Friday, June 22, 2012

Site for sore eyes

End of Watch has an official site. Sadly, there isn't anything there except the trailer. Let's hope they kick their marketing back into gear. After a promising start, they have faded.

The new site is really just an excuse to post more outtakes from Jake's old photo shoots.


UltraViolet said...

I know the spacing is weird, but I don't care, lol. It's late.

I think there was an EoW site at one point, but it's gone now. Hope this new one has a better fate.

Anonymous said...

Man negativity already about EOW from Jake's own fans. Its not even July yet, I would hope the film isn't over saturated by PR too early. I think Jake fans tend to believe his films deserve some sort of special PR treatement. EOW is not a blockbuster and will not be on more than 3000 screens. Maybe you should compare the PR of other films for other stars and then you would realize that Jake is not being short changed on PR. Sure in the past Jake's POP was poorly advertised by that was Disney's fault as they are no good at PR even with their successful films its poor at best. The best PR is previews in the novie theaters in my opinion because I believe 90% of the movie going public are habitual movie goers.

UltraViolet said...

Maybe you should sign your posts.

Who gives a fuck what you think?

I gave the EoW team high marks for their rollout in May. They got good PR, a story in the NY Times, lots of twitter buzz. But their FB page is a joke, and you shouldn't reveal a website with nothing on it but the trailer.

So thanks for playing, but I think I know a bit more about both Hollywood and Jake than you do.

Anonymous said...

A site/sight for sore eyes indeed! Thanks UV.

I confirm that there was an (empty) EoW official website at the very beginning but never had much in it other than a couple of pictures.

Anonymous 1:29, Jake fans are far from being negative about EoW, maybe you should read UV's posts more carefully.

Paula said...

As much as I am loving these photos I agree with you UV that the site is beyond lame. Some very lazy people are behind it. Reminds me of that clown that "ran" his official fan site!

And anon., being critical of a movie campaign doesn't = negativity with the movie or Jake.

bobbyanna said...

Squeeeeee! More beautiful photos! Thank you, UV!

I think the EoW trailer is reallly powerful. Glad they've put up the website, but I agree, I'd like to see them do a lot more with that website and with publicity in general. I've been wondering if EoW will be screened at TIFF. Jake might not be able to go to an evening screening, but maybe he could do the presser in the daytime.

I have a feeling the big EoW premiere will happen in L.A. : )

(gee, ya think? LOL!)

Chica said...

Loving the outtakes!It brings out the goofy and sexy side of Jake.

The EOW website needs attention, pronto! Hopefully things will get into full speed near the opening of the movie I hope.

Daniela said...

More? Why it took so long to publish these photos? Each of the loveliest other.

EOW will debut in late September, missing almost three months, I think long enough to improve the promotion of the film, is not so bad, I just did not like the poster, but as I said, this is time to improve

UltraViolet said...

Added a few more new oldies. Stephanie is spoiling us this week. Go over to IHJ to take a look.

Thanks for confirming that, GC. I like to think I'm not going crazy.

OH, Paula, the official site What a travesty. Does it even exist anymore?

I think you're right about the premiere, bobbyanna, lol. I do hope it goes to Toronto and that Jake can make it. They need a Sunday night or Monday screening.

Sexy and goofy: the perfect way to describe Jake, chica!

Daniela, they definitely have time to improve and add. And I agree: some of these "outtakes" are better than the shots used.

I hope there are more out there. You know there have to be other snaps of JAke with that dog!

Anonymous said...

Morgan Fletcher ‏@mofletch2187


UltraViolet said...

From the twitter of the West Coast editor of the Daily Beast:

I saw a very, very good movie yesterday called 'End of Watch,' with Jake Gyllenhaal. It doesn't come out until Sept., but look out for it.

oo glad to hear you enjoyed it! Been looking forward to it. ‪#EndOfWatch‬

It's so good. So, so good.

KY. said...

Kelly Stotmeister ‏@kstote
Jake Gyllenhaal is on the 1 train next to me. I repeat Jake Gyllenhaal is on the 1 train next to me. #rockinthescruff

7 m ago

Twitter said...

