Thursday, May 5, 2011


Source Code opens in Australia today, so we're getting some down-under press, including this interview with Jake for the program Sunrise:

You can listen to this podcast to hear the reporter gush about how dreamy Jake is. (It's the March 22 show.)

Here's another video interview with Jake, this time for a New Zealand outlet.

This new SC promo still from IHJ shows that Jake was playing above his age grade:

A couple of loose gems from Jake's railroad adventure. First up, after the San Pedro show. Guess he had time to pack a football!

Small but fun photo of Jake on the New Orleans dinner cruise:

The poster described Jake as "very, very nice! and just as attractive as he is in every photo and movie!" Aww.

Another photo of Jake on stage in New Orleans (thanks, Monica) and one of him with the boys in the band:

If you're in a voting mood, head to PopSugar to vote for Jake in their Top 100 Stars poll.


UltraViolet said...

It's interesting that an SC producer told the reporter that Jake should be a director. I think that was a compliment!

Video of stars talking about advice from their mothers. And a quick bit of Jake in German. They talk over him (talking about Anne H hosting the Oscars), but he looks good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV. I am glad SC is making it to more countries. My friend in Croatia will be getting to see it in June. I wasn't sure it was going to play there at all.

Monica said...

Great photo:
Jake's tongue

bobbyanna said...

LOL! monica! he looks like he was really into his musician mode in that picture.

Thanks for the nice finds, UV.
I love the Aussie accents.: )

UltraViolet said...

Hopefully SC's world run will push it past $100 million.

That is a great photo, Monica! Thanks. Will add it to the post.

I love how the Aussies love Jake, Bobbyanna. Always so much fun to listen to them.

If you're in a voting mood, head to PopSugar to vote for Jake in their Top 100 Stars poll.

UltraViolet said...

Just posted another photo of Jake with Marcus and the other guys. Not sure where it was taken.

Chica said...

For some reason I thought that SC had already opened down under, thanks so much for the Oz interview!

I bet Jake misses the tour, I know I do:)

Paula said...

I love the 5th pic posted, i wish Jake would do this more often, it was a blast following him.

SC has a great chance of pushing over 100 mil UV, it will hit the 50 mark domestically by thois weekend!

Abby14 said...

I just saw SC for the first time lastnight and really enjoyed it. I only have one question about the ending: did he not die? Did he continue to live life but as the man on the train?

I didn't understand the ending. :(

UltraViolet said...

Jake keeping his music thing going:

What up jake gyllenhall #brooklynbowl

And from QuestLove:

you see jake gyllenhaal actin a fool @djbrainchild on the floor?

He should be able to recognize Jake from their previous musical collaborations!

UltraViolet said...

Adding in some spoiler space for those who haven't seen the movie yet:

Abby, there are a lot of different interpretations of the ending. The most popular is that Colter lived on in Sean's body in a parallel universe.

Colter's body is also alive in the SC facility.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Sounds like Jake is still rocking on!

That's my interpetation of the ending of SC too UV, that's why I think that there couls be a sequel IMO.

bobbyanna said...

Seems like Jake might have been @ the Brooklyn Bowl bcz they were hosting some party celebrating Judy McGrath's 30 years at MTV. The guys from The Roots band that plays for Jimmy Fallon were there.

questlove, from The Roots was tweeting about Bono, but I don't know if he was there, or if they saw him earlier.

I agree with you both UV/OONP about SC but just when I think I'm all settled on how it ended I have these questions in the back of my mind.

I agree a sequel would be awesome. Especially if Duncan/Jake were given enough money to do it up right.

bobbyanna said...

questlove= Questo from Roots.

FL said...

While he may have hung around for the ?uestlove and DJbrainchild sets, I somehow think Jake may have been at the Brooklyn Bowl for this set.

bobbyanna said...

LOL!,yeah, maybe, FL. But the place was filled to capacity for the MTV party. One report had Madonna there too. There was definitely more than that one act. He opened at 8. The Roots guys didn't get there until later. They even had a DJ, which I think is what Questo was referring to.

FL said...

Yes I know. Just sayin.

bobbyanna said...

Here's more from last night at the Bowl. : )

This has a bluesy feel, but still sort of rootsy/country.

bobbyanna said...

Meant to say this is Jackie Greene.

FL said...

LOL yes, thanks, bobbyanna.

me again said...

So I'm a little spacey. whut? : )

UltraViolet said...

A video interview with Jake for a New Zealand outlet.

Bless Jake for complimenting the woman on that shirt/dress/whatever. He also talks a little about the stage, again, saying he's "desperate" to do a play. The reporter apparently saw him in London on stage.

Extra said...

I think all Jake fans are desperate for him to do a play, thanks for posting that interview UV!

I also think we may hear about him starting his own band It wouldn't surprise me one bit!!

The ending of SC is very Quantum Leap Abby if you are familiar with that show.

bobbyanna said...

Saw a tweet from someone who claims they spotted Jake in the American Airlines terminal a few hrs ago.

mary said...

guess we will hear soon if that tweet is real where jake will turn up hopefully in LA

Tweety said...

I just hope Jacob doesn't forget to wish his Mom a happy Mother's day wherever he is !

SC should be leaving the top 10 this weekend with Thor and Jumping the Broom opening. It was in the top 10 for 5 weeks which is very good.

UltraViolet said...

SC did drop to 12 yesterday. Too bad it couldn't have held on one more week.

New interview, new post.