Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arts and crafts

Jake Gyllenhaal spotted in Los Angeles yesterday:

In case you haven't heard, Source Code comes out on DVD July 26th in the U.S. This art is better than the movie posters:

Found this on tumblr. Not sure if it's a poster or if someone made it, but I love the composition:

A couple more shots of Jake watching the Railroad Revival Tour from in front of the stage this time:


mary said...

thanks UV love the poster i think its ahome made one

Sheba baby said...

I'm always amazed on how quick Jake's hair grows:):)

That should have been the SC poster, that is so cool looking.

A very creative DD fan made that, I wouldn't mind having that myself!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics of Jake. He looks good. But by the time his hair grows back on his head it will be time to shave it off.


bobbyanna said...

Love the DD rabbit poster! And that SC poster looks much better than some of the others.

Maybe Jake won't have to shave his head too close. I hope.

Glad to hear Maggie has landed another movie, and delighted she's reading the Marie Curie role in "Radiance."

Chica said...

I was thinking the same thing Lily!

The fan made SC poster make the real one look amaturish, very well done.

I really like the Darko poster, lot of creative fans out there!

Maggie is going to be very busy this year, I like her film choices and that she and Peter still find time to do theater.

Even his candy is healthy said...

While most celebs are hitting the club to partake in some drinking or drugging on their off hours, nice guy Jake Gyllenhaal likes to keep his vices G-rated. Jake was seen leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills today clutching on to a couple boxes of candy including Strawberry Bonbons. Aw, what a sweet guy.

Monica said...

This poster is much better. I also liked the bluray.

I'm happt with all these news about Maggie. She is an extraordinary actress.
I would also like to hear more projects for Jake, UV.

I have to agree, Dusnt is great with this new look. Much more mature and secure.
And she received rave reviews for her performance in Melancholia.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I prefer this SC poster as well, makes the movie look more exciting than the official one that's for sure.

Maggie is not your run of the mill actress, she has a unique look and her roles she chooses challenge her.

I saw the pics of Kiki at Cannes and she looks amazing. She looked like she wanted to be anywhere else though when Lars Von Trier opened up his mouth about admiring Hitler.

I never liked him and what he said about making a porn film with Kiki was didgusting even in jest.

mary said...

stephanie has posted pics of jake leaving the urth cafe yesterday.

good news about maggie and yes i thought kirsten looked good at cannes.

UltraViolet said...

That candy looks awful!

Also, the SC poster is real, I think, not fan made.

I did read a couple of scathing Melancholia reviews, including the acting. But most people agree that it's beautifully filmed, and I read a lot of praise for the acting.

I didn't love Kirsten's premiere gown, but I thought she looked fabulous at the photo call.

Here's a video of Von Trier's idiotic Nazi soliloquy. Poor Kirsten is so uncomfortable!

Chica said...

Thanks for the correction regarding the SC poster, UV, there were so many fan made posters circulating around at the time!

I saw that video UV, poor Kristen:(

I'm not a fan of Lars. He's a misogynistic piece of garbage, too bad his stunt at Cannes seems to be over shadowing the movie, which is getting mixed reviews but the critics really like Kristen.

Monica said...

Jake is great in that new jacket (Urth Cafe).

Mustard dress is much better. But I liked the makeup and hair on the red carpet.

Lars Von Trier was banned from the Cannes Festival. Too bad for all the actors and crew involved in the film.

UltraViolet said...

He does look good there, Monica.

Just when I thought the legal aspect of PhotoGate might not explode, the Hollywood Reporter picks it up. Oy.

Anonymous said...

Question: I thought Jake said that he wouldn't start filming his new movie until July. Many gossip sites have stated that he is filming it now. Considering that he shaved his head to do photo ops I would assume that this is the look his character will have. He has since then grown his hair and beard out. I would highly doubt he would be filming his movie now with the way he looks. So does anyone have any confirmation if he is working on this movie now? Just wondering...

mary said...

those other gossip sites are wrong they dont check things out just because they swa pictures of him filming one day they assume that he is still filming but actual filming starts some time in july

Tweety said...

Jake's lawyers are as clueless as his "PR Team".

Filming of EOW starts July, so the lazy blogs got it wrong again.

I'm sure he will shave his head again when filming starts.

Love the DVD artwork for SC, definately a lot better than the poster.

Look! A tweet that doesn't involve you no what, LOL!:

Lucky! RT @LovelyDame6: Just met Jake Gyllenhaal damn that man is beautiful! He was so nice & sweet!!!!

3 hours agovia Echofon

bobbyanna said...

Found this on Twitter:

"Celebrity sighting!! Jake Gyllenhall at LAX!"
2 hrs ago

Jake didn't ask me said...

Hmm at the airport, maybe he's taking his annual trip to the vineyard before shooting begins. I wish he would consult with his fans on this schedule.