#celebritysighting status-jake gylenhaal spotted in nyc on houston, and we identified him by the back of his neck. #epic
Reply Retweet Favorite
6:01 PM - 22 Jun 12 via web · Details

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The spacing is just fine UV and so are the yummy outtakes form this photoshoot, I like these even more than what they published in Esquire.

That site leaves a lot to be desired, hopefully it will be updated.

Looks like Jake is back in NY like clockwork!
Love the comments about EOW via the Daily Beast!

bobbyanna said...

UV, these photos have an almost "hypnotic effect." : )

I am loving them. visiting IHJ is always a treat. I don't think any other fansite on the internet has the archive Stephanie has on Jake.

There are a couple of other shoots I'm in love with, one being the "Burberry" shoot with the Navy raincoat, I think it was done in NYC?

The other is one where Jake is sitting on the floor, white Tee and jeans. He seems like an easy subject, too. Photographers must love him.

Anonymous said...

jennifer ‏@jennifer__L

Omg just took the train with jake gyllenhaal ..... LOL

from twitter said...

Sharing The Odeon with Jake Gyllenhall - @laurabrooksdub has a total lady boner.

12:00 PM - 23 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone

Odeon - restaurant in Tribeca.

Andromeda said...

These photos are lovely :)

Monica said...

Good site, but I don't like this poster.
The marketing of the film is good. They showed the trailer before The Avengers and Prometheus. And I think this is a good sign.
It is a production without a major studio behind it, so can't expect much.

I agree that FB page is a joke.

bobbyanna said...

A guy who works in the East Village, posted this on FB a few hours ago.

"Nick Üçcan I went to get coffee on my lunch break and the place I go to. I walked on in and poof. JG was chillin' eating a bagel with cream cheese with tomato. He is short and good looking. I looked at him and said "whatever" out loud and went back to work"

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, bobbyanna. But is jake back in TO already?

From twitter, thought this first one seems to have disappeared:

Anyone feel like sushi? Jake gyllenhaal is eating at the bar at Hiro Sushi.
8:15 PM - 23 Jun 12

Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal was having dinner next to me talking about his latest film? Oh because I do. #hotterinperson #marryme
8:14 PM - 23 Jun 12

Also, this was n tumblr today:

I was on the train with Jake Gyllenhaal today LOL he sat right across from me and my friends omg the whole time I was like I think it’s him, but I didn’t say anything because he had sunglasses and a cap on. Then before he got off the train he took off his sunglasses and I was like

omgasdfkja;wfjalwfjalwfejasjf;awljfe;lkajweflkjawlefja;lke me and my friends are probably the slowest people ever because he was on the train for quite a while ahahahahaha

UltraViolet said...

For all of you LAers:

Dir. David Ayers will be screening 1 of his latest films entitled End of Watch @ ‪#MediaCon‬. Q & A will follow with David & Michael Pena.

More info on Latino Media Con.

Speaking of marketing, this is an interesting look at EoW market research: I guess the producers/studio want to know if white folks want to see it.

Tweety said...

There are so many outtakes from that photoshoot, not that I'm complaining! I saw the trailer for EOW before Avengers too Monica and it rec'd a good response. I asume it will be shown before The new Spoderman and Dark Knght movie as well.

Thanks for that link UV. Interesting because I never thought that the film would appeal to selective groups. The people I see this film not appealing to are the people that don't like cop dramas.

Looks like Jake is working today:

Michelle Moon‏@Michellemoon7

On set for An Enemy today ☺ Hello Jake Gyllenhaal <3

bobbyanna said...

whoa. Bet that young lady isn't working for Neilsen anymore. I know it's not unusual to break out sub-groups to gauge audiences for marketing something, but that was handled very poorly.

I agree, Tweety. I like cop movies and I'm not 44. : ) I'll be seeing Batman, so I'm really looking forward to watching the trailer on the big screen.

Anonymous said...

