00. I almost made a fool of myself but decided to be all "oh, I see celebrities all the time"

bobbyanna said...

Dang, UV! Toronto is a quick trip, but not that quick! LOL! Maybe the Gravitas restaurant one was a hoax?

Airport lady is puzzling.

FYI: justjared had photos of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes flying out of LAX earlier today. So it's possible Jake's with Ryan at the Bowery.

UltraViolet said...

Apparently that Toronto chef tweeter isn't real, bobbyanna. It's a mock twitter sending up the Toronto culinary scene.

The airport woman seems legit, and there is the tweet about filming tomorrow. But no one else saw Jake there. Then again, no one else saw him and RG at the Bowery.

I guess we'll know soon enough :)

This is a funny follow up from an earlier tweet:

If you had any doubts, I can confirm Jake Gyllenhaal is as attractive in real life as he is in the movies. +1 for life in Soho.

Nice celebrity sighting!

Imagine opening your building's door with wet hair and sweatpants on and running into that. I legit laughed.

Hagen said...

New pics of Jake in New York on "I heart Jake".

Guardian: "If you are a celebrity, one of the best ways to deflate the market value of your photograph is to wear the same clothes every day."

This article came into my mind when I was looking at the new paparazzi pics. ;)

Anonymous said...

paul gettlich

Spent the other night on a camera car with Jake Gyllenhaal doing 70km/h along Lakeshore shooting a car crash sequence.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Allen ‏@jessieraeallen
Might have just seen Jake Gyllenhaal filming downtown on my bike ride to King Eddie for #diamondjubile doggie high tea. #macjubilee #bonus

Anonymous said...

Deardra O'Sullivan ‏@daosullivan
Spotted Jake Gyllenhaal filming “An Enemy” downtown TO, looking gorgeous as per usual. #celebritysighting

3:49 PM

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Hagen. Jake is definitely a practitioner of that technique!

Just ran into jake gyllenhaal twice this week on the streets of Toronto... Today on Victoria st.
5:25 PM

This guy's earlier tweet about Jake:

The other day I saw Jack Gyllenhaal Driving a Volvo down Lakeshore Blvd. True story, he was shooting a scene for a new movie. He sexy guy

Can you believe it Jack gyllenhaal driving a fucking volvo. And I saw him! My life has not been the same since...

Daniela said...

I think I mentioned it here, every day Jake cares less to appear as a celebrity, much less worry about the value of his photograph, he wants to establish himself as a real actor and not as simply gallant

Daniela said...

And I love it, how people see and are surprised by it being a nice person and simple and still hot even with the beard, but in fact I do not care for it, I stopped reading the comments from Just Jared so much talk of the beard

Anonymous said...

Daniela, its the same people who post over and over again about Jake on justjared. They still can't let go of BBM as just a role. Of course they will not admit it but they are obsessed with Jake as much as his true fans are.

UltraViolet said...

I try to avoid reading comments on most sites. Generally not worth wading through the nonsense.

Looks like the Toronto paps are still on Jake Watch. IHJ has photos from today's filming up already. Some of them are quite funny. And they explain this tweet:

Sorry I was late for brunch, I had to wait for Jake Gyllenhall to cross the street. #Jubilee
1:28 PM - 3 Jun 12

Another tweet, a retweet from a private account:

your TO life totally sucks #jealousbetch RT: @Griier: dying, on treadmill next to Jake Gyllenhaal

Twitter said...

Since I can't retweet her, she just sent me this pic...

Jakes workout buddy in my head said...

No soul cycle class available? Maybe he should start his own class while in Toronto. I guess he must have read that comments about him being "fat". If Jake is considered fat, then I might as well schedule my weight loss surgery for next week then.

UltraViolet said...

That is not a fat man :)

From twitter today:

Jake Gyllenhaal is filming a movie right outside my work. He actually looked me in the eyes. #dying
11:21 AM - 4 Jun 12


jake gyllenhaal is standing rite in front of me nd 12:03 PM - 4 Jun 12

he is on his motorbike ..just a meter away from us

UltraViolet said...

A photo, not close up.

bobbyanna said...

Dang! Not only are the TO fans enthusiastic tweeters, they enthusiastically use their camera phones. I'm looking forward to seeing Jake's character riding a bike!

bobbyanna said...

Dang! Not only are the TO fans enthusiastic tweeters, they enthusiastically use their camera phones. I'm looking forward to seeing Jake's character riding a bike!

UltraViolet said...

Bear Grylls and JAke are just starting on UK TV. Twitter should be hopping!

Jake filming tweets:

Did I just walk pass Jake Gyllenhaal?

u did lool hes filming in bleecker

lol I thought so , I was looking right at him tryna figure out who he was

get his autograph though for me please and thank you

LOL fuck that the man is surrounded by police and go urself


UltraViolet said...

Jake and Bear are apparently up against the Jubilee concert and the last episode of Game of Thrones.

I know what I'd watch :)

Anonymous said...

I love Bear and Jake episode soooo much!

LOL :) said...

Ozma ‏@Ozma01
Thank you Bear Grylls for making Jake Gyllenhaal take his top off even in Antarctic conditions!

Chica said...

Wow, that was a quick around from NY back to Toronto!

I saw the Bear episode more than once,and as much as I loved that episode with Jake I will be watching the season final of Game of Thrones!

Anonymous said...

nice tweets about Jake. He certainly does not look fat.

He certainly knows how to ride a bike. But I haven't seen him ride since he was in LA.


KY said...

Jake riding a bike is so HOT!

Twitter said...

Tonight's show was fantastic and Jake Gyllenhaal was courage personified! Hats off to ya Jake!!
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5:20 PM - 4 Jun 12

bobbyanna said...

I'm with you chica! I've seen Jake crossing that gorge, hanging from a rope enough times, and every time, my stomach clenches up. So Game of Thrones Finale, definitely.
Between GoT & Mad Men, last night was some pretty exciting TV.

bobbyanna said...

I'm with you chica! I've seen Jake crossing that gorge, hanging from a rope enough times, and every time, my stomach clenches up. So Game of Thrones Finale, definitely.
Between GoT & Mad Men, last night was some pretty exciting TV.

bobbyanna said...

I have no idea why I'm getting double posts: (

UltraViolet said...

Blogger's just being a pain, bobbyanna. As usual.

On that topic, we had to change the layout in order for my next post to work. Not sure if it will stay like this - will be playing around with it tomorrow to see if there's something cooler.

So, new post :)