Only joking, UV.

mary said...

stephanie has posted some pics of jake leaving a karate class today so if the air port sighting is correct the class must of been in the morning guess we will hear soon where he pops up was thinkingMV too since memorial day is coming up or maybe back to NYC

UltraViolet said...

Another LAX sighting from earlier:

Jake Gyllenhaal: more handsome in person. (@ United Airlines Red Carpet Club)

Some old footage of Jake leaving the Daily Show.

And of course that idiotic story was picked up by Reuters/yahoo, with the misleading headline "Gyllenhaal sues over photo."

T said...

Stephanie has pics of Jake at LAX yesterday. Could be going to MV as the bag he has with him is pretty big!

FL said...

From FB, yesterday:

I had the most productive/inspiring week in Los Angeles and I ate my breakfast next to Jake Gyllenhaal this morning. He was dining alone and says "Geez" a lot.

Alone. Saying "Geez" a lot. LOL this does nothing to quell those thoughts that most actors are a little...odd.

Extra said...

Very odd FL and considering the 3- ring circus that has been going on this week with Jake, a silly fake pic, his PR team and his lawyers maybe it isn't so odd, LOL!

I hope Jake is headed to MV, it's a good place for him to hide out for a few weeks.

Love the SC DVD cover, can't wait until it comes out in July.

Anonymous said...

it comes as no surprise to me that Jake would want to get away from the pap circus for a while before he has to get ready for filming. They were following him around like shadows this week.

I'll go check out the pics at IHJ thanks guys for all the posts and tweet info (and pic links of course)


Tweety said...



TheBeanCastBob Knorpp

Looks like Jake is in NY:

So apparently all during coffee at La Colombe in TriBeCa, Jake Gyllenhaal sat right behind me. Mish Fletcher told me after he left. lol

3 hours ago

bobbyanna said...

Dang! The world's supposed to end tomorrow, and I was hoping to have coffee with Jake before that happened. : )

Chica said...

Ha, ha!! Since he is in NY, maybe I can track him down , I hear the end will start around 5PM!

Anonymous said...

I heard the end is supposed to be at 6pm. the dude who came up with this BS was on tonight's Nightline show. This isn't the first time he predicted the end of the world. It was supposed to end in the mid 90s, I guess that was just a rehearsal, this time he means it!

I wanted to watch the Preakness stakes tomorrow, the post time for that is 6:05. I'm going to be really mad if I don't get to see it


UltraViolet said...

LOL, Lily. I think the race is a safe bet :)

And Bobbyanna and chica, you should have been in Brooklyn tonight. The hours are ticking away!

Jake G here will Mila Kunis. Hollywood has invaded Brooklyn.
about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

Jake Gyllenhall at Henry Public, with a girl. Surprisingly good looking in person.

And from earlier in the day:

OMG just walked by Jake Gylenhall (sp?). He takes the subway and now I like him even more.

Chica said...

Henry Public is in Cobble hill, good food and drinks.

Spending your last days on earth with Milas isn't a bad thing at all!!

bobbyanna said...

"Spending your last days on earth with Milas isn't a bad thing at all!!"

LOL!! I agree chica!

Will check out Henry Public next time I'm in BK...if it's still there. ; )

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jake ever checked out the Five Leaves (the place Heath put his stamp on)


Josie said...

Jake's team is beyond pathetic, I wish he would clean house pronto!

That DD poster almost looks like a shadow more than an actual poster. I wonder if the lamp has that image and that's the effect when you turn on the switch.

The cover for the SC DVD is way better than the original poster!

So Jake is back in NY, it's hard keeping up with him going back in forth!

I guess I should bother with my laundry today if everthing is going go kaboom today, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Josie wait until tomorrow to do the laundry, don't waste the few hours we got left on something so drivial as that :P


Josie said...

Well we are all still here and my chores are done, so that means I have alo day tomorrow to relax.

I can't believe how worked up some people got over this, LOL!!!

bobbyanna said...

From FB, this made me smile:

"Just saw Jake Gyllenhall walking on Flatbush ave deadass in the middle of BK swaggin' solo lol. So u know I rolled the window down and yelled JAKE -he looked and saluted so now we kool lol"

The guy was in uniform, a U.S. Marine Recruiter. : )

mary said...

what a nice story/tweet makes me smile too:)

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter about an hour ago:

"Hanging in same bar as Jake Gyllenhall he looks hr8 in person"

Someone else mentioned that Jake was at Franny's in BK around 8 for dinner.

Tweey said...

I also saw a tweet of Jake at a play with Carey Mulligan!

Anonymous said...

Jake certainly is making all the foodie/bar rounds. I would LOVE to hang out with him to see where he eats. Being a foodie he must know all the best places to chow down

Of course just looking across the table and into his eyes would be dessert for me :D


bobbyanna said...