Short is Stalone or Cruise and a number of other actors but being a bit over 6 feet tall is not "short". Am not sure if people think he should be maybe 6'4" or as this came from the person who said "whatever" showing it was just so boring to see him(tho did say he was good-looking) to let everyone know how he was above all that being thrilled to see someone who was well known. But then, if someone tweets about that, why do they do it if it was so unimportant to them.
Also with EOW don't see why there is a problem with thinking the PR for it might just be waiting, after the initial info. on it, until its closer to its release date so people are really aware of it. It isn't a blockbuster type of movie that you'll hear about a year constantly before its out. I hadn't really heard hardly anything about "Seeking a Friend For the End of the World" (and am sure i would of remembered it) until maybe a month ago when the ads started for it on t.v.)and it will be out next week.
It looks like it will get good reviews and certainly Jake will.
And am looking forward to his stage work & articles on that.
Something I'm definitely not worried about is Jake's acting career as it will be life-long and feel he will Direct and do some writing - lots of years for him to do small movies, big movies, more stage work and he really is an actor who has a strong fan base and will gain even more as time goes on. He is respected by other actors and directors and that's a pretty big deal.


Anonymous said...

▲ D d ▽ ‏@danniedisko

On set with Jake Gyllenhaal and I didn't even notice until now. It's definitely the beard.

Anonymous said...

Thevyan T. Ravindran ‏@ThevyanR

@ktakanashi13 Oh yeah that's right, @adilkanji was saying Jake Gyllenhaal is filming something here.

Anonymous said...

Adil Kanji ‏@adilkanji

Rumour is that Jake Gyllenhaal is at UTSC filming something. Sorry can your school say that?

Anonymous said...

Thevyan T. Ravindran ‏@ThevyanR

Jake Gyllenhaal's on campus, and I'm there to study for my midterm, time to find a Hollywood actor and maybe score an autograph.

UltraViolet said...

Tons of tweets from campus filming today. Here's one tweeter with a summary:

Just in... "will resume exterior shooting tomorrow"! The filming of Jake Gyllenhaal's #AnEnemy, back tomorrow at #UTSC.

Just heard the director of "An Enemy", being filmed on campus, call a wrap over the walkie talkie because of the thunderstorm. #socool #UTSC

@utscUNDERGROUND Sadly, no pics allowed. You'll just have to check the shoot out for yourself! (If you're lucky, you'll spot Gyllenhaal!)


@UTSC, the constant movie set. #JakeGyllenhaal's here!

A funny one:

Jake Gyllenhaal and I were coworkers today. #nobiggie" --> the most jealous I've ever been in my life #dying #lovehim #ahh

I stared at him extra, for you.

And a couple of photos:

Last time I checked, I went to UTSC. What the fuck is UGT?!/ayantalukder

bobbyanna said...

I can't believe July is just around the corner, and in a few weeks the Toronto shoot will be over. The TO tweeters have been wonderful. I feel so spoiled. : )

UltraViolet said...

It has gone by fast, Bobbyanna! And Toronto could be the best Jake tweet city yet.

From FB:

On the set of the movie being filmed in Scarborough. Jake Gyllenhaal so nice even in baggy teacher clothes and a beard.

And from twitter:

Jake Gyllenhaal at @Poutini ! My two loves in one place is almost too much to handle.
8:29 PM - 24 Jun 12

UltraViolet said...

Not sure if this means that Jake or the producers/director bought these popsicles for people working on An Enemy today:

Thanks #jakegyllenhaal

Monica said...

On set in Toronto:

Twitter said...

Jake Gyllenhaal just opened the door for me! He's filmin movie @ my school an hour before my exam

Hide photo
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Anonymous said...

This article talks about Jake's play

Anonymous said...

Megan Olaveson ‏@megolaveson

I just ran out of my car on a busy street in Toronto because I saw Jake Gyllenhaal (sp?)

UltraViolet said...

There's a deluge of Jake tweets from campus. Among them:

No big deal. Jake Gyllenhaal shooting a movie at my school. He is SO beautiful when he's acting 😌

Twitter is acting up for me, but when I can get through, you see the flood.

UltraViolet said...

The NY Daily News article is intriguing. It's an interesting trend - the year of the uncle.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...


UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake is going to need some Zen for all the people checking out the filming:

Holy shit I was just on the bathroom with Jake gyllenhaal

Oh snap Jake gyllenhal told us to gtfo. Sorry Jake I'm 2 starstruck

I just got told to stfu by Jake gyllenhals sound guy at UTSC. So awesome

UltraViolet said...

From the tweeter who posted a pic of Jake this morning:

in person,he looked so hot! ive never been attracted to him until i saw him in person. i love beards imo :P exam=fail

yep he really is there! dont expect to see much, he's not doing anythin all that excitin & he's being sectioned off now bc of ppl comin

LOL trust me! you should of seen my expression when he turned around as I was walking into the doorway! weirdest schooldays

UltraViolet said...

From a story about Cody Horn, an actress who is in Magic Mike and EoW:

Horn stars with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena in the upcoming LA cop movie, End of Days, which is the complete opposite of Mike. "It's a total guy’s movie. And I got to scratch an itch of playing a tough cop. I was shooting guns, I even got tased!," she says, a little too enthusiastically.
She got what? “We had gone to this training facility for a tactical challenge and fitness test where you run, grapple, shoot to become a police officer. To pass the test to become a cop, you have to get tased and get pepper sprayed so you know what it feels like."

Her character, a former Marine turned cop whose dad is the head of the police force, is a real badass. So of course Horn raised her hand first for the tasering. “Then Jake had to do it and then we ended up tasing the entire cast."

Her descripton is pretty chilling. "It feels like it's ripping your bones out of your body and simultaneously hammering your bones with a jackhammer. Cops have to tolerate it for five seconds. They did it to everyone else for one second. But they did me for three seconds because I was screaming so much, I forgot to say 'Stop."

Definitely a bad time for forget your lines.

I'm sure someone will ask JAke about that during promotion.

UltraViolet said...

Definitely some tweets referring to Jake as a diva and getting upset about people with cell phones or trying to take pics. I hope he's keeping his cool:

Ya jake gyllenhaal's security dude just called me a stalker n I only went to see him twice LMFAO! He was funny tho

Diva said...

@Wongfever ooh yes I know lol. He literally will stop the scene if he sees someone with a phone/camera
View conversation
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6h Kevin Caudle ‏@kevcaud
@Wongfever yes lol. The man behind the diva.
View conversation
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6h Kevin Caudle ‏@kevcaud
@Wongfever an enemy
View conversation
Reply Retweet Favorite
6h Kevin Caudle ‏@kevcaud
@xokroberts yea lol it was. Mr. Gyllanhall was getting upset at all the fans "throwing off his focus"
View conversation
Reply Retweet Favorite
6h Kevin Caudle ‏@kevcaud
Nothing better than a good old actor diva freekout.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Diva, the angry (and now deleted) anon doesn't care about facts. But thanks for trying to respond.

I wonder if the hubbub will die down as the week wears on. I can understand Jake being annoyed, but for his own sake, I hope he can go with the flow.

A few more tweets/posts from today. From FB:

So ya, I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal on campus ... no biggie ... OMG!

Unreal! He is beautiful :)

um ... delicious would sum it up

jealous! he's so yummy....

I would have jumped him and then he would be mine, all mine!!!!!!!

And twitter:

Couldn't take a picture cause I started shaking but he is hella hot in real life too! Just as I suspected! :D

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal and he actually looked at me and smiled. Sigh. Now I can die happy! :D *fangirl moment*

One more set:

dream come true man ❤ I was speechless when he turned back and looked at us. Only jake could do that to me!

No really, I overheard one of the production crew members lol

I sound like such a weirdo knowing all year details but anything for my man Jake, seriously dream come true

If anyone else is interested in stalking Jake, they're here till the 28th. Filming in one of the lab rooms tomorrow and SW309 on Wed!

Jake just peeked out from the room and omg, cutest thing ever!!

bobbyanna said...

It sounds kind of chaotic. They definitely need to have better security. Apparently, shooting a film in public in the age of twitter is pretty disruptive.

I feel bad for him, I don't think he's being a diva. I can't imagine what it must be like to be right in the middle of a scene, and have some fool disrupt it. Bet the film company had to pay the University to be on campus, too.

bobbyanna said...

Meant to add that I agree, UV, for his own sake, I hope he 'goes with the flow' too. : )

Mary said...

Thanks for all the tweets UV must be hard to concentrate when peopleare snapping pics can understand Jake getting annoyed

Monica said...