Tweety, Carey's in an 8 week run of Through a Glass Darkly, off B'way, it's the stage adaptation of the Ingmar Bergman movie. She seems to really be establishing herself as a fine stage actress. Good reviews, etc.

Chica said...

I've seen the Bergman movie and I would love to see this play with Carey. I think it runs through June and the tickets shouldn't be high since it's playing off-broadway.

She really is establising herself as a solid actress Bobbyanna. This is her second play, she was in The Seagull with Peter.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Congrats to Kristen Dunst or winning besta actress at Cannes for Melancholia, Trier be damned, LOL!!

Tre of Life won the Palme de Or

Tweety said...

Jake has been spoted at Yale with Tom Hanks, I think Hanks is scheduled to speak there:

Tomlynam: Spotted on Old Campus: Jake Gyllenhaal!!!! But why?
Already in English

22 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

Lots of folks wondering why Jake is there. It seems to be a family affair. Jake, Peter and Ramona.

Looks like New Haven is enjoying the lovely spring weather we've been having.

Anonymous said...

Its graduation day, looks like it someone Peter knows or is related to. Seems like Jake just tagged along, wonder where's Maggie?

Or a relative or friend of Jake's.

bobbyanna said...

Seeing Ramona on Peter's shoulders, I'm amazed at how fast she's growing. It definitely look like a family gathering.

So nice that Kirsten Dundst was selected Best Actress at Cannes.
Happy for her.
Wasn't Tree of Life a movie Heath signed on for?

Anonymous said...

I think Maggie is filming a movie "Still I Rise" in Pittsburgh and maybe she couldn't get a way. And maybe someone Peter knows was graduating and he was going to attend and asked if Jake wanted to come a long for the ride. I wonder if Jake has ever been up to CT

You can barely see Jake in that pic. I wish there were more.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if Heath was signed up for "Tree of Life" I remember he was listed on IMDB but then it was no longer there and instead Imaginarium was listed.

So I don't know if he dropped out or it was never a firm commitment.


Monica said...

I did not know Carrie is in the theater. I wonder if Jake has plans to return soon, seeing Peter, Maggie, Carrie.

I read several versions, Bobbyana. But I think he said no because he wanted to spend time with Matilda after the shooting of Dr. Parnassus (this was one of the versions).

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake finally made it to my neck of the woods, CT!! Well he was there at Yale yesterday, and wow I can't believe how big Ramona is!

I do remember Heath's name attached to Tree of Life at one point.

A brunette said...

Jake Gyllenhaal likes to go to Brooklyn with his lady friends. A source spotted the hunky actor at Henry Public in Cobble Hill with a mystery brunette on Saturday night. Gyllenhaal and the woman, who was in her mid-20s, had drinks at the bar around 10:30 p.m. The pair weren't "overly flirty," but the insider says they were deep in conversation. During his brief flirtation with 21-year-old Taylor Swift last year, the pair brunched at Al Di La across the bridge. Gyllenhaal's older sister and fellow thespian Maggie Gyllenhaal also lives in Park Slope.

Tweety said...

I think the mystery brunette was Mila Kunis. The tweets of Jake at this place that I saw was from the same person. Mystery brunette, then Mila a few minutes later. I think Mila wasn't recoganized by everyone there.

Viv said...

Isn't Jake and Mila rumored to be in "Happytime Murder" ?
Maybe it's Jake's future project :)

bobbyanna said...

Tweety, the first tweet I saw about Mila/Jake was Friday evening at Henry Public. I wonder if the NYDaily News got it mixed up, or if Jake was back on Saturday nite with a "stunning brunette" who turned out to be Mila.

I read she attended the SNL afterparty, but that came out today. Earlier tweets didn't mention her being there. Of course she could have done both.

On Tree of Life, I remember now, when Heath accompanied Michelle to the Indie Spirit Awards,'07, before filming Batman he was photo'd with Sean Penn,& that's when the buzz about him attached to Tree of Life. I think maybe Mallick took too long.

FYI: Fascinating article in 5/21 NYT on gossip & $$$:

UltraViolet said...

That was fascinating, Bobbyanna. And sickening.

Jake sighting from earlier today, on FB:

getting a coffee at la colombre near china town...oh hi jake gyllenhall! (sp?)
3 hours ago via BlackBerry · ·

I work in midtown so rarely get a good celeb sighting...This was a good one.

And the girl working about died when she looked up....and saw him on her register. I of course played it VERY cool!

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV for the updates. I could take a Jake G NY foodie tour (preferably with him)


bobbyanna said...

Juat an FYI:

At 9 PM on HBO, "Too Big to Fail" is on. It's a dramatization based on Andrew Ross Sorkin's book about our financial meltdown in 2008.

bobbyanna said...

BTW: Mila Kunis is in Boston filming a movie with Mark Wahlberg.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I want to watch that Bobbyanna. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Maybe Jake will film his next next movie in Boston. Yes, I'm fighting Lola for it. No Portland for Jake.

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