He could do worse, he could do as my love Chris Bale!
I´ll fucking kick your fucking ass!

bobbyanna said...


UltraViolet said...

LOL, Monica. Let's hope we can avoid that.

Looks like someone at Toronto Life thought better of their posting that treadmill photo. That entry is gone now.

Chica said...

I don't blame Jake for being pissed, it must be so distracting. I'm surprised that the production company isn't doing more to limit the distractions.

Hee, he Monica, I hope Jake doesn't go that far!

I'm glad that tredmill pic was pulled, too intrusive.

Monica said...

OT: Richard Dreyfuss has joined the cast of Very Good Girls, which begins filming next month


I honestly think that security folks have been making a real poor job since the very beginning.

I feel for Jake. I wish people were more respectful but we're talking about young students who still need to be asked to behave.

And those who are calling him a diva are just stupid jerks.

Rant over, sorry.

bobbyanna said...

That's good news, monica! Both Richard Drefuss and the fact they'll finally start shooting. : )


Re: treadmill picture. I'm glad it's been taken down but just for the record, I'm pretty sure it was an old shot (not from the Toronto days).

UltraViolet said...

Hi, GC. I think the photo was new, just not new as of the date Toronto Life posted it.

I am surprised they thought it was okay to post the photo, along with the name of the place Jake is staying. Someone finally wised up.

I agree that the security sounds like it's overmatched. But as I said yesterday, I hope Jake can relax a little.

Easy for me to say. I don't have anyone watching me do my job, I know.

No tweets of him today, so either he's well inside, security has gotten together or he's not on set yet.

Monica said...

Well, it's not every day that you have a movie star in your school. This type of reaction from people is normal.
If Jake was in my school or college, I probably would run and try to see him and taking a picture. It's an opportunity.

Viv said...

From Twitter:

Diana C. ‏@laughforkicks
Right after I left the End of Watch screening, I saw cops on the next 3 streets. Coincidence? I think not. @recycleorburn

Yvonne Ly ‏@recycleorburn
So good! Thanks @laughforkicks #EndOfWatch

Yvonne Ly ‏@recycleorburn
#EndOfWatch passed the sleep test. I woke up thinking about it. So gooood.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks for the tweets, Viv. Keep the positive responses coming! Love the "sleep test" one.

Monica, I don't blame the kids at all for being excited. I would be, too, andI'm no kid. It's up to the production to manage that, and to Jake to not let it get to him.

Mary said...

UV I think thats the reason the treadmill picture was taken down was because it said where Jake was staying.

Monica said...

Jake playing basketball with Marcus Mumford: Big Easy Express

Anonymous said...

Security is certainly dropping the ball. I remember watching filming up in Toronto. They were filming "Assault on Precinct 13" My friend and I were standing in the street watching them filming a scene. There was a car on a trailer sitting sitting in the middle of the street. There were barriers keeping us back. At one point we were told we had to move on because our reflection was in the store front windows and they didn't want that in the shot. So we had to leave.

I can understand Jake losing his concentration. I would be so glad to be able to see him filming I'd just stand there and watch not take pics or do anything to distract him.


UltraViolet said...

Maybe this will get people to the movie theater this weekend :)

Actually, Magic Mike is getting really good reviews. Would love to see Jake involved in a project like that one.

Twitter said...

Jake Gyllenhaal. Filming. On campus. MY campus.
Reply Retweet Favorite
2:53 PM - 26 Jun 12 via web · Details

. Walk into work and Jake Gyllenhaal is here .. #myjobsbetterthanyours .. Going to be a good day.
Reply Retweet Favorite

Monica said...

New movie:

The Tracking Board
Jake Gyllenhaal Enters "Puzzle Palace"

UltraViolet said...

From the Tracking Board, a pay site:

Jake Gyllenhaal Enters "Puzzle Palace

Sounds like an interesting story, but McG? Eek.

UltraViolet said...

Just beat me, Monica :)

This site has linked Jake to a lot of movies that haven't panned out. but we'll see.

I like the idea of jake having something else lined up rather than a blank IMDb page.

Monica said...

Puzzle Palace
McG is in negotiations to helm Summit’s Puzzle Palace, a thriller written by Safe House scribe David Guggenheim and being produced by Twilight mavens Temple Hill.
The story centers on the son of a veteran police officer who learns his father is framed for murder. When he finds out that there is evidence hidden that could free his father, he is determined to find it, even though it means breaking into One Police Plaza, the most secure building in all of New York City. He ends up being locked inside the police HQ with crooked cops on his tail.

McG?? nooooooooooooo

bobbyanna said...

I'm glad to see Jake's name out here for a new project, too. (Sounds like it could be a NYC shoot.)

OT: Just want to mention that Nora Ephron has passed away. She was 71She had Leukemia. I was a fan.

RIP, Nora.

Monica said...

Very sad.

I like Sleepless in Seattle.

RIP Nora Ephron

UltraViolet said...

Oh. that's sad, Bobbyanna. I had no idea she was sick. RIP, Nora.

Mary said...

Good news about the possible new movie role.

RIP Nora.Juatheard it on the news.

bobbyanna said...

For people who might not be familiar with her,she was once married to Carl Bernstein, one of the Post reporters who covered Watergate. They have two sons. She wrote the screenplays for When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and Silkwood. She & Meryl Streep were friends. I used to enjoy her essays and articles so much. She had a wonderful sense of humor.

UltraViolet said...

I definitely have the urge to watch When Harry Met Sally again.

From twitter, Festival Tower Residents Cinema:

Gyllenhaal is no longer staying here but he could have at least introduced this screening of Brokeback Mountain...

I wonder if Jake really did leave or if people are just assuming it.

More tweets and posts:

Ommmggggg jake gyllenhaal fully walked right by us no joke omggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mission complete !!!ahhhh my boyfriend!!


My life is complete

Found his trailer hahaha we found you babe


UltraViolet said...

This tweeter got an autograph from Jake:


Lol, I was like "excuse me" and hes like "hey", i said "can i have your autograph?" i asked for a pic but he said he was "working".

Paula C. said...

Not too excited about possible new role, the director is really lame and besides that the story line doesn't bring anything new.

I'm still waiting for the serial killer/ villan role.

Anonymous said...

You never know about a movie role.
At one time a friend of mine went into panic mode when reading that Keanu was going to do some movie about a bomb on a bus and she was worried it was going to be a big flop.
And i rem. reading what a stupid move for him to make to make some movie called "Matrix".


Anonymous said...

Jake would have never been picked for Magic Mike, its all about Tatum. Its his life story or part of it there was no way Tatum would want his story to become the Jake show. But I do hope that Magic Mikes beats Marky Mark's movie this weekend. Tatum can dance and I think the actors around him make up for his lack of acting skill but no way Jake would have been selected or wanted to be in that movie. I think Brave will continue to lead this weekend again, its an awesome movie. Why can't Jake do an animated role.

The cowboy from Toy Story looks like Jake, he could do the prequel or reboot, but I trust Jake to make his own decisions and sometimes well most times its not up to the actor. Tatum is appartently Sodebergh (spelling) go to actor. All his movies this year have Tatum.

Anonymous said...

ANd its best to look at Tatum from the neck down. That face is well challenged.

Chica said...

I am saddened to hear about the passing of Nora Ephron. A true pioneer and an incredible talent. Silkwood is one my all time favorite movie and she and Meryl were a great team.
She will be missed, RIP.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Nora Ephron.

I think we should play a wait and see attitude about Jake's possible next role


UltraViolet said...

Annie, I never suggested that Jake play Tatum's role or even be in that movie. Obviously, the movie is Tatum's story.

My point is that I admire Tatum for putting himself out there, so to speak. He wrote this and got it made. I'd love to see Jake do something like that or take part in a project like this. Like this, not this exact project.

Of course, it would also have been fun to see Jake in a cameo in the film :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

My condolences and prayers to the family of Nora Ephron. Loved her movies , she was brilliant. Not too many women behind the scenes in HW which is shocking and makes her passing even more devastating.

Magic Mike sounds like a fun movie ad I give Tatum points for getting it made. Jake used to have his own production Co. I don't know if he still does.

UltraViolet said...

It would be great to see Jake develop a project.

For now, he's busy being a double. New post.